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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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March 15, 2024 5:52 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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March 15, 2024 5:52 am

Have you noticed an increase in the price of chips lately!? | Is the NBA's style of play today boring? | Are the Duke Blue Devils in trouble? 


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So pick up a Baja Blast wherever you are, in stores now. You know how we have to start. Are you ready? You can say it with me. Happy almost Friday. Oh, it's that time of the week again. It feels like it came quickly when we get to this point and I didn't get done half of what I needed to get done this week. It doesn't feel like it moves that quickly when you're in the middle of it, but we're here. We've got enough to get us through not just four hours, probably eight hours.

No, don't get any funny ideas. I'm not sticking around for eight hours. Jay would defect.

He would start a coup and would jump ship. He'd be out defecting to another country or another radio network if we try to do eight hours. But even me, even though I do love to talk, even though I talk way too much, just ask the hubs. We're not doing eight hours. However, we do have more than enough to get us through the next four. And if you don't already feel it, the madness is encroaching. It's encroaching.

It's here. We've already got one major upset in the ACC, though I don't think we're talking about a team that has lost a whole lot. Maybe a couple of lines in March Madness with Selection Show on Sunday.

Really interesting couple of finishes in these earlier rounds of the Power Five conference tournaments, which we're not going to break down every single one of them, only to say that, yeah, these all have implications for what's to come on Sunday. And the selection committee is largely doing what most fans do over the next few days, immersing in basketball, watching every bit of basketball there is, getting all the stats, getting all the various different analytics they consider. And some of that has to do with injuries.

And some of it has to do with eye tests. And some of it has to do with runs. And then you've got your different level of quality wins and quality losses.

We'll have Jerry Palm with us in studio come Sunday night following the big reveal of the bracket of 68. And we can go through some of the nuances there. But this is also where, so forget that part of it, this is also where teams either tune up or if they don't play well and they get ousted in the conference tournament, maybe they go into the NCAA tournament not feeling their most confident, not playing their best basketball. And while that's not necessarily a nail in the coffin, it doesn't help. It doesn't help your locker room mentality. It doesn't help how you go in in terms of momentum, though momentum is fleeting in sports and they can grab it right back. But it does not help when you're ousted in a manner that you know you kind of didn't take it as seriously as you needed to. Or a team with more intensity and more energy came in and stole it from you.

And that's what happens. And if it's me, I'm thinking, all right, we do that again in our next game and we'll be out before we barely break a sweat in this NCAA tournament. Looking at you, Duke. So we're going to talk about the ACC tournament to be sure. We'll be joined by Mike Barber of the Richmond Times Dispatch covering this tournament in the Washington, D.C. UNC is a team on a mission, but believe it or not, hasn't won this tournament in years. Won't get North Carolina and Duke for the third time this season, at least not in ACC play. We'll see how it shakes out moving forward. But yeah, you wonder, has Duke done some damage to its line or to its position in the NCAA tournament?

And what does it mean moving forward? One player after the game and the loss against NC State who's trying to play its way in right now. One of the Blue Devils said, hey, this is not our goal. We didn't come this far to win a conference championship. And while that's true, getting ousted in the quarterfinals so your last game was against North Carolina, you lost. Your game against NC State in the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament, that's a loss. That's not how you want to go into March Madness. And then there's the story of Virginia, plus keeping our eyes on UConn as the defending champions.

There's a lot to talk about. Looking forward to it, not just College Hoops, mixing a little bit of the NBA. Who is going to step up and battle Boston? I asked that question at the All-Star break in the East.

At least right now the answer is no one. Even if the Milwaukee Bucks are playing better, and they are, even if you're seeing a bunch of other teams, maybe find some momentum, figure out who they are as they head into what is really the the stretch, stretch run. I know I've been calling it that, but we're in the final month of the NBA regular season. And so as the battle continues in the West, not just for the top seed, but for position to stay out of that 7-10 tournament in the East, they're all gunning for second place. I don't know what the Celtics magic number is, but trust me it doesn't matter.

They're good. And right now sitting on a nine and a half game lead over the Bucks in the East. But also congratulations to the Celtics as they become the first team to clinch a playoff spot. All right, it's March 15th.

It's not even St. Patrick's Day and they've already clinched a playoff spot. The magic number is seven. Producer Jay tells me for the top seed. For the top seed in the East, it's seven.

