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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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October 18, 2023 6:06 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 18, 2023 6:06 am

Micah Parsons has had it with the criticism of the Dallas Cowboys | What has happened to the Deion Sanders/Colorado Buffalos hype? | Are you for or against Flag Football in the 2028 Olympics?


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. Not quite another hour and we'll be halfway gone through this work week, at least the after hours timetable. I know you don't all operate on our time, but that's our perspective. Once we hit one o'clock Pacific, four o'clock Eastern time, we are dead center of our work week and we like to celebrate getting over the hump with what we call the hump show. And you can also ask Amy anything as part of this hump show. So send your questions to our show, Twitter after hours, CBS, also our Facebook page to help you smile. Well, you can check out a photo of poor penny. Her donut collar arrived and she had no idea what to do with it.

She's staring into space. Poor thing. So that's on both Twitter and Facebook. We also have our TD of the week poll still live for another hour and a very tight race between the top two candidates.

You'll have to go check it out for yourself. And finally, some of you answering our question already in honor, it's kind of a funny way to say it, but in honor of South Carolina coach Shane Beamer breaking his foot because he kicked something after a frustrating performance by the Gamecocks. What is the craziest or funniest injury you can remember? Jay, should I read it the way you typed it? Poor Jay. Sometimes he doesn't go back and proofread, but I should proofread probably.

I say read it out loud every time. What is the craziest or funniest injury you can remember happened to a coach or an athlete or a story of your own? Jay, do you have a story about getting injured by kicking something? I didn't kick anything.

That's unfortunate. It would have been fun if you had a personal story. I was injured once by something stupid I did, but it wasn't by kicking anything. It involves sport, I guess. Me and my friends, we used to skateboard a lot.

We built ramps, and I don't know. I guess I thought I was good. I was like, oh, let me drop in with my shoes tied together, my shoelaces tied. What? Just to see. I don't know. I thought I could do it, and I thought it'd be cool.

And I tried it and fell and scraped my entire arm up, and that didn't go well. Oh, yeah. That was stupid. Wow.

Okay. Didn't do that again. You tied your shoelaces together?

Yeah. No one asked me to. I was just like, yo, guys, watch this. Tied my shoelaces together, tried to drop in. Felt really confident, and just went straight down like a sack of potatoes. Huh.

What is wrong with dudes? It wasn't great. I thought it'd be an epic moment.

Like, oh, remember that time he dropped in with his shirt? Oh, they remember. All right. Not for the right reason. Interesting. Maybe it's not a male-female thing.

Maybe it's just a me thing. I prefer not to get injured. Now, I am a klutz, so I've done things like, and I'm not joking about this, step on a pile of acorns that all started rolling all at the same time and ended up on my rear end because I fell. I certainly have fallen on ice, slipped on ice and snow and all that kind of stuff.

If you grow up in the northeastern New England or anywhere that there's snow, you are familiar with ice mishaps. Trying to think what other dumb stuff I've done. I mean, oh, the worst injury I ever had had nothing to do with sports.

I dropped in, you know, those large containers of shampoo, how heavy they are. It slipped out of my hand in the shower and I dropped it directly on my big toe. That had to be the worst pain ever.

Outside of the planter's wart removal, the story that I still haven't told you about how that happened. Yeah, the worst uh, yeah, the worst injury probably I've ever had is that I dropped an entire super large economy size shampoo completely full on my big toe and I think I limped for weeks. It was, it was rough. Yeah, it hurt badly, but that's just because I'm a klutz, not because I was kicking something.

I was angry. Didn't Sammy Sosa hurt himself by sneezing once? Somebody in sports hurt himself by sneezing once. Yeah, so those are not really the injuries we're talking about because those are quirky and also for like freak injuries, not the type of injuries that you sustain because you were angry and you kick something or you, you hit something, you punch something. Yeah, those are the ones that you rue and you regret. Are you kidding me? What did I just do?

And as Shane Beamer said, the adrenaline wore off and then he was in a lot of pain. Right, but I like J's. Yeah, I don't. Was it on TikTok? Oh gosh, no. This was pre TikTok? Yeah, I was in like middle school when this happened. Thank goodness there are no videos to corroborate the story. Uh, honestly, I wish there was just so at least I'd have the memory of it because like, I don't know. Really? I did it, so it happened. At least I could have documented it and be like, oh, here it is, but now nothing. Huh? You could have gone viral.

