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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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January 24, 2024 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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January 24, 2024 6:07 am

Milwaukee sports radio host Steve Fifer joins the show | Your worst coaches in sports history | Joe Mauer, Adrian Beltre, and Todd Helton elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
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That's Code Podcast. You are already inundating our social media with your responses to the most ill-fated coaching hires in sports history. They were never going to work. This is Kim Kardashian and, well, most of her spouses, but definitely Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Madonna and Rodman, Dennis Rodman, weren't they, I don't know if they were officially married. Carmen Electra. We could go on and on about celebrity marriages.

Some of these coaching hires, that's a little bit like how it felt. It was never going to work out anyway. So on Twitter, after our CBS, send your questions to our show Twitter as well for asking me anything that's next hour. You can also send your questions to our Facebook page. Many of you still have Bob questions, wedding questions, marriage questions, as if I'm some kind of an expert. Oh, Lordy. Anyway, we will do another edition of Ask Amy Walked Down the Aisle.

So past tense, never doing it again. We'll do that sometime on our YouTube channel before the month of February is up, I promise. But I know Jay likes to sprinkle them in.

So you can send them again to Twitter or Facebook. We'll do Ask Amy anything next hour. Our phone number 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Fun to connect with you on this middle show of the workweek. Showtime on the wing right side. Love takes the shotgun snap and first and ten. Looks downfield, scrambles right.

Still looking. Throws it back over the middle and it is intercepted by the San Francisco 49ers. Coming back the other way with it is Dre Greenlaw and Greenlaw is still on his feet, cutting to his right of the Green Bay 40 and down he goes.

And that will do it. Play broke down with scrambling right. Saw Christian over the middle and, you know, try to force one into him. Thought I could make the play.

Didn't see the backside, so they made a great play. Jordan Love sees the Packers run come to an end with an interception that he threw toward Christian Watson, but Dre Greenlaw saw the same thing. And that was the final call of essence from Wayne Larrabee on Packers radio.

But man, what a run for Jordan and for the Packers as the youngest team in the NFL. But that might not be the biggest story in Wisconsin sports on this Tuesday night into a Wednesday morning. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. We head to Milwaukee now. And from our affiliate there, AM 1250, the fan, we welcome Steve Pfeiffer.

He also has a couple of podcasts, one that talks Packers and one that talks Bucks. So Steve, let me ask you, the Packers run nearly upsetting the 49ers or the Bucks making this abrupt coaching change. What's the bigger story right now? Grace Hoskins, signs with the Brewers, there's your positive story for Milwaukee.

There's your positive story. They get the Phillies first baseman. I don't know, but the Packers thing was awesome. I don't think anybody expected them to be in the playoffs. Nobody really expected them to go to Dallas and win in Dallas. Jordan Love proving, I think, down the shadow of a doubt that he's a franchise quarterback going forward and they'll get to pay him somewhere in the area of probably $45 to $50 million a year in an extension at some point next summer.

So the future is bright, windows wide open. The Packer fans are happy. They all want Joel Berry, the defensive coordinator, fired still.

So we'll wait to see if that happens. But besides that, I think everybody's pretty happy with how that went. The Adrian Griffin thing, I think everybody is kind of stunned. Don't get me wrong, there was a portion of fan base that had been asking for Adrian Griffin to be fired for over a month. So I think the rest of us are stunned that they actually did it, didn't see it coming until you read the piece in the athletic and realized this was the whole thing that was coming over a month ago and we just didn't know. Why? What went horribly wrong that after half the season he's out the door?

This is the thing, right? If I hire you to do a job and then I tell you who you're going to hire to be around you and you don't know the people, you're really rolling the dice and you're saying two things. One, I don't trust you to hire your own people and two, I really hope this works out between you and whoever the other person is because if it doesn't, then it's probably going to be a mess.

Well, that's what they did. They hired Adrian Griffin, who was of the final three that the Bucks ownership and front office picked out, was the only one that had no head coaching experience at that point. It was Atkinson, the Golden State assistant, Kenny Atkinson. It was Nick Nurse and Adrian Griffin.

