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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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November 29, 2023 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 29, 2023 6:05 am

NFL legend & Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Largent joins the show | Bite Me! ft. Tyreek Hill & Micah Parsons | Ask Amy Anything!


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Download Instacart. Add life to cart. Terms apply. What he has to say. Maybe a little more with Tiger Woods. Interesting to see him back and ready to play golf again in the Bahamas. We've got some QB news. But just over a half hour away, your chance to ask Amy anything part of the hump show on a weekly basis.

And you're running out of chances in 2023. So use our show Twitter after our CBS or the Facebook page. Yes, the photos of the charred and burnt pie are up on both social media sites. Some dude just responded with, oh, it's not nearly as bad as you made it out to be. Well, that's because you didn't smell it or see the fire or try to taste the pie having to break through the upper shell. He actually said I should serve it like that and just put whipped cream over the top of it. No.

Forget the fact that the crust was a ring of black char. You can't serve it. No, you can't serve it like that.

That's insane. Anyway, so send your questions for Ask Amy. We're a half hour away. And if you have wedding questions, we will be recording a brand new video version of Ask Amy walks down the aisle with a holiday flair. We're a full service operation peeps.

Our phone number 855-212-4227 toll free 855-212-4CBS. I had a chance to catch up with a brand new Hall of Famer here on the show. We love to host Hall of Famers of every ilk.

This one happens to be from Canton connecting with a brand new one courtesy of the gridiron greats assistance fund and southern recipe small batch pork rinds we work with on a yearly basis here on after hours. Long time wide receiver Steve large and played his entire career in Seattle hold in 100 touchdown passes. He was enshrined in 1995. But now he partners with gridiron greats the organization Mike Ditka started to help forgotten NFL vets really cool to connect with Steve. You remind me Steve because you're in Tulsa Oklahoma of some photos that I saw over the weekend friends of mine who live in the great state had snow pretty jealous. But thinking that we're about to get into the month of December. What was it like to play in the elements in wintertime when you were in the league. Well it was always it's always a challenge in Seattle. Of course we have the dome so we didn't have to worry about it in your home games. But when we go to Kansas City or Denver in particular we are always concerned about when we were playing those teams whether they were going to be in the first half of the year or the last half of the year. And if they were in the last half it was always a it was a long day. But yeah I mean particularly as a receiver when you're running and you know making cuts and those kinds and trying to catch a football. And if the football is going to be wet or it's going to be snowy and it's going to be just a mess.

You know you really I mean you start eyeballing that schedule pretty closely as soon as it comes out. Does it hurt when you catch it because I've heard kickers say that in the elements when it's super cold the football can feel like a rock when they kick it. Yeah I've heard them say that too.

I was a holder but I've heard him say that. Yeah it can it can have some effect on receivers as well. It just depends on your quarterback and how hard he throws the ball and the kind of route you're running and that kind of thing. But you know for the most part I would say I played 14 years in National Football League and I can only think of one game that we played in that I didn't want to be on that field.

And that was that was actually in Kansas City and it was like it was like a late September early October game and it was rainy and it was cold it wasn't snowing but it was rainy and cold and you're wet and you just want to get off that field as quickly as you could. Obviously now the month of December and then into January staring us in the face and it's pretty incredible to me how everything is so packed in especially in the AFC. What is it like to get late in the season and every snap every game it matters so much because you're running out of time in the season.

Absolutely. And players know that coaches know that the front office knows that. And by the by the midpoint of the season they're well past that. You know if you're going to make a run or not for the playoffs and those teams that are going to make a run they better get serious.

And for the most part they are and they focus in. You really do can determine which teams are going to make it which teams aren't going to make it by that by the halfway point of the season. So you find those guys that are that feel like they have a chance for the playoffs really amping up their game and playing really well. We're excited to have a few minutes with Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent who went on to a successful political career representing the state of Oklahoma. And now with us today courtesy of the gridiron greats assistance fund which we'll talk about.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I'd love to get your insight about what it's like to change quarterbacks midseason. So this year we've seen 50 different quarterback start games a lot of injuries obviously a ton of rookies. So when you're a veteran receiver and you're changing quarterbacks once maybe twice during a season.

