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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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April 22, 2024 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 22, 2024 6:09 am

Why the West will have better playoff series' in the NBA than the East | A whip-around the night of NHL playoff action | Anthony Edwards and Kevin Durant get into it on the court.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
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Amy Lawrence Show
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Amy Lawrence Show
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Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. Good morning to you. Actually, Jay, it may not be as good a morning.

I just realized that we let something slip through the clacks, the cracks, the cracks, whatever, the clacks and the cracks. It could be a bad TV show. On our Facebook page, I see the website address for the network that we were formerly known as. So we're going to have to, I don't even know if that website still works. Hmm.

Let's find out. Sort of. Actually, it takes you to the new page. So it's something that they've linked, but I see it. I was scrolling down and realized, Rutro, we fixed almost everything, just not that. I will amend. We will amend it.

Yeah. So we'll have to fix it, but at least it does take you to the right place, even if you don't know. So I just realized that the site itself decided our pronouns.

I've never seen that before. What do you mean? I swear, as you're on the page where you find out more information about who you're following, or it's on your friends pages too, there's an about section. So you go to about and it drops down and it says public figure has your website, which we're going to fix. We could actually put our social links on there, which is kind of funny because this is a social media site. So you wouldn't think they'd want you to be linking other social media sites.

Anyway, keep going, keep going, keep going. It says gender not specified. And then it says how Facebook refers to you.

They slash them. What? I don't know. I didn't, I didn't specify that.

So I'm, I'm not sure how. Facebook just assumed that? Yeah, Facebook made that assumption that our page is they and them. The pronouns for our page are they and them.

Our page needs to identify now? I guess. I'm not sure. It's funny. I've never seen that before.

That shows you how much we care about them. Never looked at that option. The about?

No. I barely, so we have our messages turned off. We do not have messages on here.

And we post a few reels now and then, but for the most part, we just kind of stick to the main page. That'll teach us. Facebook's putting in its own information. That's, that's bizarre. It is. I've actually stopped using in text messages, any reference to Facebook as I call the devil, but I've stopped even referring to it.

I just tell Jay, Hey, the post is up. Or can you change this on our page? Because I know our phones are spying on us and I do not want meta or Facebook to have any more claws or hooks into my social media profile. Right. They're coming in anyway.

They don't need to be invited further. Right. Exactly.

They're already controlling our, what's that called? Algorithms. Oh yeah. Controlling our talk about the ads come up, right.

Our algorithms. Right. And if you notice that now on this site, almost every other post is an ad. Oh yeah.

All of them. And there are plenty of them on, on Twitter as well, but almost every other post on this particular site is an ad. Have you seen this new one going around on Twitter? It's like this new spam post that like all these accounts are doing. And it's just every other post. I see it.

It goes look between T and you on your keyboard and like, tell me what you see. And it posts like a video and it has like, it's just like a stupid bot, but I've seen it so many times in the last, I don't know, three days. I keep seeing the guy who looks like a caveman with a really long hair, who's a bodybuilder and who pretends like he has the secret for all men to look like a bodybuilder. And then there, of course you get the people who comment under it about, you know, cause listeners care, not listeners, users can add context now and users will add the context that he's on steroids, right.

He's dealing with road rage, roid rage. But yeah, that's the ad I get all the time or the one, and maybe this is cause I'm a chick, the one with this makeup that turns you into a supermodel. Like it literally does promote itself as flawless, perfect makeup. Yeah, I don't get that one. And you get, yeah, I wonder why that is.

And you get the, yeah, the demonstration as a video that rolls, whether you like it or not. Yeah. And there's no turning it away.

It's just days after days. Well, you can scroll past it. But it comes up again. Cause this is what I'm talking about. Like there's ads I get that just, it doesn't seem to matter the day or like what page I'm on. Sometimes I'll go between my page and our page.

It doesn't matter. It's still there. Are you still getting ads for half marathons? No, those have stopped recently, but now I'll get one watch. Ooh.

Okay. So if you do, you have to let me know, because if we're only going to utter it one time, but here's what happened to producer Jay and I, and good morning to you on a Monday, we were talking about on the air, my latest race. And even though, well, we probably did text about it a few times, but Jay on his newsfeed started getting ads, not to mention when he would go to a particular website where they post tailored ads based on your search history, that they're spying on you. He started getting ads for these same 13.1 mile races and offering to let him run one as well. Multiple different races.

