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After Hours with Amy Lawrence Hour 2

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February 16, 2024 6:12 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 16, 2024 6:12 am

HOUR 2: Rob Manfred announces his retirement? Tiger has a rough outing at the Genesis Invitational. Klay Thompson opens up after being benched. 


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2024 Santa Fe, available early 2024. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We always like the sexier storylines, the more dramatic storylines. We prefer to watch train wrecks. Oh, here's a good way to describe it. You'll understand right away.

Here's Amy Lawrence. We are heading into Friday. It's not a football Friday for the first time in a really long time, though we do have some football news, but you know the NFL has got to step aside sometime, right?

Oh no, not really. Not willingly. The NFL never relinquishes the spotlight or the center ring of the circus. That never happens. Instead, they kind of elbow their way back in so that they can't steal headlines from the other sports. Jealous.

The NFL gets very jealous when you pay attention to any other sport on the planet. However, we are doing just that on this edition of the show. So it's not a football Friday that we're heading into, but it's a Freaky Friday that we're heading into and I'm looking forward to it. I know as we talked to you earlier in the week about what you're most excited to see come end of this winter and spring.

What's your next big thing in sports? Many pointed to March Madness. A lot of others pointed to opening day for Major League Baseball and that is terrific because baseball has the oldest average age of its fans and there's nothing wrong with being older and experienced.

I'm not saying that. Only that with the range of people who listen to the show we certainly had a ton of people that were looking forward to the start of Major League Baseball and it's a uniform opening day except for the Dodgers and Padres who will start in South Korea. So this is baseball's attempt at roping in more of that international often or international audience and international flavor. Similar to how the NFL is going to open its season in Brazil next year. That Friday following Thursday opening night that Friday game is in Brazil. So we're spreading the love around the globe when it comes to our four major professional sports.

But that's still a ways away. We're still six weeks out from the start of baseball opening day and so maybe as pitchers and catchers report and spring training gets underway this is why Rob Manfred chose Thursday to drop a bombshell. Now I'm actually I wouldn't say surprised about it because he did just sign an extension and we're not talking about him walking away from the game in the next five months. No this is a plan that baseball will have in place to come up with his successors so they can hopefully carry over consistency and keep what they would like you to believe is labor peace. Obviously it's a lot of owners making a lot of money and the baseball players union is very powerful and it seems like there are a ton of disputes. But in this particular case what will happen is the owners will make sure they have a succession plan in place. Isn't there a show out there called Succession and it's about this family business a really rich family business and it's multiple kids who are vying for the right to take over for the father when he passes away.

I don't know that it's going to be like that maybe not as cutthroat and soap opera like as that. But the owners will want to have a plan in place so that it's as seamless a transition as possible. Manfred took over in 2015 for Bud Selig. He'd been groomed and raised up to be the next commissioner and I would say that there certainly have been a bunch of changes. There certainly have been some positive steps forward. Now it took quite a long time for Rob Manfred who is willing to die on the hill that is pace of play.

He was not going to let it go. How many times he tried and it didn't really work but the latest round of amendments to the rules seem to be working right. The different clocks, the pitch clock, the all that jazz seems to be working now where there's less downtime and even more balls in play because of some of the other rules like taking the shift out and that kind of stuff. Um so he is I think finally got to the point where he feels like he's impacted the one area of the game that he had made his mission and that's the pace of play because the numbers were way down in terms of average game time. We had games that were just about two hours for heaven's sakes.

They they were short and the the number the average number was down dramatically in terms of minutes for the games across the board. Uh even in the postseason right where we generally see things slow down but because the rules maybe not as forced as much but they were definitely implemented. This is where Rob Manfred has made his major impact and then keeping labor peace or trying to get through another round of negotiating with the union uh that's also really important. And so he's got some goals that he still wants to work on in these next few years but he has put an end date if you will on his tenure as baseball commissioner.

