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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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November 17, 2023 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 17, 2023 6:04 am

The Bengals lose on TNF, & also lose Joe Burrow in the process | QB News | Shohei Ohtani & Ronald Acuna Jr are your 2023 MLB MVP's!


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Yes, then you'll know. I always felt like this song so accurately describes sports fans. It's so true. We are fickle. One day we love our teams.

We're on top of the world because they give us joy, euphoria, wind beneath our wings, like Dan Campbell says, sort of. But the next day, your starting quarterback is gone for the season and you're dejected and depressed and devastated. You're back in the dumpers again. Actually, a listener wrote on our Facebook page this week in response to the news about Deshaun Watson that the Browns are back in the dumpers again.

Well, maybe, just maybe, you could say that. I don't want to put the entire AFC North in the dumpers because that's not fair. But you can look at the week that this was supposed to be for the AFC North on the field, going back to last Sunday and running through this coming Sunday. An eight day stretch where you have the Ravens hosting the Browns and we now know a 14 point fourth quarter comeback by Cleveland. Engineered by one Deshaun Watson, the offensive line, the run game, but certainly that defense that Greg Newsome picked six, it was glorious. The high point of the season for the Cleveland Browns, only to then find out two days later that Deshaun Watson was lost for the season because of a broken bone in his shoulder.

And if you missed my conversation with Mary Kay Cabot, the long time Cleveland Browns insider, she's seen everything with the Browns. She said they were all stunned. There was no whisper of it. The word did not get out. Even the group that is so closely connected to this team and has been covering them for a long time, they were thrown for a loop because there was no hint or leak of this news about Deshaun.

The most anybody thought was happening was an MRI on his sprained ankle and then this bombshell. So you go from the highest of highs for the Browns to the lowest of lows. Now, do they stay there?

No. And again, check out the conversation with Mary Kay. It's on our podcast.

That link will be posted right after the show is done on our show Twitter, after our CBS and also on our Facebook page. But what she said is they had a couple of hours, maybe even a full day to absorb the shock of the whole thing, and now they're back to, hey, we're right in the thick of it in the AFC. But think about the roller coaster ride.

We're talking about you're hot, then you're cold, you're yes, then you're no, you're in, then you're out, you're up, then you're down. I mean, that's sports, especially in the NFL and definitely the Cleveland Browns. Elsewhere in the AFC North, you have the Ravens who are on top of the world thinking they're about to get their eighth win against a division opponent that's got a winning record only to find out, oh, wait a minute, this trend is all too familiar. You know, the Ravens have coughed up more double digit leads in the fourth quarter in the last year and a half than any other team in the NFL.

We remember this was a trend for them last year, and it came back to rear its ugly head and bite him in the rear, two rears, rear the verb and rear the noun. I know I'm the only one that finds myself amusing. Maybe Dan Campbell would.

He might find me amusing as well. So the Ravens, too, go from high high to low low and then has to turn around and get back on the field Thursday night. And here's a microcosm of the high high. They score on their opening drive. Gus Edwards gets into the end zone from four yards out only to then lose their star tight end.

And unfortunately, and we'll skip to the. We'll skip to the synopsis with John Harbaugh before we talk about the game from the opening drive, an injury that is serious. Unfortunately, on the negative side, Mark Andrews has a very serious ankle injury. It looks like a season ending injury. So our prayers will be with Mark. He.

Nobody cares more about the team and being there for the guys and Mark Andrews. So it's going to be hard for him, but we're going to be there for him all the way. Very tough road. That's the guy who I know into the league with.

You know, we've been bread and butter, peanut butter, jelly, whatever you want to call it. But that's very tough because my boy, that's like receiver one sometimes, you know, and for him to go out for his quarter, you know, and he's been having a remarkable year. One touchdown away from a record. I think that's that's tough, man. But we got it. We got to somehow do it without him. We got likely that we got Charlie. Got guys who will step up, but it's tough.

Agreed. So they score on their opening drive after losing that game against the Browns. They get back on the field against the Bengals.

They're excited. Gus Edwards gets into the end zone. He's a touchdown machine only to find out that Mark Andrews is limping to the locker room and then later that he's gone for the season. Just as a side note, it's definitely a down year for tight ends. Mark Andrews is among the best, but he's leads the league with six touchdowns. That's the most for any tight end in the league this season. So, yeah, it's it's definitely a down year for that position, though he is that security blanket.

