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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 12, 2024 5:44 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 12, 2024 5:44 am

What is your reaction to Super Bowl LVIII? | The Chiefs defense led the way this season | The Sporting Tribune NFL writer Arash Markazi joins the show from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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2024 Santa Fe available early 2024. I sincerely hope that no one turned the game off early thinking eh it's not all that exciting. It's a bunch of feel goals. Eh it's boring. It's mostly defense.

It's a snoozer. Or as one family member put it in a text to me in the third quarter, this game is lousy. Do you not know better by this time than to underestimate the NFL?

It's the Super Bowl so I sincerely hope that you did not kick everyone out of your party early because you figured the end would be less than scintillating and anticlimactic. I don't know I don't know what it meant for your squares party or your squares contest but I know that truly once again the Chiefs saved the best for last. A 10-point deficit in the playoffs for Kansas City is like catnip to a cat.

I know they emphasized it early but it's worth noting again. When the Chiefs are down by 10 you as the opponent are a sitting duck. When the Chiefs go down by 10 they've got you right where they want you.

It has happened over and over again and now on the wrong end of it twice the San Francisco 49ers. This is the second time they've led Kansas City by double figures by 10 points in the second half well second half in the first half. I guess they did get that field goal right before the break so it was 10 to 3 at halftime but they had them down by double figures. It seems as though the Chiefs actually perform better offensively. Now the defense was game all the way through once again but the Chiefs actually perform better on the offensive side of the ball especially in big games when they're on the ropes or when they're trailing by double figures. A lot of credit goes to the Niners for that defense. You remember the last couple games against the Packers and also against the Lions. They were so bad that guys like Nick Bosa, other members of that defense were essentially labeling their play terrible, embarrassing. They got called out by both Shanahan and the defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, not Aaron Glenn sorry, the defensive coordinator. They get called out twice right they get called out to the point where Steve Wilks where they are publicly roasted for how they played to start those games. That wasn't the case in the Super Bowl. The Niners defense they were terrific most of this game but it is too much to ask a defense to keep Patrick Mahomes from exposing the weaknesses to keep Patrick Mahomes from running to pick up first downs. How many times have we seen that in playoff games late when the Chiefs have to move the chains?

They're not designed runs. It's simply the wisdom and the vision and the elusiveness and the toughness of Patrick Mahomes. The willingness. He sees it. He doesn't hesitate.

He goes. Once he realizes that his receivers are either not open or not where he can reach them, he just goes. It's funny too because you wouldn't think that Patrick Mahomes you wouldn't really call him overly aggressive. It's not as though he plays extremely fast he's not a fast quarterback. But he has instincts and when his instincts tell him to go he goes and there's very little hesitation. Over and over we've seen him pick up first downs, huge chunk plays with his legs. It's not like they don't have running backs. Isaiah Pacheco is tremendous. Did recover from his fumble as did Christian McCaffrey. But the higher the stakes, the bigger the stage, the better Pat plays.

That's why he now has three Super Bowl rings or will soon have another ring, third Super Bowl title, third Super Bowl title, third Super Bowl MVP at 28 years old. There is a lot to talk about. Can't wait to get to all the ebbs and flows, the major turning point. Arash Markazi of the Sporting Tribune will join us from Allegiant Stadium at the back half of this hour and we'll get his perspective. I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Mine wasn't all about football.

It wasn't all about the Super Bowl and I hope yours wasn't either unless you wanted it to be. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. Got to hear from so many of you over I guess the last five days and I just want to let you know how much your support means to me. I was able to share both the Bobby Flay and the Thunderbird interview again on Sunday just because those were the two highlights for me in terms of the work and oh gosh there were so many highlights I say that but those were the non-football highlights and we just had such a good time on Radio Row and it means a lot to me personally that you all appreciated the time and the effort and the preparation of course the editing that we poured into it. So thank you. Thank you for sending us your compliments and letting us know that you were following along. I'm glad to be back. I actually took a red eye home from Las Vegas on Saturday, landed in the New York area on Sunday morning around 7 15. So I'm feeling a little upside down but Super Bowl and the official Super Bowl post game show here on After Hours definitely changes that and gives you a jolt of energy.

So you can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, on our Facebook page too. Reaction to Super Bowl 58, the first in Las Vegas and the second to go into overtime and oh here's the thing. Kyle Shanahan has been on the wrong end of both of them. It's only happened twice in Super Bowl history. I was there for the first one. I can always say I was there for the first.

