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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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April 25, 2024 5:55 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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April 25, 2024 5:55 am

What can we expect tonight at the NFL Draft? | The Heat bounce-back in Game 2 to even series vs the Celtics | Maple Leafs radio announcer Joe Bowen RIPS the fan base.

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Visit your neighborhood store to make the switch today. Not even 24 hours until you know exactly what your team is doing in the first round of the NFL draft. The last couple years I've gotten to this point where we're within hours of all the pomp and circumstance this year in Detroit. I have a student in my class at Syracuse who is from Michigan and they are thrilled he says. He says at home they're all excited to welcome the NFL draft.

Another one of my students actually got credentialed through Syracuse. He is a grad student and he'll be covering his first major event and he's excited as well. He and three other students, I don't know if they won a lottery, if they had to apply through the program but they have the honor of covering the draft and so I told him make sure you do your final project from Detroit because the final project is a radio segment. You're on scene, you're on site, you're right there in the middle of the action.

Make sure you take advantage of that and so he told me that he would. It's a big deal, it's become a bigger deal over the course of the 25 years since I've been working in sports radio though I will say at the local level when I worked in local radio obviously the focus was much more myopic for the teams that I was covering in those individual markets. Now that I'm at the network level say the last 15 years it's astounding how much extra attention, how many extra credentialed media, how many fans consider this to be must see tv or must listen to radio. We'll do our entire show, okay 98% of our show tomorrow night on the NFL draft because it will carry the night. Didn't always play out that way but now kind of like the NFL schedule release it is the crown jewel of this week in sports and one of the biggest events in the month of April every year. Of course the move that the NFL made to put the first round of the draft in prime time on a Thursday night, huge, that was a seismic shift in how people consumed the draft plus they end up separating this first round so it's its own event. They can spread out the picks, they can focus on any particular trades or moves, the war rooms get more coverage, the athletes get more coverage. It's a big build up to pick number one or in this case pick number two since we already know about pick number one and speaking of him interesting story that Caleb Williams tells on the pivot podcast about the moment he realized the Bears had traded Justin Fields.

Good stuff. We'll hear from the presumptive number one overall pick. I suppose there's always a chance something could change between now and 7.05 p.m central time on Thursday when the Bears are likely to make their first pick. Actually we probably should leave more time for Roger Goodell to get booed and for him to have his moment in the spotlight. You know he really enjoys all the attention.

This is his time to shine let's be honest. We are thrilled to be back here in Philadelphia. They're moving it around.

That's another major piece of why the draft buzz continues to grow because it's being moved around to so many different cities. Sharing the love if you will. Spreading the wealth.

Oh and I do mean wealth literally. I'm excited. I look forward to it. I don't generally watch deep into the draft. I look more for the analysis and the headlines and I'll go back and look at what individual teams did but I don't sit and watch every pick over the weekend.

If you do I am very impressed. I don't do that for any draft to be fair but this first round I watch more of the NFL first round than I do any other draft. Also side note I wouldn't watch a schedule release if well maybe if somebody paid me but otherwise no. You catch me up after the fact. I actually think I'm on vacation still. I could be wrong.

I'll have to look for the specific date of said schedule release. Caleb Williams number one who will go number two? Will the commanders even pick second in this NFL draft? What do the Patriots do? Will we see the Chargers trade down or will we see the Giants back up?

Allow one of the teams like the Vikings, the Broncos, the Raiders to have that pick at number six at a premium of course. That's what we heard from Joe Shane. Was it two weeks ago last week?

The weeks all blend together. He said if you're trying to move up to draft a quarterback beware. You got to pay a little extra for that. There's a little extra mustard required on that sandwich. I could eat a sandwich. It's after hours with Jay could always eat sandwiches.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Oh crap there we go again. Oopsie. It just comes out. I'm not thinking about it because it's been second nature for almost 12 years. It's still early in the game. If I don't think about it I say the wrong thing. It's still early in the game. The jury's still out on whether or not we're keeping it.

No that's actually not true and way above our pay grade. Yeah I think it's here to stay. No one asked us first. Did not vote for it. It's really funny though I kind of feel like one of those sports franchises that we talked about last week who all of a sudden is in a new city with a new name and people are very confused. I'm still getting listeners who are finding us on social media saying where do I find your new show?

Where do I find your new network? Not realizing that all we did was and by we I just mean the collective company. All we did was change the name. Nothing else changed. Everything is exactly the same.

