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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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November 16, 2023 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 16, 2023 6:08 am

If Amy is out tomorrow, it's probably because of a Poltergeist | Joel Embiid calls the Celtics the "best team in the NBA" | QB News: AFC Edition.


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For all terms and limitations, visit slash terms. Good morning to you. It's Thursday. Oh my goodness. We're one week away from Thanksgiving Thursday. Gobble, gobble.

Amazing. And we're heading into what is an incredibly entertaining stretch in college football. Of course, we're about to go into week 11 in the NFL.

And for the record, I do not think too it looks like Drake. Just for the record. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for joining us on this pre-Thanksgiving Thursday. Oh, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my favorite meal of the year. And I don't know that this is going to be any different.

Well, a little bit different. Doing a destination Thanksgiving. You know, people do destination weddings.

I'm actually doing that too, though not on purpose. It's just that I have to be traveling to my own wedding. But destination Thanksgiving this year.

So I'm looking forward to it. Driving, not flying. I refuse to fly on Thanksgiving.

I haven't done that in probably 20 years. It's a bad idea. Of course, no one takes my advice because it's the most heavily traveled Sunday of the year. Actually, Sunday after Thanksgiving.

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On Twitter, ALawRadio, on our Facebook page too. Good morning to you on that note. Either you're avoiding it like the plague or now I've freaked you out. But hey, it could be worse.

I could start singing Baby Shark and then you wouldn't be able to get it out of your head. I'm in a glad case of emotion. Guess what, you guys? This morning, I find out for the first time in my life what's under the shed. I'm nervous. I may wait until the shed removal dude is about to take the bottom off the shed. Maybe he's taken the walls off the door. It's all gone. It's hauled away.

It's been disposed of. But when he goes to pull up those floorboards, I'm going into my house, I'm locking the doors, all of them, and the windows. And I'm standing upstairs, the upstairs spare bedroom window and watching out the window to see what's under the shed.

I'm not kidding. What if there's a dead body under there? I suppose it's possible. You probably would smell by now, right? Maybe not, if it was preserved. If it was preserved the right way, maybe. What if the previous owners buried their old pets under there? A pet cemetery. Right?

Then they'll come back. Isn't that a terror movie? Horror movie?

Pet cemetery? Yeah, Stephen King. Book. That's right.

Good point. That's not my genre. I do not watch horror movies.

Not since I was a little kid and for some ridiculous reason a family member took me to see Poltergeist in theaters. That'll do it. I've never been able to watch a horror movie since.

That'll do it. Scared to death. Forget what's under the shed. What about what was in the shower?

Yeah, the bathtub. I will never be able to watch a horror movie again. Poltergeist did it for me. I couldn't tell you the actual theme or plot of that movie now.

All I know is there was a little girl, she was blonde, and I was scared to death and I never have seen a horror movie since. You know that there was actually- No joke. Not even one. And Scream does not count.

That's not really important. Scream's pretty scary. Okay, fine. I saw that in college, but that was it.

It was because I was forced to by some friends. I love Scream, but the Poltergeist, the filming of it actually, I don't remember the exact stories, but there's like two or three extra, what's the word I'm looking for? You know, ghosts, spirits.

Okay. Spirits. Spiritual things. There's like stuff that happened on the set that they can't explain. Not spiritual things.

What do you call spiritual things? Anyway, isn't that the movie where the little blonde girl goes, they're here. That's all I remember. I know nothing else about the movie, but I was scared out of my mind. I'm not even going to identify the family member that took me, but my brother and I were in a theater to see that when we were kids. Bad idea. I don't remember the rating on the movie, if it was like a PG-13 or something like that, but we were not 13. We were little. Little. Bad idea. That'll ruin the horror genre for you. Early.

Very early. Again, I was traumatized forever. It was in college until, so we're talking 20 something years later. Well, not 20 something, but 20 years later before I was able to watch another one. Scream I didn't think was nearly as scary. I mean, it had some moments, but eh. It kind of revived the horror genre at the time.

