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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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March 19, 2024 6:06 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 19, 2024 6:06 am

Happy first day of Spring! And that means Baseball. Plus a HUGE Anthony Edwards dunk | A caller who says he's been hypnotized | The Final Four of... what!?


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See store for details. Old Man Winter here. If I had it my way, it would stay winter all year long.

Short days, wind chill, black ice and a good polar vortex, heaven. Wait, is it getting warm in here? Your cold snap is over, Old Man Winter. Spring has arrived.

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Call 562-314-4603 for details. Would you believe that today, today my friends, Tuesday, March 19th is the first day of spring or really the first night of spring. It doesn't happen until much later, but it is Tuesday, March 19th, and the winter is nearly behind us. Although I know there are a lot of places who've gotten a bunch of snow, a friend of mine in Colorado, 16 inches last week, and it's cold in my neck of the woods. So New Jersey neighborhood, Bob was putting together the bike that I bought him for Christmas.

So that was his Christmas gift, but we didn't want to get it until he was ready. And so over the weekend, he finally ordered his new bike and putting it together out on the patio gave up about halfway through because he was too cold. It was chilly. Temps in the 30s with the wind chills, and that was in the middle of the day.

And I just looked a little while ago and the wind chills are now in the low 20s in my neighborhood. We've got a hiking trip planned for part of the weekend. And so it's hiking and basketball this weekend, really looking forward to it. But he's a little nervous that there might be snow because there is actually snow in the forecast for the part of the Catskills where we're headed. I'm all in for the snow and the cold. I am OK with that, but I know I got to ease him in gently. You got weather.

He'd rather be on his bike. I'd rather hang on to a little bit of the cold weather for a while. But either way, it's officially spring in just a few hours. Tuesday, March 19th, of course, you would think spring would be a perfect time to run a half marathon. I'm not sure how many of you were signed up for those late March during the month of April. I tried one in April last year. It was real busy and it was kind of hard to finish the training. And I felt like it was cramming too much into a month that's already so chaotic and hectic between two different jobs. Plus the Final Four and the Masters and hoops and hockey playoffs starting. So this year I got smart and I scheduled my next half marathon for the end of March. Saturday, March 30th.

Great. Except the training takes place in wintertime. And I did run on Saturday. Got a great day to run on Saturday.

Temps were in the 50s. It was blustery out, but it wasn't terrible. Managed to do some hills. I was spent. I think I ran for an hour and 47 minutes and the three ginormous hills, massive hills that I went up, they nearly knocked me out, kicked my butt.

But I managed. So this coming week, late this week, is supposed to be my longest training run of about two hours. And I thought Thursday will be good. I'll get done with it during a break in basketball or do it during a break in basketball.

In fact, I like to listen to basketball on Westwood One sometimes when I'm running or working out. And then I looked at the temps. Oh yeah. Gusty winds.

With the wind chills, highs in the 30s. Well, that sounds like fun. Yes, let's do two hours of that. Except the alternative is the treadmill. I cannot do two hours on the treadmill.

I get so bored and all I do is stare at the numbers. The clock, whether it's going up or down, it seems like it's moving so slowly. And it takes an hour to run a quarter mile.

And judging by the display on the treadmill, it feels like an hour for every quarter mile. I can't do it. I can't.

I can't. Well, for your last half marathon, you had the treacherous rain and... Oh no, it wasn't just a rain. It was a tropical storm. Literally a tropical storm.

And 60 mile per hour winds. And you did that. Right. But I did not enjoy it. That's true. I suppose if there's no rain, then I'm better off.

But running in gale force winds is not my idea of a good time. So here we go. Anyway, welcome spring, March 19th. And that means so much happening in the world of sports. We're just days away from March Madness, both the men's and women's. We've got bracket challenges in both the men's and women's games this year. We've never done a women's bracket challenge. We're hoping you'll get excited about it. I know a lot of you are telling me, I'd rather watch the women this year than the men. Great.

Well, we've got a bracket challenge for both. is the platform. We've put the links up on our show Twitter after our CBS.