How do you adjust. It is it's difficult. You know I would say that for most of my career in most games we had the quarterback you know our starting quarterback was playing and was not injured. We didn't have very many injuries in Seattle for whatever reason. And that was a huge plus for our offense to have the same guy call him plays and executing plays that you have the whole year. And that really makes a huge difference for a team. And when you have to substitute a quarterback in you know even halfway through the season or now they're three quarters of the way through the season.

It's really hard. It's hard to commit to adjust to another quarterback snap count to another the way the quarterback calls the plays the way the quarterback adjust and makes alternative plays when he snapped the ball that that makes it really hard on the team. And you know some teams can do that.

And you know they accept that burden and they carry it very well. But there's most teams don't. And so I mean if I was a betting guy and I was saying you got you got a year round starter in this team and you got you got a second team quarterback on this team which one's going to win the game. And it's halfway through the season like we are right now or more. I'd always take the guys the starting quarterback and never the backup guy because the backup guys are back up for a reason. We're definitely seeing the changes at quarterback affect a lot of the teams that we thought would be contenders. You miss very few games during your career. We see guys go down with injuries every week.

Some are non contact some are because of the contact. Any secrets. I think number one it was a real huge blessing to me to be able to play as many games as I did for that long a time and I didn't really have a serious injury until like 19 or 84 85 and I fractured my arm and so I was out on the I was out of the game for six weeks that particular season. But so I was very fortunate. Number one number two I really worked out hard in the offseason and I think that oftentimes your work in the offseason is reflected in the way the amount of time you can play in the game when the regular season hits.

But the biggest part was just I was I was surely blast. When you look around the NFL it certainly does seem as though the rules have tilted the game in favor of the offense we hear that from a lot of analysts who played previously when you watch the game now. Do you ever wonder what type of numbers you could have had if you had the current rules when you were in the NFL.

You know I really don't. I know they changed the game up a little bit and made some things easier on receivers and quarterbacks with not getting late hits and things like that. But I think that's that that actually is a good rule. I don't think anybody wants to go to a game and see their favorite receiver go down or quarterback go down on an illegal hit. I know that's just not that's not part of the game now and it shouldn't have been a part of the game in the past.

And so I'm glad that they made those rules to accommodate these players and and really to keep the game on a fair basis. But you know so I really don't compare you know what it was like when I played with what it was like today. You know it's it's it is a little bit different game. They throw the ball a heck of a lot more. The quarterbacks are really the key component of any offense now.

It's not the running back and you know different things like that. But you know all in all it's still a great game. I love watching football today maybe more today than when I played just because they throw it more.

But it's still a really great and fun game to watch. What was the best thing about playing the majority of your career. I guess all of your regular seasons in Seattle. That really was special because I got to play with the same group of guys and the coaches in the front office would alternate certain players at different times.

And that was their prerogative. But for the most part I had a core group of guys and I played most of my career with and to get to have that relationship with them and with the fans. You know the fans in Seattle are just fantastic. And I think they're the best fans in the league. Although there's a lot of good fans in the league. But I think Seattle fans are would rate number one in my book and and that was really that made it so much fun just to have them cheering for you from the minute you drove up to the stadium to play a game.

And then you come out come out of the stadium and they're still cheering you know it was it was just really a fun a fun place to play. Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent is with us here after hours on CBS Sports Radio. We've never had a receiver earn NFL MVP honors. We've never had a receiver go over 2,000 yards. Tyreek Hill is well within reach of that number sitting on now 1,324 yards through 11 games. So Steve someone who knows the position inside and out should a wide receiver be considered for an MVP?

Oh, I think I think you could legitimately but you know when when I played we just didn't throw the ball as much as they do now. And so that's what I was talking about earlier that the receivers complete such a vital component in any team's offense now. And so I could see a tight end winning that award. I can see receivers winning that award because they're catching so many more balls for so many yards and and touchdowns. So they've become a more vital component of every team's offense now and every team doesn't just have one good receiver. They've got two or three good receivers and then they got a couple of tight ends. So I can see that receiver being a receiver today is a much more important role to play than it ever has been in the NFL in the past. Yeah through this point in the season we already have five receivers that are over a thousand yards.

