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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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October 19, 2023 6:03 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 19, 2023 6:03 am

Roger Goodell signs a new extension to remain NFL Commissioner. Good move or not? | Davante Adams says the Raiders need to give him the ball more | James Harden is at it again.


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Midway point of the show, it's flying even though it feels like we just got here. Jay and I routinely go back and forth about which night is the hardest night of the week. For me, it's usually Tuesday night during football season and it makes sense.

We call that the hump show because you have to get over the hump because it's the middle show of the work week. I kind of feel like sometimes I'm in a zombie mode when I come in on Tuesday nights because the football weekend is real taxing. We work a 16-hour day from the time football kicks off on Sunday and if you're on the west coast, well then it kicks off at 10 a.m. from the time that first window of games opens up through the second window and then sunny night football and obviously right now it's also baseball that's taking place at the same time. NHL, NBA, well I'm not really watching them yet.

I'll get into them. We've seen a few things but I haven't watched them yet much but so a 16-hour workday and then you turn around on Monday and you've got baseball again and you've got football again and so usually on Tuesdays I'm a bit of a zombie. I don't have a whole lot of brain power left to operate with so Tuesday nights can be a little bit touch and go but then there are stretches during the year where I feel like tonight Wednesday night to Thursday is the toughest.

I'm not sure why. It kind of comes in waves I guess. Jay, what's the toughest night for you? Normally Monday nights. Monday nights?

Yeah. Wow, so once you get through Monday nights you're good to go the rest of the week? Normally but like you're saying I don't know why I'm feeling a little more tired than normal on this on this Wednesday night for some reason. I don't know maybe because there's no football on and it's kind of like. The power of suggestion? Maybe.

Because I told you that it's hard sometimes for me and now it's that's it's that way for you. That might that might have to be it yeah. No I don't know. Interesting.

Well coming up next segment we're going to get to some of your responses for the craziest or funniest injuries that you remember in the world of sports and and the ones that we were talking about initially were the ones that were born of anger or emotion and many of you reminded us of those but also some of you decided you would share your own dubious injuries and your own dubious moments a la producer Jay who told us about how he thought it would be really cool when he was in middle school to tie his shoelaces together before he attempted to perform a trick on his skateboard and it did not go well and his friends laughed at him and he's really never recovered from the scars. More emotional than actual physical scars but did you have physical scars? I do yes. You do still? Yeah. Wow. Wow. I think.

You and Penny all scarred up. You had hot spots? Did you have hot spots? They were hot. They were raspberries?

Did you ever done that? Yeah the raspberries like them. No no I mean like raspberries when you rip up you know a you know a part of your skin and it looks bright red and and mottled like a raspberry. That's what happened. I never heard a phrase like that but yeah. Oh yeah no raspberry like it's it's a pretty typical injury if you google it raspberry injury.