They can do that before we get to the Sweet 16. Oh my gosh, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on our Facebook page, also on Twitter After Hours CBS. If you did not take our St. Patrick's Day poll, we're kind of proud of this one. It's a little off the beaten path. We want to know what's the greater attraction? What's the bigger draw on Sunday? Is it Selection Show or is it St. Patty's Day? Some of your answers have cracked me up. Some of you are very excited about your creative license to drink beer and eat a bunch of Irish food on Sunday. Obviously not mutually exclusive.

You could do both Selection Show and your Irish food and drink, but I don't know. You St. Patty's Day revelers, you get pretty intense about what's coming up on Sunday. All I know is that if you wear green to Krispy Kreme, you get a free donut. I'm not really sure where the closest Krispy Kreme is to my house, but I know that my husband mentioned it.

But he got it wrong. He said something about getting a donut with, oh, he said green donut. No, it's not a green donut. You wear green and you get a free donut. I don't want a green donut, but I think Dunkin Donuts, actually they don't call themselves Dunkin Donuts anymore. They just call themselves Dunkin because that's so much cooler.

Dunkin does green donuts, though. Jay, would you eat a green donut? What if it was a pistachio, an avocado donut? Oh, you have me more pistachio, I think. A pistachio donut? I like pistachio. Like ice cream. But in a donut? No.

Well, I guess it would be like maybe some ice cream on it. Do you know what we missed on Thursday? We did not take advantage of it.

At least, I didn't take advantage of it. I suppose there's still time. Are you ready? National Chip Day. Chip Day? Chip Day. Not Chip and Dip Day, just Chip Day. Just any sort of chip?

Any sort of chip. What's your favorite chip? My favorite chip? I like Cape Cod chips.

Ooh, those are really good. With the kettle chips? The kettle chips.

Okay, okay, okay. I'm with you there. Then how come you don't ever get those here when you're looking for a snack out of the vending machine? Well, I want to, but they have the Miss Vicki's here, which are pretty good kettle chips, I've learned.

And I like the sea salt ones, but they haven't restocked those in about a month and a half. Seriously, what's going on with their vending machines? There are more empty racks than there are racks with actual snacks in them. Racks with snacks. Ooh, I like that. We need that as a hashtag.

We have no racks with snacks. I like it. Okay, so it's probably too late now, of course, but if we could order any chip, you would go Cape Cod kettle chips.

I think so. Can't go wrong. You know that I've stopped, this is bad actually, I've stopped buying the brand name chips unless I find them on sale. Did you know, you remember, I'm sure, my favorite type of chip of all time? Lime Tostitos. Well, hint of lime.

Yes. Yes, Tostitos hint of lime. That particular line, not lime, that particular line from Tostitos, it now costs you almost $5 a bag. Yeah, I believe it.

It's insane. I cannot, as much as I love the chips, unless they're on sale, I cannot pay $5 for a bag of chips. So I played cards with some friends a few weekends ago and I stopped at the store and got some Doritos to bring over on the way. Normal, regular size bag of just nacho cheese Doritos. Oh, nacho cheese, okay. I should have got the Cool Ranch, but they were nacho cheese. $6.29 they cost, I think.

So yeah, the chip market is exploding. Wait, did you go to the gas station again? No, I went to whatever, the Shop and Stop, Shop Right, whatever it is.

What do you call it? Shop and Stop, whatever the supermarket by me is. Shop and Stop?

I don't know. Jay, do you shop first or stop first? You shop, drop and roll, and then you get out of there. Gotcha.

Okay, well then call it whatever you like. Shop and Stop, that's perfect. For you shop first and then you stop.

And then you stop, look around, wait, do I have everything? Then you shop a little more. And it was $6.29 a bag and you paid that much?

I did, I did. Wow, so I have gone the generic chip route for now. These are the Walmart brand, I think it's Great Value, right?

Isn't that the Walmart brand? And they are delicious. They are the cantina chips and they're thin and crispy.

Always look for the ones that are labeled thin and crispy. But they're restaurant style cantina chips and they are amazing. So as much as I miss my Tostitos hint of lime, I can't, I just can't, I can't go broke over chips.

They're not even really that good for me. So I can't go broke over chips. They hurt your wallet and your body, actually. Well, they are corn chips, so they're not flour, you know what I'm saying? So if you're eating corn chips, they're a little less so. But yeah, as much as I do love them, I cannot justify feeding my habit at $5 a bag. It's just the price of all food.

