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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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April 18, 2024 5:34 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 18, 2024 5:34 am

Ask and you shall receive! | Will Jontay Porter be the last player banned from their sport due to gambling? | The Coyotes play their final home game in Arizona.


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Thanks to both nourishing oat formulas. Get softer, smoother skin and shop Aveeno now at Target. If you trust me enough, you could send me his number so that I could call him myself. Do you think that might cause him heart palpitations if I just randomly called him on Thursday? I think he would love that, to be honest. He would, but do you think he'd believe me when I said, Chicago Johnny, CJ, cause you know we're tight, it's Amy Lawrence. Do you think he'd be confident that I wasn't faking it? I think immediately he would believe it's you and know that it's you. I think he would know that it's you just by your voice immediately. I think Chicago Johnny has Amy Lawrence detection in his brain so he would know it. Does he?

Alright, well let's see. We'll keep mentioning it and see whether or not he's listening. Maybe he's been pulled away by other duties or the poor man is just tired. Although he's in Las Vegas, it's only midnight.

We know he's a night owl so I'm not sure that that's the case. So that's one piece of business. Chicago Johnny, we're waiting for you to call cause I need you to do me a favor.

He said I could always ask him if I needed anything. Second order of business, producer Jay has figured out who won the bracket challenges. Both the men's and the women's tournaments this year. We had an after hours bracket challenge for the women's NCAA tournament for the first time in 2024 and boy do I feel like we got in on the ground floor so to speak.

We also had our annual men's bracket challenge and Jay looked up the winners and wants to let you know who will be collecting after hours swag. Chad in the men's bracket is our winner. Just Chad? I can give his last name. Chicago Chad? I don't know where he's from.

Oh okay. Chad? His name is Chad.

Check your email. How many Chads do we have in the bracket challenge? We did really well though. How did he end up winning the winner? He had 164 points and his final four was UConn, Alabama, Purdue and he had Marquette in there so we didn't have NC State but to have Alabama in there I thought that was really impressive. Yeah that is impressive.

Okay good. Chad in the men's bracket challenge and who won our first ever, our inaugural women's bracket challenge? That would be Shannon with 167 points.

Wow! Who did she have in the final four? She had everyone except, shoot I forgot she had three out of four as well. I forgot who she replaced with.

That's impressive. I had UConn as the winner. I don't think that was a real stab in the dark but I don't think I had any of my other final four teams that made it. And in our family bracket challenge, my younger niece who goes by the alias Bobby Chen, don't ask me why. Everyone knows who Bobby Chen is but she has an alias for any games that she plays on the computer and that's her alias. So she ends up winning again. Don't ask me how my younger niece who doesn't even pay attention to college basketball when she was on campus at Virginia Tech, even then she didn't pay attention to it. No.

She won again. That's it. I don't know how that happens. 50-50 on every game right? Just pick? You just pick.

She is super lucky I'll tell you that much. Anyway, so pretty exciting that we've got winners but mostly exciting that we've got your participation and the fact that you enjoy these bracket challenges. So that's the second order of business. Chad and Shannon, how are we doing this Jay? Are you sending swag?

Are you reaching out to them first for addresses and sizes? Shannon and Chad, check your emails. The email that you use to sign up for the tournament in our pool. Gotcha.

Okay so Chad and Shannon, if you're listening, we won't use your last names on the air just because but if you are listening and you believe that you did well in the bracket challenge, it's time to check your email. So that you can send us an address so we can send you the right sized swag. Wait a minute. Does the swag have the old name on it? Uh oh.

Oh no. No it doesn't actually. It just says show name.

It doesn't have network address. I'm pretty positive. Somebody's gonna have to run back there and check.

It says after hours with Amy Lawrence. And then a picture of my dog. On the back, yes. Right. Okay.

Be the person your dog thinks you are. Yes. Okay so well we might have to check.

But here's the thing though. They could be collector's items. Throwbacks. Limited edition. So now the swag that you have, it's limited edition. And actually now that I've lost Penny, I really want a shirt. I don't have one but I might have to take one home because Penny's on the back of the shirt. See these are collector's items now.