That safety outlet for Lamar Jackson in a similar fashion, like you might expect with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, whatever you want to call it. I do love PB&J. I do love a good PB&J every now and then on a night when I don't feel like cooking.

Oh, yeah. Give me some PB&J. Now, the debate could rage about what type of J. I don't I'm not going to mess with you about what type of PB, but I'll mess with you on what type of J. PB is a big deal, though, too, I will say. Well, see, but I'm set on my PB. So, yeah. Hmm.

Should I ask which one? I go with all natural creamy every time. Does it matter what brand or usually Smucker's, but it doesn't have to be Smucker's.

But it's got to be all natural. Creamy. See, I like I like cream is fine, but I like the fine.

Totally fine. I like the chunky with the peanuts. Super chunky if you can find it.

Super chunky, super skiffy, super chunk. OK, that's all natural. Oh, definitely not. Definitely not. Yeah. Well, see, I don't negotiate on all natural peanut butter, but I will go back and forth on the J if you want strawberry.

No. I'll go grape, I'll go raspberry, but I like blackberry. I do like boysenberry if you've ever had it. It's delicious. Yeah, I'll even do some pear or some apricot.

Exotic. But I will not do strawberry. No, strawberry. Nah, I don't even like strawberry the fruit, really. Yeah. Oh, my gosh.

When Bob suggested strawberry cupcakes for the wedding, I thought over my dead body you'd be marrying somebody else. I didn't say that, of course. All right. Back to the Ravens and the Bengals. So you go from the highest of highs there to the lowest of lows in the span of one drive.

That's rough. And the Bengals take the lead. An 82 yard drive orchestrated by Joe Mixon. I mean, Joe Mixon, Joe Burrow. But they end up with Joe Mixon.

That's where I got that from. Joe to Joe. So there you go. They're in the lead on the road in Baltimore. Only to then watch their quarterback try to throw on the sidelines and realize he can't even cock his arm. He leaves the field early.

Oh, talk about a roller coaster. In comes Jake Browning. And while you saw him complete his first pass, that's great. Yay. Yay for Jake.

It's not Joe Burrow. And furthermore, the longer you leave the ball in the hands of the Ravens, the tougher it becomes. And so this game really did turn in a two and a half minute stretch to end the first half. Bengals are trying to get a guy off the field late. It'll be third down and six they do.

Two and a half to play first half. Jackson from the shotgun throws to the middle of the field. It's deflected and it's picked out of the air by Aguilar. He's running to his left. Breaks the tackle to 15.

Near side to the five. And he does a somersault into the end zone. 37 yard tip and catch.

Jermaine Pratt tipped it for the Bengals, but Aguilar was in the right place at the right time. Touchdown Baltimore. Third down and eight from the Bengal 11. Jackson takes the snap. Pocket collapsed and he escapes. Runs to the left. Fires to the end zone.

Touchdown Rashad Bateman. His first of the year on the Ravens extend their lead. First you hear the Westwood 1 call with Tom McCarthy and then Jerry Sandusky again on Ravens radio. So yeah they they speed it up. They pick up the pace. A couple of touchdowns within two and a half minutes to end the half and that last one was an 80 yard drive in just over a minute.

So there's your turning point. They lead 21-10 at the break and that would have been enough because the Ravens defense is able to limit Jake Browning and the Bengals offense. They really only end up with one more touchdown.

So yeah for the Ravens they go from high to low to high and then back down when they find out about Mark Andrews after the game. The defense was great. Five sacks of the two Bengals QBs. They don't even give up 300 yards of offense. That's what they needed coming out of that loss to the Browns.

Do not cough up another double-digit fourth quarter lead. So this time they were able to secure the victory and yeah it's exciting. It's great except and they swept the season series against the Bengals except it comes with a price.

Credit to God and glory to God. We appreciate the opportunity to play in a game like this and for the opportunity to be victorious and also want to give credit to the fans. Our fans were really great. I mean our fans were loud. They had to take the lay of games. They had a tough time communicating out there.

They couldn't get lined up numerous times as a result of the crowd noise. I mean our fans were there. It was fun. It was a great environment to be in.