I saw some thing where paying more for food than any American has in the last 30 years, like by a lot, significantly higher. What do they expect us to do, not eat? That's exactly it, they got us. It's a little bit of a sham, kind of like when you get married. Trust me, when you get married, here's the sad truth about it. Companies prey on couples and their families who want the perfect day.

I wanted the perfect day. I now know there's no such thing and the reason I know that is because I can only control what I do. I can't control what all the other people do and if they don't care about what they're doing and don't care about doing a good job, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. So it was a really tough lesson or not a tough lesson. It was a very poignant, powerful, impactful lesson on I cannot be a control freak because I can only control me.

I cannot control other people if they choose to do what they choose to do. Anyway, back to the whole thing about the about the wedding is you wanted to be perfect. Couples have stars in their eyes. They wanted to be perfect. Even Bob and I who were attempting to save money, we actually cut a bunch of things that a lot of people would normally do. We went with silk flowers. We did our own invitations. We got married on a Sunday, an NFL Sunday as a matter of fact, right? So we did all these things.

We did small, doesn't matter. There are so many vendors out there who jack up prices. They upcharge you because they know that couples, a lot of couples, will pay anything for what they think is the perfect day, right? Well that's happening with food now. These are very popular foods and they're upcharging us because they know we can't live without eating. That's just wrong.

That is, it's wrong. You know what else else? Portion sizes are getting smaller. Did you just say, do you know what else else?

What else else? The portion sizes are getting smaller. Well if you buy a gallon of milk, it's still a gallon of milk. Well not a gallon of milk of course, but like the chips, I'm telling you, go to get a bag from like circa 2012.

I think the bags are smaller. You just dropped a circa. We went from else else to circa.

That's very versatile. We went from shop and stop to... What's the name of the store? Shop and stop? Yeah, shop and stop.

I guess they're not, I guess it's only a Long Island thing, I don't know. Shop and stop? Shop and stop. It's stop and shop.

Oh, is it? Unless I completely got it wrong. You're probably right. I'm pretty sure it's you stop and you shop. Stop and stop. Stop and shop.

Yeah, maybe. I don't know. It's like right shop. You call it right shop. Right shop. Now I need to know.

Google it. Anyway, my whole point is that they're attempting to increase the prices incrementally and attempting to get us based on what we think we can't live without, right? But I can live without chips. If I have to, as much as it was a national chip day and it gave me a pang, I didn't have any chips on Thursday. But now I need chips. Can we potentially pool all of our money for a dollar and 25 cent bag of Vicky's chips out of the vending machine so we can say we participated in national chip day?

I believe there's jalapeno in there and sea salt and vinegar. All right. Those are our options. That's it? I think that's it. There's racks without snacks?

Yep. Are there any racks with snacks? Those are the remainings. Maybe in the other room. We're gonna have to check all the vending machines. Don't we have four on this floor? Four, yeah.

All of them except different types of currency. What are the chances? I was gonna say, what are the chances? It's true. Some are cards only. Some are coins only. Some are international coins. Only a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Only pennies. Okay, I need some chips now.

That's what I'm needing. It is. I don't suppose Uber Eats does chips. Oh, they do actually. They just deliver chips. Yeah, you can, it'll probably cost like $35. For a bag of chips. Uber Eats, yeah. Never mind.

They could stop at like a CVS or something for you. Oh no, no. I could have just purchased the five dollar bag of Tostitos hint of lime but I refuse. There are some things that I will go all out for but here are two things I cannot do. I cannot buy a Fufu coffee for seven dollars when you get seven ounces of coffee and I cannot buy a five dollar bag of chips that is smaller than it was a month ago.

I'm with you, Jay. And I will not go to Shop and Stop for either one of those things. No, you can't. All right, so we do need some chips though. I don't think Goldfish count as chips and that's all I had. No, that's like a baked snack. Do they have their own category?

Yeah, I think it says it on the thing actually. Racks with snacks. So let's see what kind of racks have snacks in our vending machines and reconvene and then we'll get into some of the hoops.

Ready break. But again, the Celtics clinched a playoff spot. It's freaking March 15th on Friday and they've already clinched a playoff spot. It's like two weeks before Easter and they've already clinched a playoff spot.

