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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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April 17, 2024 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 17, 2024 6:05 am

Sacramento Kings insider Sean Cunningham joins the show | Did you see Caitlin Clark on SNL? | Travis Kelce has a new TV gig.


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That will not change. NBA playoffs now underway. Whether or not you like the play-in tournament has sure featured a lot of star power to start in the Western Conference with a bunch of future Hall of Famers. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, they've moved on into the main bracket, a rematch in the Western Conference Finals from a year ago against the Denver Nuggets. And in the second game, is this the end of an era for the Golden State Warriors? And how satisfying for the Kings, as not only do they get some redemption, a little vengeance if you will, but also could be the ones against their Bay Area Big Brothers to say sayonara to that core three. Wow, it's tough to think about, but that's where the Warriors are now, even as the Kings face forward. De'Vion hesitates, circles into the basket, lobs it out to Alex Linn, hands to Keegan, rocks, fires, scores! Oh, that was a quick release that time and it had to be because Graymon Green was right there. Fox now blitzes by Graymon Green, hooks the pass to Ellis, ball fake inside, now drives, sets up the alley-oop, and the conversion by Damodas Sabonis. Add another assist. One of the things we talked about before the game is in a one-game series, usually it's about which team can impose their will on the other team for as close to 48 minutes as possible. And our guys responded. That's the voice of Mike Brown, who of course knows Steve Kerr very well.

They worked together for years. He leads his Kings in a rout of the Warriors on this Tuesday night. It's after hours on Infinity Sports Network and we're pleased to welcome Sean Cunningham from Sacramento, covers the team for the radio network as well as for Fox 40 in the Bay Area. Sean, what's the difference between the game tonight and the game seven a year ago in which the Warriors won?

Well, that's a good question. I hadn't really thought of it like that because there are so many differences in terms of these two teams meeting up in this play-in tournament and what that seven-game series looked like for Sacramento and even Golden State. When you talk about just the young players that kind of emerge in the season, especially on the Warriors side, you see them starting a guy like Trace Jackson Davis and Brandon Pajemski.

Obviously, we saw the way a guy like Kavon Looney really disrupted Domonas Sabonis in that seven-game series and Domas had kind of an up-and-down series and once it seemed like Draymond Green stomped on his chest, things were officiated a little bit differently and he was really struggling with physicality. So, you fast-forward to something like tonight and the interesting thing, if people hadn't been paying attention to the Kings and Warriors and particularly that match-up since that seven-game series, you're talking about you get to the preseason, you play them twice, one of those games is a one-point game. And then you get them four times in this regular season and three of those four games are one-point decided advantages.

They're decided by one point. So, this is something that these teams hang their hat on is just how similar that they are and how dramatic these games are and they're always coming down to the wire. So, obviously, Sacramento limping into the play-in tournament, having lost five of six I think it was at one point and losing some really disappointing games where some big leads had been kind of washed away by the opposition. And obviously, you've got two major, major injuries to Kevin Hurter and Malik Monk and somebody like Monk who plays such a vital role with this team for Sacramento and also in this series with the Warriors. You come in that to this play-in game and you see a team like the Warriors who had won like 12 of 15 I think it was. Really kind of playing their best basketball at a certain point.

So, it all kind of culminated. It's like none of that really matters because you're only playing a one-game winner-take-all scenario. So, I like Sacramento's chances but didn't think it would be a blowout and I honestly didn't think that the Kings would be able to pull it off. The two things we knew about both these teams is they cannot hold on to a lead and here's Sacramento giving up the lead at one point.

The Warriors come storming back and then the Kings just turned it right on them. They not only pulled down 15 offensive rebounds and a bunch of second chance points, they shot the lights out from beyond the arc, often finding a wide open man who could hit the three and then forcing the 16 turnovers which is often the Golden State Achilles' heel. What did you see in their defense in this game? Well, that's something I think it was nice to see this game on national TV for people to learn what the strides that Sacramento have made defensively really since the All-Star break. Can you talk about guys like Keyon Ellis, a former two-way player, undrafted out of Alabama, a former JUCO player.

