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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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February 12, 2024 5:46 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 12, 2024 5:46 am

Kyle Shanahan loses another Super Bowl in overtime | The Travis Kelce celebrations are back | How losing Dre Greenlaw effected the 49ers defense.

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Building Relationships
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A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing, one retired cop returns. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

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Then pick your ring setting and metal. Shop the James Allen Valentine's Day sale and get 25% off with Promo Code Podcast. That's 25% off at Promo Code Podcast. A little bit of a reboot by the Kansas City Chiefs. And if you listen closely, you'll recognize that was not from this year's Super Bowl.

Jay didn't put that together in the last couple minutes. No, that was from four years ago when the Chiefs were able to rally past the Niners in the fourth quarter after trailing by 10 points. They came back to win their first in 50 years. Well now it's three in the last five. Three rings, three Super Bowl MVP awards for Patrick Mahomes.

He joins a very select company and the d-word is appropriate. Now I would say it is the beginning of what could be a more extended solidified dynasty and I am surprised that it happened so quickly on the heels of the Patriots. I didn't think we would see this again. And I believed a lot of the talk about Mahomes being the baby goat, right? So going back to the 2020 season and the Super Bowl that ensued in Tampa, remember it was one that had very few fans, but the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs. And all the talk leading up to it, much to my chagrin and though I refuse to engage, was about goat versus baby goat.

It made me want to take a fork and poke it in my eyeball. And I felt like it was overblown and I do still think it's a little overblown. But at 28 years old, no one's done what Patrick Mahomes has done as a quarterback and as the leader of this team. And there is a lot of potential for it to continue. As we've seen, the Hunt family is committed to whatever creative methods they need to, to remain winners. The front office is as well, right? Andy Reid, he's got a new lease on life with his young quarterback and the pieces that they put around them. They recognize the process.

They don't freak out when things don't go well. Now in two consecutive years, the Chiefs were doomed. They were done.

It was over. They weren't even the best team in their division anymore. And it wasn't a great season for the Kansas City offense.

It really wasn't. Led the league and dropped passes. Patrick Mahomes' worst career numbers, which I suppose isn't saying much, but so much about the Chiefs' success in 2023, was in large part because of the defense, which makes them even more formidable. I would think the rest of the NFL can look at the season for the Chiefs and go, you've got to be kidding me. Just when Mahomes and Kelcey has a down year, just when the Chiefs offense is nothing impressive, what happens? They find their rhythm in their groove in the postseason. Kelcey and Mahomes set records.

It doesn't matter that they aren't at Arrowhead Stadium. They go on and they claim another Super Bowl. They go on and they claim another Super Bowl. Without Mahomes and the offense having even remotely their best season. That's the part that I think should be worrisome to the rest of the league, is that now you've got this kind of phenomenon, which we see with winning teams, like say, UConn women's basketball or Alabama football, or the Patriots.

And it's a little bit different in college versus practice. But the idea is that potential teammates or potential recruits are attracted by the winning. It becomes this cycle where, and this happened with the Patriots for years, where the best free agents are at times even willing to take less money to play for a team that is consistently a winner and puts itself in that position. Six straight AFC championship games, four Super Bowl appearances, three wins, a quarterback who's only 28 years old, who other than a couple of minor injuries here and there, he just continues to play.

Even when they're not at their best, they've still won a Super Bowl this season, which again should strike even more fear into the rest of the AFC West and the NFL. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Our phone number, 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4CBS. On Twitter, ALawRadio.

And then our Facebook page too. Around two and a half hours before kickoff. Oh no, I take that back. That was about when I was smelling the buffalo chicken dip and knowing that it was done. About four and a half hours before kickoff, I whipped up some buffalo chicken dip, put it in the crock pot. Because we took a red-eye home from Vegas and didn't land in New Jersey until about 7 15 a.m. Eastern time, Bob was sleeping while I was making buffalo chicken dip.

When he came downstairs, it was smelling terrific. So about 5 15 or so, we had the chicken dip fresh out of the crock pot with not in any particular order. Carrots, a couple of sweet peppers, radishes.

Those were the three veggies. Delicious. And then corn chips, a couple of different varieties, but we had a couple of different varieties, but the thin and crispy plus naan bread.

I offered crackers too and he said, nah this is plenty. We both really enjoyed it. Found the recipe on the internet on Sunday actually, Sunday morning, and was able to throw it together. It was really delicious. I cheated. I did not use a rotisserie chicken or make my own fresh chicken.