Keenan Allen not that far behind Tyreek Hill. Steve I'm sure you've gotten this question before but I'm actually really intrigued to hear your answer. How did playing in the NFL prepare you for a career on Capitol Hill that spanned years? Well the only thing I could I could see and I've often often said was you know performing in front of a large crowd of people was something that I did in football and something that I had to do in Congress.

I had to get up and present my ideas or my thoughts or my vote in front of an audience of people whether that was Congress itself or explaining my vote when I got back home. I think that there's a lot of differences. There's more differences than there are things in common with football. But you know football is great is very competitive and politics was very was a great not a sport but a great system to be involved with. You know I just try to do my best in both positions and give people what I promised when I ran for office or to you know perform on performing a game and give my team everything I had.

Maybe one similarity is that there's not a whole lot of job security. You really are going year to year or every two years. Yeah that's for sure. Steve Largent is with us here after our CBS Sports Radio and we partner with him courtesy of Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds and the Gridiron Grates Assistance Fund which was started by Mike Ditka to help players of previous generations. Why is it important to you to be involved with Gridiron Grates Steve?

I really admire Mike Ditka for having put this together so many years ago and being all being behind it totally and I just thought you know he's right on point. There's so many players that I played with in Seattle that are really hurting guys that didn't make a lot of money. I made $28,000 the first year I played in the NFL and there's a lot of guys that didn't make that much and so then they get hurt or some have some kind of recurring injury or something like that and then they're really hurting. And some guys they need medical attention often times they just need help and so that's what the Gridiron Grates Assistance Fund is for is for those players who didn't make all the money but really were the heart of the game. There's players from every single team that are walking through this life and they need help from us. That's what really was the convincing thing for me to be involved with Mike and help raise money for these players that really haven't gotten help from anybody else. I had a conversation with Jerry Rice once in which he said that more people of today's generation knew him for his work on Dancing with the Stars than knew him for his football career that he would run into more people who recognized him from that TV show. And so it makes me think about some of the players from previous generations that maybe are forgotten, not so much the Hall of Famers and your name and your bust obviously are enshrined in Canton but there's a lot of rank and file players that did it for a few years and now it's a distant memory but as you point out the impacts can last for a lifetime.

You absolutely are correct. That's exactly the type of player that we're looking for and that we want to help is guys that feel like they've been ignored or overlooked and really need help. And those are the guys that Mike is trying to help and just inform them about what's available to them.

A lot of times guys aren't aware of the assistance fund but it's there. He wants them to know that and to take advantage of it. Now 15th annual pork rind appreciation day and it seems like I come across a lot of Hall of Famers who actually are really into pork rinds. How can fans get involved Steve?

Well they can do just what you said. They can look up the pork rind appreciation day or the gridiron grates. The gridiron grates is slash donate and then the pork rind appreciation day pork and they can find out what we're trying to do and the fans really this is a great thing for fans they have an opportunity to win some great prizes $5,000 15 months worth of pork rinds. You know pack the pigskin prize pack on gear and rinds and tailgating chef pack and all sorts of different things that they can be available to if they just go to that pork and it's great too because the beneficiaries are so grateful I run into a lot of former NFL players who say that this has really been a lifesaver when they have to determine should I buy groceries or should I pay for a doctor's visit can I get a ride somewhere so yeah it's a it's a groundswell type of an effort and yet here we are it's 15 annual pork rind appreciation days so we're so excited to talk to Steve Largent from the 1995 Hall of Fame class enshrined in Canton played a lot of years in Seattle so our Seahawks fan base will enjoy this. Steve thank you so much for a couple of minutes it's great to catch up with you.

Amy thanks anytime. Steve Largent latest Hall of Famer to appear here on after hours. I like what he had to say about the way that the rules actually do benefit the game. And now as a fan, and post Capitol Hill he doesn't have to be quite as diplomatic he can say, we'd rather watch games in which there's a ton of offense. We'd rather watch games in which you have the ball being chucked up and down the field. Not poorly, not by 10 rookie quarterbacks, not by a bunch of backup QBs. He says they're backups for a reason.