Those were the final three that they apparently had Giannis talk to and so forth to see who he liked. Well, according to reports, he apparently does not like Nick Nurse and would not play for Nick Nurse. So he, again, according to reports, wanted to play for a guy that played in the league or whatever. So they went with Adrian Griffin. But then they told Adrian Griffin, you're going to have Terry Stott, the former Bucks head coach, former Portland Trailblazers head coach, Damian Lillard's head coach. You're going to be his right hand guy.

You're going to have him. They didn't know each other. Had no idea. Never met, whatever.

No clue. Well, guess what happened? Now the training camp comes and before the season even starts in preseason or whatever, and they have a falling out in a practice, according to a report from the athletic where Adrian Griffin wanted the coaches to come together. According to the report, Terry Stott wanted to talk to me out at the Milton a little. He yelled for him, stopped ignored him.

He continued talking to him according to the report. Man Griffin got really mad that he wasn't coming over. And shortly thereafter that, Terry said, I'm out, this isn't for me, I'm stepping aside.

And he leaves. So then they play the season. And again, they get off to a pretty good start. Defense has been an issue from the word jump to get Adrian Griffin to changing the defense to more of what they played in Toronto with Nick Nurse, more of a switching type defense. And right away, the players went in and said, we don't like Rick Lopez, our center, playing this style of defense. He's got to play more drop defense to play more to his strengths and so forth. So Adrian Griffin said, fine, we'll do that.

So it's been kind of a give and go. They get Damian Lillard, Kim and Giannis, that pick and roll thing has not really materialized at any point. The usage rate for Damian Lillard has dropped way off compared to where it was in Portland, which you know is going to drop off some because he's playing with Giannis now, but it dropped off significantly. And it's seven minutes less than what Giannis is getting on a night to night basis.

So that's an issue. And finally, Lillard was struggling with what they were trying to do on offense to begin with. The defense has been a mess the entire time. So as a report in the athletic goes from Sham Sharani and Eric name that in the in-season tournament when they lost to Indiana, apparently after that, they went to Adrian Griffin and said, doc rivers, you know, doc, he's in the TV booth.

Yep. He's going to be your consultant going forward for the rest of the season. Doc meet Adrian Griffin, Adrian Griffin meet doc guys get used to working together. Doc's going to help you be a coach the rest of the year. I believe on that day during Griffin was essentially fired because on that day, that's when they decided Adrian Griffin cannot do this and we're going to have somebody else come in. And if this doesn't work and he can't figure this out, then doc is going to have the benefit of having however many days it takes for us to figure out if he can do it or not.

In this case, it's been about 30 or so. Now doc knows everything because he's been watching every game since then has an idea of what they're running, what works, what doesn't work, has a good idea of what their personnel can and cannot do. So now you give doc rivers a job, he walks in, he knows everything there is to know about this team.

He's had a month to study them and can implement what he thinks needs to be fixed and away they go. And that's how this whole thing works out. And you know, I don't know, you can look at this however you want. To me, it's, it's, um, a little wrong, I guess, in my opinion, how this whole thing played out because if you didn't trust Adrian Griffin and you didn't think you should do a job, then he never should have been in your final three that you essentially brought to Giannis to let him pick. You should have went with a more proven head coach in that final three and instead you screwed this up. And now, you know, fans are all upset because they think Giannis screwed this up by taking Adrian Griffin, but in reality, the ownership and front office screwed this up by having Adrian Griffin in their final three to begin with. Well, and handcuffing him to different people that he didn't know and didn't have a relationship with. Steve Pfeiffer is with us from Milwaukee, talking about this crazy twist in the Bucks season, even as they sit in the top three in the Eastern Conference.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Here's the question that came to my mind as I'm reading all of this, and of course, you're telling it from a Bucks perspective, but if you wanted a veteran head coach, A, why fire Mike Budenholzer, and B, why not just hire Doc Rivers from the beginning? Right, the Doc Rivers point is a good one, I don't know. The Budenholzer point, again, going back to Eric Neyman, the athletic, the Bucks beat writer for them, when Budenholzer was let go, there was an in-depth piece that he wrote that pretty much hinted at the fact that the year they went on to win that NBA title, remember they were playing the Nets, and the TNT crew, Barkley and Kenny Smith and those guys were killing Mike Budenholzer in that series for pretty much not knowing what he was doing, just absolutely killing his coaching style. Well, they figure out how to get through that series, they go on to beat the Hawks for a young God hurt, they go win in the championship against Phoenix, but apparently, everybody within the organization was mad at Bud as far as how that series was going, and if they would have lost that series, according to this report, he was gone. He wasn't going to be back the following year, they were done.