During the New York city half marathon in August. You're not supposed to utter the words again. Now we're going to get inundated. That's right.

Now you're really going to get a hit because we doubled down. Anyway, good morning to you. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

A productive for me. I think Jay played games with his friends. Catan, he sent me a text that had the nerd emoji. So I'm assuming that he thinks they're nerds, but my brother's family loves Catan and my husband loves Catan. I've never played, but he, they say it's fun. They say they're going to teach me so good for you.

Plus there was plenty of hoops and hockey to keep us busy. I actually watched the new M I movie. Oh, just awesome. The dialogue, the humor, and the fact that Tom cruise is crazy.

All of those things are, are really good. And it's got some wicked twists and turns. So I really did like the new one, which is dead reckoning part one. There's a dead reckoning part two that they filmed at the same time that should be coming out.

I don't know when I'd have to Google it, but now I highly recommend dead reckoning one. And then there was basketball and then there was hockey. And if you went to bed early on your Sunday night, maybe you didn't get the end of Oklahoma city and new Orleans. Now, keeping in mind, there's no Zion Williamson and the thunder. Well, they have a few guys that have got some playoff experience, but they have been spotty since the Russell Westbrook exit. Well, then Chris Paul, right? He was there. Um, this is not the same KD and Russ thunder push, but they have maintained that top seed despite getting resistance and getting pressure from both Minnesota and Denver.

They're one of the youngest teams in the NBA. And I liked the Moxie also very talented. Of course, SGA fly by McCollum in the white strip by Nance taken by Ingram three on two Brandon drives fake a roll. Right-handed good time.

Oh, more deck. No, let the doctor shake. Jap steps, drive splits defenders floats up across the body counts. If it goes, it goes Gilda's. That was that it ripped the course from 13 and one coming thunder 92, the pelicans 90, but 32.5 to play ball knocked away. McCollum goes back to get it.

Three seconds wide left pump fakes leaves it for three angle left. No good. It's over the thunder win game one 94 92 celebrate Oklahoma city celebrate. Yeah. That's the call on the thunder radio network.

And yes, they do hang on multiple times. They were up by 10 in this game, but they saw the pelicans reel them back in, reel them back in, in large part, I think because of what you get from CJ McCollum and all the playoff experience that he has. So he had a couple of big shots, but yeah, Shay Gilda's Alexander, uh, who has been with the teams since 2018. And again, we're talking spotty playoff experience, uh, for a lot of these guys, he has 28 points, six rebounds, and they start out with a win, which is huge. Everyone that came in, um, kind of played their role, um, gave good minutes.

Um, yeah, all 11 guys did their part. And the reason why we won tonight, the series are long and we have to just improve through the series, you know, win, lose, draw, regardless of how we play. I thought we showed great grit down the stretch. Obviously that was a tight game. Uh, it was a bit of a brawl for both teams offensively. Um, and we made, you know, plays defensively down the stretch, uh, big time plays and had the resolve to go and win the game. Mark diagonal and yeah, they led by Ted, but they're going to get a battle and you're talking about some veterans on the Pelican side who will put pressure on you.

And actually Brandon Ingram believes after this first game that even as an eight seed, they're right in the mix. We come back, we lock in. I think the encouraging thing is we lost about two tonight and, um, some of our players didn't have their best games. Um, and we're encouraged by that. Yeah. So this could be a better series than what a lot of people are expecting, but if you think any of these West series is going to be a walkover, I mean, I suppose we could have a sweep.

We could have a one that ends up for one or something along those lines. Uh, but the, the entire Western conference playoff field, and now we're down to the eight teams, but they were only separated by 12 games, 11, 12 games, uh, from one to 10. So they were really tight anyway, and not a whole lot of separation though. There is this idea that because the Nuggets are defending champions and when Nicola Jokic and the experience, uh, that they are the toughest out and we'll see. Minnesota had no trouble with the Phoenix Thunder and Karl Anthony Towns will continue to get his basketball legs back under him. But yeah, with, with Jokic and with, uh, the various guys like Michael Porter Jr., who had a really good game despite everything going on with his family, um, having a poor shooting night from Jamal Murray, but the defense that really buckled down in the second half for Denver, uh, able to put the Lakers away.

