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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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April 23, 2024 5:28 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 23, 2024 5:28 am

Comebacks, buzzer beaters, and wildness abound on a playoff Monday night | Jamal Murray plays hero in Nuggets' comeback win | Lakers insider Trevor Lane joins the show.


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Price and coverage match limited by state law. It is one of those nights when sports radio is not complicated to try to do anything other than what's right in front of you to start the show or to drive these next four hours would be to over complicate what is pretty simple on this Monday night. The playoffs, they are the star of the show. Three games, three crazy comebacks, three very different tones to those comebacks, three different teams that offer stunners and moments that we aren't likely to forget. And maybe, just maybe, if the NBA and the NHL playoffs had their own version of one shining moment, we would get these moments that delivered some pretty delicious video and audio and mostly just the type of moment and the type of experience that we dig as sports fans. So no need to over complicate, no need to dress it up, no need to put lipstick on a pig if you will, although I have no idea why anyone would do that but it's one of those old cliches. Nah, the sports speak for themselves on this Monday night and that's one of the reasons why I dig this job.

Sometimes it is just as simple as it sounds. You talk about what just happened and you revel in it the way that a lot of sports fans are around the country and there's a little something for everyone. We had a 20 point comeback by the defending champions against one of the greatest players of all time and his team and the stunning visual as well as the shocking audio of hearing a buzzer sound and then the ball going through the hoop which is incredible while the fans go wild in Denver.

Man, I was listening to it on the radio as well as watching it and I think I actually prefer the radio just because of the sequence of the sound, the sequence of the events as they play out there in the Mile High City. You also had a team in its own arena similar to the Denver Nuggets but a team in its own arena who had lost a lead so not like the Nuggets against the Lakers because the last time Denver led it was five to three. It was the earliest minutes of game two in Denver. The Knicks had given up their lead. The Philadelphia 76ers while they had they'd kind of been flirting with it right they'd had a good lead. They'd had a lead that they were trying to pad but every time they tried to pad that lead the Knicks would reel them back in so this one didn't have a ton of separation but the visiting team in this case the Sixers with what felt like a superhuman effort from one Joel Embiid who is the reigning NBA MVP. They are able to post just this slight five-point lead nothing crazy nothing out of hand but the way that the Knicks came back the way that the Knicks were able to get a Brunson bouncer we'll call it one of those shots that causes your mouth to drop open did that really just happen how did that ball go in and then a sequence of events that you kind of watch with your mouth agape I can't believe what I just saw type of thing where it's a turnover by the Philadelphia 76ers trying to advance the ball so the Knicks are able to grab a turnover then it's and I thought there was going to be a foul called no whistle I kind of wondered if I it was a little bewildering kind of wondered if they were playing on and I just didn't hear a whistle but then you get a shot that doesn't go in another offensive rebound which you know what I think about offensive rebounds and then a second chance for the same guy who nails a three another crowd goes wild but to have the Sixers go from being up five 101 96 to then losing by three and the last eight points of the game are all Knicks that was pretty stunning as well and I know many people have mentioned Reggie Miller shades of the Reggie Miller game going back to Knicks and Pacers if you've never watched the end of that game all you gotta do is Google Reggie Miller game Knicks or Reggie Miller Knicks game and it will pop up right away on your YouTube or on your feed so the number of many moments in that sequence that had to go perfectly for the Knicks that's stunning in and of itself so unlike the 20-point comeback where it's building and it's building and it's building and then you've got this battle with the Nuggets and the Lakers over the final what 90 seconds this is so stunning because it happened so quickly and you can't believe that it just played out the way that it did and that the Sixers just like that in the span of 30 seconds go from being up five to down three and they lose so that one's shocking in how quickly it happened not necessarily a buzzer beater though Dante shot was was certainly one of those that you would see on a highlight reel and will probably through the course of these playoffs depending upon how far the Knicks go and then you've got a different sport so it's a completely different feel but still just as stunning with the Carolina Hurricanes who are trailing three to nothing in in their game against the Islanders and this is at home they're trailing three to nothing and the time is