I have told yeah I've told people over and over that's it. It's not a new show or a new network. We're the same place. Same same lineup. Yeah same show. Same hosts. Same producers. Not the same boss. He's new but I don't think he has anything to do with the name. In fact they purposely did the name first before they introduced the new boss.

That's true. That was a good move. Our phone number is 855-212-4227 on Twitter A Law Radio.

On our Facebook page too. Tonight what do you want your team to do with its draft picks? What do you want your team to do in the NFL draft? Not what does your team need because that's kind of boring. What do you want your team to do in the NFL draft? Starting with Thursday of course.

Although it'd kind of be fun to to double down or to hit you with a double whammy. How much of the draft will you watch? We kind of did a question like this for the WNBA draft but I think it was after the fact. We questioned people about their consumption of the Kaitlyn Clark draft, the Angel Reese draft, the Camila Cardoso draft, how much oh sorry Cameron Brink the number two pick Cameron Brink draft. How much did you watch after Kaitlyn Clark was the question. This one's more about how much will you watch.

There's some pretty entertaining series that'll be playing out. Games three, two and three. No three. I think they're just they're all threes. I could be wrong.

There might be a couple of twos in there. We've got both hoops and hockey that will continue plus baseball for those of you who never miss a game unless it's on streaming because you refuse to watch a game on streaming. How much of this NFL draft will you watch but what do you want your team to do? I can't wait to hear from Cowboys fans. I feel like they're going to tell me the Cowboys need to draft a quarterback.

Sorry guys. Jerry Jones has continued to throw his to throw his support behind Dak Prescott and I gotta tell you why don't you wait until his next really terrible season before you bring back that hot take quote unquote. He was an MVP candidate last year.

For a while he was an MVP favorite. Anywho, if something should happen to Dak, nothing's gonna happen to Dak. Don't be trying to start rumors producer Jay. Taking words from Jerry Jones out of context. It was very cryptic. Although considering what he said about the number 24 pick, I don't know if we can bring back this.

You want to talk about cryptic. We still can't figure out what Jerry Jones is talking about. Like Mike Tomlin, I think he's fooling with us. I actually think Jerry Jones is screwing with us when he tells us that it's great for the Cowboys to be picking number 24. There's a very reason why we're 24th out of 32 teams draft that we get to pick a player this time because we were the 24th best in the NFL according to the rules and so we get to pick everybody gets to pick before us up to 24. If you were one of those people who were not active listening, you're just kind of background noise with Jerry Jones. Does it dawn on you that he completely messed that up or are there Cowboys fans who are like uh-huh uh-huh yep we were 24th best in the NFL uh-huh we were the 24th best in the NFL.

That makes me laugh. I know he didn't mean it but honestly I have no clue what he's talking about. I'm going to assume either a he's screwing with us and just being a I don't know being someone who's not giving you any intel or b there's more to that that we just don't have because first of all it's wrong and second of all duh of course there's a reason you're drafting 24. I could have lived the rest of my life never hearing that information from Jerry Jones and I would have been fine.

Everybody gets to pick before us up to 24. Duh he's onto something. I don't get it.

I feel like I'm missing some very valuable information. Did someone edit that? You did that producer Jay didn't you? You took part of that Jerry Jones quote and you pieced it together. You took out the middle took out the innards if you will and we don't we're not actually hearing the whole quote. No doctoring here that is the quote that is the cut. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I feel like it would actually be better if you had doctored the bite. Probably but unfortunately no. There are 24 teams which is actually not true either. There's a whole lot of teams drafting before us at 24 and somehow that's supposed to be why the Cowboys are in a great position because every other team before them gets to go.

Yeah that's right. Also does he think we just showed up on the planet earth yesterday? Are you talking to aliens from another planet and explaining how the draft works? Give me some oxygen. As I look up JJ McCarthy is hamming it up for the camera. Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft number 185 maybe even more than that. Of the day.

Of the day. They're going through it on the NFL network and JJ McCarthy superimposed over the top of Daniel's production. That's all shop talk. On Twitter A Law Radio yeah yeah yeah on our Facebook page. I do it because you never know who might be tuning in for the first time. I was just talking to my students about the social media element. The digital takeover. Not that you want to allow it to become more important than your actual show which I think some people do.

Put more effort into social than they do into their show. But speaking of the draft have you missed my conversation with Believe analyst Joe De Leon? He joined us not quite this time last night but roughly 24 hours ago and we talked about the top debate before round one. How the quarterbacks come off the board. How many trades he's looking for.

