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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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November 16, 2023 5:56 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 16, 2023 5:56 am

What's under the shed? We will soon find out! | Browns lose Deshaun Watson for the remainder of the season | Josh Allen speaks on the firing of Ken Dorsey.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Visit or download the app to get an instant offer today. I promise no baby shark tonight. Jay, no baby shark tonight. We've made a promise. I've made a vow. We will not do that to you again. After seeing some of your tweets and Facebook posts, I kind of felt bad, but I was really just asking for your sympathy and your understanding to start last show because it was stuck in my head. So that as I was driving into work tonight, Jay, don't do it.

Don't do it. As I was driving into work tonight, I was thinking about some of the messages and the responses I got. And I almost started thinking the song again and singing the song again. I had to cut myself off. I had to take control of my thoughts, take them captive.

I had to commandeer them so I wouldn't go right down that baby shark rabbit hole. That does not even make sense. But you know what I'm talking about if you listen to the show. Just don't don't think about it. Don't do it. Don't start singing it to yourself. Definitely don't sing it out loud. In fact, I think you should probably change the channel or turn off the show immediately.

Oh, my gosh. I swear it's not part of this edition of the show. Jay will not make a liar out of me.

He knows better than that. Instead, we're going to be really serious. It's going to be one of those shows where no one has fun, no chewing gum, no having fun, no baby sharks, no hippopotamus for Christmas. Actually, I don't mind the hippopotamus for Christmas. And pretty soon we're going to get to the point where you'll hear my favorite Christmas song on a regular basis. OK, so Thursday is the is the moment of truth when I find out what's under my shed.

I had also many responses to that. I'll just admit it. It's a fear in my life. I'm nervous. I don't know what's under my shed. But on Thursday morning, I will find out.

Get this. I even got an email from. I guess you would call him a PR rep. He's in public relations and he was offering me one or two different guests based on a project that he's working on. And at the bottom of his email on Wednesday, he wrote, P.S., what's underneath the shed? Well, that's the question. What is underneath the shed?

I don't know, but I will find out on on Thursday morning. And actually, it's going to be an even more challenging. Challenging morning where I have to keep my emotions in check about the shed because I won't be sleeping until much later on Thursday than I normally do. I usually go to bed within a couple hours of the show being over. So after I walk the dog and feed the zoo and then get my own breakfast, get ready for bed, brush my teeth, I read a little bit.

Sometimes they answer a couple emails or text messages, but usually not. So I read a little bit and then that's it. I fall asleep. It's hard for me. I cannot stay up very long after, say, two, two and a half hours.

Once the show is done, my adrenaline has worn off and my energy level just completely tanks. But on Thursday morning, I've got to stay awake for the shed removal, but I think I'm going to stay safely inside. I actually don't think I want to see what's underneath the shed.

I'm going to go ahead and let the shed removal dude deal with that and then he can just send me a text and tell me what's under there. I asked Bob what he thinks is underneath the shed. And before he could answer, I said, are there bugs? Do you think there are bugs? And he said, well, there are probably a few bugs. My response was, why do there have to always be bugs? I don't want bugs. That's why I need to stay inside. Those bugs could they could call their families. There could be a bug invasion.

Yeah, no, I'm good outside. Actually, we have had a couple of hard freezes. It's warmed up during the daytime, but we had a couple of hard freezes, which means that there likely aren't as many bugs. They found themselves new homes somewhere else for now. They've migrated south for the winter.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I just I can't with the bugs. In fact, when I was interviewing Bob to decide if he would be a worthy hubby candidate. I really hope somebody believes that's what I did.

Just one person who believes that's actually what I did. I interviewed potential candidates. We were speed dating and I asked him a bunch of questions. And one of the questions I asked him was, are you OK killing the spiders? Because if you're not all deal, the whole all bets are off.

The deal is off. I will say that's one of the first questions you asked me when I became the producer of the show was, will you kill the bugs in the studio? I mean, we do have bugs in the studio.

Oh, yes. Thankfully, they're not bed bugs like on a couch recently in the building. I never sit on couches in the building because that's gross.

But yeah, not that long ago, maybe it was pre-J. We had this email that came around about how there are bugs on like the one particular couch had bed bugs. And so then they were having to exterminate a whole area. You know, bed bugs are very hard to get rid of. First of all, they're very hard to detect because they're microscopic. You need special dogs to determine whether or not there are bed bugs.