well in hockey it's a two goal lead that's never safe right but they get into the late stages of the second period finally you get Carolina on the board and so going into the third it's Islanders up three one Islanders I don't know if they could feel the the shift or the change or if that was the turning point maybe it's not until midway through the third period when they then give up another hurricane's goal so now it's three to roughly middle of that third period but to watch again those last few minutes that play out where you've got now it's overall it's five consecutive goals for the canes or five unanswered goals I suppose in football we would call them I don't know 21 unanswered points that type of thing when it's a flurry in this case it was five straight goals for the canes after the Islanders build that three nothing lead but in the final two minutes and 15 seconds of the third period that's when it's not so and within nine seconds you have the canes score the tying goal and then take the lead on another goal again nine seconds apart so the last one is an empty net goal but to see two goals in nine seconds and that's how they complete the comeback that was a flurry but overall for them to have five consecutive goals is stunning in and of itself so we've got a completely different flavor for the canes but that takes place at home the Knicks comeback takes place at Madison Square Garden the Nuggets take place in Mile High City which means we get these incredible crowd reactions too so we're gonna go through all of it but I want to ask you which one or even rank them of those three what's the craziest comeback of the night or which one took caught you by surprise the most right so whatever it happens to be I want you to rank these crazy comebacks on this Monday night because we're gonna hear not just the audio but the postgame reaction as you can imagine it varies it's the thrill of victory in the agony of defeat and while this is not quite like the one and done of college basketball it definitely is that same element because these games they matter so much in the case of the Sixers and the Lakers they're now down 0-2 and obviously the Islanders as well seeing that that lead slip away so you've got that pit that that is in your stomach as an athlete when you realize we had it and we let it get away and that's that that's tough to get over especially when you have to turn around and play a couple days later so all the various human elements the redemption of Jamal Murray who has let's be fair has really struggled on the offensive end of the court in terms of his shooting his numbers have not been great and he had six points going into the fourth quarter of game two and yet finds that feel finds that rhythm and becomes the one that is being hailed as the conquering hero if you will and yes I'm using my hyperbole so we're gonna put a post up on our social media rank the comebacks which one was the most stunning which one belongs at the top of the list for you know my favorite category in sports the category of you can't make this stuff up or a producer Jay you think a poll is a better idea not sure should we pull it let's pull it although then we can't really rank them that's the only thing so I kind of like the idea of ranking the three comebacks gotcha but if you prefer a poll on Twitter we can certainly do that now let's rank one two three we know as sports fans we love to rank them so let's rank them craziest comebacks from one to three for Knicks canes and nuggets and I'm not giving you the order I'm just saying those are the three teams that rallied it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on the Infinity Sports Network and I am at Syracuse tonight or on the campus of Syracuse University tonight after class number three the art of sports talk radio we actually listened to a few moments play by play actually going back to and this is the the synergy here cracks me up but going back to some of the bigger moments that I've witnessed in my own career one of them coming from the college basketball world which also was a buzzer beater so I appreciate that Jamal Murray gave us another example of that and it was talking to my students earlier about what you hear in an arena when something like this happens and so you're gonna hear the play by play in the reaction of the crowd because that's the delicious audio that I love the best it's one of the reasons that I'm in this business why I was attracted to this business why I've become a radio junkie is for that reason because I love how it sounds those dramatic moments in sports that we never forget so here on the campus again after teaching class and so I'm in control room three and we're gonna work our way through these next four hours but we'd love to hear from you pretty much everything is the same though Jay and I are not looking at each other tonight but you can find me on Twitter a law radio and then also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence and there is there is on this Monday night this hope that I have that we're not going to end up falling back into the pattern of blowout after blowout after blowout in basketball because that's what it's felt like going back to last year but even starting these playoffs where the series may run a little longer but the games themselves are not as compelling in the microcosm sure you may have a series that on the surface