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11-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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November 6, 2023 5:58 am

11-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 6, 2023 5:58 am

The Chiefs & Dolphins clash in Germany | Raiders do a complete 180 in first game under Antonio Pierce, while the Giants lose Daniel Jones... again. | Hello, World? CJ Stroud says "I"M HERE!"


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For all terms and limitations, visit slash terms. Halfway through our first show of the work week. First full week of November, which is a lot to digest as well. Man, the weeks are flying now. Inside of six weeks until I'm not with you for back-to-back NFL Sundays.

You know what? I used to think that that was something that I would never do or never say, but 2023 is a whole new year in my life. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was a mixed bag, but at least I had one at home, which there aren't very many weekends at home left in the rest of the year. Gosh, you guys, we're inside of three weeks of Thanksgiving and many people are already talking about Christmas. You go to grocery stores or, in my case, go to Super Walmart to do your grocery shopping and there's an entire quarter of the store that is set aside for Christmas decorations already. We just got through Halloween and trust me, they were out there before Halloween. Can I tell you that I went to the mall this weekend. I went to Macy's blasting throughout the entire store the second I walk in. Christmas music is here already. I couldn't believe it.

Stop it. Christmas music. It's not even remotely Christmas. It's not even hit Black Friday yet. And there's Christmas deals. There's all the color themes are out there. It's here.

No, it's not here. I couldn't believe it. First of all, we're not rushing Christmas because I'm getting married the weekend before Christmas. So we're not rushing to Christmas, but also that's insane. How is anyone in the Christmas spirit right now?

I don't understand it. It's way too early. Oh yeah. And I like Christmas and all, but it's just too early.

No, it's fake. Can we enjoy it when it's time? Exactly. It's not time.

It doesn't feel like time. Oy. Jay loves the mall. I go to Walmart, get out of there as quickly as possible.

Jay soaks in the mall atmosphere. I got a pretzel. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So did a lot of the guys who were in Frankfurt, Germany. Apparently they were serving pretzels in the press boxes.

Not just that, but you were able to get them all over the place around the stadium. First ever NFL game in Frankfurt and it was your choice for the after hours game of the week. We'll get to all of the dirty deets coming up here in the next couple minutes, but if you want to take our poll for after hours Monday MVP, that is available on our show Twitter, After Hours CBS, and then also on our Facebook page. If you missed my conversation with Mike Petralia in the wake of Sunday Night Football, Bengals beat the Bills again for a fifth straight matchup and so we'll talk more about that an hour from now as we round into our early morning East Coast audience and they're just waking up and and shaking the cobwebs out and figuring out what they missed. Also the Ravens blasted the Seahawks so those two teams in the AFC North come away with wins as do the Cleveland Browns, toughest division in football.

Eagles and Cowboys, they don't quite duel to the death, but it does seem like that sometimes when these NFC East rivals get together. We've still got few more games that we haven't even touched on yet, but we're doing really well. The theme for this weekend, well it was the best of times and it was the worst of times for quarterbacks, but one of the themes is rookie quarterbacks. We've now seen nine of them start this season in the NFL.

Nine of them, that's extraordinary. Head and shoulders above the rest, CJ Stroud and we'll get to the Texans and the Buccaneers after the update at the bottom of the hour. So we are getting to all of it, all of the big moments and the jaw droppers and head scratchers from week nine in the NFL with still jets and chargers to come.

Sorry, excuse me. I mean the Jets are in line for a possible playoff spot. They're at least competing which is crazy, but Aaron Rogers is sure if they can get just get to the playoffs he's going to come out and be Josh Dobbs.

Oh no one ever said that ever in the history of the world. It's totally fine. Nothing like having a ball in your hands and watching Josh Dobbs.

It's totally fine. Engineer a late game comeback for one of your former rivals. All right, so pretzels, football, food and football, that's perfect. In Frankfurt, you know I love the alliteration, did you notice it was primarily Chiefs fans.

They were dressed in red, they were loud, they were obnoxious, they came to see a show. Second and ten now from the 11. Kansas City's opening possession. Mahomes quick out.