Anyway that happened to me once not because I thought I was anything wonderful but because after growing up on roller skates and then trying to switch to roller blades I never quite figured out how to stop on roller blades and then I get all freaked out when I start going too fast and so yeah I suck at stopping so there was this one time I was going around a lake in Oklahoma City area and I came to a sharp turn well I I couldn't I was going too fast and I didn't know how to stop or slow down and so I failed miserably at it and instead of turning to the left I went right into the trees I tried to grab a pole so there was one of those poles that prevents cars from driving onto a bike path or a running path and so I tried to grab the pole I lost my balance then I couldn't stop I went flying into a line of trees that were just beyond the pole oh yeah no I literally went flying into some trees and then hit the ground and had a a branch rip rip up my I was wearing shorts had a branch rip up a side of my thigh it was very attractive oh it hurts so bad and then I had to get up and try to get because I was nowhere in my car so I had to get up and try to skate back to my car if I could just learn I figured out that you know roller blades are a lot like ice skates I feel like they're a little more stable and so I was comfortable going I just couldn't stop so in order to stop I would just slow down and then I would grab something like a kid on a roller or ice skating rink but I never figured out how to stop after I after roller skating ice skating and rollerblading it just was so foreign to me um yeah you got to do like the drag method would work well on rollerblades the drag method meaning you lift up one foot and drag the toe no yeah just like kind of like you know put it on its side and just kind of like drag your front wheel oh I got what you're saying well no one ever taught me that yeah hindsight hindsight I still have those rollerblades and I would use them but I'm afraid now because bring them where exactly around here we'll skate around the office yeah I mean there is no one here we might as well try derby ring it's got it's a nice circle well it's more elongated it's more like an oval if you will yeah could you imagine do you think someone would tattle on us to the boss no well we could be like those kids who have wheelies on their shoes I love those all right why does that not surprise me not surprise me at all my friends used to have a pair they used to have like a soap plate on the bottom of them you familiar mm-hmm so like you could like go on to like railings or like benches and like grind it and like it was ridiculous this before after you attempted to tie your shoelaces together to do it shortly after shortly after it's a very distinguished time in producer j's athletic career I guess you could call it that it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page our YouTube channel after hours with Amy Lawrence did you know that the NFL had its fall meetings in New York City on Wednesday yeah all kinds of owners and well not general managers they're big right now but the big news and actually Roger Goodell made some comments the big news that came out of that meeting is that his contract has been extended did you hear that no kicking commissioner Goodell to the curb anytime soon because he has in fact renewed his deal and will remain as commissioner of the NFL for another three years at least so his contract's been extended for three years at least how does that make you feel football fans I'd like to thank Roger uh Goodall I wonder if the Denver Broncos owners have yet figured out that his name is Goodell and not Goodall who do you think was the first to tell him do you think it was uh I don't know a text message from Roger himself from hey you better learn how to do that again you bet you better learn how to pronounce my last name yeah the NFL and Roger Goodell agree to a contract extension through 2027 and it was confirmed by Jerry Jones and other owners we voted for it and so Roger did speak he made some comments on Wednesday that I don't know sometimes he's kind of boring but if there's something that's not boring maybe we will share it with you do you know that Goodell has been on the job almost 20 years not quite but almost 20 years he has made these owners a ton of money and if you don't understand how the structure works Roger is the CEO essentially of this oligarchy of owners he's the CEO he's the mouthpiece he does their bidding so don't ever think that Goodell operates autonomously he can make decisions but he's also reporting to the owners his job is to protect them his job is to run interference for them his job is to walk out and implement and facilitate the decisions that they make behind the scenes they are his bosses the NFL is the owners and he is the CEO essentially of the NFL and so he's been in position since 2006 and this next contract extension will take him through the 20-year mark and there is of course a I guess there's a stipulation for him to extend even after for him to extend even after that and so we'll hear from Roger Goodell a little bit later on because you know you want to admit it I think it's funny when people point to him as a terrible commissioner or commissioner that's not going to last or blah blah blah now his job's not in jeopardy because the NFL has grown financially in ways that weren't even fathomable when he took over don't tell me I'll remember here in a second but the last two franchises to to go up for sale and to be purchased the commanders being the most recent but the Denver Broncos before that they have set records for sale prices and I thought there might be a bit of an uptick from the Broncos to the commanders but it wasn't a small increase it was astronomical the Broncos went through for 4.65 billion dollars which again at the time was a record the commanders sold for 6 billion dollars easily easily setting a new record and the next team to be sold the next team to be sold after that I mean these are two of the NFL's higher profile and more successful franchises I know that you wouldn't look at the Broncos now and say they're successful that's true but they