The most value. Oh we did not ignore the defensive guys and his personal insight from the movie Draft Day. Anyway that link is up on both Twitter and Facebook if you want some final cliff note prep. So you sound really smart on Thursday as we get into the NFL draft. Speaking of guests I'm over the moon excited about my conversation with Biggie's commissioner, Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, former WNBA President and the first ever female President of USA Basketball.

Does that give it away? Val Ackerman spoke to her on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon she was generous, insightful, thoughtful, even funny. I caught her off guard at the end of our conversation. Wait until you hear what I asked her.

She's awesome. I crossed paths with her in the past when I was traveling with the Biggies to do play-by-play on TV and I've done a bunch of Biggie's basketball games over the course of my career but not since the Biggies went through what some would call a rebuild. Conference realignment hit the Big East hard and they went from being one of the top power conferences in college sports to being one without football. That would almost be sudden death.

Well not quite as sudden as the Stanley Cup playoffs but that would have spelled sudden death in the past and maybe it would for any other conference. There are conferences out there that wouldn't dream of trying to go without football but the Big East has and boy did UConn return at just the right time. So I talked to Val about the skyrocketing interest in women's sports including Kaitlyn Clark. She brought up Kaitlyn, I didn't, although I probably would have. The UConn men going back to back.

The realignment. I also asked Val will the Biggies consider adding more schools? You'll hear that conversation with Val on tonight's show. Really proud of it.

Can't wait to share it and my sincere thanks to Val and to the Big East for making her available earlier on Wednesday. All right we've got our show question up. What do you want your team to do in the NFL Draft? Do you want your team to trade up? Do you want your team to trade down?

All things being equal. If you were in charge of the war room, uh oh, what do you want your team to do in the draft and how much will you pay attention? Will you watch the whole damn thing? The whole fam damnly or will you watch just the first round? My vacation comes right after the NFL Draft.

I will readily admit there were times in the past. The Johnny Manziel draft. I wanted nothing to do with that draft. I was on vacation during that draft. Actually I think I might have missed the Baker Mayfield draft as well. Darn it. I'd have to go back and remember but uh sometimes I feel like it's too much. We can't miss you NFL if you never go away.