And then it's really hard to get rid of them. And so there were company emails flying around about the bed bugs. It was on this floor, but it was in a different area of the floor. So not the network area, but one of our radio stations had bed bugs. Yeah, it was awesome.

Something I'd never thought I'd see. Anyway, so yes, when I was interviewing Bob at some potential hubs, I did have to ask him whether or not he was OK killing spiders. And then, of course, I asked about my other requirements. Number one, are you OK taking at least one of the dog walks? Because I just I just need someone else to walk. Just one of the daily dog walks.

Do you know it now takes Penny and I 10 minutes to go around a block, 10 minutes to go around a block. But I'm telling you what, that dog loves her walk so much. She is so happy to go outside three, four or five times a day. The dog loves the outdoors. She'll go sit outside in the backyard and just sniff the air.

She's a hoot. But I'm telling you what, when we walk 10 minutes to go around a block, especially now that there are piles of leaves everywhere, she has to stop and smell every single leaf in every single pile. Does Moose like to smell the leaves? Moose will smell a leaf.

Yeah. He also kind of likes to smell the air. Sometimes he'll stand by like the back door and like he even needs to go outside. We do walk him, but he like sometimes just let him out in the back and he'll stay. I'm sorry, we do walk him.

Who walks him now and then? Do you? Maybe not. Maybe like three times a year?

Maybe. But he'll stand by the door and open it and he just won't go anywhere. He'll just stick his head out, kind of smell a little bit, get the wind on him and then be like, all right, I'm good and then go away. But he'll cry at the door like he really needs to go out, really has to go. No, he just wants to check out what's happening.

Just needs to smell the wind for like a minute and then he's good. That's sweet. I like it. Very cute. I saw it wasn't, it wasn't a standard, isn't Moose a standard English bulldog? Yeah, English bulldog.

Right. So it wasn't that. It was a different kind of bulldog. French bulldog? He was, he had brown spots. She actually was a she. She had brown spots and she, yeah, I don't know. It was, she was similar to a bulldog, but not as big and not the same face. So, yeah, she was a different family of a bulldog or some sort. It may be, but she was really sweet.

She was running around a field in my town on Wednesday when I was out walking with a friend. So, yeah, anyway, I don't know how we get on that because Jay doesn't walk his bulldog. That's why. So anyway, so, yes, Penny and I take forever to walk around the block. So that's why I need I just want Bob to take one of the dog walks.

That's it. Just, just one. I think it's a fair ask.

Yeah, I don't think it's a really unfair ask. And then the other, the other deal breaker was just the trash. I need, I've been taking out the trash for so long. I just want some man to take out the trash.

See that I do. I'll do everything else. Everything else. That's it.

Just one dog walk, take out the trash and kill the spiders. That's all I need. I don't think that's too much to ask.

I really don't. Except that he also cooks, which is amazing. That's a bonus. It is a bonus.

So we'll be able to split those duties. It's coming up. I can't believe it.

My gosh. It's a month from Friday. A month from Friday. It feels like it's been five months all year long. And now all of a sudden it's, it's a month from Friday. This is what we said would happen. Yeah, it's exactly what happened. Time dragged.

It barely moved at a glacier pace. And then what? We're four weeks out? Holy crap. It's funny because we, I heard, I heard from a relatively, I wouldn't say new listener, but spotty listener who hadn't tuned in in quite a while. And didn't realize that I was getting married. And so he just, he said how happy he was for all the wedding questions on Ask Amy. You don't even know the half of it. Multiple videos.

That was just a taste. Yeah. So we will do another holiday edition of Ask Amy anything mixed with Ask Amy Walks Down the Aisle. Because yeah, we're still getting questions.

And because it is coming up soon, it seems that one of the most popular questions now is about photos. Yeah. The answer is no. Sorry. I hate to just be whatever burst your bubble and to be blunt about it. Actually, I don't. I'm pretty blunt.

I rarely beat around the bush. But there aren't going to be any photos from the wedding actually on social media. Maybe at some point I'll share a photo of me, maybe me and my mom. But yeah, they're not going to be wedding photos on social media. I finally found, but my family have always been pretty private with on social.