And he wins a title, so now they stick with him for a couple more years, because he won a title, and then they finally said, okay, enough is enough, we've kind of worn out this whole thing here with this group of players, we need a new voice, so they decided to go in a different direction at that point. Mike Budenholzer has been criticized his entire career for not making an adjustment in the postseason and losing playoff series because of being stubborn and not knowing how to adjust. So not being a great playoff coach outside of a one run.

What is Doc Rivers known for exactly? The exact same thing, getting out coaching playoff series and choking away leads in playoff series, and costing themselves outside of one run early on with Boston. So you get rid of Bud, you make a mistake with Griffin, and now you're going to replace him with Doc, who essentially has the same flaws as Bud does when it comes to the playoffs. I can imagine this is a sticky situation for Doc though, if he was there to support Adrian Griffin, if they developed any kind of a relationship.

I know it's the nature of the business, but Steve Pfeiffer with us from Milwaukee, it's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. How would you change the usage of Damian Lillard or change the way that he is fitting with Giannis or not fitting with Giannis? They haven't effectively run that pick and roll with him and Giannis like everybody was expecting to see since they've been together. They've attempted to run it and they haven't run it well. You can argue that really Lillard and Brook Lopez probably run it better, well they do run it better, way better than what him and Giannis do.

For whatever reason it's been a struggle, both of them, and they don't run it that much. Lillard when he first started didn't like the rotation minutes he was getting as far as Griffin was using them and went to Griffin and said, I want to play the whole first quarter and then I'll come out in the second quarter and Griffin said, that's fine. That's the one thing about Adrian Griffin, he's pretty much said fine about everything that's been reported as far as what these players wanted.

Whatever they wanted, you let them do. What happened was for a part of the season when Giannis and Lillard was on the floor, Lillard kind of just held back and let Giannis go be that aggressive guy. Then when Giannis would check out about five, six minutes into the game, then Lillard would kind of take over when Giannis won out when it was him and Chris Milton, or just him on the floor. Now as the season has went on, he's become a little bit more aggressive in the first quarter and you don't see that necessarily as much, but his field goal percentages down, all of his numbers are kind of down across the board since becoming a member of the Bucks compared to what he was doing in Portland.

And originally it's like, well he's out to a full start, he'll figure it out, he'll get it going. We're halfway through the season now and we're still kind of having the same conversations. And you have an NBA trade deadline coming up, right? That's only a couple of weeks away. I would love to know how much Doc Rivers has been asked about what he wants at the trade deadline prior to today compared to how much Adrian Griffin was asked what he wanted at a trade deadline. My gosh. And just to clarify, when they say the window and the sense of urgency, is this about the Bucks trying to win a title this year?

It has to be. I mean, Damian Lillard's the top 75 player. You just traded for him and gave up all those assets, you got to keep Giannis happy, obviously.

It has to be about winning a championship. Look, this is, to me, when you have a Giannis, a LeBron, a KD, those type of players, it should be championship or bust every single year. Even if they had Drew Holliday and they didn't have Damian Lillard, it should still be championship or bust because those players are only around for so long. And you've got a guy that's won multiple MVPs while you have him, you know, you can't take it for granted that he's always going to be there. Otherwise you end up like Cleveland and LeBron James walks away. You have to always be pushing the envelope and John Horst, to his credit, the GM of the Bucks, has done that for the most part with Milwaukee. And now you make this type of move because you didn't see this being a championship caliber team.

I agree. They look like a championship caliber team to me either. They've been doing this team play here for the last month. But again, I was stunned and shocked. I thought they'd give Griffin through the playoffs if it fell apart, then they'd move on in the summer.

I did not think they'd move on this quick. How and where did they miss Drew Holliday? Probably defensively to a certain degree, for sure. And Lillard hasn't been all that offensively, but he's still better than when Drew Holliday is offensively. Yeah, Drew will give you a die where he'll get you 25 or 30, but Drew will give you a lot more of those 12-point nights and he's going to give you the 25 or 30-point nights. And Holliday works when he's that defensive guy, like Boston is perfect, because you have Tatum, you have Brown. Porty Vignette has been a great addition for them, too. So Holliday kind of fits into that third, fourth role score.