I can no longer say I was there for the only. This is the second one to go into overtime with the new rules which I couldn't explain if I needed to. All I know is that both teams have to touch the ball and all I know is that you obviously can't end in a tie because ties are not for football and so they would have gone into a second overtime. Maybe it would have been a little bit like Staley Cup sudden death. I did hear that it was sudden death at some point but I don't know. I think it would have been sudden death had the Chiefs kicked a field goal instead.

Then it becomes sudden death. So many rules. So many rules and stipulations.

The NFL does have a knack for over complicating rules like what is a catch. All right so again Twitter, Facebook, we'll put up a post there. Your reaction to Super Bowl 58 in all of its glory. Oh all of its oh all of its superstardom. I actually have my notes about the game itself and then I have my notes about commercials and the various ancillary elements. The top of the page so I know it's not part of my game notes. Extra extra because it was Vegas and there was plenty of extra extra. Our phone number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I suppose we can start at the end and work our way backward but we will get to all the pertinent moments from this game. If you remember Super Bowl 57, Harrison Butker made the game-winning kick. Turned the Chiefs into champions again with eight seconds left on the clock.

Not overtime. Just plain old boring fourth quarter. The Chiefs have to up the ante.

It was Vegas. They had to up the ante and so in the late stages of the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers as much as there is some turnover with this team on offense. Think about the game against the Eagles last year. They also had a rally from a deficit and I recall that last year we were talking about a bunch of first-year Chiefs who were leaving their mark. If I remember correctly, three different first-year Chiefs caught touchdowns in the Super Bowl. Kadarius Toney was one of them. Isaiah Pacheco was one of them. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, the coaching staff, they're the glue. They raise the level of play but they also have very high expectations and so as much as this year for the Chiefs offense was marked by the most dropped passes in the NFL and there were a couple of those, as much as it was marked by young guys, by this point in the season those guys have a lot of experience. Marquis Valdes-Scantling, didn't he catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl last year as well? He was a first-year Chief.

Sky Moore. So it was a lot of guys that were learning on the job but now fast forward a year later and as much as they're still young, being in the Chiefs system you have to always be ready, right? Being a member of the Chiefs offense, if you're on the field you have to be ready because Mahomes could come to you.

Andy Reid enjoys using these off-the-wall formations or misdirections motions that he hasn't trotted out in a while and so with 153 left in the fourth quarter it felt a little bit like deja vu. Oh here we go again and I wonder if it felt the same for the Niners because Mahomes quickly moved Kansas City into the red zone and there was the Chiefs defense that was able to stand back and watch Patrick Mahomes do his thing and I was wondering at this point do they think it's funny that now the pressure is on the Niners defense because they'd been charged with the task of stopping Christian McCaffrey, right? Containing him and keeping some of these other receivers from out-muscling them for the football, they'd been charged with getting the ball back to Mahomes so they get to stand and watch in the final two minutes. It's funny too, I heard the postgame show on Westwood One with Devin McCourty and he was asked by Scott Graham what do you remember about the Falcons and the Patriots game which of course was the last one or the other one to go into overtime and he talked about watching from the sidelines and standing on a bench so that he could see everything that was happening with Tom Brady and the offense on the field as they were coming back against the Falcons and then obviously late fourth quarter into overtime. So I had that picture of the Chiefs defense just being thankful that their quarterback was Patrick Mahomes and that he was the one out there with the ball in his hands. But Ken in the back, shotgun snap to Mahomes, drops back, left tackle ball goes to Kelsey, 30, runs from side 25, 20, side end 15, knocked out of bounds at the 12, knocked out of bounds at this San Francisco 12. Catch and run Kelsey, 23 yards. But Buckner now will try a field goal from 29 yards out to try to tie the game at six seconds to go. Buckner's kick is perfect. This game is tied at 19-19 at three seconds to go in regulation and how big is the Leo Chenal block PAT.

Oh yeah, we'll get to that. Many twists and turns though. Just as a side note, the Niners aren't into overtime without Jake Moody and so he really shouldn't be blamed even though he did have a PAT blocked. It's the ebbs and flows of the game.

Kevin Harlan on Westwood one and Mitch Holtus on Chiefs radio. And so with three seconds to go, Buckner ties the game at 19. And with the new overtime rules, both teams have to touch the ball although as the Niners receive the kick and they start to move the ball, it felt like this was Christian McCaffrey's time to shine. They were going to him maybe two plays to every one for other members of the offense and they're able to get into the red zone where and this is this is what the Chiefs defense does every time.

