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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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October 16, 2023 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 16, 2023 6:08 am

The shorthanded Giants give the Bills all they can handle | The Browns slay the beast in the 49ers + the Ravens get a win across the pond | The Jacksonville Jaguars are hitting their stride.


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. And then there were none. It did not take long. Six weeks in, there are no unbeaten teams remaining in the NFL. And there are no winless teams remaining in the NFL, which means we've got more and more teams that are bunched together exactly the way the league wants it. I'm not saying it's going according to script, then we wouldn't have so many quarterbacks who are injured, but definitely the NFL prefers that the league and its records, they're kind of thick around the middle, that a lot of teams are grouped together, which makes it compelling all the way through. And yeah, it's still the NFL where you have no idea what's going to happen from week to week. We call it the best reality show on TV. And right now, since there's mostly reality TV, you can see how the NFL measures up.

And you can also see that the NFL is getting huge numbers through the first six weeks of the season in large part because there's not nearly as much competition. I know this may be industry talk over your heads. You may be following what's happening with the TV and entertainment industry. The writers are no longer on strike. So they've gone back to work to start writing and crafting more episodes of your favorite serial TV programs. But, and I know this because it's my union, we got an email over the weekend indicating that talks have broken up between the actors, the performers and the studios. So there's no movement yet. Oh, and it was a scathing email too. I'm not sure we're supposed to be sharing the actual details publicly, but it was scathing about how they had walked away from the bargaining table. So the actors will not be returning to work anytime soon.

Instead, you're left with Sunday Night Live featuring both Travis Kelcey and Taylor Swift. Uh-huh. The NFL has got to be thrilled. Good morning to you. Happy Monday.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Always glad to have you with us. We got to dive right in. Still plenty of work to do. And yes, ALCS game one in Houston last night. Here's what you need to know.

You ready? Jordan Montgomery and Evan Turner. Jordan Montgomery. Oh, Evan Carter, excuse me. Evan Carter just barely turned 21 and is already making a big impact with the Rangers who have not yet lost in this postseason run. So it's pretty incredible.

From Jordan Montgomery, who's found a home with the Rangers and their number one spot in their starting rotation, to a rookie who's got great defense in center field and just enough offense from Justin Verlander to be able to maintain their perfect start in October. But mostly football this hour. Why? Because, wow, it was weird and it was wacky and it was wild but oh so wonderful. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. So you can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page.

After Hours with Amy Lawrence. And why did I just have a total brain fart? I think it's because it's Monday morning.

Of course there's a team that's winless. That's the Carolina Panthers. We just talked about them last hour.

So you know what I think it is? It's because in my studio, I have two TV screens. One of them set up on NFL Network and all of a sudden it turned into Telemundo. Someone's playing with the channels elsewhere on the floor and it threw me off and I'm staring at Telemundo and it's bothering me. I can't be watching the news on Telemundo while I'm trying to do a show. So that's it.

I'm going to turn away from the channel and look elsewhere in the studio. But yes, of course, the Panthers, Frank Reich, Bryce Young, they are 0-6. They're the last team right now. They are getting closer. They had a 14-0 lead on the Dolphins yesterday.

They're still a work in progress but I do not believe that they will go winless all the way through. So forgive me for that. Well, there goes the perfect show. Into the fourth hour, though.

That's not terrible, right? Jay, I don't know what you're doing in there but you're talking to yourself. Why are you talking to yourself? It ruins it now a little bit. Oh, it does? Because there goes the perfect show? You mean I ruined it?

No, I had a funny Bryce Young drop that would work well but if I say it now, it kind of ruins the element of the surprise. Oh, okay. Alright. We've come to a grinding halt here in the fourth hour but that's on me. We'll call that my turnover. I've had my first turnover of the game. It's a critical juncture in the fourth quarter.

We'll see whether or not the defense can prevent the other team from turning that mistake into points. Alright, you feel me? After hours, CBS Sports Radio, don't find me on Twitter. It's just totally not worth it.

Sunday Night Football. Someone got mad at me this week because I called it the Battle of New York. I was being facetious. I was being sarcastic.

It's unfortunate that some people do not recognize that sarcasm is my love language. Anyway, this was a game that probably had some people tuning out. Let's be honest. When it's six nothing at halftime, you probably got people who are tuning out. Now, it didn't have to be six nothing at halftime.