There's not a ton of pressure. Where with the Bucks, something happens to Giannis, he's got to be that first or second guy and that Milton keeps getting hurt on and off. So there was more pressure on him offensively, and when you get to the postseason, Holliday wasn't always that guy consistently there. He had big moments in the postseason in a game here or a game there for the Bucks, for sure.

But he wasn't that reliable, consistent guy that can go get you 25 or 30 in a big game. Lillard is definitely that guy. They've got to figure out how to share the basketball and figure out a defensive scheme that obviously works. You have Brooke Lopez, the defensive player of the year candidate, coming in, blocking shots all over the plate. Giannis is the same type of player, and with that, you're one of the worst defenses in the NBA.

That should not be the case, even if it's Damian Lillard over Drew Holliday at the guard position. So Reece Hoskins, then. Yes. Now let's talk about something positive and happy.

Yeah, let's talk about it. Reece Hoskins, that's the new cleanup hitter for the Brewers. Hey, man, coming into the offseason, I thought the Brewers were going to blow this thing up. I mean, Corbin Burns, last year for his deal, they can't afford to sign him after the upcoming season. Willie Adomas, last year for his deal, if he has a good year, they can't afford to sign him either. So I really thought that when they decided after Woodruff's injury that they were just going to let him walk and not bring him back, because you don't know how long he'll be out, he could miss the whole year, whatever, I was like, okay, well, now here's your opportunity. You trade Burns, you trade Adomas, and you kind of rebuild this thing, because they have a ton of young outfielders that came up last year and played a little bit.

They're all going to have major roles this year. One of the top prospects in baseball, Jackson Chirio, I think he was one or two, depending on the list you looked at. They expect him to be on the major league team at some point this year, maybe opening day. There's a lot of comparisons of him to Ronald Lacuna Jr., so we'll see if that pans out or not. So there's a lot of young talent, but it's going to probably take a little while for them to get going, and instead, they decided, no, they're going to try and compete and win a division title one more year, and then they very well may let Burns and Adomas walk for nothing.

But that mentality, they desperately needed a first baseman, because they've been horrible at first base for the last couple of years, and Hoskins coming up, ACL, didn't play last year for Philly. It's going to hit 30, 35 home runs at American Family Field easy and be a true cleanup hitter for the Brewers. I think it's a big signing. Defensively, he sucks, but offensively, he can hit.

As you say, positive news, that's where we'll end. Jordan Love had an incredible second half of the season. What a validation for Matt Lafleur in terms of his coaching. Would you keep Barry, or would you make a change? Oh, he'd be gone yesterday. But look, him and Lafleur are guys, that's why Lafleur hired them, because they've been friends for a long time. Barry was under fire here. Baker Mayfield had a perfect quarterback rating at Lambeau Field, the first guy ever to come into Lambeau and have a perfect quarterback rating, Baker Mayfield. At that point, everybody that was kind of, I don't know about Joe Barry, everybody was like, okay, time to go.

That's it, we've seen enough. And they did it. And then they gave up 30 points to the Panthers, and that offense, that's been horrible this year. They won the game, but they gave up 30, so that was another sign. And then Matt Lafleur got a little bit involved, like he did last year, coming out of the bye week. And this defense turned around, like he did last year coming out of the bye week once he got involved in having his voice heard in defensive meetings or whatever was going on. And this defense played really well the rest of the way up. You can't blame the defense for what happened.

Yeah, Purdie had a big drive there at the end, fine. But to that point, you did a heck of a job keeping that offense intact, and you had every chance to win that game against San Francisco. You kept that big Cowboys offense average 37 a game at home completely in check and minimized for the most part. And so you pulled off the dogs there in, what was it, the fourth quarter, and then gave up a couple touchdowns. For the most part, you did your job. I think that's enough for Matt Lafleur to tell Brian Gudekun to anybody else that wants to fire Joe Berry. Look at what this guy did here the last four or five games, he did what he was supposed to do. We figured it out. He'll be good for next year.

