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3-4-24 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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March 4, 2024 6:06 am

3-4-24 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 4, 2024 6:06 am

A night with Batman & the NJ Symphony orchestra | Why women's basketball is on the rise | How much stake do you hold in the NFL Combine?


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You ready? Yeah, yeah. Just shopping for a car in Carvana. For real?

Yeah, Carvana makes it super convenient to shop whenever, wherever. For real? That's a ton of car options. Yep, and these are all within my price range. For really real? You can afford that?

Yeah, with Carvana. And boom, just like that, I'm getting it delivered in a couple days. For really, really real? You just bought a car. For real? And you just lost, my turn.

Visit to shop for thousands of vehicles under $20,000. On Saturday night, I had a bit of an 80s night. It was awesome. While I hear some of this music that, and actually I think this predates producer Jay, though he does enjoy 80s and 90s music. But Isaac, who worked on the show before Jay, also really loved some of the 80s and 90s and would use that music, a lot of that music for his production elements.

So we get to mix it in. And my nieces still tell me all the time that the 80s and 90s are back. Well, let me just tell you how popular an 80s flick was on Saturday night at the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. This was so cool. Because, first of all, I didn't realize that it had been so long since the Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger version of Batman came out.

35 years. And so in order to properly celebrate that Batman, that version of Batman, which actually is the one that caused me to fall in love with the franchise. Because I didn't know the Adam West Batman. Michael Keaton was really the first Batman that I knew in these feature length movies. And so to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Jack Nicholson's impeccable Joker, I kept wondering how much of his role was improv. He was brilliant.

Brilliant. And I loved Michael Keaton. I think Kim Basinger is classic. And there were some other pretty amazing actors. I forgot Billy Dee Williams was in it.

Actually, both my husband and I did. So we went to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark on Saturday night. And along with a full house, watched Batman on a big screen while the NJSO was performing the score by Danny Elfman. By the way, Prince wrote and performed music specifically for that movie. So the score itself was iconic. It's so emotional. You know, a big John Williams buff and I'll go see any of his music performed live.

This is my first time seeing a different movie score or a different composer for a movie score. And I hadn't seen this edition of Batman in probably 15 years. Oh, it was so good. There are so many legendary lines. Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

This town needs an enema. Oh, there's so many good lines. But he's out there right now and I've got to go to work. It just is such a good movie. Anyway, so that was our Saturday date night. And because it was a full house with people who loved that edition of Batman, there was cheering, there was clapping, there was hooting and hollering and laughing.

This is really good stuff. A very knowledgeable crowd, right? Because you're paying money, you're buying tickets. I can't remember what I paid for them. 75 bucks a pop, maybe. You're buying tickets.

And if you're to put down that kind of money, it means you're a huge fan of either one or the other, the music or the movie, or maybe both. So it was a crowd that was really into it. We had so much fun.

The only drawback, and this was kind of odd. We were sitting in the middle of a really long row, an arc of seats. And when we got to intermission, we weren't sure we were going to leave. But pretty much everybody in our row on to our left side got up and walked out.

So we went to just to stretch our legs and use the bathroom. And the usher in our section, he said, welcome to my section. When we got there, the usher in our section said, you've got 20 minutes. 30 minutes later, the movie still hadn't restarted and the music still hadn't restarted and the full orchestra wasn't even back on stage. So it was a very long intermission. I'm not sure why, but it was more than 30 minutes. So maybe something was going on backstage with the conductor or something else.

But yeah, it took forever to get the musicians back out on there. And it was really warm in the theater as well. So that was the other thing.

Just really cool date night. It was a surprise for the hubs. He didn't know where we were going. Even when we got there, he had no idea. All I told him is that it had to do with a superhero.

And so he was guessing. He first guessed Wonder Woman because he knows she's my favorite, but didn't have any idea until we were standing in the lobby, getting ready to have our tickets scanned when a bunch of people in Batman cost. Well, not Batman. Batman costumes were in the lobby with us and he then realized what it was. But he didn't he didn't know which one.

