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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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April 24, 2024 5:52 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 24, 2024 5:52 am

Amy does NOT want a grumpy dolphin | The Mavs even things up with the Clippers | Tyrese Haliburton, the man with 2 voices.


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There's joy in every journey. Back in studio. Oh goodness between the spring allergies and a lack of sleep my voice may sound a little deeper tonight like a lounge singer. It'll pop here pop there drop in drop out it's just what happens when I get tired. Hopefully the change in inflection and voice isn't quite as drastic as Tyrese Halliburton. Goodness. Wait until you hear the many voices of Tyrese.

It's something that producer Jay called my attention to and I thought he was fooling around but then I heard it and it is quite the drastic change. I hope mine's not that drastic but there is a chance just because of the the nature of this month of April with so much happening a lot to juggle of course in the sports world but then also finishing up well next week finishing up this last class at Syracuse. Gonna start working on my grades now but I keep telling myself this time this time next week vacation will have already begun. This time next week let's hope we're catching a few z's and not what I've done in the past which is wait until the last second to do my packing and then I'm still awake four hours before we leave for the airport.

There is a distinct possibility. I don't know if that would help me sleep on the 11-hour flight but I don't care. Once I get through next Monday night show at Syracuse University and then make the drive back which is three and a half hours vacation has officially begun. Yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly but we've got until then so let's not waste it all right. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on the Infinity Sports Network or Infinity Sports Network.

We actually haven't received any direction about whether or not we should be using the preposition beforehand so I'm not sure I keep going back and forth. It is the Infinity Sports Network but is it capital T-H-E the Infinity Sports Network or is it just Infinity Sports Network which to me sounds very awkward. Or Imf Sports Network. All right I did that once or twice and then I got over it. I've just stopped using the network Twitter because I can't do it properly without making a fool of myself and so I'm just sticking to our own social media and at some point maybe we will receive clarification of what we should do in terms of the or just cold open Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of direction I didn't tell you this producer J but on Sunday night into Monday morning okay so there's our first show I was here in the building for the first show of the week and I used the restroom in the final hour of the show and we have these two well we have the two restrooms men and women these two doors for the two restrooms that are right next to each other so you you walk in in fact I've accidentally walked in the men's before thankfully there was nobody in there but the two doors are the frames are right next to each other and they're they're two outer doors because then you have inner doors to actually exit and enter the the restroom so those are generally closed but the two outer doors are open and so as I was walking into the restroom on what would have been Monday morning I see out of the corner of my eye a man coming out of the outer door right next to me and I thought it was one of our fellow hosts from our New York affiliate so I just said good morning but we're acquaintances I wouldn't say we're buds so I just said good morning and went on about my routine and as I'm coming back into the newsroom I see this the same color shirt okay so out of the corner of my eye like I said I thought I knew who it was it was a bright green shirt all right so I come back into the newsroom and the man with the bright green shirt is now standing in front of me with his hand held out and he said hi I'm Ryan and for now keeping in mind this is fourth hour of the show after whatever long weekend I've been up almost 24 hours so my brain is tired and it takes a second to process oh that's the new boss was it yes wow he said my name is Ryan and I said hi I'm Amy he clearly knew who I was um but I said hi I'm Amy since he went with just first names I guess we're on a first name basis right away and so we had a brief conversation I told him congratulations because uh he has said publicly that getting the job as the new program director of our New York affiliate is his dream job now he didn't include being the program director of said network maybe because he doesn't know no I'm just kidding he knows however we we always play second fiddle to our New York affiliate here in this building so it's fine it's totally fine but he did walk down the hallway with me and we had a conversation just mostly about mutual acquaintances we have from my previous network which is also his previous network now and so we had a couple of people in common uh including one who was his manager but before it was his manager it was my manager going back again to my previous network and