You can also find them on my Twitter, A Law Radio. If you already signed up in the past, you should have an active email. I hope you have an active email.

Maybe it's one of those junk emails that you use. Either way, it's going to generate an email invite to you automatically if you play with us in the past. And honestly, Jay, I think that if they sign up, if they played in the past and they sign up for the men's bracket challenge, it'll give them the option of the other bracket games. So hopefully the women's link will be right there. But either way, we've put a post up on both Twitter and our Facebook page and we're inviting you to check that out. We're going to do the women's bracket as well because I think there's a lot of excitement around some.

Fresh blood is the top seed. Texas hasn't been there in forever. USC with the freshmen, the incredible freshman Juju Watkins. They've got the field of 68 now and so they've also got the play-in games similar to what the men do in Dayton. So that and then NBA and NHL playoffs on the horizon too. The Masters is just a few weeks away.

And how about this? The Major League Baseball season starts tomorrow. Well tomorrow Korea time, as in March 20th Korea time. So I suppose that puts us a little behind the eight ball. But the Padres and the Dodgers have been there.

They've practiced. There's fans that are buzzing about Shohei Ohtani and Yamamoto and my old friend Eduardo Perez. He was giving this report on Sirius XM MLB radio just to kind of set the scene from Korea. I think a lot of the Korean fans are still in shock that the Dodgers are really here.

Shohei Ohtani is really here, that Ah Sung Kim is really back home in Korea. I was there yesterday for the first inning of the game. I saw a couple innings better said I saw like four innings of the first game Dodgers against Ki-woo Heroes and let's put it this way. Both teams were getting ready to hit and no one knew who was going to be the home team. It was very comical.

Mookie Betts and Shohei Ohtani are on the on deck circle waiting for the Ki-woo Heroes to take the field and the Ki-woo Heroes leadoff hitter and second hole hitter are also on deck ready and waiting for the Dodgers to take the field. It was comical. It was really comical. Forget whether or not it's official and professional and it looks like it's supposed to or would in the states.