Trust me. And he's under contract. It's not like they have to give him a new contract. He's still got another year under contract here, so they just bring them back, then you move forward. Now Lafleur did not commit to him coming back. Last year, the end of the year press conference, he said pretty much everybody's coming back. That's the end of it. This year, he didn't do it. So I don't know if there's a conversation that needs to happen between him and others in the organization to convince them to keep Joe Berry, but the longer you keep Joe Berry, the more defensive coordinator candidates are going to go off the board of these other coaching staffs.

So if they're going to move, they need to move quickly so they don't lose out on some more guys. Steve's got a couple of podcasts that deal with all things Wisconsin sports. So Curtin Long is the Packers podcast, but you're going to want to get green and growing about the Bucks and this twist midway through the season. You can find him on Twitter at Sparky Radio. Steve Pfeiffer from Milwaukee, thank you so much for a couple of minutes and all of the insight.

Always fun, anytime. You had no idea that Milwaukee could be the center of the sports universe or Wisconsin center of the sports universe on a Tuesday night, but Adrian Griffin catching the league off guard or the move with Adrian Griffin and yet sounds like the Bucks front office did not put him in a position to succeed, but then measured him, evaluated him by a standard that was nearly impossible to meet. They made all the moves around him and then expected him to just slot in. And here's the crazy part, the team still won 30 of its first 43 games with him as the head coach.

What kind of standard are we talking about? Well, maybe measuring against the Celtics, measuring against the Nuggets as defending champions. There's a lot of teams that aren't going to be able to compete with those guys, but when you've got a core that's in their mid 30s, early to mid 30s, well, the time is now. How is that on Griffin? 30 wins in 43 games. That's a pretty damn good coaching record for your first time ever.

What are the most ill-fated coaching marriages in sports history? The ones that were never going to work out on Twitter, a law radio on our Facebook page too. Glad to have you with us on the hump show.

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You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. The voice of Urban Meyer, we still hear it frequently on media broadcasts. It may have been over from the start, but it was definitely over when he stayed behind in I think it was Cincinnati after the Jaguars had played a game there and decided he would hang out in a local establishment and get photographed in a somewhat compromising position as his team flew back on the plane. If I remember correctly, it was some kind of a late dramatic loss too. I could be wrong, but I feel like it was some situation where his team may have really needed him.

Don't quote me on that. Jaguars and Bengals fans, Urban Meyer fans, you know who you are. You may remember that. But yeah, it felt like it was some night. It was a Thursday night, if I remember correctly, that he stayed behind in Cincinnati. It was a nationally televised game and we were stunned by the way the game had played out.

I do remember it was pretty dramatic. And then somehow he thought that was a good idea to stay behind. Right, right. Urban Meyer.

It was never going to work out anyway. 855-212-4227. That's our toll free line on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page. Let's talk to Mike who's in Alabama. Mike, welcome to After Hours. Good morning, Amy. How are you? I'm good. Thank you.

I just got a real quick one. A coaching marriage was never going to happen. And that's the Atlanta Falcons and Bobby Petrino. That whole debacle was just absolutely disastrous from the beginning.

It definitely was. And honestly, he's had some pretty disastrous tenures. I cannot believe he's back in Arkansas. I seriously cannot believe it after everything that happened there.

When I heard he was back in Arkansas, I was like, what are you thinking? This is an SEC school. Are you nuts? Yes, 2007. I had to Google the date because I didn't remember the date. But yeah, what a total debacle and disaster and all kinds of D words. Yeah, I mean, even though he came in before the Michael Vick scandal, it was what he did during the Michael Vick scandal. I mean, he just up and left and left the team high and dry. And I have no respect for that guy since then. Agreed. As if we needed another reason to not respect him, the mess in Arkansas with the young woman who he was employing and then riding around on a motorcycle with. But yes, absolutely.

He ditched the Falcons and went running back to college. Uh huh. Yeah, that's it. Well, thank you very much, Amy. And congratulations on your nuptial. Oh, thank you, Mike. I appreciate it. Let's talk to Roger, who's in Washington, D.C. Roger, what do you think?

Yes. Good morning, Amy. How are you doing today? I'm good. Thank you.

Great. I had three highs that were sort of bad. One by the legendary Michael Jordan. He had Leonard Hamilton, the coach and with us in the early 80s. I forgot about that. And then it was the late Richie Pettibone who succeeded the great Joe Gibbs for one year. And I did love Richie Pettibone. After all, he was Joe Gibbs' assistant head coach. Then it was the late Paul Westhead that had a little scrub with my man, Ervin Madden Johnson with the Lakers.