Maybe. Can we, by the way, settle the debate over the viral Chargers fan that a lot of people believe was a plant and you know who I'm talking about. If you haven't checked out our show Twitter lately, After Hours CBS, you can find this Chargers fan. She and her husband are season ticket holders and she went viral because of her intense expressions of not just her joy, but her frustration over the Chargers tying the game in the fourth quarter. I think that's that's when ESPN discovered her, but also later as they lost. And she got so much airtime that she turned into a meme on social media and she has done interviews now with multiple media outlets where she does in fact say, hey, we're season ticket holders, my husband and I. We're passionate. We love our Chargers.

Her name is Mary Ann Do, Mary Ann Doe. And actually the NFL, remember how the NFL changed its profile picture to Taylor Swift just because? Well, now the Chargers have changed their profile picture to her face. How about that? You want to talk about going from nothing to your 15 minutes of fame.

That's this Chargers fan. Pretty incredible. But she has done interviews where she has essentially responded to the claims that she was a plant or an actor. And she said, no way.

My husband and I are season ticket holders who rent cabana sweets every season for multiple games. She told her story to Tom Pelissero. I think she was on the Pat McAfee show. She did an interview with Yahoo. This is a real woman. And she wanted to make sure people knew she wasn't getting paid for her crazy expressions anyway. So, yeah, it's that quickly where you can go from being no one to having the world know your name in this age of social media. I did see her get a little bit of backlash, though, for being a Vikings fan, apparently.

Did you see that? How can you be a Vikings fan and a Chargers fan at the same time? Exactly. So there's photos that have resurfaced of her from years ago with the same emotion in Vikings gear. And then it comes out that she is from Minnesota, has lived now in Los Angeles and California area for 20 years, still has love for her Vikings, but is considers herself a Chargers fan now. Okay. I can understand that.

There are a lot of people who are from one place and pick up and move to another place and they start rooting for the local teams. At least she's passionate for both. Yeah, I get it. I'm not going to kill her for that.

That's fine. Not going to kill her for that. But there are a lot of people who don't believe she's real and don't believe that she is authentically that engaged and that invested in the Chargers. But yeah, pretty funny. Just her expressions.

And we've got some memes up on our Twitter after our CBS. Let's hope she didn't punch anything because I could imagine that there'd be a lot of intensity behind that after the Chargers lost. That roller coaster of emotions.

Yes. She demonstrated what it's like to be a Chargers fan. So whether you would like to share some passionate moment where you also lost your, you lost control of your emotions and you paid for it with a bodily injury, you can do that. Or maybe it's an athlete that you remember who did that in sports at some point, like Marco did. He remembered a couple that I did not remember at all.

And then there's Jay who is just showing off. Oh, trying to. So I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at your pain. Oh, they were. They were your friend's word? Of course. Oh, dear. I was lying there writhing.

Did they check to make sure you're okay first? No, of course not. Oh, okay. Name calling, all the good stuff. Oh no, it's the hump show. Jay did a face plant right into it.

Yep, right into the concrete. It's after hours here on CBS Port radio. So yes, our show, Twitter, or our Facebook page. Our phone number 855-212-4227.

It's 855-212-4CBS. On Monday Night Football, her Chargers, Mary Ann's Chargers, they lost. They had opportunities, of course. We know that they, both they and the Cowboys, had multiple stops inside the red zone. They get all the way into the red zone and weren't able to capitalize for the Chargers.

It happened multiple times and it was, it's almost, you almost have to try to not capitalize on multiple opportunities that close, right? So give credit to the Cowboys defense. But there were, like the Daron Bland ball that he knocked away from a Chargers receiver. But there were certainly ways that the Chargers offense itself could have made different decisions, could have performed differently.

It's always the yin and the yang. You know, it's not just one-sided. But for the Chargers, I think that's kind of the issue with their fans is that very often their team comes up with innovative and creative ways to lose. So I don't know whether or not if you're a Chargers fan, you actually think that anything has changed.

If you missed our conversation with Fernando Ramirez, we talked about it with him. But yes, the Cowboys defense deserves a ton of credit for the plays that it made on the goal line, in the red zone, and with the ball in the hands of Justin Herbert at the very end. There were two big plays, notable plays, that remind you what the Cowboys defense is capable of.

Second and two. Herbert back. Hit sack. Micah Parsons got it, babe.

And I were just talking to her in the break and I said, I've got zero sacks for the Dallas Cowboys. And that's the first one. Third and 10 at the Charger 25.