It could have been a Giants touchdown or at the very least nine nothing Giants over the bills. Down to eight seconds to go. Seven seconds to go. Six seconds to go.

Down to four. Taylor trying to get his team lined up and they don't get the playoff. A terrible mistake by the Giants as they don't get the playoff and get no points out of it with a first and goal at the one. Had a play called it was a run action pass play and ended up alerting it to a run. Didn't get it off. It was a decision looking back on it definitely should have made. Shouldn't have made. Alerted to a run but I've seen a look that was beneficial for us and there wasn't a right call and that falls on me as a quarterback, as a leader, as the one that's communicating everything to everyone.

Got to be better in that situation. That is not the voice of Daniel Jones. That is the voice of Tyrod Taylor, former Bills quarterback by the way and then the former Bills offensive coordinator before him, Brian Dayball. Dayball's face was so red. It was as red as the Bills uniforms that they were wearing last night for Sunday night. Welcome back Saquon Barkley. Into that he tries the run play that Tyrod checked to or changed to and ends up getting stuffed or wrapped up and so when the Giants go over five in the red zone that's got to be one that they will rue and will remember because this was a tight game all the way through and they certainly could have used a touchdown but if not a touchdown could have used the extra points there and it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio.

So the Bills are able to keep the ball away from the juggernaut that is the Giants. I'm sorry that was mean. That was sorry Jay.

That was mean. I'm just saying generally when a team goes ball control one of the huge benefits is that you keep it away from the opposing team's offense. So there's that but it's not as though Patrick Mahomes was on the other side. No this was I thought it was steady it was efficient at times a little blocky it just it seemed still somewhat disjointed but the Bills were able to keep the ball for 10 minutes so essentially the entire third quarter until finally they're able to to score but held scoreless on their own field by the Giants through the first three quarters of the game. Under center orbit motion there by Hardy back to pass throws it to Hardy in the left flat and he's going to find his way into the end zone the diminutive Deontay Hardy with his first touchdown as a Buffalo Bill three yards and the Bills are finally on the board. Yeah it took a long time but that 10 minute drive changed how they were able to approach the rest of the game right they were able to play that ball control and it did seem like early on that Allen was trying to force it to Staphon Diggs a little bit kind of airballed a few and tried to force it into a couple tight windows not that he can't do that but in the first half it felt like it was too much and I know they were missing some people so that's important too but once they got through that 10-minute drive and got into the end zone then it felt like okay these are the Bills yes they're tough they're physical they're hard-nosed they can win a low-scoring game fine Josh Allen is all of those things he would like to truck people if he could but he's also innovative and creative as a quarterback and knows how to extend plays. Here's Allen in the shotgun cooked to his left back to pass look for the swing pass pocket collapsing rolls out to his right to buy time into traffic but touchdown pass is good to Quentin Morris a 15-yard dart wow he threaded the needle there Josh Allen off his back foot gets it in a tight spot anyway unbelievable. I heard an interview with Quentin Morris on Bill's radio when this game was done and he told Sal Cappaccio who actually joined us in the first hour of the show but he told Sal that the play was something completely different but because Josh had to change it on the fly as a receiver with the Bills when you play with Josh Allen you know find an open spot you have to adjust to him because he is going to be looking for you even as he's extending plays we know other guys do that obviously Patrick Mahomes is the master at doing that and he and Travis Kelce have such a great rapport where Travis will find an open spot park it pivot and wait for the ball to come to him and it at times Mahomes will even say that Pat that Travis is out there making up his own routes well Stevon Diggs does that a lot with with Josh Allen but in this case Morris is saying like hey you know when he starts to scramble and move around find an open spot and if you watch the play unfold even before the ball comes into Morris and again it was a very tight window Morris does that he makes a v cut like something you would see on a basketball court he makes a v cut to get away from the defense and then goes back toward Josh and the ball is there for him so it was brilliant Josh but also give credit to Morris for that touchdown and I think of the broadcast they said that was his first target all season so pretty cool moment on Bill's radio they take the lead with under four minutes to go Giants still have an opportunity though because there's a miss field goal in there there's a pass interference on Buffalo that extends the game and then we get what we call an untimed down so no clock one last shot Barkley the lone setback Taylor under center one receiver to the left two to the right here's the snap fakes the hand off throws it into the end zone it's incomplete intended for Darren Waller Taryn Johnson in coverage caused enough disruption to force the incompletion the game is over and the Bills escape with a 14 to 9 victory it wasn't pretty but the Bills will take it wow good to get a win anytime you can win in the NFL it's a good thing it was not easy give credit to the Giants and then there's a lot of things we can do better as well so I'm proud of proud of the way the guys found a way I thought our offense came up with two critical scores there in the second half which we needed and then defensively to come back and basically on two got to have it drives for them back-to-back shut them down on fourth downs defense is still on fire we had three sacks today held up tough towards the end of the game great win you know I take them pretty ugly they all count the same so it's a good win and we just keep moving oh that's the voice of Von Miller out there chasing quarterbacks again for the Buffalo Bills so yeah the defense deserves a ton of credit and we know the defense was fantastic against the Dolphins a couple weeks ago too in large part the reason that they won but on this night the defense had to be good because the offense still scuffling now a lot of people pointing to Brian Daybal and you may see the photos the videos Daybal and Josh Allen kind of walked out the tunnel together and were able to spend some time catching up and I know he meant a lot to the Bills and Allen's development specifically asked Sal Cappaccio that so if you missed that conversation with Sal who's the sideline reporter but also part of our Buffalo affiliate am 550 wgr make sure you catch it on a podcast though I understand he will be part of their morning show in a couple hours he's a trooper even after he talked to us he was still tweeting so it was a tough late night maybe a lot of adrenaline for Sal as well but you know everyone wanted to talk to Daybal everybody wanted to catch up with him afterwards and there's a lot of familiarity there which means that it's it's tough to pull one over on him as the Giants head coach just really wasn't getting into a rhythm you know that's pass and run game included we got to find ways to to get our get off to a fast start and I don't think we've done that last few days or that last few games so you know at the end of the day it's a win it's an ugly one we'll take it but there's a lot of things that we all learn from and get better at. So Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills eke out this win and they're able to kind of keep pace with the Dolphins right and the Dolphins are five and one so the Bills are just behind there was a scary moment for the Bills earlier in this game and cameras instantly go to Damar Hamlin who was inactive but was on the bench had his head down probably praying for Damian Harris when he was taken off the field in an ambulance and transported to a local hospital the reports are that he suffered a neck injury but there was some good news with Sean McDermott.

