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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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May 17, 2024 5:35 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 17, 2024 5:35 am

Hoops, Hockey, and another night of playoff action | Are the NBA playoffs way too long? | Amy starts her Hawaii Top 10 list!


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Auto Trader. Happy almost Friday. I know I know you may think I haven't earned it. I've only been on the air three nights. This is night number three since I returned from vacation.

But for those of you who've ever worked overnight or OPPO schedules you know it can hit you like a semi-truck when you come off of a vacation. Not complaining. I'm just telling you I'm happy it's almost Friday as well. Both the hubs and I.

We were saying happy almost Friday on Thursday afternoon but at least I slept well which is good and there's a lot on our plates tonight. I've got stuff to say. I think the Denver Nuggets should be ashamed of themselves. You deserve to be humiliated but also when it comes to the Indiana Fever if I'm head coach Kristi Sides I tell my locker room if you rebound you stay on the court.

Period. You want more playing time? Rebound. That's all you gotta do and you'll stay on the court.

That's how I'm determining my starting five moving forward. And actually their next game is against the Liberty. A bit of a home and home. Atrocious rebounding by the team that drew more than 17,000 fans to see Kaitlyn Clark's home debut in the place formerly known as Conseco Fieldhouse. Same place the Pacers will host the Knicks on Friday. This is an NBA arena.

Last year 7,000 fans on average. Worst in the league. One of the worst in the league. So 10,000 tickets sold for their home opener and at least 10,000 times where I yelled at the TV rebound.

Okay I didn't yell but I did mutter to myself crossly. So yeah the rebounding effort atrocious. The Nuggets.

Embarrassing. I'm actually a little bit ticked off at the Nuggets for making me look like a fool after doing an interview with Vinny Benedetto live here on the show. Following game five when Denver seemingly seized control of this Western Conference semifinal series.

We touted them. Nikola Jokic unmatched. Three straight games in which he had his way. Rudy Gobert not able to provide much resistance.

Anthony Edwards getting corralled. Nuggets firmly in control and confident. But man after a bit of a hot start it was a brief flicker.

A brief flicker of a flame. They got railroaded. And I'm a little embarrassed that I did an interview and talked about going from down 0-2 against the Wolves to up 3-2. And how it looked like they were well on their way to the Western Conference Finals. 70 points. That's all they could manage.

70 points. No doubt. Mike Malone had plenty to say. And I get it. Later in the game when you're already down by 30 and then it's 40.

Well okay you're not offering much resistance. But I swear there were times when Anthony Edwards was driving to the hoop that it looked like the NBA All-Star game. The Nuggets just moving out of the way.

Get this. A pair of runs by the Wolves. 20 straight points and then later in the game 24 straight points. You might as well just sit all your nuggets on their asses on the bench and just let the Wolves go out there and run routes on air. I did not watch past the third quarter because it was hard to stomach. I can imagine Nuggets fans feel the same.

I hope the Nuggets themselves feel the same. So that's the playoffs for the NBA in the NHL. Really impressive rally by the Rangers though.

We've seen this before from the President's Trophy winners. Not only did they have the best record in the NHL this season, thus the President's Trophy, but they did it by virtue of 30 comebacks during the regular season. They were down two goals against Carolina. The Canes were seemingly in control. Clearly their control was as much a house of cards as the Denver Nuggets. When the Rangers, they got loose. Chris Kreider, he's not the only one, but Kreider just making himself available in front of the net was really impressive.

The pressure that they put on the Canes around the net. Guys just hanging out being available. I'm here. I'm here.

I'm open. You got me. Well, we know Chris Kreider makes a living at times. He works on it trying to redirect pucks. Kind of snap them out of the air. If they're on the ice, give them a tap.

Redirect into the back of the net. He's Johnny on the spot. Well, he can be and he was in this game, but still stunning to watch them rally from two down to then two up in the third period in which Kreider has a hat trick in under 10 minutes. They call that a natural hat trick because the other kinds, they're unnatural.

Last game we were at, we saw a natural hat trick. We did in the first period, not the third period of a playoff game. So we now have our second member of the Final Four. Hoops and Hockey putting them together for this reason. Both in the East. Celtics moved on. Now the Rangers move on and are awaiting either the Panthers or the Bruins. By the way, Jay, did you see the video because they sold out at Madison Square Garden as a watch party and there were fans outside MSG chanting, we want the Bruins. We want the Bruins. Saw that. All right, just be careful.

