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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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May 17, 2024 5:36 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 17, 2024 5:36 am

Caitlin Clark makes her home debut, but the Fever struggle again | Chris Kreider, the hero of the night | Counting down on Amy's list.

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Psyched. It's free, if you will. Free radio. We don't charge you. We don't make you stream it. Well, we don't make you pay to stream it. You can stream it if you like, but it's not going to cost you a thing. Or you can find it on one of our great affiliates, Sirius XM. That actually might cost you something, but it's not the only place you can find it. So we've got lots of different ways where you can listen for free.

For free. I'm kind of jumping on this whole theme of sports forcing you to pay in order to watch the games. And I guess that's true of cable as well, though I kind of feel like there are some pretty reasonable, affordable cable deals out there. Maybe it depends upon where you live. Sure, in Hawaii where the gas is $5.39 per gallon, when you find a place that's under $5, that seems affordable and reasonable.

So I guess that's relative. But I pay $117 per month for not only cable, but also my internet access. Just drop the landline.

I know one of the last people in America who doesn't have Netflix and had a landline. But the idea of now cutting the cord, but yet paying for all these streaming services, I've done the math and it wouldn't save me a whole lot of money. Plus the whole streaming thing is kind of a bummer because you can't switch from app to app very easily.

And that annoys me. I do not watch commercials unless I have to. And on streaming now, most of the services, unless you pay for premium, you will get maybe two commercials, three commercial breaks, tops.

And they're about, I don't know, 90 seconds. So what I usually do is mute them, take my dishes into the sink, mute them, use the restroom, mute them, run upstairs, do something in another part of the house during the commercials, and then come back and pick up where I left off. So I don't watch commercials. I'm a channel flipper with the best of them, which means that streaming is not as convenient as I would like it to be.

It's why I watch Amazon Prime, Thursday Night Football on my laptop because I want the TV to be free for something else so that I can change channels or use my DVR and that kind of stuff. But I did watch the debut of the Indiana Fever home season and all the hype around Kaitlyn Clark playing in the state of Indiana for the first time as a pro. They sold more than 10,000 tickets just by virtue of Kaitlyn making her home debut.

And how do I know that? Well, because last year they averaged roughly 7,000 fans per game. That's an average. They were sold out. 17,274 fans.

Pretty nutty. And they were waiting for Kaitlyn and the Fever to bust loose. It was a tough opponent in their home game on Thursday night.

I do love that the fans are there to support. And I hope that they'll give this team some grace. Now, I was frustrated watching it because of how poorly the Fever rebounded. And I believe the Liberty would have beaten the Fever anyway, so maybe it doesn't make that big of a difference. But in the first half alone, as they're battling and trying to stay relevant and trying to learn how to defend a team that's made the WNBA Finals last year, they lost to the Aces. How about don't stand flat-footed when a shot goes up. Multiple possessions in which none of them had a body on anyone to box out. None of them pursued the ball coming off the rim. And the Liberty just, hey, look what we found. Multiple offensive rebounds and second chance points.

And so that was frustrating to me. If I'm Kristi Sides, I tell my locker room, if you rebound, you stay on the court. We're just going to start simple. Keep it simple, stupid.

Not that she's calling people stupid. But we're going to make this simple. You want to play?

You want minutes? Rebound. That's one way to prove that you're not the worst team in the league. It's early. I know it's early. Sides is already coming under a lot of fire.

On social, which is neither here nor there. People complaining about Kaitlyn not getting the shots, blah, blah, blah. But if you're watching the game and you know what you're watching, she's getting double-teamed by the Liberty.

And by the Sun, actually. So in their first two games, she's getting double-teamed as a rookie. I mean, that's respect.

But you know what else? No one's going to be surprised by Kaitlyn Clark, right? No one's going to be surprised by Kaitlyn Clark, right? No one's going to get caught off guard by this rookie.

