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3-6-24 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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March 6, 2024 6:14 am

3-6-24 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 6, 2024 6:14 am

You can only drink this many soda's in a week, according to health officials | Jason Kelce's wife reacts to his speech, retirement | Ask Amy Anything!


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Call 562-314-4603 for details. show and wants to remind you that milk does a producer good. Do you know the old campaign milk? It does a body good.

No. Oh gosh. There's so many celebrities and athletes who were part of this campaign years ago. I loved the commercials and they essentially left the celebs and the entertainers with milk mustaches milk. It does a body good. So they were commercials and you had athletes drinking the milk after workouts.

It was also a billboard campaign where you would see famous people with milk mustaches. And I am a milk lover. If not for the fact that I've changed my diet a bunch in the last say seven, eight years, I would drink milk all day, every day. I love milk, but I try to come back on dairy a little bit so I can be healthier.

Well, not healthier, so I can be leaner, slimmer, and not put on pounds that are hard to work off. So it does have a lot of sugar in it, but it does also really good for you. It doesn't have sugar in it? Milk?

Oh yeah, it does. Just natural sugar. I've never broken a bone and I credit milk for that reason. You know I'm the same? Yeah. I don't drink milk as much anymore like you, but growing up I drank milk all the time. I was active all the time. I never broke a bone.

Nope. Love, love, love milk. Love, love, love milk. We do have a gallon of milk in the fridge all the time.

Use it for oatmeal and cereal. But after workouts, I always drink a glass of milk. In fact, when I played college basketball, our arena was directly across from what was in the same building as the commons, directly across from our cafe. And after every single big practice, like really tough practice, especially when we're doing two days during Christmas season, when nobody else was on campus, I would go in there afterwards and get a ginormous cup of iced milk. Iced milk?

So good. My sister does that. I love iced milk. And so does my cousin actually. Yeah. I mean there's nothing greater than a tweet. What about chocolate milk?

What are your thoughts? Oh yeah, I like chocolate milk. It's a treat, but I just prefer regular milk. Strawberry? No. What are you doing to my milk? No. There's no such thing as strawberry milk. I mean there is, but milk is not meant to be strawberry.

I've always wanted to like it and never have. Oh, no. No, thank you.

Anyway, you're now going to receive some gentle ribbing, if you will, about milk. Thank you, Dave. Thank you for listening. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Send your show questions to our show Twitter. So Ask Amy Anything is about 30 minutes from now.

Again, on our show Twitter, After Hours, CBS. A lot of you are finding me and weighing in about this literary phenomenon in which the brand name of a particular product becomes so popular that people interchange it. See, there's the inter word that I was looking for and couldn't come up with earlier. They interchange it with the generic term. So Kleenex refers to every brand of facial tissue.

Now, which of course makes Scott's really angry, I'm sure. Let's see. Other good examples. Q-tip instead of cotton swab. But whoever says cotton swab. In fact, if my mother asked me to get cotton swabs at the drugstore, I might come up with cotton balls.

I'm not even sure I would do the swabs, but that's Q-tip. So we definitely have seen that work a bunch with brand names. And I think the latest is Google versus search. So you mean to say search, but essentially you come up with Google.

No one says, go duck, duck, go it. No, go. What's the go Internet Explorer it. Go Bing it. Go Bing it. Yahoo it. Yahoo it.

Yahoo. I thought of another good one. What? Not milk again? Not milk.

Not milk. How about popsicle? Is that a brand name popsicle? Popsicle is the brand name.

So what would you call the generic? Ice pop? Pop ice cream bar. Frozen treat. Oh, so when you when you want an ice cream bar, you say popsicle? Well, if I want like a like a no, I guess not like a chocolate bar, but I would say like a fudgesicle, which also could be another one, I guess. But popsicle. What do you mean if you want like a, you know, like an orange or a grape flavored like pop like ice pop, you say popsicle normally.

But that's the name of a brand is popsicle. Gotcha. Makes a bunch of other stuff. I gotcha. I know that Marco didn't like my example of Coke. But I'm telling you, in parts of the South, when you ask for a Coke, they respond with what kind? That's a good example, I think. Yeah.