But yeah, finally found a part of my life that's too sacred for social. It's just not going to go there. And so I apologize to those of you who feel as though it's not fair. Or maybe you just don't think there really is a Bob. You think he's fake and made up.

So I guess this fits that conspiracy theory. I don't mind sharing photos of me now and then. But this is one part of my life that I want to keep personal and private. But thank you so much for asking. I appreciate your morbid curiosity.

Your morbid fascination. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio and on Facebook. You can also find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. We're glad to connect with you. Hope you survived your hump day. We are now headed downhill toward the weekend. If you can believe it, it's week 12 in college football. It's week 11 in the NFL and it starts with a doozy. Ravens and Bengals on Thursday Night Football.

Yay for Al Michaels. All these weeks, I guess there have been a couple of competitive games, but all these weeks that he's had to deal with some brutal Thursday night games. Not this week, baby. Bengals at the Ravens. So now's your chance to get Prime Video if you don't have it or to get Sirius XM and access the radio edition or the radio version of either one of these teams or the game specifically.

It's always carried on Westwood One. It's something that I had said going into this two game stretch for Baltimore. With back-to-back games at home at M&T Bank Stadium, but also two division opponents in the span of five days. If the Ravens can survive these two games and come out with wins and move to what would have been nine and two, I would have declared the Ravens the best team in the AFC. Now, they were the best team in the AFC for three and a half quarters. And until Sunday, the Browns had two touchdowns in the span of a minute. So they capped their own offensive touchdown with an Elijah Moore catch. And then right after that, a pick six by Greg Newsom.

That was the touchdown that you all declared to be the after-hours TD of the week. Cleveland was able to engineer really impressive comeback based on not just their defense but also their offense. We saw them establish the run again. We saw them use some lengthy drives, I think, to kind of wear down that Ravens defense. And the pick six was phenomenal. But we also saw Deshaun Watson use his legs. We saw him extend plays.

Jerome Ford was great. Kareem Hunt had a touchdown late. Despite trailing by 14 points early in the fourth quarter, the Browns, they were flexing their muscles.

It was an impressive rally, an impressive win. And looking at the standings now in the AFC North, once again, every team is above 500. It is still the best division in football. The Ravens at seven and three. The Steelers, the Browns, at six and three. The Bengals at five and four. But it's now a decided shift in the AFC North with the news that emerged on Wednesday.

And actually, even as I look at the TV here, I've got the NFL network up in studio. And it's the Browns-Ravons replay. And they are still in the first half, late in the first half.

But we know what's coming. And I can only imagine how devastating it was for the locker room, for the coaching staff, and certainly for the fan base. I did hear from a few Cleveland fans on Wednesday finding out that Deshaun Watson is done for the season. I know he'd missed a handful of games. And the defense can certainly keep the Browns competitive in whatever situation they're in, whatever game they play.

But this is really tough because it felt like they were going to have all this forward momentum. And they finally had their quarterback. I wouldn't say healthy. It was pretty obvious he was never completely healthy. But on Wednesday, the Browns announced that Deshaun Watson needs surgery. He's got a broken bone in his throwing shoulder. This was revealed by an MRI on Monday. I thought the MRI was on his ankle, because he was also dealing with a bulky ankle against the Ravens. And according to team doctors, he needs surgery immediately to make sure there's no more structural damage, that he doesn't do more harm to that shoulder. And following the same steps, I think it's important to remember that this is going to be a tough game. And following the surgery, he won't even be able to throw for two to three months.

And that's his own personal timetable. This was one of his best games as a Brown, even though he also had an ankle sprain. He was dealing with the shoulder pain. But in the second half, he didn't miss on any of his past attempts. He was 14 for 14.

And then over the final five minutes of this game, against the Ravens, he led them on a game-winning field goal drive. According to the various reports out there, and then Deshaun himself, we'll hear from him coming up, he wanted to get painkillers, injections, whatever it would take to be able to stay on the field. But he was told by doctors that if he continued to attempt that throwing motion, the injury could be a lot worse than what it is now.