The stadium people that put the stadium together and all the all the fireworks and lights and everything else and darkness. It was really just an amazing amazing night. It was just a fun night in Baltimore.

So our team played exceptionally well and I'm proud of them for finding a way to to win this game play their best football. Darkness referring to the fact that it was night not the sexy black uniforms. That's what Lamar Jackson called them the sexy uniforms they were wearing under the lights the black.

They did look snazzy. The game is re-airing on NFL network and I just saw a shot of Joe Burrow in the third quarter. He's sitting on the bench by himself with the knit cap on so not a helmet the knit cap on. He is wearing headphones so he's listening. His wrist is wrapped and the look on his face speaks volumes volumes.

He doesn't have to say a word and he didn't speak after the game because he was injured so he doesn't have to. But it reminds me of the Super Bowl in Houston when the Atlanta Falcons had coughed up their 28 to 3 lead. Sorry Atlanta. And after the Patriots won in overtime I quickly left my seat. I was about the sixth level of the stadium just above the Patriots bench and as I was walking the concourse to get down to the media area Kyle Shanahan walks by me.

Now remember he was the offensive coordinator of the Falcons that year and was working with Matt Ryan. The look on his face he didn't need to say one word. It's one of those times when a facial expression says more than a word ever could. I'll never forget the look on his face ever. The devastation the dejection the shock the shock of what the hell just happened.

All of the what-ifs no doubt churning through his mind trying to process and yet not being able to because you can't believe how it got away from you. Did that just happen for the first time in in Super Bowl history? So all of these emotions I saw in three seconds on Kyle Shanahan's face. Well that was Joe Burrow just seeing him on the TV broadcast.

The frustration no doubt some anger disappointment. He just got healthy after the calf injury and now he's got what they are calling a sprained wrist. So he did not speak but his teammates spoke about him and about that moment. And yeah for Joe Bixen oh my gosh Joe Bixen as in Joe the Bengals running back Bixen. For Joe Mixon, Jamar Chase I mean these are guys that rely on Joe to keep them moving forward. It's definitely tough especially the caliber of players you know the caliber of player of those guys and you know we just got to figure out a way to you know pretty much pick up where everybody's leaving off. And I know we have the guys in this here locker room.

They all made of the right things. I mean that's why they're here and I felt like you know just got to figure out a way to get everybody on the same schedule and the same same wave and you know pick up where they left off. You just got to I guess at this point next man up and I know you know coaches and our players got nothing but confidence and whoever is going to step in in whatever row.

