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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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November 27, 2023 5:34 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 27, 2023 5:34 am

We are BACK! And holy cow a wild week of NFL & CFB action | Ravens defense holds strong in SNF win over Chargers | The Broncos win their 5th game in row.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Go to Tell them big Snoop Dogg sent you. Hey, hey, we are back. Are you excited? Are you excited to be back after Thanksgiving? I know it's tough. If there's a reason why Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays and the most heavily traveled holiday, it's because it's a built-in four-day weekend or four-day stretch where a lot of people are off and then a lot of people end up taking other days off as well.

And so it's always tough. If you're not the kind of person who has the whole week between Christmas and New Year's off, you know who you are. Not sure how I feel about you guys, but if you're not the person who takes off that entire holiday week at the end of the year, well Thanksgiving is really your best chance to get away for an extended stretch. I got to see the airports firsthand traveling on Thanksgiving weekend. It wasn't originally what I planned, but because of a situation, a death in Bob's family, I was back in Texas over the weekend. And for the first time in my life, I arrived at an airport more than 90 minutes ahead of time.

I never do that, except for I'm traveling internationally, which this was not international. I was just heading back to Texas. And so on Friday, the airports were not crazy. At least the two that I was in, Newark and flew direct to Austin, Texas, actually didn't have much trouble getting into Austin or picking up my rental car. You know where I saw all the craziness was Black Friday around the outlets. For those of you who are familiar with the Austin area, you go a little north on I-35 and you head into Round Rock and there are these outlets where the, I mean, the traffic was enough to make you want to break out in hives. Thankfully was able to get through that and just stay on the highway and stay focused on the goal. But my goodness, on either side, the frontage roads and the parking lots and the access to try to get in and out of the outlets and on and off the highway, total insanity.

This is why I do not shop in stores on Black Friday. But got into Texas relatively easy, then was thinking, okay, Sunday is the most heavily traveled day of the year. The numbers at U.S. airports this Thanksgiving weekend were projected to be far above anything we'd seen going back to 18, 2018. So even higher than pre-pandemic levels in the year 19. And I was nervous because I generally generally do not fly on Thanksgiving.

Haven't for a long time. So I left Bob's family at 2.45 in the morning on Sunday, which I'm not kidding is about, well, actually it was central time, right? So it would have been, it would have been just almost 24 hours now. And I left their home at 2.45 in the morning. I drove into Austin to drop off my rental car, walk into the airport.

Okay, speaking of breaking out in hives, thank goodness I do not fly Southwest very often. The line at the Southwest counter had to be 500 people. This is at four o'clock in the morning. Actually it's pre four o'clock in the morning because I dropped off the rental right there on the property and then just walked through the parking garage and across the street.

It had to be 500 people. Okay, I'm breathing. I'm on United.

I'm not going to freak out. I get to the United counter. There's almost nobody in line.

So that was the first thing that I was very grateful for. Then as you can imagine, the security lines are also hundreds of people, three to 400 people in the first security line I passed. I went down the hallway, down the concourse to the next one. Now I have TSA pre-check, but even there it was a 20-minute line.

No big deal. I'm at the airport two hours ahead of time. But then this TSA agent starts talking about how we've just opened a new TSA line, a new TSA pre-check line.

If you just get out of this line and go back, kind of retrace your steps a little bit and get to the next corner and take a right. There's nobody in line there. But you know how people are. People get nervous about leaving their spot in line.

And so they're afraid to believe what the TSA agent is saying. Maybe I won't get there in time. It's like going to the grocery store or Walmart or any place where there are long lines. And you think if you jump out of your line and then you move, you've lost your place. And oh no, by the time I get to the other line, a bunch of people will be in that line too.

And what have I done? And so I ask her again, where do I go? Just down the hall, take a right, nobody in line. Okay, I'm going to trust you.

She was spot on. It took me 30 seconds to get to the other TSA pre-check line. Not one person in front of me. I was through security on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend in three minutes. TSA pre-check is the best investment of my entire life other than my house because I need one of those.