If it was a Christian Bale Batman, it would never have been a Val Kilmer Batman. No, it was Michael Keaton and it was awesome. So that was fun. It was a fun date night. And it actually capped a pretty busy Saturday. Once a year, I participate in this very large college media conference in Times Square. It's actually one one year did it on Zoom. That was coming out of COVID, but have been to Times Square the last two years.

And here's what I didn't realize. I was invited to be part of two panels. The first one was Sports Talk Radio 101, which, of course, was going to draw a huge crowd just by virtue of the sports part. That's always what happens at these conferences. Anything to do with sports and the room is full.

The second panel was about social media and navigating social media. So I'm running in. We got a little delayed in getting into New York. The hubs came with me. And so I'm running in.

I didn't even have time to register. I called ahead and said, I'm so sorry. We got a little delayed. We're on the subway now, actually. And then it took us 15 minutes just to catch the subway, too.

So they weren't running on a more regular basis on a Saturday morning. And so I'm running in. I had to leave the hubs and I'd go book it up the stairs and right into the ballroom where I was doing this panel. And I get up to the front and I'm so thankful to be able to take off my coat, grab some water, sit down. And the moderator says to me, how would you like to do this?

How would I like to do this? He said, well, would you like me to set you up? Would you like to tell your story? Would you like to take questions from the audience? And it dawns on me, I'm the only panelist.

He said, I'm more than happy to introduce you and then you can just take it from there. It was just me. I've never been on a panel before where I was the only speaker. So the moderator, all he did was introduce me, hand it off to me, and then I did nothing. Well, and he picked the people who would ask the questions. So I did ask, I requested that he would do that, that he would call on people around the room because it's a pretty large room and it was full. That he would call on the people and have them pose their questions so I could have maybe a quick break in between each answer. But no joke, for a solid hour, all I did was answer questions in this large room to people who were interested in doing sports radio and other elements of radio.

It was great. They were very engaged. They were taking notes.

Oh my gosh, Jay. Every time I said something, they would scribble, a bunch of them would scribble down their notepads, which was kind of cool. That's good.

Yeah, that's what needs to be happening in my Syracuse class in April. Anyway, it was, as I say, a bit of a surprise to me because all the panels I've ever been on featured two or three people. This one, this particular one that I did last year featured three people. So I was kind of surprised. Anyway, then there's an hour lunch break and I said to, you know, I said at the end of what I was doing, if you would like to come up and ask another question, I have a few minutes before the next panel, 45 minutes later. So I'm still talking 45 minutes later. There was a long line of people who wanted to come up and introduce themselves, take pictures, take video. Yeah, there was a lot of people who stuck around and skipped their lunch break, actually, to stand in line. I mean, I was pretty impressed, the fact that some people stood there for 45 minutes to wait and to ask questions. So I wanted to make sure I gave them all, you know, my attention, my time.

I took pictures with all of them and passed out my email address a bunch. So then I had about 15 minutes before I had to go into the next panel, which was an even bigger room. And I'm up on a stage. So the first panel, I was just sitting at a table and there was the moderator next to me. On this second panel, which was about social media, my least favorite topic, there was a stage. And once again, I climb up there. It's four or five chairs.

I'm the only one. So in this one, there were two other women who were, I guess, in charge of social media for the conference itself. And so they were in the room and one of the women was standing in the corner, kind of off to the side, and she did introduce the panel and then again handed it over to me. And there was other chairs on the stage?

Yeah. In both cases, the chair, there were multiple chairs at the tables and I was still the only, other than the moderator in the first one, I was the only one who was sitting there. And so on the second panel, I introduced myself and kind of gave my philosophy. I even qualified it ahead of time by saying, I believe social media is a necessary evil. I'm not a big fan.

I use it because I have to for work, but otherwise I've seen it in a completely different light than most people. And then I felt bad. I was like, oh no, they probably do not want to ask me any questions now about social media, but then proceeded to field questions for the next hour. So about three hours of talking with really not much break, other than 15 minutes, thankfully had water the whole time.