But we do like the high flying trapeze artists greatest of ease, whatever I'm so bad with the cliches. We do like the potent high powered high octane passing games. That's what the NFL is counting on. That you will pay more attention when there's more offense, which is why they keep tilting the field in favor of the offense with all the rules. However, we're still seeing quarterbacks get injured at an alarming rate and we're still seeing wide receivers and other skill players get injured at an alarming rate that really is the danger of the NFL.

Some of them are non-contact injuries but the more you put yourself out there the more likely it is to happen. Speaking of wide receivers Tyreek Hill is at it again and Justin Jeffersons been reactivated finally for the Vikings what does that mean for the quarterback position? Little bit of something something to drop into your hump show Micah Parsons tells you his MVP candidates and also he's not a fan of Josh Allen have you noticed? He really thinks it's unfair that Josh gets more attention than Dak does.

That's the chip he carries on his shoulder. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Hungry for a taste of the most delicious audio of the night? You came to the right place.

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As in bite into my burnt and charred and scarred pie and see if your teeth make it out alive. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. This portion of the show brought to you by Wesley Financial. Are you stuck in a timeshare and want out?

Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Tyreek Hill is at it again. He tells the NFL on CBS that the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl. No no he doesn't but what he does say may in fact spark the Chiefs to a nice run and some extra motivation because he's talking about his dolphins again and comparing them to his former team. It's the perfect team to do it you know the way our head coach prepares us each and every week man it's next level and he keeps each and every one of his guys in tune with the game plan and how we keep attention to detail each and every week so it's a beautiful thing to see like the way we practice like the way we play for one another is something that I've never seen before in a team like I want a Super Bowl and I feel like this is probably the better team than when we won a Super Bowl back when I was on KC. Says he's never been on a team like the one he's on right now with the Dolphins where they really care about each other they play for each other and he feels like the Dolphins can win the Super Bowl because the team he's on right now is better than the one that rallied from a 10 point deficit against the Niners in the Super Bowl to win back in 2019 with a much younger and less experienced Patrick Mahomes.

Interesting. Know your role and shut your mouth you jabroni. Now you remember last year how as this parting shot when he joined the Dolphins he said the Chiefs will miss me their offense will decline. Oh well to that end Patrick Mahomes only won the NFL MVP and set a record for most yards ever from scrimmage.

And then went on to earn Super Bowl MVP honors, and they won again. So maybe they'll take this as chalkboard material yo Tyree kill talking to the NFL on CBS. What is the only thing that can stop the Dolphins tie. I say ourselves. You feel me on these past few games like we've been turning the ball over, and we can't do that.

And it starts with the leaders it starts with myself it starts with two way starts with, you know, water we start with guys like that. You know, the star players are making plays not turn the ball over, and just being able to convert third downs, if we're able to do that, and, you know, keep our defense off the field will be all right. Tyree kill sitting down with the NFL on CBS he likes to talk so does Micah Parsons, and he's got some choice analysis coming off of week 12 in the NFL. About his MVP candidates I wonder if Tyree kills upset that he's not on this list. My two quarterbacks, that would be it would be Dak and Jalen I think they're playing some of the best football right now. And then outside of them, I think it will be Tyree kill we're talking about non football. Tyree kill.

It would be a Miles Garrett, or there'll be a Deron Blaine Of course, I think them five or should be in this MVP conversation, point blank period. Micah Parsons on the edge podcast, it's his and we find it very interesting. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder, when it comes to Josh Allen versus Dak Prescott. He has said in the past that he's peeved by the way that Dak is criticized, and that he doesn't think it's fair that Dak is leveled with criticism, and people come after him for a bad game but yet not the same for Josh Allen you'll see him live tweeting during games when the cowboys aren't playing and he does seem to take aim at Josh, a fair amount.