Did it? Wes Craven is a really good director. Listen to Jay. Yeah, I like scream. It's like it's kind of like making fun of all the horror movies and like stuff, but making it scary again. He's like by telling you like, Oh, what is pop out screams going to come here?

And then it does, but it still gets you. I never saw Psycho. I never, I never saw any of the Halloween movies.

I missed all of those. I refused. Poltergeist was the end for me. It ruined me for life.

You should try Poltergeist again and then you can like jumpstart back in. No, but it could, it could be just as devastating and traumatic and that could be it. Now I'll have nightmares for the rest of my life as an adult. That would be the worst. I already have trouble sleeping. I do not need Poltergeist nightmares.

So anyway, on that note, and I have no idea why are we talking about that? Horror movies, but why though? Why did horror movies come up again? Oh, under my shed. Under your shed, dead body.

You are no help whatsoever. Dead body under my shed. That could be worse than Poltergeist. So yes, when he is about to reveal what's underneath the shed, I'm hightailing it into the house and locking the doors. Are you going to film it?

The reveal? No, but I am going to take photos, but how do I, I'm going to take them safely from upstairs in my house. I'm not going outside until I know that there's nothing moving underneath my shed. What if the guy you're watching, the guy lifts up a floorboard and just gets sucked under? Yeah, what if he disappears? What do you do? Do you call anybody? The police, safely in my, I'm not going out to help him.

I mean. There could be animals under there. I'm pretty sure I had a family of woodchucks living under there for a while.

There was mom, there was dad, there was baby. I haven't seen him this season though. I think it's because Penny's been out in the backyard a lot more. I think this Pet Sematary thing is sounding a little more real.

Right, right. I'm a little nervous. I've already had dead squirrels in my shed. That's in my shed. Imagine what's under my shed.

Have you ever wanted to know? And the thing is, the shed's really old, so I know it's been there forever. There could be a poltergeist under my shed.

Just like unleash some sort of portal. Yeah, it's just going to make some kind of a screech as it's set free for the first time in decades. I'm telling you, I'm freaked out about this. I've been worried about it for weeks.

I'm very curious now. I'm serious. I'm never going, I'm not going to the backyard again until the landscaper comes and... Seals it back up. Yeah, gets it. Well, he's got to level it.

He actually told me, depending upon what's under your shed, it may cost more. I said, what? Oh, well, I may have to remove things.

He didn't specify which things. Well, just watch to make sure he doesn't throw some stuff under there when he picks it up. Like, oh yeah, I found this under there. I'm going to be watching from the upstairs bedroom, safely from the bedroom.

I'm going to be one of those ladies that peeks out through the curtains, like the town gossip. Oh, yeah. Well, maybe. I'm not sure if I want to see dead bodies or a pet cemetery under there.

True. Well, you can look at his face and just kind of gouge his reaction, gauge his reaction. Gouge. I can gouge his eyes out.

Don't gouge his eyes out. Watch out for the animals under the shed. They're going to gouge your eyes out. They might.

They might. So this time tomorrow, I'll have a full report on what's under my shed. I can't wait. What if I have to move? What if there are, in fact, dead things under my shed? That's it. I'm just moving.

I'm moving. No going back after that? No, there's no way. Even when it's back sealed up. I mean, they're just, they're sealed.

What's sealed? Like if they are there, but you're getting it, you know, re-cemented and leveled. Cemented? There's no cement in my backyard. It's just dirt.

Well, you're getting it leveled, I mean, so they're going to like take care of the area and like patch it up. I hope they are. I don't know who they are. I think it's just one landscaper. Oh, man. I've talked myself into this so much that now I'm sure there's something nefarious and scary and poltergeist-ish. I just hope the- As Jay called it, spiritual. There's something spiritual under my shed. I'm just saying there might be. I just hope that the Groundhog family is not found under there.

Oh, no. What if they die? No, they'd smell. I would smell them. I think if there were some dead things that weren't buried, I would have smelled them. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I do. Right. There's no way that it would just be dead bodies under there without having been properly buried. But there could be a pet cemetery. And bugs. Probably bugs. Wherever there's a cemetery, there's bugs. Yes.