TSA pre-check is worth its weight in gold, which is why that's what Jay is getting for Christmas present because he'll think I'm his BFF forever. I hope that if you had to travel, oh, and then I ended up sitting at my gate for almost 90 minutes, which was kind of funny too, because I felt like not a waste of time. It wasn't a waste. It reduced my stress level to be there early and to not have to worry about what I might find. I did get a bunch of reading done, which was good. It was nice to just sit on my rear end and read while everybody else buzzed around me. So yes, it was the easiest travel experience I've had on a holiday in I don't know how long.

So I'm thankful for that. I hope that you did not have travel snafus or delays. I do know that there was a ton of weather that was impacting the airports going back to Tuesday. And then also if you watched Bill's Eagles, for instance, or if you watched the Giants Patriots game, so both of those were the Northeast corridor, but that storm system was marching up the coast.

So I can imagine Interstate 95, which also tracks up the coast on the East side, that there were a ton of people who were in that traffic. But I hope it wasn't you. I hope it wasn't you. What are the chances that everyone listening to the sound of my voice had a perfect travel experience? I really do hope and believe that your Thanksgiving was exactly what you needed.

And in some cases we need to work for years. In fact, the last two years I worked on Thanksgiving night because I did not travel. And so I hope that your Thanksgiving week was exactly what you needed, whether it was time off with family or friends, whether it was the food, the fellowship, the fun, the faith, the football, of course. I did talk about this a little bit on the air before our break, and I did tweet about it a little bit.

Also had a new blog post out, thanks to those of you who checked it out. But my Thanksgiving plans ended up getting canceled, Bob's too. We were supposed to meet halfway, but because of the death in his family, we ended up changing plans. And I was going to spend Thanksgiving alone for the first time in my life. No joke, I'd never spent Thanksgiving by myself.

I'd always had friends when I was living away from family or I would travel to be with family. And so it was, yeah, it was not what I expected. I ended up buying a turkey breast, which I cooked in the crock pot. It was amazing. From now on, turkey in the crock pot.

It was so easy. I also ended up baking not one, but two walnut crunch pecan, or no, I'm sorry, walnut crunch pumpkin pies, pumpkin pies, because the first one I lit on fire. That's an epic food story that you will need to hear. I know many of you love to hear baking stories and I do love to brag about my baking, but I'm not kidding or exaggerating when I tell you I set a pie on fire.

It's not as easy as you would think. I did not use any sort of matches or flame and it was not intentional. So that'll be an epic food story that I'll be telling you for years, I'm sure.

We probably won't get to it on this edition of the show, but I promise before the week is up to warn you what not to do in these holidays. There is a photo, but I don't think I'm brave enough to share it. It's not the flames because I was busy trying to put the flames out, but it is a photo of the aftermath. It's not my finest baking moment, okay. I did not cry because I was too concerned about putting out the fire. I briefly thought maybe I should grab the fire extinguisher and then I recognized that if I did that, my kitchen would have to be completely redone. So I did not use the fire.

No, Jay's got his mouth open. I'm not exaggerating. It was a fire in my oven. The pie was on fire and there's a reason why it was on fire, but I just can't get into it all right now. You do.

How about we promise that on the second show of the week, I will share the story multiple times so that everyone can hear it. The fact that I did set a pie on fire and my oven and had a flame going in my kitchen. Oh my gosh. Almost had to use a fire extinguisher. Oh yeah, no, but I realized that that was not the best option because then what was I going to do? Then I would have had to redo my entire kitchen. So no, I had to figure out a different way to put the fire out. Okay, this is going to kill me until I hear this story.

Like I said, there was photographic evidence. Not sure that I'll ever let it see the light of day. I did send it to a few people just because it was funny after the fact, but then I had to turn around and make an all new pie on Wednesday.

So that was Tuesday evening. I had to make a brand new pie on Wednesday, but actually Jay, I did save you some of the walnut crunch pumpkin pie. It is amazing when you don't set it on fire. When the entire top of it's not charred and burnt to a crisp, it's really good. When it's not on fire, it tastes good. Yeah, sounds great.

Sounds delicious. I mean, it looked like something at a Cirque du Soleil or like out of some fancy restaurant where they do in fact set your desserts on fire and it's supposed to be on purpose, but this was not on purpose. You could have just played it off like that. Oh yeah, I meant to.