Everybody knows what she can do and how prolific a scorer. And as we've talked about, there are plenty of terrific physical defenders in the WNBA who were either all Americans themselves or were the best on their own college teams, and they want to prove themselves against this rookie. And this is not college ball. It's not nearly as physical at the college level. And there were a lot of whistles in the first half, too, which kind of makes me want to poke a fork in my eye. So yeah, they have a long way to go.

The Fever are at this point still figuring it out. Brianna Stewart, one of the best players in the league. We've had her on the show multiple times. She's terrific.

A Yukon product. And she actually had some empathy for Kaitlyn Clark post-game after the Liberty had run away with this one. Obviously, she's a very, very talented player and I was talking with someone before the game and it's like she's the number one pick and number one picks continue to grow and develop into this league and really make their mark. And for her to be able to handle everything that she's handling on and off the court and still play and be locked in with her team, it's great to see. I think that, you know, everyone knows, Sav and I know coming to the WNBA there's an adjustment just from the level of play and playing against the best every single night. But she has a good group around her to continue to build and learn and obviously a young core but reminds me a little bit of when I was in Seattle.

So yeah, Brianna Stewart went through it herself. When you're the new kid on the block, so to speak, even if you are an overall number one pick and both she and Sabrina Ineskew were, there's an adjustment because everybody is good at that level. Same thing about college football to pro football, right? You can be the best quarterback in all of college football but when you get to the NFL there are defenders who would like to make an example of you and they'd like to welcome you personally to the NFL. There's an adjustment to the speed, to the physical nature of the game, not to mention the longer seasons. It's your job, right?

So players when they make that jump from college to the pros whatever the sport have to get bigger, faster, stronger and if not faster than bigger craftier and stronger to withstand the rigors both physically and mentally of being a pro athlete. So yeah, she'll get there. She's too talented not to, right?

Using Stewart or using Brianna and Sabrina even only a Boston as examples there's always an adjustment, always an adjustment and so I have no doubt she'll get there but there are plenty of things the Fever can do better that have nothing to do with Kaitlyn Clark necessarily. So she had 9.7 rebound, six assists, only three turnovers in the game and of course her head coach Kristy Thides is going to be answering a lot of questions about Kaitlyn Knightley. It's a process and she's you know she's going to be fun. She's figuring it out. She just needs to get a little bit of confidence right now. I think she's you know taking some shots that she normally would knock down but but Naja Laney is one of the best defenders in the league and she's just making it you know they're making it really hard on her. We've got to do a better job of finding ways to get her some some easier more open looks.

I'm kind of worried about her voice. It's all it's only game two. They have 38 to go. Worse than the other night. Yeah, if I'm coach sides I'm far more concerned about the rebounding, far more concerned about the fact that they had no answer for Brianna Stewart on either end of the court, far more concerned about moving the ball around, getting more quality shots. Kaitlyn will get there.

She'll have a breakout game. She'll find that that rhythm again but the team itself I mean they've just got to pay attention to details because otherwise they're going to be stuck in neutral. We are a young team and it's still a process but at the end of the day you have to have some pride and I just feel like tonight like we've got to do a better job of you know we had 17,000 fans here tonight and we can't thank them enough. I mean awesome fans it got really loud when we got when we cut it to 11 they were you know they were yelling defense and that's exactly what it was. We've got to do a better job. We've got to make the fans proud you know with what we put on the floor and I will take it.

We didn't do that tonight and that's unacceptable. Seriously you know it was neat though speaking of coaches Lisa Bluder and the new head coach at Iowa Jan Jensen they were both courtside so it's kind of cool to see the two of them share and embrace. You got coach Bluder nice producer Jay for the win. What'd she say? I'm so excited for Kaitlyn and for all the Indiana Fever fans. Give her a little time it's going to be absolutely amazing. She's an incredible young woman and she's going to represent this state and this city so well. What does it mean to see the WNBA get this kind of support right now with these kind of fans? Yeah it's the movement right it's uh it's time it's time for women's basketball to grow and we're going to keep growing it. Last question can I get a go fever?