because it goes six it appears as though it's a good back and forth but the blowouts within that series they're not great for the game you lose people at halftime and I dare say there were plenty of people who tuned out of nuggets and Lakers when the game was a 20-point spread and so you had the Lakers up 15 at the half in large part due to the shooting of D'Angelo Russell who was six of seven from three in the first half if I remember correctly and then even early in the third so a couple of minutes into the second half you've got the Lakers tacking on and so at that point they are up 20 68 to 48 68 to 48 and the way that the Nuggets came back is through the defense of course but also because they put pressure on opponents and they've done this with the Lakers where they will wear the Lakers out they'll limit their options you're probably not ever going to completely take away LeBron and AD unless they happen to be hurt and when we know that's happened over the course of Anthony's career but if you can limit what else is happening around them and you can force those two guys to carry the load well then they end up wearing out or they get a little tired or it's it's almost impossible against the team as deep as Denver for them to be able to carry that torch and we saw that last year in the Western Conference Finals so it really was a matter of them kind of chipping away chipping away and I don't know what it is about the Nuggets to start this series so far but they've not played their best basketball out of the gate now they're never out of it the defending champions and Mike Malone mentioned that after the game but to see the way that they found another gear in the second half it wasn't all that different than the opener of this series all right so we're going to get to to Nuggets and Lakers but again we're asking you what's the craziest comeback of the night among these three it was just a fun night to be a sports fan you don't have to love basketball to enjoy the comebacks you don't have to be a hockey nut to know that scoring five goals in a row and coming back from three nothing down on the ice is really impressive and also dramatic and just fun if you have no skin in the game although I know a lot of fans are hurting on this Monday night so it yeah we're gonna have a lot of fun with this and you'll hear all the reaction but can I tell you something Jay we've got to find the still photos or just the maybe there's already memes out there maybe just the four or five seconds of video that captures this moment that has got me giggling did you all see after the Jamal Murray buzzer beater what happened to Anthony Davis so Anthony Davis is the one who's guarding Jamal so it's a step back jumper it's a fall away he had to kind of get that that lift up over the top of Anthony Davis and so he does the step back in the fall away over the outstretched arms of ad AD's momentum then kind of carries him past Jamal Murray Jamal stumbles ends up on his rear end kind of slides off the court almost but as the shot goes through the hoop of course not only does the crowd go wild but he's on the Nuggets better he's right in front of the Nuggets bench so as he's sliding kind of backward and off the court as he's falling down and sliding sliding away he's sliding into his own bench Anthony Davis has the momentum that carries him toward the Denver Nuggets bench and in the mass chaos that ensues Davis gets shoved backwards onto the bench and how somebody's arm is on his face I mean it looked a little dangerous if it I'm sure he's fine it didn't seem like anybody said anything about him after the fact but it's just one of those wrong place wrong time because in their desire and I would say in the the incredible energy of that game-winning buzzer beater his teammates surround Jamal they're picking him up they're going nuts so they're congratulating him and they essentially run right over Anthony Davis that's tough to do as a seven-footer but Davis somehow gets smushed onto the now vacated Denver Nuggets bench and there are people running over him around him on top of him Jay found the video so he's gonna retweet it I mean Anthony Davis did a great job defending Jamal so this is one-on-one two of the best players in the Western Conference two of the best players in the league and in this case you've got to give Jamal Murray props because he made the shot but Davis got run over by the Nuggets teammates I don't even sure they saw him they just were out to get Jamal Murray and he got bum-rushed and ended up backwards kind of sprawled out on the Nuggets bench and something on his face he was engulfed by the Nuggets he was he was completely surrounded engulfed and then he got cast aside like he was he was seven inches tall not seven feet tall so I just have to tell you I'm not gonna forget that moment as much as it had absolutely nothing to do with the comeback or really the the meat of our show tonight it was one of those moments that you you kind of catch after the fact or if someone points it out to you oh my gosh poor guy he got run over really so Jay's retweeting it from our show account at Amy after hours so it's got a new name because of the new network name at Amy after hours and then we'll throw it up or at least the link throw it up on Facebook as well but we're asking you to rank these crazy comebacks on this manic Monday our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven you've got Twitter you've got Facebook we've got drama it's a Monday from Syracuse University it's after doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit slash wealth investment minimum supply fidelity brokerage services LLC member NYSE SIPC call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum $10 per order additional terms apply you could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever or you could conquer the weekend in the all new Hyundai Santa Fe visit Hyundai for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey your hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast Denver basketball shot clock is turned off 18.2 seconds left to go in the third quarter Denver with the bucket gets it down to single digits joker back over to Jamal turns the corner back over to joker to nail guarded by Anthony Davis he puts it on the floor spin move in the paint jump shot up and in another within 491 to 87 yokich has it inside the art guarded by Anthony Davis starts backing him down spins baseline head fake layup let's go nuggets down by two joker to make it one that's the fifth foul on Anthony Davis this is after hours with Amy Lawrence it started to build raise your hand if you could see it coming raise your hand if you felt like there was a turning point for the nuggets or maybe you're of the opinion that there is no lead that is safe in the NBA or maybe not in the NHL either we are asking you to tell us how you would rank the crazy if you will rank the crazy was it the nuggets down 20 in the third quarter who come all the way back and get a legit Jamal Murray buzzer beater which you're gonna hear coming up and it was a back and forth there for the final 90 seconds with the Lakers so it wasn't like the nuggets ran right through that 20 point lead through the stop sign through the blinking red light and then boom got the buzzer beater no the Lakers multiple times took the lead again only to see Jamal Murray tie it so we'll talk about that coming up but it was a good back and forth in a good fight there maybe it never should have been but it was fairly wild the last 90 seconds of this game so is that the craziest comeback or is it the Knicks who are down five in the final 30 seconds against the Sixers they go from down five to up three scoring the final eight points and the sequence and the many moments the things that had to go right for the Knicks to be able to win that game whoa jaw-dropping or is it the Hurricanes who not only have to come back from three goals down but they score five goals in a row against the Islanders over the course of a little more than a period including the tie-in goal and the go-ahead score within nine seconds of each other and you want to talk about demoralizing for the teams on the losing end of this the Nuggets the the way that they were able to come back against the Lakers not only gives them incredible confidence but it just damages the confidence and the team morale it's it's demoralizing for the Lakers because they had them and yet in the end they lose a tenth consecutive game to the same team seemingly no matter what they do against the Nuggets they cannot beat that damn team you've got to believe that that's the at least right now in the throes of kind of this pain and this frustration that's how it feels no matter what we do we cannot beat that team we just keep running into the Nuggets it's like the Houston Rockets against the Warriors back in those kind of five NBA finals runs or if you want I know the Cavs beat them once but how many times did the Cavs run into the Warriors where they couldn't end up beating them again but but they did get the one championship so that one probably doesn't apply quite as well so rank the crazy that's what we're asking is it Nuggets is it Knicks is it canes which was the craziest comeback give us the one the two the three producer Jay has put a post up on our show Twitter at Amy after hours I am retweeting now on my account at a law radio and then also on our Facebook page and you hear the calls there with Jason cos Mickey on the Nuggets radio network as they start their comeback they fight back from from down 20 to tie it at 95 with about a minute and 15 seconds left to go now it wasn't over even then right again like I said they did not just continue on like cruising on down the tracks without any resistance from the Lakers it's not like the Lakers laid down though it may have felt like that after they coughed up a 20-point lead but in that final minute in 15 seconds after Michael Porter ties it with a three then you've got D'Angelo Russell who makes a driving layup puts the Lakers back back in front by a bucket on the other end LeBron fouls Jamal he's got to make two free throws they're tied again at 97 10 seconds after that LeBron drives to the hoop shot is good Lakers are back in front 99 97 and then you've got Jamal Murray making his first of the two step back jumpers not the step back jumper but the earlier step back jumper like the precursor if you will the foreshadowing so with 30 seconds to go Jamal Murray ties it again so it's tied at 95 the Lakers are up it's tied at 97 the Lakers go up it's tied at 99 and that's where we stand in this final sequence on Nuggets radio a stop here you win the game three-pointer LeBron missed it rebound Porter there's a stop over to Jamal Murray they have to foul they have to foul he's at the mid-court