Who cares? This is about the joy of the game and I think it's really cool that Major League Baseball is making this series available in Asia. They're doing this where Korean fans are gaga over Shohei Ohtani which I mean American fans are gaga over Shohei Ohtani too and Eduardo Perez there on Sirius XM MLB setting the scene and yeah it's still a little bit confusing and they're not exactly sure how this is supposed to go but it's kind of cool that the baseball season officially opens with Dodgers and Padres and you want to talk about an electric atmosphere as fans will flock anywhere to see Ohtani. Jay just said to me I got him in my fantasy draft. Scooped him up. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. The rest of Major League Baseball starts next week so March 28th is when we get the bulk of the team so it's kind of that universal opening day which we had last year other than Dodgers and Padres and in the NL West Blake Snell has landed. Not the eagle just the Snell but this has been pretty typical of Scott Boras clients. He gets a two-year deal but an opt-out after the first 31 million dollars so yes a higher average annual value but a short-term contract so the Giants are not beholden to him if it doesn't work out and yeah he's the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner he was with the Padres he's been waiting waiting waiting I mean they're days out from the start of the season but this has been the issue teams are not willing to give Scott Boras clients these bloated deals that lock them up for a decade and you wouldn't do that with Snell anyway because he's 31 but it happened with Cody Bellinger and with Matt Chapman giving shorter deals that force the players to put up or shut up so to speak and so it's 62 million dollars if he gets both years and he's been pitching simulated games he's in Seattle that's his hometown but now just days away from the start of the season how quickly can he get ready there were teams like the Astros the Angels the Yankees that apparently were interested in Snell but weren't going to match the money he was getting from the Giants and the average annual value and part of the challenge is that he's wildly inconsistent so he's got wicked stuff still but he doesn't go super deep into games he's kind of risky and he takes risks and he doesn't mind going big or going home so to speak well and walking guys around the bases he led the majors and walks last year that's astounding for a Cy Young Award winner led the majors and walks I think it speaks to the quality of the pitching in the National League as well and so yeah he's a two-time Cy Young winner but it took him this long to get a deal it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio so we've got baseball we've got the Masters just weeks away March Madness of course and the stretch runs now in both hoops and hockey and it wasn't that long ago we were wondering aloud if Anthony Edwards would be able to carry the Minnesota Timberwolves well I don't know if he keeps hurting himself on the rim probably not was it out of ten days ago or so that he smacked his head on the bottom of the rim going up to make a game-saving block I never jump to have my life well this time it was on offense if you haven't seen this highlight do yourself a favor and check it out in fact we might be able to retweet it from the Timberwolves account or the NBA account on our show Twitter it's a monster moment for Anthony Edwards and again I think he might be not just elevating his game but he's elevating enough to get it hurt on the rim again Akhil reached in on Keontae George and turned him over it's another Keontae George turnover and goes up for the dunk and thunder slams it in traffic over John Collins and may have hurt his left hand he comes right to the bench that was sick he took off launching himself to the iron Collins is down and comes over to the wolves bench and he's actually gone back up the tunnel I wonder if he might have hit his finger on the rim and maybe dislocated something it looks down to this left hand oh my god hey that's my best knock on my career I'm not gonna lie that's oh you've had some good ones I didn't even react because I dislocated my finger you see it on your left on your left hand too I couldn't react to I wish I could have reacted to it I wish I could have gone Bally Sports North after the game you can tell he's watching a highlight of the dunk over John Collins again if you haven't seen it it's mesmerizing it's a mesmerizing massive moment for Edwards he on a turnover so the Timberwolves get the defense they turn over the the Jazz and there's a fast break and so he gets the ball about the free throw line he's jumping sideways he's not even jumping completely facing the rim he goes up and leap frogs John Collins now he didn't quite get all the way over him so he kind of comes down on top of him but that also just adds the insult to the injury and then dislocates his finger on the rim so last time he told us that he had a bruise on the like his head hurt in my head I think on a rim he had his head on the underside of the rim he said that his head hurt now he dislocates his finger stop tangling with the iron the iron is always going to win but yeah freaking amazing moment and by the way I went to school with Alan Horton who is the play-by-play voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves and I can see his face saying that was sick that's that's how he talks that is that was sick we need that as a drop it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio so yeah Anthony Edwards finishes with 32 points eight rebounds nope eight assists seven rebounds two blocked shots a partridge and a pear tree and one monster highlight dunk I want to see it again I didn't see it I've seen several of those rim attacks at the end of transition like that thought that was really what kind of flipped the game around for us just