That's true. I vaguely remember that. That was before I was in the business, long before. It was in the early 80s. Yeah. Oh, gosh. And I just remember reading about it. I wouldn't have remembered that. Right.

Over early 80s. Gotcha. Okay.

Those are good. Good walks down memory lane. Right. And have a great trip and success on your speech then tomorrow. Oh, thank you, Roger. That's very kind of you. I appreciate the support. All right. Take care. I'll be calling you. Okay. Good. Thank you for listening. Let's talk to Chris, who's in Sacramento.

Chris, what do you think? Welcome to After Hours. Yeah. Hi.

Chris, you stole my thunder on Magic Johnson. That was like a debacle. Dang. I mean, he just beat me to the punch. But yeah, well, yeah, that's what I called to say.

That was definitely a disaster. Sixteen games. I think he might have already said that. Sixteen. Sixteen games. And I thought 43 wasn't very many. Right.

Right. And the last thing I'm going to say, I don't know if he said anything just before me, but it was so bad in the locker room from a big diehard Laker fan. And I guess while he was trying to teach plays during the game for the halftime, excuse me, the players would be smoking cigars, Lottie Deebotch, mainly A.K.

Danger never said, but people were smoking cigars on their cell phones, but he just couldn't take it anymore. The new age of players, but anyways. But I also just wanted to say congratulations on your marriage. I've been listening to you a long time, so at least I wanted to get that out.

Thank you, Chris. Actually, I appreciate that. Before you go, maybe you misunderstood our last caller because he was talking about Paul Westhead, who coached Magic Johnson. Yeah. So he was talking about that.

He wasn't talking about Magic as a coach. So I mean, if you want to talk about it, you certainly can. Yeah. My bad. Yeah.

Well, yeah. He's 94th season. I mean, you know, he was 5 and 11. You know, of course, I think like a fan or any sports fan, sports fan, I'm sure basketball thought that probably would have been a great, you know, floor general, you know, taking on a head coaching job where he, you know, played his professional, you know, professional career at. But yeah, lasted, like I said, a whole 16 games, 5 and 11, and he just quit on that 17th night.

I remember, but it was, it was a disaster. So yeah, I just thought about that and I just wanted to throw that out there. So interesting too, because he also did the same thing, abruptly quit when he was part of the, I don't know if he was the president or he was just in the front office and abruptly quit. He never could handle being that close to his franchise, but also just not great at making objective decisions.

And a lot of times the best players in history don't make great coaches because they can't understand why everybody else won't do the work that they did to be the best. Yeah, that's very true. Yeah. Yeah. He said he was coming in as far as the general manager position he had, he was coming in and he would hear whispers.

And I guess people were telling him he was a, he was a joke in the office apparently when he, when he wasn't in the office and yeah, so yeah, that was the debacle too, unfortunately. Yeah. Um, but uh, yeah, so, uh, okay, well then I did get it out there cause I was just listening to the rainbow in the background.

I thought he was, he stole my thunder, but I'm glad, yeah, I got that out. So, okay. Well, thanks for taking my call. Thank you, Chris. Good to talk to you in Sacramento.

We appreciate it. Uh, so Magic Johnson, I just looked it up, 16 games in 1994. So I was not in the business that way. I was still in school. Um, but I, so I may be vaguely remember that, but not really.

I do. I just wonder if it was before, after the magic hour, I'm serious. It was right around then. I don't remember. Magic hour lasted what, six shows or something like that. Randy Fund also don't remember him. He was 92 to 94, Bill Burtka in 94, then Magic Johnson. And it was, if I remember correctly, it was at the end of the year and it was almost similar like Magic help us out and he finished up the year and then he was like, I don't want to do this.

I just, I don't want to coach. So I don't think he ever really made a promise that he was going to do it. He helped him out.

Yeah. Because I mean, as close as he is with the Lakers and the organization, it was almost like do us a favor and finish off the year and see if you can get these guys, I mean, going a little bit. I mean, Magic's career should have still been going at that point. That wasn't long after he had retired, unretired, come back like it was, you know, all that. So he wasn't truly the head coach.