And then a little bit of the college hoops. Derrick Henry speaking for the first time in purple. Maybe it doesn't hurt Titans fans but I can imagine it hurts the rest of the AFC North. We've got other introductions on Thursday. Saquon Barkley in Philadelphia green. Aaron Jones also in purple but a different kind of purple. Man, we got running backs everywhere. Does anyone want to hear from Mac Jones or is he yesterday's news?

It's hard to believe he was a first round draft pick at number 15 overall. We probably could actually tell you what he's going to say before he says it. As long as they're food. He does like chips. National Chip Day.

It's not too late to partake. On Twitter, ALawRadio. Also on our Facebook page. Our phone number is 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4CBS. We're glad to have you with us.

Happy almost Friday. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Derek Wright throws his head back. He wins it to two guys. Knocks him over as he hands to Jalen Brown for a corner three. There could have been four different whistles on that play. They just let him play all the way through it with bodies flying everywhere and it ends up with Jalen's fourth three of the night. Beal drives trip to the ball. Holliday reached in.

Got another one. Helped from Al Horford there. Holliday pulls up. Shoots the three. What a killer sequence for the Suns.

Technical. Frank Boger is furious. Jalen deep on the left side against Royce O'Neal. Start and stop. Falls down. Four step from the free throw line and hits it. An impossible shot. Jalen Brown falling down. Gathered himself and hit for the free throw line. He hit that shot in sideways. Confidence is oozing out of his pores right now.

He's got 32. We're about to go to three minutes. Jalen jumps the passing bag. Flies over.

Grace it out and cuffs it with the right hand. Jalen Brown has come flying out of All-Star Weekend and is not to be trifled with. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Jalen Brown with another 37 points for the Boston Celtics and they pull away from the Suns primarily in the early stages of the second half but also shooting the lights out from downtown. So if you combine Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum. 63 points for the two of them.

What are you? Anthony Davis and LeBron James? The two of them with 63 points total but they also tie their season high with 25 shots made from beyond the arc. So big deal for the Celtics as they become the first team at the expense of the Suns. They become the first team to clinch a playoff spot. This, dare I say spring?

I know season is probably more appropriate but it's almost spring. This spring the playoffs will commence. Yeah Jalen goes five of nine from downtown. Jason Tatum four of eight from beyond the arc. How about Al Horford?

Six of ten and so these guys are when they play like this these guys are formidable. We know that on the offensive end. Certainly a team on a mission and Jalen Brown taking it personally. Remember how he did poorly in last year's playoffs right at the end when they needed him. He had a couple of games with some really bad turnovers.

A lot of people wondering whether or not the Celtics should keep him. It's a quote that I like when things don't go your way. When you don't get what you want what you got was experience and I love that quote and I think that you know we've had losses, we've had embarrassment, we've had mistakes and you know I've used it all to just improve.

Definitely has. So what's the secret behind the groove that he's in right now? I just feel like I improved on a lot of the stuff that I needed to work on. I just overall just improved my mentality but just attacked my weaknesses and I feel like some of the stuff that you know you could say about me last year you can't say about me this year so I'm excited to go into the playoffs and keep it on and prove the same thing. Wants to get better. Make every attempt to see the season end in a different way and you can tell his kind of quiet motivation.

He doesn't toot his own horn. I love to watch him play. He and Jason Tatum have developed this incredible report but a lot of pieces around them have changed right? No more Marcus Smart.

He's gone. They bring in Drew Holliday. The moves that Brad Stevens has made in the front office as opposed to on the bench other than hiring Ime Udonka which isn't on Brad but they they've moved they've worked out. They've moved the Celtics closer but they've had some real painful playoff exits as Jalen talks about. As for Al Horford he is one of those old grizzled veterans. Every now and then he'll get hot from three like he did on this night but a lot of what he was focused on the defense of Kevin Durant and KD had just five points after the opening quarter. I don't know how we did it.

You know he torched us you know just four games ago so yeah credit to you know JT you know JB Drew the guys that were guarding him you know really just made it tough on him but yeah I didn't know that that's impressive. That's just the name of the game. Call from mom. Answer it.