from an emotional point of view we needed a really big play that was sick sick that was great and yeah if you thought the Timberwolves were going to fade backward well think again they're still hanging around the Thunder have a half game lead right now over the Wolves and the defending champion Nuggets in the Western Conference so they are hanging tight not so much for the Golden State Warriors they're a mess they lose again last night and this time it's the Knicks at the Chase Center Jalen Brunson has 34 Deuce McBride has 29 he outscores Steph Curry and so this is a game in which though the Knicks led wire to wire they were able to maintain a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter and really don't give it up and now you've got a Warriors team that is below 500 at home remember last year they couldn't win on the road to save their lives now they can't seemingly put forth a winning product at home it's unusual obviously I think we're under 500 at home that's been our staple you know I'm giving ourselves a little cushion every season for the last however long so it's a challenge that we have to overcome at some point down the stretch of the season I don't think it's a lack of effort I think it's you know just you know we weren't good enough that simple you know we did we just did not play well enough and you know we it's disappointing because you know we got these three home games here this week and we wanted to get off on the right track and you know but that's a really good team and and they just come they just outplayed us simple as that yeah here's the crazy part and I just am blown away by the the differences between the two conferences east and west the Knicks are fourth place in the eastern conference right now and because of the lead of the Celtics who have already clinched a playoff spot again fourth place in the east they're 14 games above 500 they're 13 back of the Celtics now it doesn't mean anything really it just means you're not going to grab the top seed but at the next day in the fourth place spot well they could have a home court advantage in the first round but then compare that to the west where the top 10 teams and so warriors are right now sitting in the 10 spot the top 10 teams aren't even separated by 13 games I mean that's crazy they're so bunched together in the west that yeah if the Warriors could go on a run here in their final what is it 15 games to go they could overtake the Lakers I don't right now to get to the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns and that 7-8 spot is a tall order but they're they're only four games out of that sixth place spot which is how you avoid the 7-10 play-in tournament but I don't know they really can't be looking at standings anymore because they're below 500 at home they're barely above that Mendoza line overall and they really can't seemingly gain any momentum maybe a week or two ago 60 was the motivation right now I think I could care less about where you're at it's just the consistency of how we're playing that's the most important thing because honestly who cares what seeds you are if you play like we did at night six seven eight nine ten whatever it is doesn't matter you're not gonna get very far so that's the perspective and the focus doesn't really matter where the standards are he makes a good point you're playing like this you're not gonna win a title anyway so what does it matter what seed you are we're playing stupid and it's befuddling too because they have all the pieces on paper they've got some really good young players draymond's green and draymond's green draymond's back and he's behaving himself step is step though he didn't shoot well last night the knicks I mean they've they got a defense that'll they'll kind of rough him up they'll play physical on him they just they didn't play well at all really and it yeah it's it's kind of frustrating I'm sure for them because they just can't get it together long enough to make any kind of headway on twitter a law radio I find our bracket challenges for both men and women also on our facebook page and we got a caller who tells us he's been hypnotized and it worked huh I gotta hear this it's a likely story we'll get to him coming up it's after a call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollars per order additional terms apply shall I take your order or do you need a minute yes I'll be ready just buying a car on Carvana what it's super convenient I already got pre-qualified in two minutes all I had to do was answer a few questions what that's handy yeah now I'm customizing my down in monthly payments what that's an exquisite deal and just like that Carvana is delivering my car in a couple days what oh yeah uh sorry I'll have the burrito visit to finance your next car financing subject to credit approval delivery fees may apply after the end of a good fight you deserve an ice cold reward medella the mark of a fighter you've earned this rich golden lager with a crisp refreshing taste because you know the bigger the fight the better the reward you put in the hours the energy the tough you are a fighter and medella is your reward medella the mark of the fight trick responsibly beer imported by crown and port chicago illinois of course with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence were there some words bleeped out there muted out this is a family program especially in the final hour when peeps are maybe in the car or waking up getting ready i had one of my fifth grade boys tell me on sunday morning that if he has to be somewhere at nine o'clock his parents have to wake him up at 6 a.m because he's that bad of a morning person he's 10 three hours that's what he said i said in response oh well good thing you're a boy and you don't have to worry about you know all the extra things to get ready i said girls generally take longer to get ready than boys oh no no not me if my parents wake