And as much as possible, the idea is to keep them two-dimensional, right? If you can limit it to LeBron and AD, you know, eventually you're going to be able to defeat them with your depth, but also wear them out because they're older guys. Uh, and D'Angelo Russell for the first time in what felt like forever had a really poor shooting game, not necessarily a poor game overall, but a really poor shooting game. So yeah, in the West, I would expect one versus eight to be tighter than maybe tighter than maybe one versus eight in the East, which we'll talk about. But yeah, there, there are just these early feeling out periods where these teams kind of get to know each other, even if they played during the regular season, uh, even if they're the same divisions, you know, may be more familiar with one another, but this is different. It's different basketball, dealing with guys who in some cases are banged up and are playing with injuries, like for instance, Joel Embiid, um, or you're dealing with, with teams that have lost pieces.

And so maybe they're not, well, you're always what your record says you are, you are what your record says you are, but maybe they're in, they're in a position where they fell into a particular spot. And because they had been without a player, uh, that their potential is higher with that guy back. So I actually like that about the Timberwolves and about the Sixers, we get both of those. Um, as for the Milwaukee Bucks, they did not get Giannis back for game number one, he's got that calf injury and it's a little concerning to hear that there's no timetable for his return because in the playoffs, that timetable can get cut a lot shorter if you don't have all hands on deck, but in the playoff debut of Damian Lillard with the Bucks, well, it was his turn to shine. Shot from Lopez who gets in the way of that one, as it was a drive underneath from, that was Smith who couldn't get it to go. Lillard watched it and he knew the second it left his hands.

It was going down. He drills his second three. Here comes the Bucks the other way. Lillard's into the front court around a Lopez screen now explodes to the cup. He shot off the window and good with the foul coming. He comes away, flexing, looking at the fans in that Indiana bench. Pacers 0-9 from three.

That's been a big storyline. Bucks have a chance for the final shot. Five seconds to go. Lillard, top of the arc.

He's defended by McConnell, steps back, fires up a long bomb and he splashes it through. A fitting end to a fine first quarter of basketball here in this playoff. Damian Lillard, another three ball and the fans on their feet waving those towels. Game time arriving early tonight here in downtown Milwaukee.

Lillard 19 points in the first quarter of the Bucks with a nine point lead. I felt great. I knew coming in that they would give me a lot of attention. You know, other times we played them, I remember them face guarding me on the inbound, just trying to turn me a few times on the inbound. So I didn't want to fight it too much early and I just, you know, I was patient. How we start games are huge. You know, in any playoff series you want to get off to a good start. You know, games are hard enough so you don't want to come out slow and you don't want to wait. You want to, you know, have your pace.

You want to be sharp, be connected and be aggressive. So that was my mentality. He carried us. He was unbelievable. I thought he had just played under control. Very aggressive, which is the way we wanted him.

I thought we, our pick setting in the first half especially was phenomenal. He got that prize fighter like mentality. It was almost like he was training for the fight and then when the bell rings he seems to be ready. That's his mentality and that's how he plays. Well, Damian Lillard did yell to the crowd, this is why they brought me here. Even though he wanted to go to Miami and it's been a really inconsistent year, but yes, he was terrific and yeah, he had six triples, but he also was knifing his way to the hoop as well. 35 points all in the first half.

Crazy stuff. They didn't need him as much in the second half because they were up by 27 at the break against Indiana, just started really poorly, but for Dame this was a neat moment and I hope that they see Giannis and Tenekunpo back because I don't think they can win a championship without him. It is the fact that Dame had stuck with Portland for so long and wanted to win a title with Portland and then kind of recognized the writing on the wall the last couple years being really bleak now has a chance to play in this type of basketball atmosphere in which it's so compelling. The last two years not being in the playoffs it was, you know, it sucked. I was early vacations. Last year I went to Coachella. I ain't never been able to go to Coachella. It's just playing in the playoffs every year. So just having that long summer, it was like, man, I was over that. But being able to be in a playoff series on a championship team and a championship organization, knowing that we got an opportunity for it, I think that was the thing that I was looking forward to most.

I ain't never been to Coachella two years in a row. Good for Dame. It makes me happy for him and yeah the Bucks led by 30 against Indiana.

This is an interesting stat but part of it has to be their defense because the Pacers hadn't scored fewer than 99 points all season and did only manage 94 in this game. So Rick Carlisle, he just he was being blunt post-game. First half was, it was embarrassing.