And then you get a guy like Davion Mitchell who's obviously a national champion with Baylor. And Keegan Murray who's really emerged as one of the team's best defenders as they like to throw his length at Steph Curry and a lot of guards in this league. But really Sacramento's defense has been kind of the story and it's funny because last year they were this high up-tempo efficient shooting team that set a record for offensive efficiency and this year they knew they were going to probably take a little step back in that department. They still want to play fast and be this high-paced offense but Mike Brown comes in as a defensive coach and says, no, we will be known as a defensive team. We want to play physical. We want to play fast. And here they are emerging on national TV to show what this team has been capable of over the past few weeks even in light of these injuries to Kevin Herter. So I think it was a big feather in the cap for those players to kind of show what they've been working on this season and it certainly paid off tonight. Sean Cunningham is with us from Sacramento in the wake of the franchise big victory over the Golden State Warriors who are now done but the Kings move on. Why did they struggle so much with New Orleans this season?

That is the bugaboo. I mean it is funny. We talk about it every single, I mean even when they're not playing the Pelicans, they went 0-5 against them this season and it just comes down to length and physicality. Those teams have tended to give Sacramento fits over the season.

The Kings have been a little bit known of a live by the three, die by the three type of team. You only have to look at tonight where you know you're going burying 18 threes and obviously Keegan Murray had eight of them but the size that New Orleans plays with and the physicality just seems to really do a number on Sacramento. And you look at, we mentioned Damanis Sabonis and what he went through with the Warriors last year, Devon Luni. Well look at obviously a guy like Zion Williamson who may not play on Friday but you have a guy like Zion Williamson and Jonas Valanciunas who's just an absolute Bond villain.

I mean he looks like a Bond villain. He's such a physical force and guys like that really disrupt Sabonis. So it's something that they know that they have to overcome. It kind of played out a little bit in the play-in, or excuse me, the in-season tournament earlier this year. And then again they get guys like Herb Jones and Trey Murphy III and CJ McCollum just reigning threes and fortunately for Sacramento they just played the Pelicans last week and I think having a little bit of familiarity from a week's worth of preparation carrying that over into Friday I think they feel confident. And I think this win over the Warriors, that was one hurdle to get over.

They were hoping, as Davion Mitchell told me after the game, they want this get back. They're glad that it's not the Lakers who is a team that they've had ownership over in this past year. But yeah they're looking forward to at least eliminating the Pelicans with an upset win on Friday in New Orleans and getting their first win over New Orleans this season. How much does that mean in terms of their development as a franchise and in terms of them getting to where the Warriors have been, being a championship contender, that they're not just winning but they're beating teams that have had a fair amount of success against them? Yeah and it's funny because typically those are the teams that they actually play well against or those teams that kind of they have quote unquote no business beating.

You know they kind of rise to the level of their opposition. It's really especially this season has been those lower tier teams where all of a sudden they play to the level of the competition and that team kind of beats them. And I think one of the things that really bothers this team is when the opposition is without their superstars.

So if Zion Williamson for whatever reason with his hamstring injury doesn't play on Friday that almost is a perfect recipe for New Orleans to actually take care of business against Sacramento. But to your question like yeah these are guys that are trying to show that they belong. There's always this small market complex in Sacramento with the Kings and they harp on these awards and recognition that maybe the national media tends to overlook at times. You know you're looking at a guy like Malik Monk he's hurt right now but probably weeks ago he was probably the runaway sixth man of the year and now he's getting some opposition from guys like Nas Reed and Norm Powell. So the thought that Malik Monk not win sixth man of the year even something as tertiary is that Kings fans and even this organization really take that to heart. When you're going up against the teams that have that level of success kind of quieting the narrative and being able to disrupt the apple cart a little bit is something that they take very very personally.