so it was a brief conversation there was no no real planning no shop talk no anything about the network that is currently trying on a very awkward name sorry but it was at least a chance to meet him so and he was pleasant and like I said I had no clue I just assumed it was someone else coming out of the bathroom and I don't I wasn't gonna look and check good morning is generic enough for everyone so then when I saw the green man walking toward me well that's what that's it was a it was a bright green shirt when I saw the green man walking toward me and he stuck out his hand at first I was taken aback as I thought why is this fellow host interesting someone comes out of the bathroom first thing they do is shake their hand out it's like you got to be a little careful that's no no he was in the newsroom I went ahead and stop it we don't let's no potty humor here on the show uh I he was already in a different part of the of the floor when I saw him again but it is funny because my initial reaction was why are you shaking my hand we know each other and then I looked up and was like oh he said I am Ryan this is how slow I process in the final hour of the show yeah right I wonder uh if he realized that I well I don't know maybe it probably the good morning was innocuous enough so it doesn't matter hope he doesn't think I was whatever like that I guess was not technically our first meeting would you call that the first meeting no that's just a pleasant exchange in the hallway yeah passing by all right a pleasantry okay a pleasantry so we had pleasantries and then we had an actual introduction yeah sounds about right can I say one thing just as a point of clarification why this is important to me because our last boss whom he replaced and our last boss who replaced the man who hired me didn't ever introduce himself in fact I don't think he ever knew who Jay was there was a time there anyway it's totally fine like as in totally fine anyways any who oh there's the voice any who I'll have to drink more water on this hump show it's after hours with Amy Lawrence middle show of the work week I actually did enjoy explaining to my students what the hump show meant when we were talking about various features so that was one of the elements of class number three is ways that you can add elements creative elements to your show so it's not just you talking for three hours not that that's a bad thing I had to make sure they know I wasn't saying no one wants to hear you talk straight for three hours but we were talking about different creative elements and I was mentioning the hump show I was also mentioning our longest running feature which comes up tonight ask Amy anything also talk to them about different use of audio and drops and then there was this brief moment in my head where I thought huh wonder if they know what a drop is so I had to explain to them what producer jay does with our drops and what a drop is so yeah I used you as an example because you very often are on the the end where we do the music and the production sometimes I'll ask for a particular piece of production or drops or music but most often that is completely producer jay's brain jay also what are you going to do with yourself while I am gone for two whole weeks my gosh it's gonna be a long time I know that I was gone for a week and a half for the wedding so I was away for a week and a half I believe you and I were in touch a couple times which was good before Christmas so wedding and Christmas but this is this is the longest I've ever been away from work since 2011 when I was in Africa for two weeks so and I we so we were with some American missionaries who were stationed in Mozambique and they had the ability to connect to the internet so we were able to email like once or twice so I remember sending a couple emails home they also had a phone like an actual land line with some type of I think it was a calling card so this we were able to call home like each of us there were we were a team of eight we were able to call home one time over the course of the two weeks anyway so that was the last time I was away from work for two weeks was in 2011 so it's I don't know if I'm gonna like start to get itchy and go through withdrawals I don't think so in Hawaii one basketball game one basketball game maybe a couple of sudden death overtimes which you'll have to keep me filled in on some sort of NFL owners meeting right well or two or three two or three we'll get into mandatory workouts and all of a sudden it'll be training camp and I'll just be coming back from Hawaii I'm not gonna get pictures is a big question here what you know the hubs listens to this show what Bob can send me pictures too fine I'll have Bob send you pictures I don't know how Bob will well see we've agreed that we're gonna send family photos back or photos to our family but I'm not sure is that weird that I'd be sending my producer photos from my honeymoon uh if I'm asking maybe not all right maybe after we swim with dolphins I need to see at least one oh my gosh that's awesome the dolphin I need to have a dolphin that's chatty and happy and clacking all those teeth together most dolphins are happy what if I get a grumpy dolphin oh that would be terrible that would be a grumpy doll I just I want to be able to grab onto the dolphin fin and take a ride so that'll be fun