Not something I was expecting. Didn't know he had any problems or anything so it's just tough seeing that happen during a game like that but hope he get well most luck for him. I'm not happy that those guys get injured you know I don't want to see nobody in the league get injured and especially the season end of injury because those guys got to feed their family just like I do you know and those guys are quarterbacks as well even though we're going against each other's division rivals stuff like that but at the end of the day I don't want to see nobody go down with a season end of injury you know pray god on that side you know um and keep god first at all times and hopefully those guys have a safe and speedy recovery. So even Lamar inside the AFC North watching two of his counterparts go down with injuries now let's hope that Joe Burrows does not see an ending that would really suck but it sucked anyway because we were all excited about this AFC North clash and without Joe Burrow it's just not the same. Jake Browning did fine. He even led them on a touchdown drive but come on this is one of the best defenses in the league they already had a 21 to 10 lead and he's not going to lead them back more than likely. So yeah it stinks this week for the AFC North took on a decidedly different tone and now you think about Steelers and Browns which is one of our candidates for game of the week the poll is up on Twitter and Facebook you think about that matchup and the Steelers offense still a work in progress they're better when they run the ball and you know let's just be fair the Steelers aren't going to put up a ton of points because they don't play games like that that's just not who they are their defense keeps it really close most of the time and the offense while it does do just enough often how many single score games every single one of their wins this year has come by a single score so eight points or fewer that's just who they are it's part of their identity and actually it's part of the Steelers identity for most of the time that Mike Tomlin has been their head coach it's a fight it always is a fight perfect so you knew it was going to be a knockdown drag out because both the Browns and the Steelers have physical defenses that are attempting to make the other offense scuffle look look ugly have to scrap and fight and scratch and claw well now you've got Dorian Thompson Robinson as your starting quarterback and I'm not telling you he can't go out there and have a game of course he can you don't get to the NFL if you aren't capable as a quarterback especially if you aren't capable of lighting it up but it's not the same oh and think about the veterans on the Steelers defense that's out of the ball not just T.J. Watt Alex Highsmith Cam Hayward is returned I mean I'm I'm cringing we want them to be fat and sassy and spoiled I'm not sure that's appropriate there but whatever we like Mike Tomlin any way we can get him yeah he's got a near perfect record against rookie quarterbacks it's like Bill Belichick and rookie quarterbacks oh gosh maybe watch this game with my hand over my eyes and threw a crack in my fingers oh that was catastrophic really do you think that he wants dtr not dvr dtr to urinate down his leg do you think that's what he's hoping for I don't think he'd mind that yeah oh gosh so yes this week these these eight days that were so critical so crucial for the AFC North on the field turned into a crucial stretch for the AFC North actually off the field on the injury report which is not how we want to settle the division title but the ravens are still on top they do rebound with a big win and now they are eight and three so most wins in the AFC and tied with the eagles for most wins 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downy rinse and refresh removes more odor in one wash than the leading value detergent in three washes find it wherever you buy laundry products sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast hurry back to throw and it is is it lost oh my goodness the song the andre hopkins comments back to throw looking firing deep for chase in the end zone he's got it joe burrow and the bangles the holmes fires for the end zone caught touchdown ken sound city and off the eckler again no herbert keeps it in so charges herbert with his second of the day here's the snap josh gonna keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown buffalo josh allen nine yard touchdown run the bills respond and then some it's time for qb news on after hours yeah yeah you love our qb news but to be equitable we also looked at week 11 through the eyes of the defense going back to last hour you can always grab the podcast it's after hours with amy lawrence here on cbs sports radio thanks for hanging out with us happy friday to y'all happy holiday week are you taking off the entire thanksgiving week maybe you should there's an idea there's no rest for the weary in the nfl and this week for the buffalo bills at five and five they've got to find their footing and quickly and they're going to do it with a new offensive coordinator because you know it was all ken dorsey's fault joe brady he takes over as the interim now promoted on tuesday having had a lot of time to really process it all just kind of uh just taking it one day at a time you know just worrying about practice right now it's been a short week but um you know i'm excited for the opportunity uh we got a lot of games left right here and just finding a way to get this one so not really focusing on hey kind of the uh you know everything that's kind of happening right now just trying to say hey what we got to do for practice today and i'll kind of think about uh whatever we got right after that it's not like he and ken dorsey weren't working together they were he was the quarterback's coach and so he does recognize that ken bore the brunt and ken became the sacrificial lamb but this was a joint effort i'm not here to to speak about any of his play calling whatever you know as the quarterback coach you know if if results didn't happen which they clearly didn't um you know i'm part of the i'm part of the the reason for that and to blame we're looking forward to get out there and playing buffalo bills football the football that we know we can play um and i got a lot of faith in the guys in this room i had a lot of faith in joe i got a lot of faith in myself so we had to go out there