Worms. No, I'm going inside. I'm not. Nope.

Absolutely not. There could be large spiders under there. Probably large spiders under there. I'd rather have a pet cemetery than large spiders. I'm definitely afraid of spiders.

Yeah, I think I agree. Oh, man. Okay, so if I'm not here tomorrow morning, you know why. Just automatically assume something went horribly wrong.

I'm assuming poltergeist. And I had to bolt the country. What if I get accused of burying things under there?

Just make sure it doesn't see you, because they tend to follow. Seriously, you're no help at all. Just, I don't know. Stop talking. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

I'm not coming to work tomorrow. I can already sense it in my spiritual. I wonder if Draymond Green could sense in his spiritual that the heavy hand of the NBA was about to drop. Just to remind you, Draymond put Rudy Gobert in a headlock and then dragged him out of a skirmish and refused to let go. Now, I was on Draymond's side for a hot second when I saw him run into the huddle to extricate his teammate, Klay Thompson, from Rudy Gobert's arm, but I understand why he would do that. The issue was that once he got Rudy Gobert in a headlock, he did not let go. He dragged him backwards to the point where Rudy's knees buckled, and he had to be pulled off of Rudy Gobert.

So it became excessive. Not that a headlock isn't excessive. But I understand why he flew in there. He was trying to get Klay Thompson out from underneath the arm of Gobert. But he didn't let go. So Draymond ends up with a five-game suspension.

This dropped late yesterday afternoon. There were two parts of me that reacted. One part is, wow, how could Dray get five games and nobody else get suspended at all? So both Klay Thompson and Jayden McDaniels, who started this whole business, they got fined after getting ejected for technicals. And then Rudy Gobert got fined as well. He was actually mad about getting fined. Dude, take your measly fine and stop talking.

You actually had someone else with your arm around his neck, so I thought you got off pretty easily. But he says, I was a peacemaker. Anyway, Draymond has to know. He's a repeat, repeat offender, which means that the heavy hand of the NBA will continue to drop on him. Here's the thing about Draymond, and I love Draymond.

I've told you, people have asked me this before as part of Ask Amy Anything. What athlete would you like to co-host your show with? Oh, number one is Draymond. You never know what you're going to get with that guy. But he's authentic. He's Draymond. He's extremely smart. In fact, too smart for his own good sometimes. He'll never be treated like any other player in the NBA.

Ever. Because he plays fast and loose with the rules. And when he loses his mind, he can't seemingly get his emotions in check. I actually did a few tennis tournaments at the Hall of Fame with John McEnroe. And the stories I'd heard about Mac, he would even say on the court he would lose his mind. It was like he was someone else. It wasn't him. So when he got heckled, when he got fired up, and when he really got angry, he would say things and do things.

Throw rackets, speak rudely and inappropriately to the chair umpire or to other linesmen, blah blah blah. And he would say afterwards that it wasn't him. He would lose his mind. And then I sat next to him at dinner and he talked about getting strawberry vinaigrette dressing on his white pants. It was like, huh, this is not the John McEnroe that I know. Anyway, so he would say that. He would say that his emotions would take over and he couldn't control them. And so there was this exhibition match.

An exhibition. And a guy in the very top row of the stadium seating started heckling him. Heckling, heckling, heckling over the course of several games and into the second set. He finally lost his cool, yelled at the guy, used obscenities, and got tossed from an exhibition match.

And same thing. He would lose his mind and he couldn't control his temper. After a while it was like poking the bear, which is what we've heard from Dylan Brooks, right?

I want to poke the bear. Except it doesn't really work on LeBron James. But it works on Draymond Green. And Steve Kerr has even said this. It's almost impossible to get Draymond to calm down when he gets in that space.

You just have to ride it out. And there was Steve Kerr trying to get him to let go of Rudy Gobert. And he's dragging Gobert backwards. The Warriors believe he's worth it.

