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11-2-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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November 2, 2023 5:56 am

11-2-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 2, 2023 5:56 am

How the Texas Rangers won the 2023 World Series | The DBacks squander chance after chance early | Torey Lovullo just wants to eat ice cream after the loss.


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. It is truly one of our favorite nights of the year. That's saying something because I love my job. I love what we do. I love the variety. I love the breaking news. I love the instant analysis with some of the events that we get on a nightly basis. But there are only a handful of nights in every calendar year in which we get to call and crown and certify a champion. Two balls, two strikes. Spores, kicks, and fires.

He struck him out looking. It's over. It's over. The Rangers have won the World Series. Ranger fans, you're not dreaming. The Rangers are the World Series champions. After 52 years in Texas, 63 years of the franchise, the wait is over and the celebration has begun.

Straight up 8 o'clock in the Mountain Standard Time Zone, 11 o'clock on the East Coast, 10 o'clock back home in Texas. Josh Spores wraps it up and the Rangers are your World Series champions. Can you believe it?

Wow. May the ghosts of 2011 be forever erased. The calls from Eric Nadel, long, long time voice of the Texas Rangers and Matt Hicks on their radio network. As a side note, we are awaiting Eric at some point on the show. Might not be until next hour when producer Jay connected with him.

He was on the team bus heading back to the hotel in Phoenix. And as you can imagine, the celebration will continue deep into the night. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're glad to be with you. I'm happy to be back in studio.

Please find me on Twitter, A-LOL Radio, on our Facebook page too. Pretty crazy that this happens. At least I think it's crazy after 11 years, but it's true. Connected with a man on Wednesday who said he still had or he didn't have any idea. He had never heard the podcast.

He still was missing the show after changing work shifts several years ago. Didn't know that the entire show is available on podcast every weekday morning. And so I had a chance to share with him the podcast, the link, and then someone else responded with, oh, I didn't know that either. Okay, great. I've already saved your podcast in my list. All right. This is what social media is good for.

It's good for very few things, but that's one of the ways that we use it to our benefit. So whether it's on Twitter, A-LOL Radio, whether it's on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, both named after the show, easy to find. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Our phone number 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. It is a feel good story in so many ways. It really is. From Bruce Bochy coming off his couch out of retirement to add equity and credibility and maturity, of course, to add leadership and experience and wisdom and calm and steadiness to a team that was built to win, but didn't know how. I hope that makes sense. A team built to win, but didn't know how.

The pieces were in place individually. The money was spent to bring in guys like Marcus Simeon and Corey Seeger to bring in pitchers. Trades were made to bolster the roster, and yet what they needed was a voice and a head, if you will, who could show them what it means to be a champion. And considering everything the Rangers battled through in this 2023 season, culminating with their first title in franchise history, in franchise history, Bruce Bochy deserves a ton of credit. His fourth World Series ring.

And how about this? I love it when we get milestones and anniversaries that either are so closely tied or that actually land on the same exact day. As it turns out, Bochy won his fourth World Series 13 years exactly, 13 years to the day, after his first World Series. Stop it.

That's really cool. Goes back to 2010. San Francisco Giants fans will remember that day well because the Giants beat the Rangers. In fact, the Rangers, in fact, Rangers fans will remember it well. The Rangers went to back to back World Series in 10 and 11, only to be denied.

Bruce Bochy got the call in Nashville, hanging out, decided to end his retirement for the sake of a franchise that used to be, until a few hours ago, one of the only remaining clubs in baseball to never win a World Series. Now there are five. Can you name them? I'm sure there are fans out there who know their own franchise, but can you name the others?

If you can, find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, or on our Facebook page. Not only did Bruce Bochy lend his wisdom and experience and leadership, but Chris Young painstakingly built a roster that he believed could withstand adversity and could bounce back from failure, which is exactly what happened. The guys on the roster come from all over the place. There are a few that are from the Rangers' farm system, but for the most part, this is like a game of Monopoly, if you will. Going through and acquiring pieces, whether free agency or trades, really fat contracts like $325 million for Corey Seeger, who wins another World Series MVP.