put together our best ball plenty of real estate left in the nfl season but the asc is stacked and they just can't afford to cough away any more games or possible wins with turnovers if they do nothing else but cut the turnovers in half limit the turnovers they're second in the nfl and turnovers behind the browns actually they've got 18 of them you cut those in half the rest of the way and you're already ahead of the game so the bills against the jets this weekend zack wilson do you think he'll make one or two good passes and robert sala will point out to us how much he's improving everybody has their 1 11th that they're doing to try and figure out how we can be better and overall it comes down to we just need to be better more we just need to be better more all the way around the board and um we need to stop with the self-inflicted wounds obviously we've said that a million times and um you know we just need to be better that's all it comes down to same thing zack wilson if you turn the ball over in the first second and third quarters okay how about just don't turn it over on the potential game-winning drive each week and you're already ahead of the game so yeah you've got this is not in our game of the week poll but you've got jets at the bills and it's important for both those teams for obvious reasons whether we're talking afc east or we're just talking the afc as a whole hey don't look now even though the broncos are below 500 they are one of the hottest teams in the nfl that sounds weird to say russell wilson credits the new regime for this forward momentum i think the coaches really get us prepared you know you guys see our saturday friday and saturday practices and the intensity the detail that coach paton um has us all on and and uh it's it's great it's great to be a part of broncos are four and five if they can extend this win streak they'd be back to 500 i feel like it's been decades since they've been back to 500 eight years since they've been back to 500 so the broncos this weekend on sunny night football against the minnesota vikings which is by the way the hottest team in the nfl right now five straight wins that's why the game is part of the after hours game of the week poll i don't know how many votes it's getting but it's in there it's in there staying in the afc west aden o'connell rookie quarterback for the raiders it definitely behooves him to develop a relationship with tavante adams levante is an easy guy to talk to he's uh you know down to earth and you know i obviously watched him a lot growing up so it's it's cool to like he said form that friendship a little bit um you know i gotta make fun of him a little bit and you know he's he's obviously a very good player so i guess uh my job is bringing that back down to earth a couple times even if that's not my job but um no he's he's just a great guy he's um you know one of the early guys to welcome me in to make me feel welcome here and so um he's been a huge part of my development i would say rookies are supposed to carry their bags not make fun of the veteran wide receivers who just happen to be the best in the game huh interesting have you seen devante with a sledgehammer because i have on that whole secret celebrity renovation who's killer with that thing raiders on the road at the dolphins uh tuatango veloa doesn't care about your stats he doesn't care about if you think his haircut looks like drake no he only cares about one thing brother i i just want to help our team win the super bowl i think that that would be that would be the greatest deal um when everything's said and done no one can take that away from you brother that's all i care about i love tua i think this new and improved tuatango veloa in 2023 is he's rock solid and and i love the leadership but i also love that he's taking care of his business so he can stay on the field for his team and that he's got the main thing the main thing that looked like money jacksonville jaguars got shellacked last week by the san francisco 49ers they managed a measly three points trevor lawrence was ticked he used the word sucked now they have to get back on the field against the titans how do you know it's going to be different we've played clean enough we found ways to win but this sunday kind of was just a disaster so we got to kind of look at all right what did we do what did we maybe do wrong was was our focus not there you know i thought we had great energy i thought we were ready to play it certainly felt like that throughout the team so i don't think it was guys not ready to play but maybe there was just you know a lapse of focus from collectively from the whole team on sunday so i think that's something where you know we just gotta we gotta focus on the details you have to carry that to game day this is a game this is a mental game it's all details and um you know that's how you that's how you win the game it's true you cannot have a mental lapse you cannot have any kind of a lapse there's so little margin for error in the nfl titans at the bottom of the afc south three and six looking up at the jaguars who still do have the lead in that south division trying to defend their title skipping to the nfc east we saw the potential of the cowboys last week we see the potential of the cowboys in this last kind of three four games or so they could have beaten the eagles they did not dax says really it's up to them how game day goes right now we know who we are it's about continuing to build on that i'm building some of the sites that we've had both sides of the ball playing complementary football and really just as i've said over and over trying to put our best version of ourselves out there each week and and just getting ready to peak when when it's need to be done 400 yards five touchdowns in the span of three quarters mica parsons labels his qb the mvp of course he then talked about cj stroud is the mvp so i'm not sure make up your mind mica definitely a budding broadcaster uh yeah for the dallas cowboys when they're in that zone that dak connection obviously with cd lamb is thriving and if they can run the ball with tony pollard a couple of others that the they can do that and play the ball control plus air it out they're formidable on the road at carolina i fear for bryce young not personally for his safety but just for his stats it can laugh now cry later it could be a really tough week oh dear so dtr against the stealers