So he was watching Eagles, because of course the Cowboys played on Thursday, he was watching Eagles and Bills on Sunday and this is his commentary on Buffalo. Is it unfair to blame Josh Allen at the bills Mr. playoffs. Josh did play a very good net game and this is type of player that Josh is going to be on Sunday night game anytime it's a big time game I think Josh I was going to show up. I think there was times where his defense could have got bigger stops bad plays on the ball and things like that, and kind of really build them out. Josh is now always six and overtime games, and the bills have 101 plus point differential that so that means they're in great position, they should be winning games they shouldn't be, you know, under 500 team, they should be realistically, a and three team like most teams, you know that that is crazy like the point differential he's playing good ball. I just think the turnovers and the big plays that they're giving up in crucial times is really hurting that team, and it's painful to see because Josh Allen. Yes, he has turnover some of his turnovers are bad but he is playing really good football outside of turnovers.

Just that, just the turnovers, don't don't worry about that shiny objects tracked our attention over here. The edge with Micah Parsons, one more now you may have heard this from Tom Brady. He's made the comment, multiple times over the last two years on his podcast his radio show. Let's go on Sirius XM, where he talks about how he's watching a lot of bad football, but the football is mediocre. It certainly makes sense, because why well we've seen so many starting quarterbacks go down with injuries we're talking about 50 different starters this year and 10 rookies which is a record. So he recently said it again he thinks the football is mediocre in the NFL in the league and Micah agrees with Tom. Tom Brady said, there's a lot of me your accuracy, and today's NFL without a doubt hundred percent agree, the league has went more into the offensive league, and I just don't think it's the same love and protection tours defensive players at that there's players and there's teams that takes advantage of these rules quarterback can run at you full speed one play and give himself up, and the next time act like he's sliding or you may think he's about to slide and he could juke out and you go with the same energy, and you hit him because you don't know if he's fixed sliding or he is sliding, and you might get a penalty and you might get a letter in the mail because you you late hit this quarterback. I just think it's outright ridiculous like you either can hit the guy you can't you're playing football full speed you're not playing football 50% 100% agree on what Tom Brady saying. It really turns it into a commentary about life is not fair for defensive players. So he starts out agreeing with Tom about today's NFL being mediocre and the level of play being mediocre again. Tom said this before this is not a big revelation in the last couple weeks. Now Alex Smith took him to task ripped him for that comment. When he was doing his response on ESPN, but Brady's been pretty open about the fact that he thinks some of the NFL that we're watching, even going back to last season when he was in it, that it was relatively mediocre and just bad football.

And then Micah, he piggybacks Yes, but here's why. Because the defensive players are not treated fairly. And how do you say mediocrity? mediocrity? I think he said mediocrity is at the beginning. He should have just talked with mediocre. I've already said there's a lot of mediocrity and mediocrity. It's a new word. I like it. I'm saying there's a lot of mediocrity.

Mediocrity. Seriously, my favorite podcast. Sorry, Tom.

Micah Parsons on the edge point blank period. All right, coming up your chance to ask Amy anything. And if you have any questions about the wedding that's being preserved, those are being preserved for the latest edition of Ask Amy walks down the aisle. It's the new video we'll put up on our YouTube channel when this week is done. After hours CBS on Twitter on our Facebook page to hurry because producer Jay is about to close up shop and he's adding his list of questions.

Always like Santa. He's making a list. He's checking it twice point blank period. You are listening to the after hours podcast. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. Time to ask Amy anything.

Sort of. We only have two more legitimate additions of Ask Amy anything before the end of the year. Two more that are live. We will have one video version of Ask Amy anything. So if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel, you want to do it now.

We these are our most popular videos. We do a couple a year and people love the video versions of Ask Amy. The final one of 23 will be a combination holiday and Ask Amy walks down the aisle because you're still asking wedding questions. And yes, we are now just two and a half weeks away from the nuptials. So no wedding questions on this edition producer Jay tells me. By the way, if you because some of you are asking what happened with the pie if you missed it.

It's our three of the podcast from Monday night into Tuesday morning so I can share that link if you really need to hear the story again. You all are dying. My baking cred.

It may have crumbled. Okay, so we're going to take a few hours with Amy Lawrence. Jay, let's go rerack. That was a good one. Thank you. Jay likes my humor. No wedding questions.

That's why I allow him to work on the show. Just kidding. And this edition. We're going to save those.

We have some really good ones that came in, though. And so more wedding questions. Man, it never ends. Are we going to run out of recording time on Zoom again?