are in their history successful going back to the days of John Elway and the number of Super Bowls they went to before they ever won one and and then back-to-back John Elway lures in Peyton Manning they end up going to multiple Super Bowls and winning Super Bowl 50 I mean considering how many franchises there are out there that have never won or haven't won in a long time 4.65 billion dollars and they sold to members of the Walmart family that's telling you how lucrative what was that word lucrative I just made a board it happens it happens on after-hours I own it lucrative I sometimes add syllables I sometimes subtract syllables I sometimes make up new syllables I transpose syllables oh yes all of that is in play lucrative she said and think about the commanders though and their heritage and their legacy and everything they've been through everything they were going through under their previous owners and yet still six billion dollars as down as they've been for years now six billion dollars all that to say back to Roger Goodell his job's not in jeopardy because he set a goal of annual revenue for the NFL of 25 billion dollars but but but but billion dollars and with the Amazon money and the new TV money and broadcasting rights fees they're getting damn close in 2022 the NFL teams generated 18.6 billion again his stated goal is 25 billion dollars a year in revenue and they are encroaching on that number they love Roger Goodell not only does he take all of the the flak and the criticism and he handles it without any hairs being ruffled he really doesn't actually I think he likes it he doesn't care he's paid handsomely to deflect criticism and to run interference for the owners and he does he also spearheaded the successful removal of the commandos owner previous owner and he was persona non grata as you can imagine even after the NFL penalized him and tried to save Dan Snyder's franchise if you will he would refuse to play nicely with anyone else and so for that reason the owners turned on him they wanted him out and it went relatively smoothly and think about the new owners that the NFL brought in successful owners big time famous owners and speaking of that did you hear what Patrick Mahomes has indicated oh yeah he wants a piece of that pie when he is done playing for obvious reasons eventually when I'm done playing I think Tom's trying to do it right now but that's definitely where you want to get to because I love this sport and want to give back in any way possible when I'm done playing obviously I'll be I'll be a cheese fan but at the same time I want to have that competitive edge like I've always had my entire life oh yeah it's lucrative all right and and actually Tom Brady's ownership status is being held up I don't remember the reason why but it has not been approved yet but of course to have former MVPs as owners that'd be a big deal and now that the quarterbacks make so much damn money they save some of that at some point they might be able to purchase a franchise although by the time Mahomes retires these franchises might first of all you have to wait for one to become available second of all they might be going for 15 billion dollars by then OMG better start saving your pennies man so Brady's uh ownership is getting held up because of the discount apparently he was given they're looking for Mark Davis yeah okay so they said he paid too little and got it okay he wasn't he didn't pay enough of a stake right hmm interesting I don't think Patrick Mahomes and his wife should have any more kids they're expensive he better be saving all his money okay I didn't get to Devante Adams I promise that I will uh but you can find us on Twitter after our CBS on our Facebook page uh yeah Roger Goodell we'll hear from him coming up he is firmly entrenched as the fearless leader of the National Football League and honestly when you see the ratings growth when everything else on TV is hemorrhaging viewers there's yet another reason why he's among the most successful commissioners in the history of sports and it's okay if you hate him it's absolutely okay but the NFL's as healthy as it's ever been and for that reason Roger Goodell's job status it might be the most secure in the NFL right we talk about how in pro sports there's no such thing as job security you got to be comfortable being comfortable and unstable and that applies to coaches it applies to general managers right it's a volatile business but not for Roger Goodell I think I'm good even when he testifies on Capitol Hill it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast first and 10 from the bill 16 two tight ends staff play action to jacob fires adams to the 15 has the 10 with the block at the 5 stiff arm at the 2 touchdown to monta adams this is after hours with amy lawrence it's not something we've heard a lot this year on raiders radio he's an all pro he's one of the best receivers in the league hands down he's a quality teammate he's a really cool guy not sure if you saw the recent celebrity secret celebrity home renovation that that aired on cbs that featured devante adams going back to his hometown and essentially working with the team to gut his grandparents place I like I like everything about devante adams and I was so thrilled for him to go back to the raiders or to go to the raiders he'd always wanted to play for the raiders having grown up where he did in the bay area and he played with Derek Carr for a year and they'd always talked about that going back to their college days when they were roommates and teammates but then Josh McDaniel's didn't want Derek Carr so Carr gets the shown the door and devante is under contract and so he stays there and now he's with his third quarterback in three years and actually I guess you could say four or five because Garoppolo has been known off the field a couple times and so he's played with Brian Hoyer and Aiden O'Connell Derek Carr going back to his days in green bay of course where he had very productive relationship with Aaron Rogers but it's not so productive anymore two catches in the win over the Patriots remember there remember there so many former Patriots on the roster including Josh McDaniel's that