Go fever that was kind of hard I didn't roll off the tongue but it will be soon. 16 action news you said action network. 16 news now. Oh I was close enough 16 news now. It's neat it was neat to see her it was neat to see Kaitlyn smile a lot of fans there just for Kaitlyn Clark and she did have the first bucket of the game she drove down the lane took the contact from the defender this is after by the way she had a bit of a stutter step and then went right to left and got enough of an angle on her defender that she was able to use her body to muscle in a shot but otherwise was one for seven I think from beyond the arc I think it's just a matter of settling in and getting used to new teammates you think about Iowa women's basketball they had a core group of young women who'd been together for four seasons and it's take some time to get used to new teammates so seven rebounds six assists nine points only three turnovers so now that's going to be a thing but I'm excited that the fever sold out their arenas and did you hear this at least four of the fever opponents have moved their games to bigger arenas to accommodate more ticket sales so think about that it's not just the fever that are reaping the benefits of having Kaitlyn Clark on their roster it's the opponents the other WNBA teams who know they can sell more tickets by moving their games against the fever to larger venues so that's kind of cool as well that's kind of cool as well I'm excited to watch I hope fans don't give up on her or the fever I do certainly understand that if you don't win fans tend to lose interest there's too much that demands our time or that competes for our attention for us to spend a lot of time watching losers or teams that aren't competitive which is even worse when you become irrelevant in sports to me that's worse than being like the bad news bears the Cleveland Browns for years they've been the bad news bears of the NFL and so we pay attention to them because of how bad they are the Jets same thing the Chargers they find new ways to lose every year you're back in the dumpers again right not Detroit anymore by the way I heard this little nugget on the news the the latest census numbers are out and for the first time in decades Detroit has gained in population do you think that has anything to do with the Lions? Honestly I think it has a little bit to do with the Lions not totally but I think I think it helps sure some buzz in the city right yes absolutely we know that when a college basketball team reaches the final four applications for enrollment at that school go up they skyrocket every time a new team reaches the final four general student applications for enrollment go up so it does definitely have an impact winning getting your games on tv but when you're irrelevant that's a problem the fever need to be competitive or yeah people will start to lose interest casual fans will say I guess this game isn't must-see tv or I can miss this one she's not playing really well the fever are kind of embarrassing to watch they're boring they can't win I do hope fans will continue to support them because it is a building process it is a building process remind me a little bit of the Houston Astros remember how they had was it back to back 100 lost seasons and in doing so gained a couple of number one picks they were able to pick up guys like Jose Altuve and others remember the core I know it angers you when I mentioned guys like this but Alex Bregman Carlos Correa Springer George Springer that was how they ended up not just winning the World Series and trash cans but also getting to what is it now seven straight American League Championship Series yeah well the building blocks go back to when they were awful and got the the top picks that were ready made for the majors look at the Orioles right now yeah so this is a more of a slow burn for the Indiana Fever but they can't not get better they've got the last two overall number one picks in Clark and Boston and they've got a bunch of other great young talent as well so it's worth paying attention to though it it could be a while before they're competitive on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page to better phrase than game seven in sports what's a better phrase in game seven we're getting a lot of answers in now we'll get your calls to eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four CBS we do have a game seven set up between the wolves and the nuggets coming up on Sunday thought we might be headed for a game seven between the Rangers and the canes not so fast Chris Kreider it's after hours worried about letting someone else pick out the perfect avocado for your perfect impress them on the third date guacamole well good thing instacart shoppers are as picky as you are they find ripe avocados like it's their guac on the line they are milk expiration date detectives they bag eggs like the 12 precious pieces of cargo they are so let instacart shoppers overthink your groceries so that you can overthink what you'll wear on that third date download the instacart app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollar per order additional term supply hi it's Kramer today let's talk about juicing it is not some new kind of health craze juicing is a fantastic on-the-go healthy food option that anybody can fit into their lifestyle and it tastes good pure raw juice has the information the know-how and of course the countless delicious alternatives to fast food they've even got a full line of cold coffee