Yeah, it was supposed to be that. But the problem is that I didn't have a pie that I could serve. And when my friend Jasmine from my church found out that I was going solo for Thanksgiving, she reached out and invited herself to eat, which was nice because she also did not have plans on Thanksgiving. Her family's not into Thanksgiving for whatever reason. And so she ended up coming over and hanging out with me, which was really cool. I will confess, I would have been melancholy and probably sad for Bob and for his family, but also for being alone on Thanksgiving, if not for my friend Jasmine who invited herself over. So I am thankful for that. Thankful for friends who barge in and decide that I will not be alone on Thanksgiving. So it was really sweet of her. So yeah, it was not the Thanksgiving week that I expected. There is definitely some grief and some loss and some sadness with my new family, but I am really glad I could be with them over the weekend and offer some support and love. And it was hard to leave them on Sunday morning, but the wedding is three weeks away.

That's the crazy part. After having all of our plans thrown in flux and having to kind of pivot and put wedding planning on hold for a few days, actually close to 10 days, now it's a mad blitz. It's a zero blitz, if you will, to the wedding in three weeks. You guys, in exactly three weeks time, I'll be a married woman. That makes my stomach do flip flops.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I will be with you for the next, I don't know, two and a half weeks-ish. And then we begin the wedding odyssey, which is a drive back to Texas.

Oi. Bob is flying up to help me drive Penny and the dress and the flowers and who knows what else back to Texas, since I'll be gone for 18 days. If you missed me over Thanksgiving week, I know there were one or two of you, you're really going to miss me over the course of the holidays, but I'll be back Christmas night.

That's all I can say. Bob and I will be out of time off at that point. So we will, in fact, well, I'll be working Christmas night and he'll be working the next few days before we make the drive back to New Jersey. So yeah, there's a lot happening in the next four weeks. Four weeks, really, you guys. It's almost four weeks to the end of the year.

Whoa. It felt like it was so slow for the majority of 2023. And then afterburners. Tyreek Hill turned the corner. Lamar Jackson, a cheat code type of a run. And now it's all gas, no breaks to the end of the year.

Let's get it, baby. Yeah, no joke. Thanksgiving had football on the actual Turkey Day plus Black Friday for the first time ever. You know, the NFL is not giving up these days anymore. Pretty soon there'll be a Wednesday before Thanksgiving game too.

Just watch. It's going to happen. I warn you that once the NFL gets its hooks into a particular day of the week, more real estate, it's like urban sprawl.

The league doesn't like to backtrack. And so it was just waiting for an opportunity to put a game on a Friday, an actual official game on a Friday. Pretty soon there'll be one on Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving as well. Just wait.

It's going to happen. So we had four games before we got to the weekend. Then we had an epic Saturday in college football. You know, it was rivalry weekend.

Awesome. OSU, Michigan. But as great as that game was, and I ended up having to tape it because I was at a funeral, but I taped the game and that game was highly entertaining between two of the top teams in college football. But it did not beat watching Auburn, Alabama, which was good to the last drop. Another crazy finish to the iron bowl. And I was watching it with a very large group, Bob's family, all together after the funeral. And it, yeah, the reaction in Texas where college football is the lifeblood. That was pretty, it was pretty cool.

Boys, girls, young men and women, older men and women. It didn't matter your shape, your size, your age. We were all hanging on every last snap of the iron bowl. So that was awesome. And then of course, week 12 Sunday in the NFL, which featured not just an overtime game between Bills and Eagles, which we will get to, but also the resurgence of the Jaguars, the Chiefs, the Texans and Jaguars actually dueling down to the death. Okay, that's very Hunger Games-ish.

It wasn't quite that dramatic, but it felt that way. And then Ravens staking their claim as the best team in the AFC as they go into their bye. And so we're talking about some really cool finishes, some fantastic finishes.

And I'm excited to share them, my thoughts on them, but also to hear from you, what you thought of week 12 in the NFL. So you can find me on Twitter, A Law Radio. Again, happy Thanksgiving to you. I still have leftovers.

I know some of you do as well. I'm seeing your tweet. So A Law Radio, our show Twitter after hours, CBS, and then also our Facebook page. Link to the new blog is up as well as a spot where we'll put our Monday MVP poll.

I appreciate all the kind words and messages. So one of those times over Thanksgiving where I wish I could respond to all of them, but it's just not possible. And also they would kick me off of Twitter. They would say X marks the spot and that would be the end.

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Find it wherever you buy laundry products. We're just kicking off a new work week. It's gonna feel strange. We're a little fatter.