Not only do they throw back to the beginning of the network but they also have a picture of Penny. Okay. Never mind. We're not giving out all the swag. We're gonna have to keep a couple. I'm gonna need one. And maybe I'll make Bob wear one too. We'll go to Hawaii with bright orange after hours shirts. That color will fit in nicely there.

It will. Have you been to Hawaii? Yes I have.

Have you? Which island? I went to, we started off on Oahu in Honolulu and then we went to Kauai and then to the big island Hawaii.

Oh my gosh. You've hit three of the islands? Yeah I was there for like two weeks or so. Okay. How old were you?

15 or 16. Around there. Jay and his family are extensive travelers.

Jay's born into the Wright family. They see a lot of places. What's your next vacation? Where are you going this summer?

I don't have anything planned this summer actually. At the moment. At the moment. Yeah. Looking at flights. That will change.

I was gonna say that will change. I would love love love. We won't do it tonight but as we get closer I would love your suggestions for anything that has to do with the big island. So we will be, and by we I mean Bob and I, we will be in Honolulu for 48 hours. We've already got more than we even have time for in Honolulu.

But our primary focus when we're there, we're staying at the Coconut Waikiki. Is that cute? That's a good name. Yeah. They've given us a little upgrade.

Really? I'm sure it's because we're newlyweds. Anyway we're staying at the Coconut Waikiki for just two nights.

We fly in on a Wednesday afternoon and we stay for a couple of nights. And we've already got tickets to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. I'm really really excited about that. I'm not sure if you saw this. I don't, I think I wanted to mention it and somehow we just, I didn't have time to get to everything I wanted to but I should have made time for this. The last Pearl Harbor survivor just passed away last week. Yeah.

So they had one left, one survivor and he's since passed away but lived to a ripe old age of course. And so I'm really looking forward to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. We're doing that the day after we get there. So that's really our first Hawaii tourist activity. We also want to go to Diamond Head but I'm not sure how much time we'll have there because we're staying parts of two days. So a half, like an afternoon, an evening, one full day and then a morning before we fly to the Big Island.

Which is going to be absolutely incredible. Did I tell you what Bob gave me for my birthday? No. I didn't tell you? I don't think so.

Jay, are you sure? Actually, I think I remember now. Okay. Do you think I should share with people?

Yeah. Bob knows me well. He knows that I adore animals and for my birthday, our first birthday married.

Man, I'm going to have to somehow figure out a way to match this in June. But for our first married birthday, he gave me an experience to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii. Oh my gosh. That's great. I screamed and then I started crying because that's me.

I am so excited. I don't really believe in spirit animals, but the dolphin and I are a lot alike. We're happy, we chatter, we're loud, we show our teeth.

Now what about the, yeah, there you go with it. We make lots of noises. We love to swim. Have you ever swam with dolphins?

No, no, this is a bucket list item and I am, I can't believe it. I can't believe that of all the places in the world, I get to swim with dolphins. They're going to be chatting. We're going to have so much, they smile. Have you seen the dolphins smile at you? They like to enjoy playing with you. They do, they do. I've already started praying for the most personable and happy and chatty dolphin when we get there to the big island.

So we're swimming with dolphins. I mean, I suppose it's fair to say that Bob gave himself a birthday present because he's doing it too, but he says his favorite part will be watching me just full of joy. I cannot believe it.

What does the man know me or not? That's a good one. That's hard to top.

It is. So I'm not really sure what I'm going to do for his birthday in June. Anyway, pretty excited about that. And as much as I appreciate the other gifts that I got a gift from a couple of gifts from my mom, as well as just some cards and, and really neat. Well, text messages, phone calls, that kind of stuff. I just, I'm, yeah, nothing else was required, but I mean, it wasn't required that he give me a gift, but blew me away. Experience is always, I like that.

Yes. I know that's, that's Jay's go-to as well. I tend to bake for people over their birthdays and special days. In fact, that's what I did for him last year for his first birthday at, as we were dating is I made a coconut cream pie because it's our favorite and it won him over. That was the instant that he decided that he had to marry me as an experience. Oh my gosh. Anyway, that was a really cool gift. And as if I wasn't already excited enough about Hawaii now.