Look I'm 65 okay I just started a five-year term that do that math right that makes me 70 years old you can only have so much fun in one lifetime. I don't know how many baseball fans would say it's been fun. I do know that there are people well I guess this is the case with any of the commissioners that would label him as the worst commissioner in pro sports and a lot of people have been unhappy because of the changes he's tried to make and because of the way that baseball shortened its season in 2020 and just some of the decisions that were made. Now remember he works for the owners. He does not have any autonomy well not much really not much autonomy. It's him like it is in every other sport it's him as the CEO essentially for these owners this oligarchy of owners who give him the power under their bylaws and with the committees and all that jazz to be able to implement what they want.

So he's front and center he's on the front lines he takes a lot of the flack. I think something else that people really disliked maybe even currently still dislike about Rob Manfred is how he handled the whole Houston Astros cheating scandal. A lot of people were really down on him for that but if you are one of those people that love how much quicker the games were in 2023 then he should have credit for that because that's been something that he is determined to see in his tenure. So the first year of the pitch clock this is for nine innings so not counting the games that go into extras though I got to tell you as much as I think he does get a bad rap and it's not nearly as bad as what people would say I cannot stand that token gimmicky runner on second base in extra innings that drives me batty.

I hate it but that's something that the two sides could have worked out the two sides they could have made major changes and you know how it is with the union you can only fight for so much right. So two hours and 40 minutes the first year of the pitch clock that was the average time of a nine inning game in the majors down 24 minutes from the year before and also had a spike in batting average as well as more stolen bases than we've seen in nearly four decades. So those are some of the positives we saw a lot more running a lot more balls in play a lot more guys who were out there on the bases as opposed to strike out home run strike out home run strike out home run and again a lot of that is because of how many pitching changes and the pitch clock and also the the defensive shift not being allowed. So yeah it leveled the playing field so to speak between pitchers and hitters two hours and 40 minutes but now Rob Manfred has indicated that he just started his five-year term but it will be his last he will retire in 2029. Shouldn't see I guess there's a chance but shouldn't see another work stoppage in his time as the commissioner because they just went through that right and honestly as much as I thought that would be a big deal that was before the 22 season correct so we had 2020 which wasn't a full season and and a lot of fans didn't love how that was handled then 22 was when we had the lockout I think the years all blend together now but he has seen some major changes since then and they do say oh there's labor piece and it'll last but I wonder how much he'll be involved in this kind of next round whenever they would get there I got to go back and look at that because I don't remember I just want to confirm I suppose you all are yelling at the radio right now I think it was 22.