It's a nice mix with this team of guys who as you point out have the offensive side the defensive side or guys that go two ways guys that come from all different places and have different backgrounds. And then the leadership of Mike Brown I think the last time you and I spoke we talked about the impact of Mike having come from a place where they played championship basketball. So how close do you think they are to being able to compete with the best in the West. Yeah I still think they're pretty far off. I mean this is I think you know obviously had the season come to an end tonight it would have been tremendously disappointing. I think these fans here in this town and you know some the narrative might be you know the Kings beating the Warriors ending their season while be it nice wasn't necessarily a series it's just the one game. So keeping that in perspective of being in the ninth seed and if they can get their way into the playoffs would be nice even with these injuries because they've shown for the greater part of this season that they were right around a fifth or sixth seed.

So to see them dip and kind of limp into this play in tournament was certainly a disappointment. I'm curious to see how they'll define success this season and whether or not it will be a failure and we all know that look success isn't a linear line. You finished third in the West last year doesn't mean that you improve upon that number you can finish worse and maybe be situated to make even a more substantial play off run. But for this team I think they know that they've got a lot of their guys locked up long term they wanted to see what this what this team looks like in a playoff series and if they fall short of that I think ultimately that'll be a disappointment. So I do think that this team is still very far from being able to contend but I'll say this Amy even if they're able to get in the I know you know we've certainly seen teams like the Lakers last year in the heat last year go to the Western Conference Finals and even the NBA Finals coming from the play in tournament. If Sacramento even with their injuries gets to a playoff a seven game playoff series especially against a team like OKC who they've had a significant amount of success against really over the past two years but really this year as well. I like I really think there'll be a tough out in a playoff series against really any team including the likes of the Denver Nuggets who they've had the success against this year so I think they're still far off from contending but they'll be a tough out. Still though the smiles on their faces toward the end of this game and post game.

I mean they were huge. This team was elated. Yeah they they really I think it's it's funny it depends on who you talk to right because you know I mentioned I talked to Dave on Mitchell he had talked about just days ago how this is payback this payback or any get him back for for the game seven loss here on the home floor where Steph Curry had that vintage point performance and you know the Warriors still showed that they they still had something in the tank and in their little brother here in Sacramento aren't really quite yet to take over Malik monk who is still a very vocal piece on this team despite maybe being two weeks from returning from an MCL sprain if they can advance that far still talked about how.

No I'm telling them they need payback they have payback and then you get to talk about. You know the modest bonus in the air and Fox who are a little bit more political and just saying no it's a huge accomplishment but we have lost your goals in mind so they are a little bit more political but you can tell like you mentioned those smiles on the on the faces of those players to especially get over some of the hump that some of the adversity that they face when it comes to the defensive side of the ball because last season they were among the worst in the league I think they were 28 overall if I'm not mistaken so this feels like really being able to overcome some of that adversity show that you're. Evolving and improving and Mike Brown is the one who's waving that kind of rallying cry if you will. So Sean you had a chance to see this game and the end of potentially the Warriors core three we don't know that for sure but Clay Thompson said unrestricted free agent.

We know Chris Paul is due 30 million dollars if he's on the roster at some point in June that's not likely to happen so we're at least going to see changes again for the Warriors. Clay though is the big piece has a really tough night goes over 10 including over six from beyond the arc. What did you see with him toward the end of this game. Yeah I even tweeted a video because it was striking to see first of all yeah zero points oh I mean I didn't think even Clay Thompson who's on the other side of his peak if you will to see if to see that type of performance was really really jarring and then to see him kind of as he's heading towards the tunnel he just kind of stops by the bench and you can just see him kind of take it all in for a moment realizing the significance of the moment that this could be his last time. With with this team and in a Warriors jersey and it didn't go the way he wanted obviously but yeah does he go chase the bag. Does he go try and find one final payday I was talking to you know some people cover the Warriors a little bit closely a little closer tonight. So how does this how how could they keep it all together.

How could how could it work. I mean look Joe Laker was paying a ton in luxury tax. He was in court tonight. He looked absolutely miserable and that was it wasn't even halftime yet so I can't imagine how he was feeling after that game. But you're right it feels like the end although I would even argue that last year kind of felt like the end with Bob Meyers leaving but they know that they've re-upped Steve Kerr. You mentioned some of the hurdles they'd have to overcome. I think there's a belief that you know Clay Thompson might be able to settle for a two year thirty million or excuse me a two year sixty million dollar deal with the Warriors.