Minute 32 in the game. Herbert back. Pressure coming again.

Throws it out. Intercepted. Gilmore jumped in at the Los Angeles 32 and you can credit the pressure for that one. The calls with Brad Sham on Cowboys radio. Now remember that same Cowboys defense got roasted by the Niners offense the week before. It's one of my favorite things now on Monday, or in this case on Tuesday, the latest edition of The Edge with Micah Parsons dropping on Bleacher Report.

This is his podcast. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites and he takes you inside the sack that helps seal the deal for Dallas on Monday Night Football. What was going through my mind? So literally we was running four-man games. Obviously they were sliding, chipping, things like that. And I was like, man, if we get an opportunity, we should go to a five-man pressure. And you can see Jayron coming off the edge. I knew I would end up getting a one-on-one with a guy that I knew I could beat.

I just hit it relentlessly. They still try to come, you know, double team me, but I just was able to break through and get the crucial sack that we needed to end the help in the game. Because then of course my guy Gillilock, the man, the guy that came to help us win the Super Bowl came over and ended the game. And that's what he do, man. Gillilock's a legend, hall of famer. And you know, he told me when he's at the coach, he was thinking about coming over here.

I got excited. But man, I'm so glad he came over here to wisdom the type of guy he is, but I couldn't be more happy to play with a guy like that. Micah Parsons on his podcast also took aim at those who would come at his quarterback. Now he didn't get teary like T.O. This my quarterback. Which by the way happened when T.O.

was a cowboy. But he did lay it on the line and I'll just be fair. I think that if this is not just being a homer or being a good teammate. Remember he also defended Zach Wilson against those critics and those who, you know, would call him trash.

And remember there was one particular former NFL player who called him by that name or that noun. And Micah's stood up for others in the NFL that he believes are absorbing unworthy criticism just happens that right now it's his own QB. I'm just calling out the BS because I'm tired of people trashing my quarterback.

I'm tired of people trashing my team. And that's why I had nothing to say to the me this week. I just wanted us to say you won't hear me talk, come to hear me talk on the edge Monday night.

And that's what it's going to be because I have nothing to say because if you're just going to take one game and say this is who I am then I have nothing to say to you because in life that's just not how it is. He's passionate and he's certainly paying attention as someone who's already jumping into media. He's paying attention to what's being said. What was the phrase that we started to hear from Robert Sala last year?

Keeping receipts, taking receipts, something like that, keeping receipts. And now it's become a thing you hear a lot of athletes but even people who are not athletes they coaches sometimes will say it they're keeping receipts. Well it's clear that Micah's paying attention to what's being said which maybe balances out because his his quarterback Dak Prescott has said no way I do not pay attention.

I think it depends upon your personality. I think some people can pay attention to what is said about them like Bryce Harper for instance. He admits he listens to sports radio in Philadelphia. Not to mention he heard the rumblings of what happened in the Braves locker room or clubhouse after he ran into the double play to end game two of the NLDS.

The whole attaboy Harper and the laughter of Orlando Arcea got back to him and so he took that as personal motivation. Not every athlete needs that. Not every athlete operates that way. Bryce does.

It's clear Micah does. You remember the stories about Michael Jordan and how any little slight he would use as motivation to kick your you-know-what. You would go as far as to make stuff up, Michael Jordan.

That is what people think that he made stuff up. Perceived slights if you will. Whatever it is some athletes thrive on that and I like that Micah makes no secret of the fact that he is hearing what the media is saying like how analysts are not treating the Cowboys fairly in his opinion. We want the same energy for everybody because there's a whole bunch of bashing when it's Dak Prescott but not the same when it's the Eagles.

I got time today. I heard a quote. Acho said this which pissed me off. He said I'm not worried about the 49ers. They were missing Christian McCaffrey. They were missing Deebo Samuel.

This will piss me off about that okay. They started that game. The Browns were missing Deshaun Watson. They were missing Nick Chubb. They were missing Jack Collins. They were missing them key factors before the game even started. So why is it that we are just scrubs and we're nobodies that don't deserve to be on the field and we're just all talk but there's a hundred excuses for these other these other teams like if y'all just want to hate Cowboys Nation just say y'all hate Cowboys Nation but don't sit here and throw shade on us.

Keep the same energy for everybody. He sounds like a fan doesn't he? How often have we heard rants like that on sports radio? Micah Parsons sounds like a fan. I know he is a very highly skilled extremely athletic can talk the talk and walk the walk and he's obviously got a huge fan base with the Dallas Cowboys and their fans all over the country all over the world really but he does sound just like the type of fan you would hear on a sports radio show calling in.