This is caught by Rice. Rice trying to guide his way into the end zone. He scores. Touchdown following his blockers. An easy score for Rasheed Rice. Touchdown Kansas City.

Our first touchdown in Frankfurt today. McKinnon is the running back. Mahomes retreating.

Pressure on the outside. Dunson. McKinnon at the 15. 10. McKinnon the jet.

Five. Touchdown Kansas City. The jet has flown all the way across the Atlantic and into the end zone. A 17 yard route out of the backfield by Jerrick McKinnon and the Chiefs have a two-touchdown lead. Bill Rozinski on Westwood one and Mitch Holtus on Chiefs radio and yeah the Chiefs start the half quickly with a touchdown on their opening drive and then it's kind of slow and sloggy.

I don't know if that's a word. It's slow and sloppy and sloggy. They're in the middle of that first half. Lots of punts but then an eight and a half minute drive that goes 95 yards for the Chiefs. They settle in and Jerrick McKinnon caps it with a 17 yard catch and run for the score.

Now late in the first half is the moment that I'm talking about when I say jaw dropping. I promise you this will be a candidate for TD of the week. Second and seven for the Dolphins at the Kansas City 30.

Chiefs lead 14 to nothing. They'll throw it in the near side. Tyreek Hill hit right in the stomach. Fumbles the ball. Picked up by Kansas City. Tyreek Hill with the catch and a fumble recovery. Up the sideline.

Here comes Bank. Is it Brian Cook? 10-5. Touchdown Kansas City. Mike Edwards hit Tyreek Hill right in the stomach. The ball came out and Brian Cook would not let the play in. They pitch it over to Cook from Edwards. It's a 67 yard fumble return for a touchdown after Edwards took the ball and scooped it to Brian Cook.

There's a lot happening. You can hear Dana Hughes giggling behind Mitch Holtus. Okay so let's sort through this and then I want you to hear some of the reaction to that play specifically. Right before halftime Tyreek Hill, former chief of course facing his team for the first time even though it's in Frankfurt. He's stripped by Trent McDuffie so that's the name you don't hear there.

He's actually stripped perfectly. McDuffie goes to wrap him up and as he's doing it he chops the ball away. So the ball comes out and it's Mike Edwards who recovers it but he goes a couple yards and he feels he feels arms and he feels like he's going to get tackled around his feet and so in this unbelievably heads up moment in the thick of the action he laterals to Brian Cook. Now keep in mind these guys are likely practicing laterals at times during practice and not because it's a defensive normality but because a lot of times late game situations maybe you're trying to extend a play you need a score and you've got 10 seconds and laterals are the only way to advance the ball down the field.

So they do practice those types of situations I wouldn't say often but it's not as though they aren't in tune with the fact that you can lateral and find a teammate but just in that moment Mike Edwards about to get tackled and he shuffles the ball to Brian Cook who goes full bore speed stir up the right sideline. Did you see him? He looked like a track star.

Probably was a track star. He motors 59 yards up the side for a touchdown that puts the Chiefs in front 21 zip. Okay so I want you to hear from Mike Edwards, Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes just an incredible moment that deserves some reaction. I felt Tyreke on my ankle so I was about to get tackled and I was like nah we gotta we gotta get this on we gotta do something else so uh I kind of looked back and I seen my boy BC and I was like I trusted him. That was sweet I mean obviously a huge play a huge play in the game but the way they were able to not only make the big hit strip the ball I think it was Mike that picked it up and then pitched it to Cook and Cook was rolling man I said it looked like he was like the anchor leg of a four by one in track so he got those knees up and was rolling down the field so a huge play that obviously mattered a ton at the end of the game.

He came up and smacked him first of all I mean that was a pretty aggressive hit and it was a catch and then an immediate hit and then he just went right for the ball punching it down which is which is tough to do is you lay a lick on him like that like he did so um but he's a he's a heck of a football player. The science of one of the more unique moments we denied in the NFL and I'm sure it didn't matter at all that it was against Tyreke Hill who said to us that the Chiefs were going to get the work or get them work or get this work or I don't remember exactly how he phrased it but you know he's got that cheetah grin on his face and he was going to give the business to the Chiefs defense except the Chiefs defense caught him for a fumble and then not only scoop scooped it up but then scored with it on a lateral. Well that had to feel good for Tyreke Hill.