This did not happen overnight. 102 losses just two seasons ago. The Texas Rangers have a franchise history that dates back to the 60s, when they were an expansion team called the Washington Senators.

And they started in the Lone Star State in the early 70s, just over a decade later. You all may remember what some call one of the best World Series in history, their battle with the St. Louis Cardinals and the way the Cardinals snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. And the way that the Cardinals managed to win the World Series of defeat. They lost the AL West title on the last day of the regular season. This is after leading the division for the majority of the 162 games.

And I love the irony in this, but it's not just irony, it's determination, it's commitment, it's motivation born in disappointment. It's triumph that is based in failure. In the final series of the regular season, they lost three of four on the road in Seattle. Do you know that was the last time they lost a road game?

Have not lost on the road since. The first team ever to go 11-0 in a postseason. In fact, no team had ever won more than 10 road games during a baseball postseason. The Rangers embraced it. The disappointment, they were dejected. Bruce Bochy said it was one of the lowest moments of the season when they lost the AL West title in a tie break to the Houston Astros.

But that brought out the best in these Rangers. They navigated injuries like so many teams do. Jacob DeGrom was brought in on a rich contract, one the Mets would not give him. And I don't even know if he made six starts. He was out really early. Corey Seeger himself also lost to injury for a good chunk of time. Adolis Garcia and Max Scherzer were removed from the roster two nights ago. And yet they brought in guys like Nathan Evaldi and Jordan Montgomery.

And how about Travis Jankowski, who just started the last two World Series games, just made his debut. Pretty incredible the way that a group comes together, a championship group comes together and plays for the man on the left and the man on the right, where you can put a group of adults in a clubhouse, in a locker room. And yes, winning helps. But I would suggest, and I truly believe this, winning maybe makes it easier to find chemistry, but it's not the secret to chemistry. I think chemistry comes first. Chemistry leads to championships.

It's not a necessary ingredient, but it makes it a heck of a lot easier. Certainly there are teams that have won titles in the past who really didn't like each other at all, but that's not the case with the Rangers. It's quite a bond there. And a group of guys all motivated for the same goal to the point where it didn't matter who accomplished what and when and how and where, as long as there is hardware at the end of the road. Corey Seeger, by the way, the only World Series MVP ever to have one from each league, American League and National League. I love history.

I love being a witness to history. Congratulations to the Texas Rangers, who shut out the Diamondbacks in game five of the World Series. Honestly, if you look big picture at this last month of October, I know we had the one day in November, but you look at October and these playoffs, there were some dramatic moments, but I wouldn't say this was the most compelling October ever, except that when it comes to the Rangers, the story is fantastic. It's fresh blood. It's new personalities mixed with some of the old guys. We do love the old guys in sport.

There's all kinds of fun ties to the past and new milestones. I think it's pretty incredible that a couple years ago, in fact, that includes Corey Seeger, but a couple of years ago, the Dodgers were celebrating their World Series on the Rangers brand new field in the 2020 season. The Rangers don't end up winning their championship there, but now follow it up a couple years later. The Arizona Diamondbacks were also a phenomenal story. Both these teams end up as wildcards clashing in the World Series. The Diamondbacks are extremely young and you would expect them to be relevant and to be a factor, a contender moving forward. Now, it's not always the case.

It's not. A year ago, we had the Cleveland Guardians win the AL Central as the youngest team in the game. We had the Seattle Mariners who made the playoffs a year ago and weren't able to follow it up with a repeat appearance, so it's not automatic. Every season is its own entity, its own journey, its own odyssey and for the Rangers, the Odyssey ends with a World Series.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're gonna get to all the big moments. Man, it was tense for a while.

It really was and yet, I love that. I love the fact that we finally got a pitcher's duel, even though the final score wouldn't indicate that. It definitely was a pitcher's duel early and two very different performances from Nathan Evaldi and Zach Gallin going toe-to-toe.