but beyond that I don't think I'm gonna be standing on dolphins you ever see people who do the the two dolphin ride where they got one foot on each dolphin it's amazing I think that's probably much higher level than what Bob and I will do but he really wants to go for a ride with a dolphin as and have the dolphin pull him through the water what I mostly want is just to be able to talk to the dolphin I'm sure the dolphin's gonna be thrilled we're gonna have a conversation me and the dolphin he'll answer you I think so I think so I just we you can't take your phones in the water obviously so we I think there are people who take photos and so and maybe Bob and I will take turns although we only have 45 minutes with the dolphins so if he wants to get out and take photos fine but I'm not getting out of the water once we get in you know that time with the dolphins yeah and a friend of mine also told me about a place on the big island where we're going that you can see a ton of sea turtles and so she was recommending make sure you either buy snorkeling equipment or you rent it while you're there I don't think we're gonna go the Walmart snorkeling equipment route because that's probably where we go and be too cheap so we're just gonna rent some stuff on the big island but yes sea turtles she said you can't touch them they're protected but I I just can't even imagine being within a couple of yards of a sea turtle a giant sea turtle while snorkeling what do they do while you're hanging out they just swim under you and they're really fast in the water actually come on I know they're not I thought they were really slow when they're in the water they're like smooth like Finding Nemo uh yeah kind of like when they're in the EAC and they're all in there but usually I when I saw them it was just like one at a time they weren't in groups uh only saw a couple on the big island I believe actually you didn't see any social sea turtles no social sea turtles just they were just rogue but they were sweet a loner you got a loner sea turtle oh yeah so we're really excited about the animals and the volcanoes and the gardens and my nieces and some other friends well my brother's family was there last year have even given us a list of places we have to eat including one place that's got shaved ice that they say is to die for and the second place which is pancakes I don't know why but they said these Hawaiian pancakes are about the best thing you'll ever taste it's good enough for me if they're better than the Bellagio in Vegas I will be really impressed tough that'll be tough yes at some point before I know we have the draft on Thursday night but maybe Sunday night I'll throw it out there and you all who've been to Hawaii can give me your own suggestions but between dolphins and sea turtles and volcanoes and gardens and shaved ice and pancakes and temps between 75 and 80 and two weeks without having to work overnight yes there's that I may not come home oh no I'll come home it's I've heard it's also extremely expensive so yeah but it thankfully through the generous gifts to our family and friends our honeymoon is paid for that was what people gave us for our wedding gifts but after the money runs out we're high tailing it back home I don't think I'd last very long there on a radio salary that's not happening it's expensive yeah everything's important or not important technically but it all comes in from you know the continental us right right lots of pringles like eight books oh my gosh I'll be eating pringles while we're there it's after hours with Amy Lawrence it is our hump show you can find me on twitter a law radio and then our facebook page is the same after hours with Amy Lawrence what we're asking for you is to send your questions for ask Amy anything so we'll get to that as always in the third hour of this hump show uh in the meantime we're going to tip off and run full court as a couple of our first round NBA series are now 1-1 which is good because I'm thinking game sevens would be terrific well for you I I'll be elsewhere maybe I'll tune in and listen in hallelujah nah no no I don't think I will uh so so this is your last hump show that you get with me oh Jay how about that last ask Amy anything for three weeks wow yeah okay well then rack them up peeps uh so again on our twitter or facebook pages you've got the bright orange box and the yellow thought bubble we're excited to give you the best content for that let's see this show Thursday Wednesday night Thursday night Sunday night five more shows that's too many I'm just kidding sorry I'm so tired that I'm goofy delirious I'm really upset too about the fact that I woke up in my hotel room in Syracuse 15 minutes before the cafe was cafe was closing so I wake up alarm goes off it's jarring but I got to get out of the hotel room by noon so I but I purposely set my alarm for 15 minutes before the cafe would close I get up I don't do anything except for put my hair in a ponytail put on my sweatpants my socks and my sneakers and I go downstairs 11 50 she's already closed like you you've got to be kidding me to be at 12 it's supposed to be at noon no that's not all right no it's not all right because I needed coffee right not all right not all right it's open till then why would you put it away earlier I there's guests that I was so and so I didn't have my