What the luxury tax looks like whether Chris Paul is still on the team remains to be seen but that might be one way to keep them. But if you're Clay Thompson do you just think enough is enough and go and try to find your one last payday. I guess we'll find out. Definitely check out the video that Sean just referenced on his Twitter in fact we'll retweet it from our show account. But he's on Twitter at Sean S E A N Cunningham and yeah it's pretty significant the way that Clay stops before he leaves the court. He's got a towel on his shoulders. He's already said his goodbyes.

He looks around the arena and he's got a look on his face like man I wonder what if or I better take this all in. So great description from Sean. We appreciate that and we'll share that for sure from Fox 40 Sports. And Sean it's good to talk to you.

I know the Kings are not done. You'll have more work to do. Thanks so much for sharing your insight for a couple of minutes. Oh anytime. We're a fan of you out here Amy. Love the show. Thanks for having me on. Thanks Sean.

Have fun. Yeah that video is I mean it's worth watching if you are a Warriors fan or even if you're just a Clay Thompson fan an NBA fan. You can tell that he is wearing it. He's carrying it and whether or not it is the last time for him in the Bay Area. The last time wearing a Warriors uniform.

Certainly not the way that he would want to end any season regardless of what's to come in the following months. But yeah the way he stops and looks around and seems to just take it all in with his eyes one more time. It's significant. So we'll share that on our Twitter at Amy After Hours. That's also where you can send your questions for Ask Amy Anything which is not changing. Comes up on this hump show edition of your favorite late night and overnight show on Facebook as well.

Also the same After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Now we still got a lot to do from the WNBA. I mean the record interest carries over from women's college hoops and the Final Four and all the viewers to the WNBA draft. Never have we had so many people tune in to a WNBA draft and there were some fun surprises to be sure. Like one of Kaitlyn Clark's teammates getting drafted when she wasn't expecting it. So we'll hear from Kaitlyn.

Actually she did an interview with, who was it? Good Morning America. Thank you. Okay it wasn't on the sheet. Good Morning America.

I was not awake at that time. But it was good to not only hear her but see her smile and she shares some humor about her SNL appearance. If you didn't see that it was actually pretty cute. So we'll let you hear a little bit more from the number one overall draft pick even as the WNBA tips off play next month. So she's got a lot on her plate. Plus speaking of a lot on her or his plate, Travis Kelce has a new TV gig. Oh gosh just wait. It's so perfect for Travis Kelce.

It's not even funny. And speaking of the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes answers questions about Rashee Rice and Hollywood Brown though they are in decidedly different situations right now. So we'll get into a little bit of football because voluntary workouts, voluntary workouts are taking place.

And no the NFL is not allowed to make them mandatory but labeled involuntary. That's not how it works. I hope that you survived your Tuesday. We're ushering you forward through this middle portion of the workweek.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on the Infinity Sports Network. You are listening to the Call from Mom. Answer it.

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Getting you to the good half of your week. It's the HUB show on after hours. You know the voice now in fact even as I look up on the screen in front of me, there's a promo of Kaitlyn looking all fierce crossing her arms like she's tough as the number one overall pick next to a logo of the Indiana Fever and you've already heard I'm sure how the fever have been selling tickets in a way that they've never seen before. Ticket prices had nearly doubled the last I saw. And if you're wondering about Kaitlyn Clark jerseys.

Well, it's going to be hard to find one. They have become the hottest ticket in sports memorabilia and sports merchandise. Already record setting, which is crazy, highest selling jersey on draft night of any athlete in any sport in the history of the company fanatics. What?

That's according to Michael Rubin the fanatics CEO Kaitlyn's jersey was the highest selling the most in demand of any athlete on a draft night in fanatics history. Except that it doesn't surprise me. Really what happens now. And what happens next.

That's where the work is done. It is kind of funny though. And I think great, not funny as in haha funny as and it makes me smile that the likes of Kaitlyn Clark, holding up or Indiana Fever jersey is paired with a photo of Trevor Lawrence, with his draft night jersey of the Jaguars.