Yeah. Now it's going to be over the moon adventure, just a new place and all kinds of new experiences. So it's going to be awesome. But when we get closer, so we're still two weeks out, but when we get closer, I'm hoping that maybe you all will give me some suggestions for what to do or where to go. Or, I mean, we've got a pretty extensive list from my brother's family who just went last year, as well as a colleague of ours. In fact, one of the managers here who vacations routinely on the big island because that's his favorite. So yeah, we do have a lot of suggestions, but if you have anything unique, this is kind of like Las Vegas, right?

So if you have anything unique that you could share with us and recommendations of must goes or must haves or must dos, must eats, must tries. But that's how I found out about the mob museum. Jay and I would not have known about the mob museum, would not have made a point to visit in Las Vegas, if not for the fact that we had so many of you tell us that we needed to go visit. And then we connected with Chicago Johnny. For that reason, I'm so grateful that he's listening. As it turns out, he wasn't kidding.

He does listen to every minute of the show. Hi, Chicago Johnny. How are you? How are you, Amy? I'm good. Trying to get a hold of you is like trying to hit blackjack five times in a row. That's Jay's fault.

Jay's the one who's supposed to be answering the phone. How are you, dear? I'm good. How are you, sir?

How you feeling? Good. I was at the love show because it's closing. I heard that. I heard that.

I want to go and see it one more time tonight. Very nice. Well, that's awesome.

How was it? Fantastic. What a show. My gosh, how they do this Cirque du Soleil.

It's unbelievable. I enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil show that I went to in Vegas, except I didn't understand a darn thing that was happening. The acrobatics were incredible. The flips and all the trapeze artists, all that was awesome. But it was the Mystere show, some type of French something or other. And I had no clue what was happening.

None whatsoever. You would have loved the Beatles one because the music was just outstanding. I bet. And actually I'm not a huge Beatles fan.

It's a little before me. My mom was a huge Beatles fan, but I'm sure the show was well done. Yeah, you would get into music. You can't help it. You can't help it. Awesome.

The other one we thought about was Michael Jackson. What can I do for you, my dear? What can I do for you? Well, I appreciate you offering. So I don't know if you heard the story, but I've got a friend who's in his 80s who's coming through Vegas at the end of the week. And he asked me if I could possibly reach out to you and see if you might be available on Saturday so he could meet you.

I was going to be by the pool because it's going to be 92 degrees. Oh my gosh. Okay.

Well, don't you worry about it. I'll just let him know. I'll be more than happy to. I'll be more than happy to.

You let me know when and where and I'll make it happen. Well, he's going to the mom museum. He's got tickets for a tour on Saturday. And so he was wondering if potentially either he could reach out to you to see if you might be around or if you were going to be at the museum on Saturday.

And I didn't know which days you worked, so I wasn't sure. Yeah, I'm not going to be at the museum on Saturday, but ask him if he would like. I'll get him into the pool over the wind. Oh, okay. I'll ask him that. I mean, absolutely beautiful. Oh, I'm sure it is. Please feel free to give him my number. Oh, you're so kind. And if he's ready for the years, I'll be more than happy to help him any way I can. Well, I think you all will hit it off because he's an older gentleman who's got a ton of life experience like you do and a guy that has been very kind to me for 20 plus years. He was at the wedding and he's just a great guy. He's one of those guys that travels on his own and really enjoys being adventurous.

So I think you guys will hit it off. What's his first name? His first name is Marv.

Marv. Okay. Well, you have my number. Okay. I'll give you my phone number. I will. Come to give me a call and I'll ask him where do you want to go and I'll get him anywhere he wants to go.

Oh, that's so nice. Well, so in lieu of you giving him a tour on Saturday, who should he ask for or who will be there giving tours on Saturday? Any idea? Over at the Mott Museum.

At the Mott Museum. Oh, okay. Yeah, I have no idea. I have no idea.

They change every day. Oh, gotcha. Okay.

Well, I will check it out, but I'll definitely pass along the contact info to Marv and he will probably reach out. Yeah. And, you know, depending on what time of the day, I mean, I'm going to be by the pool over the wind because it's going to be beautiful. I mean, this whole weekend is going to be totally, totally hot. So I'm going to be by the pool. I'm going there tomorrow. Awesome.