It bends a little bit. They had to be exhausted at that point for all the time they spent on the field but because they were consistently having to stop the run, right, of Christian McCaffrey specifically but we know the Niners had dominated in the trenches for the entire first half really and had been a load for that Chiefs front line. And so on defense, the Chiefs were digging down as deep as they possibly could, right. They were digging down and they are now backs against the wall in the red zone faced with the same task, get the ball into the hands of Patrick Mahomes. And yeah, once again this big play defense as they get into the red zone, they stuff Christian McCaffrey and then they put pressure on Brock Purdy. Chris Jones gets in his face on the third down and he doesn't have the time to throw that he wants and he misfires on a ball into the end zone. So they settle for a moody field goal that does give them the lead 22 to 19 but now it's time for a Patrick Mahomes. And as I'm watching over time, I'm thinking this is again what they do and where they're comfortable. Everything that Pat and the Chiefs offense developed all year and there were times where the offense was completely outshined by the defense but that failure, that growth, how many times did Pat mention adversity in the postgame show? The experience, the leadership, the ability to perform under pressure, all of these are requirements if you're going to stick with the Chiefs.

If you're going to be part of what they do, well you have to step up your game. And so on a fourth and one, Mahomes scrambles for eight yards to move the chains and that was just about two minutes to go in overtime. I mean it's like clockwork. Third down less than a yard in the gun is the quarterback. Patrick Mahomes, a knee-high shotgun snap, runs up the middle and a quarterback for all the 30. Broke the tackle 25-20 down the middle he goes and tried the hash mark at the 15, finally tackled at the 13. A burst, a run, a big-time play by Patrick Mahomes.

Of course, Kevin Harlan on Westwood won. As the game got later and the minutes ticked away, we saw more of Mahomes running. This is kind of funny because it's not typical. We're not talking about Lamar Jackson here. Mahomes actually led the Chiefs in rushing yards, not in carries. So Isaiah Pacheco had the same, or had double the number of carries. Just a few yards shy of Mahomes, but this is what he does. This is what he does. The later we get into a big game, the more he looks for those chances to scramble.

And it makes sense, right? Because you've got a guard against Isaiah Pacheco breaking one loose. You certainly have to watch out for Travis Kelce and one dude is not enough to keep track of him or to bring him down. The way that Mahomes and the Andy Reid offense spread the ball around means there will be openings for him late in the game when the defense is trying to not only put pressure on him, although it's tough to put pressure on him, but try to put pressure on him, contain him, and at the same time cover downfield with Travis Kelce being such a load.

Naturally, something's got to give. And what gives very often in the late stages when Mahomes is when Mahomes is putting pressure on a defense is that he sees the holes. He sees the openings. Sometimes, and it blows me away, sometimes the entire middle of the field is open for him. Again, he's not Tyreek Hill, but he's crafty and he's clever. And if he can see it, he takes off without hesitation. And so that first yard, or excuse me, that first down run of 19 yards puts them right back into the red zone. And this was methodical. It was three snaps, it was a run, it was a short pass play, and it was Pat.

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2024 Santa Fe available early 2024. Right side drone touchdown Kansas City, McColl-Hardman, McColl-Hardman with the catch on the right side. A three yard touchdown pass in overtime. Kansas City wins the game 2522 and the Chiefs Kingdom has started its own history class because for the first time in 6944 days, there is a back to back Super Bowl champion and it is the Kansas City Chiefs champions of Super Bowl 58 on the heels of Super Bowl 57. The call of Mitch Holtus on his Chiefs radio network. He's had time and opportunity to perfect those calls the way the Chiefs have perfected the art of coming back from double figure deficits in big games.

This is the reboot if you will. The Niners while they didn't have the 10 point lead in the fourth quarter going back four years ago they've been here done that now twice. I don't know if you heard the Westwood One post game show but the question was asked of Pat about the Chiefs being underdogs. His answer is classic. We'll get to that and some of the other post game reaction plus Arash Markazi from Allegiant Stadium at the bottom of the hour. Thanks so much for joining us.

You can find me on Twitter A Law Radio. Your reaction to Super Bowl 58, whatever you want to react to. The food, the friends, the family, the football game itself, maybe the halftime show, the commercials, my goodness.

Every star in the entertainment and music industry was part of this game in some way or another. Hope you had a great weekend. Hope you enjoyed the game. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. First and goal of the three lining up in the clock at ten seconds and checking in the shotgun Mahomes. Four man front receiver in motion. Low snap. He runs and he goes. Touchdown. It's caught.