You got the feeling that at least initially, one run might be enough and who would come out first? And man, the Diamondbacks had so many opportunities and could not capitalize. The Rangers end up with a big inning. How often do we say that about the Rangers this year?

They end, or this postseason, they end up with a big inning scoring four runs in the ninth to take the pressure off, but all the way through the first eight innings, just one run scored. We'll walk through it all. We'll hear the fun postgame reaction from the Rangers, some on the field, some not, and Tori Lovello, because he's classic and he's got a plan for the future already, personally, as well as for his team.

I hope that you survived your hump day. It's good to be back in studio on Twitter, A-LOL Radio. Also, if you haven't subscribed to our channel yet, we're back in studio on Twitter, A-LOL Radio. Also on our Facebook page, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Back on the rubber, a quick look into Jonah Hine, and he'll try again at two and two. Swing and a miss. He struck him out. Got him with a fastball. Huge strikeout for Nathan Ivaldi. Pham reached on fielder's choices last time. Hits a sharp ground ball to short, but Segar is up with it. He lets it fly, and Pham is the final out in the inning. For a third consecutive inning, Ivaldi with a bit of a Houdini act to get out of trouble. A full count. Gallin 11 in a row. 3-2. Swing and a miss.

He got him with a curve. And another 1-2-3 inning for Gallin. This time in the fourth.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I like the change of a pitcher's duel unfolding in Game 5 of the World Series. In the desert. So this game coming from Phoenix. The third of three in a row there at the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Zach Gallin versus Nathan Ivaldi.

And yeah, Ivaldi was on the ropes multiple times. He was in trouble, and then he was out of trouble, and he was in trouble, and he was out of trouble. And it really got nothing easy through his six innings on the mound. Base is loaded. No score. Two outs. Here's the pitch. Breaking ball.

It's hit weekly to short. Segar coming in, and the throw to first is in time. And Ivaldi works his magic once again. He gets out of trouble, and the Diamondbacks do not score. 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position. 0 for 9 and 11 runners left on base. So Ivaldi not only scattered four hits, but he walked five guys and did have to get out of a bases loaded jam in the fifth. Ultimately allowed no runs. Of course, neither did Zach Gallin.

He still had a no-hitter in the sixth. Gallin into his motion. Here's the pitch. Swing and a ball hit on the left side.

Nobody there. It rolls out into left field. An opposite field single for Corey Segar to break up the no-hit bid by Zach Gallin. Greg Schulte on Diamondbacks radio.

Matt Hicks and Eric Nadel on Rangers radio. And so again, Gallin took a no-hitter into the sixth inning, but then the first hit by Corey Segar. Not a really hard hit ball. More of an infield hit. And then there was a double. The hits, not the hips, the hits.

They were mounting three in a row. The 0-1. Garver swings. Hits it up the middle. Base knocked into center.

Segar scores. Carter being held at third as Thomas fires it back into the infield. RBI single for Mitch Garver.

And the Rangers score first here in the seventh and lead it one to nothing. And so Zach Gallin, he fought so hard and he was really good. He was dominating. There were a couple of strong defensive plays in there as well. One ball that was caught with a long run out in center field. But to give up those three consecutive hits, one run for the Rangers crossed the plate. Now you wouldn't think that would be insurmountable for the Diamondbacks. It's just a single run except they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities. And you know, you give the Rangers too many chances and ultimately they're generally going to come through with hits and with runs. We saw them power their way through the month of October. 16 consecutive games with a home run.

Crowd trying to get behind seawall. Two on, nobody out. The third baseman plays in and the pitch is swung on. Ground ball right side. It's through a base hit. Racing around third base is Young and he will score and the ball gets by all the way to the 4-13 sign.

Here comes Lowe. He scores. Into third base is Jonah Heim and the Rangers lead 3-0 in the top of the ninth. The ball misplayed out in right center field. And two runs score. The 0-1. Simeon lines one deep to left center field.

That ball is way back and that ball is history. A two-run homer for Marcus Simeon. It's five nothing Rangers in the ninth. A blistering line drive that never came down and left center field. Marcus with five RBIs yesterday.