Things are heading in a in a good direction right now for Damian so it's my understanding is full movement right now as well. So Sean McDermott talking about the Bills running back. As for the Giants they have Tyrod Taylor out there also like I said former Bill and the big thing for them is just not capitalizing on their opportunities. Going over in the red zone and and not just failing to score but just squandering them in a big way.

Taking a couple of sacks right just the the way that I mean Daniel Jones takes sacks too so there's no way to know if it would have been any different but the way that offensive line is kind of piecemeal and patchwork together leaves them pretty exposed though Saquon Barkley will help and he had nearly 100 yards in his return to the field. I think just the rust was wearing off I haven't played in three weeks um you know I haven't really been practicing either but that's no excuse I was able to go out there I try to go out there and perform at high level and make plays with my team to help us win and I ain't do that I ain't doing enough today. On Twitter ALawRadio our Facebook page too you can vote for Monday MVP or you can send a tweet like this are you ready J? Okay keeping in mind I know you're busy in there but do you remember how I started the hour this hour as in just a couple minutes ago?

Yes. Yes okay so I just got this tweet from I don't know someone. Why haven't you said anything about the Rangers beating the Astros? I really think that you hate on the Rangers every chance you get. We get that often from Rangers fans. Just the same with the Cowboys oh yes I hate on both. I mean minutes ago minutes ago I talked about how they're still perfect in the postseason and how Evan Carter at 21 years old is out there manning the outfield making incredible plays and how Jordan Montgomery has been a revelation for them but apparently that's hating on the Rangers. I don't know I'm telling you I always Ranger fans who say we don't talk enough Rangers we hate the Rangers we've been talking hyping up the Rangers since July. Okay I don't hype anyone up. Well you know what I mean we've been following their story. Yes we've been following their story so that's funny I'll just write back and say feel free to check out the podcast Evan. That works. That's that works we did a full segment on Astros Rangers game one complete with play-by-play and post-game reaction Smith ransom Smith ransom.