Hardman caught the ball. The Chiefs have won. The Chiefs have won.

The entire bench empties. Chasing Mahomes in the end zone. Their third Super Bowl in five years. The Chiefs are back to back. Super Bowl champions.

It is a dynasty. The Chiefs have won. Super Bowl 58, 25, 22 in overtime. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Once again the iconic calls of Kevin Harlan on Westwood won and yeah anybody who's called the Super Bowls lately certainly had had practice with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid and the Chiefs ending up as the last team standing.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. The Chiefs are the fourth franchise in NFL history to claim three Super Bowl titles in a five season span. It is pretty interesting because I don't know how many of us were expecting that right on the heels of the Patriots and that 20 years of dominance. We're not talking about 20 years for the Chiefs yet but we are talking about the type of stranglehold on the NFL that feels a heck of a lot like what the Patriots did for 20 years. The superlatives are starting to rack up.

Starting to. The superlatives are piled high when it comes to Amy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. Certainly Travis Kelsey but let us not overlook the critical role and I would say the forward role, the forward thinking role of the defense. It was the defense that led the way all season and Pat mentioned that. Andy Reid mentioned that. This game was a microcosm for a season. While the offense was slow to find any momentum and rhythm, the defense was doing its work to not only hold the opponents at bay but continue to give the ball back to Mahomes. That game-winning touchdown, Nicole Hardman.

You've probably seen the breakdown or heard about it. It's classic Andy Reid. Classic misdirection, classic motion that brings defense along and then pivots on a dime and goes back the other way and so he was wide open in the end zone but that's what Andy Reid does and as much as we'll hear from the Chiefs on the stage with the confetti falling. Yeah, a lot of moments that I want to talk about both pre and postgame. I think my favorite postgame comment from Patrick so far is about his head coach Andy Reid. He's one of the best coaches of all time. I believe he's the best coach of all time. I mean I know he doesn't have the trophies yet and I have a lot of respect for some of those great coaches but the way he's able to navigate every single team he has, continue to have success no matter where he's at and for me he brings out the best in me because he lets me be me.

A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing. One retired cop returns. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

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State Farm Bloomington Illinois. That's important is he doesn't try to make me anyone else. I don't think I'd be the quarterback that I am if I didn't have Coach Reed being my head coach.

And other than that he wants you to be the best person you can be and that's something that I think is truly special. It's funny that Pat says he doesn't have the trophies yet. Well he's getting there. Andy Reed certainly does. And after a collision with Travis Kelsey that nearly knocked him over.

Gosh that was scary. I thought he was going to fall over when Kelsey got in his face angrily. But then the way that he celebrates and exalts with his staff and assistant coaches when the work is done. Still couldn't be happier for him. He's not your typical coach anymore right? He's not one of the hot young offensive minds in the 30s ascending quickly through the ranks. Actually he's now the oldest head coach in the NFL. But what's not to like? As Patrick points out he's got the right formula for connecting with guys who are 40 years younger than him.

Some even younger than that. And speaking the same language of his quarterback. On Twitter A-Law Radio what is your reaction to Super Bowl 58? The game?

The commercials? The halftime show? Maybe it's the food at your party? I didn't have a party but Bob and I did have a special dish. I hope it dazzled him. I think it did. We're both kind of tired coming back from Vegas on a red-eye.

But the game it had the electricity and the energy in the fourth quarter in OT. Coming up next Arash Markazi of the Sporting Tribune will join us from Allegis Stadium. Still working post game but we want to get his reaction from Super Bowl 58.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Seven seconds six. They are going to snap it. Mahomes going to roll to his right.

Throws. Touchdown. The Chiefs have won the Super Bowl. Nicole Hardman as they roll. Mahomes right.

Nicole Hardman is wide open. And the Chiefs win the Super Bowl back to back years. Another heartbreaking loss for Kyle Shanahan. Dang it.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Niners Radio the walk-off TD for the Kansas City Chiefs as San Francisco was on the wrong end of it yet again. But somehow the Niners were favored in the Super Bowl and on the CBS stage during the trophy presentation Jim Nantz asked Patrick Mahomes about being underdogs. Just know that the Kansas City Chiefs are never underdogs. Just know that. That's all you got to say.

They approved it because in every playoff game to this point I think except for Miami they were underdogs. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're pleased to welcome Arash Markazi from Las Vegas. Still an Allegiant Stadium so it might be a little noisy, a little background noise there as he finishes up riding for the Sporting Tribune.