No excuses. We simply have got to come out better and it was ugly and we all own it. It's game one and that's what we hear in the playoffs. If it's a huge blowout, like the Heat against the Celtics, like the Pacers against the Bucks, well it doesn't matter because you flush it and you move on and it only counts for one and I get all that and that has to be the mentality. But if Damian Lillard plays like this, and we've seen this before, it's about Dame time. We've seen it before from him in the postseason and if Giannis can come back, well then maybe I'll feel differently about this team. They've just been so disjointed, kind of stop and start or maybe one step forward, two steps back in the playoffs, which is I'm sure annoying for Bucks fans. The top seed in the East, of course, is the Celtics. They had not played in 10 days.

It did not matter. In fact, that gave them a lot of push I think out of the gate and Kristaps Porzingis said it was kind of tough to manufacture that sense of urgency over the last however many weeks because they've been on this incredible arc and the rest of the East was not even within sneezing distance. Forget having any designs on catching the Celtics with their 64 wins and so they hadn't played in 10 days but they hadn't played a game with any sense of urgency in much longer than that and yet they started out with the first 12 points of the game against Miami and they go 22 of 49 from beyond the arc so they take nearly 53s but they shoot the lights out. I think there was a four or five minute stretch but we didn't handle it well but I thought for the other 42-43 minutes you know that's about that's the recipe so you know the balance is having the humility to do it even better so 11 turnovers got them on the sharp margin didn't file and held them to five offensive rebounds so the adjustment is do it better do it with more physicality and you gotta be ready to do that. If we don't get off to a start like that we fall back into this game you know so I feel like it's a different result if we don't let them get off to a hot start.

Bam Adebayo believes and and he should because the veteran presence there that the Heat King can compete with Boston they have competed with Boston though minus the KP piece and that was a brilliant move by Brad Stevens when Porzingis is healthy he is a game changer for that team such a completely different dimension but Bam's got to say this right we put ourselves in that situation by falling behind by so much early on and then having to claw back into it when they're shooting threes the way that they are well that's how you got to pick your poison. They shot almost 50 threes tonight um and we knew that call from mom answer it call silenced. Instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy. Stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game. You have 47 new voicemails. Download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last. Minimum ten dollars per order additional terms apply.

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Yeah that's the strategy you're not going to be able to take away all of them because they're the best free best three-point shooting team in the NBA but who would you rather leave open so pick your poison and they're not always going to shoot almost 50% from downtown but they were locked in every single guy who played and there were only eight celtics who played which stood out to me too maybe because Joe Mazzuolo wants them to get back into that groove where they're feeling the contact and playing basketball that matters because it's been such a long time for this group so he just uses eight guys but every single one of them had a three and it was Jason Tatum strangely enough that uh shot the poorest from beyond the arc but he did have a triple double in this one so they are going to be really hard to unseat as the top team in the east but there's always the concern we've seen it before with this celtics group when you're so reliant on the three it's it's not just Boston this is the NBA you're so reliant on the three that at times it can go away and if you've got no other dimension to your game well you could be in trouble and the celtics know that well but they did at least get that initial playoff punch in against an old nemesis in Miami. On Twitter ALawRadio also on our Facebook page want to get into a little bit of hockey just starting to ease into it. I look like a baby giraffe on skate so I'm going to ease into the Stanley Cup playoffs good morning to you it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I went to Coachella.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. There's Coudreau cross-eyes Feazey pass was broken up by Strome. Now Coudreau with it Feazey through the cruise. Score! Rippey! Matt Rippey opens the scoring. The Rangers take a 1-0 lead. Good hit by Loughford-Yare.

Trojak-Peneric score! Two goals in 33 seconds. The Rangers lead 2-0. Off the face-off. Feazey with a shot. Score! Three nothing Rangers.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. So far so good for the president's trophy winners. I know people believe there's a curse for the team that grabs the president's trophy and the Washington Capitals know it well on the other side at Madison Square Garden. So second playoff game in the span of 24 hours for MSG going Knicks Sixers on Saturday afternoon and evening and then going into the Rangers game which was earlier in the day on Sunday and that will have effect on scheduling. It doesn't affect every city of course but because the Rangers and the Knicks share Madison Square Garden it will affect the scheduling between the two.