defense a rookie there and then rookie bryce young against the cowboys defense that could be rough jared goff is short and sweet and hey they like to run the ball too and he's safe behind that o-line ton of confidence of those guys i think um you know two weeks in a row now no sacks is is uh pretty impressive yeah as much as you may not think jared goff is an elite quarterback a he's above average he's a dark horse mvp candidate b if dtr doesn't get touched in the pocket for two weeks he's gonna pick apart a defense as well did you see how much time romar jackson had to throw on thursday night it was crazy and so if you give jared golf that kind of time with the receivers he's got watch out the lions host the bears this weekend that should be fun justin fields is expected to return for chicago finally brock purdy he's he knows how important it is to have an intact offensive line plus debo samuel back making moves they've been huge pieces in the last couple years for this offense um you know guys that we could all look to in terms of you know creating the energy to spark honestly even like before the game you know trent is the one that uh breaks us all down before we go out to the field and you know when he's not playing he doesn't do it so even just having that kind of aspect and energy like he's a huge piece of this culture man um and then debo as well obviously being able to get him the ball make plays you know feed off his energy and his swagger that he plays with um you know they've had so much success and helped build this place to what it is now um over the past couple years are we still worried about brock purdy or nah or is it nah wait which one is it nah or nah jay who what's what's the cool version no nah nah okay why did i ask you it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio we are not cool around here there's so much more we can get to but let's be honest monday night is the game of the week eagles chiefs it's not just patrick mahomes and jaylen hurts but they are getting the yeoman share of the attention and oh yeah it's only the ninth super bowl rematch in nfl history they're really good i mean at the end of the day that's that's the main thing uh they have a lot of the same players and they they've added some more talent um d lines special one of the best d lines i think i've i've ever seen um just waves of guys that can come in and play mixture of veterans and young guys uh the dbs two great dbs at cornerback position adding byard and uh a blanket ship at the safety position and linebackers guys have played and been in the league for a little bit now so um they have a they have a good defense in general i mean obviously a great team but a good defense in general in all all aspects and so for us will be a great challenge he leads his team very well um and they have a they've always had a great great thing going um just the level of consistency that they've been able to play and not only play but win he's always done a great job everything he's been able to do over his career um have a lot of respect for that and um you know to be a be a battle it's interesting to hear younger quarterbacks talk about patrick mahomes like jaylen hurts who's what three years into the league four years into the league now i mean still most of them can look up to patrick mahomes because half the league is under 24 or something like that at the quarterback position and yeah now pat is considered the wiz the wizened grizzled veteran with all the hardware he's got and and the experience there's just no shortcut to experience and he is the standard for the nfl now considering the number of veteran qbs who've retired or who are not playing this season because of injury like erin rogers like kirk cousins two of those guys going down that's tough matthew stafford's been hurt though he is expected to return this weekend as well just want to clarify before you yell at me and i did i did say it but i i need to just put a qualifier on it it's only the ninth super bowl rematch dot dot dot the year after right so you can't do a super bowl rematch of 2008 in 2020 that that doesn't that's not even a rematch but i just want to clarify it's only the ninth time that the two teams that played in the super bowl in february january february uh are then meeting again the following season ah oh do you think he sounds like a goat in one of those or no he still sounds like cookie monster sounds like he's trying to scare a bear you know when you're in the woods you're hiking and you come across a not a grizzly obviously grizzlies are a different story but a black bear or a brown bear and uh and you're supposed to make a lot of noise i think that would scare him there you think scares me all right coming up we've got mvps not in football it's too early uh but in baseball and also college football this weekend i'm thrown for a loop by the big 10 slash michigan decision it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after ready to start talking to your kids about financial literacy meet greenlight the debit card and money app that teaches kids and teens how to earn save spend wisely and invest with your guardrails in place parents can send instant money transfers automate allowance and more plus keep an eye on spending with real time notifications join more than six million families building healthy financial habits together on greenlight get your first month free at odyssey that's slash odyssey uh why does this room look amazing what'd you change oh i just got these custom shades from it's all online so it's really easy great price too ugh i remember shopping for blinds i waited around all day just to get a quote hi sorry i'm late i know you said just the bedroom but what do you feel about i feel like i had to say yes just to get 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562-314-4603 for complete details our podcast joe halif's a high fly ball is carrying deep out in his center and that ball is out of here it lands in the angels bullpen otani has just hit home run number 42 of the season and right out of the blocks in the first inning tonight it's showtime how long before he runs he's going now as he takes the pitch the throw down not in time and that's 70 number 70 right there folks he's trying to dig that base out he wants it this is after hours with amy lawrence on the angels and braves radio networks we've got ourselves mvps and now awards season s zn