All right on Twitter on Facebook unless you have something dumb to say like that in which case you probably should listen more and tweet less. The Niners are no longer undefeated. The Cleveland Browns you want to talk about some defense defense for the Browns defense for the Jets in taking the Niners and Eagles from the ranks of the unbeaten and who else we have to get to still have to get to the the Ravens and their London game and then the Jaguars as well too. The news about Anthony Richards and the Colts that's tough waiting to hear whether or not he'll be out the rest of the season so a lot to still get to here but good morning to you even you out there who are cranky. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio.

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Actual charge time varies based on charging unit output temperature and other factors. Call 562-314-4603 for complete details. 49ers have run the ball every play to open the game. Purdy now under center on second and 10. First pass play action. Shovel forward to McCaffrey.

Good block by Brenda. McCaffrey 5. Touchdown CMC. 15 consecutive games with a touchdown for McCaffrey. What an absolute beast with his vision and first.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Christian McCaffrey inches closer to the NFL record. Gosh, it's held back in the 60s so it stood for a long time. Consecutive games with a touchdown. Now 15 in a row you hear it with Greg Papa on Niners radio. However, he would not see the end of the game and this has got to be a concern for Niners fans even more than the loss. I certainly understand that a loss is painful and no one likes to lose especially when they don't play well and this might have been the first I don't want to say bad game because that's so vague.

The first game in which Brock Purdy really struggled. He didn't seem to have the accuracy or the connection. He was off.

He was just out of rhythm. Made some poor mistakes and some bad throws and for that reason the Niners were in a tough spot. However, they were also without Debo Samuel who was gone early in this game in Cleveland because of a shoulder injury and then they did not have Christian McCaffrey for most of the second half. So he was out with an oblique slash rib injury and it was initially oblique but then Kyle Shanahan tacked on rib in the postgame press conference. So there's a there's got to be a collective holding of the breath in the Bay Area about these two Niners weapons because man it could change a whole lot if they don't have those two guys moving forward.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Take nothing away from the Browns though. They were without their starting quarterback Deshaun Watson. He looked like he was dressed up for winter in Buffalo. Did you happen to see he's wearing this really I know it was raining and and it wasn't pleasant weather but he was wrapped up in a winter coat and in a one of those knit masks over his face. I know he doesn't like the cold.

Remember he when he signed with Cleveland or when he picked Cleveland he was talking about how he didn't like the cold. Anyway, he was certainly out there participating on the sidelines but he was not able to play himself and so the Browns offense was scuffling too. They did get a Kareem Hunt touchdown but a bunch of times had to settle for field goals instead of getting into the end zone. So hanging in the balance late it's been an ugly game but you take the win however you can get it and for the Browns they come up not with the short end of the stick this time.

Here we go. If he makes the kick the 49ers win. They're 6-0. If he misses the kick the 49ers lose.

It's that simple. Tabor Pepper to Wisnowski 41 yards away. Snap.

Hold. Jake has it away. He has the distance and it is no good. Jake Moody missed the kick and the 49ers lose.

Just push it out to the right the whole way. So Jake Moody the rookie 41 yarder. They didn't even try to get closer. They had another down and they had time but they decided they would go ahead and allow him to kick from 41 yards. He's been really good but on this day he was not and yeah that's the thrill of victory. The agony of of defeat in sports but it was a day in which the Browns defense made the Niners offense look middling so the Browns deserve credit for that and also for the fact that they ran all over the field like they'd won the Super Bowl before the game was over.

It wasn't actually a walk-off win. They still had to run more time off the clock but good for Cleveland. Maybe this is a spark and Deshaun Watson should be back.

Week seven is what we're hearing but it won't be too much longer. The Niners and the Browns combined for 25 total penalties. It was just a lot. It was a lot but it certainly is a win that counts the same as any other and credit the defense for that. Coach Schwartz and the defensive staff were outstanding all week really. You know I go back to our Wednesday practice. I told the team after practice.

I said if you measure a practice by how it sounds we have the best practice of our season. Because the energy was off the charts and it was led by the defense. It's led by Oboe and Zee and Dalvin and Juan and you know all those guys. JOK.

You name them. They brought the energy all week. They were so excited for this challenge and I thought coach put those guys in position to go make plays.