There's bias. They hate us. What did he say last week that we love is our drop? Laugh now cry later.

Laugh now cry later. I'm telling you he's paying attention. He saw what George Kittle had on his t-shirt.

He's keeping receipts. Makes for a highly entertaining podcast. The edge with Micah Parsons. Keep the same energy for everybody. Wait until you hear what he has to say about flag football as a sport in the Olympics and he's not the only one weighing in.

Tyreek Hill, Tom Brady. It gives hope for people who still would like to represent their countries. Well not if they allow NFL players in then you're SOL but that's what people say about curling right? If curling is an Olympic sport well then there's hope for all of us because they're not necessarily athletic. I like curling. No it's great and I'm not saying it isn't a it's a skill or you know technical expertise but you don't have to be an athlete. You don't have to be in tip-top physical shape to compete in curling. What type of conditioning do you do for curling exactly? Uh you gotta like you know run on the ice a little bit and like scamper. You gotta practice brushing the ice back and forth. Wind sprints maybe. I don't think so.

Clean the house a couple times you practice. All right you can find us on Twitter A Law Radio. Also on our Facebook page.

Send your questions for Ask Amy anything. Let's see what we want to do straight ahead. I know we kind of dabbled there in college football with Shane Beamer, the coach of South Carolina who confirms that he broke his foot kicking something. Deion Sanders, he was mad because he was mad but mad in a different way. Mad in a way that he called out his team after gosh an epic collapse on Saturday against USC. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. A 31-yard field goal dead center kicking right to left. The old American kicker can win it for Stanford. Put down. Kick is up.

It's on its way and it is good. And the Stanford Cardinal has thrown shade on the buffaloes here in Boulder on a Friday night. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The Stanford Cardinal Radio Network.

I think I might have said the wrong school before the break so forgive me for that. There's a lot in my brain and sometimes on the hump show it comes out all jumbled so you can keep receipts if you like but this was an epic collapse and for Colorado with all the bravado and all of the all of the Deion Sanders noise that we have heard or we did here to start well actually going back to the summer to start his tenure there at Colorado. The cameras that are constantly rolling.

The rants about making it personal. A lot of the the taunting and the the clapping back and skirmishes and there's just a lot of spirit. There's also a lot of hot air and we know that other coaches and other schools have balked at the attitude now that Deion Sanders has installed at Colorado and when they started out the season with this huge upset and they captured a lot of attention. It was crazy how he might have been the biggest thing in football not just the biggest thing in college football but they've come back to earth right?

And Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes have kind of had a taste of some adversity and I say that tongue-in-cheek because of course it's more than a taste. Being in the Pac-12 now for the season they ran into a buzzsaw in Oregon right? And even though they were competitive the following week also losing against I think that was the game against USC. I don't have their schedule memorized but what stands out to me is how quickly it went from being in the Pac-12 to being in the it went from being a non-stop buzz around Deion and Colorado to very quiet to well reminds me of the what happened with Messi right? When Messi first joined Miami and how we were doing questions and even did a poll about who's hotter Taylor Swift or Messi and it was a very tight poll and then they got out they they ended their winning streak and he he didn't really get injured injured but uh he needed a couple of games off and it went from being this white hot spotlight to all of a sudden people forgot all about Messi playing in Miami just so opposite what a difference a week or two can make and that's how it feels to get about Colorado. They won those first three games they beat TCU on the road in the upset and then getting blasted by Oregon losing to USC though it was a competitive game and now you even have people cheering for them after they get embarrassed by Stanford. I mean we're talking about historic comeback by the Stanford Cardinal who were down 21 to nothing at halftime and came back to beat the buffs in double overtime.