contacts in so I'm I'm peering inside the inside the windows and the door because it's dark and I'm thinking maybe it's just me and I don't see her in there I pull on the door she pops up from the counter oh sorry we're closed that's just wrong she did not understand how that nearly derailed my entire Tuesday she didn't have any coffee for you at all she had zero coffee for me no coffee it was locked the door was locked 10 minutes before closing time that's not right how do you get away with that did you run out of coffee no she had it it's just wrong she was saving it for the next day she was hoarding it maybe she had a dentist appointment don't say that you're open until noon if you're not open until noon simple business practice you're only open from seven to noon you only work five hours of morning I don't want to hear whatever you want with the rest of the day needed that 10 minutes all right phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven coming up top of next hour from los angeles nfl draft insider and we'll look ahead some of the burning questions and the big debates about this upcoming draft on thursday night which we will cover right here on after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast now bounce pass irving to luka in the lane left corner washington for three got it how about that from pj washington second three in the corner 16 in the game maverick again by eight 84 76 on the drive george tried to strip him luka got it back to the right to cleva open for three got it maxi cleva in game two against utah remember two years ago he had eight three pointers tonight his second one monstrous 87 to 81 seven to shoot six five four trying to drive and step back for three hit it and luka let the crowd know in a time out by tyron low this is after hours with amy lawrence chuck huperstein on maverick's radio this was a fun back and forth definitely a tug of war and to see a game in the nba playoffs in which neither team scores 100 points all right i'll take that now and then uh definitely more physical in these first few days of the nba playoffs and i like it as jason kids that after the game between the mavericks and the clippers at the arena this was a taste of 90s basketball and what's even better neither team led by double figures in this game so it was back and forth and each one would go on a mini run here or there and leapfrog in front of the other but it was great this was actually a competitive game and it's not like the two teams shot horribly but there were fewer shots that were put up james hardin by the way reverted back to the man that i am more familiar with going two for ten from beyond the arc it's after hours with amy lawrence it's the hump show here on the infinity sports network it's like the ohio state university i'm trying it on for size i can't decide uh the big difference for the mavericks in this game too were 14 consecutive points in the fourth quarter seriously in a game in which the mavs only won by three they had a 14 nothing run in the fourth quarter and luka doncic kyrie irving hitting some big shots so give them credit because the clippers were putting the pressure on it paul george was in foul trouble but luka said there was an extra little mustard in this one because they recognized the o2 hole was looming we had to make noise in the second game you know okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can conquer it i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road any road the steeper the 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the perfect avocado for your perfect impress them on the third date guacamole well good thing instacart shoppers are as picky as you are they find ripe avocados like it's their guac on the line they are milk expiration date detectives they bag eggs like the 12 precious pieces of cargo they are so let instacart shoppers overthink your groceries so that you can overthink what you'll wear on that third date download the instacart app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollar per order additional term supply first game wasn't our best game so we had to come out here and prove that we can play with them and luca kyrie that tandem together they do play off each other i have been impressed with how in year two if you can call it that this is really just over one year that they've been together on the mavericks roster i don't recall exactly the date when kyrie was traded to the mavericks last year but i do remember that he had some time injured and they only had a handful of games together before the mavericks got into the playoffs so they were still working it out so as much as kyrie had designed on going somewhere else potentially to the lakers last off season he ends up resigning with the mavericks and it's worked it really has worked for the most part of the two of them provide a one-two punch and luca you know he admits that he enjoys that because it makes opposing defenses have to work their rear ends off it's tough for them uh they double a couple times ky got open uh so it's tough to to cover our us both uh sorry i'm tired but it's amazing having him on our team it just helps me a lot so much great guy and just happy that he's here he's here i like that i'm so glad that someone is happy to have kyrie irving on his team you know what i mean that sincerely of