Yeah they were good. They're just tough and physical and I love that they've been able to to keep the Browns in games even as they go through the loss of Nick Chubb and some of the other challenges they've had offensively. Also Amari Cooper has had a couple real good catches and he's still fighting guys out there for for receptions too which is good. As for the Niners, I like how Fred Warner puts it. He's one of the captains.

One of the one of the spiritual leaders if you will. The emotional leaders for this team had an interception in the game. He's kind of always right in the middle of the action. He's loud. He's vocal.

He gets guys moving. He's a veteran and he had a special perspective. The main thing is that you know I think they earned it and we did in this game. That's what it came down to. I would never put it on Moody at the end there to say you know it's great that we had an opportunity to win that you know in that fashion but just didn't we didn't earn it. They earned it today. I said that win or loss I felt like we needed this game. We knew what type of game it was going to be in order for us to be the team that we want to be moving forward. We had to get battle. We need to get battle tested. That's exactly what today was. We learned from it. Watch the tape. Look at it hard internally and and be better from it.

The words and the wisdom of a veteran. So the Browns get a big win. It might end up meaning more to them than the loss does to the Niners who fall to five and one but yeah a huge deal for Cleveland who's now three and two. The Steelers are off this week.

They're three and two. What about the Baltimore Ravens who are taking on the Titans in the final London game of the year and we get to see what Baltimore can do again with that ball control. Not because Lamar is running all over the place. No the offense has changed for sure and they want to have more of a blend and more of a variety but against the Titans.

Now this is against the Titans right who have Derrick Henry and also would like to be able to control the ball. Plus 12 minutes nearly plus 12 minutes in time of possession but what keeps coming back about the the Ravens and at some point they're going to have to fix this. They have been miserable in the red zone. They're just really scuffling.

They can get there but for some reason are having trouble once it you know the the field is shorter and and the space is more compact. So one for six in the red zone but you know what that means? Justin Tucker being a badass in London. Six field goals for one of the best kickers in the NFL and the defense for the Ravens too was real good. Sacking Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis six times. Why exactly was Malik Willis in the game? Well that's because Ryan Tannehill yet another quarterback starting quarterback who was injured. Big deal though for the Ravens even as they win and they get a victory by traveling which that's an even bigger deal.

What about capitalizing on the opportunities? We just have to find a way you know lock in more and we get we do a great job with dropping the ball down the field but it's like every time we get there it's like we're just kicking field goals. It's up the top but we don't need that you know protect the ball. The biggest emphasis was we caught the ball this week. We drove the ball down the field. We protected it except for that one interception but we got to we got to punch it in. We're very very pleased to come over with a win. I'm proud of our guys. I thought our guys fought through a lot of adversity in that game.

Some controllable, some not and they managed to find a way to close it at the end. I can imagine win or lose if you come back from London with serious injuries that's even worse. You traveled all the way over there and now you end up losing a player or two.

So yeah there's no real exact science about how to do this. The Ravens get the win. It's not real pretty at least not in the red zone. We know the Bills. They ended up traveling to London on the Friday before a Sunday game and I talked to Sal Capaccio about that in our first hour. You can catch it on the podcast because they still didn't look like they were real energetic and were back in a rhythm now that they were home against the Giants Sunday night. A whole week had passed by. He actually said he didn't feel like he'd caught up until Thursday really and that Sean McDermott gave the Bills off Wednesday. I'm sorry they had a walkthrough.

They didn't have a full practice but they just had like a walkthrough so they could try to catch up as well. So there is something about London and if the NFL really plans on either a moving a Super Bowl there which is some of the rumblings or b the extreme. I mean that would be extreme but the extreme would be to try to move a team there. They're going to have to figure this out because it's very clear that the travel and the time change and the travel back affects teams. It does.

There's no way maybe to put it into a mathematical formula or turn it into an analytic but it's clear that it affects these athletes in some cases. Not all of them. Not all the time. One year it's good.

Maybe one year it's bad for the Jaguars but if they're going to keep doing this maybe they give them buys the week after. I'm not sure. Somehow to be able to try to mitigate the effects of taking that trip across the pond. It's not perfect. It's not pretty. Yeah that's football though. Ryan Tannehill left it let's see third quarter and had an ankle injury and so there's another starting quarterback that leaves a game.