He came in and did a favor and then realized, I don't want to do any of this. Yeah. Del Harris was right after him who actually lasted and was a coach of the year. So yeah, Del Harris and then not long after the Kurt Rambis one was interesting. I do remember Kurt Rambis as the head coach for 37 games. I was going to say he was, I feel like he was interim too.

He was interim with the Knicks. Rambis never really got like a here at your job. If it always felt like he was on all these staffs, Bill Jackson, and then it was kind of like, ah, yeah, when everything goes haywire, you get to take over and then it doesn't work out well.

And then you don't ever get to keep the job. Phil Jackson was after Rambis and then he brought him on the staff. Right. And then Rudy Tomjanovich. I forgot about that era. Yeah.

That didn't last long. Tomjanovich. 43 games. Yeah.

He realized that he didn't want to do this. Same as Adrian Griffin. Yeah. But he retired.

If memory serves. Tomjanovich was like, you know what? I don't want to do this anymore.

My health and I don't want to do this at all. We're seeing a bunch of people write in about Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions. Uh, latest tweet, a law radio says it was doomed from the start. And this one, Marco, I forgot this one. How could I freaking Rick Pitino with the Boston Celtics and his ginormous ego, it just like ripped out everything, traded everyone away. I guess the one good thing he did was draft Paul Pierce. If I remember correctly, Paul Pierce was drafted when he was there.

I don't remember the root. But the Rick Pitino Celtics era is basically, he tried his best to get the number one pick. He thought he was going to get Tim Duncan.

That fell through and he didn't have a backup plan. And then that famous rant of, you know, Bird Parish and Michaela not coming through the door because he thought he was getting Tim Duncan to walk through the door and when that didn't work out, everything just flamed out, which is a surprise because Pitino, that's the only spot they didn't have success. Every other spot. What's famous at Nick Saban?

Every other spot. Nick Saban with the Dolphins, right? Right. Nick Saban, you go, he only had one head coaching spot in the NFL and with the Dolphins, it was two years and it wasn't successful. Pitino was in the NBA before that, successful with the Knicks. He knew how to coach in the NBA. It wasn't a question of he's a college coach and it doesn't translate. He knew how to coach in the NBA. He was the punchline to all of my snarky jokes for years because of what he did to the Celtics. But he did draft Paul Pierce, so I will give him that. And again, that was the plan and he had no backup, which is really shocking, shocking because again, he's successful every other spot. I don't know what the hell he was thinking. I really don't.

Right. I mean, you pivot. I realize if you wanted Tim Duncan, I get it, but you pivot. He had no clue what to do. Everybody wanted Tim Duncan. He had no clue what to do when he didn't get him. He didn't know what to do. We're going to get to some of your responses on Twitter and Facebook. Good ones that I can't, maybe I've repressed them.

I can't remember or haven't until I've seen them again online here. The most ill-fated coaches in history. I would say Josh McDaniels in Denver was a pretty bad one too. Not much better with the Raiders. True.

True, although you think you would have learned something by then, but apparently not. So yes, on Twitter or Facebook, phone number, love your calls, 855-212-4227. And then we're about an hour away from asking Amy anything so you can send your questions while you're at it. We did have the latest reveal for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Some really cool names, some contemporary names that you'll remember if you've been a fan of the game for a few years, some big names. And then also, this is, you're going to laugh, Anthony Rendon.

What is he known for lately? Missing all of what feels like three seasons in a row, something along those lines. This is an evaluation, babysitter paid, pizza ordered, flowers delivered. You can do a lot of things with your phone and with Blue Link Plus, you can even access your Hyundai Tucson Limited remotely. Doors unlocked, temperature set, lost car found.

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State Farm, Bloomington, Illinois. Yo, next round is about to start. You ready? Yeah, yeah. Just shopping for a car in Carvana. For real?

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Visit to shop for thousands of vehicles under $20,000. The baseball season will crack you up. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Canley delivers, hit high in the air, center field, hits long run, still tracking, get up, get up, go. Bauer with a grand slam and puts this game away. And a curve ball here is lifted high and deep into left field. Gordon going back, he's slowing down, looking up, it's gone. Adrian Beltre slams a hanging curve over the wall in left 5-0, Texas. The pitch, long fly ball to right, it could be out of here, gone.