They're gonna get this work wherever though. Right well this time it was in Frankfurt it's they did do the work it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio so 21 nothing at the half and actually this is maybe a little concerning the Chiefs don't score in the second half so that's not great we know they've been inconsistent still offensively Mahomes gets sacked and he fumbles so Bradley Chubb speaking of business Bradley Chubb was all up in his grill the entire second half. Miami's able to get then a quick touchdown and they'll use that ground game as much as they love what Tyreke can do through the air. So now the Dolphins with new life on this drive they're at the 13 of Kansas City it's first down and 10. Pitch play trying to turn the left side Mostert at the 10 at the five touchdown Dolphins touchdown Raheem Mostert and that huge penalty uncalled for by the Chiefs gives the Dolphins new life and a touchdown and we've got a game. Chiefs 21, Dolphins 13, 22 seconds to go in the third quarter. Bill Rozinski on Westwood one yeah he refers to a Chris Jones penalty that was just a bonehead moment.

Chris is a veteran he should know better. I don't know if there was jawing what was happening but they stop they meaning the Chiefs defense stops Tua and the Dolphins offense on third down they're walking off well they should have been he should have been walking off the field and instead he shoves an offensive lineman knocks him over when the play is done. There was no reason for that so it gives the Dolphins new life and ultimately leads to the touchdown.

So that was costly I can imagine he's going to get an earful or or should get an earful from his teammates for that moment. So it's 21-14 late in the third quarter and there is a last chance for the Miami Dolphins and once again Raheem Mostert. So I like the fact that that Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins they were persistent they had a sense of urgency but they weren't going to forsake the run game and Raheem was able to reel off a pair of chunk runs so then they have four snaps at it. But one thing I say about the Chiefs defense is that they are opportunistic certainly they're going to be overlooked many times because of what Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelcey and the Chiefs can do on offense that's a given it's flashy it's gaudy on offense but the defense is full of veterans guys who have been on the same stage, AFC championships, pressure pack moments, Super Bowls and they know how to rise the occasion.

So I call them an opportunistic defense that plays the best when the game is on the line. Fourth down and 10 Miami ball game here and a bad snap. Tua's got a fall on it and that'll do it.

A bad snap. Tua had to run back and just fall on the football back at the 44 yard line. Kansas City will take over on downs. One minute left in the game only one time out for the Dolphins and the Chiefs can take a knee and head back to the states with a victory. That was a tremendous achievement and obviously we got to keep it going.

You're just as good as that next game that you're playing but that was a heck of an achievement. Steve Spagnolo did a great job with scheming it and the players executed very well. Andy Reid referring to his defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo as they hold the Dolphins to 14 points and all of those coming in the third quarter and some of them coming because of the Chiefs mistakes. So they put 21 on the board but don't score in the second half and the defense makes it stand up which was huge. As for Mahomes, he does have a couple of touchdowns but he's under 200 yards. Also had that fumble there in the second half and still the offense is stop and start.

It sputters at times. I think you can see it in spurts. You look at the first drive, you look at the 90-yard drive that we had. You can see that we can do it. It's just about being consistent every single drive and obviously penalties and the mean not connecting on guys deep down the field hurt us but luckily for us our defense is playing their tail off and we got the win. Kansas City didn't score in the second half. One of the plays you know towards the ending of the half that's something we got to go and talk about but now I'm very proud of our defense how they played and there's some things that we need to clean up and fix you know going into this bye week getting ready for our next opponent. So Tua and the Dolphins they have had some extremely impressive wins right they scored 70 in a game earlier this season but if you look at their schedule what stands out is against the better teams on their schedule against the best teams in the NFL or the toughest competition they've come up short. Now that game in western New York against the Bills they got shellacked. That was their first loss in the first six weeks but then on the road at Philadelphia they lose by two scores and now against the Chiefs in Germany clearly going to be the top competition in the AFC they're unable to generate enough offense. It's only the first half of the season there's a bunch more games to go and the Dolphins are six and three they still haven't had their bye but these are good gauges to recognize where we fall short and I think it's also a good gauge for the Chiefs. Recognizing the Dolphins as an up and coming team in the AFC how do we match up? Never underestimate the Chiefs still it's still a thing it's still a thing in 2023 although I think people are far more cautious about it this year after predicting their demise in 22 and they only end up as Super Bowl champions.