Yes the lockout ended into spring training remember it was like the first week in April or it ended and then they were able to start a week late in April yeah so 22 likely not to see another one of those in his lifetime maybe that gave him more gray hair or took his hair away but he's got other plans for instance have you noticed how this baseball off season slash hot stove has been relatively lukewarm I mean there have been some moves for instance one Soto that's a big one for the Yankees again there have been some moves but it gets bogged down a lot of times and we've seen this in previous years where you've got uber agents very powerful agents that are waiting for the dominoes to drop in other areas for other players so that they can try to get the most for their athletes so it's this game of want to be the last one want to be the most recent one so that I can use that and get even more from my client it can be a stepping stone for me to get more from my client and because of that you have these weird quiet periods like a quiet zone where we don't get a lot of movement and so to that end Manfred has this idea of putting in a deadline in free agency similar to what we get with the NFL similar to what we get when it comes to trade deadlines and that type of thing maybe more consolidated making sure that teams are on notice that agents are on notice and that they recognize you can't continue to play this game now I certainly understand why it can be annoying for the owners to have to wait to be able to sign free agents feeling like these types of deals can go on in perpetuity I don't know how much it affects competition so I'm not sure how it might even change the balance of power but the owners clearly want to have some type of deadline in place we would prefer to have a free agent signing period ideally probably in December with a deadline that drove people to make their deals get things settled we actually made proposals to that effect to the MLBPA they were not warmly received when is it ever warmly received a proposal by the commissioner and the owners right when are they ever there are still a lot of big time free agents out there Blake Snell is still available Cody Bellinger Matt Chapman Jordan Montgomery what do these guys have in common they are Scott Boras clients and and again that's what I mean by the uber agents right the agent who is waiting until the very last second the very last second who is trying to use the timing as leverage against these teams who is completely comfortable being a bulldog and being uncomfortable even if sometimes it's frustrating for the players themselves and so yeah you still have some big time free agents that have not gotten deals and I can imagine it's not a lot of fun for them but when you hire a Scott Boras you have to know the man does not compromise or very rarely compromises it's after hours here on CBS sports radio it's a bunch more guys who have no idea yet where they will play in 2024 and and two there's this idea that it hurts them in terms of their preparation for the season though I think a lot of players would tell you they don't need quite as much of the time that is set in spring training I mean they'll use it but then they'll also take some time off to ramp up and not play every day once they get to actual games yeah Jordan Montgomery is a starting pitcher that's a free agent Liam Hendrix is still considering multiple offers that's the latest from USA Today it's just been so quiet relatively benign not a lot of impactful moves except for Juan Soto is one that really comes to mind I know the Yankees also brought in a couple of lefty hitters too to try to boost that side of the plate but the other thing that's going on is that there's a lot of big names and impactful players that are out there I mean the biggest one was Shohei Ohtani you knew that one wasn't going to drag on very long because of the money wrapped up but also because he wanted to make a decision so he could get started so he could have his surgery and be ready we saw him in the batting cages earlier this week batting cages earlier this week lots of teams still have opportunity and still have money under kind of this luxury tax threshold they're looking to add pieces but when you got one agent who monopolizes the the big names and the experienced guys the the attractive free agents well that becomes a thorn in the side of a lot of these teams that are interested right they don't some of them do not want to deal with Scott Boris for reasons like this but yeah this is kind of interesting the athletic did a piece and ranked they've got a big board of sorts they ranked the top free agent still available and the top five according to the athletic are all Boris clients so that should tell you something he's not easy to deal with he drives a hard bargain and this is why clients love him of course it's why you pay a premium to get him but it does generally tend to create a log jam when it comes to dominoes dropping he'll stop the process he does not care and that's what Manfred's talking about again there are a bunch of teams out there that will not deal with Scott Boris especially not when it comes to a big name client so that kind of can change the tenor of the entire free agent period but also changes the options and maybe limits the options for some of these athletes of course again if you sign with him what you're about is getting the best deal and the most money and the most staying power you're not as interested in whether or not all 30 teams or 32 teams shoot I forget what it is in the NBA it's 30 in the NFL it's 32 Ryan how many in major league baseball 30 30 because there's five each so west central east so 15 times 30 okay I'm with you that should be a really easy thing to memorize but I don't it's one of those numbers that I've not made a priority I do know in the NFL of course because we talk about them all the time and then basketball with the 30 all right go with your first answer on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page too you can find us on the phones eight five five two one two four two two seven still to come Clay Thompson gets benched not something I ever thought I would say but Clay Thompson gets benched or at least gets pulled from the starting lineup the Bucks have really sucked the buck they they bucked in Adrian uh Adrian Griffin and now they suck Tiger Woods though back on the course for the first time in a PGA event and had back spasms and also had to use the S word no not that S word it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours podcast definitely nervous um I care about how I how I how I play and uh certainly I was feeling the nerves um