One the day before. Coming alive for the Rangers at just the right time. I actually wondered after that home run if Simeon might end up as the World Series MVP.

Kind of felt like he would be worthy. Ultimately it's Corey Seager in his second year with the Rangers. He clubbed three homers and six RBI. But whoever you go with as the MVP, I mean you could have gone with Evaldi as well because he was 5-0 in this postseason though. Obviously not all of those in the World Series. But the top of the order with Simeon and Seager and then even Evan Carter, Mitch Garver. All the way through down through the first seven in the the roster in the lineup on Wednesday. They all end up with at least a single hit.

And so it's a very productive lineup. It's one that challenges pitchers. They want to be aggressive. They want to want to force the issue.

And certainly they have power from top to bottom. And we saw that throughout the course of this postseason. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Again we await a connection and a conversation with Eric Nadell, the iconic broadcaster of Rangers Radio who's been with them for decades.

I can only imagine how he feels. Finally getting a chance to call a victory in the World Series. We let you hear his call last segment. How about Greg Schulte who by the way just called his last game with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Orange ready. 2-2 pitch. Strike three call. And the Texas Rangers race onto the field to celebrate a world championship. They win all three games here in Phoenix to win this World Series 2023.

Four games to one. That's a happy crew out there. They've run in for the bullpen already to begin their celebration. And you got to credit Bruce Bocce, his coaching staff in this ball club for winning two ball games here, Candy. The last two of this series in Phoenix as they played without one of their better players Adolis Garcia. Greg Schulte is the original and only voice or only primary voice that the Arizona Diamondbacks have ever had. He's been the voice on their radio network since the team was born in 1998. So he called his final regular season games and there was a tribute going back to those days at the end of September early October. Not knowing how long the Diamondbacks would survive and boy did they come through with an extended run for Greg Schulte. So congratulations to him. I hope that he enjoys retirement. He's been synonymous with Diamondbacks baseball since the very beginning.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Yes Corey Seeger. Second year with the Rangers. Second World Series MVP after three home runs and six RBI. A lot of credit to see why. A lot of credit to our ownership you know on having a view and bringing in people and it's just it's truly incredible you know to have this group behind us and to be not or to be world champs now man it's it's crazy. That's from the postgame podium or the championship podium on Fox Sports and yes Bruce Bochy. He was first to answer questions because he came out of retirement for the opportunity to work with these Texas Rangers.

It's unreal. I was sitting on a recliner there in Nashville and just enjoying myself when he called me and I tell you what I'm so honored to ride with these guys. They inspire me with how resilient they've been but to get this call be part of this.

I know how blessed I am. I can't think these guys enough. I love the I love the trying to think of the right word. It's I mean the irony is not really the word that that I want to use because that doesn't describe but I do I do love the connection or maybe where they began this postseason versus where they finished this postseason. They begin it as a wild card because they could not take care of business on the road in Seattle the last weekend of the regular season but they end up on this first day of October not only as champions for the first time in history but as the only team ever to win every single game 11 of them on the road throughout their run. I go back to Seattle we lost a tough game there the last game trying to win this division and they could have got down they went in Tampa put that beside beside them and just got after it and it's incredible to do what they did and it's what we talked about how tough a group this is how resilient they are again they inspired me.

Thank you guys. We didn't get the division. They made us that much more hungry to play good baseball moving forward and that's what we did. We we got to Tampa and really stepped up. We stepped up every part of our game pitching defense timely hitting power hitting just great timing for all of them. Marcus Simeon echoing what he hears from his manager and Bruce had told us that was the low point of the season for them considering that they had led the division almost the entire way but they also hit the skids there in what was that late August early September I don't remember exactly the stretch where they lost a bunch of games in a row and not only did the the Astros take over as the division leaders but the mariners were right there in the mix too and it precipitated this race through the end of the regular season and they did not achieve that goal ultimately but I truly believe that had they not lost the division title on the road in Seattle and faced that failure and that dejection that they wouldn't be champions now. It was a season that was marked by highs and lows and you sprinkle in the frustration and the adversity forged through the fire as they say it ultimately prepared them to be champions.