They just had a big pitcher of water that I was able to keep utilizing. But it was a very different conference experience than one I've ever had before. I was not expecting to be the only panelist into, can you even call it a panel? If it's just me?

Really? A panelist, a panel means like a board of members, right? Or a group of people.

Yeah. I've been on panels as large as 10 people before, and I only spoke, you know, once or twice, which was great because I was learning from the other people up there. But in both these sessions, it was just me. I'm sure some of them were disappointed. I'm just going to say, it sounds like it worked out better that way because you had people who, you literally didn't have a break to stop talking because everyone wanted to keep asking you information. Well, right. But I would have been happy to share the table and the panel.

I did not need to be the only one up there. So that was kind of interesting, just that there was, yeah, there was no one else who was part of it. And I don't know if other people were invited and didn't show up or if he just thought I could handle it. I do remember when the organizer reached out to me to ask me to confirm the date. He said, do you have any other suggestions for people at your network, people that might be available or be interested?

And I did give him at least two names, I think, and neither one of them. Well, obviously nobody else was there, but there was no one on Zoom last year. There had been someone on Zoom who also joined us, which I will admit was kind of awkward.

Actually, Jay, I remember now in 2023, it was me at the at the table by myself, but two people on Zoom. I think I remember that. And I do remember it was awkward because of the time delay. And so those two guys were speaking from wherever they were and they were up on this big screen. But I'm sure it was hard for them to hear the questions. Right. Because it's difficult to hear in a large ballroom when you're on Zoom.

I've done classes like that before, and it's not easy to hear the questions that are being asked of you. It's just not as interactive, like it's not as personable. No. So this was really different. And I hope they got what they wanted. That's the only thing about having one panelist is you just have my perspective and not anyone else's. So the questions, were they similar questions by everybody or were they kind of ranging?

No, they're ranged in spectrum. But I will say a common theme is how do I find a job? Right.

How do I go about looking for a job? And these weren't all college seniors, but there were a lot of graduating seniors. And whatever the industry, the stressor is, uh oh, now what?

Right. And not everyone has the luxury of being able to live at home or being able to take your time finding the right job. That wasn't my experience. Once I left school or excuse me, once I left home for school, I never went back.

I never lived at home again. And I was all over the country chasing the job. And I know and I tried to encourage them, even though the media industry is it's rough right now, because every day you're seeing more and more companies lay off employees. And so this has happened here at our company, our parent company, Odyssey, which I dispel for people a bunch of times.

That was kind of funny. What's your email address? I'm happy to give it to you, but I'm gonna have to spell it because our company made up a word. That was what they spent time doing during the pandemic, making up a new company name.

Anyway, so I'm I'm spelling it for people. And I essentially was just saying, even at our company, we've had layoffs and fewer and fewer people to do more and more of the work. And so it can be really frustrating. But my and I gave them some tips on on where to find work and how to get their foot in the door. But one thing I consistently hammer home to college students is take whatever job is offered to you, get your foot in the door and then start worrying about doing what you really want to do.

Right. Take whatever gig, whatever paying job you can find that's in programming, whether it's producing part time, whether it's doing news and you want to do sports, which is how I started, whether it's podcasting or social media. Get your foot in the door because these days company companies need all the help they can get. And as long as you're there and you're available and you make your enthusiasm known, you will have opportunities. And we have producers here who are hosting talk shows simply because they're in the building. And it's easier for the company to ask someone who's already here to host a show than to worry about trying to coordinate from with someone they don't know who's not in the building.

So get your foot in the door and opportunities will present themselves. So, yeah, it was fun. It just wasn't quite what I was expecting. And like I said, I ran in at the last second.

No joke. Ran in, sat down, 30 seconds later was introducing myself. Not optimal. I was highly stressed. And the husband, the hubs would tell you that he didn't walk until about 10 minutes later because that's I left him. I was like, I have to go. It's raining in Times Square and I'm running. I think he had the umbrella.