course i'm always being sarcastic because i'm fairly irreverent about kd kyrie and james hardin but i do in all sincerity think that it appears like he's found a home there and good i'm glad for kyrie and luka doncic as the superstar is happy to have a running mate so it does appear as though it's working to the tune of 50 wins this year and a very tight western conference on tnt luka doncic is exhausted jason kid as i say compared this to throwback 90s basketball and really like the defense on both ends and that meant for the mavericks holding the clippers to just 37 shooting in this one our defense was great you know i thought i did a good job you know defensively i mean holding this team in 96 points like you can't ask for anything better you know um so just offensively being better you know playing with more pace getting to the paint a little bit more um we've missed a lot of shots you know but um as far as you know what we did defensively i mean i take that you know every day of the week you know luka made some tough shots kyrie made some tough shots which we talked about before the series they're going to be able to do that but overall the whole team in 96 points that's a really great defense tonight and so we just got to do a better job scoring the basketball ty lou on the clippers and the mavericks now being in a one one series and also kawhi leonard returning to the lineup and it's clear a little bit of rust there even for a veteran like him who's won multiple nba championships had just four points in the first half was able to tack on another 11 in the second half he was active he played 35 minutes so that's good uh seven rebounds to go along with his 15 points though he was over five from beyond the arc just been rehabbing trying to get on the floor um but you know um we still got more games to play um more time to get better and uh you know that's what i'm focused on i thought he did a good job you know i thought he didn't try to force anything in that first half i thought he just let the game come to him and then in the third quarter i think we got down nine and he kind of just took over the game as far as scoring the basketball offensive rebounds steals and things like that and so um if we play that hard like i said we're in great shape and so um you know they came in and won a game which we didn't play our best and so we'll be ready to go to dallas we'll be ready on friday yeah luka doncic so much fun to watch he's he's already had a bunch of postseason records not just for the maps but for guys of his age remember he was a teenager when he first got into the league and it seemed like every time he stepped on the court he was setting another record but he's not going to be able to lead the mavs to a title all by himself so they need other guys and pj washington had a big fourth quarter with a couple of triples so 32 for doncic to go along with nine assists and a half dozen rebounds and then kyrie irving with 23 of his own but yeah very low scoring affair when is game three you ask oh let me check my handy nba postseason schedule it doesn't go every other day but we will get game three in dallas coming up on friday or friday as we sometimes refer to it also on tuesday night in the west you had the suns and the timber wolves and then pacers and bucks so that one is tied at one as well weird to think about the the huge differences between games one and two in that series when the pacers a much higher scoring team than what we saw in the opener but man for them to be able to withstand another 34 points from damion lillard and still put up as many points as they did that feels more like what we got from the pacers all year long and still you know yanis which i hope at some point we get to see him before the bucks bow out zion williamson by the way giving us an update on his status too as the pelicans will get back into action coming up on wednesday against oklahoma city so we are working our way through first round in the nhl we had our first sudden death of these playoffs right did i miss one did i miss one anywhere okay i was gonna say gotta clarify because the games come fast and furious these first few days yes our first sudden death which is always delicious and so we'll get well i was gonna say we'll get into the skates and we'll get out there and we'll go around the rink but i look like a baby giraffe on skate so not a good idea never been on them don't look at me ever no wow roller skates no oh i loved roller skating when i was younger which was really the issue is with roller skates you stop in the front and in roller blades which are more like ice skates you stop in the back right so i just was never i couldn't ever get the right mechanism so yeah i mean roller blading is not quite the same as ice skating for obvious reasons but it's a lot of the same muscles and same you know like push and and that type of thing i just could never stop which made me scared yeah i have no idea j can skate really well he once told me he was going to teach me how to skate but i taught lessons for years yeah hockey lessons with little kiddos yeah little kiddos that's cute when they fall they just pop right back up oh yeah they would go down and they don't break anything no they're fine yeah it was amazing lower center of gravity so they just kind of drop and drop and drop and plop and