me up at six i might be out of bed by eight he said they get so mad at me like what wowzers you're 10 how can you be so tired at 10 i mean once i got to high school i would always hit snooze or mom would wake me up and then she'd have to come get me again so that you know what always did it my brother i could hear him he would run downstairs he would eat the rest of the apple jacks and he would use all the milk and sometimes he would get this extra large bowl because he he wanted to make sure i didn't get any so yeah what i heard would be my brother rustling around the cereal box downstairs and so that would get me out of bed but i can understand when you're in high school and you play sports you get a lot of homework you're 10 well how is it gonna be hard to get out of bed at 10 got a rude awakening it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio in other words wake up 855-212-4227 mike is listening in vancouver and is responding because we were talking earlier about being hypnotized so you've actually gone through it i have what was it like uh back in the late 80s a bunch of us were in the bar and there was a hypnotist there and my buddies were like uh they talked me into going up and i wouldn't have believed it myself had they not got bought the video there's a video but the hypnotist made me believe that i had a pet rabbit and then he took it from me and then punted it like a football ouch and i literally choked him out on the stage because he punted your pet rabbit because he punted my pet rabbit and killed my rabbit uh why would he do that i just home dang it i really wanted to hear the story oh so bummed that was a letdown that is a letdown i didn't even get a chance to ask him how he got hypnotized maybe mike and vancouver won't call back and we won't allow him to be on the air because once you have we just played a song that i bleeped out words yeah they were bleeped he did not bleep his word out how does he not understand that you can't say that on the air either way maybe he'll call back and tell you how was the hypnotist swinging a pendulum a pendant a ball in front of him jay tried a yo-yo once on his friends it didn't work it did not work this guy was a yo-yo like so this guy he was dealing with a professional well he said there was a stage yeah so some there must have been a performance area at the bar there right and the hypnotist was on the stage and he says he has video but i need to know how he was hypnotized yeah that's what we didn't get there was a lot to that story that was going somewhere and he ruined it unfortunate mike and vancouver it's a family program maybe we still scars him just on the heels of saying this is a family program we have to be careful wake up but we do it using appropriate language oh what a cute little pink bunny rabbit oh i will love him and squeeze him and call him george i will name him george and i will hug him and pet him and squeeze him i don't you don't remember this of course because a few years ago you and i were not working together but during the pandemic when march madness was cancelled gosh it's hard to believe that was four years ago but during that time we wanted to come up with some way to get people excited still about final four we just wanted to play off final four because there was no hoops and it was a big disappointment so we came up with four different final four categories and over the course of four days or nights during the time when the final four would have been held we asked people to name their final four breakfast foods which might have been my favorite final four zoo animals that was very popular final four movie soundtracks oh people loved that i still debate with people over the final four movie soundtracks i cannot remember what the fourth category was those are the three i remember i cannot recall the fourth however if i was smart it would have been final four cartoons people love cartoons and even if they don't watch them anymore they still have memories meant many do i think now my nieces well they grew up watching anime so japanese animation and those type of i don't know they call count as cartoons i'm not sure if the clone wars count as cartoons probably not probably just animation but final four cartoons jay maybe we need to bring back one of those categories or come up with a new final four blah blah blah i like cartoons you know that hadn't been done already that's a great one well we didn't do that one but i can't remember the fourth category is there a way to go back i suppose there is a way to go back and google myself on twitter advanced search you ever use that you can probably like keywords like after hours or just top four whatever and it'll bring you to anything that you've ever tweeted or any tweet that's ever been tweeted oh my gosh well i could i could use let's say i could use the search engine and just do after hours cbs right and then from there search final four uh-oh final four after hours cbs oh shoot this is tough okay i'm gonna try that and see what comes up because i really need to know the the other category oh there's a video that pops up of you of 2016 tom isaac and i making our final four picks the official after hours final four picks video would you like to do one of those jay and we can do one of those hmm let's see going going going net net net going going going oh okay there here's one oh wow your final four movie soundtracks okay that's one final four zoo animals oh my gosh jay april 1st 2020 april 3rd 2020 final four breakfast foods are you ready those are the three i remember dun dun dun dun uh-oh where's the other one found it april 2nd 2020 thank you twitter your final four upsets of all time which also got a ton of responses so i know that was a good category and i'm happy with it but i feel like it's more fun to go outside sports cartoons is fun cartoons your final four cartoons hmm i like it let's do it so we did