Be careful what you wish for. Speaking of the Bruins, did you see the comment for Brad Marshand about how the playoffs are, in essence, all about inflicting injuries? Okay, but not all about, but they're about inflicting injuries.

We'll get to some hockey, some playoff hoops, Anthony Edwards. If this was baseball, his uniform would always be dirty. He's constantly hitting his head on the rim, dislocating a finger on the rim, falling on his back. I was a little bit worried about his tailbone there for a second. Yikes. Just trust me, you do not want a bruised tailbone.

Most pain I've ever had in my life. In addition, first round of the PGA Championship is in the books. A major start for Xander Schauffeling. Tiger Woods was there, he was minus one right in the mix and then fizzled at the end, the last couple holes, finished it plus one. Rory McIlroy in the mix as well. So it was a course that, because of a bunch of rain, ended up playing softer and a little easier, meaning not a lot of bump and run. You can stick the ball where you aim, if that makes sense. If the ground is soft, it's not going to bounce hard off the fairway and go awry, or if you are attempting to attack the pin, so you're going right at the pin on your approach shot.

As well, if the ground is soft, again, you can be aggressive because the ball is less likely to bounce away, especially if you're talking about undulating greens. I know, I know, can you tell I miss golf? As one of my birthday presents, the Hubs gave me a gift card to go play golf. I think because he's tired of hearing me talk about how long it's been since I played golf. He doesn't want me to sacrifice golf for him or for our relationship, just like I wouldn't want him to sacrifice hunting and fishing.

So I keep encouraging him. He got his fishing license, go fishing. And actually, in my town, there's a pond that they stock with trout. Now, funny enough, from Texas, he's never actually fished for trout before, and he's figured out he needs different bait. But he'll figure it out.

I can't wait to eat fresh trout. So yes, I miss golf. I don't know if the PGA Championship has enough clout, has enough interest to get golf fans to show a little staying power. If the Masters couldn't do it, I'm not sure the PGA can do it. It all depends on if there's a good finish. If people even know there's a good finish on Sunday, does Tiger Woods make the cut? Right now, he's in a good position. But it's still the same issue with Tiger now. It's about stamina.

It's about whether or not he can maintain a high level of play and battle through aches and pains and aches and pains to finish strong. Jared Goff, talking about his enormous contract extension. And in addition, Mike North, who I didn't know his title before Thursday, well, before Wednesday, the NFL VP of Broadcast Planning. And maybe it's just me.

I'm a total nerd when it comes to a lot of things, including Star Wars. But he explains some of the nuances of putting together not just the schedule, right, so they have computers that narrow down the schedule, but choosing those games that will go on national TV or which games will go to which networks. A little bit of football mixed in. Yes, you'll hear from the head coach of the Fever, not Kaitlyn Clark, though. She didn't speak postgame. First time in a long time, very rare game by Clark in which she doesn't hit double figures. She was seeing double teams in the first period, first period, first quarter. You know what's interesting, too? Talking about timing.

Timing is everything. As I was mulling over some of your answers from social media to last night's show question, we were going over the number of NFL games and packages that are now on streaming, right? So this steady migration to various streaming services. And you all continue to answer the question, will you subscribe to more streaming services all day Thursday? I saw your answers when I woke up in the afternoon. Lots of answers on both Twitter and Facebook.

I would say it's about 75% who say no. There are a bunch of you who are so relieved you already have Netflix. Drew from Rochester. I told my husband he's offered us his password.

Thank you, Drew. So, yeah, a lot of you are pretty thankful that you already have Netflix and Prime, but you're not planning on adding anything else. Some of you feel the same way about Peacock. Others of you say if it's not on Prime, I'm not watching. So on the heels of that discussion, again, perfect timing, Kaitlyn Clark's home debut was on Amazon Prime. I don't know whether or not Prime gets to pick the games it wants to carry from this WNBA package. But, yeah, this was a game that was carried on Prime. By the way, in a Thursday time slot that will soon belong to the NFL again.

So just kind of interesting. I wonder if Clark's draw extends to Amazon Prime. My mom tried to watch because, you know, my mom's all about watching Kaitlyn Clark.

But right before the game tipped off, so they were actually watching the starting lineups. Because Prime, I was on a bike watching it on Amazon Prime. I have a TV next to my bike that it only has the apps on it. So I've got a, what is it, is it a Roku? A Fire Stick? A Roku, same idea.

Right, so I have a Fire Stick or a Roku or something. And I was doing the same thing. Mom said they were watching the starting lineups and then they lost power.