I mean, maybe regional, but definitely happened when I was there. Cherry? Vanilla? Well, vanilla Coke is my favorite. But I did go on a major Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper kick when I was living in Oklahoma. Oh, I love Dr. Pepper.

It is the best. But, you know, I'm old now and I can't be drinking soda. I heard this stat from a nutrition, a nutritionist, excuse me, but nutrition update on the news radio station that I listen to. So this is not sports.

It wasn't in the elevator. This was the actual report from a nutritionist who did has kind of delivering the results of a study. If you drink two cans of soda, so real soda per week, you negate any of the exercise that you've done that week.

Stop it. Two cans of soda. A week? Yeah. Do you know how much sugar is in soda? Two cans? That's not much. Do you know, but sugar is in soda?

I do. Yeah. So depending upon, I guess this would vary based on the type of workouts, right? So if you're working out six hours a day, probably not, but generic kind of regular workouts, 30 minutes to an hour.

If you drink two plus cans of soda per week, you end up negating the effects of the exercise. I'm floored. Is that why I'm not seeing results? Maybe. I don't know.

That's insane. I mean, it's a lot of sugar, Jay. There's like 38 to 40 grams of sugar in a standard can of Coke. I get, I mean, I don't drink, I drink soda. I like soda.

You know that? Like I don't drink crazy amounts, but two in a week. You drink one a day? Yeah, probably one a day at least.

Well then, yeah, that's definitely negating. That's seven sodas a week. I didn't think that was that many. A week? That's one a day? I don't know. Think about it.

What sugar is in it? It could be a day. I have none a day.

I have two. I don't know. Right. So let's just say there's, let's go on the light side. 30 grams of sugar in a can of soda and you're drinking seven of them on average a week, but sometimes 10. Would you say that there's a week where you've had 10 cans of soda? Yeah.

Okay. So in those 10 cans of soda, you've now had 300 grams of sugar. And how many are you supposed to have a week? We're not supposed to have any, but that's essentially adding like three, four, five packets of sugar to your meals. But if, I don't know, I thought if I worked out, it was kind of negated and be one in the same. You're getting no, they essentially cancel each other out. But you're drinking more than two a week easily. Oh, definitely.

So that would be why you're not seeing the effects of your workouts. Interesting. Huh? I love soda.

I do. But I, well, I can't, I can't drink regular soda anymore because I've been drinking Coke Zero for so long now. Um, so I really, as much as I like Dr. Pepper, it's way too much sugar for me. It feels like way too much sugar. It has like an ill effect on me.

Yes, I see yours in there. So that's actually something that I've changed. I could drink milk until the cows come home.

Haha. But when it comes to soda, one full can of regular soda kind of knocks me flat because the sugar high is a pretty nasty spike. But I know you do drink a lot of, a lot of soda and it's a lot of sugar. I know I was using it more for just caffeine.

Not really, you know, thinking about the sugar part of it. Except I haven't seen you drink coffee in weeks. Right, because I've been drinking really a soda overnight to, as like the caffeine jolt. I made that switch weirdly, like kind of just happened. Because you love soda?

I guess. Yeah, that's why I stopped drinking soda is because the sugar is so intense. That's when I started drinking coffee, when I turned 30. I never drink coffee until I was 30.

But I had to find something because I've been working late nights and overnights most of my career, well since then. And so to drink that kind of soda, I couldn't do it. It was, you'll get to a point, well maybe you won't.

Most Americans get to, most people get to a point where their metabolism slows down and they're not nearly as active. So to drink that kind of soda, also that much sugar is just not good for you. No. No, I love that you asked me how much are you supposed to have.

I don't know. Sugar is not one of the food groups. You know that, right? Not in this body. Oh no, it is in your body. It is the food group in your body. That and fried foods.

So yeah, I heard that and I thought of you instantly because you among all of my friends or colleagues or acquaintances drink more soda than any person I've ever met. It's got to be more than that. There's got to be like a little wiggle room there. That's just kind of, you know, being on the safer, healthier side. But you can probably get away with like four or five. Why would you want to negate the exercise that you're doing?

I mean like you'd be all right. Like that's just, I think that's leaning towards like the, just forcing you not to do it. But I think like health wise, you think based on what? Just my thoughts. Gut feeling. Got it. Okay.