Started on Friday finished on Saturday it was a really long game. So Deion Sanders he's challenging his team and we had a chance to to let you hear from him still very inspirational still capturing it all on camera and on film in fact now he's going to author a book but this was just Deion responding to questions and I give him credit because he shows up in the good and he also shows up and he's the same Deion in the bad and this was in the wake of a devastating loss and a an embarrassing loss for his team. What I just said in locker room to the team is they got to make up in their mind are they in love with this game are they in like with it because when you love something you give to it unconditionally you give everything you got without a shadow of a doubt I am truly 100% in love with this thing and I just want people to match me just match my passion match my match my heart match my love match my consistency just match my mannerisms just match every darn thing I give to this game. Are you in like with this game are you in love with this game interesting too to hear from Deion he said after the fact that he was not comfortable when they were up at halftime he didn't like the attitude in his locker room he said going into the half it felt like we took our foot off the gas we stalled offensively we gave up some yardage and then he said early in the second half he could sense the complacency you can't understand how in the world that happens to us but it did and certainly it's human nature because we see it in sports where a team gets a big lead seems to happen every other night in the NBA a team gets a big lead then they start playing not to lose as opposed to playing the same way that they did to build the big lead and the other team that's got nothing to lose is playing with wild abandon comes roaring back don't know how it happens you'd think they'd learn from every other team that's pulling victim to it in the past and yet humans are humans everywhere but again he's still inspirational and he is Deion regardless of win lose draw he's still the same guy and he was asked how the team moves forward you have no you have no choice but to go for it that's life this ain't the only thing that's going on in life i mean all you guys are dealing with something you're still moving you're still progressing you're still going forward we got to do the same darn thing we didn't expect that there's a lot of things that goes on in life that's unexpected and this is one of them we got to knuckle up and let's go we can't sit down and have no pity party y'all don't feel bad for us some of y'all are ecstatic about what transpired today and i know that but that's cool we're gonna take this one on the chin because we deserve it uh 29 i i i've never been in one of these types i i don't remember from youth on i don't remember being up 29 nothing and losing a football game i really don't this is this is a little tough for me and i'm trying my best and i thank you all for your patience he knows it's true a lot of bravado a lot of boldness they're brash they talk they talk they're in your face they've all got podcasts and videos and yeah you you go big and you talk a lot of smack and there are people who will root against you i mean i have heard members of my own profession on different shows openly root against eon because they don't like the attitude they don't like all the the yapping they don't like the way that they are arrogant and cocky and yet dion is more than just hot air he's always been more than just hot air and you hear that with some of these comments postgame we felt like they were worth sharing the fact is this is life and this is adversity and he never promised his kids it was going to be easy he's learned a lot of life lessons himself and so as much as you may balk at the attitude and in your face and the demonstrations and it's personal and everything's on video and everybody's got a podcast and it's all about your brand he's also teaching these guys how important education is we hear him talk about that and he's training them to be men not just football players but that to me is really the most important thing about kids and young adults playing sport is that being part of a team playing a sport where you do fail a lot of the time there are some valuable life lessons that will help you when you're done playing sports and dion is all about that maybe people don't hear that as much but he is trying to train these young men including his own sons to be prepared for what's to come down the road where life is damn hard sometimes so i admire him i know it's not everybody's cup of tea but i do admire him but i do admire him because he's consistent he is dion through and through he doesn't steal confidence but he also teaches substance and so far as we know has not broken his foot by kicking anything too although he did have some toes removed right was that frostbite i forgot what that was from no he has all kinds of circulation issues is it they were concerned about possibly even losing his foot yeah i remember that but i don't remember what the condition was something to do with what the circulation issue is that i don't know um i don't know i mean he had a lot of foot issues when he was playing yes uh there was a lot of turf toe stuff and i remember that was i think that might have been he might have been the first guy that i remember with turf toe they were talking about the 90s where it was like what the hell is turf toe um but i don't know if that was leads to the circulation issue which leads to now that i i don't know i don't know enough about i do remember that in the summertime where he was he was there was danger losing his foot yeah and luckily that didn't happen obviously but i i don't ongoing blood circulation issues yeah i don't know enough about you know medical terms and all that i i don't know enough about that to be able to speak on it and i don't know again i didn't research it does this have anything to do with all the foot issues that he had when he was playing i i find that difficult to believe because this seems like a circulation that was more of a an injury it just seems a little different an ultrasound revealed that some previously opened arteries had closed according to his medical team yeah and he he's pretty much open about all of this stuff oh what did he say uh what did he the whole cliche well it wasn't a cliche but when he surprised himself with the i'm i'm built for the i forgot i'm a man of the something not the moment i'm a monument oh there we go not a moment i'm a monument not a moment god that was good what does that even mean oh well in the context it actually it meant you know about not being a flash