pop right back up yeah little kids are made out of rubber you'd be so shocked how much they fall all over the place and they have no problems smash right into the boards just for fun full speed don't do that oh one more time yeah okay oh gosh yes i do teach fourth and fifth graders and the number of things they run into on the little scooters that we have oh yeah just whatever crash and burn and then giggle until they can line up and do it again yeah we have gym walls that do have some padding on them but somehow they manage to crash and burn into the walls that don't like the very like the limited sections where there is no padding oh yeah oh yeah another fun thing they'd rather do that always find that gym in elementary school broke his arm running into one of those padded walls no padded part too yeah i guess he just hit it really hard huh it was always like a warning like to future classes don't be like don't be like josh and break your arm running into the padding was there a reason why and just you know sugar energy oh it wasn't even something tough like in the middle of a basketball game or chasing a ball no it was literally just like before the class even started we were just kind of warming up running around in a circle as you do for a minute and he just i don't know that was the day just went for the wall interesting so coming up next hour when marco balletti is back here in studio i have to tell you about the moment that my class erupted last night so my class at syracuse i bring up this one recent example uh from the media world we were talking about well i won't tell you what we're talking about because that would give it away but i bring up this example is is one of our topics um i bring up an example from media recently and all of a sudden my whole class goes like they all start talking at once all 10 of them start talking all at the same time like i did not realize they would all have such strong opinions but i have that's the first time in three weeks that i've heard more than like three of them talk at once but it was like in unison 10 students just start yelling all at once about this one particular and i'm kind of surprised but they all had very strong opinions can you take a stab in the dark about what it was no okay because anything i say is going to be completely off so no i have no idea i'm curious as to what it is though yeah i would say that the majority of the sports world had strong opinions but sometimes you're not sure with students like how much they're informed or paying attention all start yelling all at once it was pretty incredible i was like whoa okay let's talk about it then it was a major uproar it's like i struck a match and threw it right into a pile of paper or something okay send your questions for ask amy anything to our show twitter at amy after hours and also on our facebook page that really doesn't have any changes except for the photo but i'm glad you all like it thanks for letting me know our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven you are listening to the this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law after the end of a good fight you deserve an ice cold reward 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that is a huge shot in the juncture in this game pacers with their biggest lead 105 to 92 here comes nimhart the pacers running me smith to the goal flips it off the right hand glass negative rebound punched out to the perimeter haliburton for three left sideline a 23 to four run on the road against the central division champion the pacers lead by 23. this is after hours with amy lawrence on the pacers radio network a complete reversal of what happened in the opener when the buck's defense was terrific and limited what the pacers were able to do but this game two in move game two in milwaukee well it did actually require damion lillard to score in the second half and he does but it's not enough for dame he has another 34 but that's not even as many as pascal seachem scored in this game man he has had a torrid beginning to these playoffs even though pacers and bucks are now tied at one game apiece it's after hours with amy lawrence on the infinity sports network yeah after pascal has 36 in the opener in which they lose he has another 37 so a pair of double doubles and now you're looking at 73 points for seachem who was traded as a former raptors champion to the pacers in january and what a difference he has made and they also are able to dominate in the paint outscoring the bucks and here's where they really miss yanis even more outscoring the bucks by 16 points in the lane also more aggressive with the fast break points and forcing the issue so yeah this was the opposite of what we got in game number one but tyrese halliburton he wants everyone to know now it's a series this is my second playoff game but they always say like playoffs don't start till you know series don't start till there's a road win so we got that so i guess it started you know and so we're excited to go home have our fans with us we expect an unbelievable environment um you know an environment we haven't seen this whole playoffs you know with with the noise level and stuff so we're excited to go home and be in front of such a great crowd what did i tell you you're going to hear it the second that any of these series goes one one