Instincts about how much soda is okay. I think it's all right. Oh my gosh. Do not listen to producer Jay. He does not speak for After Hours or CBS Sports Radio.

And he definitely does not speak for me. All right. We are an inside of 30 minutes away from asking me anything. So you can send your questions again to our show, Twitter, After Hours, CBS, or to our Facebook page, YouTube channel. We promise you a brand new video by this time next week.

And so you want to subscribe to our YouTube channel also named after the show. We talked a little bit about the Broncos and their situation with Russell Wilson and the fact that they have announced they plan to release him, but now what? People are asking me.

And the honest answer is I have no idea. We heard from our Broncos insider that in the building, meaning front office, head coach, Sean Payton, they do really like Jarrett Stidham. But Brandon Cristal told us he's a, he's a backup plan.

Sure. If they have to, they'll go forward with this season and Jarrett Stidham as their quarterback. And they'll be able to open up the playbook more because of his abilities and because of Sean Payton's creativity offensively.

But that's not a workable long-term solution. He's not the face of the franchise, if you will. He's not Josh Allen. He's not the face of the franchise. Not Patrick Mahomes. He's not, gosh, Matthew Stafford, who's now the face of the second franchise.

He's not Brock Purdy. And so for that reason, they've got to have another plan or at least have to try whatever they possibly can over the next couple months. By the way, we're 50 days out from the NFL draft. So we started to think about the teams that are in a bit of purgatory this off season. And I asked you, which team is in the worst sitch? We're going to need a sit rep. Which team has the worst sit rep right now?

I think the Broncos deserve to be part of that equation. Because there really are no good answers at quarterback. I would say the same thing about the Washington commanders, but they pick number two overall. However, they also cleaned house on defense. So they bring in Dan Quinn. They've got a relatively almost all new coaching staff. Obviously new owners that are committed to winning, but first wanting to take out the trash, if you will, and all of, I don't mean that people are trash, only that they are cleaning house and they're purging and they're getting rid of what they don't think works for them. Now, how do they know what works for them? No idea. They've never done this in the football space before.

The primary owners, well, Josh Harris being the majority owner, he's a basketball and hockey guy, but he has had success in those two arenas. But what did we hear? Now these were reports, I hope that they were embellished a little bit, at least for commanders fans for your sake.

I hope they were embellished a little bit. That Ben Johnson was kind of put out by the interview process with the commanders because he felt like they were overstating their knowledge and way too confident in their knowledge about football, even though they really had no football background. And so he said that kind of turned him off.

Well, the reports are it turned him off and he didn't want to work for them because he felt like they thought they knew more than what they actually knew and that it might be tough to work in that environment. But they do have the number two overall pick. And there are a lot of people that think J.J. McCarthy could end up in the top three as a draft pick.

He's steadily on the rise. Caleb Williams, the presumptive number one overall pick to the Bears or whoever else might move up there, but I just don't think the Bears are going to trade it away. And then the commanders also need a quarterback. The Cardinals don't. Oh, no, the Patriots are number three.

So, McCarthy, would he possibly slip out of the top three? Well, it seems unlikely if those three teams all choose QBs. Then the Cardinals are four. The Chargers are five. Those are two places where teams can move up.

But as I think about the teams that are in dire straits. I think you have to include the Panthers. So Panthers. Broncos.

I don't know that I might not put the Raiders in that same category, even though they do really like Antonio Pierce. And they feel like they have made some progress with guys wanting to play for him, but they don't have a quarterback either. And they don't select until after the Broncos do at 12. Will they potentially move up? I think the Bears are in a pretty good situation, as Jay pointed out on our last show. They've got two picks in the top 10. And if they don't get Caleb Williams, they still have Justin Fields, though same coaching staff. So there's a challenge. What about the Giants?

Sorry, Jay. But the question is a quarterback. They do pick what, number six? So they pick number six. Could Michael Penix be available there?

Bo Nix, Drake May. Could one or two teams leapfrog ahead of them in the NFL draft and then maybe leaving the Giants in a position where they don't have the pick of the quarterback that they want, but also not tagging Saquon Barkley. Can they get a deal done with him? They've still got issues. Challenges on the offensive line with guys who were hurt most of last season, seems like they have fallen into a bit of a rut now where they're also unable. Well, they thought they had their franchise QB. He's hurt again. I like Daniel Jones as a person.