I think he's worth it. But the NBA has decided this is how we're going to respond to you. It's going to get worse. The hand is going to get heavier. And you're not going to get treated like anybody else because you're Draymond Green.

And you have a track record and a reputation that we can see 10 miles away. So he's just going to have to deal. If he continues to, like I say, play fast and loose with the rules, then he's going to have to deal with the NBA.

He is the exception to any rule in the NBA. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. David is in South Carolina. David, what's up? Good morning. Hey. Enjoy your show. Thank you. I debated on calling in, but I've finally forgiven you for taking Kurt Warner's job.

So here I am. I had a shed removed and I ended up paying more than what I thought I was going to pay. Because whenever they took the floor up, whoever had built the shed previous, they had cut trees down so they had to move the trees before they could grade the dirt out. Whoa. That's why it cost me more. So you had trees under, like tree logs underneath your shed? No.

When they took it up, people that had built it previous had cut trees off, like even with the ground. Oh. And I had four of them. Stumps. Under that. So that's why it ended up costing me more. Oh, man.

I was just wanting to give you a heads up. Wait. Just ballpark it. How much did it cost you? $800. Excellent. All right. I could have done with the old shed. Dead squirrels and all. Okay.

You know what, David? I'm a little nervous now. Let's hope I only have dead bodies and not stumps under my shed. All right. I got you.

But thank you for taking my call and good luck with the shed. Oh, gosh. Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

You know what happened. All right. We'll form the search party with the witch doctor and stuff. Thank you. There could be spirits under there. All right, David. That's why we grabbed the witch doctor.

It would be good. Thank you for coming to find me. Have a great Thursday. Have a good one. You too. I mean, it's a distinct possibility.

I just got this tweet. Try watching Poltergeist as a kid when it came out. And not only does your little sister look just like the girl in the movie, she had the dress, too. To top it off, she used to sit in front of the TV with the screen all snowy because we had two channels. His sister was, in fact, the main character in Poltergeist.

I think she knew what she was doing. Yeah. I'm telling you, that's all I remember about the movie. That and something about a shower where, yeah, where there was something weird coming out of the faucet. Do you remember it? When did you see it? Oh, man. Because it was out before you, correct? Yeah, yeah. It was a classic by the time you watched it.

Absolutely. Wait, I've got to figure out what year it came out. I want to guess maybe 90, but it could be earlier.

Oh, well, there's a 2015 version because, of course, they remade it. Yeah, I didn't see that one. 1982.

82, wow. And the little girl, oh, my gosh, the little girl, Heather O'Rourke, she was Carol Ann, the little girl, but, oh, my gosh, she is like the cutest little thing now. Well, then, not now. Oh, no, I can't even look at her picture from the movie. I've never heard of her doing anything else in any other film.

This was it. She did it too. She played in Poltergeist and that was it. She was done. I don't know that name. She was scared to death. I'm telling you, I've never heard of her in anything else.

Let's see if she's done anything else. Movies and TV shows. Poltergeist 3, Poltergeist, Poltergeist 2. So she did the first one, the second one, and then did the number three in 1988. She was in Happy Days. That I do not remember.

Huh. Yep, never heard of it. The new Leave It to Beaver. Ah, the new Leave It to Beaver. She was in Chips. Do you remember that old TV franchise? I mean, I used to see it in syndication, but Paunch and John, they were cops. Sounds a little familiar.

In Southern California. Let's see. What else was she in? Webster. I sort of remember that TV show.

Happy Days for sure. Okay, well, there's a reason why. Poltergeist ruined her.

It's a little bit like some of the actors in, say, Star Wars, who've never been able to really find other significant roles because you get, well, other than Harrison Ford, because you get branded in those roles and the movies are so popular, it's hard to find anything else. You can't see them any other way, really. Mm-hmm. You ever seen The Sixth Sense? No, I can't. I'm not telling you anything that has to do with spirits. I can't watch.

I'm just talking about, like, kids in horror movies who are terrified. That's another one. Oh, yeah. Great. Okay, not gonna watch that either.