Okay, I'm a little fatter. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. It is second and goal for the Ravens from the Charger 3. Bateman splits to the left. Just Edwards alone in the backfield.

Ricard goes in motion. Jackson drops to throw. Lobs to the end zone. Touchdown Ravens!

It's Zay Flowers in the back of the end zone and the Ravens have their first lead of the night. Off the field, on the money, and after hours. It's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence. What a weekend it was. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Four consecutive days of football.

It is an American Thanksgiving tradition. It's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Excited to dive into what we saw in week 12.

We'll mix in some college as well because we're getting closer to those conference championships in the college ranks. But the last game of the night is where we'll start as always. Sunday Night Football and the Ravens are able to cap a six and a half minute possession in the first half with the Zay Flowers touchdown grab.

But they're only up 10-3 at the break. This was another one of those games where the Ravens defense was flexing its muscles and there were missed opportunities for the offense. We hadn't seen that as much lately but the Ravens really couldn't generate a whole lot outside of, yes, utilizing the run game. They had nearly 200 yards rushing and mixing up the looks with Lamar and the rookie Keaton Mitchell and Zay Flowers, Gus Edwards, not to mention Odell Beckham Jr. back actually at SoFi Stadium for the first time since the Super Bowl.

Remember when he had the catch for the Rams and then tore his ACL. A lot of different guys involved for the Ravens but unable really to capitalize on most of their opportunities. Something that's been familiar for Baltimore this season. However, the defense is opportunistic and outside of the opening drive for the Chargers that resulted in a field goal, which is actually probably their best look of the entire game, maybe that late touchdown drive. Otherwise, they had three turnovers in the first half. Three consecutive possessions by Baltimore that resulted in takeaways for that Baltimore defense and really the microcosm of the Chargers season and maybe the microcosm of who the Chargers are as a franchise.

At least what we know of them over the last 20 years. They can look like world beaters but they find ways to lose. They find ways, creative ways, to not capitalize on the talent they have, on this great quarterback they have, on the defense and the weapons they have on that side of the ball. Somehow, and it doesn't make sense on paper, the Chargers can take what appears to be a fantastic formula on paper and still not put the pieces together. It's like a really bad game of rock-paper-scissors where the paper just keeps losing.

You just keep trying but the paper just keeps losing. So there was a drive for the Chargers that goes nearly nine minutes and it's end of the, well it's not really end of the third quarter, most of the third quarter into the fourth quarter. Except that after going, this is crazy, nine minutes, 19 plays, the Chargers actually come away empty. Third and 13, Herbert to throw, pocket collapsing, he's hit, ball comes loose, Janavian Clowney stripped them all away, a pile-up in the 22-yard line and the Ravens have recovered. Janavian Clowney forces the fourth charger turnover of the night and the Ravens squash the best drive of the night for LA. 19 plays and it ends with the fourth turnover. That's Jerry Sandusky on Ravens radio. Typical to form though, what do the Chargers do?

Well to keep it interesting or to make it look like it wasn't nearly as bad as it was. They somehow find a rhythm later when they're nearly out of time. 6 of 12 on third down, third in goal from the three. Keenan Erickson out right, Eckler in motion, that's where he's looking. To the goal line, into the end zone, touchdown Chargers.

Cheryl Devret just outside the left hash. Matt Smith on Chargers radio, yeah that's middle of the fourth quarter and it pulls LA within three points. Again, Baltimore not taking advantage of its chances and actually only got into the red zone a couple of times. Baltimore did have a missed field goal late in the fourth quarter too where there was a chance to make this a little stickier and a little tougher for the Chargers but once again it's the defense that has to do the dirty work. Getting the pressure on Justin Herbert and forcing an incompletion on fourth down. So then Baltimore again just protecting a one score lead at this point decides all right we've had enough messing around here. Lamar in the shotgun, he sends Zane Flowers wide to the right. Now he brings Flowers in motion to the left, he gives it to Flowers in the jet sweep, he cuts inside the numbers, he's in the 30, 20, 10, 5, touchdown Ravens!

The Zay is in the barn and the Ravens knock out the Chargers in LA. Proud of the players, the way they played. I thought the fourth quarter was a statement and put an exclamation point in the fourth quarter. Defense getting the stops and offense finishing it at the end there so defensively I think deserves an extra extra shout. That's a really good offense.