starting out and uh I got off to a good start burning burning the first and then giving it right back up and the next two holes and made a couple more birdies it was one of those days um just never really got anything consistently going and hopefully tomorrow I can clean it up this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence not words you generally hear but I'm going to be back not words you generally hear from one Tiger Woods in the early half of his career the early stages maybe the first 10 years of his career when he was dominating not just majors but racking up wins and he was consistently the top player in the world and the bets would be Tiger or the field he would never use the word nervous you would never hear Tiger acknowledge that a lot of what was about was that stoic impenetrable persona nothing got to him his mind was a steel trap his preparation and his his processes processes when he was on the course and the fact that he would be so locked in or at least presented that never showed any type of cracks in the armor if you will now he showed emotion remember he would yell and he would scream and he would fist pump and yeah it would be the tiger the tiger roars and the tiger fist pumps and we would even hear some choice words now and then when he was upset but you never really got kind of a an idea that he was susceptible to nerves or anxiety or worry but this is a different Tiger Woods we know that even after he spent the time away because of what happened in his personal life and even after he had the first few surgeries it wasn't until a few years later that we really started to hear this Tiger Woods that was more emotional that would let people in so to speak that was open having friendships on the PGA Tour other than a couple of guys that he felt like he could trust that was a big issue with him but now we get a Tiger Woods who tells us everything and he has a sense of humor about it too there's more humility well there is humility period there never really was humility in the past and when he's struggling he says it when he's nervous well he tells you the truth and when he has a ball that is something like what you might see with weekend warriors or something you might see off the tee at a driving range in your town or something at Topgolf well he says that too it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio this Genesis Open in which he or Genesis Invitational in which he is a part owner he's part commissioner I don't know it's it's partly his tournament he's associated with the tournament anyway it's his first start in a PGA Tour event going back to last year's Masters which he did not finish and then he had that surgery to try to relieve the arthritis on his ankle and his foot that goes back to the accident but he's got all kinds of health maladies now so the fact that he's even golfing at all is a big deal he tries not to have real high expectations publicly though he will say now and then he still expects to win that if he didn't feel like he could compete and win well then he wouldn't be out there but it would be a relative miracle for him to be able to hang and part of that is because of the physical challenges of walking four rounds in a row impossible no because of how good he is I mean Phil Mickelson won a major at 50 right but Tiger's had so many different surgeries and he's done so much damage to his physical body that it's hard for his body to withstand the rigors of the four rounds in a row especially when it's mandated these guys have to walk plus there's the rust factor and his performance in the opening round of the Genesis Invitational kind of revealed that there was some rust and he's still working his way back into the groove a lot of good and a lot of indifferent it was one of the other I think what I don't know how many parts I had one many I was either making birdies or bogeys and I just never really got anything consistent going today I struggled with the speed of the greens I couldn't believe how fast they were today even though I made a couple I ran a bunch of birdies and I just never really by the whole day it was it was very stressful yeah again you would never hear Tiger Woods ever I'm I've been covering him his entire career I have never heard him use the word stressful it was pretty stressful and even his candor about how challenging the greens were man he'll open up more and more when he does something that he's not happy with in the past he would get pretty technical about it I had to speed off I couldn't putt I couldn't do this I couldn't do that and he'll get fairly technical but for him to say that there was this stress and this anxiety associated with it is so different when it comes to Tiger Woods it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio something else has come pretty common become pretty common and pretty routine with Tiger is that there are again physical challenges even when he's on the golf course and that was the case on Thursday as he opened up well my back was spazzing in the last couple holes and I was locking up so I came down and and it didn't move and I presented hosel first and shanked it when's the last time you had a shank Tiger I think you can remember it's been a while it's definitely been a while he actually used the S word I think we need to hear it again Ryan I shanked it he said Tiger Woods shanked a ball go ahead you can just play the whole thing again well my my back was spazzing in the last couple holes and I was locking up so I came down and and it didn't move and I presented hosel first and shanked it when's the last time you had a shank Tiger I think you can remember it's been you can remember it's been a while it's definitely been a while if you haven't seen the shot it's out there if you care it makes you feel better that someone like Tiger Woods could shank a ball it went dead right as in dead red to the right into a tree and kind of banged around and came to rest in the midst of some other trees they were eucalyptus so the story goes that's the Genesis Invitational by the way Marco Belletti's here in studio when was the last time you tried to use the word spazzing it's it's not easy to say spazzing my back was spazzing spazzing I don't know right it's not one of those that you generally would add the progressive tense to spazzing yeah spasms back spasms yeah I don't know if I dealt with I dealt with spasms my back is dealing with spasms I'm dealing with back spasms I might have said no it's spazzing a bit spazzing it's such an odd word spazzing spazzing a mink spazzing it's uh it just doesn't roll off the tongue is all I'm saying I was spazzing uh Tiger Woods right now is plus one which I