I really do. But just last year, when he was supposed to take that major step forward in wake of the big contract, he's hurt for most of the season. What did he start? Five games last year? Yeah, maybe not even. Yeah. So which of these teams is in the worst sitch?

Is that what the cool kids say? Denver, Carolina. I don't know. Their seventh coach under, maybe not quite, their seventh coach under David Tepper. They do have Bryce Young, but what do they have around him? The Titans. I know they got Will Leviss last season and there were some real impressive throws and even a couple of impressive games with him, but no Derrick Henry.

More than likely. They still have to beef up their offensive line as well. Those are a couple of the teams that we kind of feel like are in pretty steep trouble.

So who would you think is in the worst shape? It's not the same NFC South. It's not the Buccaneers. Although the reports are that Baker Mayfield actually will talk to other teams in free agency and Atlanta being one of those.

Interesting. Atlanta could have had him a couple years ago, remember? They traded away Matt Ryan and then we're looking to upgrade. Instead, they went to Marcus Mariota. Oh, the decisions that they make, that these teams make that leave them stuck.

They always come back. So Raheem Morris and Dave Canales, obviously, his offensive coordinator last season, but I tend to think he's going to head back to Tampa. Mike Evans returned there and you can tell guys are really excited.

Like Levante David, who was on Sirius XM NFL radio. I'm ecstatic, man. I'm ecstatic. I'm very excited for Mike and the organization.

Mike is a cornerstone of the organization. He's the face of the city and like the face of the franchise. So it's definitely great to see him get a deal because I know a lot of people would have been upset.

I would have been upset. I don't want to see Mike Evans in a different place. I think the Hall of Fame career he's building, it's amazing to watch it in Tampa. Now with multiple different quarterbacks, he actually makes them better. I saw this tweet, ALOL radio, and I wanted to pass it along because it's a confident Panthers fan. His name is Nick and he said, Bronco's definitely in a worse situation than my Panthers. We got our QB. You'll find out this year. Just watch. I hope that's the case.

I hope Dave Canales can get the best out of Bryce Young. I really do. Our phone number is 855-212-4227. So we've got a post up on our show Twitter after our CBS. You can weigh in.

I also send your last second questions for Ask Amy anything. It's the hump show, middle show of the work week. It definitely feels that way.

Jay is still drinking soda, even though I've warned him. I only had one this week, so it's not true. The one that you've got right there? That's one of them.

I was going to say that's not true. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to... Oh, should we start this show? Yeah, I'm down. Just buying a car on Carvana first. Oh, for real? Yeah, it's super convenient. I already got pre-qualified in two minutes. All I had to do is answer a few questions. Oh, that's helpful. And now just customizing my down and monthly payments. Oh, that's a very fair deal. Yep.

Boom. Just bought a car. And you get to take me to the Carvana vending machine in a couple days to pick it up. Oh, I'm kind of busy.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. That's when he fell in love. Fell in love with football. It was one of the many times I've ever been in a football game. Fell in love with football was one of the many stories Jason Kelsey told in his retirement speech that he could not get through without tears. And when he spoke of Nick Folds, extra large genitalia, as well as the.

Hmm. The private parts of his coach, Doug Peterson. A little fun, right? Those except he didn't call them little. So when he spoke of those particular members of his team and their body parts, he broke down. I've never once heard a man talk about balls and cry his eyes out. Those two things just don't go together.

Could you play it just for fun? I know we've bleeped it out. So that I get that he was emotional about some of the memories. And as he walked out memory lane, but to hear him talk about Nick Foles and Doug Peterson and the Super Bowl memory and get caught up crying is hysterical.

I won't forget Nick Foles having the game of his life on the biggest stage possible and the biggest on the team going up to Doug Peterson and asking for the Philly special and Doug Peterson having the biggest balls in the stadium. Say, yeah, let's do it. He, not only does he sniff, he goes, wait, just go back to the part about Doug Peterson going up to Doug Peterson and Doug Peterson having the biggest balls in the stadium. Say, yeah, let's do it again. I know he's crying over one of the best memories of his entire life, but still, I've never heard such a well-timed cry as that one for Jason Kelce. All right, so he got through it.