The pressure, the coverage and the turnovers were big and then Broderick Washington getting a sack at the end was really special. So now the Ravens are 9-3. John Harbaugh's team 9-3 which means they've got the best record in the AFC by one win. All right so they go into their bye with the best mark in the conference but there are multiple teams in fact all the division leaders are also sitting on three losses so this is I mean this is tight. We knew the AFC would be a buzzsaw it would be really competitive it's just not bode well for the Buffalo Bills although right now if the Denver Broncos can be sitting in a playoff spot or the Indianapolis Colts can be sitting in playoff position then there's still plenty of time for the Bills but the Dolphins, the Jaguars, the Chiefs they're all 8-3. The Ravens 9-3 and so they would be the top seed but the playoffs don't begin today. I see I break this rule every time.

I'm such a hypocrite. I hate that phrase if the playoffs begin today because they don't and there's really a lot of real estate left and yet it's so enticing to point out that wow they're in a real good spot. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. John Harbaugh loves what he saw from the defense with the four takeaways, the three sacks of Herbert, lots of pressure on the Chargers quarterback but also raving about what the Ravens can do offensively. He's electric. He balled his hands. We have a lot of guys like that. I mean it starts with our quarterback Lamar Jackson who just set the all-time rushing record for a quarterback in NFL history. That's a historic statement for him but he's just playing the game out there and competing. I think Odell came out especially in the first half and had a bunch of plays. I mean you can name guy after guy who made plays when plays had to be made. Gus running the ball down. He'll keep Mitchell with his speed on the outside and inside stuff so a lot of players doing what they had to do. It meant a lot you know because our defense was playing lights out all night and we wasn't you know doing what we usually do putting points on the board for those guys but I'm grateful we have a great defense you know because without them we know how this game would have went. So Lamar Jackson praising the D but also recognizing that they were able to close this out with an offensive touchdown. He's just the fourth player in NFL history with 10,000 passing yards and 5,000 rushing yards and he's the fastest quarterback in the league to ever eclipse 5,000 rushing yards by some 20 games I think.

It's maybe 22 games don't quote me on that. 22 games faster than Michael Vick and so Lamar Jackson as you hear from his head coach is kicking butt and making history. 200 rushing yards for the team as a whole which leads to ball control. Control the ball, you control the game. Even when they weren't putting points on the board they were keeping it away from the Chargers and of course the defense has been terrific.

Kyle Hamilton part of a very stingy crew. We missed the field when we go out and I think we were up three at that point. I think somebody said just like if they don't score they don't win so it's on us at the end of the day no matter what happened.

In this moment right now the fourth quarter it's on us to get stopped and we did so it's a big part of our dub but I feel like individual efforts from a lot of guys around the field really helped. Yeah the Ravens have figured out a formula that works for them and it really does epitomize the AFC North. It's not all that different from the Steelers and the Browns though I think you would say because of Lamar Jackson and the offensive weapons that the Ravens can employ the ways they can hurt you even when we don't have Mark Andrews on the field by we I just mean we as NFL fans I don't mean we as in me.