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Download the app or visit today. of eleven ninety eighty three by seven and with the rock working on one for mid post left side listen to the bottom of the circle jumper got it i mean bam has he what his makes has he got anything but just centers right side of the yard bam the screen gets the caleb he'll fire a three he makes the three from the left side of the arc his fifth make in six tries from the land of milk and honey he has 21 tyler the drive right side up over persingus pissed him he has 20 heat up 107 96 215 remains honestly i thought we generated the same looks in the first game these guys um including myself weren't taking them and you know the talk amongst the team was just be aggressive take the open shots if they give it to us you know don't hesitate let it go this is after hours with amy lawrence the voice of one tyler hero in 39 minutes 24 points and 14 assists he drew a lot of attention on the defensive end from the celtics and then would set up his teammates and boy they were hitting shots like nobody's business there will be no jimmy butler in this series he's out for at least this series they're not super hopeful that he'll be returning at all of course they have to get through the celtics before that becomes a challenge but every other starter in double figures in this game too in boston and it was yeah it was pretty interesting to hear the crowd just go dead bob craft was courtside by the way it's after hours with amy lawrence largest lead by the heat was 12 so it was a good back and forth in the first half if i remember correctly the celtics only led by three at the break and then there was a 15-3 push by the heat in which you had caleb martin hitting shots tyler hero hitting shots bam out of bio he remains aggressive this is a team that has an identity and a formula and i don't want to say it's plug and play when it comes to the various members of the heat because that's not exactly true jimmy butler's a unique player not only does he have heart and spirit along the lines of say a draymond green he will fight you and he gets everyone else to come along with that intensity and that energy so they do miss him he's a terrific defender obviously can score a variety of ways but the identity of this team does not change now if they could get a couple more all-stars even one more all-star remember how badly they wanted damian lillard on their team they're still missing another star which is why they seem stuck in the same spot in the east every single season in fact miami heat fans may feel a little deja vu not just because they're facing the celtics and what i think is the fourth time in five years in the playoffs but because they had to come through the play-in tournament they had to beat the bulls now they're the eight seed again they need more star power they need another really good player alongside jimmy butler and bam out of bio but right now kayla martin highmay hockes didn't shoot well in this game but played 31 minutes off the bench they got a couple of guys who contribute like high smith and right but it really is the formula the identity it's tough it's physical it's beat up your opponent as much as you can get away with it's shoot the three of course to try to open things up swing the ball around but also they'll get inside and they'll bang a double-double for bam with 21 points and 10 rebounds and everybody likes to hit the boards i mean that's part of who they are the largest lead was 12 in the second half and every time the celtics would reel them in and get within five or six or seven the heat would hit another big three so let's be honest when tyler hero says i felt like we had all these same shots in the first game we just weren't hitting them and there's some element of truth to that remember it was the celtics who were lights out from beyond the arc in the opener the heat go 23 of 43 from downtown and it really was about keeping that focus and maintaining the positive energy despite the blowout loss in game one when you have you know some younger players you know you just have to constantly remind them that one game is one game um just like this win it's just one win series are are potentially long and they're tough and you have to stay emotionally and mentally you know stable you know throughout all that you just have to focus on competing at a high level together uh doing things that lead to winning um you know keeping your emotions in check which all that's easier said than done um but it was a very good response um just from the connectivity uh the efforts uh all of that um and then you know we also made some shots for us we've been we've been doubted a lot through our playoff runs um you know there's people saying we we couldn't we couldn't do a lot of stuff that we did um so for me and my team it's like why lose belief now backs against the wall everybody always against us use it as fuel um you know a lot of people seem to think we're gonna buy into what they say of we can't get it done and make it seem into our locker room and it's different our guys believe that we can win you know we get in between those lines we make it about basketball we don't make it about schemes we don't make it about this guy and that guy we make it about mono e mono getting that cage fighting let's let's hope may or may not be true what bam says that everybody's against us but he's got a point there aren't a whole lot of people every single year it's like experts analysts fans don't learn their lessons the heat have a formula that works in the playoffs now as i say they could use another star but this is a team that is built for the postseason and while i'm sure eric's bolster wouldn't mind a road that didn't include going through the play-in tournament didn't include fighting scratching clawing for every last game and playoff spot all the way through the season he wouldn't change who they are this is why they can catch a team like boston this is why they can battle the celtics all the way through tooth and nail and while they might get blown out in a couple of these games you know they're not going to go away it's after hours with amy lawrence as for the celtics you know what this happened all season this happened all season long but really closer to the end of the year when they were so far out in front of the eastern conference that they didn't have a whole lot of incentive to play hard and i'm not saying they went out there and loafed it but they weren't going to get bothered by a loss it's that same postgame mentality well we weren't going to go 16-0 in these playoffs it doesn't seem like losses bother them at all and i guess there's something to be said for staying even keel but almost like they talk down to people when they're asked about losing like jason tatum and he does get salty in the playoffs which is ah he gets salty all the time but hey we weren't thinking we were going to sweep them we knew it wasn't going to be easy that's a lot of history between