Maybe you all have seen the post that's making the rounds on social. It's pretty incredible. The athletic trainer for the Eagles was unavailable for the last game of Jason Kelce's career because he was going through chemo treatment and so for that reason, Jason had this same trainer tape his ankles for the retirement press conference because he didn't have the chance to do it to finish out that last game.

I think that's awesome. Just an incredible gesture and one of those reasons why Jason Kelce is going to be missed as a leader in his locker room. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I do not know whether or not his wife Kylie Kelce cried. I do know that she laughs at him when he acts like a complete and total buffoon going shirtless in Buffalo's Buffalo, right?

Going shirtless in Buffalo and hopping out of the suite to down a beer. I mean she really finds him entertaining. I hope she does considering she's married to him. So she tells NBC 10 Philadelphia that she loved what Jason had to say. I had already heard the speech. I think I was the only one that had heard the speech before we went into it. I think it was just a perfect summary of 13 years. It was an incredible run that he had as a player in the NFL. Who knows what's next but to summarize it in what was I think the perfect culmination of things that were memorable whether they were happy, sad, but things that truly impacted his life to discuss how his brother's relationship impacted his play and sort of explain how all of it has related him to Philadelphia and the Philadelphia people.

It was a I always say he's not from here but he gets it so that was the perfect example. NBC 10 Philadelphia interviewing Jason Kelsey's wife. I mean this is pretty incredible the way that family has become some of the most popular people in sports and it's not just Taylor Swift because the Kelsey brothers were popular before that just the perfect timing of the new heights podcast coming out the year that they both go to the Super Bowl right as brothers the year that that Travis Kelsey has this you know not just this incredible season along with Patrick Holmes but the tush push becomes really popular and so they get a they're great great as an entertainment kind of duo anyway but they've got sponsors and they've got great guests so that happens their mom becomes a superstar and then the podcast takes on a whole new life when Taylor Swift becomes part of the equation and now Kylie Kelsey is is someone that people recognize and is doing her own interviews. Are they thinking of the Kardashians now? No they're not like that.

I don't know. Okay I feel like the the Kardashians are famous for drama. Well I just I didn't mean for what they've done I just meant in terms of their last name being like in the news.

If they do a reality show I'll say yes. Okay also as you can imagine the family is constantly getting well would you say blasted I could say blasted constantly getting blasted on social media and it's non-stop and Kylie actually says it's been really cool. The outpouring of love and support is expected because I know who my husband is and the way he has conducted himself and how that has touched the lives of people but at the same time it's still shocking the it's so I don't want to say excessive because it sounds like it has a negative connotation but it's an excessive amount I mean I can't I have not been on social media very much over the last 24 hours for that exact reason mostly because I don't want my mascara to run anymore and every time something happens it sets me off so but it's I mean that's Philly it's it's really that love and and with that the extension of people who listen to the podcast the 92 percenters people who have become recent fans of Jason for whatever other reasons I think that it's it's overwhelming in a very positive way.