We're starting Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. That's all I do. Very nice.

Come to give me a call and we will work out the details. Wherever he wants to go, I'll take him. Oh, I appreciate that. You're so kind. Thank you, Johnny. You got it, babe.

Anything for you. All right. Well, you take care of yourself. Have fun at the pool. Take care now. Well, I'm disappointed for Marv, but I'm happy the weather's going to be so nice.

That sounds perfect. And just, you know, running our little test there, Johnny was in fact listening after he got out of the love show, which they're closing down. I did see that. The Beatles, love. Jay, why are you looking at me like that?

I mean, I know why you're looking at me like that, but let's not talk about it. I knew he would come through. That's all. You did. That was impressive.

Very impressive. And he now has offered to get my friend Marv into the wind at the pool. That sounds very nice. I'll go on Saturday. Yeah, we wouldn't mind actually considering that Thursday in the New York City area, and I'm sure it's not just New York City. It's probably on up into other parts of the Northeast as well.

Maybe parts of the upper Midwest. It's supposed to be in the 40s and cold rain on Thursday. That's great. This is after it was in the upper 70s on Monday. Was it Monday or Tuesday? It was one of those days. Monday was really nice. And I was not here, but I was at Niagara Falls and that was perfect. It's wacky in April in the Northeast.

It's extremes, too. I'll take the pool and the wind. You would? You'd take the pool and Las Vegas?

I gotta tell you the truth. I don't need to rush back to Las Vegas anytime soon. I'm good with that. I'm sure it's very hot in the summer.

Yeah, no thank you. I'm all right there. And there's a lot of walking in that city. Well, that part I don't mind. I really enjoyed being outside the city and going to the pool. I don't mind. I really enjoyed being outside the city and going to the Hoover Dam and then going to the Lake Mead National Park that we drove through. 120 miles on Saturday.

That was awesome. But in terms of the city, I'm good. I'm not sure it's my cup of tea. It seemed to be a little bit like Times Square in New York. A little bit. A lot of it. And I avoid Times Square in New York like the plague. It's kind of like all the things that you don't like about Times Square. Magnetized by like 110.

Magnetized. I like how you put that. All right, Johnny. Thank you so much for calling.

I feel like we are successful in at least that we have people who know people who can help other people. Coming up, it's another dubious moment for the NBA. After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. It's Cardinal sin, you know, that what he's accused of in the NBA and the ultimate extreme option I have is, you know, to ban him from the game. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. That is exactly what's happened with John T. Porter, the Toronto Raptors forward, who is banned for life by Commissioner Adam Silver.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. This was a move that many thought would come along, weren't sure how many days, weeks, months it might take because the NBA was investigating some betting irregularities that had to do with prop bets that were placed on Porter in games in which he did not play. So this investigation reveals that he gave insider trading info, essentially confidential info to betters and on purpose took himself either out of games or did not play as much as he normally would have. In order to throw these bets and then digging even deeper, also bet on NBA games while he was playing in the G league.

So he had no qualms about betting on his own sport and then manipulating the results and not doing it just for his own gain, his own financial benefit, but giving that information to others. So in a press release on Wednesday, the NBA is still investigating, is sharing the info with federal authorities. So here again we've got a second sport similar to baseball in which not only are league officials running their own investigation, but there's a collaboration with the feds over illegal gambling.

This is not going to be the last time. These two incidents, one with Shohei Ohtani, even though there's zero smoking gun around Shohei and not only have the feds indicated that there's no connection between him and the gambling, no connection between him and the bets that his former translator was placing. It's a completely different situation than Pete Rose, duh, but also a completely different situation than Jontay Porter. But regardless, you still have the federal authorities collaborating with league officials in both basketball and baseball regarding illegal wagering. That's a big deal. It's a really big deal and not a good look, even if these guys are exonerated in the case of Shohei Ohtani and his team, the Dodgers, or if it's Jontay Porter who becomes the second person associated with the NBA to get banned for life in the last 20 years.