We might with all the good questions that are coming in, but hopefully not. The weather is plummeting. The temperature temperature. And it's officially winter now.

So this comes from Brian, who asked growing up in the northeast. What was your favorite time of the year? Oh, see, I love winter. I love cold. We had a log cabin with fireplace and kerosene heaters.

That was when I was younger in elementary school, but we lived out in the woods. I'm a big fan of winter. I love snow. If I could pick any seasonal change, that is my favorite. It's getting colder temps, more blankets on the bed, looking forward to snow and boots and scarves. And I love knit hats.

Some people call them toboggans. I'm a big fan of winter. So as much as people can complain about the snow, I'll take it every time. I'm the girl who prays for snow.

So, yes, that came from being a good New Hampshire girl. All right, we get one holiday theme in here to tease. I actually know the answer to the second part of this one, but Daryl wants to know, do you like Christmas music?

And if so, what's your favorite song? Oh, my gosh. I introduced Bob and his family to my favorite Christmas song when I was there last weekend. Are you going to play it or am I going to be singing it for you? I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. All right, all right, all right.

Stop stealing my thunder. That is my favorite Christmas song. Yes, I like Christmas music. Actually, my favorite body of work is Handel's Messiah. And so I listen to that a lot during the Christmas season.

I've seen it live performed in many different places like Washington, D.C. and the Kennedy Center last year with my family. So I do love it. I haven't broken it out yet, but maybe this weekend because I have to do a little decorating. Love this one that comes from Mike. He asks, how has the new washing machine been working for you?

Very well. Thank you. It's actually a bigger drum than the previous one. And it's so smooth that I don't have to worry about any type of malfunction because it's no longer an ancient artifact.

My old one was discontinued before 2008. So, yeah, I really like it a lot. Now, I haven't there's been no leaking, so that's good. I haven't been able to leave it and walk away because the dryer is not bracketed onto the washer, so it's not a match set.

So they're stacked, but it's not a match set. So I'm a little careful about running the washer and not standing in the kitchen and kind of hanging out because I'm worried that if it agitates too much, the dryer may fall off. So that's why I haven't let my dog sitter use the washer.

She uses my house to do laundry when she's over. But I've just been a little nervous about that part. But so far, so good.

The dryer is not even really moving on top. All right. All right. Good stuff.

This comes from Dave. Let's get to some food questions. That's what I bought myself for Christmas was a washer.

Good gift. David wants to know, do you prefer your cookies to be soft or have a bit of crunch to them? Well, Jay, would you like to answer that question for me? How do I prefer my cookies? Soft. Soft on the inside, a little crunchier on the outside.

But yes. Well, I mean, don't get me started on the brownie cookies. The double chocolate brownie cookies. Brownie on the outside. Brownie on the inside, cookie on the outside.

I don't even know how you do that still. So I really do enjoy softer cookies myself. And then you can warm them up if you prefer them that way. You can put it with ice cream, too. But yeah, I prefer the softer cookies sometimes when I'm having a really good baking day. Not when I set things on fire, but when I'm having a good baking sesh. Well, then it's crunchier on the outside, the outer rim. And it's soft on the inside.

And that's what Jay's talking about. The double chocolate brownie cookies that they're a masterpiece. I will say that I'm taking them for the wedding. You know, we have a cookie bar at the wedding, so I will be making double chocolate brownie cookies. Those those are like my favorite things I've ever had in this. Oh, OK. Well, maybe just maybe I will save a few for you. Plus a cupcake that will be to die for. My gosh. Spoiling me.

All right. More food. Andy wants to know, what's your favorite comfort food? Oh, I do love pasta. I love pasta with a spicy arabia, the sauce, spicy marinara. Put some some Italian meatballs in there. Mushrooms.

So that is one of my favorites. I don't eat pasta as much anymore just because I try to limit some of my carbs. But I do love a gigantic bowl of pasta. And if we're really getting crazy shrimp, shrimp and mushrooms and maybe some peas and some pasta. I also love lobster. I don't make it very often, but I do love lobster. Who doesn't love prime rib?