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Call 562-314-4603 for details. In today's movie that you can't just give them extra shots of the last year you can't just give anything you know 53 they're gonna have a they're gonna just out math you at that point I think they just know the numbers and they just beat us at math you know shoot more threes and if you have that right you're gonna have a big win. I just hate that mentality and I know this is not exactly what KD was saying but this is one of the reasons why I can't get geeked up day after day about today's NBA because the idea that if you have a really hot day from beyond the arc and you shoot gosh sometimes 60, 70 threes and you make 50% of them well yeah you're likely to win but I don't find that entertaining just chuck and duck I don't find it entertaining at all and I don't need to be an inside out game necessarily but a mid-range jumper every now and then would be okay a drive to the hoop would be okay and not every team does that and I know again Kevin Durant wasn't saying that exact thing like hey we're just going to stand outside and chuck threes but that does seem to be the mentality and it is a weapon and those teams that make more of them on any given night are likely at the very least have a leg up and the Celtics go 25 of 50 from downtown I mean that's an incredible ratio 25 of 50. The Suns don't shoot nearly as well they make 14 fewer threes so that's really the point that KD is making but I don't like this kind of basketball it doesn't seem like there's much strategy to it at times whatever team James Harden is on there's just not much strategy to standing outside the perimeter putting four guys outside the perimeter spreading out your offense which is actually what it's called the spread offense and just pass it around and the first guy who's open sometimes you don't even have to be open just chuck the three. You see teams on guys on fast breaks now it'll be a two on one three on one they'll go right to like they're doing a layup and normally you should do on an odd man rush fast break and kick it to the outside because that's a better shot now or that's a higher percent I don't know it's not a high percentage but that they think that's a better shot in today's NBA so you have the open layup then you just kick it out. Not everybody is a Steph Curry obviously and there are a lot of really great shooters in the league I just don't find it entertaining or something that come playoffs is gonna lend itself to anything other than what we've seen the last couple years which is blow out blow out blow out blow out and last year if I remember correctly we only got a couple of game sevens right most of the series were over relatively early now in the conference finals at least I have to go back and look it up we did get some compelling eastern conference series Marco Belletti is here in studio but for the most part it felt like one team would have a blowout then the other team would have a blowout then the other team would have a blowout a lot of it would depend on which team was shooting hot at the time from beyond the arc that sounds like the warrior king series yeah it's just went seven it did go game was you know lopsided well except for game seven game seven I thought was was a good one yeah the celtics when the heat went seven uh that's about it I think everything else I mean right that was the when the heat were up three games to none and the celtics came back and won three but yeah wasn't game seven just god awful yes meaning not competitive at all yes my best friend it was a milestone birthday for her and she and her boys were at that game seven and she said it was the loudest arena she'd ever been in and she takes them to a lot of sporting events and it turned into a massive dud for celtics fans remember Miami ran away with it ended up winning by I think it was earlier than that but anyway Miami ran away with it ended up winning by 20 in the second half I thought the second half wasn't competitive I'd have to go back and look again watching it no I remember it being one-sided exactly when it got out of hand and how exactly it was no and I don't think either team shot all that well I feel like this out this could make a bucket well my right Miami wants to make their opponents look super ugly uh and so it was a long series but it it felt like a lot of and and then on the other side we had Denver and LA with it was a sweep right and so Denver went on and played Miami it was it was it a five game series yeah but even going back to some of the earlier rounds it seemed like a lot of what we ended up with was just one team gets hot from three buries the other one then it's the other team's turn just yeah that's the new game I don't like it well new it's been around for now for a few years yeah I mean look you're gonna take more threes if one team gets hot you're gonna have a chance to run away with it I think the thing that teams do a little bit more now not so much in the playoffs but in general in the regular season is when you know it's not your night all right pack it up exactly exactly we're not we don't got it tonight so we'll just move on let's try the run two minutes of the fourth quarter doesn't work art yeah let's sit down everybody what do we got tomorrow or we got a couple of days off where we had it yeah let's pack the bags let's get going and look I get it we don't have to like it but it makes sense it makes a lot of sense if you got guys that are you know you want to complain about it all you want they're grinding on a nightly basis if they know that it's that the outcome is not inject it's enough it's enough save it we got another game save it yeah we can we can put our nose up to it all we want I don't no no I'm not doing that I just don't enjoy first of all games in which 150 points are scored by one team that's not my cup of tea and second I don't enjoy this type of style where it's not competitive a lot of the times and I don't think it lends itself to really compelling even if you do have a game seven which we didn't have a bunch of them