I was laughing actually at some of Bob's family over the weekend because they were dropping the we referring to Texas and Texas A&M. Anyway the Ravens are knocked down drag out they can beat you in a rock fight if they need to they can play ball control but have you noticed they're handing off to their quarterback less and less handing off they're allowing their quarterback to run less and less they don't have as many design plays for their QB they do not want Lamar Jackson to get battered and bruised. Now can he scramble can he extend plays absolutely do they want him to be the primary running back hell to the gnaw and that is a change with the new offensive coordinator in the new system this year so all of that is good for the Ravens despite the injuries they've had and they've had a bunch to starters on both sides of the ball they continue to be gritty and gutsy and really experienced I know they've got some young guys like Keaton Mitchell, Zay Flowers they're both rookies but they've got some experience at the core positions and that gives them an edge over other teams that maybe are newly rebuilt so I do love the consistency under John Harbaugh he's one of the longest tenured coaches in all of football but in the AFC and depending on what happens with Bill Belichick in New England he and Mike Tomlin let's see Seattle and Pete Carroll too those are some of your longest tenured coaches in Kansas City as well but you understand why these are some of the best teams in the league because they've got coaches that have been around for a long time we're going to get to Pittsburgh and Cleveland and Cincinnati the rest of the AFC North coming up a little bit later on we've got Jacksonville and KC of course weird to say but the longest win streak in football belongs to the Broncos but again just an underscore of how much tougher the AFC is I actually heard one talking head I think it was NFL Network say something along the lines of it might have been Westwood one say something along the lines of yeah the NFC is not nearly as interesting it's just kind of boring status quo what the Eagles uh they don't play boring games it's anything but boring for Philadelphia and we will get to them coming up so still want to give you some reaction from the Chargers who have fallen to four and seven again what happens there I don't know but they have tried various coaches they've tried different systems they seem to run into a glass ceiling they might be good but it's fool's gold it's been this way for the Chargers for a long time it's gold plate if you will if you're a female you know exactly what that means it's liable to wear off and become ugly when you need it to be shiny but it's not real it's fool's gold we'll also talk a little bit about the eight and three teams in the NFC on this edition of the show because the Cowboys had a loud Thanksgiving win the Lions ended up putting themselves in too big of a hole on Thanksgiving and so they lose to the Packers but they're also eight and three and then you've got the San Francisco 49ers not a flashy game necessarily but taking care of business inside their division on Thanksgiving night there was a I would say there was a an entertaining element to the Thanksgiving games but I always appreciate when they don't go down to the wire because then you don't have to when you're kind of in a turkey stupor or you're tired you've been up all day blah blah whatever you got fans that are like family and friends around or you have to clean up after family and friends I kind of appreciate that you can watch them out of one eye you don't necessarily have to be taking notes the whole time and so yeah the games weren't all that competitive on Thanksgiving the Lions made it look that way and I suppose had a chance late but the Cowboys and the Niners made quick work of their opponents and so not super entertaining in terms of their competitive value but still Thanksgiving is not complete without football you can find me on Twitter A Law Radio on our Facebook page too we're good good we're good to connect we're glad to connect as well after what was an extended holiday break thanks for reconvening coming up we'll do a little bit inside the AFC West as a piggyback on the Chargers loss on Sunday Night Football oh we're going to talk live with our friend Rob Long from Baltimore in the final hour of the show because yeah let's face the facts everyone wants to feel valued especially your employees in fact a 2023 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desperation throw and the ravens take over with 151 to go this is after hours with Amy Lawrence it is really difficult to win when you turn the ball over four times and even though it didn't result in a real spark for the ravens offense what it does is keep the ball out of the hands of Justin Herbert or take the ball out of the hands of Justin Herbert and so the offense has this kind of stop and start rhythm to it it's very disjointed can't really find a flow or a groove because you're constantly giving the ball back to Baltimore or just when you think you've settled in then uh-oh another turnover so yeah losing that turnover battle a big deal on Sunday night football they've got DBs linebackers who can rush they've got interior pass rush edge rush so they're a very a complete unit and they played the way they played all season so there weren't any surprises out there you know we just didn't execute well enough tonight I thought they did a good job but you know unfortunately I don't I don't think that we executed the way we would have liked to if you know I got to be able to get the ball out quicker I gotta make some checks you know it wasn't good enough on our part today so the ravens end up so the ravens end up doubling up the chargers 20 to 10 and this one taking place in LA as the chargers now fall to four and seven you know that Brandon Staley has gotten a little defensive lately uh that's a funny choice of words but it's true uh last week he was defensive about his defense and on Sunday night he was defensive about his offense we lost as a team tonight um you know in a game like that where it's low scoring or it turns into a defensive game you know you got to get one more stop and that's what we needed to do at the end of the games just get one more stop give Justin one more op and and we weren't able to do it uh I thought our defense really competed tonight um I thought we were ready for the