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Find it wherever you buy laundry products. Okay, let's never speak of this again. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Harris against Al Horford, drives baseline, throws to the corner and be there. Trying to dribble into traffic and he turns it over. Tatum knocked it away. White lead for Tatum, protects the ball, lays it up and in, scoring and a foul.

Hauser has it. Kick out Tatum. Entry, Horford, diagonal kick out.

White, three, got it! Main jump by playing defense on one, fake bang back the other way, great opportunity by the Celtics. Go to his right, return to Tatum against Melton, zips it into the left corner, Horford, three, got it! Al Horford has come back to Philadelphia and he has been a nightmare for Joel Embiid in the Sixers. Get out that corner, Al.

Knock him dead. Tatum turns on Melton, drives into the paint, floats it up, no good, but he taps the rebound back up and in and Tatum goes into a flex and lets out a yell. Celtics by 10 with 45 seconds to go, they are going to pull this thing off without two starters.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voices of Sean Grandy and Cedric Maxwell, Grandy and Maxwell on Celtics radio, a bit of a rematch of sorts, it's way too early to call it that. Gotta wait until we get past the first of the year before we start talking about playoff matches, but Celtics pull away from the Sixers in Philadelphia in the fourth quarter thanks to, wait for it, not Jalen Brown, not Kristaps Porzingis, still weird to say KP is on the Celtics, 14 in the fourth quarter from Derek White. The Celtics were down two starters and yet they got enough from Derek White, he was in the 20s, Jason Tatum had 29, eight rebounds, six assists, I mean we don't need those other two starters, neither Jalen Brown nor Kristaps were playing.

We don't make excuses, we just find ways to try to win and I think how tough we are as a team and how hard we play, you know, we're going to give ourselves a chance to win every night regardless of who's in or who's out. A lot has been made of Chris Paul coming off the bench for the first time in his career now that he's with the Warriors, so a veteran late in his career who is assuming a different role and he's kind of captain, if you will, he's the quarterback of that second unit, that's how Steve Kerr does it a lot of times. When he has the personnel, he has his first group and then he makes a mass substitution and he wants the second group to be able to maintain that same level of play. Hard to do when it's Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green in that first group, but a lot of times that was the role that Andre Iguodala played back when they were winning the titles. So for Chris Paul now, it's his job to make sure that second group is out there and is running the floor the same way and trying to maintain that energy and that skill, that whatever lead or just maintain, I can even stop right there, maintain what the first unit has done. Well with Al Horford now, he's coming off the bench as well and less has been made of it, but he's 37 years old. He's of course back with the Celtics now has been for his second stint, but he was in Philadelphia for a time, which is why Sean Grandy mentions it and he's one of those guys, doesn't care what is asked of him, he will do anything that the team needs. He relishes defense, he relishes, and last night he had five block shots, he relishes being the stopper.

Sometimes he scores, sometimes he doesn't. Was it last year? I don't think it was last year. It might have been the year before, when he just was abysmal from beyond the arc. Remember it took him like 17 playoff games, okay I'm just spitballing here. It took him a lot of playoff games before he ever hit a three and it was one of the themes of the Celtics playoff run that year. I don't think it was last spring, I think it was the year before.

Anyway it's, yeah it's a, maybe it was last spring, huh. So he's not going to score for you every night, if he gets in double digits, there's something a little extra going on there. But yeah the thing about Al is that he doesn't care what you ask him to do, he'll do it. If I have to guard in the perimeter, if I have to guard in the post, create energy in different ways, shoot threes, get to the bat, like you know just different things.

So I'm trying to do whatever I can to you know to help our group. Joel Embiid and the Sixers had played three games in four nights, so this is a pretty tough stretch for them. The NBA had kind of done away with that a few years ago, but it's back now. And he says they can't use it as an excuse, but forget that part of it. I want you to hear the casual phrase he drops in when he's talking about their tough schedule lately. We're professional athletes, that's the schedule, you just got to do it. But yeah, I mean you know tough, especially playing Indiana twice and then on the back to back, playing you know the best team in the league, you know stuff.

