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After Hours with Amy Lawrence Hour 1

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February 20, 2024 6:10 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 20, 2024 6:10 am

HOUR 1: An eventful Daytona 500 race. A tale of two baseball teams in LA. 


A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing, one retired cop returns. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. Um, that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter, but you're on a roll.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Was it just another Manic Monday? That's what I want to know. And also, did you survive your Manic Monday? I know it was a holiday Monday for a lot of people. In fact, I was kind of surprised at how many people had the holiday or took the holiday and the fact that it seemed like a normal Monday to me until I got out on the roads. I will take the easier commute home on Monday morning, but also much lighter coming into New York City and CBS Sports Radio headquarters this evening. And again, not complaining.

That is just fine with me. But now another holiday is behind us. And after talking to family members and friends who had Monday off, I'm done being jealous and can now move forward into the rest of the week. So if you had the time off, awesome.

I'm done being envious of you. It was a busy Monday, actually, between the Daytona 500, which ran starting on Monday afternoon and was the first race at Daytona on this Monday, as opposed to being the second. There was yet more rain on Monday morning in the area, so they had to wait and move the Xfinity race until after Daytona.

That just wrapped up a couple hours ago. And for that reason, our friend Bob Pockrass will join us at the top of next hour, so about an hour from now, from Daytona, where he's still working in the wake of what was a double-decker Monday, if you will. And because this was the first Cup race of the season, we'll ask him about the various storylines heading into this year. But a big day for Hendrick Motorsports, for those of you who are longtime fans of NASCAR, who know Rick Hendrick as one of the grandfathers of the sport, but also as the guy who launched the careers of Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson and has got a long history, long tenure, long history, very successful history in NASCAR, but hadn't won at Daytona in a decade.

So congratulations to him and to William Byron, whose story is unique. When I tell you he's unlike any other NASCAR driver, your traditional NASCAR driver, we'll explain when we talk to Bob coming up at the top of next hour. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for all of your tweets, your Facebook messages, on Twitter, ALawRadio, and also on our Facebook page named after the show, our YouTube channel as well. A lot of you reacting to my post about Sabrina Ionescu and Steph Curry over the weekend at the All-Star Festivities, and I just am still so impressed by how she handled herself and the stage and the pressure. Again, not unfamiliar for her as what I said on our last show. If you thought she was going to crack under the pressure, you just don't know Sabrina, but in going back and thinking about her comments after she and Steph had gone through their mini duel, I love again what she said in taking gender out of it. If you can shoot, you can shoot.

That's it. It doesn't it doesn't matter if you're a boy, girl, man, woman. If you can shoot, you can shoot.

And I just kept thinking about how that wisdom would have been so helpful for me when I was coming up in a business. So this is quite a while ago, you know, 25 years ago when I was coming up in sports radio, and it was a path that didn't include any females who had walked it before or who were available for me to talk to about it. And the wisdom that Sabrina has now, I think it's much more common at this point where what were typically male avenues or male walks of life or male industries no longer. And sports is more and more opened for women to succeed at the same level or a similar level, getting more and more of the coverage and certainly more and more of the fan bases are made up of women. That includes football, it includes the other sports as well. And so I just think, you know what, same thing. If you can talk about sports intelligently and entertain your audiences, who cares whether you're male or female. So thank you Sabrina for that wisdom.

It was good for me to hear it and to think about it from my own perspective. So a lot of you responding to that post on both Twitter and Facebook. Others of you asking about Penny, I'll have to let you know about Penn as we head through this edition of the show. But our phone number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We'll have a little bit from baseball and spring training as it unfolds in both Florida and Arizona. And that includes Shohei Ohtani taking live BP and also Mike Trout. It's weird honestly. It was weird for me.

I won't put words in your mouth. But it was weird for me when I saw Mike Trout speaking on Monday and I thought, wow. Even though we had Mike Trout before we had Shohei Ohtani. So even though Mike Trout was there with the Angels and had that massive contract extension that he signed before Ohtani came on the scene. The last couple years it's been Trout and Ohtani and it's been the two of them together.

And of course Mike has dealt with more and more injuries that have taken him out for longer periods of time. But the idea was those two guys with the Angels. Keep the group together. Keep those guys together.

And I know it's again it's just a smaller sample size. But as I was thinking about Mike Trout my thought was he got left behind. Ohtani moved on to the Dodgers. Moved on to a place where he felt like he had a better opportunity to win because as Ohtani has told us, mostly over the last couple of years as this idea of contract and whether or not he would stay with the Angels became front and center and more prevalent.