brews now ten locations all throughout bottom or let pure juice inspire you to take the first steps to healthy eating habits or even try juice cleanse see the full pure raw juice menu for yourself and heal your body from the inside one two three four those are numbers but you already knew that if you want to know what number you're going to pay each month for your car use kelly blue book my wallet on auto trader they're really good at numbers auto trader with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast rosalvint will carry this to the game's blue light savannah jab will pick up the loose puck he'll try a sharp angle shot on anderson he'll score krider to the rebound and it eludes anderson and new york has gotten within a goal with 13 17 left as chris krider banks one in off of anderson in deep pro check outside panera with a shot he scores the rangers have tied it chris krider with a deflection it's a power play goal and it's three three this is after hours with amy lawrence staley cup playoff games can turn on a dime but i kind of feel about this game six between the rangers and the hurricanes in carolina the same as i do about hmm now this is drastic but the same as i do at least partly about the falcons collapse in the super bowl you have to throw the door open and invite your opponent to come back when it's this drastic so it's not just about what the rangers did it's about what the canes did not do or what they allowed the rangers to do or sometimes as much as i hate this and i think how can you not learn the lesson from every other team that came before you not playing with the same intensity that you use to build the lead not playing with that same sense of urgency right making sure that chris krider can't get comfortable in front of the net now granted the rangers are a terrific team and they had a 3-0 lead in the series already so the canes were trying to force the issue and force the issue you had to figure at some point the rangers would get mad at themselves at the situation and i love what we got from the rangers in this burst because it was an opportunity for them to not just flex their muscles and end the season of the series early but also i think just a reminder of who and what they're capable of and that's so important for human nature we're just talking about it with the minnesota timberwolves anthony edwards saying that their video staff put together a montage of clips from their first two games in which they took the 2-0 lead on the nuggets the rangers as the president's trophy winners they've got a ton of come from behind wins it's not an uncomfortable position for them to be in but after you've squandered that 3-0 lead i think it's important for them to be able to slam the door and again be able to in that third period completely wrestle away any momentum from the canes you hear the canes and rangers radio network chris crider he decided actually you can hear him talk about it himself but he decided that he was going to hang out there in front of the net do what one of the things that he does best try to redirect pucks jump on rebounds put pressure on the canes defense and goalie just be hanging around be a menace and he's good at it and the canes really didn't have well they didn't so they didn't have an answer for him but that's not really true i felt like they didn't force the issue with crider and of course we're talking about in the rules but hockey's a physical game get him the heck out of the crease get him the heck away from the net but he's good he's a veteran he knows how to take advantage of those opportunities and there they were nodded at three in that third period right off the boards off the glass by roszowick rangers dubbin in here seven in here they score they score the rangers lead at four to three oh my goodness gracious writer with a hat trick in the third period he is scoring three consecutive goals and the rangers lead for the three impressive and as i say for the rangers this was exactly what they needed a reminder of who and what we are who and what we're capable of and to be able to do it on the road as well all of that just feeds into the confidence after losing the 3-0 lead let's go and losing that lower register that cool calm collected the the shrieking that's how you know it's a big deal when men start to shriek and they lose their voices in the upper register it's after hours with amy lawrence yeah new york was up 3-0 in the series but then down two goals and it's game six on the road chris crider with three goals in a row in roughly nine minutes of play they're in the third period and they turned this not just the game upside down uh but turned the eastern conference kind of back toward them a little bit if that makes sense just again a reflection of hey this is what the rangers can do no doubt there are teams out there rooting for them to get eliminated for the canes to force them to a game seven right we've got bruins and panthers still to come to see if we'll get a game seven there for chris crider just doing what he does well hanging out in front of the net getting a stick on the puck trying to redirect and allowing him to be in there allowing him to post up oh it was like three seconds three seconds in basketball allowing him to get that close allowing him to be so opportunistic i mean that falls on the canes but crider was asked afterwards and he's sitting next to vincent trojek he's at he's asked afterwards about getting that first goal and then whether or not he felt