It was pretty cool pretty cool for the Kelsey family this is really funny Jay somebody posted on her Facebook page that he could only listen to the show in short snippets the last couple days because there was too much talk about the Kelsey's and someone else responded well actually what he said was Travis Kelsey which I thought was interesting because we were mostly talking about Jason on the last show came up once right but anyway some other guy posts in response to that east coast bias and I'm thinking Kansas City anyway yeah some guy's mad because we talked too much about Travis Kelsey I guess Jason Kelsey's okay and the other guy's mad because it's an east coast bias with Kansas City Mayor jabroni and then the guy that continues with stop talking about the Chiefs how about talk more about the Niners oh are we talking about the Chiefs I didn't see that on the rundown but all right east coast bias for Kansas City Atlantic Ocean that Kansas City coast the central time zone bias yeah yeah yeah everybody's got a beef on twitter a law radio actually if you want to send your questions for ask Amy anything got a couple of minutes left that's our show twitter first time for Jay and I had over a month doing ask Amy and then our Facebook page old man winter here if I had it my way it would stay winter all year long short days wind chill black ice and a good polar vortex heaven wait is it getting warm in here your cold snap is over old man winter spring has arrived spring spring is here which means it's the perfect time to get away in the Hyundai you've always wanted visit the Hyundai getaway sales event where you can get great deals on all of our award-winning Hyundai models like the tech filled Tucson and Kona as well as the spacious Palisade enjoy wherever you can get your first getaway getaway getaway sales event enjoy wherever you go with the peace of mind that comes with America's best warranty and three years or 36,000 miles of complimentary maintenance but hurry in these deals won't last add more joy to your journey at the Hyundai getaway sales event now get zero percent APR or up to 1500 bonus cash on the Hyundai Tucson now during the Hyundai getaway sales event offers end soon call 562-314-4603 for details. 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been a while producer Jay and I have not teamed up for an edition of ask Amy anything in over a month not since before Super Bowl week in Las Vegas so it is time thank you as always for your questions and this public service announcement by this time next week we'll have the latest video version of ask Amy anything with a very specific theme you've asked for it you've waited not so patiently it's on the way this time next week it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio The Hump Show producer Jay do you feel rusty no if you're ready to go I mean that's what a lot of athletes say then they get out there and they throw up bricks very true let's start here though let's do a little teaser for our upcoming video mix with food all right here we go so Big Jim asks are there any foods that you like that your husband doesn't that's a good question a really good question foods that I like that he doesn't yes I'm sure there are have I come up with them yet not that I have you know what my one of my recent pots of chili gave him heartburn so I had to dial back on the tomato paste I don't always make it with tomato paste but apparently tomato paste gives him pain so I was kind of sad about the fact that my chili gave him angst and actual heartburn so yes from now on no more chili with tomato paste babe I promise but I've already told him and I made him a more recent pot of chili when he returned from his trip to Texas and that didn't seem to have any issues so no tomato paste for the for the hubs all right David wants to know what's your favorite food to have as a leftover oh my gosh what a good question I love leftover steak well I just love steak but I love leftover steak and believe it or not I just like to pull it out of the fridge put some salt on it and eat it I feel the same way about leftover chicken I'll eat cold chicken and cold steak or you know room temperature with just salt on top it's so good I do I do I do really like they're not cold cuts necessarily but I do like cold meat not cold turkey just kidding I like cold turkey uh let's go with bad here he wants to know if you were a contestant on our friend beat bobby flay what would be your signature dish oh my gosh you wanted just come up with that in the spur of the moment hmm didn't bobby flay tell us that he's not great at baking he did say that are we allowed to bake I think it's your choice dealer's choice oh you can bake whatever you want not positive but I think so huh okay well then I would probably come up with some addition of my island cookies or my double chocolate brownie cookies so either one of those I think would be a concoction especially since bobby flay told us he told me specifically uh that baking gives him all kinds of anxiety he he doesn't like baking he's not good at it feels like it's too hard to stick to a script so to speak but also when he puts in the oven he has this whole you know like anxiety over losing control of his of his dish because he can't control what's happening in the oven so I think I'd probably go a baking dish I'd go anti bobby flay to beat bobby flay there's no way he would beat you in that so do you think that I should try the caramel he can't caramel walnut crusted pumpkin pie that I set on fire in the oven not that one I think he would probably burn the studio down at that point so let's move on to teres here this one's great she asked if I want to become a star wars fan oh do I need to start from the beginning to understand everything or can I watch a movie later a later movie and enjoy that's the beauty of star wars is that you can pick it up later you just need to know where you are in the universe that's the only thing if you start with the original episodes four five and six well then you understand that the prequels and the sequels come after right so you go back to the prequels I