They're going to have to give time for them to you know like tear it down and build it back up and get ready for basketball versus hockey but also the tickets and the you know the fans and all that jazz. So it's a Rangers like a hot start for them though it took it took a first kind of toe-to-toe with a team that has a lot of veterans in that first period. So opportunities early on but it's a scoreless first period and then you get the Matt Rempe and Artemi Panarin goals about 30 seconds apart in the second period and so then the Rangers I don't know if it was me producer Jay you were watching as well it almost felt like I want to say a sigh of relief but like the tension broke up just a little bit for them to get those first two goals and kind of break through.

Yeah especially being Artemi Panarin like the main guy on the range because he had such a poor postseason last year and all the talk was Artemi better show up Artemi better show up and to get that monkey off his back for him right away especially too it kind of like eased the tension there. And on both of those goals the passing was pristine and they were able to move the puck around so quickly and find the open guy. Rempe came from behind the net and was just there when he stepped into that circle as the the puck was coming to him and so it's just really impressive the way they got those first two goals and keeping the Capitals off off balance so to speak because of the way they were moving the puck around. And then the Capitals get a goal but then Rangers answer right after and so they were able to control from that point forward. And Igor Saterkin he's been terrific so 20 saves really was all he needed good defense in front of him but he's been great as well for the Rangers. Something I did not know until I was watching this game and doing some research Peter Laviolette first coach in NHL history to lead six different teams to the Stanley Cup playoffs so I'd missed that little nerd alert going into the postseason but yeah you want to talk about a guy who's got a bunch of experience to lead this crew knowing how high the expectations are. You're here to win games and so it's good to it's obviously good to get the first one we'll have meetings tomorrow I think there's things that we could have done better I'm sure they'll have the same meetings everything ratchets up a little bit more we're going to need to be ready. And if you're Matt Rempe what must it have felt like to hear a raucous Madison Square Garden chanting his name in what was his playoff debut? Unbelievable like I said before I love them they're like I don't want to let them down I want to play my hardest every single game for them and it's pretty cool today was the first game my mom was at the Garden ever so it was really special because she got to hear the chants and get a goal and stuff so it was really special for her to be there. The series could be tight really tight intense the fact that the Rangers held Alex Ovechkin without a shot on goal is also really impressive so there's a lot that you can unpack in this series but man you can feel the tension of of this series or how about Boston and Toronto as well even though it turned into a lopsided win for the the Bruins but another one and I had to actually rewind on the DVR and show my husband because he was out of the room when it happened the first goal the Winnipeg Colorado game when the the fans just exploded it's white it's loud it's white meaning they had the t-shirts and the towels and it's it's so loud it's this eruption of noise and he doesn't know a ton about playoff hockey uh but it's that game was a crazy back and forth that was just the one that took the top off and so yeah Colorado and Winnipeg uh this was one in which we had a flurry of goals they'll leave it now for Malardi back on it what a shot they score Mark Shively standing there took a perfect pass from Gabriel Malardi and we're tied at three Lowry moving in shoots score Adam Lowry with a huge goal and Winnipeg regains a one goal lead it's four to three for the Japs up top Morrissey first and Connor shoots score Kyle Connor with an absolute bomb it's a power play goal and Winnipeg has their largest lead of the night it's six to three for the Japs so the Jets end up scoring three in a row after Colorado comes back to tie it and other than being up one nothing the abs were never really I mean they were tied a couple times but we're never in a position of strength here but man that crowd incredible it's worth watching the videos when they score the first goal just to see what it looks like when they go nutso uh that's the call on the Jets radio network and at this point with the nature of hockey and how you can dominate a game and still lose it's a little bit like soccer right it's just the nature of the game at the scoring opportunities the post my gosh one of my favorite noises in sports is the the puck clanging off the post or a slapshot or a shot from way out high um it's it's just incredibly tense for that reason I mean think about the Bruins last year and and how dominant they were in the regular season uh points and and wins and just it was historic and then you get into a series in which uh they're playing against a you know the worst team a team that barely gets into the playoffs um and it doesn't matter how much you dominate you've got to be able to capitalize on those opportunities and so in this one you know it might be ugly there might be way too many goals that they didn't want to give up that many or have that much traffic but you just get the win and you get the heck out of dodge checking off how to score big goals right oh by the way speaking of uh the Bruins and just mentioned them there their former captain and one of their best players in franchise history is the Dan O'Chara ran the Boston Marathon last week and I saw this video I don't know why I didn't see it last week um who knows what I was doing on social media but saw the video I mean he's gigantic of course and to see him well no he wasn't wearing skates which made him taller when he was on the ice but uh to see him just chugging his way through the Boston Marathon oh my gosh that's an amazing feat after you're retired how many dudes are retiring from their their pro careers and then going into running a marathon playing that Stanley Cup run I think it was 2011 with his jaw wired shut for Boston was so amazing so tough he's 47 years old not that I mean he played into his 40s well into his 40s not that age means you can't run a marathon but just the fact that he's he's into doing this now that he's retired and he didn't just do the Boston Marathon do you know what he did a week later the London Marathon now he's just does marathons I guess it's his thing I have to read more about it but like I said I saw the video he was playing in the NHL well different kind of shape to be sure maybe not quite as bulky and and able to withstand the pounding of a physical game like hockey but 47 years old he's six nine I mean he just needs something to keep him busy I suppose now that he's retired from hockey officially but yeah runs the Boston Marathon and then turns his rear end around flies to London and decides well why not couldn't get enough isn't that crazy oh my gosh that's impressive good for him yeah just a little update on Big Z as they called him I wonder if anybody else in his family actually calls him he's the runt of the family I might be it might come over a family of giants on Twitter A Law Radio and then our Facebook page too it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