final four breakfast foods which i'm telling you was really popular final four zoo animals also sneaky popular final four movie soundtracks we almost broke the internet so i suppose the reason i couldn't remember final four upsets is because it was meh well compared to those amazing categories so if you can think of something better than or more appealing than final four cartoons final four holidays would be fun except we're more limited there's only what 20 20 something holidays can you think of any other cat can you think of any other categories i'm i definitely can off the top of my head at this moment i need a second but do you yeah jay's a thinker i'm good yeah if it was up to jay we final four candy that's a great one there we go final four cartoons final four candy how old are we old enough seven years old all right on twitter a law radio if you want to join the after hours bracket challenge we've got men and we've got for the first time ever a women's bracket challenge also on facebook our phone number mike and vancouver sorry you've lost your privileges eight five five cute little fake bunny ow ow that was sick it's a complete crap we need a new montage of our our best drops our great drops here on the show jay's back there with like a puppeteer he's got the marionette strings it's a complete crap he's pulling marionette strings and forcing athletes and coaches to say what he wants that was sick it's fantastic all right let's see i'm not sure what i want to do next it's gonna be a surprise it's gonna be one of those pick them categories just on jeopardy don't they have pick em's it's like a i don't think they call them that but you pick the category you don't or you pick the square and you don't know what it is i know jeopardy maybe it's not jeopardy maybe there is a game show where no it's a board you're running a board and you pick i thought you watched jeopardy every night i do you know the categories usually when you're playing jeopardy you'll be like but don't they have ones where they have little question marks and you don't know what it is no not a jeopardy you always know yeah you pick a number like you know whatever for 400 yeah no i got you i play jeopardy but i mean i played jeopardy i my grandmother and i used to play it when i was with her but i thought there was some time where there'd be kind of a surprise like the daily double do you mean no there'd be a category where you didn't exactly know what it was but okay maybe i'm remembering maybe it's just a certain game you watch completely wrong i just i'll just i'll withdraw i'll withdraw i've been calling you back and he says on twitter you should just bring them all back so we have a lot of new listeners obviously since 2020 maybe we should maybe we should go through final four week and bring back our categories back thank you darko it's after hours with amy lawrence i don't know let's consider that jay this might be a time might be time to resurrect i think it's four years later oh the perfect synergy final fours might be final four shoes okay maybe not i love shoes final four flowers sneaker fan uh sneaker head as they say not a sneaker head more a heel head okay okay all right here's our latest sports update now i'm all for clempt old man winter here if i had it my way it would stay winter all year long short days wind chill black ice and a good polar vortex heaven wait is it getting warm in here your cold snap is over old man winter spring has arrived spring spring is here which means it's the perfect time to get away in the Hyundai you've always wanted visit the Hyundai getaway sales event where you can get great deals on all of our award-winning Hyundai models like the tech filled Tucson and Kona as well as the spacious palisade enjoy wherever you go with the peace of mind 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danger the hypnotist why would he do that he could make the guy do anything let's make him angry at me that doesn't make any sense maybe the hypnotist wasn't sure that it would work it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio all right so we're getting your suggestions for final four categories in in other words during final four week which by the way is also my birthday week my mom wanted me to come visit thought maybe i could squeeze in a quick trip to houston and generally i would think about it though it's the beginning of april which gets to be kind of busy anyway she asked me if i could come in on the thursday night before my birthday and i said well that's the final four so no that's the problem i really could only go for 48 hours and so it's just it's not worth it like well she's worth it but i'd rather go for a longer period of time anyway final four comes up in early april could we do a final four series final four zoo animals final four movie soundtracks and now you all are sending your suggestions so a few of them on facebook already popping up i like this one final four cereals oh yeah i'm a big fan of cereal that's tough final four cereals i mean would we get more play out of final four cereals or final four beers the thing is i don't drink beer so i can't really participate in that one but lots of sports fans like beer not all but lots so final four cereals how about final four muscle cars is that broad enough muscle car muscle cars i don't like that one you don't like that one no i couldn't i could name one muscle car wait for charger is that a muscle car yes i wait for charger dodge charger i am i'm not good at this kind of stuff i don't i i know my car that's pretty much is that a muscle car i don't know yes mustangs are hot all right there you go let's see what rob and maryland comes up with what do you have for a final four category rob hey good morning and i haven't talked to you since you got married so congratulations on that thank you um i was well i mean you're a sports show why not why not the final four of all-time