That was sweet. One more thing to note about this game in Frankfurt and there is another one next week shoot the Patriots are in it but I forget is it Patriots Colts? I think it might be Pats Colts but okay so good Jay gives me the thumbs up. Something else to note and it's really a topic of conversation the Chiefs and the Dolphins did completely different travel schedules the Dolphins were there for I think four days they showed up middle of the week to be on the schedule to be ready to go the Chiefs didn't arrive till Friday that's the plan that they've used in the past it's worked for them even though this is Germany and not London they didn't appear to have any type of jet lag any type of mental or physical fatigue to start the game nah their best two quarters were the first ones were they perfect no but they came out with a lot of energy so there's probably some science to the travel but I really do think it depends on personnel and a lot of times it depends on experience oh it certainly helps if three quarters of the crowd is chanting Chiefs and is on your side that'll give you a lift as well so Dolphins fall to six and three they miss an opportunity to pick up a full game on the Bills and this is crazy to me but this is how the standings look in the AFC East with the Jets playing on Monday night they can actually remain in second place ahead of the Bills now if they lose they'll fall to third place but right now it's Dolphins at six and three Jets at four and three Bills at five and four and we haven't gotten to the Patriots yet we will but straight ahead in the AFC West the Raiders are in second place behind the Chiefs the Raiders who fired their coach and their GM midweek and promoted a linebackers coach who has zero experience as the man in charge and yet there's already a change in the locker room the spirit is different and boy did it show on the field Sunday on Twitter a law radio vote for the after hours game of no not game of the week the after hours Monday MVP you picked the game of the week that was it also on our Facebook page thanks for hanging out with us good Monday morning to you I hope you can't hear my stomach growling it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS porch radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast Donald's under center snap to hand up to the receiver Myers are on the left side 15 10 block from Adams cuts inside touchdown Raiders a jet sweep to the left and Jacoby Myers takes it for a 17-yard touchdown run and the opening drive of the game for the Raiders puts him up six nothing with 9 45 to go in the first hits misses and messes time to talk football after hours with Amy Lawrence the Giants as it turns out were the sacrificial lamb for the brand new Raiders we knew there was a distinct possibility they would come out with all kinds of fire and energy and spirit after hearing Antonio Pierce the last few days taking over as the interim head coach for the fire Josh McDaniels it felt lighter we talked to our Vegas insider Hondo Carpenter on our Thursday night show and he talked about how fired up the locker room was after hearing from Antonio that they weren't planning on giving up they were going to continue to go for it and they were going to find ways to incorporate their stars and to make sure guys like Devante Adams Josh Josh tops Devante Adams Josh Jacobs Max Crosby these are guys that can really set a tone for the Raiders and Antonio Pierce wanted them to feel winning wanted them to go out there and play with wild abandon and that they did that first touchdown on Raiders radio with Jason Horowitz came right before a moment for the Giants that really knocked them completely off base so whether or not they were going to be competitive in this game that became a whole lot more challenging once they lost their quarterback shotgun set breed in motion left Jones takes the snap and falls down it's me the just fell down and he gave out the leg gave out on him bob they're gonna have to have that tape or something if he can go but the led just gave out on him yeah as he went to drop back to throw his right knee just gave out from under him so Daniel Jones is back in the game after missing a few weeks with the neck injury just long enough to hurt his knee and while he was able to walk off the field this was one of those injuries that is the worst type and because it was a step a weird step that always is scarier according to reports the Giants fear a torn ACL for Daniel Jones which just sucks for him here we are into early November he just got back on the field Brian Dabel talked about it after the fact that he was so excited and had worked so well as excited as Daniel ever is but he had worked so hard to get back from the neck injury and to be ready to go over his team and he doesn't even last the first quarter of this one it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio man how things have changed since the off season when Daniel Jones got the fat contract Saquon Barkley was slapped with the franchise tag until he finally signs a deal and the two of them together it's just been like ships passing in the night you don't know until you have to gain MRI so you know play for him and he knows that I got back no matter what we got his back no matter what still without Daniel