circle four seconds three seconds left why are they not fouling jumper Murray they come back from 20 points down they win number two 101 to 99 is the final and the Lakers can take that out on the way out that's the call with Jason Kosmicki on Denver Nuggets radio and because he's so loud and he's so demonstrative you maybe don't hear the pronounced reaction inside the arena so Jay if you will play the Lakers version from John Ireland now I happen to be listening to this one as I was getting ready to come over to control room three here at Syracuse University so watching it but I'm listening to John Ireland and of course the stark difference between the two calls is incredible but also with the way that John Ireland is kind of dejected reflecting the the opinion what reflecting the mood of not just the Lakers but their fan base you can hear more of what's happening in terms of those those sounds that that we love as sports fans that are ingrained in our memories the game clock are five seconds apart so Lakers gonna run some clock here LeBron driving three-pointer for LeBron no good and here come the Nuggets with a chance to win it no timeout ten seconds remaining game tied at 99 Jamal Murray's got it five seconds left Murray dribbles right three two Murray for the win good so in there you can hear the sequence of events a little more clearly in terms of not his play-by-play but you can hear those again those iconic sounds that we love right you and and I love the fact and jam may have you play that again just kind of the second half of that again so you can hear it where the crowd almost catches its breath in anticipation of of seeing the shot whether it goes in or it doesn't there's going to be a reaction it might be a gasp if the shot hits the rim it might be a groan if the shot is is woefully errant but what you get is Jamal Murray step back jumper there's this pause from Ireland which reflects this pause from the crowd there in Denver of course because everyone's waiting so we're all collectively kind of holding our breath and waiting maybe you were doing it as you're watching TV as well and it's funny because it's it's a split second and yet it feels like an eternity so there's this pause you hear the quiet in the arena as quiet as that many fans can be then the buzzer sounds then the ball goes through the hoop and then the crowd goes wild which is crazy man that is a true buzzer beater where the balls gone the buzzer sounds and then we know whether it's good or it's not so Jay we want to rack that up again. 10 seconds remaining game tied at 99 Jamal Murray's got it five seconds left Murray dribbles right three two Murray for the win good let's win it. Milk was kind of looming waiting for me to make a decision and then I just you know faked like I was gonna shoot a three or do a step back or something and then AD kind of pressed up a little bit I just got to my spot beat him to the spot and I was able to elevate and make it. I jumped pretty high I faded a lot and I just lost my balance and fell and I just saw the ball over the rim I think AD was in my way or somebody was in my way and I just heard everybody scream that's how I know it went in so it was a pretty cool moment. Those that have been following us for a long time that's Jamal Murray right there I mean he can he can struggle he can struggle he can struggle he sees one go in and he is he's never shying away from the moment the spotlight and that was just an incredible play Jamal is a guy that it doesn't take much for him you know he knows that this entire team staff players whatever you want to call it have his back but he's a confident young man and making a shot like that is only going to help him in that regard but I'll be honest I don't think he needs much help. Do you know his shooting numbers were the exact same as they were in game number one nine of twenty four nine of twenty four not a great shooting percentage he was 0 for five from three so the two biggest shots of the game for Jamal came from inside the arc he finishes with twenty points but going into the fourth quarter only hit six and yet those last six points of the game for the Nuggets you want to talk about confidence boost and of course as you hear Mike Malone you watch this guy you know that it doesn't matter how long he's been in a quote unquote slump he's always good for it in those moments and so I actually in the wake of that buzzer beater I tweeted that's how you break out of a shooting slump a little bit tongue in cheek there but yeah no one's talking about the slump anymore for Jamal Murray. All right I want you to hear more but we want to get you a break because Trevor Lane who covers the Lakers has a very popular podcast and postgame show he's going to join us coming up next from Denver or is he in LA I'm not sure I guess we'll ask him anyway so he's going to join us in the wake of what is a stunning loss for the Los Angeles Lakers and how do they recover from that ten consecutive defeats at the hands of these defending champions it's got to feel like no matter what they do they cannot catch a break but you cannot blame the officials for losing a twenty point lead I don't care you can complain from now until the cows come home the officials are not the reason why you coughed up a twenty point lead it's after hours with Amy Lawrence from Syracuse University on the Infinity Sports Network you are listening.