But you know no excuses. You still have to be better and you know I have to be better. The best team in the league you say? Is that tongue in cheek? Is that Joel Embiid doing what Nick Saban often does, building up his opponents as though they are the best teams in the world? Or maybe he really believes it, do you think? We're going to have to monitor his post game responses from now on. If he drops casually, the best team in the league about say, the Warriors, the Nuggets when they play Denver, if he just kind of casually drops that same phrase, we'll know he's just joshing. Just watching the video and because he was in front of his locker, like you know microphones around him, I don't think he was smirking, I think he was genuine. I think he's saying that like we're not on the level of these Celtics because he just seems like, to me at least, was watching the video. You think he's missing James Harden? Uh, no.

But I just noticed maybe he realizes that they're not as good as his team right now because he looks kind of dejected when he says it, that's what I got out of it. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. ALaw Radio is where you can find me on Twitter and right now my Twitter is blowing up. You want to know why? Because the young actress, the child actress that played in the Poltergeist series, I only knew there was one, I never watched any but the one when I was a kid, apparently she died when she was 12 years old. I had no idea. So she was only a child actress, I do not know the circumstances, I got one tweet about how she was murdered and there's some nefarious kind of details like rumors out there about what happened but I don't know that so I'm not going to pass them along but yeah a bunch of you finding me on Twitter to tell me that she was gone at the age of 12. She died in 1988.

I know, that's sad. I'm gonna have to look it up. I can't do my research right now on the show but I will see if I can find some of the details but yeah could you imagine? No wonder we didn't see her in anything else. Right, all the movies we missed, there could have been such a great actress. And yet people are still talking about her.

I didn't know her name but here we are still talking about her. Alright coming up Josh Allen speaks out about losing his offensive coordinator and man just when you thought the Browns were a legitimate contender, they still are on defense but this is another blow that it seems like only happens in Cleveland or happens in Cleveland so often. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the- Ready to start talking to your kids about financial literacy? Meet Greenlight, the debit card and money app that teaches kids and teens how to earn, save, spend wisely and invest with your guardrails in place. Parents can send instant money transfers, automate allowance and more.

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Actual range will vary with options driving conditions and habits, vehicle and batteries condition and other factors. Available in limited quantities and select states only. The After Hours Podcast. The AFC version if you missed the NFC version it was last hour including updates on Justin Fields and Matthew Stafford but this is the AFC version and there's some devastating news for Browns fans and for the Browns locker room as well. Riding high winners of four of their last five including this incredible fourth quarter comeback against the Ravens in Baltimore only to find out that not only is Deshaun Watson dealing with a high ankle sprain and we saw that late in the game but he's now got a broken bone in his shoulder requiring immediate surgery and will not play the rest of this season. One Browns fan found me on Twitter and mentioned the defense and I said absolutely the defense gives them a chance to win every week thinking about their game against the Steelers this weekend. Both those teams want to make the opposing offenses look ugly. They want to drag the game down to the ugly level if that makes sense but this is still devastating because he's the most experienced quarterback they've got.

He's got a unique skill set. He was just starting to round into form. You could argue he played his best half of the season against the Ravens where he did not miss on any of his past attempts and he looked mobile as well so this is tough to take not just for him personally as he misses half of another season though last year was on him but also on the Browns.

It's part of life and what I've been able to deal with my 28 years of my life is just another stone that's in the way and I have faith in myself and my Lord that I'm overcoming so I'm going to be straight and I'm going to get through it for sure. Incredibly disappointed for the kid. He battled like crazy to get back out there and then for what he did with those injuries in the second half is even more remarkable so disappointed for him but he'll get back, he'll get healthy, I know that. He'll attack his rehab. Two to three months before he can even throw a ball is what Deshaun told the media on Wednesday. Now it will not be PJ Walker who takes over, remember PJ started multiple games when Deshaun was missing previously but now it will be the rookie who started in week four. Why is Kevin Stavanski going with Dorian Thompson Robinson? As you know every week you're trying to just make the best decisions you can for your team I want to give him a week where he knows he's a starter, he gets a full week of preparation.