Jones I've already heard the t-word on New York radio as in tanking with a half of the season to go no one's tanking for Vegas that's not happening they shift back to the rookie quarterback Aiden O'Connell and yeah they give the ball more to Josh Jacobs so that he can be the bell cow O'Connell's under center Jacobs the lone tailback snap hand off Jacobs cuts in the hole right side at the one pushing forward touchdown Raiders O'Connell is under center he gives it to Jacobs following the offensive lineman at the goal line the ball is loose but they call it a touchdown Josh Jacobs reached it over the goal line before it popped out of his hands his second rushing touchdown of the day and the Robertson pick is a Jacobs touchdown and it's 20 to nothing here late in the second we wanted to do it for AP man I think we all came to that conclusion we all sat down and was like man no matter how this go like we're gonna play with everything we got for that man you know just because you know the position he's in and however you go he's gonna be the you know the face of the ridicule so we wanted to go out there and play for him Josh Jacobs just shy of 100 yards and in fact he was over 100 and then there was a late tackle for loss that pushed him back behind that century mark but 26 carries 98 yards a couple of touchdowns that you hear on Raiders radio and he says right away we wanted to do this for AP Antonio Pierce the rookie quarterback Aiden O'Connell over 200 yards he was turnover free and Devante Adams this is a guy who had openly lamented how bad it had become and that he was so frustrated everybody sounds different now execution he figured it out you know obviously we were put in a good position by that by the staff but went out there and made it count everybody bought in this week and you know we were determined to make it look different like I said earlier in the week just put it together in hopes of seeing a different product and that's what happened pride and poise and just getting back to being ourselves you know I mean everything that's going on is in front of us not behind us and the team effort you saw today is what we displayed in practice on Thursday and Friday and I'm proud of those guys for that second of all you've had great wins as a player but where does your first head coaching win rank it's up there my stomach was uh I had them butterflies before the game that hasn't happened but two other times in my life and um it was special very special I actually heard the extended comments from Antonio Pierce he went on about what it was like to coach in his first ever game in the NFL and maybe we can grab that for later on or maybe even later on this week because he talked about how grateful he is for the opportunity with the Raiders and how even if it's only these next nine games it'll it'll be special to him regardless and he talked about an organization that has a black head coach but also has a female president and a black general manager and that he he recognizes that these opportunities are are not every day and and they don't come around for everyone and so he we really wanted to underscore the fact that he was going to make the most of the time that he had regardless of what happens after this and he also talked about the two times that he's ever had butterflies and this being one of them right this is a Super Bowl winner and butterflies and this being one of them right this is a Super Bowl winner for heaven's sakes but this is a completely different arena and the team obviously responded and played not just hard for him but celebrated with him I don't know if you saw the video uh you know if you check it out on Raiders twitter he's in the locker room and they're exalting with him and right away I noticed there's cigars everywhere yeah they had a whole bunch of cigars fired up in the locker room uh they were they were in Vegas so this was a home game for them road game for the Giants but Max Crosby is front and center with a big cigar hanging out of his mouth and he had three sacks and three quarterback hits and they had a season high in points by halftime now you can say what you want against the Giants but the Giants defense is no slouch I know the offense is really scuffling right now and Tommy DeVito he had to take over for Daniel Jones that's not a recipe for success as much as I applaud him for making the NFL but the Raiders now at four and five are second place in the AFC West and there is an opportunity here the division itself other than the Chiefs provides an opportunity now the Chargers play Monday night against the Jets but the Chargers and the Broncos only have three wins each so if the Raiders can I don't know split the games in their division and get to eight wins or nine wins or even beyond that certainly they'll be in the mix for wildcards I don't know how it breaks down it's really thick in the middle in the AFC you've got a few teams have separated themselves from the pack but then you've got the entire AFC North that it's in playoff position you've got the Texans heck you've even got the Colts right now who are sitting on four wins so it's not an easy road but it is possible especially if they play the way they did and and getting back to Raider football is what Antonio Pierce called it so congratulations