Wow let's talk about the end first Arash. How did things change in the late stages inside Allegiant Stadium? You know it's really that muff punt you know that really changed the complexion at the game because you're 100% right. That first half happens and I'm turning to my colleagues and say you know this reminds me of the Los Angeles Rams New England Patriots Super Bowl which was you know 13 of three and you're thinking like what the heck happened here and so really in the second half it totally flipped and the game was close but it really didn't get going until that muff punt and then that totally changed everything and the excitement at the end. I mean again it was a slow build a little bit like the week here in Las Vegas where it was raining and storming and gloomy and then less than by the end of the week I think it was nice so um what an amazing finale to the first ever Super Bowl right here in Las Vegas. I had heard that it would be about 75% Niners fans inside Allegiant Stadium.

What did it sound like to you? You know what I was trying to figure that out myself. I thought it was 60-40 San Francisco.

I mean hard to tell right. I mean clearly by the end of the game it sounded like majority Chiefs fans but that's what tends to happen. Again a sea of red is kind of interesting because when these two teams played here this season I think San Francisco came to Vegas during the preseason and as you know the Chiefs always come here once a year.

It's a sea of red. It is the opposing fans to take over so same thing happened. I thought it was 60-40 but hard to tell. Certainly did seem like there were plenty of vocal fans on both sides as I was walking around Vegas most of the week. By Wednesday it felt like they were well represented. Yeah I mean listen I mean these two teams travel very well. This is a second time in four years that they're playing each other amid the game so it is one of those things where you know that consistently these fan bases will show up. I do think though when you're a Chiefs fan and you know this is their fourth Super Bowl in five years maybe you might take a year off or or something like that but there was definitely more San Francisco fans. Again very short flight not that bad of a drive so again more San Francisco fans though. Arash Markazi is with us from Las Vegas in the wake of Super Bowl 58.

The second to go into overtime covering it from the Sporting Tribune and it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. There's been a lot of talk about Vegas as a host for the Super Bowl even though the city hosts pretty much every other sporting event on the planet. Even now getting a new baseball team or preparing for a baseball stadium. There's a champion hockey team there of course the WNBA but how did you think the city represented for what is the grandest stage in U.S. sports? You know I thought they did a very good job you know when you ask people you know what makes a good host city they talk about the footprint you know once I land and once I get to my hotel how much commuting will I have to make you know.

I'll give you an example I love Los Angeles you fly into LAX you have to take a car to West Hollywood or the South Bay or the Valley or downtown or whatever. When you're in Vegas you're in Vegas so the media stayed at the Luxor, the Mandalay Bay was the media center across the bridge was the Allegiant Stadium basically like everything was confined to the Las Vegas strip so I thought it was fantastic. I will say that I agree with you there not having to have a car other than to go to our local affiliate where I was hosting my show but being able to walk everywhere however it does take a long time to walk first time in Vegas I didn't realize how much walking there would be Arash.

Yeah I mean so you know it really depends on what kind of a walk is because I only tell people you really cannot it's not a comfortable walk so uh you're 100 right because you know I usually suggest people like if it's a couple of hotels that's fine but if you're trying to go from the Luxor to the Wynn that's not a walk. Arash Markazi is with us from Las Vegas you spend part of your time there how much buzz was there leading into this game? A ton of buzz and again this was such a big moment for Las Vegas to get to your point they've hosted big events they are a pro pro sports town there's something different about being the host of a Super Bowl it's normally the best place to be if you can't go to the game for the first time ever they've hosted the game and talking to folks around the league they love it and you know we don't know when it's going to come back it'll probably be you know six seven eight years but um this will be in that rotation with Los Angeles and South Beach and Tampa and things like that and so the buzz was incredible I mean I think Vegas was very proud to host this game. Did you see many Raiders fans around considering it's the Chiefs in the Super Bowl?