So in other words they're throwing spaghetti at the wall like my Italian grandma and hoping that something sticks. That's the point is maybe they've got something with the rookie and they want to actually find out and give him a fair shake before he gets out there but neither he nor PJ Walker is going to be Deshaun Watson and that's obviously a problem. They're already missing one of the best running backs in the league even though Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt can help you play the ball control game without a viable quarterback you can only get so far right you're going to run into other teams that have amazing defenses but also have quarterbacks that can put more points on the board.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. The Bills do actually have Josh Allen and yet they are not scoring at the same clip they were earlier in the season. They've got a turnover problem. Josh Allen knows it's not Ken Dorsey's fault and he kind of bears some of the responsibility for Dorsey losing his job. Obviously not a set of circumstances you want to be in especially during the middle of the season. I love Dorsey as a human being he just he's one of the good ones he's been in this room with me for a very long time.

I feel like I owe him a lot of the success that I've had in my career and he's been a huge part of that so it's sad to see him go. When I really look at it from the teams that I've been in and the situations that I've been in I mean we're damn lucky to have a quarterback like Josh Allen and you know all quarterbacks struggle and at some point in their career they struggle they have hard times and that always looks the same whether it's a turnover or a pick or this misplay or a sack here or a WTF moment from the quarterback position. But I think the max level for Josh Allen which he's played at multiple times is like nothing that I've ever seen before when he sits back there and he has his target or he's trying to make something happen and he connects like his ceiling is higher than any other quarterback that I've been around and I've been around some great ones I played with some great ones.

Peyton Manning he played with and won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning and he talks about Josh Allen's ceiling so that's Von Miller now with the Bills and still churning up yardage and churning up quarterbacks. But they've got to figure it out on offense right you can only ask so much of the defense it's already missing two of its biggest stars this season as well it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio the Bills take on the Jets this weekend and if you haven't heard there is no timetable for Aaron Rodgers return so we will not dwell on that. Thursday night football in the AFC North oh man you want to talk about knockdown drag out I am excited about this one the Bengals they just had their win streak interrupted by the Houston Texans and so now Joe Burrow and company have to move on against the Ravens. Put it behind you quickly you know there's no time to really sit and reflect too much because you know coaches are starting a game plan right after the game and then you know Monday we're right into it Monday's a Thursday and today's a Friday so you know you just got to put it behind you fast and move on.