suppose is what you really wanted to know uh and Friday he's got to do he's got to do his moving day early he's gonna have to move up otherwise he's gonna miss the cut what are they projecting the cut at roughly now right now the cut is let's see oh I guess I have to look at the scoreboard to look at the cut but he's over the cut he's not yeah no he's got he's got a lot of work to do I saw that but I didn't see what the projected cut I thought you had it in front of you oh no I'm looking I got it in front of me now oh no I don't have it in front of me but I can tell you it's like top 36 in ties was he he's 49 right now right okay so if he's 49 he's he's better hope you're looking at like a one under more spazzing one or two no more spazzing no more top 50 scores and ties make the 36 hole cut so he's barely there right no more spazzing well it's ties as well so yeah right now I guess the lie would be plus one since he's sitting at plus one he's in the top 50 okay he's he needs some work when was the last time you ever heard Tiger Woods say the word nervous twice and stressful this is not the same Tiger Woods anymore he doesn't take anything for granted and he's just happy when he can get through an entire tournament look I think he knows and he's also letting his guard down for certain things he's not going to tell you this when he was at his peak I mean no no athlete when they're in their no athlete when they're in their peak when especially a guy that he was as dominant as he was he's going to tell you about nerves so it just doesn't work like that now he realizes that it's a little different the kinder gentler tiger well he also knows too I mean this is his first tournament tournament back like he knows he's going to have to go through a lot of rough patches just to even forget the old tiger just to be semblance of what he was I don't even know five years ago how much does it survive an entire tournament yeah I mean without spasming yeah you're asking a lot out of Tiger right now and how old is he now 48 I mean it's not like he's you know 26 well right your body doesn't recover as much but goodness I think he's been through so much I think he's had 26 surgeries forget age 26 that's what I mean so he's roughly around 48 ish which is already difficult 48 ish well because I don't remember exactly uh which is already difficult to do as an athlete never mind the back surgeries the leg surgeries I mean he's lucky he can walk never mind to be able to play golf true and he says that he does indicate that it's a miracle not only that he can walk but that he can even swing a golf club at all that really what he wanted to do in the wake of that accident specifically was to be able to just pick up his kids now he probably doesn't pick them up anymore they're a little bit big for that but he loves loves loves playing golf with his son Charlie I actually don't know if his daughter Samantha plays I've never seen her on a golf course with them it doesn't mean she doesn't because they live right on a golf course and it's private and she probably could but I've never heard reference to her playing but Charlie is like a mini Tiger he's what Tiger was at that age which is incredible yeah and I'm I mean he said talked about that the idea of being able to do that I'm sure when he was at his lowest point that's the stuff that was running through his head yeah can I get on the course and just be able to play with my kids I mean that's that's the stuff that we all kind of talk about when you get old and busted where you know can I at least throw the ball anymore can I just run around a little bit like things like that and obviously Tiger's a different situation but the fact that he's come back and he can still play professionally it's not like he's just playing in the yard either not that golf courses would be your yard unless you're Tiger Woods but the idea that he could still play professionally and still somewhat hold his own it's it's impressive we say all the other stuff about Tiger it's impressive what he's been able to come back and do physically I agree the fact that he's able to play at all he is 48 you're right he I always know his birthday because it's the same as LeBron James isn't that weird now I don't know two people's birthdays oh December 30th but I'm just saying it's crazy that they have the same birthday isn't it yeah not the same age obviously but oh they're not that far apart no no they're about a decade apart yeah not that bad not quite all right on twitter a law radio coming up uh he's never been one to hide his emotions Clay Thompson puts them all out there and whether he's on the court whether he's bought a microphone and he was emotional about not starting for the first time since his rookie season and yet turned it into a positive it's after hours with Amy Lawrence and her dad who's still trying to get the flu vaccine to take care of her your fever is high and the pressure to log in at work is too but when you finally decide to take care of you there's instacart just because that one perfect co-worker of yours is attending all meetings camera on while she's sneezing coughing and aching doesn't mean you have to do the same take it from us trying to stay on top of things will only get you further behind instead get everything from tissues and If anyone needs anything they can just redirect their questions to that one perfect co-worker of yours Okay, picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I Can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road with available H track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild Conquer the weekend in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit Hyundai or call five six two three one four four six. Oh three for more details Hyundai There's joy in every journey 2024 Santa Fe available early 2024 a peanut butter M&Ms production in a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's Admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing one retired That's one retired quarterback read the script. Oh, sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim What's in um, that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&Ms peanut butter But you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl You are listening to the after-hours podcast You are listening to the after-hours podcast. Thompson the pick from Looney a deep three and he knocks it down again Clay six for ten from beyond the arc of season-high 32 Number 11 back to the basket clay gets it from cominga fires a three. It's another one Oh clay Thompson seven of 11 from downtown. He's got 35 This is clay Thompson four-time champion with the Golden State Warriors.