The second person after Tim Donaghy to get banned for life, and in Donaghy's case, he went to prison because he was throwing games or throwing bets. And this is rough. It's a rough look for the NBA.

I know very few people could tell you a whole lot about Jontay Porter outside of Toronto. I'm glad they found it. I'm glad they not only track the bets and the wagers and they're able to single out and pinpoint these irregularities that can lead them to a situation like this. But it's still not a good look or the type of headline you want for a league that already had to deal with the Tim Donaghy allegations.

It's after hours here on Infinity Sports Network. So according to the NBA, Porter gave information about his own health to a known sports bettor ahead of a game in March. So before the bet was placed, he had already given his own scouting report, if you will, to this bettor.

It was a game against the Kings in March. Another bettor who also had access to the information placed an $80,000 parlay bet that ultimately won, get this, $1.1 million. So with the insider information from Jontay Porter, a gambler put $80,000 down and got over a million in return, according to the league. Now, the bet ended up not getting paid. It was placed at DraftKings and it was not paid out. I don't know if that's because it was suspicious at the time or because the NBA started investigating.

I'm not sure why. But then, going back to January, there were sportsbooks that reported a spike in interest on several of Porter's own statistics. Okay, so this is going back to late January, a game against the Clippers, and there were some, not only extreme bets, but it sounds like more than normal bets on Porter's stats, prop bets again. He only played four minutes and then left the game with an injury that he said had been exacerbated. And because of that, he finished under the lines that the sportsbook had set for his statistics in that game. No points, three rebounds, one assist. And so he takes himself out of the game.

He doesn't hit the line when it comes to his own stats. And a sportsbook insider, someone who's familiar with this type of thing and maybe tracks the trends, noticed that there had been a bunch of bets, a surge, kind of a spike in the bets placed on Porter in these particular games. And so when these industry trackers notice that not only are there more bets, but they are worth more money than what is typical, well, it gets flagged. This is, here's the thing, as much as Jontay Porter and these other betters that he was working with think that they can do this in a way that won't necessarily gain a lot of attention, won't necessarily raise any alarms.

The games are so far apart, they're two months apart. The thing is, this is the business of the sportsbooks. This is what they're looking for. This is what they're doing. And so one man and a couple of betters are no match for the various ways that these sportsbooks and even casinos, draft kings, I mean, they are meticulous when it comes to tracking this type of stuff for this exact reason.

They don't want to get taken for a ride. They want to know that the bets are legitimate, not only because, again, they don't want to have to pay out these huge amounts that were manipulated, but also if they lose their reputation, I mean, there's so many other options for betters these days. The Raptors released a statement and said they're fully supportive of the league's decision to ban Jontay Porter from the NBA and are grateful for the swift resolution to this investigation. Now, Vincent Goodwill, who's with Yahoo Sports, he says this should be a cautionary tale to the rest of the athletes in the pro ranks. But Jontay Porter was a two way player, not making anywhere near the exorbitant salaries most NBA players make. The NBA's investigation does remain open while Porter is banned and Porter is also the perfect perpetrator.

He's not a superstar. He's not a player of note, even though his brother is Michael Porter Jr. He is the perfect perpetrator because it sends a message to NBA players, big and small.

Do not mess with gambling because not only will the NBA catch you, Las Vegas is geared to catch you and the NBA will punish you with a swift hand. Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports, he actually believes that it's good that it happened to Jontay Porter because he's not a real significant name or real significant athlete in the NBA. Not a superstar, essentially, is what he's saying. So for that reason, the NBA can use him and hold him up as the poster child and say, here's what happens if you attempt to change the outcome of games or manipulate bets in order to win money. I don't know that I agree with him. I understand his point that it's good that it happened with someone who isn't going to change the reputation or harm the reputation or harm the integrity of the league nearly as much as, say, Shohei Ohtani would for baseball.