Unbelievable. Right on cue, Todd Hilton with a home run and a standing ovation. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. First of all, great song. Great song.

It's one of the songs on my running playlist. Second of all, Hall of Fame. Hall of Famer. I've always loved the idea that you are in rarefied air, you're an elite company. And once you are designated as a Hall of Famer, that always goes before your name.

Always. It's the title that never gets old, never expires, never loses its shine, never loses its impact. You have to work hard to somehow be known as something other than a Hall of Famer once you reach that designation. And for instance, well, it doesn't matter, just maybe athletes who've committed major crimes, right? And so then they're not known first as a Hall of Famer, but that's an extreme case. Hall of Famer. There is a Radio Hall of Fame. That would be incredible. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

About 45 minutes left to send your questions for Ask Amy Anything. So on our show Twitter, After Hours, CBS, or on our Facebook page, and we are taking some of them humorous, your tweets and Facebook messages about the most ill-fated coaching marriages in history. Not the ones that lasted the fewest number of games, though I suppose that could be one metric, but the ones that were doomed from the start. They were never going to work out anyway. Never.

Why even bother? It was an exercise in futility. It was laughable. We all knew it. Now hindsight is 20-20. So if you thought it was a great hire at the beginning, I'm not sure you should submit that name. But if you know it, pat yourself on the back. I can't say that's the case with Adrian Griffin because Giannis backed him 100%. So again, Twitter, Facebook, our phone number 855-212-4227, worst coaching marriages in sports history.

The ones that were never going to work out anyway and you knew it. The guy's a Hall of Famer. We are pleased to welcome Adrian Beltre, Todd Helton, Joe Mauer, one of my favorites from his time in Major League Baseball, into Cooperstown in the Baseball Hall of Fame. This is really neat and also fun to hear their reactions and see their reactions to when they got in.

So we'll just run through them, Producer J, if you want to start with Todd and then Joe and then Adrian. Just to hear what it was like when they got that phone call from Cooperstown. I really didn't think the phone was going to ring and when it rang, I was, yeah, I was still in shock. And it said Hall of Fame on it. I was very happy and, you know, it's, this is something you don't play for, but obviously it's the greatest, the greatest award you can have as a baseball player. It was unbelievable. You know, I kind of laid low, you know, during that time of a possible call and just spent it with family.

And now I had to sneak into my office because the number is growing with friends and family down here in my basement. So definitely thrilled to get that call, but very emotional. And you know, obviously leading up to today, you reflect on all the people that have impact on your career and who you are as a man and a lot of, a lot of emotions, it's been a whirlwind.

That's for sure. I was glad that it was over, obviously I'm honored. It's something that is amazing to be even just on the ballot and to be able to now call myself a Hall of Fame is something that I even dream of. You know, I always wanted to be a decent baseball player, a good baseball player, but I never thought about being a Hall of Fame. Now that I'm in, it's really an honor.

I'm humbled to be called that. That last voice is Adrian Beltre and all of those were interviews done with MLB Network. But the crazy thing about him is that he was such a late bloomer. Not that he wasn't a good player, but he did not get the recognition in baseball. Never made an all-star team until 31. You may remember when that happened for those of you who are longtime baseball fans. It was such a cool thing and baseball players themselves, the baseball fraternity, as well as fans were so thrilled to see Beltre finally on an all-star team. And now he's a Hall of Famer. Wow.

Again, late bloomer. But the story is incredible. Leroy Butler, who we've spoken to many times here on the show, just getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year. It took him years. He was disabled as a kid. He told his mom he wanted to play professional football, but goodness, he couldn't even walk. And all the obstacles and the challenges, the adversities overcome by many of these guys, such incredible stories. So congratulations to this trio.

It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Around New Year's, we get a little obsessed with changing ourselves and forgetting the things we're already doing right. Like taking our supplements every morning or scheduling me time into our day. Therapy helps you recognize those victories and keep up the good work in the new year without changing everything. BetterHelp offers affordable online therapy so you can try New Year's same you with BetterHelp. Visit slash grow today to get 10% off your first month.

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Babysitter paid, pizza ordered, flowers delivered. You can do a lot of things with your phone and with Blue Link Plus, you can even access your Hyundai Tucson Limited remotely. Doors unlocked, temperature set, lost car found.

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