I did and it was hard for them to talk trash because again their team's not in the playoffs or not in the Super Bowl so uh they were talking a little bit of trash but I saw them around town certainly yes. Arash Markazi is with us from Las Vegas where the Chiefs are Super Bowl champions again and it was interesting on the post game stage Patrick Mahomes was asked about being an underdog and he said we're definitely not underdogs to anyone what else does it take for the Chiefs to prove that to people that they do not play second fiddle ever? That was the most surprising thing this week Amy and really the past two weeks where I knew that the 49ers would begin as the favorites but that line never really budged it you know went from you know two and a half to two to one to one the 49ers were always the favorite according to the Las Vegas sports book but you know you talk to people around town and pundits and like the experts I mean they all picked the Chiefs basically because they said you can't bet against Patrick Mahomes and so it is amazing that in this game when the Chiefs were uh playing for the third Super Bowl in five years and playing in the fourth Super Bowl in five years that they were the underdogs. It's true about Patrick Mahomes and we did see him come through with some perfect throws some scrambles even some designed first down runs so that is true however Andy Reid mentioned the defense first of all we know this Chiefs championship is hallmarked by the defense so what stood out to you about the other side of the ball? I really thought Kyle Shanahan having been in this spot would go for the jugular would go for the win uh by the way he did that once you know going for it on fourth down instead of the tie but um really a tough situation for Kyle Shanahan now third time once as a coordinator twice as the head coach blowing a double digit lead in the Super Bowl just a tough spot for him. Yeah of course if you think about the different Super Bowls he's been in now and both of the ones that have ended up in overtime he's been on the wrong end of.

Exactly great great point and I thought like how you know I mean this was such a big moment for him and he really did think that this was his time and and I got a chance to speak with him uh this week and he just felt differently you know yeah so um yeah I just kept thinking about that as the team was progressing I'm like oh man like the the playing for the tie did not prefer the win. I know Vegas sees a lot of superstars is that mean that Taylor Swift not that exciting or let's say LeBron was in town Usher obviously or does Las Vegas just absorb the stars? No I mean listen it's part of Las Vegas now and so I mean but listen Taylor Swift is in another stratosphere that was kind of tracking her uh flight status apparently you know coming uh Tokyo to Las Vegas to Vegas so it was a very big deal that she was there and on the field and obviously they shared a moment postgame but uh with it in a city of stars Taylor Swift is certainly the biggest superstar. What did you think of the halftime show Arash? I thought it was fantastic I I had heard he might bring up some friends that for a kid who grew up in the 1990s and loves um hip-hop I mean that was an amazing halftime show for my money and I know this is like everyone has a different taste I mean that was a top five halftime show for me but that's because of the music I grew up with so I was very pumped about that. Yeah I really did enjoy it myself actually I was be bopping in my living room.

That's right. Well I know that you still have some work to do so we will let you go but you can find Arash Markazi on twitter with his name Arash Markazi and he's the founder and CEO of Sporting Tribune half the year in Las Vegas where it's just crowned new champion in the NFL. It's always good to catch up with you thank you so much for a couple of minutes.

Thank you so much my friend I'll talk to you soon. The work is never done when you're a member of the media that covers the NFL and certainly this game going into overtime for just the second time in history and I like the idea about the turning point and the fumble recovery the muffed punt right because there was an early fumble by Christian McCaffrey and there was also a first half fumble by Isaiah Pacheco so both of the star running backs for these teams ended up fumbling the ball away lost fumbles and yet in the immediate aftermath the defenses were able to force punts by the recovering teams but when you muff a punt and it really wasn't on the receiver it really wasn't on the guy who was standing back there to receive it the ball happened to bang off the heel of a rookie either didn't know to get out of the way didn't know where the ball was which obviously is the first job couldn't get out of the way because of where he was ball tags him in the heel which makes it a live ball and the Chiefs were able to jump on it speaking of jump on it did you guys see the Chiefs Twitter I don't know if you pay any attention to Chief's Twitter or to any of the other team accounts but at the end of the game Chris Jones is laying on the field and Andy Reid jumps on him as in does a pancake and lands on top of Chris Jones Jay if you want to to share from our show account After Hours CBS absolutely check out the Chiefs account it's fantastic of course they're partying hard and there's lots of photos there's cigars that I see it's just really funny as Jones is exalting on the field Andy Reid comes over and just plops down like right on top of him it's amazing and then needs help getting up that might be the best part oh so good they love Andy Reid all right top of the hour we've got more reaction from Allegiant Stadium from the Chiefs third Super Bowl win going back to back for the first time in 20 years since the Patriots it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio a peanut butter M&M's production in a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop return that's one retired quarterback read the script oh sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim what's his um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter but you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl new you nobody wants a surprise in their jelly donut it's toothpaste that's because the middle is the most important part at Graybar we're at the middle of electrical and datacom jobs across the country connecting installers facility managers and business owners with smart solutions for their most challenging projects which means stocking and delivering crucial products on time and on budget with no surprises thanks to our nationwide logistics network yep Graybar does that okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey 2024 Santa Fe available early 2024.
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