Todd came up and said that he you know was having a hard time and I knew he was having a hard time and so we were talking about doing some different things you know in the gun or you know what his mobility was going to look like and certainly don't want to you know put him in harm's way have the ability not to be able to to protect himself. Gosh a lot of offensive lines that are not holding up or even quarterbacks who don't get rid of the ball quickly enough or they're out trying to make a play where they shouldn't be or they're taking too many risks. There's a lot of different ways that guys get hit and guys get injured but I tell you what one of the reasons Miami is five and one is because two uh has not been hit a lot.

Yesterday against the panthers even though they were in a 14-0 hole the dolphins are able to flip the switch come flying back was at 35 unanswered points or something like that and they do it because Tua has time to bake a pumpkin pie in the pocket. He got hit once yesterday and by hit I just mean a defender got to him one time he was not officially sacked but if you think about some of the other quarterback situations just kind of running through really quickly Aaron Rodgers obviously gone for the Jets. For the Pittsburgh Steelers we saw Kenny Pickett get injured and have to miss some time. We know Deshaun Watson is out for the Browns.

Thankfully Joe Burrow is okay it looks like he's he's actually running yesterday uh doing a little scampering so his calf appears to be okay they're taking care of it. Jacksonville we're going to get to them coming up but Trevor Lawrence left early with a potential knee injury so we're going to have to see how that plays out. Anthony Richardson for the Colts could be out for the rest of the season right now he's got a serious injury to his uh injury to his shoulder. Thankfully C.J.

Strad is still out there. Ryan Dano got knocked out yesterday so that's three quarterbacks in the AFC South that right now we have question marks about. Jimmy Garoppolo left at halftime with a back injury for the Raiders against the Patriots yesterday. Moving down through the Giants so on into the NFC the Giants didn't have Daniel Jones yesterday he was knocked out with a neck injury so it was Tyrod Taylor. For the Chicago Bears Justin Fields went out yesterday with a right hand injury don't know if it's broken actually I guess what they said is that the MRI was no the x-rays were negative but the MRI comes today but Justin didn't finish the game. Desmond Ritter has missed some time. Derek Carr missed some time earlier right. Bryce Young missed a game. For the Cardinals obviously they still don't have Kyler Murray so it's Josh Dobbs so I mean like that's half the NFL right now that's dealing with injuries to their quarterbacks and it's it's becoming to the point where it's a couple more names every week. All right got a couple games left to get to you know our promise to you we're going to talk about the Washington commanders at the Atlanta Falcons and also want to get to Jay don't tell me what don't help me don't tell me what else are we missing I feel like we've done oh Colton Jaguars because we want to talk about Trey he's like nodding at me I wasn't going to tell you vehemently nodding at me yes thank you but we're doing pretty well our our job plus we had to squeeze in baseball as well a couple times it's after hours with Amy Lawrence.

You are listening to the after hours podcast. ETN the running back stands to the right of the quarterback they'll hand it to ETN toward the goal line into the end zone touchdown in the first touchdown of the game belongs to Jacksonville. Wildcat to start this thing Travis ETN fakes a handoff runs it to the 20 to the 50 to the 10 to the 5 touchdown Travis ETN out of the wildcat extends the lead for Jacksonville. Two left two right big to the running back stands to the left of Trevor Lawrence against the four-man front for the Colts dropping is Trevor looking looking still looking farther right side wide open is Britain straight into the end zone for a touchdown.

This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. On the Jaguars radio network get this the Colts actually had an extra 120 yards over and above what the Jags were able to amass and yet with four turnovers it's a heck of a lot of extra opportunities for the Jacksonville Jaguars so the defense definitely deserves some credit winning that turnover battle and Travis ETN with a couple more touchdowns meanwhile the high profile running back for the Colts Jonathan Taylor still not in a groove eight carries 19 yards so again you can credit the Jaguars defense but they need him JT to get back into a rhythm and certainly that would take some pressure off Gardner Minshew we may not see Anthony Richardson the rookie quarterback the rest of the way he's considering surgery to repair his shoulder so the Colts are what the Colts are the Jaguars took advantage. The takeaways are something that we as a team talk about they talk about it as a defense and it just it just shortens the field for your offense right and pass rush again today there was pressure on Gardner you know putting in places maybe he didn't want it to go and again just a great team effort on defense to play the way they did today. 14 points off those turnovers in the first half alone which is a pretty sweet start if you're the Jaguars and Doug Peterson and yeah remember when Josh Allen the quarterback told us that Josh Allen the pass rusher was scary well Gardner Minshew got a taste of that because there was a sack and a fumble force by Josh Allen in this one and Trevor Lawrence leaves early with a tweaked knee though doesn't sound too serious at least he doesn't think so.