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Talk to your child's doctor and learn more at why vaccines dot com brought to you by Merck and to the after hours podcast. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. That is the John Ireland call of the buzzer beater a true buzzer beater the one that was released by Jamal Murray then we hear the buzzer sound and then the crowd goes wild and Jamal said after he didn't even see it go through because he was falling backward and kind of skidded off the court instead he knew by the reaction of the crowd that the shot had gone through the hoop. LeBron James talked about the pain of this loss and of course other elements of the game but what you will hear on Tuesday morning and beyond is his assessment of replay and what's not happening with the replay center. D-Lo clearly gets hit in the face on the drive what the f*** do we have a replay center this is going to go that doesn't it doesn't make sense to me it makes no sense to me it bothers me sorry to ask you a question but that s*** is it like and then I just saw what happened with the Sixers Nick game too what are we what are we doing? He ends up getting up walking out of the of the media center even though he'd already answered a bunch of questions that's the part you're going to hear over and over couple of curse words his comments on the officiating and mostly about the replay center that you actually have replay and still doesn't believe that they got it right so we're welcoming Trevor Lane now from LA who's got the Lakers nation show and a lot of conversation about this Trevor so we'll start here what's your reaction to what LeBron had to say postgame? LeBron is absolutely right and this is not the first time this is something we've been talking about all season this is not a Lakers specific thing this is not it's not even about this game tonight we've seen plays go to replay all season long obvious calls and still with the benefit of replay seeing it rewound over and over from different angles and still have the officials come back with what is obviously an incorrect decision that can't happen there's no reason to stop a game if you're not going to get the call right when you've got the benefit of instant replay so it's something that needs to be addressed some of it I think comes down to the rules of replay and what you can look at and what you can't it creates situations where you can see something happen specifically you see a player that steps out of bounds or something but that's not the part of the play that you happen to be reviewing and then you still you have so you have to ignore part of what you're seeing in the replay and only focus on another part of it it creates situations where the fans at home are watching they're seeing a clear mistake being made and it's not being addressed it's something that has to get fixed this summer and if it's not going to get fixed then just get rid of the replay system in my opinion because there's no reason to stop the game unless you're going to get the correct decision I agree with that I'm still go back and forth not sure I love reviewing calls like that where it can be objective certainly a battle that other leagues have tackled so that aside we hear from Lebron after it's not why they coughed up a 20-point lead so Trevor what changed in the second half for the Lakers yeah so there's there were a lot of things that took place in this one one of it was you saw the Nuggets make a shift with Aaron Gordon covering Anthony Davis Anthony Davis was having his way with Nikola Jokic attacking him and getting some scoring opportunities the Nuggets made an adjustment and that the Lakers really struggled to adapt to that we saw them they Anthony Davis talked about after the game said we only scored 40 points in the second half total that was a big part of the reason why the Nuggets came back the Lakers offense just ground to a halt and when you're taking bad shots missing shots that fuels your opponent's offense because that gets them running in transition gets them cross matches and things like that and so that was a big part of the Lakers kind of collapsing and then blowing this this lead they also really went away from their play calling which has been a major talking point across across Lakers nation they keep doing this in games where they're calling plays and things are going well and they're running stuff and they start to freelance and and they'll go through long stretches they went through four or five minutes tonight where they didn't score and a lot of that was was not calling any plays just freelancing and trying to wing it and it does not work and it often leads to situations like this so all of that kind of combined to create this perfect storm that ended up being a disaster of a night from a Lakers perspective Anthony Davis says this afterwards I know you retweeted it on your account we have stretches where we don't know what we're doing on both ends of the floor I mean that's that's pretty damning is that what you're talking about they don't have any organization it's kind of mass chaos yes yeah one hundred percent and that's where you know who is that ultimately fall under without falls under coaching the coach needs to have his hands on the wheel in that moment and not allow the team to just kind of go out there and freelance and not run some of the offensive sets that they've installed which have been really successful for them over the course of the season there is it is possible when you listen to the full statement that Anthony Davis made or the few the full answer and he could be putting that on his teammates but it's not a good look for a coach with the players saying we go through stretches where we don't know what we're doing on either end of the floor teams especially in the postseason should know what what they're doing and so Darvin Ham is catching you know a lot of criticism and justifiably with that with that comment going out there so it'll be interesting to see if AD walks it back at all if he just says no I mean we're just we kind of lose our minds for a few moments we get caught up in the situation or or something to that effect or if he just lets the comments