like there was more he had more to give as a group we raised our level and we started getting pucks to the net and i just tried to get there is that i think he did i think he did so did he say that he had yes he did say he had one i'm not sure about the second part of that question but the first part yes when he said that what did you guys think i said i sure hope so so he sort of sidestepped the question but his teammate answers it for him yeah he told us he had more where that came from and it's critical too for his teammates just to get the puck where he can put a stick on it get the puck in front of the net how often do you hear that about hockey just get the puck in front of the net create traffic run interference if you can make thing make life more challenging and confusing for the goalie if you can put bodies on the net well then you can create some chaos and a lot of times good things will happen if you've got more sticks there and more pucks that that run through the crease so it's impressive by the rangers in madison square garden they were obviously on the road but in msg the fans were going nutso and of course they will have home ice advantage to begin the eastern conference finals against either the bruins or the panthers so you have a performance like that in the third period and to rack up your 33rd comeback win of the season major boost fighting back in the third period like that just our guys have been there before done that before we knew that we knew that we could score two goals in the third period just i think from confidence of the year that we've had and um but that being said you got to go out and do the work as for the western conference vancouver edmonton it's been a real good series with a lot of dramatic moments and in the third period is jt miller who came through and broke the tie for the knucks and so they get the victory in game five and he was getting serenaded by the fans there in vancouver i like it so it's it was uh another one of those moments where it's kind of a shock to your system right it's a reminder why the stanley cup playoffs uh i can feel them in my gut they make me nervous they make me tense even when i don't have a skin in the game oh i'm just glad we have to go to overtime we i thought we deserved to win the game today you know i thought once we got our legs under us in the first there we really played well second period was our best period at home second period in a while and i thought we carried that into the third it was just a matter of time so you know sometimes it takes a while for them to go and i think the resiliency of the group they know it's a word that keeps coming up a lot 30 seconds to go in this one so a tie game 30 seconds to go and the knucks in front of that home crowd get the goal from jt miller and then he hears the crowd singing back to him um yeah this one has been worth the price of admission two teams that were really close in the standings two teams that obviously have history and so i love that we've seen kind of these twists and turns if you're writing a a play of some sort a movie like twists and turns that you on the edge of your seat until the very end it's been some pretty impressive steals if you will snatching victory from the jaws of defeat for each of these teams in the game so far so the knucks have the advantage up three two and i like the way that hockey structures where you've got the two two one one one right it's great that way uh because then you if you're trying to close out a series you have to do it so you win the game five and we know that in the nba in the nhl with a tie series the winner of game five goes on to advance or win the series better than 80 of the time i mean it's obvious right but you have to do it if you're the home team right and you capture the advantage there in game five you've got to do it on the road in game six so it's good it kind of ups the ante similar to what the nuggets were facing on thursday night they have to go into minnesota and try to close out the series timberwolves are able well i was going to say they're able to force a game seven but that doesn't quite do it justice they bludgeoned the nuggets and said get your asses back to denver and so yeah now there's more pressure on the nuggets i think as the defending champions the timberwolves of course they want to win they were competing for the one seed all year in the western conference but the nuggets are defending champs and they were up three two and now they're home and so theirs is the the what is that phrase i suck at cliches heavy is the head that wears the crown so yeah now there's a bunch of pressure on them and i would say if you're kind of reading between the lines of that phrase mentally they've got to be in the right space mentally as much as they don't want to forget what happened in game six because you leave yourself open to that happening again you've got to be able to deal with the pressure and know that you now are also in an elimination game so good stuff from the hoops and hockey playoffs let's quick check in with paul paul's in westfield welcome to after hours what's the best phrase in sports if it's not game seven well thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and the agony of defeat howard cosell every saturday and amy i remember Vince Lombardi said to him i know he said this i put up on this wall of our wrestling room that practice doesn't make you perfect perfect practice does and Vince Lombardi said that winning isn't a sometime