actually think it's really cool though to start with the prequels and to work your way through that's what bob and I have done he's now a huge star wars fan we started with episode one even though we'd seen them all but it's fun to watch them chronologically we went through one two then we started working on clone wars we you've got all kinds of series that you can put in there as well we hopped around a little bit because we went to see star wars in concert with the houston symphony orchestra and so we kind of jumped then ahead to to ep 4 but no teres you can enjoy them at any point just recognize where they are in the timeline and all you have to do is google star wars timeline and you will know exactly where it fits but i think it's kind of fun to go back to the prequels and start with ep one two three you know on disney plus it actually has them all in chronological order you could see oh that's true if you have disney plus it actually gives you and it's not just the movies jay it's also the series right yeah they put the tv series in there as well yeah very cool uh so this comes from jeffrey he asked did you catch katelyn clark meeting maya moore and her scream of surprise the other night that was very cool have you ever had a similar experience meeting an idol or a hero no i don't have idols or heroes in the world of sports trying to think if i've ever met a celebrity that i was really excited about i don't think so i've been in places where presidents have spoken i'm actually saying when i was in elementary school my my group well the the elementary school we sang before an event for for a president which was really cool but in terms of meeting someone that i was starstruck over yeah i work in radio and tv so i don't know if that's the case i did enjoy meeting jim rohm a few years ago that was kind of fun because i'd been listening to him for years and finally had the chance to meet him so that was fun um i talked about the katelyn clark maya moore moment so yes i did see it and the if you haven't seen it the iowa women's basketball twitter put out some pretty cool photos of it but yeah i always need to hear her talk about uh the the growing up and the impact that that maya moore's career had on her scott says grand rapids michigan has a 25k riverbank run coming up would you ever consider running in it 25k now let's see if i can do the math here so you're talking about five times three which would be 15 miles so not a half marathon obviously not a full marathon a 25k huh sounds actually i don't know if it would be 15 miles well yes because a 5k is 3.1 miles right 3.1 miles so you multiply that so yeah you're talking about all right you're talking about actually probably 25 and a half miles that's almost a marathon what's the marathon 26 yeah 26.2 wait a minute am i doing my math wrong five times three i said it wrong i said it right the first time it's 15 miles it's the 25k is is like 15 and a half miles uh i don't know i can barely drag my rear end through 13.1 training for another half marathon at the end of march so why don't i get through that one and then let you know if i would ever do a 25k definitely not in the heat i would never do a half marathon or any long race in in the heat of of the summertime jim asked did you get a high school class ring and do you still have it i didn't no that's not really my thing i'm not into it yeah not i guess i had class pride but not enough that i would ever wear a ring for it plus high school how long do you wear a high school class ring hell yeah what's the limit there a year a couple of the month maybe then you kind of should be over it yeah i don't know i'm not really sure i think it's different for different people but this comes from earl who asks what is one thing or a couple things that you want to do or learn in life a foreign language any skill you want to acquire well i'd like to hit the golf ball better than i do also i just like to get on the golf course for the first time since 2022 what skill would i like to learn that's a good question i would like to get back to water skiing i haven't done it in years so that's something i'd like to learn i actually am not great at snorkeling and we're going to hawaii for a honeymoon right and and so i don't know what it is maybe it's just the cheap snorkeling gear i've had i always get water in my face mask and it's really annoying so i'd like to learn how to snorkel for reals that's one thing uh and i would love at some point in my life to learn italian i just don't have the time to do it right now but it's very similar to spanish as a romance language so i'll say learn italian mike wants to know what is the best day of the week for someone that works at your overnight saturday it's the only day of the week that doesn't feed your work because friday you're working into friday morning and then you have to sleep saturday is the one actual date or day of the week i should say that that i don't have to work like friday and sunday and brian wants to know do you like sherbert ice cream yeah i mean it's okay it's not my favorite but if you have a real tasty one like an orange sherbert that's all right i can only have a little bit of it though and then i'm over it the last one before rapid fire a little summery but rich wants to know do you ever collect did you ever collect lightning bugs in a jar of course of course in my grandmother's extensive wooded backyard uh we down by the creek in youngstown area that's one of our favorite summer activities let's finish with rapid fire takeout or dine in dine in broccoli or squash oh you can't make me pick i'll go squash but i love them both reading or writing reading flowers or trees oh i love flowers art class or gym class gym class i stunk at art lose all thought or lose all feeling what i'll go lose all feeling wrestle a bear or wrestle an alligator a bear goofball old man winter here if i had it my way it would stay winter all year long short days wind chill black ice and a good polar vortex heaven wait is it getting warm in here your cold snap is over old man winter spring 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