And so you'll hear from not just Deshaun himself, who did speak to the media on Wednesday, but also his head coach, Kevin Stavanski, and the decision on who he will start in place of Deshaun Watson. But yeah, talk about a cruel twist of fate. And I don't really believe in fate, but a cruel twist, not just for Deshaun, who I'm looking at right now on the screen in studio, but for the team, and also for the fan base.

It is rough. And a lot of fan bases, a lot of franchises have experienced that this season. It really has been an extraordinary year when it comes to injuries for starting quarterbacks. Browns have these games on their schedule, and they're playing the Steelers this coming weekend. That's followed by the Broncos in Denver next weekend. Now you can scoff about the Broncos, but they've got some pretty impressive wins.

Their defense is also playing really well the last month or so. Then it's at the Rams, followed by the Jaguars and the Bears in Cleveland, and then they finish up at Houston, home to the Jets, and at Cincinnati. There are some very winnable games there, but there is so little margin for error in the AFC because there are so many teams who are primed to compete in the AFC. Who are primed to compete for playoff spots in the second half.

That's the part that's so tough. You've got two teams that have seven wins in the AFC. That's Kansas City and Baltimore, and then you've got another handful of teams that are sitting on six wins, another group right behind them at five wins. As much as you look at the Browns schedule and you think, oh yeah, there's some winnable games there. If the defense continues to play the way it is, they've got a run game that can dominate. The issue is, of course, there are other teams who do have their starting quarterbacks, and you can slip back very quickly in a crowded AFC. Browns fans, I'd love to hear from you, even before we hear from Deshaun Watson.

So you can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. Gosh, we're gonna have to look. Kind of big picture with the NFL. Someone asked me about the offense being down this year. Well, yeah. Quarterbacks are dropping like flies, and I do not mean to be flippant about it.

It's rough. Although we are getting a few back. Matthew Stafford expected to be back this weekend. Justin Fields expected to return to the football field this weekend. Fields to the field.

Fields calling all fields to the field. I know I'm a weirdo. So on Twitter, on our Facebook page, good to connect with you. Thanks so much for hanging out. If you missed the conversation with Jerry Palm, he is the college football playoff insider because he has the formula, so he knows what the committee is going to do. Thank you.

I saw it both on our Facebook page. Jerry's analysis is usually very accurate. Yeah, you think? He actually knows the formula.

He's been in the room with the committee before, so yes, it is extremely accurate. I hope so. So check that out on our podcast.

The link is on both Twitter and Facebook. We're going to get to a little bit of baseball as well. A first time, unanimous AL Cy Young Award winner.

Man, the smile on his face was pretty awesome. Heading downhill toward the weekend. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

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Find it wherever you buy laundry products. Watson out of the gun. In the backfield is Elijah Moore. Watson takes the snap, drops back to pass.

Pressure's coming. Moving to his left. Pumps once, throws inside the 10. He's got Moore at the goal wide into the end zone. Touchdown Browns.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Browns Radio. I'll be seeing that on my television in just a short while as the Browns Ravens game is being re-aired on NFL Network if you want to watch it again.

But there's news now and maybe it feels hollow to watch that win. Browns fans, AFC North fans, how you feeling about this news? Deshaun Watson lost for the season. Yet another starting quarterback who goes down with injury. It's, gosh, it's incredible how many have been lost.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Deshaun himself spoke after getting the news that he requires shoulder surgery. Very painful. The whole second half was painful to throw a football, you know. It's a bone that's fractured in my shoulder. So no type of, you know, medicine or anything is going to stop the pain from that.

But it's just frustrating all around. Just not being able to play and just the injuries. Two to three months before he can even attempt to throw a football. So we're obviously talking about a lengthy rehab and recovery process. And Deshaun said he really wanted to keep playing. I'm still in disbelief. I'm still, I said, just trying to process all the information that I've been getting since last night.

It's tough, you know. I've, you know, felt like we were turning a corner to really make a run and, you know, I still believe we still will, you know, with the guys in this locker room. So the Browns, again, with their defense, will remain competitive in most every game.

I mean, think about what's coming up this weekend. It's the Steelers. Another AFC North knockdown drag out more than likely. The Steelers have won every single one or every single one of their games, every single one of their wins this year. All six of them have come by one score, meaning eight points or fewer. It's a fight.