to him for his first ever win we'll wait to hear the news on Daniel Jones it would be such a gut punch for him for the Giants regardless of the contract they need him to find any kind of consistency and what does this mean if the rest of the season is a total dud what does it mean for Saquon Barkley in the offseason who right now is just on a one year deal there's all kinds of questions and implications the offensive line is still no closer to being a force they continue to have injuries to their two best players on the line it's just a it's a disaster one year after they make the playoffs and Brian Daybal is the NFL coach of the year but still I have to go so I guess there's opportunities there as well on Twitter a law radio also check out our show Twitter for the Monday MVP poll I voted for Josh Dobbs myself in fact I'm even writing my CBS Sports Minute about Josh Dobbs coming up next though CJ Stroud who what a head turner a record-setting performance in a comeback victory for the Texans with their rookie QB here's our latest sports update and here's oh I didn't even see that producer Jay put a note for me on the screen it was really nice but I didn't see it until just now we'll get back to it so let's let's let's give Peter Schwartz his time you are listening to the after-hours podcast and he's got it touchdown Houston rock and roll 75 yards CJ in the gun gets the snap pumps now fires deep down the right side and tag down touchdown Houston a teeny to tag tell don't coops Texas down one CJ Stroud with some lightning on this drive it's time to pull on the pads and hit somebody on after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio I don't know if you could see it or if they could feel it on the sidelines but man the way the Texans came out of the halftime locker room and how they boosted that sense of urgency and found another gear it was impressive with Mark Vandermeer on Texans radio Noah Brown goes 75 yards with a catch and run for a score tank Dell hauls in a 29 yard touchdown and CJ Stroud played the half of his life it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio now the fourth quarter was wild maybe the best quarter of the entire NFL weekend though I suppose we could debate about that but Houston started out that final quarter with yet another score thanks to a Tampa Bay three and out it was a short field three receivers left CJ Stroud in the gun one back single Terry Dell motioning to the right fourth and goal from the nine Stroud gets the snap Stroud quick throw right side touchdown Dalton Schultz the Texans are in front on fourth and goal they convert what a rocket from CJ Stroud to the tight end oh he was busy throwing rockets all right then they were setting off rockets as well they were off to the races in the fourth quarter get this 31 total points between the Bucks and the Texans three lead changes so Tampa wasn't done right uh the Buccaneers get back in front and they're inside of the final minute but you know how much uh you know how much Baker Mayfield loves a challenge and how much he loves to fly around also uh like he's a poor man's Brett Favre and and just chuck and duck and so yes for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers they've got a quarterback who's not intimidated in these situations no running back to the backfield Robert Hainsey to snap to make a Mayfield low snap dug out by Mayfield those toward the end zone clock ball is it how gone too is it caught it is a touchdown touchdown takes the seam route over the middle he held on to it and the crowd booing and thought they thought he had dropped the ball but Auden hangs on and the Buccaneers have taken the lead with 46 seconds to go yeah Kay Dot and second touchdown in this game comes with 46 seconds remaining that's oh Vander I forgot his name Gene Deckerhoff thank you I'm going Vandermeer and I'm going Deckerhoff uh Gene there with the call he's been the play-by-play voice of the Bucks and actually Florida State football for a very long time now this drive no doubt stuck with D'Amico Ryans who is a former defensive player himself and now the first-year head coach of the Texans because not only did Tampa convert on a third and 23 with that and then the fourth down conversion but there are a couple of times where it seemed like the Texans had them stopped and they just wriggled out of business out of trouble and and kept their business going so I was impressed with Baker Mayfield on this drive the problem is Houston still had a few seconds remaining to come up with one big score at an exclamation point for the home fans and CJ Stroud five for five through the air on the last drive four of the catches from his receivers were over 10 yards so we're talking chunk play after chunk play and the Buccaneers defense had no answers Stroud and the gun empty backfield after motion first down to the Bucks 15 10 seconds to go CJ gets the snap CJ looking throwing to the end zone with the reception rock and roll my goodness there are flags on the field could be on the defense what a comeback go kooks let's go here's the call from land Clark bring us some good news after the play unfortunately contact defense number 54 are you kidding you know a few weeks ago you said Houston we have a quarterback that was a few years ago but yes you know