No team ever starts out a season ready to be a champion. It's a journey and it's an odyssey and it ends with the Rangers as the last team standing. Pretty incredible. Love to connect with you on Twitter A Law Radio also on our Facebook page we'll hear from Tory Lovello he's got plans for his team but also some plans that I think I could identify with for his own post world series reboot if you will post world series isolation just gotta have the ice cream. Eric Nadel will join us from Arizona at some point when he's back to the team hotel and has the opportunity.

We're waiting on him to let us know when. Also Kimmy Chex from the NFL Network excited to have her join the show for the first time in the wake of the NFL trade deadline and as we head into week number nine she'll be on the road to Germany and Frankfurt before long. Got a lot of stuff that's the technical show term for it stuff to get to tonight. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. pitch and a drive to left that's gonna make it five nothing Texas a two-run shot by Semien and the celebration is on to that Texas dugout.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Never easy to come out on the wrong end of a championship and this is a debate that a lot of sports fans will engage in would you rather lose by getting blown out or would you rather lose by coming agonizingly and painstakingly close? So that's an interesting question.

A lot of times it's applied to a particular game. Would you rather never be in the building essentially lose a game by 40 or maybe like the Ravens and the Lions a couple weeks ago where the Lions clearly got the start time wrong and before they could blink the Ravens had four touchdowns on four drives and Detroit was never in the game. Would you rather lose like that? It's painful but clearly the other team was better. On that day in that moment in that matchup in that setting you couldn't compete.

That's hard. It's embarrassing. It can be humiliating but maybe not quite as painful depending on your perspective as coming within striking distance within spitting distance close enough to smell taste maybe even close enough to touch a championship or a win if you're talking about a game a solo game. The Diamondbacks came oh so close. They were astounding in their run. They had some awesome victories along the way. Sweeping the big bad Dodgers out of the postseason they were road warriors too. The way they rallied past the Phillies awesome. Most people and I will put myself though I don't ever make predictions.

I will put myself in that same space. Most people are stunned at the NLCS outcome. They got blown out in two games or blown out is maybe strong. They didn't look like they were going to be able to compete with the Phillies in the first two games. They got blown out in two games.

They didn't look like they were going to be able to compete with the Phillies in the first two games of the National League Championship Series. The crowd, the home runs, the moxie and yet what do they do? They end up forcing the series back to Philadelphia and winning not just game six but game seven on this team has got character. It's got fight.

It's got resiliency. All qualities that we see in the Rangers. The Diamondbacks deserve a ton of credit for coming oh so close. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Ton of respect for Tori Lovello over the last couple of years leading the Diamondbacks. I just got done telling the guys that I'm so proud of what they've done and we have to step back for a minute and and tell ourselves that we've done a lot of really amazing things this year and then we got on this really fun ride through the course of the postseason and you just never want it to stop. It's like your favorite roller coaster that you never want to get off of and you want to be the last team standing. You want to be in the middle of a pile and have everybody pile on top of you. That's the best feeling in the world.

That's the best feeling in the world but coming up short may be one of the worst feelings in the world. The reason why it hurts so bad is because we care so much. We care about the baseball community. We care about the fans of Arizona.

The bleed Sedona red with us that have backed us. You know those are the things that go through my mind and all the players. This is painful.

This is just plain painful and I can't quite move past that right now but I will. Emotions flying everywhere so you know my phone's blowing up. Everyone's saying their goodbyes and it's really tough.

I mean guys got a taste of it. I got a taste of the World Series so you know it's only going to make you a little a little hungrier to to make it back and win the whole thing. We're definitely disappointed the way it ended but all things considered you know we're all just very proud of each other. Happy to be a part of this team. Honored to be you know with this group of guys and you know you think back of what we accomplished this season. Nothing to hang our heads about. I think just just real proud. Christian Walker makes a great point and perspective will help. Tommy fan before that you can hear the dejection the disappointment and as Tori Lovello calls it that that painful feeling because you care because it matters.