You're listening to one of the best shows in America after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio Yeah our boy clay That never gets old by the way, and we root for clay Thompson here on the show I openly root for clay and it has really nothing to do with the fact that he's a warrior Though I do love what he's done as a member of that Warriors backcourt and as a splash brother to Steph Curry but really it's because I like who the guy is and Because his story took such a drastic turn when he tore his ACL in the NBA Finals and what was that? 19 think of the night summer of 19 and then he misses out on what was the Interrupted 2020 season right? He doesn't play either beforehand And then after the break where the NBA resumed in a bubble. Well, the Warriors weren't there anyway, and then He was about ready to get back to basketball. I mean he had been a year and a half Close to a year and a half. He's about ready to get back to basketball.

Remember the 20 Now that the years all blend together the 21-22 season tipped off later. And so he's getting ready to come back He's weeks away from rejoining the Warriors in games that count he's playing pickup in LA and he blows his Achilles and That changed him obviously this the the pain the anguish of having to go through another full year We know he's been really candid and open about how difficult that was how hard it was for him to even Be in the arena to support his teammates. Not that he didn't want them to win or succeed not that he Didn't love them But just that it was so brutally painful to not be able to play because that's what Klay Thompson loves Klay Thompson loves Basketball he eats and sleeps and breathes basketball. That's his life essentially And so it was a two and a half year odyssey. That was extremely painful for him He's been really open about it.