Today meaning Wednesday is actually a Friday that was confusing I suppose it made sense in his mind yeah short work week because they have to play on Thursday night against the Ravens and the Ravens they're looking their wounds but they really couldn't worry about that loss to Cleveland for too long either. Coughing up the 14 point lead in the fourth quarter remember that was an issue that plagued them last year not being able to hold leads they do not want to lose both these games in the span of five days inside of the AFC North because their advantage will be lost and this is a tough defense a sneaky good defense for the Bengals didn't play as well last week against CJ Stroud but hey welcome to the club but this is where you go toe to toe and this is if we're talking about the importance of games if we're talking about a critical even close to must win games the ones in your division especially one is stacked as the north this is it. Games been going both ways last few years but you know guys just guys is a lot hungry you know I'm on both teams guys want to win but I don't believe nobody want to win more than we do. All right nobody want to win more than we do I like it and also he says they're black uniforms they will wear tonight are sexy that was the word from Lamar Jackson I can't wait to see it I'm all about the sexy let's bring sexy back baby let's bring sexy back to Thursday Night Football it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio our AFC version of QB news as far as we can get speaking of Houston CJ Stroud all the Rays there are people inside the league even touting him for MVP as a rookie the Texans above 500 but what is D'Amico Ryan's telling his rookie QB to keep him stable and steady. Don't get the big head we stay humble and we stay hungry that's what it's all about you stay humble and that's that's the only way I know how to approach it right just as much as people talk great about you if something goes wrong they'll be talking bad about you the next day so you can't ride that wave and I teach our team we don't ride the ups and downs of the season we prepare the same way each and every week and we go out and play our best football on Sunday that's all that matters we can't get caught up in the headlines because headlines don't win you games you got to go execute you got to go play good football to win games and that's the only thing that matters to us. Love D'Amico Ryan's I kind of feel like the paraphrase from Dan Campbell would be hype train it's essentially what we're talking about here don't believe your hype train the hype train don't ride your hype train don't watch where your hype train is going in fact get off the hype train and take a bike or take an uber I'm rambling right now oh ouch I'm sorry what are you saying okay I do love D'Amico Ryan so the Texans are one of the great stories in the NFL and certainly in the AFC South and I don't know Jaguars you better watch out how do you bounce back from getting shellacked by the Niners. We all want to play great you know we want to be successful we want to show the type of offense and the type of players that we have and I feel like we really haven't this season you know minus a game or two or a series or two here and there you know I think we all have that confidence in who we can be but we haven't done it yet so we can't say that that's necessarily who we are yet because we haven't done it so I think that we feel that urgency and we know we know what we're capable of but you know we got to figure out how to transfer all that and translate it to Sunday. Oh Jaguars this is it's one of those stories or one of the really those season arcs where I I just I don't have any sympathy for you you knocked me out of the survivor pool so you deserve all you get but then I feel like that's a bit petty so I maybe I should dial back on it yeah they lost to the Chiefs and Texans earlier in the season then won five in a row and then as I say had zero offense against the Niners now it's the Titans coming up in week 11 we're into week 11 how is that possible Aidan O'Connell he's the rookie starting quarterback for the Vegas Raiders they're riding high with two wins in a row under Antonio Pierce. I think we're feeling great it's been a good two weeks obviously they get wins and hard fought wins against good teams and you know I think this will this week we present a new challenge and it'll be you know a very tough game against a really good team that it's explosive on both sides of the football and we're gonna have to play a really good game. Also another budding story a budding surprise I don't know producer J we can't use Bengals and Ravens as one of our game of the week candidates because the poll starts tomorrow and that game is tonight can't wait to be on the air actually depending on what happens with the shed I mean you all may have to discuss Bengals and Ravens yourselves you may just have to discuss it talk about it on your own I'm not sure I'm gonna be up for it let's see Pittsburgh Cleveland those two teams are six and three it's a good one so I would think that would be one of the games of the week Raiders Dolphins though I don't know if I'm buying Raiders Dolphins as a game of the week I don't know if I'm there yet I need the Raiders to win another one before I kind of look at them as anything different let's see what are we looking at here Eagles Monday night oh my gosh how about Baker and the Bucks against the Niners oh we might be we might be watching that through a crack in our fingers fearing for Baker how about Josh Dobbs and Minnesota against the Broncos they're hot right now both hot all right we'll talk about it tonight maybe it's after hours CBS sports radio boom this episode is brought to you by FX is a murder at the end of the world starring Emma Corrin Clive Owen and Britt Marling Emma plays Darby Hart a sleuth and tech savvy hacker she joins an exclusive group invited to a retreat when one of the guests is found dead Darby must prove it was murder before the killer takes another life FX is a murder at the end of the world now streaming only on Hulu this holiday season ask for concert and comedy tickets create your wish list at live choose from thousands of the hottest shows including Chelsea Handler, Doja Cat, Jonas Brothers, New Kids on the Block, Niall Corrin, Tim McGraw and more just sign in at your favorite shows and send a helpful hint to family and friends it's never been easier to get what you want an unforgettable night out with your favorite artists create your wish list today at live slash wish list basketball season is finally back and Bet QL is ready to help you win more consistently this year Bet QL is an absolute game changer if you're looking to find trends to help you win make smarter bets on spreads, totals, player props and more Bet QL has already helped over 300,000 people with powerful analytics and community insights don't airball your opportunity this basketball season visit Bet for their free daily analysis today that's Bet
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