If it didn't matter you could shake it off. The Diamondbacks won just 84 games this season but they found magic in October. The Brewers, the Dodgers, the Phillies, the you could shake it off. The Diamondbacks won just 84 games this season but they found magic in October.

The Brewers, the Dodgers, the Phillies, they were never once the team with home field advantage. Lovello certainly emotional in his postgame press conference even apologizing for not doing his part to get them all the way to the top. I like how he finishes that apology though. I'm sorry I didn't do my job to get us there but I will.

We all will. Zach Gallin he got them close. Talk about drama. A no-hitter into the sixth inning. And think about what Corbin Carroll meant to this Diamondbacks run.

Katell Marte and Walker and Pham. Even Evan Longoria one of the few veteran guys on the roster. There's a lot to like about the Diamondbacks even though it feels like it might hurt forever.

The Rangers certainly understand not this version of the Rangers but the Rangers that came so close in 2010 and 2011. I told the guys to absorb it and process it the right way. Don't compartmentalize it.

Don't put it away. Think about how you feel when you get to that point and we'll get to that crossroad at some point and be able to say wow it's a great run and we did something pretty amazing. So congratulations again to not just the Diamondbacks for getting to the World Series but also the Rangers and Road Warriors which means in every case they've had to celebrate on someone else's field. Well I guess the yeah actually I've had to celebrate all the series ended away from home right Tampa because it was just best of three and it was in Tampa anyway. And then against the Astros in the ALDS they drop the they win the first two in Houston then drop all three in Arlington only to have to turn around and get those last two.

I like this post that I saw this tweet that I saw from Danny A-Law Radio. Oh I guess I switched the Orioles and the Astros because the Orioles were the ALDS. The Astros were the ALCS. So in the road to their championship Danny says on Twitter the Texas Rangers beat the Rays, the Orioles, the Astros, the Diamondbacks. He says that spells R-O-A-D if you use the first letter of each of those mascots 11-0 on the road a great road warrior team.

Yes love that. And while we're pivoting back because producer Jay just found some Zach Gallin I want to make sure you can hear from him as a pitcher who had the no-hitter for six innings. We went down swinging just like we have all year. I mean I love every one of the guys in this room and this this journey has been unbelievable and obviously it's not going to end the way we wanted to but if I know the guys in this room it's it's going to fire them up it's going to motivate them so I'm excited for things to come really. Obviously it's disappointing we couldn't get the job done but yeah I mean the positives you know I mean this this ride has been incredible.

Perspective already perspective and no doubt motivation for moving forward. So top of the hour we hope we just heard back from Eric Nadel long time iconic broadcaster of the Texas Rangers. He's one of the favorites around the majors so we hope to connect with him top of the hour. He's still in Arizona of course with the team. You may have heard the news earlier on Wednesday that the legendary college basketball coach Hall of Famer Bobby Knight passed away. It's kind of a stunner though he was 83 years old. Three national titles with the Hoosiers at Indiana and one of those was an undefeated season.

No team has ever done that again. He had been in the hospital with an illness back in April and had battled a bunch of health challenges over the last couple years so the family released the news on Wednesday afternoon. I wonder though how many people remember Bobby Knight not for what he did as a coach on the court. He's top six all-time in wins at the division one college level but do people remember him more for his outbursts his rants. Do people remember him more for how he got fired the zero tolerance policy. I remember doing oh gosh a litany of shows when he was once again under fire for his actions at Indiana. You may remember one of the last straws was when he grabbed the arm of a freshman who addressed him by his last name Hay Knight and coach grabbed the arm of that freshman and that was what ultimately became the last straw and Indiana fired him under its zero tolerance policy. That was nothing like when he threw a chair which I'm sure you've seen the video over and over again and also reportedly choked a player in a practice in the late 90s. So I wonder how many people remember Bobby Knight for his prowess as one of the best coaches the game has ever seen in multiple places. Army, Indiana, Texas Tech or do they remember him for the controversy?

Eric Nadal is next. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. An Apple original podcast produced by Pineapple Street Studios. All episodes are available now.

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