Because that's what we're talking about. That her jersey sales surpassed Trevor Lawrence for the most ever on a draft night. And you hear her interviewed by Holly Rowe after she's picked number one overall. The draft held on ESPN and the numbers were through the roof. Viewership peaked at more than 3 million people. Now it'll pale in comparison to the NFL draft, I get that.

But that's not the point. More than 3 million people tuned in at the highest point, most watched, it was 3 million people. For a WNBA draft that never had more than 600,000 before last night.

That's the part that's critical. The audience four times as many viewers as last year's draft. And the record goes back to Diana Taurasi when she was the number one draft pick overall. It was barely more than 600,000 in 2004. That's the previous record, 600,000 viewers.

And on average, Monday night's draft was just under 2.5 million. So we had asked you on our show Twitter with a poll and then also on our Facebook page. Did you watch past Kaitlyn Clark? Did you watch past her getting selected or really the coronation of her as the number one overall pick? And a lot of you said you did. Some of you told me that you watched all the way through, that you were interested in Angel Reese and Camila Cardoso. Maybe you wanted to see what happened with Cameron Brink. And I think it got a lot of story or a lot of play too because of the Steph Curry and Sonia Curry connection. But that was just our audience.

Some of you had to be snarky. Wait, that's on TV? The WNBA still plays? Oh yeah.

All of those things. And you can make as many jokes as you want, but right now the WNBA will take all of this attention. And so will the Fever. And their ticket sales are unlike they've ever been before.

Not to mention fanatics. Really anything right now that's connected to Kaitlyn Clark, including Saturday Night Live. Did you all see over the weekend? Now she had talked to us about her pretty frenetic schedule.

That might be putting it mildly since the Final Four. They flew home from Cleveland. She said she drove directly from Iowa City to have dinner with her parents. She spent the night. She drove back the next day. They had the big celebration for the seniors in which they announced they were retiring her number. That was a Wednesday night, if I remember correctly.

7,000 people on hand. And from that point, she said, I flew to L.A. And then I flew to New York. Back and forth doing interviews. But finding time for Kaitlyn Clark, in which she took aim at another host for his sexist jokes. I am a fan, Kaitlyn, by the way. Really, Michael? Because I heard that little apron joke you did. Well, yeah, it was a joke. We're just having fun, you know? You make a lot of jokes about women's sports, don't you, Michael? I wouldn't say a lot, but, you know, not on the regular. Yeah, no, it's definitely a lot.

I actually sort of made a super cut. Take a look. Well, no, we don't have to do that. A number of sports bars around the country are promising to only show women's basketball games during March Madness.

The bars are known collectively as the empty ones. Iowa's final four game against UConn was the most watched women's college basketball game ever, with 14.2 million viewers beating the previous record by 14.2 million viewers. Wow. Calling with the receipts. Thanks, man. No problem. You know, unlike Che, I support women. Good for you, Kaitlyn Clark. And good for the SNL crew putting that series of clips together from Michael Che with his sexist jokes. Now, I get it. There are a lot of people who are making those types of jokes. I wouldn't say that every type of, every joke at the expense of women's sports or men's sports, either sexist or chauvinist or has anything to do with gender.

Sometimes they're just jokes. But it's awesome that Clark was on hand and that she was able to draw a few laughs and she deadpaned that she did a great job. But apparently she was pretty nervous, as she tells Good Morning America. I was so nervous. I've never been so nervous for something in my life. Basketball on the national stage, easy. But that was like, before they rolled me into the set, I was like, my heart was pounding out of my chest. But it went okay.

She said basketball on the national stage, easy. Oh, yeah, that's because she has learned how to deal with pressure. I feel like it's something that just comes with it. And honestly, I don't feel a lot of it. I think it's kind of just come with how I've carried myself and how I've, you know, gone about my business every single day. And I think that's what I try to do the most. But at the same time, like I always remind myself, like, this is a team sport. I have a lot of people to rely on. And then outside of basketball, like, I always rely on my friends and my family to be there and support me.