And they weren't the only ones. There was a massive storm that went over the Houston area and parts of Texas. I know many of you have reached out to me to ask how Mom's doing and just in general to say you've seen some of the photos. When I last checked, there were already four people who had died in this latest round of storms.

And so thank you for asking about Mom. They lost power. When she went to bed, she said there were already a million plus people in the Houston area without power.

Or a million plus customers in the Houston area without power. And she said that it was a lot cooler, so they were able to open up the windows, but that they were using a lantern. A lantern in the house.

Not electric, probably battery powered. So that they were able to see, but they were without power all afternoon and evening. Or all evening, I should say.

And then went to bed without it. I actually didn't mention this because it happened while I was on the honeymoon. But the day we left for Hawaii, a tree, a second tree in 50 days. No, no, not 50 days. 50 weeks. So second tree in a year.

My mom's husband was keeping track. Very large tree fell on their house. And this time it put holes in the roof. So they have a tarp right now covering parts of their roof from the last crazy storm that went through. That knocked a really large tree.

It was such an old tree. It was across the driveway and down near the front of their driveway. And yet because it was so tall, it actually fell on top of their dining room and punched a couple holes in the roof.

They did have water coming in for a bit. My mom was very relieved and thankful that they were able to move the piano out of the way so that it did not get damaged. Same thing with they have an antique table in the dining room that belonged to my grandmother.

So I know that she was really relieved about that as well. But yeah, because there's so many people that have storm damage in her area, they don't know when a contractor will be available. They've got an insurance adjuster already out. They've gotten the money, but they don't have any idea when a contractor will be available. They're waiting. They're kind of on standby, if you will. And now comes another storm.

And I know that they're not in a unique position. A lot of people in the Houston area are dealing with the same, just inundated by water. And the storms are wreaking a lot of havoc and causing a lot of damage. So yes, mom and her husband are okay. They're safe. And the house was dry when they went to bed. But we were praying that the tarp on top of their roof holds because again, they just had some major holes punched in their roof by another really large tree. That dropped two weeks ago on top of the house. So yeah, thinking about people in the path of this storm and hoping that you all are safe.

We have a big affiliate in Houston, obviously a personal ties to Houston. Been through this before with mom and the storms. Hurricane Harvey going back a few years in which they got 53 inches of rain, if you can believe that. 53 inches of rain. And they were, their entire neighborhood was flooded. They were people using boats to navigate the neighborhood and they were kind of trapped in their neighborhood for four days.

This not quite the same amount of rain, but just a real destructive storm that also dropped tornadoes. So thinking of you, hope that we can keep you company. And yes, thanks again for asking about mom. On this edition of the show. Couple of off the beaten path stories I want to get to including you may have heard this about Novak Djokovic, who got hit in the head by a water bottle.

And this is during the Italian Open, and is admitting now that it's messed with him. And then I promised you more Hawaii stories and some photos, because it's a bit of a lighter night we can we can make it a hodgepodge a smorgasbord. I did my top 10 Hawaii moments.

So I've got the list, and we'll drop a few in each hour. If you miss the food photos I don't normally take photos of food, but when you go to the Hawaiian style cafe, and they give you pancakes that you can barely eat half of. Oh, so good.

A local favorite a local place that if you don't get there early, you, there's a light out the door. Every day. So we actually got there a little before eight o'clock Hawaii time last Friday. Right after we sat down. It was a mass influx of people. We got there it was relatively empty within 15 minutes, every table was full. Just beat the rush.

And so the photo of the pancakes, as well as the photo of the shaved ice with the ice cream underneath the mountain of shaved ice and boba, I had popping boba on mind. So the photos are up on Twitter a law radio and on Facebook producer Jay helped me out and threw them up on Facebook. After Hours with Amy Lawrence, coming up the Minnesota Timberwolves force a game seven for a spot in the Western Conference finals. It's After Hours, here on the infinity sports network, you are listening to the After Hours podcast. Answer it.

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Oh yeah. 14 in the opening quarter for Anthony Edwards. Temperwool's 29. Nuggets 11. It's a 27 to 2 run.

Unbelievable. Here's Kyle Anson to the corner. Here's Edwards against Yochis. Anthony Edwards, three of five from long range. 19 first half points. The wolves are up by 22.

Their largest lead of the game. Off to Kyle Anderson. He'll run it up down the lane. Off glass. Two strong tips. Follow that wood. He's got it.