Offensive foul Eubanks set a screen heading to mid court and picked off Jayden McDaniels and Ben Taylor calls the foul against Drew Eubanks pulls up by 16 with 45 seconds to go in the third this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence this is what it's come to for Anthony Edwards he was required to step into the space where Karl Anthony Towns was unavailable and lead the Minnesota Timberwolves but not just lead them try to help them in such a way and power them in such a way that they did not lose ground in the west because they didn't have Kat and boy did he do it he did it and he's had a highlight real month or really a couple months full of highlights I hit my head I think on the rim not just that but he dunked and dislocated a finger I ain't never jumped that high in my life I mean he's been so incredible to watch these last couple months and yes he gets 33 points this game against Phoenix Suns their first game of their Western Conference playoff series and it was a big third quarter that third quarter that was able to kind of put this game out of reach so the not that the final score doesn't tell the story but the third quarter was really the turning point and Kat was out there didn't have to play extensive minutes and and no doubt they're trying to work him back into the rotation help him to get comfortable again but there was a funny moment where Anthony Edwards is leading the charge for the Wolves and they are closing out the third quarter on this big run they're outscoring the Phoenix Suns by 15 points in this run and he hits a couple big shots and he's playing up to the crowd and he's gesturing and he's trying to get the crowd really fired up even more so and he stares down Kevin Durant after a big shot and starts barking at him no that's not what KD said in fact this is kind of funny it was a little bit of the old dog and young dog type of a thing where Kevin Durant just smiles at the 22 I mean 22 years old right this is probably the biggest game of his career biggest stretch of his career and so so he was having all kinds of fun getting the last laugh at KD's expense had a big steal away from Kevin Durant and you know then kind of well dunks it on the other end but kind of plays up that that idea that hey the 22 year old has arrived so step aside old guy type of thing now do that at your own expense right because KD is still dynamic and we know how many young guys have gone at Lebron right and tried to prove to them that they know what they're doing although Zion I mean he was fearless in their play-in game and it was it was going so well for the Pelicans until he got hurt but I digress anyway the two of them are going back and forth you hear Alan Horton on Wolves radio and Anthony Edwards I hope is not taking himself too seriously I think everybody here knows that's my favorite player of all time so that was probably one of the best feelings ever in my whole life oh you got to keep that I love that this guy he's 22 years old he's so open and honest about the fact that he hit his head on the rim and I you know I've never jumped that high in my life I mean he's having a blast and he's doing it in a way that he's productive and he's raising the level and the performance of everybody else around him and he's going back and forth with Kevin Durant but he's doing it because he admires this guy to the hilt KD is who he wanted to be when he was growing up and so yeah it it it's awesome to be able to do it against the guy that you love but it's also the fun dynamic of old and young and I know KD's not done but kind of outgoing tail end of his career whereas Anthony Edwards is like yo this is my time these guys came in here and whooped us um in our home court the last game of the season and was was giggling laughing you know I mean like Bill said he he told our coach that he don't think we play hard enough and he was right you know I mean like uh Finchey didn't like that he came in um the next day and was like man you got guys on the other team telling me that y'all don't play hard enough for me and he was totally right okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey listen as Silenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter I definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that I am protecting my child against they're still here and at the end of the day it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe talk to your child's doctor and learn more at brought to you by Merck man that sunset is gorgeous grill patio sunset hard to get better than that unless you're browsing Carvana's inventory while you soak it all in oh burger time so sit back get comfortable Carvana's got thousands of cars under twenty thousand dollars just waiting for you I can stay here forever Carvana where car buying meets comfort meets convenience download the app or visit today it's just basketball not even players just hoop you know um get hot you make shots make tough shots you know you're gonna