Nah, I just took it out of a can, but didn't know. It was so good. So I was tweeting about that earlier and asking you all what was on the table at your party and some of you responded with some real interesting food items. Speaking of food, the Bobby Flay interview from Radio Row. I shared that earlier on Sunday and I think we may have gotten as much traffic on Sunday, but it stands to reason.

Bobby Flay and food and Super Bowl, they just go together. So what is your reaction? Find us on either Twitter or Facebook. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Love to take some of your calls. I do want to get to a little of the reaction from the Niners and so we'll circle back here and we're going to go through the whole game with the big moments that that stood out to me that I took notes about some of the extras too with the commercials and the halftime show. There are a bunch of other notes that weren't necessarily football related that I have on my extra extra note card, but for Kyle Shanahan this is becoming all too familiar.

I don't think it gets any easier. I'm not saying that, but only two games at this level ever to go into OT. Only two Super Bowls that ever require overtime.

He was on the losing end in both of them and now while he was the offensive coordinator with the Falcons when they lost to the Patriots in the largest comeback in Super Bowl history as a head coach he's twice had his team up 10 points against the Chiefs and they've been unable to protect that lead and there's all kinds of reasons why. I don't know you can say that the two games are exactly the same but at halftime when they were up 10 to 3 of course Shanahan said we were not feeling confident that's wrong what he said we were not feeling like we had any type of advantage over Casey. There was no feeling on the halftime and it's we didn't feel like we had a lead big zero zero there's we could have been up a lot more and not felt any different or down it's there's a whole nother half of football to play. There's a lot of analysis that's gone into Kyle Shanahan and the Niners choosing to receive the kick so get the ball first on offense and overtime. Now keeping in mind this is the first time that they're playing OT under the new rules. In the Super Bowl both these guys or both these teams excuse me have to touch the ball so it's not a hey you score a touchdown on the first possession and you're done. So then becomes the question well if that's not the case what's the benefit of receiving the ball and a lot of this strategy is picked up in college and I think people may have believed that this was the same as the college football overtime which I actually don't like where it's each team touching the ball from a particular yard line each team gets a possession from a particular yard line and if you continue to match your opponent you just keep going into more and more possessions overtime double triple whatever blah blah blah so it's not timed you're talking about teams trying to match each other in OT until one team either makes a stop or has a touchdown while the other has a field goal that's not what this was. According to Dean Blandino who was offering rules clarification on Westwood One during the Super Bowl if the Chiefs had only put a field goal on the board at the end of that first overtime as opposed to the Mico Hardman touchdown if they'd only kicked a field goal to tie the Niners again as they went into the second overtime or second quarter of overtime it would have become sudden death more like the Stanley Cup playoffs so it wasn't going to be a tit for tat or a dueling possessions but as Tony Romo was attempting to explain it was like I thought he was going to talk right over the snap so he did stop talking as Mahomes received the snap and then quickly found Hardman he had stopped talking but I was worried I thought initially because it felt like he had a lot more to say and then for his sake I'm grateful that he wasn't talking over the Mahomes snap or over Jim Nantz anyway he was trying to explain it and I think he's probably accurate in what he said there are a lot of people around the country going well what happens now if they get to the end of the first overtime and there's no either a score by the Chiefs right so let's say they ran out of time in that first quarter or first overtime but still had the possession then what happens it wasn't Niners win they would have wrapped around into a second OT but then it would have been sudden death why does the NFL have to over complicate these things for heaven's sakes but again there's now a science there's now all these analytics that would tell college football teams and now NFL teams whether or not you should receive or defer to start overtime if you win the coin flip this is something we talked about with you know that none of us have a ton of experience of it but we went through all the analytics and talked to those guys and we just thought it'd be better we wanted the ball third if both teams matched and scored we wanted to be the ones who had the chance to go win and we got that field goal so we knew we had to hold them to at least a field goal and if if we did then we thought it was in our hands after that listen he's a phenomenal football coach and so you know he's he just has a great feel for it he's got good staff and he's got good players to go along with most of all he's a great teacher so that when you have young guys like like we've had that whole staff has done a great job of teaching but he leads the parade on that so he what a heck of a year i like the kyle shanahan explanation and you hear the kudos from andy reid who not only admires kyle shanahan but he won so he can afford to be gracious i do like the idea of what he's saying especially if you have a strong defense you go out there and you score which the niners did though only three points you go out there and score well because it's not a sudden death situation your opponent