What he told us repeatedly is that he wanted to win. And the Angels tried, I guess. They gave it the old college try.

They tried to put pieces around him. They tried to make a bold move at the trade deadline last year. So that they could bring in some pieces that they thought might give a better shot. Not just in the AL West but in the American League overall.

Remember they had made kind of a mini push. I guess coming right out of the all-star break. So they go ahead and they make these moves at the trade deadline which blow up in their face royally and Mike Trout even when he was healthy finally there was no point in him coming back. And so Ohtani ends up leaving going across town and now the Angels are back to Mike Trout. That's their their marquee piece, their marquee draw and I'm not saying he isn't worth it. Only that he has been through so many injuries now that I think you could probably class him classify him as somewhat unreliable to be able to sustain sustain excuse me withstand the 162 game rigor all the travel the long hours you may not think you may not think that baseball is a sport that demands a whole lot physically and it's not a contact sport or not supposed to be but it does demand long hours and a lot of travel and the 162 game slate I mean it's nearly double what you get in hoops and hockey right and so I do think that with Mike Trout there's got to be some trepidation about him into another season and what do the Angels do and you may remember there was even some talk about the Angels trading him away or at least encouragement from industry experts and analysts who thought it might be better for the Angels to just go ahead and let him go since of course Ohtani is not going to not going to resign there now the Angels were still holding out hope that he would until the end and he kept his cards really close to the vest he did so we really didn't know for sure what he would do until the announcement was made by his camp and now the Angels are back to Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon who a is never healthy forget Mike Trout and his health history Anthony Rendon I feel like he's played five games in the last three years but he's not healthy and he's mostly made his waves this off season by talking about how the a schedule should be shorter and b how baseball is not really his top priority oh yeah that's exactly what fans want to hear even if it's true did your mom ever tell you Anthony Tony if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all if you can't be productive and if your your mouth is going to get you in trouble just keep it zipped zipper emoji over the mouth but that's not Rendon and so man talk about a dud start to the season for the Angels where they're almost I don't say back to square one because Mike Trout is a five tool player but the buzz gone from the Angels because with Mike Trout even before Otani they haven't made the playoffs since 2014 it's been a decade now we've seen Mike Trout in are you ready one two three playoff games in his entire career 2014 that's it but that's where the Angels have returned to the land of irrelevant which I maintain is far worse than being a loser or a team that's competing for say the top draft pick I've always said in professional sports being irrelevant with no one talking about you is a far worse fate and that's where the Angels find themselves yet again even with Mike Trout because they added Otani there was the buzz there was the excitement certainly there were the ticket sales the the worldwide and global interest now that he's with the Dodgers all of that goes with him as if the Dodgers needed it they really didn't but to add to the mix Otani is to opens up different kind of doors it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio Juan Soto making his debut with the New York Yankees as well and I had the chance well I took the chance I actually told Ryan as well so we both did our homework wanted to go through the Super Bowl edition of miked up from NFL Films and so and this is actually something my husband was interested in too so after dinner we sat down on the couch and we watched the entire thing from start to finish it had aired on CW and then they re-aired it if you haven't seen it I'm sure it's on YouTube although Ryan and I were comparing notes and we found out the same version is not aired in both places so on CW it was one version and then on YouTube it was a different version they cut out a couple things I wonder why curse words oh well those are always cut out on CW the curses were gone like not in it but like there was certain things where like when you would look it up on Twitter and stuff there was like uncensored versions I guess from HBO gotcha okay here's what I was I don't want to say annoyed necessarily but I it did warrant a few eye rolls after all the talk about that confrontation or the the near collision well it was a collision the near catastrophic collision between Travis Kelsey and Andy Reid had his coach fallen over it would have been so much worse but after all the talk about Kelsey running into Andy Reid and his anger and yelling in his face and his coach losing his balance after all of that and of course they win and they make up afterwards blah blah blah it's not in the mic'd up edition on of inside the NFL I couldn't believe it are you kidding me it's probably the most highest well it's the highest profile moment the most talked about moment other than the meet Cole Hardman walk off touchdown and it's not in the the special that's just wrong I think they realized it wasn't that important I guess I guess it happens all the time okay but even so that's what fans wanted to see and hear you know that even if it happens all the time it would have been a six second clip of just bleeping true maybe that was it still according to Travis on his new heights podcast Andy tracked him down a couple minutes later and says you know there's cameras on me all the time there's cameras on me all the time that's according to Travis okay so Travis told that story on his podcast so if that's what Andy Reid said why not have it in there right why not have that kind of