Of course. There was great redemption in the way that the Warriors were upstart winners of the NBA championship Going back in I guess it was 22 then right see why all these dates? So somebody I was told there would not be dates on this edition of the show So if I get them wrong, well, you know, give me a chance it'll dawn on me But he's struggled. I mean, he's had some games that show those flashes that Klay Thompson Can just take over a game and rule the world and he looks at times like an even better shooter than Steph Curry in stretches He can get hot he can have the types of eye-popping numbers that he used to that used to be routine But it's not on a regular basis and for the first time Since March of 2012. So this goes back to his first season.

He was a rookie when he Came off the bench and wasn't a starter. He had actually started 727 consecutive games which was the fourth longest active streak in the NBA By the way, his teammate Steph Curry has started even more in a row than that. I mean think about that consistency So He gets put on the bench and he goes out there and he has the best game of his season a Season-high 35 points just looked comfortable But it wasn't without his angst right because this was something completely different for him It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio You can find us on Twitter after hours CBS or on my Twitter a law radio and then also on our Facebook page So yes, Steve Kerr And tell us a little bit about why he decided to have clay come off the bench. I've been thinking about it and you know that the lineup with Brandon out there with wigs JK Dream on Steph it's been by far our best lineup and it just BP connects the game he rebounds he does does some things that really help the other guys Turned out this morning Me and Steve had a good talk about it and You know you could do two things you could pout or I can go out there and respond and I Thought I did the latter very well tonight As you know turnovers and missed a few blocks out so but More importantly I realized I'm gonna play a ton of minutes So you just got to let the ego go when you think of coming off the bench and all that He had been in a situation multiple times this season where he was starting, but he wasn't finishing and You'll hear that from guys who are six the men candidates or guys who come off the bench You'll even hear it from coaches sometimes. It's not who starts It's about who I trust in the late stages where the games are coming down to the wire But there have been times when that was not clay Thompson still Competes still works hard Still wants to play D He gets so frustrated though When the shots aren't dropping it's visible When he feels like he's not playing well he wears that and at times it can be a mental battle, but as you hear clay say and I knew I was gonna play a ton of minutes so I had to let go of the fact that I wasn't going to start and And Steve Kerr said he wasn't thrilled about it, but actually didn't expect him to be I knew that He would be upset about the fact that he was not starting and that I was asking him to try a new role I embraced it that before tip and I Mean I deserved it really I didn't didn't respond to the not playing at the end of the game well last night Kind of took it out on the assistant coaches, and I apologize to those guys before the game And I think that really let my guard down. Let me just be myself out there Had to get it off his chest how often do we acknowledge Apologize and then we kind of feel some freedom and some peace and that was him He Again can get very frustrated he can get very emotional and He took it out on his assistant coaches when he wasn't out there on the court the night before as the Warriors were Losing if I remember correctly they lost a tight game well one of the hallmarks of This team has been coughing up huge leads double figure leads But in this case Even as the Jazz were attempting to come back and cut What was a significant lead? Into a Gosh a two I think it was two three points, but a one possession game They were able to hang on for the win and Part of that is because of how clay was playing The seven three-pointers he had 17 in the first half right so he was able to replicate that in the second half And clay even said you can do two things you can pout or you can go out there and respond and I did the former Last night because I wasn't on the court But I decided I wasn't gonna carry that forward into this game against the Jazz by the way He's only the sixth and this happened on Thursday night only the sixth the Golden State player ever to score more than 15,000 points And so now can he carry that forward right can he continue to play this way with the abandoned? Without the stress without the mental of the mentals that are kind of getting to him Can he continue to play like this so that he can be? Someone see Kirk can't keep off the court And the moment you worry about what people say or what headlines will be written about being benched or the street being broken Is when you go out there, and you don't play with that love that Compassion for your teammates and that freedom that has got me to this point, so I realized that I didn't want to go to all-star break on a sour note and Have my best game of the season Hopefully build off it.

I thought about models. You know we that guy has four rings and Gold medal, and he came off the bench his whole career And I don't think anyone looks down on his Hall of Fame candidacy he's a one of the greats Love how clay and this happens with people when they're sitting at a podium They're tapping or they're hitting the desk or the table for emphasis and sometimes It's kind of a nervous tick if you will where? You know clays, and I wouldn't say he's uncomfortable in front of a microphone, but it's not his favorite place And so he's and he's out there talking about himself, and he's admitting that he was he was upset He was angry and he had to apologize, so this is not a super comfortable press conference for him It's not all happy happy joy joy even though he did just scored the 35 and so he's kind of Taking it out, and he's he's emphasizing by pounding the desk Nick Saban does that now I wouldn't say his is nerves or anxiety Being uncomfortable. I just say he hates being up there and sometimes he gets Gosh now.

It's past tense sometimes. He would get so annoyed that he would take it out on the podium Well, that's gonna take me some getting used to I know we'll see him and hear him on TV But not seem on the sidelines is gonna be weird. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio Call 5 6 2 3 1 4 4 6 0 3 for more details Hyundai There's joy in every journey 2024 Santa Fe available early 2024 a peanut butter M&Ms production in a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's Admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop That's one retired quarterback read the script. Oh, sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim What's in um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&Ms peanut butter But you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl When something happens to your car you might say But what you really need to say is something that can actually help like a good neighbor State Farm is there Just like that State Farm is there to help you file your claim right on the State Farm mobile app So just remember like a good neighbor State Farm is there State Farm Bloomington, Illinois A new year is full of surprises But one thing is always predictable postage costs go up Stamps calm gives you crazy discounts of up to 89% off USPS and UPS services So when postage goes up your business will barely notice the change Stamps calm is like your own personal post office wherever you are You can even take care of orders on the go with the mobile app. No lines. No traffic. No waiting schedule package pickups Automatically find the cheapest and fastest shipping options and seamlessly connect with every major marketplace and shopping cart There's even a supply store where you can stock up on mailing supplies labels even printers Stamps calm has been indispensable for over 1 million businesses just like yours All you need is a computer or phone and printer take a chunk out of your mailing and shipping costs this year with stamps Calm sign up with promo code Program for a special offer that includes a four-week trial plus free postage and a free digital scale No long-term commitments or contracts that stamps calm code program
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