is going to have the ball you put points on the board then your defense stops them then you get the ball back and if it's only a three say three to three if it's only two field goals in overtime well then you have the ball in your hands you know exactly what has to be done yeah so it's weird when sudden death kicks in right that's the part that i think has to be confusing it's not at the end of the quarter it's not if the other team scores a touchdown it's yeah it doesn't matter now just know that they were prepared to go into a second quarter and had the game been tied again after that first overtime well then it becomes sudden death okay it's after hours here on cbs sports radio a lot of criticism of brock purty all year it's almost become laughable it's like a thing right now to to hop on brock i know it's not hop on pop but hop on brock well kyle shanahan even in the loss still raised about his young qb hopefully i'll spend a little time with him tonight we'll see how it goes but um i mean there's you don't say a lot there's not much to say you let guys deal with it you gotta you gotta feel this it's not something that just words or anything makes it feel better you sit there and you deal with it and you gotta do that for a while but i'm so proud of brock um how he shows up every week how he plays uh he had an unbelievable year and um he did a hell of a job today we will hear from brock purty and more from patrick mahomes coming up but i'd love to hear from you on twitter alaw radio just now opening up facebook that's been a little busy these last couple hours since i walked into the building we certainly have to go through the game itself with all the turning points the extra extra but we'll take a few calls straight ahead the chiefs win back-to-back super bowls first time in the nfl since the patriots in 0304 so first time in a couple decades third super bowl win in five years very few teams have ever accomplished that and as i said earlier there's still potential for more because the guys around patrick mahomes other than travis kelsey are relatively young because the defense is relatively young now they do have a couple of veterans but the defense has got a lot of young pieces as well and with the defense now holding its own the chiefs are even more of a challenge especially when they get on this playoff stage and oh yeah while they love being in our head it's not a requisite they can win wherever wherever and whatever you put in front of them i'll be honest with y'all i don't know what rebuilding means i thought i heard pat say that wednesday is the ticker tape parade they had it pre-planned just in case back in kansas city so we'll wait for confirmation it's good to have you with us hope you enjoyed super bowl sunday i know the game went into overtime which may have cut into your sleep but no complaining we get this once a year where a third of our country is tuned into one event that happens in no other genre for no other event we don't agree about pretty much anything else in the united states of america but we do agree when it comes to football it's after hours with amy 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unique that's why they make it easy to custom design engagement rings at up to half the price of a traditional jeweler choose from tons of conflict-free diamonds both natural and lab-grown then pick your ring setting and metal shop the james allen valentine's day sale and get 25 off with promo code podcast that's 25 off at promo code podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence chris kelsey wasn't done he threw in some viva las vegas but then he had to go back to his old faithful and the refrain that we've heard from him over and over the goal has always been to get three but we couldn't get here without getting the two and having that target on our back all year and i love these guys right here the men that we just won this thing with family forever baby i couldn't be more proud of you guys and how about it we get a chance to do it three times in a row how do you get excited for that baby you go party in los vegas then get back to it you gotta fight for your ride believe it baby i'll see y'all next year yeah already talking about a three-peat and why not nobody stepped up to stop them yet it's after hours with amy lawrence we'll get to more of the niners reaction brock purty christian mccaffrey it was fairly poignant to see some of the niners sitting on the bench as the confetti is falling couple of guys i think one of them might have been hargrave javon hargrave i can't remember i uh which which guy was but he was sitting on the bench covered in confetti he's sitting there the confetti is all over his lap it's all over the bench around him and it's on his face and his hair and he's just sitting there not moving mccaffrey in tears on the sidelines his first super bowl but close is not good enough against kansas city we now know that it's a hard and fast rule against the chiefs when you're down by 10 or when they're down by 10 they've got you right where they want you 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7 connor is in california connor welcome to after hours this hurts i know it does i know it does and i called into my local affiliate earlier and they were like how can we make it better i'm like you can't you just gotta wait it out and you know it just this one's gonna keep me up for a long time what's gonna stick with you what parts will stick with you i think you know um the definitely the missed extra point i'm not capitalizing off of that interception immediately in the second half after we go three and out off of a perfect opportunity it just my heart is just broken and i just it's it's gonna take a while to mend it hurts the circle lot those who love the most hurt the most connor that's what i found out as an old person that's what i know those are wise words so here's the thing about the niners they do have all the pieces