Yes. With the left hand. Five to play in the first half. 13-0 Temperwool's run.

They're doubling up the defending chance. 48-24 here in the first half of game six. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of Alan Horton, one of my Syracuse classmates.

Temperwool's radio. And would you believe that the Denver Nuggets had an early lead in this one? It's actually kind of funny to think about now. And after the game. Once Nikola Jokic admitted they got their asses kicked, he reminded people that they were up seven in the first quarter.

And again, he was being snarky, kind of sarcastic about the whole thing. They did initially grab the lead because of an opening spurt and they were able to quiet the crowd a tad. But once the Temperwool's got moving, once they kicked it into high gear, the Nuggets could match them in no way. Not with intensity. Not with a sense of urgency. Not with the rebounding.

Not with the physicality. Not taking care of the basketball. Not defending.

Not scoring. This is one game that I think, credit to the Minnesota Temperwool's, they came out ready to play. But I think it's great evidence for why sometimes the playoffs just get too freaking long. This is a playoff game for a spot in the Western Conference Finals. These are two of the top seeds in the West.

And the Nuggets got bludgeoned by 45. And it's not as though it doesn't happen during the regular season, but the way people dismiss it during the regular season is, ah, it doesn't matter. It's not the playoffs. I'll pay attention or it'll count when we get to the postseason. Oh, okay.

Oh, it happens too often. Remember last year when the Suns were, was it Game 6 they were hosting? On their own court. And they just, they also got humiliated. This kind of stuff's embarrassing for the NBA. Although, let's be fair, if anyone needs to be embarrassed, it's the Nuggets locker room.

Oi. Credit to the Temperwool's. They had lost three in a row. They were on the verge of elimination. But they take charge in this one, shooting nearly 47 percent from the floor and only turning the ball over six times. We talked a lot today just about getting our edge back, you know, our swagger, playing a little more free and easy. You know, we felt like we just had, we hadn't had our best, like, effort on both sides of the ball yet in this series. I thought we left kind of a lot of meat on the bones offensively the other day. Guys did a good job of reacting to that. So, you know, we always knew it was going to be a long series coming in. This proved to be the case.

You know, to win it, you got to get forward and say how you got to get them. So, should be fun on Sunday. Guys just believe in themselves. I think the last three games we was all down on ourselves, like, just trying to point the finger, blame somebody. And then I think today, before the game, the coaches, the whole staff, like, they did a great job of putting the clip together. As far as, like, the plays that we made, the two games that we won against these guys, and everybody, like, started to believe after that little edit that they put together. And I can tell the energy shifted after that little edit. So, that was big time.

I told them that was big time putting the edit together. We've lost our identity the last three games. Our backs against the wall and with everything on the line, we found ourselves finding our identity. So, it's a great day for us.

It was a great day at work. But it's going to take consistency and discipline and execution. And we expect to win this best of seven series and game seven being next. Chris Finch kind of giving credit to the work they were doing in the last game and how that helped them to break through.

Anthony Edwards using the C word, confidence. The fact that we watched this, I wouldn't call it a hype video, but it was a video put together by the staff showing their success and showing what it looks like when the Wolves were winning those first two games against the Nuggets and taking that 2-0 lead. Kind of as a reminder that they certainly can do it again in game number six. And then Karl-Anthony Towns admitting, we lost our identity.

We got away from who we are. The first quarter, once Anthony Edwards got cooking, he got to 14 points. While the entire Nuggets team was sitting on 14 points.

It was so lopsided. But yeah, now we're heading into a game seven and we should know the seesaw could drop the other direction and we could see Denver on top. They're the defending champs, so it's going to be super tough.

Their home, they're at the crib, their fans is crazy. It's going to be super loud, but I mean, I feel like as a competitor, it's like one of the best feelings in the world. I've never played a game seven on the road, but all my playoff experiences on the road has been like super fun because nobody's on your side. So I can just imagine how this game will be and the fans, so I'm super pumped for it. I'm super happy.

I'm ready to play it. They hit us first, they hit us second, they hit us third. So you give them credit. They did what they needed to do to keep this series alive and to bring it back to Denver for a game seven. Disappointing loss anytime you get down by 50 in a playoff game, that's never an enjoyable experience. But we have to go home and get back to playing the way we did, where we won three games in a row.