feel excited about yourself so it's on me to keep coming back and showing them a tough look or whoever's defending these guys to show them a tough look if they make shots over us we move back to the next to the next play you know when we move on to the next play you know so um you know he uh he got it going he made some tough ones you just gotta live with you gotta live with it and be better next game I mean KD was terrific himself so he was the same he just has smooth moves I mean the turnarounds the step backs he never looks bulky or disjointed or there's always grace there and uh well you wouldn't call it a you know a a duel between those two guys it is kind of fun to look at the dynamic and what was missing for the Suns well part of what was missing for the Suns is that Devin Booker did not shoot well so he did have 18 points but he he didn't look like he was in rhythm he was just 5 of 16 and they do need him because of the firepower that the Wolves had so yeah not yeah not gonna freak out about it if you're Phoenix um but just the the fact that Andy Edwards is going off you're gonna have to figure out a way to contain him he's an idiot oh that is not what he said he actually really enjoyed this whole dealio yo it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here CBS Sports Radio sorry I don't know why I hiccup in the final hour of the show never hiccup outside of this hour of the show almost every day or at least once a week don't know why it just it happened is that supposed to scare me it was a shot at it it was it was supposed to scare me no it doesn't that Tom Brady shrieking like that does not scare me I thought I'd try it makes me laugh but it doesn't scare me I cannot believe that this week is the NFL draft I actually have an appointment with the Social Security Administration coming up on Thursday and I don't know randomly picked that day three weeks ago it was the latest time of the day that they offered appointments 1 30 in the afternoon which is rough right so I'll barely be out of REM I'll probably still be in REM cycle at that point but didn't at any point along the last three weeks maybe I could have changed the appointment no no didn't realize it until just yesterday same day as the NFL draft which means there's no napping right there's no making up for that sleep lost nope full speed ahead appointment might as well just go get it over with and then NFL draft so if I come in here after the NFL draft on Thursday night and I sound somewhat loopy you will know why we don't always agree I'm excited to see Detroit though and what Detroit looks like with the NFL draft that should be terrific you think they'll boo Roger Goodell yes absolutely yes I think everywhere he goes it's a thing right it's a thing if you don't want to be the city that doesn't boo Roger Goodell right could you would you if if we ever had the chance to be part of a draft audience like this would you just to be ornery and and contrary cheer while everyone else was booing for Roger yes no oh I totally would I don't think I would he's brilliant at what he does yeah great commissioner well then why are we booing him it's just what you do why don't we breathe oxygen why don't we brew up to go it's just what you do compare oxygen to Roger Goodell he's not that necessary just the booing of him is I think oh my goodness someone asked me on our Facebook page whether or not this spring the stretch right here is the best time of the year in sports and I know the Masters is in the rearview mirror and it wasn't all that great anyway man the ratings even for the Masters were so far down golf has definitely got a crisis right now even with the live golfers participating the sport has a major crisis so we've been talking about it with different people but it's a mess right now they were hoping that they were hoping that the Masters would spike the ratings but it did not do that at all anyway between the Masters that just happened and we finished up March Madness early in April that first weekend and now on into the hoops and hockey playoffs and everything well the NFL draft of course I still say October one of these days we're gonna have to rank our favorite sports months of the year but I'm going October and then April it's hard to say now because football is not happening like games so I miss I miss football but it'll be back on Thursday it's after hours with Amy Lawrence boom okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can conquer it I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road any road the 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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. Listen as Silenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter. I definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that I am protecting my child against. They're still here and at the end of the day it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe.

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