in place i so you're in the bay area right sort of yeah i'm in like a little town that's 45 minutes away from it okay well then if on the flip side you understand what other nba teams feel when it comes to the warriors how many more opportunities would say the thunder have had or the jazz or even the nuggets other teams the cavaliers for heaven's sakes had it not been for the fact that the warriors were rising and were dominating at the time that they were and so it's it's not just hey the niners have put a team together that can win they've got a coaching staff that they like they finally have a quarterback that plays all the way through it's you're playing at the same time as the chiefs right so you're running into a team that is has gotten the better of you so i know it doesn't help necessarily to say that the niners do have all the pieces in place they do it's just that so do the chiefs and now twice they've been just a little bit better yeah and no i guess what i guess the feelings i'm feeling right now are not necessarily angry i'm just beaten down and disappointed and frustrated that we couldn't get this game down we couldn't we couldn't we couldn't wrap it up and we we couldn't stick with it and i guess that concerns me in the future well the good news about human beings at least the ones who are winners and are supposed to be champions or at least have designs of being champions is that they learn they grow they get better right i would say major steps number one is that brock purty was the quarterback all the way through they did not have to use three different quarterbacks this year four different quarterbacks this year he stayed healthy all the way through so that was huge christian mccaffrey had a monster year he stayed healthy most of the way through as well and was there for all the big moments that defense is still really good though obviously the dre greenlaw injury the torn achilles is devastating and these guys were we'll hear from them in a second here but a lot of his teammates were so devastated for him but the the quarterback question has been answered it took them several years to go through and and try every wrong answer right connor they try i mean not that jimmy garoppolo was wrong but um they they weren't going to keep him they looked at trey lance they ended up with brock purty so that question had has been answered and that's a huge piece of it they've got incredible talent around him yeah we have definitely found ourselves our quarterback and i think he's got a long way to go and i think he can definitely make a big impact on einers history i really like him and i really like where he's going right now and uh i really appreciate you for taking my call love your show you are awesome all right so much we'll talk more about the off season thanks so much for listening yeah absolutely let's see if we can work in dave here in san francisco dave welcome to after hours cbs sports radio thanks for taking the call and uh you know uh seeing kyle shanahan you know wandering the field on afterwards looked like a kid who lost his dog yeah he just had a sour yeah i mean it's like this this crop look on his face but you know it's something you know he's uh you know he's uh come across it a couple of times now uh once with the oc with the falcons you know throwing the ball you know you know not without using any imagination he's got uh wide receivers bunched up next to his linemen you know you're you're taking away any you know the kc they have like a spread offense you know it gives the the wide receivers uh room to move to navigate to negotiate and then you know brock he had the agility against the lions if you if everything's clogged up in the lanes in front of you you're not giving him any uh options or avenues to use his mobility so yeah i think like kyle played not to lose instead of playing to win to win and i thought in the second quarter you know he was going to change that with that you know with the trick play you know to with jawan jennings to mccaffrey i said okay maybe he's got some balls to win this in the second half but he he shut down he became like a turtle the fourth and three the fours and three now i beg your pardon the fourth and three call um they didn't settle for field goal there yeah no but i'm saying in the second half he you know he his all his formations were out of a tight set like he had brandon auk you know lined up next to a tight end you know he's got nowhere nowhere to move and you know if i know that the old line has been well kind of the achilles seal last year and they did nothing to bolster it in the draft this year but you know uh another thing is like look at the lions they bring in another tackle i don't know if he's a tackle eligible but they bring in um like instead of having that braden lewis or willis you know bring in a third tackle if you know you're going to run you need some muscle you know people that can grind and we used to have a good tight end charlie walner but instead we bring a rookie and it's kind of like the you know i i just don't get kyle's thinking he thinks like he's like a mad scientist fooling people but you know he's really fooling himself so you think this is on shanahan shoulders oh yeah yeah i i mean i i know that you know there's breaks in every game and injuries and all that um on the flip side on the on the defensive side uh everybody knows you've faced lamar jackson you've faced in the past uh russell wilson you know lamar i mean uh normal holmes is going to run if he's got if you're your man covered you got to have a spy on him but again you know it's like they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again and i just uh i tweeted out a link about you know the low river band the lonesome loser you know it's like you know you know he's going to keep on losing but he's going to keep on trying and uh you know it's a fait accompli you know you kind of accept expect that and we accept it it's