it felt like it was just Patriots west or felt like a an alumni game if you will but devante not an alum and he hasn't had a touchdown since week three now that was a huge game for him you may remember Steelers fans I know you remember gosh he had 12-13 catches nearly 175 yards a couple of scores but that's the last time that he caught a touchdown and he's frustrated and he's not the type of guy who makes a lot of waves that's not who devante is he prefers to let his play do the talking for him but he's unhappy with his role now he's not bitching he's not whining he's not complaining he's just stating what he believes are the facts I'm a human being and I have extremely high standards for myself and this offense so it's to me it's not just about you know I'm sure people thinking like you know well they won the game they won the Packers game you know why is there an issue I mean you see why it's an issue you you know y'all should know who I am know what I'm about at this point my benchmark is not wins and losses it's greatness so when I go out there I expect to be able to have that ability to put that on tape and have the an influence on the game and that's like I say every week that's the my purpose for being here I'm not here just to hang out and you know like I said come here to hang out with Derek and all of that stuff from last year came here to win and to do it the right way well here's the thing the Raiders are winning or they have been winning and it may not be pretty not aesthetically pleasing but right now they're sitting at three and three and they've got back-to-back wins they're at least within striking distance of the Chiefs and I would say it's a bit of a surprise that they've come out the way they have and again we talked about Josh McDaniels indicating that Jimmy Garoppolo's back injury is not nearly as bad as it could have been he dodged a bullet is what Josh said earlier in the week so if he gets back on the field well that's good for Devante except it's been a whole lot of turnover and a whole lot of change and I don't know is Josh McDaniels just not comfortable with him he's clearly frustrated I don't love what he had to say about it's not wins and losses that matter to him of course it stands to reason if Devante Adams is playing at the highest level if he's your top target if he's if he's great and that's what he says greatness is his goal if he's if he's great well then you would think that the offense would be humming along or at least be more productive if it don't look like it's supposed to look then I mean I'm gonna be frustrated if I'm not a part of that that plan because as you know I have I have the opportunity to go and make to change that and make it look like a much better pitcher out there and if that doesn't happen then I'm gonna be frustrated Jacoby goes out and have a a monster game or if the offense is scoring every five plays like the you know our first drive on the bills then it is what it is I don't you know it's not about me but you know I'm one of the bigger pieces you know as to why this offense is going to go and if I'm not getting it then that's obviously not um according to plan so he's not just talking about him he's also talking about the offense but he believes and you have to be paying zero attention over the last what 12 years or 10 years to not believe that Devante Adams is a better option than pretty much every other receiver in the NFL it's not about me but I'm one of the bigger pieces as to why this offense is going to go and if I'm not getting it then that's obviously not according to plan and Josh McDaniel's didn't dispute that I mean he agreed that Devante Adams is one of the best in the NFL and so for that reason he can understand why Devante believes he should have the ball every time or have the ball more often but it's odd because you don't generally hear Devante speak out like this he sounded professional to me certainly frustrated but not give me the damn ball frustrated not give me the ball to the detriment of everyone else not walk off the field after taking your jersey off on the sidelines and waving it around not pitching a fit didn't do it in the middle of a game but I'm not sure how you could dispute the fact that the offense is better with Devante more involved it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio again it was Derek Carr last year for the most part Aaron Rodgers the year before that but now it's been Jimmy Garoppolo Aidan O'Connell Brian Hoyer now I also know that you could bring into play that he's going to get double teams he's going to see more attention from the defense and that's true but he's certainly a guy who can fight through who's got the experience yeah it helps that you've got a receiver on the other side who can also haul in catches that sometimes tends to mitigate the number of double teams you see but there's no disputing that Devante is a playmaker and one of the best in the league and right now is being underutilized that's also not up for debate last two games nine total targets but both of them wins it's just that the offense has not looked good so what type of conversation is McDaniel's having with his somewhat disgruntled star wideout I always have open communication with all those guys and honestly like you know great players wouldn't be great if they didn't want to try to help the team win in every way that they can you know and we have a you know we have a handful of guys that have earned that you know that opportunity you know and we're just talking about Max and talk about you know Devante and I've been around a handful of other ones where look the game is different for them you know because they've you know achieved a certain you know status and and they want to contribute every single time that they're out there as much as they can so that's part of them being them you know I would never tell them to squash that you know he's been a great leader a great influence we know how this goes there's stretches and we've seen this already in the league you know I don't know a half a dozen or more times this year where you know a certain player doesn't necessarily get a certain number of targets one week or the