before they shift to the other location now it's a series the series doesn't start until one team wins on the road please make me roll my eyes it's already started but i like how he says so i guess it started now series don't start till there's a road wins so no you got to hear the rest of it so i guess it started now series don't start till there's a road win so we got that so i guess it started yeah yeah so he doesn't really buy it either he's kind of being tongue-in-cheek if you ask me okay so that's Tyrese Halliburton so much fun to watch with the Pacers and getting his feet wet in the post season yeah so they get to take this series back to Indy you know just the energy in the city right now with everything that's going on but especially with us so um you know we're excited um to uh you know to go so who was that oh that was Tyrese Halliburton no no it wasn't we just heard Tyrese Halliburton this is my second playoff game but they always say like playoffs don't start till you know series don't start till there's a road win so we got that so i guess it started that's Tyrese Halliburton that's Tyrese Halliburton yes so then who is the next guy you know just the energy in the city right now with everything that's going on but especially with us so um you know we're excited um to uh you know to go that was Tyrese Halliburton as well does he do impressions is that what's happening here is he impersonating one of his teammates apparently Tyrese Halliburton has two voices do you have two voices i don't believe so i actually make fun of people that have two voices because often in this business of radio you will hear what is affectionately called a Ron radio voice we have a few people on our staff that you will talk to in the newsroom or out in the hallways and they have one voice and then the mic goes on and it's good afternoon and it's this really deep fake well it's a deep fake but it's not even as good as AI would generate it's this really deep voice and booming and then they'll talk to you in the hallways and yeah it's just it's like a voice like this and then hello so apparently Tyrese Halliburton has well it's really the opposite of a Ron radio voice his second voice should we call it his alternate voice his alter ego yeah his other personality which one's him and which one's his alter ego dr Jekyll and mr Hyde yeah from number two right into number three this is my second playoff game but they always say like playoffs and start to yeah yeah yeah get to the chase you know just the energy in the city right now with everything that's going on but especially with us so i don't think i've ever had that issue it's the same now i can get like most people can get caught in my upper register where i well not right now because my voice is tired but when i was younger you know when you're like a younger girl there's a screechy voice that you use but in terms of my general speaking voice which is what he's using right there that's a pretty i mean that's a pretty drastic change in pitch i wonder if one of those voice analysts that the crime labs crime stoppers use would be able to determine if that was actually his his voice same person it's interesting it's bizarre jay was so excited to share that with me because he had the two voices in one press conference usually he trots one out and then he does the other one the next day nope same press conference one question was that voice then the next question he did the other one like why did that happen fantastic oh so did someone say defense doc rivers it's funny coming in this series um they said we couldn't play defense we did that in the first game they said they couldn't play defense they did that in the second game i thought it was it was more our offense versus their defense than the other way they got out on breaks because of our offense i thought their pressure uh took us out of sets um i thought we struggled execution wise on the offensive end and i thought that bled over to the defense event so i thought it was more our offense tonight weren't as organized as we needed to be you know when they defended that way and um you know when our our offense is struggling with our spacing you know our pace sometimes um you know you got to be focused you got to be able to execute through that even when you're tired even when the team is turning up the pressure and the physicality and um we struggled with that a little bit tonight and i think because of it our shot quality was low and um you know against a team like this who you know they want to get the ball out and run um get up and get you know quick shots up they play at an extremely high pace and i just thought you know the areas that we struggled in offensively really hurt our defense and allowed them to allow them to what i swear i listened to that before and that doesn't sound did you notice we just cut him off in the middle of a sentence allowed him to don't leave me on a cliffhanger sorry damian wow i need to know allowed him to what score oh okay i'm sure that's what it was run win that might be it all right coming up an insider's look at the draft and the biggest debate surrounding thursday's first round let's get it it's after hours with amy lawrence on infinity sports network this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price 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