last year but even if you do and it's blowout after blowout what's the point of watching you watch the first quarter and then you're good nobody likes blowouts so that's obvious I think the game itself like as long as the game is played well I'm big on as long as it's not sloppy I don't mind if you're scoring a lot of points if you're getting good shots and you're knocking them down I don't like when it's constant turnovers leading to easy buckets and you're just sloppy as hell like there's two different there's different ways that you can get to it you can have good defense and it's not as many points scored or you just can't shoot worth a damn and I don't want to watch that because you're scoring 70 points because you suck so there's a difference between like how the game is played so to me it's always just the game itself and you know what it's not really the style it's whether you're playing and you're executed that's that's more of it for me so I can adapt to you know the 90s stuff with like the Knicks and the Heat that was fun at the time do I really want to go back to that not necessarily because there was a lot of just bad shot making the defense was good there was also guys wide open at times that could knock down a shot if you gain 10 chances I will say this when it's a lot of shooting threes you tend to not always but have fewer free throws and I'm down for that if the game's going to be like that might as well just go on through and not have a ton of free throws that stop the play right and again there's a lot of teams that can go up and down that can knock down good shots and they're not chucking they're not threes where you're you know you're off balance or whatever you get a good shot you get a good look it's four or five seconds into the shot clock you knock it down fine as long as you're executing the game properly you're taking good shots they don't always have to be they don't always have to go in I almost feel like a coach you have to go in but it's got to be a good shot if you're off balance and you can't see the basket don't shoot you're not Steph Curry exactly it's not just Steph Curry there are guys that can do that but nobody's going to hit off balance fall away three no when the shot clock's winding down you leave that for that that's not when we got 18 on the clock move the ball move the ball coming up a little bit of the college hoops where yes they do still love the three unc is cruising at the acc but duke runs into a buzzsaw and maybe doesn't take it quite as seriously and then we'll head to washington dc at the top of the hour on twitter a law radio on our facebook page it's after hours with amy lawrence it wasn't just national chip day it was happy pi day on thursday uh-huh i actually sent a like pie a gif to my family our family group chat and my niece responded what a cute pie i love pi day but except for phone autocorrected to die day i love die day she's such a dork takes after her auntie here's our latest sports update i like pie i love die day you are listening to the oh should we start this show yeah i'm down just buying a car and carvana first oh for real yeah it's super convenient i 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fight the better the reward you put in the hours the energy the tough labor you are a fighter and medela is your reward medela the mark of a fighter trick responsibly beer imported by crown and port chicago illinois after hours podcast thank god the offensive rebound loses it brian can't finish ingram out of there with it still 14 on the shot clock ingram shoots he can't score baycott has it again put it in big fella the possession lasted as long as congress has been in second pressure from florida state carolina is able to get it into ingram who quickly hands to kiddo so florida state has the lead now it's kiddo euro step leads it to washington who lays it over the left side of the room carolina with the ball crumble looking inside from the left wing washington didn't have position so he'll ease it out to rj davis davis crossover gets by his defender little push shot over a couple of towers from florida state goes home this is after hours with amy lawrence char heels are exactly where they want to be that's the call montage of calls from the acc quarterfinals between the tar heels and the seminars of florida state on leerfield img it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio not omg that would be something completely different leerfield img and consistency for north carolina 46 points in each half and so they're able to run away with this one in the end and i love the rebounding you know i tell you i haven't said it in a while but it's worth repeating offensive rebounds are sexy baby and they out rebound the the gnolls 48 to 22 but 17 of those boards are on the offensive end and if you're watching this game maybe you saw late in the first half this is so demoralizing for a team but late in the first half they grab four offensive rebounds on the same possession so not only has florida state worked its rear end off for a defensive a defensive possession i guess a defensive stop to try to get one the shot is no good and then they give up four offensive rebounds after that those inspiring offensive rebounds you see what i'm talking about it's not just me armando begot uh they definitely leaned in on their strengths they definitely used what their mamas gave them well not just that but what has got them to this point in the tournament we knew coming into the game that they were 14th in terms of allowing offensive rebounds and we were number one to one another um so we knew we had an advantage on the boards and i think harry early on just how he was on the boards it really pushed me jay wash and all of us to even get more and you talk about that last play that was a lot of fun just all of us just getting rebounds and keeping the ball alive it was a ton of fun just really proud of the guys you know at the beginning you know we talked about what it'll allow us to have success against a really good florida state team and we needed to get after it