interesting because i don't think our caller just before you has accepted it yet no i heard him i was on the knbr 680 i was on the whole for about an hour and a half but the hosts were here i think they had to too little more to imbibe so they weren't feeling the pain well i have no idea if that's true but that's quite an accusation to throw out there if it's not true no they admitted it on on the air interesting so yeah but anyhow i'm not here to down you know downgrade anybody i'm just you know it's like you you know you call a spade a spade you know and uh you know it's fitting that you know the game was in vegas and you know kyle was standing on 15 hoping everybody else was going to bust that's quite an assessment dave all right we'll see what happens moving forward and if he can learn how to adjust you'll have to give him props when they come back and make themselves relevant again thanks so much for your phone call eight five five two one two four two two seven it's one thing to be a great team uh it's one thing to be able to win your division even your conference they put themselves in position over and over again in san francisco and as i said to connor they've answered the question of quarterback there is no more question there about jimmy garoppolo's it was back and forth for years because of his injuries then they draft trey lance and garoppolo's on his way out except he's not he has to play again they don't have those questions anymore brock purty is the quarterback and they have christian mccaffrey one of the best athletes in the nba the nfl an mvp candidate george kittel one of the best tight ends in the league some versatile receivers some tough and physical guys in debo samuel he's battled through injuries brandon iuque we've seen what he can do and then pieces around them as well i think their defense is terrific the issue is of course we're talking about a generational quarterback in patrick mahomes and a future hall of fame tight end in travis kelsey the two of them have the same kind of connection that brady and gronk did that was almost impossible to stop even if you knew where it was going and while brady wasn't a runner he could elude pressure he could get rid of the ball quickly and he had an uncanny instinct well mahomes has the same thing and he can run and he does as much as our caller mentioned a spy on patrick mahomes they don't do designed runs for him very rarely like a lamar jackson his is broken plays his is there are no other options you don't put an entire defender to spy on mahomes when he's not taking snaps with the purpose of running the ball that's the one he does he does it when there's no other option he's just real good at it he waits he has incredible timing he waits until the last possible second and then when the field seems to open up in front of him like a parting of the red sea he takes off and he's tough too on one of his third down runs he banged into a couple of defenders two yards before the chains and the momentum and putting his head down in his toughness he got right through them but let's credit the defense too when it trent mcduffie knocked a ball away that was a surefire touchdown pass in the end zone by brock purty that was in the second quarter so first half we're going to go through starting at the top of the hour we'll go through the major moments from the beginning on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page by the way if you did not see the photo of chicago johnny it is on both twitter and facebook j and i did in fact go to the mob museum and chicago johnny was a perfect gentleman he was so much fun he gave us a guided tour until his friend and driver just insisted he had to leave for a doctor's appointment anyway it was great we've got lots of stories from vegas lots of stories even from friday after our work was done we did meet with chicago johnny we went to the mom museum we had our big breakfast brunch for producer j it was awesome it was such a great day exhausting to be sure and it was Cirque du Soleil for me and the hubs that was around oh gosh i think 8 30 by the time we were done and after the week of working and not sleeping more than four hours at a time at any point and then running all day friday and seeing as much as we possibly could the bellagio fountains if you haven't seen them i was able to get some really cool pictures of the fountains on friday at the same time that the cbs drone was flying through the air capturing footage so we're pretty sure we saw ourselves on the back on the back of the shot standing along the railing up near the entrance to the bellagio while we were waiting a half hour for those fountains to turn on because because the drone until it got in the air they wouldn't run the fountains so they had to we had to wait for a lot longer than normal for the fountains to go through their incredible routine because of the cbs drone thanks thanks for nothing anyway it was a great couple days in las vegas and then beyond and we'll share those stories as we head through the week but not on this edition of the show a little more of the reaction i'd love to hear from you on twitter on facebook it's after hours with amy lawrence you 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every journey 2024 santa fe available early 2024. when something happens to your car you might say no oh my car but what you really need to say is something that can actually help like a good neighbor state farm is there and just like that state farm is there to help you file your claim right on the state farm mobile app so just remember like a good neighbor state farm is there state farm bloomington illinois i can't live with this when i do stuff that i didn't plan on doing or that i didn't do and second guess myself and um i'm proud of what we did today as a coaching staff and as players in terms of we did we worked and we did everything we planned on doing we just didn't get it done and any play that didn't