But I'm still surprised, I got to tell you, I'm still really surprised, and I said this to Marco Belletti earlier this evening, that I'm not hearing much about it. And he believes it's because people don't know who Jontay Porter is and that's great, but nobody knew who Tim Donaghy was either before he got suspended, well banned, and then went to prison. I just think anybody who's associated with the league, because the idea is if one guy could get away with it for a couple of months, right, I mean he didn't ultimately get away with it, but if one guy will try to do it, don't tell me, and this is what you're going to hear from people, don't tell me he's the only one who's tried it or who's thought about trying it, and that's the issue with having such a heavy gambling presence now, not just in our nation, but also in pro sports. I don't argue that in the least, but I think the reason why everybody is not overly concerned is because nobody knows who the hell Jontay Porter is. That's why it's getting swept under and everybody's kind of laxed and we're, I mean whatever you want to say about gambling, it's now become a part of life, so that's part of it too, and I do feel like there's some thought of, well what are you going to do, everybody's going to gamble because everybody is gambling.

Now I'll say this, and this is going to be unpopular, and I don't care. If you're any league, any sporting league, NBA, NFL, MLB, I don't care, it doesn't matter, MLS, horse racing, if you're going to be involved in the sport, every single one of you, no one can bet on any sport. You want to gamble? Go to a casino? Play cards. You want to play roulette? You go right ahead. You want to play craps? Good luck. You want to hit the slots?

No problem. If you're in the NBA and you place a bet, I don't care where it is. Your living room, on vacation, with your buddy, I don't care where it is, and for what it's for, if it's on any league, I would say you get suspended. I would draw the line there, and I know you could say, well come on, I mean you're making money hand over fist, you're right. And I realize that this is a, I guess against your freedom and your rights, however, you get paid to work in this sport.

You get paid handsomely. One of the drawbacks, one of the unfortunate things that come with it, is gambling can be an issue to the integrity of this sport. You can ruin the fabric of it. You're not allowed to gamble on any sport. Not just yours, all of them.

All the way around. I would prefer that. I'd prefer drawing the line back much farther so that you don't have guys who are placing bets for other people, their friends, da da da da da. And keeping in mind that the leagues are able to track this kind of stuff with the help of different technology and different authorities, and so you're a sitting duck anyway, you might get away with it once, but you're not going to get away with it more than that. I took what Vincent Goodwill said kind of completely differently than what you took it. I took it as he's saying that the leagues and like Vegas and authorities are able to catch it at such a small scale, where that's like a good thing. Where even the guy is like John DePorter, who no one knows who he is, he plays four or five minutes a game, he thinks he can get away with shaving points, shaving the over-unders, because no one's looking at him.

No, they're looking at everybody. No, I agree with you, boss. Here's the problem, though. I don't think anything shakes anybody up anymore until it happens to you. No one ever sees any of this stuff and goes, oh man, I should really pay attention because it happened to him, it could happen to me. We don't live like that anymore. It feels like nobody seems to care about what anybody else does. Something happened to him, ah, that's him.

That's his problem, not mine. That's the way it feels. So I don't think there's anything that's going to shake it and make everybody really get on their P's and Q's unless one, you make everything completely illegal so you don't have any grey, shady area. And two, unfortunately, what's really going to take is we're going to have to have a situation where it's going to be a major name in a major sport and if they get bounced, that'll open everybody's eyes. So you don't think Calvin Ridley was a big enough name? I don't. I don't because I think, look, to the NFL fan, do you know who Calvin Ridley is? Yes.

Did he get spent for a year? Yeah. But it's not a household name. And I don't want to bring up household names because I don't want to imply that they're doing something like this, but you need the guys that you see that are currently playing or have just been, whatever, and you see them on your TV constantly.

You need one of them. One of those guys goes down? Exactly. That's what's going to ruin the integrity and the fabric of this thing. That's what you've got to hope to be against. And I think these leagues, as much as they've taken the money, and I understand why, they've been too laxed on the thought of, well, if we make it just difficult in this way and we just make sure we tell them, you know, you've got to make sure you don't do this. No, it's got to be a no tolerance policy. That's the only thing that anybody will respect to even a modicum of a degree. And I don't think it has anything to do with your freedom to do whatever you want. If you're an employee or a particular company, in this case, a league that has a very strict, if you say, you know, even like expand it so they don't bet at all, has a very strict policy when it comes to all kinds of things.