defensively we needed to rebound the basketball and we also talked about doing a better job of making the easy play and limiting turnovers because the last time we played them we had 17 turnovers i feel like that we definitely checked two of the boxes just their effort energy attention to detail defensively was good and for us to dominate the boards on both ends i thought that was a huge key for us hubert davis head coach of north carolina and coming up at the top of the hour from the acc tournament in washington dc we'll talk about not just north carolina and it's six consecutive wins now looking for a top seed come sunday and the march madness bracket reveal but it also really stood out to me how balanced the heels were their leading scorer rj davis 18 points he didn't even have to go over 20 for them to be able to pull away and yes it does help that you get twice as many shots as your opponent because your offensive rebounds are an incredible weapon it's after hours here on cbs sports radio we will not get north carolina duke in the acc championship because nc state try to work its way into an automatic bid right so need an automatic bid meaning have to win the tournament to get into the ncaa bracket more than likely but now with three wins in three days they've got great momentum and they take out the blue devils kyle philipowski he fouls out late in this one i think it was oh was our watching it's about 15 seconds maybe 20 seconds to go in the game i think uh don't quote me on that but he does finish up with a double double but without him they they struggle to get the inside shots of course and then had to foul against nc state and and even though the wolf pack had missed a bunch of free throws they were able to make it when they had to this is a big deal for kevin keats and his club when we got on that plane we had a mission okay and we we said we're going to do it one game at a time okay you have put together three hell of a games okay it gets really good team okay and you know why because you're a good team you're starting to believe very good job okay we're going to celebrate everyone because that's what we do okay now we move on to the next one okay our job is not done okay we we came and we said we were going to do it one game at a time one half at a time every four minute segments at a time okay got another one okay you got another one you survive in advance that's what you do get out of here we go together one two three together the locker room speech for the head coach of the wolf pack and they're into the semi-finals against uva virginia uh it's funny because we were just talking to marco at the bottom of the hour before the update about the type of basketball that is a slugfest i think a little bit about miami during the nba the nba championship run or well getting into the nba finals and how they want to make every opponent have to work so hard not just for shots but for points and at times it can be slugfest it can be slow and methodical almost painful to watch if what you love is chuck and duck and up and down the court in 150 points well virginia that's the tony bennett style is defense defense defense and grind it out and try to wear out your opponent but also make every shot for your opponent tough except virginia doesn't have much of an offense it hasn't really shown much of an offense and so for them while they're into the semi-finals after an overtime win against boston college um just it's maybe the kind of basketball that marco was talking about not enjoyable to watch we'll see to each his own i say winning however you can do it that's a good thing but the way that virginia plays often leaves them vulnerable as for duke i mean kyle philipowski not happy with the fact that they lost and has a reason why ncaa wanted more than us um don't i think that was kind of the biggest thing you know we this postseason i mean just speaking back to tennessee last year they wanted it more than us and these teams are so different in the postseason and you know you're not gonna i mean we do get everyone's best shot in the regular season anyways but there's still another level to it in the postseason and um we gotta learn we gotta be one of those teams to me that's a major issue and i would say at any point when your star player comes out with they wanted it more than us that's a problem but when it's march and they want it more than you that's a much bigger challenge and this is why i don't love it first of all the blue devils lost their last regular season game that was against north carolina it's always the season finale but then after having a couple days off they get the buy into the quarterfinals they come out flat and their opponent has more energy more intensity more enthusiasm more everything now duke did manage to get within striking distance so had a couple of shots at the end it was a one possession game and there was this weird moment again not sure if you're watching it but late one of the nc state players had a dunk or i guess he missed a dunk but he had a shot at the dunk and instead of getting up there doing his business and getting back to playing defense or going for an offensive rebound whatever he hangs on the rim and it turns into a technical foul for duke and it kind of to me that was really the only reason why it was close to the end it kind of stalled the wolf pack for a second the missed free throws again hurt nc state but then philipowski fouling out felt like the final nail just don't love that duke didn't come out with a greater sense of urgency considering the way the regular season ended it's not like they're not going to make the tournament the blue devils will still be in but i don't love that in two weeks of play you have two losses and that's pretty much it i think it affects the locker room it can affect the confidence but that's march and that's college basketball and there are a lot of people who are rooting against duke you love him or hate him right we'll head to dc next it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio old man 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