these two franchises especially recently regardless of seeding or who's in who's out it's the playoffs and especially with that team you know it's never gonna go how people expect it to go that's the beauty of being in the playoffs and playing at the highest level it's part of it you know we lost the game and we got a chance to to play again on saturday so uh it should be another phone to think you're gonna go through a playoff series however long it lasts and have i mean i i you know it's unfortunate that losing a game is adversity i would say uh it's just the nature of the playoffs which is adverse itself so uh to think that you're you know you're not going to have ups and downs throughout a run you know you're not being realistic so you just have to um go back and look at what we did well and where we didn't and then you know figure out what we did well and where we didn't and then you know figure out the areas that we can improve upon you know we weren't gonna go 16-0 okay i do agree with joe mazula and i guess jason tatum wasn't as salty as as i was maybe injecting some salt in there he's right about the heat and there are people who said the celtics would sweep but the difference and we talked about this last year as well the difference with a team like miami versus boston's path is that miami did have to remain in fight fight fight mode whereas boston's been on cruise control for weeks mostly just not wanting to get hurt trying to get healthy before the playoffs because there wasn't a whole lot otherwise to play for freaking 14 game lead in the eastern conference that's there's no one around to push you you got to push yourselves now that's what winners do and they came out like a house on fire in the opener and so now you've kind of got this heat fight back which is again part of their dna and they shot really well from beyond the arc so we'll see which team shoots better from three in game three it just it can't come down to that please let's not have it come down to that we're asking you on both twitter and facebook about the not the needs of your nfl team but what you want them to do with the draft and so you can find us on either twitter at amy after hours or on our facebook page named after the show excited to share our conversation well my conversation but our conversation me and biggie's commissioner val ackerman she's great gosh as i was doing my research and i know val i have crossed paths with val before and she's so well known in basketball circles and college sports circles not only is she a hall of famer but she has a list of lifetime achievements awards and honors as long as my arm you want to talk about a woman who is a pioneer and just incredibly driven but also doesn't feel the need to track like to attract all the attention to herself it's amazing what she's accomplished and yeah it's well known if you have been around the i've been around the nba the wnba but she's been a pioneer for years it's awesome to talk to her i looked down at my notes just now and looking for what i want to tease next and i wrote with a pen that's running out of ink no butler in this series but as i look down it appears to be no butter in this series no butter would be a problem i do like butter bread and butter yeah you gotta you gotta have butter i love butter and not fake butter that kind of sticks to your insides no actual real butter okay so i have to tell you something really funny marco i told i told j this earlier i was listening and and maybe we'll have to talk about it more next hour but i was listening to the toronto maple leafs boston bruins game on the radio so celtics heat finished up you got it oh my gosh okay so so i was listening to maple leafs radio not that i dislike bruins i just i go back and forth and the maple leafs were looking to try to get the equalizer it was late third period and they are well they're coming close they hit the post a couple times right but they were trailing and they're play-by-play announcer someone can find me on twitter and tell me who he is oh jay's gonna write it down uh jim bowen okay joe joe bowen joe joe sorry it's joe oh great thanks jay joe definitely this is why i don't ever trust producers so anyway joe mr bowen i should have just gone with mr bowen he's been there forever i've heard his voice forever anyway he starts ripping the fans ripping them you're gonna want to like pass this on to the other peeps in the building because he is so angry that they're not all up on their feet i mean i'm not sure i've ever heard a play-by-play announcer blast the fans like this before but producer jay actually went back and found it for me after i told him about it i'm sorry but if you came to the game tonight and with a face off look around you can find cars like these on auto trader new cars used cars electric cars maybe even flying cars okay no flying cars but as soon as they get invented they'll be on auto trader just you wait auto trader this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law hi i'm lauren sherman the host of fashion people i love fashion obviously but shopping for fashion online is kind of annoying there's endless scrolling my size is always out of stock and i can't actually find what i want no one has really made this work for me that is until list instead of browsing different stores one by one on list you can see and shop all of the best fashion list is the secret shopping weapon now used by all my most stylish cool and in the know friends don't shop around join 200 million fashion shoppers including me on that's lyst or download the list app on the app store today with the goalie out and you weren't on your feet in this building that's an embarrassment and that i just cannot believe that that's what went on here i just no wonder they don't win on home ice because there is no home ice at that i i'm really upset by that jimmy i'm sorry but that's just embarrassing well i mean i i know what you're saying but i don't know that's the Toronto audience right yeah that's what i i still don't know if we can pin it on the crowd no no no no no no i understand i understand that and that's fair but you're right here's here's a moment where you can really be an impactful group joe bowen and jim ralph and mark i'm listening to this and i thought did i just hear him wrong this is why they don't win at home he says and and poor jim is stuttering around like uh he didn't want that conversation i don't think we can really pin it on the fans that they don't win at home but yeah he was not having it i mean he was so angry sort of apologized but just was done holding back i mean and this was at the point of the game if i'm if i'm not mistaken it was three two was late yeah and they had just taken a penalty right so at that point now you're pretty much done because you can't get the extra man on the ice you're gonna have to and they already pulled the goal they pulled the goalie once yeah now you're on the penalty kill basically to maybe try to make it five on five just to pull the goal