is officially done do you know something this blows me away if i had gone back and looked it i would have seen it but i didn't and i was reading and came across this revelation the angels own five of the last 10 al mvp awards do you know the last time they made the playoffs the number of managers that they have generated and churned through there the number of free agent signings they've made that haven't worked out the number of different players who put on the angels uniform in the last decade they have not made the playoffs since 2014 it will be 10 years or it is 10 years now but it'll be 10 years moving forward into this next season and yet five of the last 10 years they've had the mvp in mike trout or shohei otani that is crazy it's done them that have been a good just to reiterate the point that these are team sports it's nice to get individual hardware but what and yeah for shohei otani considering the fact that he was a revelation again this season he was the unicorn if you will it's pretty amazing for him to to go mvp loose darren judge back to mvp obviously i wanted to win it last year but i mean joe cheddar spectacular season and he deservedly so he won it so i wanted to come back and stronger and trying to win this year and i know my rivals semi and seager he had great seasons and congrats to them for winning the world series i think it was awesome but i wanted to um my goal was to try to come out on top and i guess um this kind of pays off for all my hard work that's through his interpreter obviously but yeah congratulations to shohei and and how is he doing since he's got the elbow injury as far as the rehab it's going really great so far going really well i feel like it's um feels a lot better and faster than the first time i had um the surgery and but at the same time i can't rush i need to take everything slow and take all the right steps so my plan is to um come back strong next year love that now he won't be pitching in 2024 but that won't stop teams from throwing money at him maybe even printing their own or you know what print money with shohei's face on it there you go that's the way to lure him as for ronald akuna also threw an interpreter but it's a special interpreter pager martinez as he won the nl mvp he says he's extremely excited he's having a hard time uh explaining it but that is really privileged to be in in the clubhouse with his family present uh his teammates and and everything else that's going on he's extremely happy and privileged to have this opportunity right along with them yeah venezuelan born player who's now an mvp in major league baseball and i was a little surprised by the voting just the unanimous nature of it yeah but they are two very deserving candidates of course um it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs radio oh i love pedro one of my favorite baseball players of all time uh also baseball news the next hurdle for the raiders to move to raiders did i say raiders i'm already going there the next hurdle for the a's to join the raiders in vegas has been cleared and so they are marching forward baseball owners have have approved that which is not a surprise at all all right we are leaving a couple minutes here at the top of the hour for what who's got home field advantage this weekend in our ncaa football preview sponsored by fairfield by marriott fairfield by marriott is the official hotel partner of the ncaa with over 1000 locations around the country you'll always have the home field advantage visit fairfield to book your stay the georgia bulldogs they're back in front two-time defending champion they're on top of the college football playoff rankings for the first time this season right they've been trailing ohio state but they leapfrogged them after a couple of big wins over ole miss last week of course 52 17 but now they hit the road so this is a big deal uh the the the bulldogs have already clinched the sec east and a spot in the sec championship game but if they want to have that top seed in the college football playoff they can't trip up here against the tennessee volunteers who are a ranked team and yeah the kind of cool that georgia could become the first team to post three straight eight no conference records in sec history georgia is also 28 and four on the road but tennessee's 114 straight at home so something's got to give i like it it's not fun you get closer and closer to the end and you know that any little slip up you stub your toe and it can cost you a whole lot because there's less time to be able to amend or make amends for those mistakes it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio you can find me on twitter alaw radio but what you can't find are photos of what's under my shed i saved the story for last are you ready they knocked the shed over i'll elaborate on the story next week but they knocked the shed over in my backyard and there are holes from underneath the shed that are burrowed into the ground so the family of woodchucks was in fact living under there they're gone now they're not anywhere to be found but you know what else is it are there debris trash from animals that are making nests what seriously stop digging i don't know where they're getting the trash from it's not from my yard that's rude of them but seriously they that's why i can't show you pictures because there's plastic bags there's scraps of paper there's a bunch of pine cones i guess they were using pine cones to make nests so it's clear that they were making nests under there these woodchucks and they're also apparently they're hoarders and then there was a big giant hole underneath the frame of the shed under the ground so i got some work to do have a great weekend we'll talk to you sunday night it's after hours tbs sports radio boom this episode is brought to you by fx's a murder at the end of the world starring emma corn clive owen and brit marling emma plays darby hart a sleuth and tech savvy hacker she joins an exclusive group invited to a retreat when one of the guests is found dead darby must prove it was murder before the killer takes another life fx is a murder at the end of the world now streaming only on hulu this holiday season give concert and comedy tickets to their favorite artists choose from thousands of the hottest upcoming shows plus other great gifts for every fan on your list like vip packages artist merch 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