sit as stands because it certainly sounds like to me a thinly veiled shot at Darvin Ham. Trevor Lane is with us from LA he's got Lakers nation in the front office show and we always enjoy having him here with us after hours with Amy Lawrence so they obviously had success in building that 20 point lead and we see not just LeBron but AD and then D'Angelo Russell who's played exceptionally well for the past what six plus weeks he's been a great third option I know he didn't shoot well in the opener but when you when you see that shift by the Denver Nuggets and they play a different defense against Anthony Davis it still blows me away because the Lakers do have other options and I don't it's almost like there was this domino effect where I don't know if they weren't expecting it but just couldn't adjust on the fly and you would think a team with veterans like the Lakers have that wouldn't happen it wouldn't throw them for a loop yeah and it really did that's where that's where they need to rely on their sets a bit more and get into actions and not just try to try to wing it out there that's that's what we saw but but yeah I mean D'Angelo Russell had a phenomenal night this was I mean this is a big deal for D'Angelo Russell because he was so bad last year against the Denver Nuggets and then to have kind of that stinker performance in game one a lot of people said oh no here we go again and D'Angelo Russell is not a playoff performer and I mean he's got a lot of money on the line in free agency he needed to prove that he can step up in a playoff game and he did that I mean he was 7 of 11 from three 23 points he was great but in these situations yeah when the Denver Nuggets shift what they're doing defensively the Lakers should be able to react to that we saw LeBron make some big plays but the other guys in a really hot room had a rough night he had a few opportunities right at the rim he didn't score D'Angelo Russell got pulled for defensive reasons for certain parts of this game too where he could have maybe given you a boost on the offensive end but ultimately the Lakers were not able to adjust to the adjustments on the fly it was one of the concerns I had going into this game is if they do come out hot and they do play well at halftime Denver is going to make changes and the Lakers over the course of the season they've struggled to adapt to what teams do mid game and that really burned them in this one tonight this certainly does seem like an indictment of coaching so we'll see what happens post season or whenever the Lakers run is done they only get the three guys in double figures so AD, LeBron and Russell who else is going to step up or what else do they need in order to add some depth so that it's not one of those games or one of those series I should say in which they keep running into a team that's got more options than they do. Well I mean one of the issues that they have is they didn't add another big last summer that certainly becomes a problem when you're playing up against the Denver Nuggets and Nikolay Jokic that's a fix now for the offseason that you need to go find right now they need to get a bit more out of Austin Reeves you can see he's tiring chasing Jamal Murray around but nine points from him you've got to have more production there the bench has been a problem for them you've got six points total off your bench and that was Torrey and Prince Spencer Dinwiddie and Gabe Vinson really aren't providing any offense that they didn't shoot last game they were 0 for 3 this game you're just not getting enough other guys that are that are chipping in right now this was a team that was really put together to have a bit more depth yes they've suffered some injuries they still have a couple of guys out right now though they may be coming back for game three we'll see and that's Jared Vanderbilt and Christian Wood but ultimately the Denver Nuggets are just a team that is very good at capitalizing on any mistakes that you made any shortcomings that you have they will find ways to exploit it and unfortunately tonight you didn't get Rui Hachimura or Austin Reeves going and that was enough to to really stymie your offensive production last game it was DeAngelo Russell it really feels like the Lakers have to do everything perfectly in order to beat this Denver team any little slip up here or there and that's enough for Denver to get the win on Twitter at Trevor underscore Lane he's got a lot to talk about on Lakers nation in the front office show so find him on Twitter and find those YouTube links Trevor we appreciate a couple of minutes in the wake of this crazy finish hey no problem thank you for having me as you hear the music already going wanted to squeeze every last second out of Trevor but a lot to talk about why can't the Lakers beat the defending champs that's 10 straight losses to the Nuggets and they're now down 0-2 in this series from Syracuse I'm Amy Lawrence on after hours here on infinity sports network okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can conquer it I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road any road the steeper the better because my all-new Santa Fe is available with H-TREK all-wheel drive so I can hit the trail without a worry in the world heck with three rows and best-in-class rear cargo space I can pack the whole family in with all our gear we've got available dual wireless charging for our phone so we'll never lose touch with civilization and we won't lose touch with the primordial power of Mother Earth so which is waste the weekend or do something a little more epic and conquer it in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit Hyundai USA dot-com or call 562-314-4603 for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law after the end of a good fight you deserve an ice-cold reward medella the mark of a fighter you've earned this rich golden lager with a crisp refreshing taste because you know the bigger the fight the better the reward you put in the hours the energy the tough labor you are a fighter and medella is your reward medella the mark of a fight prick responsibly beer imported by crown import chicago illinois
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