It always is a fight. Yeah, they don't blow teams out and neither do the Browns more than, I guess more than likely most often. It's also the type of game where because of the defense, they make the opposing offense scuffle, scrape, scratch. And so that gives their defense, which does have a few very talented players, but is missing Nick Chubb, so that's huge, has been playing without it starting quarterback here and there, which is also huge, but they do obviously have some talented players. It's just that the Browns want the game to be ugly and so do the Steelers.

That gives them their best chance to win. It's fairly typical of AFC North football actually. So they've got the Steelers this weekend, but if you look at how they've played, let's say their last five games, remember they had the stunning win over the Niners. That started the Niners skid.

They're three in a row. They beat the Colts by one. Now in that game, weirdly enough, the defense gave up 38 points. It was very odd.

It was atypical. Against the Niners, they gave up 17. They lost to the Seahawks and the 12th man in the Pacific Northwest, but then shut out the Cardinals. Remember when Josh Dobbs used to play for the Cardinals? It wasn't that week. If it had been Josh Dobbs, they wouldn't have earned a shutout, but that was when Clayton Toon started. So they shut out the Cardinals and then this past week rallied past the Ravens. So they've won four of their last five and it put themselves firmly in contention in not just the AFC North, but the AFC as a whole.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. As they say, it's got to be devastating news because they're playing not just their best football of the year, but are flying high. It's part of life and what I've been able to deal with in my 28 years of my life is just another stone that's in the way. I have faith in myself and my Lord that I'm overcoming.

I'm going to be straight and I'm going to get through it for sure. Incredibly disappointed for the kid. He battled like crazy to get back out there and then for what he did with those injuries in the second half is even more remarkable. So disappointed for him, but he'll get back. He'll get healthy. I know that.

He'll attack his rehab. I hear the voice of Kevin Stavanski. Weird. I look up and there he is on my screen. Stop it. AI doesn't work quite like that, right?

Although my phone is spying on me. Instead of going with PJ Walker, Kevin chose to start the rookie. Remember we saw him in the first month of the season. Dorian Thompson Robinson or DTR as he's called.

Not DVR or DVD. DTR and they're going to give him this opportunity now. He is one of the 10 rookie quarterbacks who has started a game already this season.

So we're not adding another one to the list, but a huge opportunity for a very young QB. As you know, every week you're trying to just make the best decisions you can for your team. I want to give him a week where he knows he's the starter. He gets a full week of preparation. And I just saw this tweet, A-Law Radio from Mike who's a Browns fan. I'm curious to see how DTR performs knowing he's the starter the whole week with a game plan designed for him and not two hours before the game with a plan for someone else. My favorite part of the tweet from Mike though, not giving up hope yet. That's it.

Good for you. That's fairly atypical of Browns fans. Now they're very faithful. They're very loyal, but also I think in my encounter, and this includes a lot of family members because my mom's whole side of the family is from Northeast Ohio, they tend to assume the worst. When one shoe starts to drop, they just assume it's going to be a stomp.

We're in Cleveland. Nothing is easy here. See what I'm saying?

See what I'm saying? The General Manager Andrew Berry also talking about the rest of the season and what happens next. We really look at this as an incredible challenge and opportunity for our organization. And we have obviously gone through a lot over the first nine weeks. I think one of the things I talked about during the bye week is the ability to overcome adversity and specifically in-game adversity throughout the season. We really do have an organization. This is players, coaches, and staff that have grown Teflon skin and cast iron stomachs.

And I'm proud of that and we're going to have to rely on that. Cast iron stomachs, meaning nothing ever causes you to get sick. You're able to eat whatever you want, all the greasy food in the world, and your stomach never is affected by it. Your stomach lining, the stomach juices, they're never affected by it. I tell you what, I don't get sick very often.

I have a pretty strong stomach, I would say. But I suppose if I were a Browns fan, that would be different. Gosh, it's a little bit like being a Jets fan, is it not? Where there's always something. There's always something that seems to derail their hopes and their seasons, their positive forward momentum. And yeah, thinking about the number of quarterbacks out there, at this point now, how many teams have lost them?

There's a line of demarcation between the haves and the have-nots, that's for sure. The Dolphins and the Bills and the Patriots, although I guess we don't really know about the Pats because Mac Jones could end up getting benched. It would be like the fourth time this season he's been benched.