And I have no doubt that we'll be ready to do that come Sunday. I still say the Nuggets have the edge because they know what it takes to win a championship. And obviously, they took themselves, their starters out of the game. When the Wolves lead by as many as 50, there's nothing that you can do. This is one of the largest blowouts or one of the most sizable blowouts in Timberwolves franchise history. Forget what it says about the playoffs for the Nuggets. Only 70 points. They were embarrassed, and so they at one point waved the white flag.

Live to fight another day, so to speak. But I appreciate that the MVP is saying, hey, we shouldn't just flush it and forget it. Yeah, it mattered. But since then, it was a one-team show, so I'm going to take this as a great loss. It's the pinnacle for them. Here they are on the cusp of the Western Conference Finals, and they're back in a position of strength against the Nuggets. Too bad you can't save some of those points for Sunday night. So we'll have a Game 7 on Sunday night. Already up on both Twitter and Facebook, and this is something I came up with earlier. And I've asked producer Jay to use it as our show question tonight. Better phrase in sports than Game 7. Go. So on Twitter, ALawRadio, or on our show Twitter, and then our Facebook page as well.

Looking for Chris Pratt, you are. Better phrase in sports than Game 7. One of our colleagues weighed in. I won't tell you what he said, though, because I don't want to impact your answers.

Again, we're sprinkling in a lot of different topics on this edition of the show. Otani Bobblehead Knight. Apparently he caused a major traffic jam in LA.

Kaitlyn Clark's home debut only on Amazon Prime. Rory McIlroy right in the mix at the PGA Championship. Though he's losing confidence, once again, in the PGA. The Rangers are into the Eastern Conference Finals as the President's Trophy winners. That's fairly rare over the last few decades.

Doesn't happen very often that the President's Trophy winners actually capitalize. But we're asking you, better phrase in sports than Game 7. What is it?

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's our latest sports update. Yo, yo, yo, yo. That's not just the sound of that first sip of Morning Joe. It's the sound of someone shopping for a car on Carvana from the comfort of home.

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. I like that he's so happy. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. That's a sneak peek of where we're going to get Sunday, right? So I think everybody's being locked in and just owning the negativity, man. We played terrible.

I played terrible. I'll own it. And let's use that to come out in front of home fans and play it right away. So we're going to learn from that film for sure and be better.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of Jamal Murray. There isn't anything much that the Nuggets can take away positive from game number six. They got their rear ends handed to them in embarrassing fashion. And this is after the Wolves spot them a seven-point lead.

Forty-five? Are you kidding me? And there were times when Anthony Edwards is driving to the hoop and it looks like it's the NBA All-Star game where the Nuggets just step aside on defense. Slide on it.

Slide and glide, Anthony Edwards. By the way, he's okay after his fall. He kind of got undercut and landed hard on his back in the third quarter, but didn't miss. I hit my head, I think, on the rim.

Nah, nah, nah. That was a different collision, that one with the rim. He didn't miss a beat. Twenty-seven points, four rebounds, four assists, lots of confidence. Now the thing is, the Nuggets, they know how to respond same as the Wolves. So the Wolves are going into just their second game seven in franchise history.

First one on the road, as Ant pointed out, for himself personally. But the Nuggets have been there, done that, and Jamal seems nonplussed. No pressure, man. It comes down to one game and who's going to play better that day. All right.

Better phrase in sports than game seven. Some of you are weighing in on Twitter. At Amy After Hours is our show account.

You can find me at ALOL Radio. Photos of food from Hawaii. I got the question about malasadas. Warm malasadas.

The answer is yes. Those were my husband's favorite. We had them on two islands, Oahu and the Big Island.

Malasadas to die for. As well as the shaved ice, as well as the Hawaiian style pancakes. We didn't even end up eating loca mocha. We had local Hawaiian barbecue.

A common kind of fast food stop is L&L Hawaiian barbecue, if you know what that is. And it was delicious. We ate there a couple of times.

We were able to mix it in with some greens. We bought some salad from the grocery store so we weren't constantly eating food that wasn't as good for us. But it's funny because I joke about the fact that we ran out of money so we had to come home. In truth, there's another reason we had to come home. Because we were going to get really fat if we stayed in Hawaii.

And this is with all the hiking. But man, the food is heavy. It's not real light food. There is plenty of fruit.

So we did have a bunch of fruit. But a lot of the rest of the food is not what I would say I eat on a daily basis. So yeah, Hubbs and I are both on diets, quote unquote, if you will. Actually, it's a contest. First one to drop 10 pounds. Except I think it should be first one to drop 10 pounds and keep the 10 pounds off for at least a couple of months. Because if you're just dropping the 10 pounds to win the contest, it's water weight or you're fasting or something along those lines. It's kind of cheating. Not the point, right?