So I think those are the biggest things. Like, I never really, at times you can definitely feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. But more than anything, like, to me, like, this is fun. Like, it's a game. Like, just enjoy it.

Like, how lucky am I? So far, there's not a whole lot that she said that doesn't make you like her even more. Because she always talks about her teammates, one of whom got drafted on Monday night when she was there to support Kaitlyn.

Wasn't sure she'd hear her name called, but she did. She always talks about the relationship with her coach. She is constantly going team, team, team, team, team.

Not I, I, me, me, I, I, me, me. As much as she's the driving force. And it's clear that she's knowledgeable about the others in the game. She's complimentary. She's humble. And I think the reason that she doesn't trip up, quote, unquote, is because this is her. Maybe she changes over the years.

I don't know. Steph Curry didn't. And I know you are probably laughing or snickering, maybe even sneering about my comparison. But there's a lot of parallels between her skyrocketing to superstardom before she ever hits the pro ranks. And Steph Curry's introduction to superstardom as a skinny little sophomore.

Sorry, Steph. At Davidson, who shot the lights out in the NCAA tournament. I mean, do you guys remember how the jersey hung off of him? He doesn't even look like the same guy anymore. But we were captivated by the way he could shoot the basketball.

We were captivated by the handles, not the love handles, the other handles. It was phenomenal to watch him play. The nation followed along as Davidson got to the Elite Eight. He went back to school. They made another run to the NCAA tournament.

And the love affair was born with Steph Curry. And he's gotten into the pros. And here's the thing, people wonder if Kaitlyn will succeed as well at the pro level.

And there's no guarantee. She's got to stay healthy. But talent is talent. Basketball knowledge, basketball IQ, court vision, that translates on any level. It doesn't matter if you're playing against 18-year-olds, as Diana Taurasi wants to point out, or if you're playing against the best in the world. She's done some USA basketball camps.

She's been part of USA Juniors. She's played against really good talent. But her passing and her court vision aren't going to go away because she's playing at the next level. Steph Curry struggled when he first got into the NBA. It's not that he forgot how to shoot, but he was little. And there were a lot of physical guards who were ready to take aim at him and play physical with him. That was the scouting report on Steph Curry.

Body him up, bump him, push him around, make him work his ass off, the shot will go away. Or he'll get hurt. And do you remember, he had foot issues early in his NBA career. But he got to the point where he was stronger, he was more durable, and I know he's had some freak injuries. But the pounding that he's taken over the course of his career, and he's still out there. And his career has been nothing short of marvelous.

It's been record setting. He's a Hall of Famer. I don't know that Kaitlyn Clark will be a Hall of Famer, but I do know that she's got all the tools that she needs, not to mention the support of people around her.

Family, friends, teammates, coaches. And she relies on them, as she said there on Good Morning America. At the very least, she has everything she needs.

There's no such thing as a sure thing in sports because injuries and everything else. But she's got the right perspective, and that can make all the difference. And so yeah, it was kind of cool. We told you on our last show that Kait Martin and a few other teammates and friends made the trip to Brooklyn. They were in the stands, they bought tickets, or they had tickets given to them, but they were sitting in the balcony. And they were there to support Kaitlyn, and she ends up hearing her name get called when the Las Vegas Aces draft 18th, so it was early in the second round. And as you can imagine, Lisa Bluder, who was also there on hand, was thrilled for both of her former Hawkeyes. They're so happy for Kaitlyn and her family, but what a blessing that Kait Martin was here.

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It just popped into my brain. Can you imagine how happy Caitlin is for Kate? I mean, she's absorbed so much of the attention. She carries it well, of course. She's always spoken so highly of not just her teammates. She calls them her best friends and she brings them along to the draft. They probably were hoping that Kate would hear her name call, but there was no guarantee. Caitlin's moment.

It happens. Everybody's there to support her. The place goes nuts. There's a thousand people at this theater, by the way, they sold out tickets very quickly.

Probably could have sold out the Barclays if they had had the opportunity to move it there in Brooklyn. And then I hope Caitlin wasn't doing an interview. I hope that she was able to participate in being so happy for her teammate who also got her name called. That's awesome.