I let him have the umbrella. But yeah, I just needed to get inside and never even saw the organizer. Never saw the guys who were running the conference because I just went from one thing to the next thing. Lot of people. In fact, over a thousand college students were in attendance at this conference and they came from all over the place. I heard from people in California, Florida, Michigan, obviously the northeastern states, Virginia as well, even some from Texas. So there are people from all over the country who came in for the conference.

It was pretty cool. It's my annual volunteering that I do. Now, I obviously mentor people on a personal basis, but this is a larger scale.

Had my work cut out for me. Has anyone reached out since? The panelist. I wonder if they, yes, I've actually already gotten a bunch of emails. I wonder if they were disappointed to see just one panelist.

I think they like you. I mean, we'll see. If you like the panelist, then why would I want anybody else? Let's just listen to what she has to say. It's true, but I just have one perspective, right?

What about, I don't know, anything else? I suppose, but if you like the perspective, then who the hell cares what anyone else has to say? I got to find out if that was the plan.

Maybe write an email and say, thank you for having me. Did you know I was the only one in there? You told me it was a panel, right?

I think a panel, using that term loosely. All right, on Twitter, ALawRadio, on our Facebook page too. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Coming up, we're gearing up for March Madness. So kind of fun to have college sports in the spotlight this weekend. And it wasn't just Kaitlin Clark, also the defending national champ in men's hoops, as well as another pretty cool moment for a sport that probably won't step into the spotlight until a little bit later.

Let's say May. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. When the whole family comes together to watch the game, nobody wants to miss a second of the action to run to the grocery store. With Instacart, you can get all your weekly groceries in as fast as an hour.

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Void where prohibited. Oh, should we start this show? Yeah, I'm down. Just buying a car and carvana first. Oh, for real? Yeah, it's super convenient. I already got pre-qualified in two minutes. All I had to do was answer a few questions. Ooh, that's helpful. And now just customizing my down and monthly payments.

Ooh, that's a very fair deal. Yep. Boom. Just bought a car. And you get to take me to the Carvana vending machine in a couple days to pick it up. Ooh. I'm kind of busy. Visit to finance your next car.

Financing subject to credit approval. We'll be right back. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Learfield IMG, the Yukon Huskies defending men's national champ, number three team in the country, hadn't won a share of the Big East regular season title in 18 years. And hadn't won an outright regular season conference championship in a quarter century.

But that is over. That drought is over with Sunday's rout of Seton Hall by 30 points. So it was the Celtics demolishing the Warriors and the Huskies blasting the Pirates.

They even cut down the Nets. That's how big an achievement it was. And this is a team that's got multiple national championships in its men's college history. Or men's, I should say, men's basketball history.

It's not just the women that are real good there. Dan Hurley leading his team in pursuit of back to backs, right? But this is a big first step, winning the conference. The Big East, the regular season championship, you know, it's something that, you know, last year I think not getting either one was as great as a national championship.

This was a thorn in our side, especially the regular season. I think next to getting to a Final Four or winning a national championship, I think winning the regular season of a conference like this is like the hardest thing to do. Harder than the Big East tournament because you've got to earn it in a true round robin. Like true round robin in this league in some incredibly tough places to play the most physical games in college basketball against the best coaches in the country. And you got actually lost to Seton Hall by double digits in December. So there's a bit of vindication for them. But they were able to take advantage of the turnovers by the Pirates and scored 24 points off those turnovers.

They'll get you in that respect for sure. So Dan Hurley and the UConn Huskies are Big East champs of the regular season, still have the tournament and of course March Madness to come. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We'll talk more about Kaitlyn Clark and the Iowa achievement. But did you hear Travis Scott was at the game and was raving about Kaitlyn and the atmosphere to NBC Sports? Kaitlyn Clark, she's one of the greatest humans of all time. She's got to come see just a good Iowa basketball, Gabby Marshall, K. It's a good team out here, I've been in a lot of buildings, but this Iowa energy is like nothing. I think they need to bottle this energy and bring it around the world. Travis Scott to NBC Sports about how this is a great atmosphere, great energy and even says Kaitlyn Clark is one of the best humans in the world.