challenge and I thought our guys um really played at a high level for most of the game um but we didn't get it done as a team you know we didn't go get the ball tonight and that's what we needed to do on defense to win it I don't get into the business of predicting coaches that will lose jobs there's always some surprises I would be stunned though if Brandon Staley is still coaching for the Chargers next year and I would be stunned if Ron Rivera is still coaching for the commanders now that has started to become much more of a report uh as opposed to a rumor in the DC area with the brand new ownership I don't think that's a huge surprise out of respect for Ron Rivera they're unlikely to fire him before the season is done but it's gone from bad to worse there and I think he knows it and pretty much everyone who's around that organization knows that your new ownership led by Josh Harris wants to start fresh and bring in a team and try to find a quarterback whether it's Sam Howell or another they can hitch their wagon to it's been too many years of too many changes constant change equals constant losing and it certainly has been the case in DC they just never could find the right fit at quarterback and as much as I love Ron Rivera and hope he gets another opportunity it's really been a mess in DC the entire time he's been there though I admire him greatly so there are two places where I think coaching changes are likely they're likely to take place but also likely because of the fact that it's it's not a lack of talent it's the fact that they cannot find a winning formula it's the fact that they should be winning and they're not and that's the part that is so confusing and so frustrating to so many people it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you can find us on our show Twitter After Hour CBS or on our Facebook page in the AFC West don't look now but the Broncos with their unlikely formula continue to churn out victories and this was a game that a lot of people were looking at Browns in Denver where the Broncos are able to put together a couple of long touchdown drives in the first half each of them 80 yards and a pair of rushing touchdowns by Samajee Piran and Russell Wilson now Cleveland if you remember is using a rookie quarterback in Dorian Thompson Robinson and the Browns are able to start the third quarter with a six and a half minute drive DTR to Harrison Bryant for a short touchdown but not that long after he gets hit right about the goal line actually on a roughing the passer call and has a head injury and is forced to leave the game that's late in the third quarter and really the Denver defense continues what's been the hallmark of this five game win streak Walker hit in the end zone and he will be pulled down did he get out of the end zone or not I don't think he did it is a safety for the Broncos and that was Zach Allen Zach Allen Nick Bonito there too we'll see if they split that sack credit our players on defense Vance and his staff we got into you know some heavier fronts to try to take away one of their strengths and fortunately we jumped ahead early on in that first half and we have a game we have three takeaways I think that's four weeks in a row now yeah did you know the Broncos have 15 takeaways in their last four games there's a major reason why they have won five in a row and again not always pretty sometimes their offense can be just as brutal but they've got 10 points off turnovers you want to hand them that many takeaways or that many extra possessions they certainly can capitalize on them so Denver is now six and five with the five consecutive wins and yeah for the for the Broncos to be in playoff position is pretty crazy I mean they still have plenty of room for improvement and yet Russell Wilson and Sean Payton have got a strong connection Russ is playing solid football not turning the ball over and it's working for Denver we ran the ball extremely well made some you know key key catches and passes in the in the passing game and we really needed to um and guys just made plays how about the Troutman's catch on that was pretty sweet obviously very disappointed didn't play how we set out to play just didn't play clean we put the ball on the ground five times penalties we didn't stop the run like we expect to so we have to learn from it and then we got to uh you know play a lot better coach a lot better next week but um disappointed obviously with with that result Kevin Stefanski there on the Browns effort and he he refers to the turnovers now did not have an update on their rookie quarterback P.J. Walker had to come in and finish out the game for the Browns but nothing on DTR except concussion protocol but it's uh it's the fumbles and it's the turnovers that lead to the extra possessions and again even for Denver Russell Wilson is able to find out of a trout but if you haven't seen this highlight it's it was originally ruled that he was out of bounds and not a touchdown but he catches the ball as he's falling down to his knee on the right side of the end zone and is able to get that whole knee inbound so that the TD counted that's where Russ is referring to Adam Troutman and so now you've got the Broncos at six and five meanwhile the Browns still a better record they're seven and four tie with the Steelers but the Ravens still on top of the AFC North all right we're going to dive into Bills and Eagles next is after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio from Showtime and A24 what do you love most about Whitney comes a new series unlike any other where do I even start Academy Award winner Emma Stone I like how you fight for us Nathan Fielder money doesn't really matter when it's about doing the right thing and Benny Safdie you guys are strong right at the end of the day you're going to survive right next question new episodes of the curse streaming now on Paramount Plus only with the Paramount Plus with Showtime planned before avid exchange managing accounts payable took too much time and effort reviewing invoices tracking down approvals the list goes on but with avid exchange your AP is automated so you can easily review and approve invoices anytime anywhere you'll gain greater visibility and control into your workflow giving you time to focus on more important things experience the power of change avid exchange learn more at avid exchange dot com that's avid
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