work out yeah you always look at that stuff but that's that's how every game is and that's what we work out now i heard the most for the players those are the guys i mean it's just it's such a i can't tell you guys how long it takes to get here and just how long the nfl season is um going through january and all the way into february so um our guys i heard for the most this is after hours with amy lawrence kyle shanahan says he hurts the most for the guys in the locker room well rot purty says he hurts the most for his head coach and the others who have waited a long time to get on the stage you want to win it for that kind of guy and he's a great coach everybody wants to go to war with that guy um the way he handles himself and carries himself like we all just we want to win for him and um obviously the the older guys the vets trent williams eric arms said like all the guys that have been through it man you want to win for him so um but it starts with coach man that's that's what i hurt for um and i hurt for all the other guys our whole team what we've been through the last year hasn't been easy and um you know for it to go like that where it's it's close at the end and it's it's tough and i'm still trying to wrap my my mind around it what we did here after the game is that dre greenlaw tore his achilles gosh we saw some painful and i don't just mean physically painful but emotionally painful torn achilles this season going all the way back to four snaps into the jet season for aaron rogers kirk cousins with the torn achilles and then you may have seen it 9 16 left in the second quarter greenlaw is so anxious to get back out on the field after the chiefs were stopped in the red zone so this is following the patrick mahomes 52-yard chuck to michael hardman that gets him into the red zone first real big play by the offense in the first half but then pacheco is stripped by the niners defense amador uh commodore lamore oh sorry de amador lamore sorry de amador lamore my brain de amador lamore is the guy who stripped him and then it's recovered by javon hargrave at the eight yard line so it's this huge momentum swing and greenlaw pushes off the sidelines sprints or meant to sprint onto the field but doesn't get more than a couple of steps before he crumples and he's out for the rest of the game obviously the guys on his side of the ball were devastated it was hard um sometimes when things like that happen it could sway the momentum just because it's such an emotional feeling um but i do think we did a good job of continuing to play the way we were playing and dre is one-on-one human being uh he was pushing through so much this year and i think 99 percent of players wouldn't have been able to do what he did and he put his body on the line for this and it sucks that we couldn't get him on i'm sick to my stomach i'm still sick uh you know i see him at halftime and i'm just i'm crying because i i just so hurt for him and obviously wanted to win this for him and sickening of course yeah i saw him uh halftime saw him obviously towards the end of the game when he was out there on the sideline and uh horrible i mean he's just been dealing with that that same achilles injury for the last few weeks and so um you know we ran out on the field together and i see him drop down and i knew exactly what happened first nick boza and then fred water both emotional for dre greenlaw and carrying even more that weight because they didn't feel like they got it done for him after they lost him early in that second quarter george kittel also got hurt he was back on the field long enough to experience a second loss in a super bowl you train all season train all off season every day you put in for the work go to ota training camp you know just it's a long long season it's a long year and whatever week we're on what 27 something like that you know we've been playing football since late july and to come up short of a goal of a dream it's not fun do you remember and i've brought this up a couple of times when he was caught on camera and nfl films in the fourth quarter of it toward the toward the end obviously of their loss to the nine or to the uh chiefs four years ago and they'd had that 10-point lead in the fourth quarter couldn't protect it and george kittel was talking on the sidelines to himself we'll be back we'll be back we'll be right back here we're going to do this again we're going to be back and he reminded people of that this week i said we'd be back here i told you we'd be back well unfortunately for the niners all too familiar these emotions these feelings yes they were back but sometimes it hurts even more when you get all the way back there only to be stuffed again and again by kansas city it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio a peanut butter m&ms production in a world where super bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop return that's one retired quarterback read the script oh sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim what's his um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from m&ms peanut butter but you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a super bowl new you says here that gray bar is a distributor yeah we support electrical and datacom projects all over the country so you can get me the products i need where and when i need them yeah thanks to our national logistics network any industry yeah construction industrial plants schools hospitals so you could say gray bar is much more than a distributor yeah you could say that when you need a hand powering connecting or maintaining your operations doing the thousands of professionals rely on gray bar to help keep them up and running yeah gray bar does that okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit hunday or call 5 6 2 3 1 4 4 6 0 3 for more details hunday there's joy in every journey 2024 santa fe available early 2024.
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