in the pan about you know this is not just about a couple of gaudy wins and blah blah blah okay how do you know you have staying power i'm a monument not a moment he's like oh that was good wow that's funny all right on twitter after our cbs send your questions for ask amy anything we're getting some of your responses to some crazier or funnier injuries for athletes and coaches just in the heat of the moment so whether you're on either of our social media sites our youtube channel as well as we get ready to do another edition of ask amy a couple of more recent video versions of ask amy anything and would you like to see or will you watch i guess at whether or not you'd like to see it it's coming flag football in the olympics why do i feel like we're watering it down is pickleball about to be an olympic sport as well yes of course it is you are listening to the after hours podcast third down and six for miami at the two-minute mark of the second quarter back looking tires getting you to the good half of your week it's the hulk show on after hours it is pretty obvious that tyreek hill and his quarterback too are on a mission to make tyreek the first receiver in nfl history to ever cross the 2 000 yard plateau i feel as though and maybe it's a mike mcdaniel goal as well even if they're not going to speak about it or even if it's not something that they would acknowledge they aren't going to force it to tyreek but when you've got the connection that he and two would do well why not it can be a byproduct and he is the best option on the field to be sure oh i'm thinking it because tyreek hill stated it before the season he's absolutely going after it and i can imagine that tua and mike mcdaniel wouldn't mind that feather in their caps either he is on pace now i did this the math going back to sunday night and talked about it on the show then he's on pace now to get between 2300 and 2400 yards even if he falls off pace a little bit he's very much within that kind of window now to go the rest of the way they played six games let's just say he has another he averages 100 yards a game between now and the end of the season so another 11 games another 1100 yards he's already over 800 yards he would be right there on the cusp so it means one more game of say 150 ish and then averaging 100 he's there hey cheetah let's get it baby remember he told us that a healthy to what was good for tyreek hill it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio mica parsons actually believes that tyreek is an mvp candidate another part of what he said on his podcast tyreek meanwhile is now focused on his next adventure which should be representing the red white and blue in flag football you know how amazing it would be to assemble a super team to play in the olympics man just to compete i feel like a world championship that'd be crazy you know to be able to go to the olympics and actually win a medal i know i said world championship well i meant to say olympic medal that'd be actually crazy man just to see some of the best talent that we got obviously in the us against you know some of the other talent across the world i grew up a fan of you know the dream team i watched a documentary of lebron them probably twice a month i just love to see the competitive drive with those guys just the competition of what they had just the competition of what they had and just the interaction that they had and i try to add that into what i do every day so just being able to say hey man i was able to play on the olympic level and compete for a medal for the us it'd be special like who wouldn't want to do that though to travel the world well to travel to la and compete in a flag championship to travel the world oh no just to travel to la okay here's the question we know that the nfl is becoming more and more popular in europe even australia they have a voracious appetite for the nfl talk about some crazy hours it's like us watching international events right but how many international players are there in the nfl not very many this is not like major league baseball or the nhl or even the nba which has more and more of a of a flavor for international and you know that when there are world championships or olympic games in hockey in baseball i mean even the world baseball classic in the nba a lot of the athletes will go and play for their home countries or some of them have dual citizenship and they'll play for the other nation that is not the case in the nfl football is decidedly american our football is decidedly american so i kind of feel like that would be an extreme advantage for the red white and blue not that i'm against it but remember watching payton manning coach the afc in the flag football game at the pro bowl last year would it be like that i don't know do you think payton could coach the flag football team usa maybe but well who would be better at than a former athlete a former football player right but i just don't think that there are enough athletes who play football canada but still i don't know how many athletes there are that would be able to play for other countries and would make it even a viable field does that make sense yeah so right now there's 37 international players in the nfl 37 is not even a roster 37 that's it and they're not all from the same country obviously i'm not sure it would be fair just think who would play quarterback for any other team every quarterback in the nfl is american there's and that's it that's the advantage right there it's that's okay game over who's gonna play quarterback and go against my homes or herbert or whoever we throw out there right now to me it seems as though it's again unfair is a word i don't use a lot in sports because life is unfair but it doesn't seem equitable if what you're looking for in the olympic stage is to have a competition that encourages more people to participate in this particular sport or at least encourages healthy competition among nations that's not going to happen if you have nfl players yeah on the olympic stage i don't think going against tyreek hill justin jefferson is going to make an english cornerback want to go to the nfl but this would be like the original dream team going back to the early 90s if not more dominant if that's possible yeah i would think it would be how many other nations could even field a team it would just be a bunch of scrubs that how do they do they even know how to play flag football in a lot of other countries they could try would it be a tournament of four teams four nations shut up the usa team red i mean come on it's got to be competitive cinthia freelance next it's after hours on cbs sports radio
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