These are also my favorites. If you're talking like, hey, I need something just as a comfort food. Like, for instance, it's really cold this week in my neighborhood. I am going to make chili on Wednesday evening. So that I guess that would be a comfort food. Chili with some leftover cornbread.

Jim Bob wants to know, do you like Jim Bob? Do you like leftover pizza? I like leftover anything, really, unless it goes bad. But yes, I do like leftover pizza. And I will cop to this. I've actually eaten it for breakfast before.

Oh, absolutely. David asks, do you sleep with your socks on? If my feet are cold initially, maybe I'll leave them on when I climb into bed. Again, this time of the year, my heat is on, but it stays at 64, 65 when I'm sleeping because I sleep better in the cold. And so I pile up the blanket. So yes, if my feet are cold when I first go to bed, I will keep the socks on.

But I get hot when I sleep. And so I always end up kicking them off or taking them off and wake up and throw off the covers and all that jazz. I do shed the socks. Yes, I never make it all the way through a night or day with the socks on.

Another one about socks, not from the same person, which is interesting. Eric wants to know, do you put your right sock or left sock on first? Yes, sometimes I put the left on first. Sometimes I put the right on first. I don't do this. I don't put the same shoe on first every time.

No, you wanted to know, huh? This comes from OCD. If I put the same sock on every day, I will tell you this. I always put the right contact in my eye first before the left one. Is there a reason? Yeah, because the right eye is far, far more nearsighted. And so if I put the left contact in first, it kind of whacks me out.

Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, if I put the right one in with no left one, I can actually see okay. But if you put the left one in first, the room can spin. It's a little weird. This comes from Rich who wants to know, have you ever had a tire swing at any point in your life? Wow. Not at my own house.

No. Have I been on a tire swing? Sure, at summer camp or at church camp where they would have a tire swing that's kind of hanging out over a river.

And you would swing on the tire and then drop into the water. But not ever at my own place. Dennis wants to know, do you still have any of your childhood toys? Oh, my gosh, I actually do have a few.

For instance, my mom gave me a stuffed bunny when I was seven or eight years old. Her name is Daisy. Oh, like Bob's dog, actually. Her name.

I wonder if that was prophetic. Her name is Daisy. And she's yeah, she's rabbit here now.

But I still have her. She was an Easter gift and I still have her. I also have a poo bear that was given to me when I was in high school and my mom gave me a very large squishy. It's a giant stuffed bear.

His name is Brewster. I mean, you wrap your arms around him and hug him. When I went away to college, I went away for a 10 hour drive and we only had one car and my brother was still in high school. So my mom, I saw her once at Christmas time.

That was it my entire freshman year. So she sent this bear with me as comfort when I went away for the first time. So those are mostly stuffed animals. I do love stuffed animals. I have a couple of my horse figurines that I they're packed away.

I wish I still had my strawberry shortcake dolls because those puppies are worth money now. Cellos, right? Yeah.

Let's see. This comes from Nicole. Since we mentioned Daisy before and Bob's dog, Nicole straight up just asked, how's Penny?

Penny is well, she's happy because she loves the cold. It's her favorite thing. She's slower than molasses. It now takes us at least 15 minutes to walk around the block.

So sometimes I have obligations, calls, whatever. I believe 15 minutes for that dog to get around the block. But she's good. She still goes up and down the stairs three, four times a day. She ate the cat food recently, so she's still got a healthy appetite.

Every health condition under the book. But the dog is 14 and growing. All right. I think we could end here with some rapid fire. Trivia night or board game night? Oh, I'll go board game night.

I love trivia, though. Fresh juice or smoothie? Smoothie. Tacos or burrito?

Tacos. Computer or cell phone? If it's a laptop, I'll go laptop. T-shirt or sweaters?

Sweaters. Balcony or terrace? Oh, balcony.

Because you're up where people can't see you or they can't get to you. Crust or no crust? No crust. Thunder or lightning? Thunder. Give a speech or write a paper?

Give a speech. Lays or Doritos? Can they be Ruffled Lays? Sure. All right.

Ruffled Lays. Last one. Micah Parsons, The Edge or the Kelsey Brothers, New Heights podcast? No, Micah!

Give me Micah! It's after hours, CBS Sports Radio.
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