a few years ago I thought you said a few weeks ago that is the defining moment of the welcome to Houston CJ Stroud that is the moment right there takes route was nasty I didn't get to watch I just threw it um I just had to take care of the safety um there are quarters um once the safety buys by the inside route I thought outside route and his job is to beat the corner and um the Texans win so um that drive man it was special and um that's something in this league I'm learning man you got to be great too many um and for me I just want the ball to give me the ball uh call to play it I'm gonna go make it play so um I'm happy to be here I'm I'm happy with the win the game winning score with six seconds to go so that drive took 40 seconds for CJ Stroud and his receivers as for tank Dell the reason you hear on the call go kooks is because tank Dell is a Houston Cougar so he graduated from Houston and also a rookie like CJ hauls in that 15 yarder from his quarterback and man what a connection those two already have CJ man he's different I've been saying that since rookie mini camp since um fall camp autumn when CJ's different man he he told us to stay put on boys and be ready be ready so that's what we did we was ready and you know we executed six catches for him two of them touchdowns over 100 yards for the rookie so a big day as well but CJ Stroud gobbling up the yeoman's share of the headlines and the attention because he set a new single game passing record for rookies 470 yards surpassing what Andrew Luck did in his first season with the Colts 470 yards five touchdowns and just as impressive no turnovers for CJ I was saying on the field man like we're going through a lot um and I just remember like just actually we were actually in our chapel and our pastor was talking about like worship when you're away so basically worship like when things aren't the greatest and that's the true testament to faith um and for me I mean that's what I rely on I couldn't be up here I couldn't do anything on that field uh without my lord and savior man and he's given me a piece of like a sense of peace uh even when everything around me is going crazy so uh just gotta say that and give y'all a little nugget uh of of the word it's a gutsy performance from him right it wasn't all clean but he gutted it out he was tough in the pocket made some plays right made some big time throws for us and the receivers they were reliable for them they made those catches they made tough catches made big plays for us so it's all those guys working together but CJ was just very gutsy performance by him nine nine different rookie quarterbacks I actually went back and tried to name them all on Sunday when I was watching and thinking about CJ Stroud and how he's head and shoulders above the rest at this point I mean that does include Clayton Toon who started Sunday Jaron Hall for the Vikings uh Will Levis who had four touchdowns in his Titans debut it includes Tommy DeVito well I guess he hasn't started yet so he doesn't actually he's not in in among those nine but Bryce Young who's still playing for the Panthers and Anthony Richardson who's no longer available for the Colts I mean we've seen a variety of different rookie QBs um and yet CJ Stroud clearly the head of the class and so a come from behind win engineered by the the Texans they're now four and four while the which is amazing while the Buccaneers fall to three and five still comes down to little things you know doing your job at every snap every play so um there are a few times there on offense today where we didn't do that and so we had to have some longer field goals obviously Chase was perfect today so um that was good but we should have been in better positions to go in the red zone and score more touchdowns had there was improvement in the run game but um just wasn't good enough it's a team sport it's the greatest team sport on earth and you win as a team and you lose as a team we didn't play good fundamental or technique and we busted something that's everyday practice and you can't do that you can't play in this game so Baker Mayfield points out that they missed an opportunity here or there because of field goals and he's right uh they you put touchdowns on the board well then we're not talking about this late game comeback but credit the Texans as well and the nearly 500 yards of offense and for CJ Stroud it's not just him obviously the receivers right there in the mix and and they've developed this great rapport with him not much of a run game this is really more chuck and duck actually for both teams and it was a lot of fun to watch I hope that you caught the end of it to CBS aired the end of it after Raven Seahawks and it was dynamic it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio let's face the facts everyone wants to feel valued especially your employees in fact a 2023 study found 78% of business owners say benefits and retirement plans improve employee retention employees want to feel secure in their jobs and their finances at principle we help you invest in your people because investing in your people is investing in your business learn more at benefits products and services offered by member companies of the principal financial group Des Moines 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