I mean, why not? If you got Travis Scott and he's rattling off other names too, you got Travis Scott is one of your biggest fans that can only help your program, but that's what she does. That's the profile that she has and the star power that she brings to the table and not just because she's setting records and because she's ascending to the pinnacle of her sport, but because of how she handles herself and the type of ambassador she is, which we'll talk more about. I would say that Kaitlyn and Iowa, so it's not just Kaitlyn of course, the team has to be good around her and they did knock off South Carolina last year and play in that national championship game, but directly the impact is felt at other arenas around the country, will be felt in the WNBA when she plays there, but women's college basketball is more and more in the spotlight because of superstars like Kelsey Plum, who had the women's scoring record before her, like Sabrina Ionescu, who played at Oregon, like all the UConn champions. Right now, Paige Beckers, but Breonna Stewart, who's won MVPs in the WNBA. And now comes Kaitlyn Clark, and it's a woman that has more points than anyone else in D1 history. And so college basketball is expanding for women in a way that you've got more and more young women in the pipeline who want to be Sabrina or Breonna or Kaitlyn, and so they start practicing and they start harboring these dreams of being a star in the college game and on into the pro game.

And so it just starts a groundswell of young girls and also young boys who are watching her and emulating her. And then what happens is you have more and more young girls who play the sport, which naturally increases the competition, then you have more and more young women who are seeking scholarships to play at the college level, obviously can't all play on the same team, which means that you're adding to the depth of women's college basketball. And naturally, as you have better coaches, better talent, a deeper pool of talent in the game, well then it's not just UConn or South Carolina or previously Tennessee or Stanford. It's not just a handful of schools that can win a championship. It's not just LSU. You've got more and more teams who can legit compete to get to the Final Four. And again, that's all good for college basketball. And it leads to things like UVA. Now remember, the men's team won a championship in 2019, but the women just set an attendance record for a women's basketball game in Virginia.

And Coach Kenny Brooks, he was really emotional about that milestone. I've been a women's basketball fan for a long time. I switched over because I wanted to be a women's basketball coach.

Not because I had to, because I wanted to. And every sense I've been fighting for respectability. Every one of the kids that I've coached has worked their asses off for me. And I watch the women's game get disrespected by people who have no idea how much work these kids put in. And for it finally to be recognized for what it should be is a beautiful sport. Kids who work their asses off, kids who have so much pride in what they do, and then you get jerks sometimes on social media trying to downplay the women's game, makes me angry. Trust me, man, I see some men's games that are not fun to watch.

So don't give me that crap. And so for people to come out, I don't know what number you said, you know, we played in front of I think five or six sellout crowds, we played in front of sellout crowds on the road. It means the sport is going in the right way. 11,975 people in attendance for the game between the Cavs or the Whos and fifth-ranked Virginia Tech. It was a tight game, went down to the wire, 11,975, highest ever recorded attendance for women's college basketball in the state of Virginia.

And how about this? The previous record goes back to the mid 90s and a final four in Richmond. So again, the growth of women's college basketball, you can directly attribute to the number of stars who are getting more and more attention and who are worthy of the spotlight. And that is drawing people to the game in other states, in other regions, in other capacities. It's exciting.

People are seeing it and seeing these athletes for who they are, which I love. Now speaking of sold out crowds, OU softball, Oklahoma softball used to sell out crowds, no doubt. Patty Gaso Sooners, they're used to winning too. But on Sunday, for the first time in 71 games, the OU women lost. So Louisiana invades Norman, Loves Field is what it's called, 4,500 fans in attendance, and the division one record 71 game winning streak was no more. Also an exciting game, still tied in the eighth inning, good for Louisiana. I guess you could say all good things must come to an end, but I don't know, does this serve to motivate Patty Gaso Sooners after they finally lose a game?