makeup and make good and hey I lost my balance or hey whatever it is that was said you're right it probably would be bleeped out but I feel like it was a disservice maybe for because I think that's what fans most wanted to see there was other than maybe Travis and Taylor on the field after which at least the CW version did not include I did not see their embrace their hug and their kiss on the field I didn't see any really of the family reunions maybe they cut it out for time I did see Patrick Mahomes this is on the CW version Patrick Mahomes with his family on the field after he and Andy Reid I saw Kelsey and Reid and Reid's wife of course was there and there was one shot of Taylor on the field when Kelsey was up on the stage but really weren't really weren't a whole lot of the families getting together for the first time after the Super Bowl had been won which is weird because I saw a clip on I think it was like Good Morning America or something like that where Kelsey is mic'd up talking to Taylor Swift who seemed mic'd up as well which is a little weird that is weird so there's no way that had to be caught on Kelsey's mic yeah it was like it was pretty crystal clear audio so I was a little confused about it I wonder if because it went into overtime they had less time but you would think if it was important they could have taken audio out of another stretch they did have her chugging a beer they definitely had that had a full time yeah so in the CW version they had plenty of time for that so if you haven't seen mic'd up we've pulled a couple moments and there were certainly some moments on the field on the sidelines that I didn't know about there were some reactions that I hadn't heard about like when Dre Greenlaw tore his Achilles trying to run off the sidelines oh the reaction to that was it was powerful it was really emotional on the Niners sidelines but they also saw it on the Chiefs sideline so yeah I dig these things big time I'm so into the mic'd up edition to see it at field level and then to hear what the athletes and coaches are saying so I really enjoyed it and enjoyed it and we'll have a couple of those interactions but also I just kind of fun to talk about our observations which is why I told Ryan this is the homework from Monday night so find us on Twitter ALawRadio if you watched it I'd love to hear your reaction to and on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence coming up it of course featured some classic elements at Daytona like the big one with nine laps to go as well as a Hendrick win but this is not your typical Daytona 500 champion it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence this Monday night here on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours podcast and the Daytona 500 goes to Victory Lane William Byron from Charlotte North Carolina Rudy Fugel his crew chief I'm just a kid from racing on computers and winning the Daytona 500 I can't believe it I wish my dad was here he's sick but this is for him and we've been through so much and we set up in the grandstands together and watch the race this is so freaking cool this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence uh yeah you definitely heard him correctly William Byron used to race on computers it was a video game for him that's how he was bit by the racing bug and he made his way through the ranks very quickly he's only 26 years old but he drives for the iconic Hendrick Motorsports home previously of Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson as drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr was there as well and here is Byron who brings Hendrick and that team that franchise its first Daytona 500 win in a decade it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio the calls there from Daytona on Fox Sports now we will talk to Fox Sports racing insider Bob Pockrass in 35 minutes at the top of next hour but for William Byron as you hear him talk about his path is completely atypical and yet more and more because of the advent of video games that are so high tech as well as esports and really just a generation that's grown up on devices and iPads and whatever else got laptops I mean my kids say to me on Sunday mornings at church when you ask them hey what would you do if you had no restrictions on your time what would you do today if you didn't have you know any homework you didn't have any chores to do and a lot of them will respond with their PlayStations or their Xboxes or their various joysticks or devices and so this is the generation that Byron is a part of at 26 years old really does represent the next generation of NASCAR but how healthy is the sport too since I went to my first race at 12 years old so I've told this story before my first ever race was at Pocono in Pennsylvania it was a super speedway super speedway and because we camped in our trailer in the infield my mom was walking my brother and I through the infield with her hands over our eyes because she didn't want us to see what was going on so just general debauchery like people drinking a lot and and making fools of themselves anyway we went when I was 12 years old and then we had season tickets for both Pocono and Talladega as well as going to other races over the course of of my young adulthood and then even on into my adulthood I actually worked for both the New Hampshire track which is Loudoun international speedway and then also for Phoenix I did some work for Phoenix as well and so my my love for NASCAR has has gone through multiple iterate iterations excuse me from childhood when I was a huge fan and I loved Dale Earnhardt to then kind of working in the sport a little bit and seeing it from a different perspective to then becoming a talk show host trying to make it relevant for an audience but recognizing that I still talk far more NASCAR than the majority of people on sports radio it's changed so much the sport has changed so much at times I think NASCAR can't get out of its own way with some of the various tweaks to their playoff system how do you get there who wins I mean even the playoffs are a relatively new phenomenon now they didn't have playoffs when I