other for a number of reasons you know there's the the other team gets a little bit of a vote or something else happens that that affects that but to me you know that approach I wouldn't want him to change or any other player like that I wouldn't want Max to change you know he's getting double teamed on every pass rush you know we try to move them to help them you know be more impactful you know so I've said that before like our job is to make sure our best players have an opportunity to impact the game. So Josh McDaniel's waxing poetic referring to Max Crosby, Devante Adams to be sure yes they won but there's so much room for improvement and a lot depends on what happens at quarterback. We'll have the AFC version of QB news coming up next hour we've got an update on Anthony Richardson as well as Deshaun Watson both those quarterbacks dealing with injuries right now so you hear from Devante we're gonna make sense of Roger Goodell but did you also hear the latest with James Harden stop me if you've heard this before it's like a joke man walks into a bar have you heard the latest James Harden joke the guy's a Hall of Famer like have you heard the latest blonde joke have you heard the latest James Harden joke apparently his teammates and his coach did not hear about it ahead of time on Twitter, ALaw Radio, on our Facebook page too glad to have you with us if you're waking up on your Thursday oh good morning you are listening to the After Hours Podcast. When I got traded here my whole thing was I wanted to retire a sixer you know I mean like I wanted to be here and retire a sixer and front office didn't have that in their in their future plans you know I mean so like it's literally out of my control um it's something that I didn't I didn't want to happen and it's just being in this position but you know I got to make a decision for you know my family to understand this is a business you know I mean so it's just as simple as that.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Apparently when James Harden says he has to make a decision that also includes not showing up for work on a day when he did report for pre-season training camp that goes back to last week he was still relatively disgruntled he was there but he was disgruntled and not a whole lot has changed he was throwing his weight around protesting if you will by not showing up for practice on Wednesday and not only did his head coach not have any reason for it seems that his head coach was completely caught off guard. I stay with um you know if he's here we go and if he's not here we go right we got work to do and uh again it was a good long you know kind of a grinder day you know there's there's a few days before we play again it's one of those kind of mid-week practices right and um good good effort by the guys good good focus good spirit you know so just it's my answer man he's here we go he's not here we go. If he's here we play if he's not here we play we don't really have a choice we play we don't really have a choice I would say that's either above my pay grade or not my department but it reminds me a lot of the situation with Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn those two will forever be tied. He routinely disappeared and left his head coach Steve Nash just clueless and now here's Nick Nurse completely clueless didn't know that James Harden would not be there to practice on Wednesday. From the last uh you know discussions that I've had with him and from everybody yeah it was a little bit a little bit shocking a little bit surprising caught me off guard just a little bit we know Harden's frustrated so is this him striking walking out labor dispute all of that I guess he was with the team in New York on Sunday and there was a meeting a team meeting in New York so he was there and then according to Ramona Shelburne the great NBA reporter for ESPN former colleague of mine she's awesome he's been in Houston in the past few days all right trying to negotiate his own trade maybe according to the Sixers they're not going to jump to conclusions but they are going to wait for him to explain himself to determine whether or not I don't know there's discipline or a fine or you can't just not show up we remember though the last time that Harden was disgruntled at least I do speaking of Houston he wanted out of Texas he wanted off the Rockets remember they had traded for John Wall and a couple of other veterans but they really were starting over they were entering a rebuild and why were they entering a rebuild well let's let's revisit because Daryl Morey because Daryl Morey caved and gave James Harden what he wanted there in Houston he wanted to play again remember he and Russell Westbrook had played together in Oklahoma City and there really wasn't enough ball for both of them and so Harden ends up going to Houston and he was an MVP there he had some incredible seasons but they just never could bust through really never get past the Warriors they had multiple opportunities he wanted was Westbrook to play there then he didn't then he wanted Chris Paul that didn't work out the two of them clashed so then he decided he wanted to leave and you remember they had a new coach they had a bunch of new players didn't Westbrook go to Washington in the John Wall deal was it the same deal and so Westbrook was gone Chris Paul he was gone and then James Harden didn't want to be part of what they were doing he felt like Daryl Morey hadn't put enough pieces around him oh please make me roll my eyes so he wanted out and instead of going about it in a professional manner he showed up late to training camp he showed up overweight and out of shape and they would routinely violate protocols at the time there were protocols still instituted he would go to strip clubs he would go out places that he wasn't supposed to be without at the time his mask if you remember he didn't care and then he just wouldn't play and finally the Rockets caved because he was being a jerk and he was disruptive and it was counterproductive to what they were trying to do as a team I mean even other players inside the league who generally won't criticize a whole lot even other players were saying