I can imagine if it were me, how thrilled I'd be that I get to share that with Kate. So that's cool. All right. I'm going to send your questions for Ask Amy Anything on our show, Twitter at Amy After Hours, how to change the name, how to get rid of the CBS.

I don't know who took After Hours. We're going to have to figure out, maybe we can make a deal, like a Jersey swap. Hey, will you let us use at After Hours if we give you some After Hours swag? It's a fair trade.

I feel like that's a really fair trade. Our vote number is 855-212-4227. It's 855-212-4CBS. Travis Kelsey has got a new gig. It's not his podcast. The New Heights podcast is going strong, I suppose. I don't listen in the off season.

But he's got a new TV gig and I'm telling you, this fits him to a T. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Man, I'll tell you what, man, I'm going to go ahead and enjoy this one. And everything that just happened, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I've been able to go through three times now. And man, it gets sweeter and sweeter every time, baby.

You got to fight for your right! Believe it, baby, I'll see y'all next year. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Oh, classic Travis Kelsey and the Chiefs Radio Network. Boy, did he surge toward the end of the season.

You may remember on his New Heights podcast with brother Jason. He was lamenting how crappy, I'm paraphrasing, they were playing, all of the offense was playing or all the receivers were performing or not, I should say, for Patrick Mahomes. But they got it together after that Christmas Day embarrassment against the Raiders. They were able to find their footing. Maybe that spurred them on. It kind of broke them to the point where they realized it's either put up or shut up. We're about to go out in a ball of flames if we don't get our act together, which they did.

And once they did, they never lost again. Can they three-peat? Someone asked me that question on our Facebook page as a part of asking me anything. You know, I have zero clue. Can they? Yes. Will they? I don't know.

It's on our show Twitter at Amy After Hours or our Facebook page. It's got an ugly, distended logo right now that's kind of cut off. You can't even really read it. I got to fix it. I'm sorry.

I'll get to it. It's been a crazy start to the week. For Travis Kelce, he's got a little time in the offseason and so he's decided to add something new to his repertoire. Kelce and Amazon have come to an agreement to collaborate, cooperate, coexist on a new edition of Are You Ready? The TV show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. It's so perfect for Travis Kelce. It's so perfect. So yes, Prime Video just announced on Tuesday that Kelce is the new host.

And it's a play on that original hit. So it's probably not going to be fifth graders. It's going to be celebrities, right? So it's like a spit off version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, but with celebrities. I was kind of more into watching Travis Kelce do battle and trivia against fifth graders. That would be great. In fact, I think they should have some celebrity fifth graders or maybe that's the way that it goes.

You bring in kids to see if they're smarter than a celebrity like Travis Kelce or celebrity's kids or Taylor Swift. Do you think she'll make a cameo? Gosh. As much as many of you are annoyed by all of the updates or the shots of her in a game which lasted all of 13 seconds of your life that you'll never get back. I'm telling you, outside of the football world, people cannot get enough. Everywhere they go, everything they do, everything that's on social media, every video, every interaction. I keep up with pop culture to a point.

And so I read TV websites and I look at people headlines and that kind of stuff. It's every day. Every day they're enjoying their time at Coachella, in case you were wondering. I saw a headline yesterday, it was, can we expect wedding bells soon for Travis and Taylor? Right.

Right, of course. Anyway, Travis Kelce, who's kind of busy, but not as busy as he will be in a couple months, has been signed to host Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity, which is a spin off of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. And this is his statement, I grew up loving game shows and I'm excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons by hosting my very first one with Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity. The original show is a great success, so to be bringing a new format with everyone's favorite celebrities to the screen will definitely be entertaining. I'm just happy to be on the hosting side and excited to see how these famous faces keep up. Are you smarter than a celebrity? You know the question is going to be, will Taylor Swift be one of the celebrities?

Because they're going to have to have the celebrity that's the, not the guinea pig, but the test subject, if you will. That's his thing. Right? Let him have his own thing. Oh, okay. Let him have his own thing.

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