was growing up in the sport and NASCAR took a major hit with some of the financial challenges in our country so the economy and the downturn going back to say 2008-9 the sports really expensive and it became difficult to find sponsors who if you weren't a winning team and had a winning tradition or at least big names behind you who would pour the millions of dollars into your cars to sponsor a team and then it became a team sport where you had four and five cars that were associated with you know one major team each of the major teams and they would work together so teamwork became a different thing and just the the changes in the broadcast and and certainly the ratings it believe it or not used to be the number two spectator sport in the country in terms of viewership and tv ratings but has fallen way back and they're trying to make it relevant they're trying to keep it relevant but with a lot of the big name drivers retiring and a bunch of a bunch of the champions that were household names like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon some of the others Tony Stewart getting into different aspects of racing it really has kind of seen the interest wane and they're trying to attract a newer generation of drivers so Bubba Wallace kind of represents a new generation and more diversity and that's something that NASCAR is after but they have to change their reputation and to that end they're adding more of these road courses that are different than your your typical super speedways Chicago last year was a big coup for them to close down parts of the city and to be able to race cars through it they ended up with a ton of rain which kind of dampered dampened well dampened literally but also figuratively dampened the enthusiasm and so NASCAR I still think is a transition in a transition for a lot of different reasons economic and social as well as just name recognition and the popularity of the sport and they need a couple superstars that's what they need superstars that are out there front and center and can be ambassadors for the sport as well so a lot of challenges for it but William Byron maybe is a champion that people can identify with because he's got his start with the video games it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio the the big one is a term even guys guys and gals who are not die-hard fans know uh restrictor plate racing the super speedways where they actually have a part on the car that keeps them from going 220 miles per hour because it gets to be dangerous instead they try to limit them so these restrictor plates which means that a lot of the cars are bunched up and you get later in the race and guys get antsy and guys are jockeying for position and they're they're literally touching the cars are touching it's called bump drafting and it's dangerous and there's been pushes to try to outlaw it in the sport so that guys can't do it for instance you can't do it in Indy cars because those cars can't touch but in NASCAR they've you know they work really hard at this bump drafting and sometimes in the impatience of the late stages and how tight the cars are whether it's two and three wide racing at 180 miles per hour uh well then you end up with these massive wrecks and there was one late at Daytona that took out a lot of the big names um let's see Denny Hamlin Joey Logano he'd uh he'd been right there in the mix and and those guys have been leading a bunch of the laps and also Brad Keselowski who's another one of the veterans who's made it his goal to try to win the Daytona 500 so it's pretty crazy uh but really neat though for William Byron and just the fact that uh he was able to do it on what was the 40th anniversary of Hendrick's first ever victory in cup racing just so proud of this team whole exalta team uh 40th anniversary to the day on Monday so just um extremely blessed and thankful for all the opportunities and um yeah we just want to keep it going we have a lot to prove this year and uh this is a good start obviously and Daytona 500 it's freaking awesome let's go that's William Byron on Fox Sports you can hear not just the fireworks going off in the background uh but still he's out there on the track or maybe in victory lane when he was doing that interview and yeah it's quite a scene uh myself I've never been to Daytona I've been to other super speedways uh been to a lot of different tracks Daytona's on the bucket list but this is becoming a common thing every year now where they're dealing with the rain and it was a washout of a weekend where they really couldn't get a lot done and because of that they wiped out final practices they moved the 500 uh they ended up having a race after the 500 so it was hard to tell exactly how full the stands were on tv it looked like they were missing a fair number of fans which makes sense once it pushed to a Monday I don't know how the ratings will end up being affected but I can imagine they'll be they'll be a lot less in terms of the viewership and the numbers just because of the Monday start but it it was a Daytona 500 with the classic elements as I say like the big one the one that makes you gasp in the final 10 laps and it was up at the front of the pack and so a couple of cars were able to escape and then the cars at the very back because they had time their spotters had time to guide them through the fray and the mess and the disaster but it's really a chain reaction and if you're in the middle there's not a whole lot you can do and there's nowhere you can go not to mention there's smoke and there's fire and it's like armageddon or something smoke and fire and it's really hard to see it's low visibility so with the spotters that are up on top of the track it's hard for them to see through it as well they're trying to give a bird's eye view to their drivers stay to the right stay to the left go low go high go straight through but if they can't see through the fog and fog through the smoke and the fire and just the elements and cars flying everywhere it's really hard for them to guide anybody else to guide their drivers so yeah you just kind of hold your breath but if it's really fascinating and i don't