that he he was he crossed the line that he was resorting to dirty tactics now he only has made one media appearance if you will he's only spoken to the media one time since he got to training camp long enough as you heard him when the segment started long enough to indicate that he's still not happy that he wasn't given what he was promised and this goes along with him calling mori a liar earlier in the off season he did though use the word we every now and then referring to his team about we have a plan in place for me to get ready referring to his team about we have a plan in place for me to get ready and so he was at practice on sunday this is the hardened tracker like and i won't compare it to an ankle ankle monitor because that's not fair but you know how sometimes and we get so carried away and i've never done this but i we certainly know that this happened before where private planes of particular athletes get tracked or particular team owners because people are trying to figure out free agency and who's interviewing where and with whom and so that you can track flights it's a flight tracker well now we've got a hardened tracker according to the hardened tracker he was at practice monday i'm sorry sunday sunday he wasn't with the team on monday he did not play the game against the brooklyn nets on monday but there was a meeting of some sort that he attended over the weekend yes the sixers were off tuesday and so wednesday was the most recent opportunity for his teammates to see him but he was not there where in the world is carmen james hardin so it's it's pretty weird though it's it's pretty rough audio so i won't play it but joel embiid was here he's they asked him where he was hard one his response was maybe he had something to do they have no idea where he is no i'm telling you this is just like hyrie irving remember one time he took off for a week and didn't tell anyone he went to a birthday party of some sort where in the world is carmen hardin where in the world is james san diego maybe he's in san diego no he's in houston i don't know but i but i don't know that he wanted to go to the clippers he wanted a new max contract extension apparently the the sixers are nowhere near giving him what he wants and i don't know how you could how you could criticize or say that they're not justified in their caution about giving him a valuable rich contract he's dealt with injuries he's disgruntled he called the gm a liar for heaven's sakes i don't know if i got away with calling my i wouldn't get away with it if i went public and called my boss a liar i'm not sure they'd be willing to give me a raise either call me crazy so no james hardin so will he play on friday i don't know does nick nurse have any answer for whether or not he'll play on friday i'm still going on what he said the last time we talked to him so we'll see how it goes all right yay we'll see how it goes someone wake me when it's over it's long national nightmare is over at least there's the phillies at least sports fans there have the eagles in the phillies you're dead to me that's what they're saying to james hardin i don't think they want him that's the thing he becomes persona non grata in pretty much every market that he goes to and if not the fans initially he wears out his welcome with his team too can you imagine how joe ellen bead feels oh plus the great disappearing act in the final game of the playoffs too that always happens you can count on it it's like clockwork i am not a james hardin fan and this has nothing to do with him personally as a human i know he's done some pretty incredible charitable endeavors he's very altruistic i mean he he has the power to use his platform for positive and and he has done that and i've given him credit and and called it out or i guess held it up highlighted it but he also can be a major punk selfish self-centered i don't know why any team would want him now why take a risk and it's after hours on cbs sports radio you can find me on twitter alaw radio so i said this last hour producer j surprised me with some intel that i had not heard before we call these nerd alerts dear you're ready to share i don't have any idea how you found this out but at some point j got wind of the fact that tyson bajant wait you remember him we just talked about him earlier this hour oh no we talked about him an hour ago he's the backup quarterback to justin fields he went he's undrafted he went to a division two school but he's oozing confidence and it might be because of what his dad does for a living yeah so his father is actually like this world renowned champion arm wrestler and he calls himself the beast that's what he goes by bajans father called himself the beast uh apparently he's won 17 world titles in arm wrestling and he owns a gym a crossfit gym now and tyson he's saying like his backup plan if nfl didn't work out he was just gonna go to the gym get really strong and see what happened be an arm wrestler maybe yeah wow following in his father's legacy footsteps huh yeah so yeah known as the beast was professional arm wrestler as ripped as you can get he's described as as an arm wrestler he's as ripped as you can get as ripped as you can get huh interesting well maybe that's where tyson got his commitment dedication fitness and his confident attitude yeah that it was always growing up it was always competition all around the house if your dad is as ripped as he can get you're not beating your dad probably not it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio i'm here to tell you about pom pom at home where comfort meets elegance pom pom at home is offering 20 off site wide for a limited time see why so many of the top designers use pom poms luxury easy care bedding they have created a timeless beautiful coastal living look that incorporates subtle tones and natural fibers offering a unique touch create your dream bed now get 20 off sheets debased throws and more right now at pom pom at easy to use easy to love luxury bedding just enter code pom pom at checkout the all-electric Hyundai ionic 6 is sleek full of advanced tech and has a range of up to 360 miles any 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