sports dynasties final four sports dynasties i like that one or just final yeah we don't have to clarify sports we can just drop the final four and make it final four dynasties i don't know how many people would go outside sports yeah if people really know their sports they can really go deep with this one i mean it could include like college and high school teams too oh lordy well i wouldn't know those ones well college maybe but we don't require that people know sports to listen to this show it's it's not a pre-req okay we kind of like it when they don't know sports actually it's more fun that way i think yeah i was about to say that would be more fun thank you for taking my call all right rob have a great day in maryland happy first day of spring or first evening of spring i guess what do you think j have you come up with any i just thought i won i like cereals i don't know about muscle cars only because you and i would kind of be out on that one about top final four restaurant cuisines or hmm meaning like italian different ethnicity right but how many are like how many could you come up with are there more than 20 20 is a pretty good number to work with you're only finding four that's true except we want to be so broad that we're not going to get the same answers all the time well how many cereals are there oh my gosh have you seen the cereals out there 30 i don't know 30 cereals j this is because you never go to the grocery store because your mom does all the shopping go to the grocery store not the right aid in your town or the gas station where you fill up no your gas station probably has two cereals go to an actual store or say a walmart supercenter and look at the cereal aisle so like captain crunch and like captain crunch berries two different entities of course okay but that's just one i mean that's very limited no this is an example i could probably name a dozen special k versions for evan's sakes because i eat special k so like frosted cheerios honey nut cheerios not in the same family my husband eats cinnamon oat cheerios he eats i eat plain cheerios you can get apple cinnamon cheerios i mean those are all different categories now i'm getting overwhelmed well then don't go in your cereal aisle don't do it it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio so the final four categories i guess we're going to open it up and see whether or not we're going to bring it back it's been four years like the perfect number 2024 to mark four years since march madness was cancelled final four things to barbecue final four board games are there enough games i like board games or maybe not even board games just final four games but would people think we were talking about sports games though games is like like would you count Pictionary as a board game you would but would you count wait a minute what's the one that's super popular um my gosh both my husband and my nieces love it uh it's it's got a weird name oh no they're gonna be he's gonna be so mad at me when i can't remember but would you count scattergories as a board game i would personally okay would you count banana what's that one banana grams as a board game i'm not familiar with that one scrabble is but what about about like apples to apples right i mean you don't need the board for some of these games shoot what is the one where you build worlds it's oh my gosh katan yes thank you oh my god i'm sorry babe i actually haven't yet to play that one i'm dying to i haven't either and he loves it and wants to play it which i think would be great but i think you need more than two people so right now we're kind of stuck his dog can't play and neither can my cat did you invite yourself for dinner yeah you did invite yourself for dinner after hearing the answers to the questions in our new youtube video which by the way he loved so i watched it with him i didn't disappoint him i'm always worried that he fell asleep while i was recording it for heaven's sakes but i'm always worried that he's going to not like my answers and think i don't know that i didn't represent him well or represent his true self and so i get kind of nervous about that but he loved it his mom though i'm assuming this is what she meant so this is kind of fun hi mom she calls everything my podcast so it's if it's my blog it's my podcast if it's the show it's my podcast if it's on youtube it's a podcast which i guess is technically could be correct anyway she writes and says and i think she means the video i tried to watch your podcast but you were going so fast i couldn't keep up it's like a 24 minute video it's like one of my longer ones is it really that long yeah actually i don't think i was talking too fast i don't think so at all huh huh is right well people have to tell me you can go and check out our latest youtube video it answers your not your wedding questions but your marriage questions with a caveat that i'm not giving you advice because i am definitely not an expert i'm still figuring it out as we go it's gonna take a while i think anyway brand new youtube video on our channel after hours with amy lawrence and yes producer j did post some of your most popular wedding question or sorry marriage questions i guess some of them are post wedding questions uh marriage questions and we've also got two new bracket challenges i mean we're a full service opera a full service freaking operation around here we've got two bracket challenges both of the links are up on our twitter after our cbs or our facebook page men's and for the first time ever we're doing a women's tournament bracket challenge so you've got youtube video two bracket challenges and then you've got a bunch of interviews that we've podcasted to get you ready for what's to come march madness so don't miss ucon husky alex cariban iowa women's coach lisa bluder those are both up on our on our podcast and 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