mean this to be morbid of course but after the fact when they've got the car cams or the dash cams for the individual drivers and you can see their perspective as they're trying to get through the wreck or as they're hanging on for dear life and their car is spinning six times into the grass tearing up the infield and and so they go back and especially when it's a red flag and they did stop the race for quite a while to clean up the track and so they're they go back and they've given you the bird's eye perspective from like seven eight different drivers and my husband even said to me now he's not a big nascar fan um i'm trying to i'm trying to get to him but he said to me that's scary stuff you have no idea what's going to happen you're going that fast uh you're he said it's pretty stressful hanging on for dear life someone in front of you wrecks and you're i mean you're almost kind of holding your breath you have to check up right away you've got to hit the brakes but if you can't see anything you can't see anything and you just hope that you emerge unscathed the other side but this was a wreck with eight laps to go that took out 18 cars and actually featured 23 cars that's more than half the field of a typical nascar race so when it comes to daytona this is just one of the elements that people always expect because they're so tight and they're so intense and they're so impatient but you know with eight laps to go you think i gotta make a move i gotta make a move and and they're trying and it just it turns into a major disaster so if you haven't seen it well the video is out there of course but william byron ends up winning and they had to do a photo finish because there was a there were two drivers that were fighting at the end and there was a wreck behind them as well it was behind them so they were able to race back to the checkered flag but they actually had to go to photo finish to to be sure that byron crossed the finish line first so that's how the nascar season begins and bob pockrass will join us at the top of the hour and we'll not just talk to him about daytona and byron but also about some of the major storyline to this upcoming season i do love some nascar i hate that it in the fall when it goes into its late stages of the regular season and then the playoffs playoffs that it's impacted by football and that it's competing against the nfl because it's it's hard then to be able to pay attention to both really don't have the time to talk about it on sundays when we're covering nfl season but i've been a longtime fan and i always make a point to watch daytona hoping that nascar can find its way and gain some new momentum with a new generation of drivers who learned playing video games that's crazy it's after hours with amy lawrence hey mel bry here gotta work from home today because the whole family caught a nasty hey mikey if you're gonna puke find the popcorn bowl but my availability is 110 percent coincidentally so is my fever kidding mel i'm so cold but hot uh but i'm gonna get you that budget just as soon as mikey popcorn bowl press one to use instacart and get your family sick day essentials delivered in as fast as 30 minutes press two to keep working do not press two just use instacart brian we've seen a lot of change in the past 20 years but two decades later mountain dew baja blast is 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has just hit home run number 42 of the season that one goes 437 and right out of the blocks in the first inning tonight it's showtime this is after hours with amy lawrence well that was then and this is now terry smith on angels radio and shohay otani was healthy or at least was navigating some of the nagging injuries and since then has had another surgery on his ucl and is not able to pitch in the 2024 season but as a new member of the dodgers is getting back into the cage and is even facing live pitching so the reconstructive elbow surgery a reported success and now he's creating that same buzz with the dodgers it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio dave roberts we've got a new superstar in the fold i mean this is dave roberts who's used to dealing with a lot of buzz around a lot of superstars but otani on the dodgers well it's different for shohay he's got it down in the sense of the day to day um i think that each day he has a plan um and and part of that is the rehab process um part of it as today he's going to take live batting practice so to prepare himself for that um i don't know haven't had the conversation as far as like the expectation of the game as far as like the expectations i think it's just more of kind of each day preparing himself and you know as we start playing games and at some point in time he'll get into games and just to kind of get better each day he had the best of both worlds or he had the best of times and the worst of times i guess is a good way to say it there's even video out there of him fouling a ball off his foot and howling in pain so even the great shohay otani can feel pain this is it's going to be a spring training in which they're kind of bringing him along slowly it's not going to be a spring training in which he plays in all of their games as the run-up to south korea so he's not going to play in their opener on thursday but you will see him in the lineup as they prepare for what is their early season opener and they're in korea for a two-game series against the padres on march 20th and 21st and so that's the actual official start to the major league baseball season though the rest of the teams don't begin until march 28th you can find me on twitter alaw radio also on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence a couple minutes and we'll pivot pivot for those of you who are friends fans we'll pivot back to nascar with bob pockrass who's still at the track and will join us following what was a very long day at at daytona not just the 500 but an xfinity race after because of the rain over the weekend actually spoke to a friend of mine who lives in orlando and works in the nascar world or the racing world and she was saying that uh she had a 10k in daytona on saturday