I mean, their contracts have a lot of different clauses, including behavioral clauses. It's really not that much different than what we have here at the company, even though in the state of New York and, dear Lord, the city of New York that smells like pot nonstop. We are still not allowed to, as employees, use any type of recreational marijuana because we are under federal regulations as a network and it's still illegal under federal law. And so for that reason, the company just sent us emails in the last week reminding us that as employees of this company, because Odyssey, our parent company, is subject to federal regulation, that under federal law, we're still not allowed to smoke pot or to use marijuana in any recreational form. So you are still subject to rules as an employee of a company, whether or not, I mean, it's your choice to not work there if you don't want to. It's his choice to not be an NBA player if he doesn't want to.

No, and I get it. And that's why people get into the idea of what I do on my personal time is my personal time. I'm all for that in a way.

However, not when your personal time and the decisions you can make could destroy the company that you're working for. And unfortunately, I do feel like gambling at some point, we're going to hit something that's going to be enormous because you can't have such open doors all over the place. I'm not against gambling. I'm not against people. You want to wager, you go ahead, you do it legally, whatever you want to do.

I'm all for it. That's you, but not the players and not people that are involved in the organization. Who works for the league, who works for a team.

Because there's too much gray area. I mean, you can't tell me that professional players don't hang out with each other. So you go, well, what's a basketball player got to do with an NFL player? They know each other. Maybe they're buddies. Maybe they know their buddy's knee is all messed up and they got to go with the under. Those are things that I don't want to get into.

And those are the things that they got to get out of. Alright, so if you want to talk about it, we're happy to. 855-212-4227. On Twitter, Alalradio, does it matter to you that an NBA player got caught throwing bets even if he only played a couple of minutes per game? Our Facebook page too. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Probert again. And it goes over the glass. And out of play.

Let's take one more look at that last goal. Matias Michelli. Ratu with the pass. Down low.

16-19. He's heating it up. Matias Michelli with the hands to knock that down on a mid-air. Get it to the forehand, then to the backhand and elevate that clock.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. In case you couldn't hear the fans there in Arizona at Mullet Arena, they were chanting. Yelling is more like it at the top of their lungs. Salt Lake sucks. Salt Lake sucks. Salt Lake sucks. And it's too bad because it's not the fault of Salt Lake that the Coyotes are moving to Utah. It's not Salt Lake's fault that the Coyotes ownership does not want to stay in the desert.

But that's what's expected. A deal that could be signed in the next 24 hours. Because the Coyotes are done. They're done with their regular season. Fans have been dreading this moment.

But it's on the horizon now. And maybe they get hockey back in the future. They've had to deal with a lot. Multiple ownership changes. Different arenas.

Lots of questions about relocation. It kind of reminds me of an athlete who has to constantly deal with questions about getting traded at the deadline or in the offseason. And now there will be a new owner again. The same guy who owns the Utah Jazz.

He's supposed to buy it. And that has to be approved in the NHL. But that could come through as early as this week. And then as soon as the Board of Governors in the NHL signs the deal, and the owner of the Jazz becomes the owner of the Coyotes, he's moving the team to Salt Lake City. Not that different than what's happening with the Oakland A's. Where fans are passionate when it comes to losing the team, but maybe not as passionate when it comes to supporting the team. It's hard to support a team that consistently loses. I get that. You don't want to shell out your hard-earned money for a team that isn't competitive.

So I certainly understand the whole caught between a rock and a hard place type of thing. But the owner is the owner. And if he wants to move the team because he feels like it'll get more support in Utah or just because he wants to expand his business and believes that hockey will be a great fit in Salt Lake City. The Arizona Coyotes were 36-41-5 this season. They weren't the worst team in the West. They weren't the worst team in the NHL.

But there have been some really bleak years around that franchise. Maybe this makes them more competitive. Maybe this turns them into a team that has resources poured in, that has the support consistently. Again, I'm not blaming fans. That is what owners will tell you a lot of times. It's what they're hearing in Oakland about the A's. Well, you didn't support the team, so we're going to move the team somewhere where it gets supported. We'll take your calls next.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You tell Progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance, and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget. Get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust Progressive. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates.

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