thing it's an all-time thing and when each player does his best the team wins together and doing your best isn't a practicing right sometimes it's practicing right all the time because winning and losing are habits and he's 100 right huh okay that's a lot of words i guess that's that's not quite what i was looking for but i'll i'll take it you're giving me like 18 different Vince Lombardi phrases no it was just one in one quote about winning all the time but amy this is hilarious when you mentioned caitlin crock is bringing the numbers up the wnba they said the 200 million last year and nba 10 billion so when the story came out caitlin got shorted when you do what's called like the average 20 tipping chris dally was a little bit above the industry norm and it's designed to protect tenure uh like for those veteran members senior members they've been there longer so built that revenue up they get a higher um pay because they've been there for for years still in the arenas and people forget that far about the income is huge how much you think she's going to add now with uh 2 million more viewers and streaming she's going to add a lot to that 200 million just in herself yeah i don't the salary is is kind of uh afterthought for caitlin she's making millions in endorsements so the the salary is not the vast majority of her income right now it's in fact very small percentage of her income like 20 million from nike endorsements and hey i have a solution for your streaming this is an easy one the sling is free if you don't mind missing a few major channels and the digital streaming you got a booster antenna from amazon for 20 bucks i get 60 62 digital digital channels free 62 then pick your favorite stream i'm taking netflix to watch wwe you can get it real down because how much time do you really have and how much can you watch when you work are you kidding me i this is what i do for a living paul i have to have access to the majority of the channels i can't streamline for the sake of cost i mean i do have to spend the money to have a bunch of channels so that i can watch different channels and different streams at the same time while i'm covering games it's different than a fan i mean appreciate your your inside your recommendations but this is my job so i can't just cut everything and have a free service i actually have to pay for it it's part of the work absolutely in fact by talking to you i diversified to a whole new genre because i'm an immense dominated no woman almost the leaders politics and listening to you with the women's view okay you know what i hate more than anything i cannot freaking stand it when people call and put us on a speaker phone i sorry i had enough i can't i can't deal with it it's awful audio i know that post 2020 what passes for quality audio has completely changed with all the video calls and zoom calls and all that jazz i i can't stand it if you're going to call a national radio network if you're going to call a national radio show at least mine please just hold the phone hold the phone that's all i'm asking sorry jay i did it as long as i could but it was like i was starting to have steam come out my ears oh my gosh okay it's hard enough to hear but then it's just jarring and now i'm annoyed and it's a pet peeve it's a good time for a break also the better phrase in sports than game seven i'm still not really sure what okay it's on twitter at amy after hours also on our facebook page a lot of you are going with um sudden death oh yes i'd have to agree with you there i love it or sudden death over time is another great one uh so find us there if you can do a phone call without being on a speakerphone we'll put you through eight five five two one two four two two seven it's after hours that's not just the sound of that first sip of morning joe it's the sound of someone shopping for a car on carvana from the comfort of home that's a good blend it's time to take it easy like answering some easy questions to get pre-qualified for a car in minutes talk about starting the morning right just like customizing your terms so your car fits your budget visit or download the app to experience car shopping the way it should be convenient comfortable ah doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit slash wealth investment minimum supply fidelity brokerage services llc member nyse sipc here's why april chose to vaccinate her child i think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children talk to your pediatrician or visit brought to you by merc with amy lawrence who's now annoyed with an annoyed amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence you know what we didn't actually hear a lot of hawaiian music except for on the plane on hawaiian airlines when we were flying from oahu to the big island that was early in our trip and then on our way back so once the trip was done again hawaiian airlines played a lot of their their own traditional music which was i suppose calming for the most part trying to think if we listened to much music at all while we were gone really didn't it was kind of fun mostly when we were driving around we were looking at this book looking at this book so regardless of who was driving the other was looking at this book called big island revealed the travel guide very detailed it was written by someone who's lived on the big island for for a couple decades so it was it was critical we needed it was clutch actually because a lot of the places that we wanted to get to in the big