Right, that's not really the point. The idea is for us to both get back to where we were at the wedding. When we got married, we were each 10 pounds lighter. Well, not exactly 10 pounds. We were about five, six pounds lighter. And we decided that we would enjoy the first few months of marriage up through the honeymoon and we wouldn't worry about desserts and that kind of stuff. Well, do you know what Friday is?

Our five month anniversary. It's time. It's time to pay.

You got to splurge on that, right? No. No, we're officially on a diet. We are. We're happy about getting healthier and eating healthier. It's fun to do together.

Actually, it's a lot easier when you're doing it together. So yeah, we're no celebrating. That's not happening on Friday. No dessert, it's not even one? Nope, no dessert. We'll celebrate another six month anniversary.

All right. We have cupcakes left over from the wedding actually. We have two each for the quarter polls as we head toward year anniversary.

So we're asking you about the best phrase in sports, if it's better than game seven, I need to know what it is on Twitter and Facebook and our phone number 855-212-4227. I promised you Hawaii stories, Hawaii moments during this show. And I know it's been hard to get right back to work and I want to tell you the stories, but I have to sprinkle them in because it's such a busy time now in mid-May. But a few things that I loved about the Big Island and that I would highly recommend, and I'll kind of do these counting backwards because I did make a list. There's a place on the Big Island called the Place of Refuge and it's got an incredible story. Hawaiian culture going back a couple hundred years was about kings and queens and gods and some pretty strict traditions. And if you failed to follow those traditions, in essence, if you broke the laws and angered the gods, the penalty was death. As in period, you got put to death. And this goes back to the 1600s and 1700s before Hawaii was a member of the United States.

But they had some, not just some superstitions, but they had some gods that they were worried about angering and they would make human sacrifices in their culture going back a couple hundred years. So Place of Refuge is actually a national landmark now, but it was the place where, one of the places in the Hawaiian Islands where if you could get there with the law coming after you and whatever tribal leaders or tribal enforcers they sent after you, if you broke some of the laws and angered the gods, if you could reach the Place of Refuge, you would be pardoned. And the story itself is one part of it, but the area is absolutely gorgeous. It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's on the shore, and there's this grove of palm trees that kind of line the shore. It's not a beach area, it's lava rock. But the water's gorgeous, the blues of Hawaii in the water, they're captivating.

The aquamarine, the dark blue over the sandbar, just beautiful. And these palm trees that are built in this grove on the shore where people would presumably swim, boat, do everything they could to get there, once they got on the shore at this Place of Refuge, which does have a long Hawaiian name, once they got there, it was quiet, it was peaceful, there had to be some kind of relief. And as we were standing there, we took a few photos there as we walked along the shore, the wind was blowing through this grove of palm trees and it was so quiet and really refreshing. We enjoyed being there, we hung out there for about a half hour. So we love the story of Place of Refuge.

It was very peaceful, despite the reasons behind needing it. So I highly recommend that, the Place of Refuge. The Greenwell Coffee Farm, we took a tour. It's fascinating to learn about the process of making coffee. It's nonstop there because of the Big Island climate zones and not only the rain, you're constantly pruning, you're constantly cutting back a brush that's growing.

In fact, our tour guide, who is awesome, he's a native Hawaiian, his grandparents still farm coffee and it's a family tradition going back generations. He said if you aren't growing something in Hawaii or in Kona, which is where we were, if you aren't growing something in Kona, something's growing anyway. You're either growing something or it's growing on its own.

So you really have to nonstop, keep up with the land and the constant rain and vegetation that threatens to take over your crops. Also, we learned and saw pineapples in various stages of their growth. Pretty incredible, baby little baby pineapples. And so photos of those two, which are awesome.

So we were able to not only sample coffee, which I think my husband sampled pretty much every single one they had available, but we actually purchased coffee beans and ground coffee from Greenwell Farms that were grown right there on the Kona coffee coast. And then Mauna Kea, amazing to be up nearly 14,000 feet at the summit of Mauna Kea where the temps were in the 20s with the wind chills. 40% less oxygen at that elevation. Also, I loved off-roading it. We had to drive about six miles up the face of the mountain. We had a four by four. My husband's afraid of heights, so I got to drive. Oh, I felt like a badass. It was amazing.

So yeah, I highly recommend the Mauna Kea Summit as well. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, the Infinity Sports Network. Call from Mom. Answer it.

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