We are human beings, that's what happened today. To absolutely give credit to Louisiana, they played well, they pitched well, they hit the ball hard, they did everything they needed to do. They deserve to win 100%. We knew a game like this would be coming at some time. I don't know that we were ready to have it happen here, but it happened, so nothing was good enough today for us. Patty Gaso We didn't do anything to deserve this game.

Credit to Lafayette, they came ready to play. We didn't deserve to win, but this game doesn't define us, softball doesn't define us, and I'm excited to come back next weekend to see what it looks like. I'm never a big fan of a loss being a win, no matter how many games in a row you've won, but I do think it can be a wake up call. I do think it can be a reminder that you're not invincible. I do think it can be a reminder that if you take a night off or you take a game off, you very well can be on the losing end and everything you've worked for can go up in smoke. Now the Sooners still the team to beat come the Women's College World Series, three straight national championships, and Patty Gaso is as decorated as actually more decorated than Bill Belichick in her field, in her sport. You want to talk about legend.

She is the gold standard. And so they had outscored, some of these numbers are gaudy, which is why I passed them along before our break, 71 wins in a row in which they outscored their opponents, you ready for this, 578 runs to 72. Isn't that insane?

That's not fair, right? They outscored their opponents by 500 plus runs in that 71 game win streak, 40 shutouts, which is more than half. They beat 42 different teams. And here's the kicker of those 71, almost half were run rules, meaning the games ended early because they were so far up, essentially the mercy rule, think of how many more runs they could have added, 578 to 72 is how they outscored their opponents over that incredible win streak. But again, the big thing is the Women's College World Series, which is held in Oklahoma City.

That's the permanent venue for the event and it's gaining in popularity. Oklahoma has done as much for softball as say UConn or Tennessee or South Carolina, now Iowa have done for women's basketball. They are the team to beat, 71 straight wins, it's amazing.

I don't know though, you may have poked the bear. All right, coming up, another impressive college showcase, football side, fastest 40 time in history. I'm sure Tom Brady's faster now, but he's not this fast. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on Twitter, A Law Radio, on our Facebook page too. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

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It's a 14-1. Get on back over here. Get on back. Come on. Come on. He broke. Come on.

He broke it. Come on. Come on. Yeah. Yeah. What's up? So we're just letting everybody know, Xavier Worthy, Fresno, California, Bob Way, or Texas Longhorns, official new combine record holder. Yeah.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I know some athletes who are likely to hear their names calls come NFL draft day. They're content and confident not to work out, not to run through drills in Indianapolis at the combine, but if they all chose that route, we wouldn't have a moment that was worthy of being filmed. Xavier Worthy, see what I did there? He broke the record, fastest 40-yard dash in combine history. Eat your heart out Tyreek Hill. That's TJ Huchmanzadeh on Twitter, a name I hadn't heard in years.

Anyway, it's on his Twitter. And then Xavier interviewed by the NFL network about setting the new 40-yard dash standard. Man, it's crazy. I watched the combine my whole life as a kid, seeing John Ross run it, man, I never thought I'd be able to be on the stage and do that. So John Ross is the Washington wide receiver who ran a 4-2-2, oh gosh, six, seven years ago. But when he realized that he had done the 4-2-1, you heard him hooping and hollering.

Now here's something really funny. He actually ran a 4-2-5 in his first attempt and then took off his shoes. Kind of made it seem like he wasn't going to run again and sometimes guys don't because they're satisfied with their first attempt and they don't want to go slower the next time and cause questions or doubts. But he ends up running again and it's a 4-2-1 that shows up on the official clock. And yeah, there are a lot of people there in Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium, and so they're watching this live and were able to cheer for him and give him his proper due and credit.

And out of Texas, since I married into a Longhorn family, now I have to know these things. You beat Usain Bolt's time. That's amazing. Although Bolt doesn't run a 40. Well he had run one in 4-2-2 in 2019, but I'm just reading now that he was wearing sweatpants, officially retired, and in flat-soled shoes, Bolt was when he did that. So could he have done it better in his prime, probably with better equipment, but that's pretty cool to say you beat Usain Bolt's 40 time. When he's in sweatpants and not wearing running shoes.