island weren't as well known and there weren't a lot of signs that would point you to the here's the turn off or here's the beach you're looking for and then because of the lava rock and the way the the volcanoes have shaped the shoreline on the big island and other parts of hawaii as well but the big island has four volcanoes on it and the most recent eruption was in 2022 which changes the shoreline every time they also had one in 2018 and so for that reason many of the the access points or the access uh ways to get to the shore those were not necessarily smooth roads that you could drive nor were they well marked off of the belt road which goes around the island now you actually had to look for mile markers and then these dirt turn offs and then you would have to walk over lava rock but the reward is that if you would take those those hikes and you would find the turn offs and you would pay attention to the directions in the book well you you ended up going to a place where there are very few people so a couple of the beaches that we went to required pretty extensive hikes but there was hardly anybody else there because you had to hike so far to get to them and so to the victor go the spoils right the uh the reward for putting in the effort wearing our hiking shoes or hiking boots and carrying them to the beach with us was that we got to be on these incredibly pristine beaches or shore points with very few other people and they were just usually locals not tourists it's after hours with amy lawrence a couple of other places that i put on my list of top hawaii moments the botanical garden oh my goodness blew me away not just the variety of flowers the colors you all know me i'm a flower freak and there were there was an entire orchid section of the botanical garden that featured dozens and dozens different varieties of orchids color combinations i've never seen before and so not only were there flowers from all over the world but the story of this botanical garden which is over on the east side so closer to helo which is by the way the wettest city in the entire united states uh so so the botanical garden gets plenty of rain they've imported flowers from all over the world and they have signs that tell you what part of the world they come from so it's kind of cool really intricate designs of flowers that i've never seen before so i i think i took my goodness 75 photos of flowers while i was in the botanical garden but also uh the story of it is pretty amazing it's a couple uh an older couple who retired from california bought this piece of property that was completely overrun and they just started clearing it and they spent weeks and weeks and weeks just kind of trying to clear out the mess and and then it turned into this project where they decided they would put a garden in place of it what they didn't realize is buried deep in the garden was a triple decker waterfall that that fed all the way into the ocean and this shore point uh not a beach necessarily it's more rocks and actually not lava rocks just plain old rocks and boulders and so it was really neat there used to be a village there they found an old grave site that was buried under the brush and the shrubs and all the crazy trees and vines so i love the story of it the deeper they got into clearing away the vines and the overgrowth what they found were these incredible waterfalls and then access to the shore so the botanical garden was amazing we had a lot of fun there there was this class it must have been a class field trip a bunch of kids that were crazy running around i think they were doing a scavenger hunt and looking for the flowers right their teachers had given them a list of flowers so that was kind of fun there was a lily a lily pond it was completely covered with lots of fish in it but completely covered by lily pads which was neat we also really enjoyed the volcano park or national volcano park uh which yeah just phenomenal calderas and a collapsed summit of a volcano that kind of sunk down into the ground uh when they had a recent eruption going back well it was recent going back to the 50s and 60s so it's really neat to kind of see that as i say a collapsed volcano that down into the ground because the lava gave way or like burned away the ground underneath and it just collapsed into the earth and that one still has steam coming out of it so we got to stand right next to these steam vents and you could feel the warmth of the earth underneath it you know so they say that this one is overdue for another eruption last one was like was in the 50s and 60s but still hot still kind of boiling and simmering underneath uh but pretty amazing to to walk in this place that had been completely destroyed by lava going back uh not that many decades ago see i really enjoyed seeing the volcano park as well so many pictures that i need to show you it's after hours with amy lawrence bless you hey have you tried instacart for spring allergy relief you can order decongestants antihistamines and more through instacart from stores like cvs walgreens and costco delivered in as fast as one hour because those red watery eyes need relief now and that sneeze means you do not want to venture out into all that pollen and that's your cue to download the instacart app and get free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time ten dollar minimum per order additional terms apply this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance 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