I'm feeling okay I'm gonna get it get it checked out you know tonight and see kind of what's going on I feel pretty good I'm walking around all right so I can't really say much now I don't really want to make sure everything's checked out. All right so we'll wait to hear on him and Justin Fields and Jimmy Garoppolo and man it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio Deebo Samuel Christian McCaffrey some pretty high profile names that we are waiting on. One last game to get to this one started with a career milestone for Kaleis Campbell if you didn't see this moment it's pretty sweet his teammates were so happy for him 100 career sacks Campbell's 37 years old I don't know when that happened but he's 37 years old he's been in the NFL since 2008 and so it was a really cool moment for him he's only the 41st player in NFL history to have 100 career sacks I would have thought there'd be more than that but he he's I think there's only a handful of active players but he's the 41st in history and even though the Falcons did not get the win it was really neat for him. I mean it's a you know bittersweet but uh you know I think it's still pretty pretty sweet you know I think the best part about it was just the genuine happiness you know all the team all my teammates had for me you know just running around and just like seeing like how hype everybody was you know and come to the sideline like I mean literally I feel like everybody come and dap me up and just gave me some love and that was a good feeling. Congratulations to Kaleis again feels like he's been around forever but also when did he turn 37 my goodness so the Falcons actually had the lead for a bit Kyle Pitts finally holds in his first touchdown of the season in the first quarter but then Washington this time looks good the the offense looks good they go two for three in the red zone Sam Howe has a couple of touchdown passes and and Desmond Ritter had another one of those blow-up games the jury is definitely still out on Desmond Ritter and whether or not he's the quarterback of the future for the Falcons I was actually in Atlanta this weekend but remember we had an interview with Sandra Golden with our Atlanta affiliate and she says the jury's kind of still out on Desmond Ritter so a short field for Washington and so critical always to take advantage of those opportunities Curtis Samuel in motion Terry's in the slot to the left play action Howe has to slide to his right as the pocket collapses goes back underneath the Robinson great dump off 2015 10-5 head of steam touchdown touchdown Washington Brian Robinson bulldozes into the end zone he wanted to be more involved he said I just have to wait my turn and when my opportunity comes prove why I need the ball in my hands 31 seconds to go fourth quarter here 24 to 16 third in one play for the Falcons they just burned their final time out there at the 34 empty backfield for Ritter gets the step Washington brings four steps up throws that one picked off by Jamin Davis unbelievable Jamin Davis jumped around third pick of the half and Washington is going to win in Atlanta they say they come in bunches most certainly these interceptions three in the game are in bunches on the commanders radio network and yeah actually this goes perfectly with what I just said about the Colts they had 120 more yards than the Jaguars but they had the four turnovers which is why they lost well in this game the Falcons actually had double the yards and plus 13 minutes time of possession they actually had 29 more plays don't ask me why my nerdy brain looks at these things 29 more plays than did Washington but the turnovers end up being kind of one step forward two steps back type of thing Sam Howe with three touchdowns though he was sacked five times and the commanders like a lot of teams this weekend in the NFL they win it's ugly but they win so you just have to take it and run with it right because who knows it was just a weird wacky weekend in which we have no more teams that are unbeaten and we're seeing are you ready for this if you missed it earlier we ran a little hype train all the way up to Detroit the Dolphins and the Chiefs five and one in the AFC the Eagles and the Niners both absorbing their first losses so they are five and one and which one of these is not like the other except maybe a better start taking into account the Lions the hype train right Dan Campbell said there were so many Lions fans in Tampa that he thought the Buccaneers might have to go to a silent count in their own stadium that's fantastic so the Lions Buccaneers was the game that you all picked as the game of the week it's going to be chaotic guys are going to be their heads going to be spinning oh it's fantastic it's the Buccaneers are still on top of the NFC south but this day belonged to the Lions defense and to Jared Goff and to Jamison Williams and and two let's see who else oh Amanrath St. Brown they lost David Montgomery so there's another injury that we have to pay attention to so it could be a Manic Monday with a bunch of football injuries we've got two baseball games as well as Cowboys on Monday Night Football at the Chargers so we'll talk to you after that it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio boom
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