Leave that out. He's also a thousand-yard wide receiver and had five touchdowns last year and so could be a steal in the draft. Maybe he has improved his draft stock with this 4-2-1 40. And yes, the NFL was watching and there are a lot of guys who are reacting to it. Can you imagine the quarterbacks who would love to have him on their teams, on their rosters. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Lots of moments to remember for guys at the draft who are attempting to improve their status or increase their profile. But the guys at the top, they're mostly there to do interviews and as you can imagine, a lot of the conversation is about the quarterbacks.

So Caleb Williams, he's already impressing because he's done his research about Chicago and he did have an initial meeting with a lot of different teams, including the Bears. It was good. Everybody was, you know, cool and that's a Gen Z, I guess, kind of word to use, but yeah, it was really nice.

It was, they were mainly testing me on my mental, you know, seeing how I would handle things and, you know, putting a play up on the board and then 10 minutes later, 15 minutes later asked me to recall it and things like that. So it was good. It was a good meeting.

The prevailing sentiment is that the Bears will take him number one overall. And he did an interview, shoot, I can't remember who it was with. Oh, Pete Thamel. He did an exclusive interview with Pete Thamel late last week. This is before he spoke to the press and the media in which he talked about Michael Jordan and he talked about Walter Payton and how those are two of his favorite athletes. So it's clear that he's done his homework in preparation for Chicago. Interestingly enough, he is from the DC area and JJ McCarthy is from the Chicago area.

So they're actually like, the two of them are kind of talking about this idea of being drafted in, I guess you could say opposite positions is what many people think. The commanders also need a quarterback and there's a lot of teams, not the Cardinals, but there's a bunch of teams that are in the top 10 that I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up selecting quarterbacks or if teams moved in into those top few spots to try to get a quarterback higher than where they're situated right now. JJ McCarthy, the knock on him is that he didn't play nearly as many games as some of these other quarterbacks did. And so while we've got sample size of him being able to make all the throws and you see what he can do in these flashes, he went to a school on purpose that featured a run first offense. And so he wasn't showcased as much.

And I've heard a lot of analysts question whether or not they have enough of JJ McCarthy and whether or not he'll be prepared for the next level because he wasn't in an offense that showcased his skills or that relied on his skills. Now he did learn from a former NFL QB and now again, head coach in the NFL, John Harbaugh. And that to me is valuable.

They had a great relationship. Just so much wisdom getting passed down, stuff you never thought about, just like little things that you would think is elementary, but it pays off in a big way. That's one of the biggest things I appreciate about him is his teaching is very simplified and it's easy to understand and it's very profound in a deep way. So just all the little nippets about how to be a pro quarterback, how to handle the media, how to handle situations that are mostly off the field because that's inevitably going to affect you on the field.

So it's been a true blessing to be able to learn from him this last three years. From Sirius XM NFL radio, there's a lot of quarterback questions that don't have to do with these two guys. And actually there's been some talk that Drake May could end up being selected number one overall. I think that would be a huge shock, like as in huge shock, but that was a name that was dropped out there going back to late last week when I was hosting on Friday afternoon. Here's the part that I try to remind people, take everything that you hear and everything that you read with a grain of salt.

Only believe really half. One of the really popular, I don't call it rumors necessarily, but somewhere between a rumor and a report is that the Giants want to draft one of these quarterbacks and could be looking to move up in a trade, right? So that's not maybe a huge secret that they're looking at QBs because of Daniel Jones and the injury, but could they potentially be a team that moves up, right? So there are some really high profile quarterbacks available, but you got to be in position to grab them because they're going to go pretty quick. Man, more and more it's become uber competitive. So if the Bears would pass on Caleb Williams, there is no doubt at all that the commanders would take him unless of course the Bears trade out of that number one pick again.

But I can't imagine that they do. We'll talk more about it. Some buzz coming out of Tampa as well as Pittsburgh when it comes to QBs.

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