morning and was able to run it with a lot of drizzle not heavy rain but but she got finished just in time because the heavens opened up after that there's just talk of rain in places where not that florida doesn't get rain but rain in places where they're not used to it or where it's become more and more of a tradition so daytona for years and years and years never had to deal with postponements or shorter races because of weather but it's becoming a lot more common in the last decade well i don't know if you guys heard the story but death valley which is supposed to be the driest place in the united states actually has had enough rain this is in southern california has actually had enough rain that they're offering kayak rides or kayaking in a lake in death valley and it's a very rare phenomenon uh where it doesn't again doesn't happen very often but there's a lake that has formed because of all of the rain they've had there and so for now you can kayak in what is called bad water basin bad water basin it's usually dry but with all the storms you can actually kayak i can only imagine how much they're charging you for this once in a lifetime experience where you can kayak in death valley but yet it's an ancient lake apparently and i've heard it on the news multiple times now in the last 24 hours so if you live in southern california get it while you can if you're willing to spend i don't know how much money 282 feet below sea level bad water basin just the name is cool we need a bad water basin in in pro sports who's the bad water basin in pro sports that's cool i would love to do that but i don't think i'd want to pay 300 to go kayaking in bad water basin all right it's after hours with amy lawrence our phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four cbs maybe it's just me or maybe it's true of angels fans feeling a loss a void now and i actually feel this feel this i don't want to say it's petty for mike trout because that would be too strong of a word but i feel this let down for him because with otani there was extra electricity and buzz i don't know if he's quote unquote old news or if the novelty's worn off with mike trout for years of course he's been an mvp candidate um and he's also been one that people would point to as the face of baseball now there isn't really one face of baseball unless you want to point to otani now after the last couple years but my trout has multiple mvp awards even though his team has not made the playoffs in a decade with otani there was this excitement this reason to pay attention it was the one two punch of trout and otani or otani and trout in the lineup but now it's just back to trout again and anthony rendone who couldn't care less whether or not he plays every plays every game of the entire season and people keep asking mike whether or not he's going to ask for a trade out of this angels organization that seemingly has lost its best chance at getting back to the postseason for me personally i'm focused on the season i'm not worried about what happens or where i'm am i do i want to get traded i'm not going to trade i'm not worried about any of that i'm going out there and play my game i gotta i gotta put a full season together let's see what happens 13 years with the angels that's mike trout can you believe it's been that long it seems like i don't say yesterday but it seems like it's just been a few years but 13 years they've made the playoffs one time that's it just one time and that goes back to 2014 where they were swept unceremoniously by the kansas city royals so in mike trout's tenure in major league baseball now 13 years and a contract that pays him nearly a half billion dollars remember it was a record at the time but it pays him buku bucks he's had all of three playoff games and no playoff wins again not all on him the angels have got to put together a team around him otani was supposed to be part of that and they did get closer the issue lately has been pitching not as much hitting and otani won a couple mvps while he was with the angels so they think about that they've had mvp candidates every year going back now a decade and still because of poor free agent signings money poured into the wrong investments just the the the moves that resulted in injuries instead of innings i mean that's kind of the case with some of their pitchers it's the opposite of the mitis touch and yet mike trout he believes that for now to ask for a trade it almost be like a cop-out and the easy way out is just ask for a trade um you know there might be a time maybe uh i've really haven't thought about this but uh you know when i sign that contract i'm loyal you know i want to win the championship here and um yeah that's i mean that's that's mainly i think the the the overall picture of winning a championship or getting to the playoffs here is bigger satisfaction bailing out and just take an easy way out so i think that's that's why it's been my mindset you know maybe down the road if something's changed but that's been my mindset ever since the trade speculations you know came up so that's where i'm at he is rare in pro sports and as much as we as fans are loyal to a fault loyalty is rare among the athletes in the free agent period the age of free agency but it's also rare among teams every now and then you'll get a guy like say a tom brady of course the ownership the the craft family would have done anything for tom brady you'll get guys like that but is mike trout misplacing this loyalty i admire it so much and yet i wonder if it's an exercise in futility i want him to win we need mike trout in the playoffs and yet he's chosen to for now keep himself connected to the angels because he so desperately wants to win there it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio a peanut butter m&m's production in a world where super bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop return that's one retired quarterback read the script oh sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim what's his um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from m&m's peanut butter but you're 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