New England. But the Dolphins and Bills still have their starting quarterbacks. We're going to hear from Josh Allen actually coming up. The Ravens still have Lamar and while the Steelers had to play, what is it, half a game without Kenny Pickett, he's still standing.

So he's still upright. Bengals still have Joe Burrow. Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence. CJ Stroud still for the Texans. But the Colts and Titans are now starting backup QBs.

And in case the Titans is a backup to the backup QB, because Malik Willis was a dud of a return for Malik Willis. Chiefs still have their starter. Raiders have used three different quarterbacks. Justin Herbert still starting and then Russell Wilson.

Weirdly enough too, some of the veteran quarterbacks in the NFL right now, or the AFC, excuse me, their teams are scuffling on offense. And then in the NFC East, we know Eagles and Cowboys both above 500. Both contenders, both still have their starting quarterbacks.

The commanders, they have Sam Howell. The Giants, we won't speak of the Giants, poor Jay might not survive it. Jared Goff still there for the Lions. But the Vikings and the Bears have obviously used multiple QBs. The Packers still have Jordan Love. I wonder if there are Packers fans who wish they had a different option at quarterback. And then you think about the NFC South. Yes, Baker Mayfield is still starting. And Bryce Young too, although he has missed a couple games. But the Falcons and the Saints have used multiple QBs. The Rams and the Cardinals have used multiple QBs. I mean, we're talking about half the NFL that has lost their starting quarterbacks.

If not completely, then they've lost them for a short time. It's an epidemic right now in the NFL. And it's crazy too, right?

Marco Bellendi's here in studio. I know we're running a little bit late here, but the rules are supposed to protect the quarterbacks from really any type of defense. If you blow on a quarterback these days, you get called for a penalty and yet they're still dropping like flies.

Yeah, but it also kind of goes to show that this is a context board. I mean, people kind of forget that a lot of times. As much as we do complain and rightfully so about a lot of the poor roughing the passer penalties, there's a reason why the NFL wants to keep these guys upright because it is as physical as it is and they do a better job of protecting them from themselves. There's a lot of, oh, how come guys didn't get hurt? They got hurt back in the day. They played through it.

Back in the day. There is. I mean, there's a lot of times that, I mean, you've heard those stories about Deshaun Watson with this, you know, shoot me up, I'll play through it. Right. No, you won't.

It's a fracture in your shoulder. I'm not going to. And that's, teams are smart enough. I mean, granted, he's got 230 million dollars guaranteed. They got to keep him healthy, but that's part of it. There is a better responsibility to not let the player hurt himself further because he's trying to gut through some of these things. So you're going to get more guys on the bench and the NFL doesn't want that because they don't want games where it's, hey, come out and watch the game. Clayton Toon takes on P.J. Walker.

I can't market that. Let's get the starters back on the field. On Twitter, A-Law Radio, our Facebook page as well.

Josh Allen speaks out in the way, and I know we'll do QB News later, but Josh speaks out in the wake of the Bills firing their offensive coordinator because it was definitely all Ken Dorsey's fault. You are listening to the app. Ready to start talking to your kids about financial literacy? Meet Greenlight, the debit card and money app that teaches kids and teens how to earn, save, spend wisely and invest with your guardrails in place. Parents can send instant money transfers, automate allowance and more.

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For important information, visit slash disclosures. After hours podcast. The inside receiver comes in motion. Alan takes a snap.

Looks right. Throws the ball into the field through the hands. Intercepted through the hands of a receiver and intercepted and that is Justin Simmons. Denver rushes three.

Alan sets and throws. Ball will be picked on the sideline. Denver's got it.

The Broncos have it and that is a big, big play by Fabian Moreau. It sucks. Shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. It's a lot of bad football. A lot of bad football. I just felt like it was time for change. You know, we need to be a confident offensive football team and find consistent production and that's really where it came down to.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. From the Broncos radio network, four turnovers on Monday night. By the bills, by the bills. Losing that game to Denver on their own fields and then you hear the voices of Josh Allen who says it sucks. Sounds a lot like Baker Mayfield earlier in the season and then the decision by Sean McDermott to let Ken Dorsey go on his merry way.

Although I don't know how merry it is in the immediate. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We will do QB News in advance of week 11 in the NFL. You guys, we're a week from Thanksgiving.