like it now you're stuck and now you got a minute 20 left there's you're the odds of you winning this game are slim to none so i think that's where the frustration comes out where you know the game is over and now in this last couple of minutes and uh he this is not the first time he's done this with the maple leafs crowd i went back he actually did this last year wow during the regular season i want to say uh it was in april maybe the last game of the regular season or the first game of the playoffs where he was kind of like what are you doing get up off your feet where are we going why aren't we that's just embarrassing and he had the same feel here and to be honest going back and trying to listen to some of this stuff you don't hear the crowd going nuts and normally i know you're trailing but they were buzzing they had chances they had opportunities and the crowd was almost waiting for it to go sour that's not good that's not good for home ice because that does bring it there's a tension home court home ice home field can be a lift it can also be a detriment if your crowd's not behind you and they've turned on you and when they turn on you or when they're quiet when they're supposed to be into it it feels like what do we do why where are we and that's a problem i i agree with that at the same time i don't know that it's his position to be lambasting them however on leafs radio you've been there a long time maybe you just kind of feel like that's something you can do i don't know how long he's been doing it i know it's a long long time i think i saw he's 73 at some point you just get to the rear i don't care what are you gonna do to me i just cannot believe and i think we've gotten there with joe bowen i i don't know the man i'm just listen to i think we got to the point of so what are you gonna do you're gonna tell me i can't say this okay like i'm gonna say what i want to say i think he's gotten past the i don't care right so he was that's raw that's pure emotion that's how he feels had a chance to keep the home ice advantage but didn't do it after winning game two with the late austin matthews goal so i'm sure the frustration but still i was taken off guard i had not heard anyone ever say something like that before and granted too i mean the maples i know last year you finally broke the string of winning the playoffs you you've had nothing but disappointment for so many years which would i'm sure a lot of the friends would say hey that's the reason why we're waiting for it to go sour because we never find a way to win these games i get it but i think joe bowen's feeling like you're here why the hell did you come here if you're not ready to give all you've got you want to complain on the way out the door after they lose no problem but while the game's still going you still got to try to root for your team though try to help them out all right maple leafs fan i mean i know what you're saying ah you stuttered i felt uncomfortable for him it was so funny on twitter alaw radio if you're a maple leafs fan what do you think of that also on our facebook page and then what do you want your team to do in its war room come thursday night you are listening to the after hours podcast back of the net samson has lost his stick march and shoots he scores brad marchin only camp nearly has scored more playoff goals than that guy he makes it three two bruins near side march and ties up for two years posture knock he shots off the side of the net march and shoots he scores into the empty net oh the bruins had a couple of chances but the captain able to scoop it up he buries it his second of the third period and the bruins up four two here in game three i thought it was good um you know we we stuck with it all game it wasn't always pretty uh and i said it the other day they're coming very hard they're playing very physical uh i thought we elevated to another level from where we've been at the first couple games um you know it's great that it paid off this is after hours with amy lawrence brad marchand on a big win to steal back that home ice advantage and the 2-1 series lead in the critical crucial always pivotal game three in a tie series of course we could apply those same things to game five we'll see whether or not the maple leafs rally and marchand broke the tie midway through the third as you hear with judd sarat on bruins radio that preceded the comments from joe bowen on maple leafs radio and i just happened to be listening i didn't realize that this was a thing for him but just happened to proceed his comments that this is why the maple leafs don't win at home because they're sitting on their hands they're not standing up they're not rallying behind the team dave is listening in ontario dave welcome to after hours well thanks for taking my call amy sure um i totally agree with joe bowen a lot of the times you if you can get a ticket to see the maple leafs most of the people are sitting on their hands it's almost like it's a mausoleum in there sometimes why well because maple leaf tickets are so hard to get a lot of the people are there just to be seen and say they got maple leaf tickets and they really don't care ah that sounds like the super bowl yeah yeah except it's probably just as hard to get decent maple leaf tickets as it is to get a super bowl ticket i know that's the case for madison square garden with the nicks however those fans make a ton of noise even when their team stinks so it's kind of the opposite yeah it is but the maple leaf fans just well if they're fans the maple leaf people there just don't want to make any noise and can't be bothered to put any effort into it usually the people up in the nosebleed sections are making noises and joe bowen makes more noise than the rest of the crowd put together he's a dyed in the wool maple leaf fan forever yes yes well it's too bad because i know there are a lot of maple leafs fans who would make noise if they were in the building but i understand what you're saying it's not a crowd that can make a lot of noise or that i guess that would make a lot of noise it's actually the die hard fans the ones that live and die that would support their team they're actually not in the building so that makes sense uh dave i hope that changes thank you so much for your phone call oh no problem i actually i dislike that so much when a franchise prices out its fan base that lives and dies with every win and that is so desperate to see this team succeed or really any team their team succeed that they would do anything they would make a ton of noise they would enjoy being there be a partay it would really lift the guys on the ice that's the whole idea behind having the home ice or the home field advantage it's after hours with amy lawrence amy lawrence okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit hunday or call 5 6 2 3 1 4 4 6 0 3 for more details hunday there's joy in every journey this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love 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