What? Jay and I will not be here for most of next week actually. Jay, how long are you going to be out? I will be in Sunday night, Monday night and out the rest of the week.

Gotcha. Okay, so I'll be here for the Sunday night NFL show, Sunday night into Monday morning and then I'll be out the rest of the week after that. Yeah, first real time off since Labor Day weekend so I am looking forward to it. Taking a road trip to South Carolina. Me and Penns, we're going. So we were gonna, we're gonna try to beat the traffic out of the Northeast. Although far worse than driving on Thanksgiving is flying. No way, no way. I haven't done that since I've moved to the New York City area. No way. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

We'll talk about Thanksgiving when we get there, but we did have a bunch of questions about Thanksgiving on our hump show. Also had some questions about the Bills. I keep hearing from fans, are they not as good as we thought they were? Is something wrong with Josh Allen? Do you still believe in them?

All of those things. Well, you are what your record says you are and the Bills have a turnover problem. Through the first 10 weeks of the season, they have the second most turnovers in the NFL. Only the Browns have more. 18 turnovers and Josh Allen has 11 interceptions, which is tops in the league, even more than Mac Jones.

Although it's kind of crazy that two of them are in the AFC East. Josh spoke to the media for the first time on Wednesday and of course was asked right away about losing Ken Dorsey as his OC. Obviously not a set of circumstances you want to be in, especially during the middle of the season. I love Dorsey as a human being. He just he's one of the good ones. He's been in this room with me for a very long time. I feel like I owe him a lot of the success that I've had in my career and he's been a huge part of that.

So it's sad to see him go. We play better as a team. We probably don't have to make a move like that. He's a big part of what we've been doing here in the last few years.

I talked with Coach McDermott and I understand the thought process of why we're doing it. It's unfortunate, but at the same time we've got a game against a division rival on Sunday and you know we still have time to turn this thing around. Do you remember game one, Bills-Jets? Was it Monday night?

I think it was because Aaron Rodgers debut that lasted all of four snaps. Oh I still can't get over that. I could put myself back in that space right now. It was surreal. You must be making this up.

This comes from a movie. This is worst case scenario for the Jets. Four plays in. Their future Hall of Fame quarterback they brought in for the express purpose of winning is gone for the season. I still can't get over it, but the Jets ended up beating the Bills in overtime in large part because of turnovers. That was a major reason why and Josh Allen recognizes it and here they are at five and five and I don't say this to be snarky. I say it because it's true and it's it's mind-blowing that the Bills have the same record as the Colts. The Colts?

Are you kidding me? Our backs against the wall. You know the clock's ticking on on what we can do this on what we can do this season and it starts this Sunday to to try to turn this thing around. You know it's no secret in terms of how many wins you probably need to get to the playoffs and you know we don't got much much more wiggle room. We can't focus on the next week or the week after that or inevitably we can't focus on the end of the season. We got to focus on the here and now and that's that's Sunday against a team that's already beat us once this season. A team that you know offensively we we didn't play very well.

I didn't play very well. We're looking forward to getting out there and playing Buffalo Bills football. The football that we know we can play and I got a lot of faith in the guys in this room. I got a lot of faith in Joe.

I got a lot of faith in myself so we had to go out there put together our best ball. I don't know if history matters at all here because they're dealing with some extraordinary challenges but the Bills are nine and one in division games AFC East games since 2020 and that's one of the best records in the NFL. So they generally protect their home field not always. We're talking about a defense in the Jets that is as good as the defense for the Browns. Right it's it's a defense that continues to put its own offense in a position with a short field short fields and the opportunities to win and you can count on one or two really nice throws from Zach Wilson during the course of a game. The the the Jets will go in there and that defense will travel and it will keep them competitive. Can Josh Allen take care of the football?

Can he make smart decisions that are befitting of a veteran experienced quarterback? That's the question. It's after hours CBS Sports Radio. This episode is brought to you by FX's A Murder at the End of the World starring Emma Corrin Clive Owen and Britt Marling. Emma plays Darby Hart a sleuth and tech savvy hacker. She joins an exclusive group invited to a retreat when one of the guests is found dead. Darby must prove it was murder before the killer takes another life.

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