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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 11, 2023 5:55 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 11, 2023 5:55 am

Welcome to the NHL, Connor Bedard! | The Texas Rangers advance to the ALCS | Your TD of the Week candidates!


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For important information, visit Principle dot com slash disclosures. Never fear, I did not pick up any stray food on the floorboard of my car and eat it, at least not on this drive into work. I think once a week is sufficient for that feat. And I didn't get sick from the mouthful of dog hair I got in eating a stray goldfish off the floorboard of my car last night. Oh, there's definitely something wrong with me.

And yet you listen anyway, maybe because there is something wrong with me. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It's the hump show dudes and dudettes. I remember I had a teacher. I can remember where it was school somewhere who called us dudes and dudettes. Well, that's just dumb, but it popped in my brain. So there it is. Look, I've had multiple teachers in my course of my schooling career say dude and dudettes. Really? Yeah.

OK, so my teacher wasn't a lone wolf then. Dude and dudettes, it is good to have you with us. The middle show of the work week. And do you hear that? Can you hear it? Am I the only one who can hear it?

I bet producer Jay can hear it. It's the return, the return of hockey is back. Back for point across the blue line. He's open left circle. Point pulls up. Left point Hedman.

Victor Hedman. Right point, Kutra. Score!

A big one-timer from Kutra! That is the first goal of the NHL season. It's back. I don't know if it's better than ever.

We'll have to wait and find out, but here it is. The night of October 10th and it's games that count in the NHL. Welcome back hockey. And Connor Bedard is all the rage. Jay's already told me he's mesmerized by the number one overall draft pick that went to the Chicago Blackhawks. On Blackhawks radio, that's where we snagged it from. Right, but I'm talking about the Connor Bedard.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's hear his first NHL point for fun. Bedard now leaves it for Vlasic.

Closing in on the left side. Shoot, they score! At the top of the crease, it's going to be Ryan Donato scoring the first Hawks goal of the season. Bedard made it happen by handing it off to Vlasic, racing into the left wing circle.

He got away a clean shot. Jarry left the rebound at the top of the crease and Donato cleaned it up with a backhander and the Hawks are now back behind the Penguins by only a goal at two to one and Connor Bedard picks up his first National Hockey League point. Welcome to the big time, Connor Bedard. Welcome to the NHL. My goodness, when I see conversations with him, interviews with him, this is not a knock.

It's just my observation. He looks like a baby. He's so young, but good for him. His first point in the NHL. And so you can imagine, he's pretty excited about ripping off that Band-Aid. And I've seen this interview, he's beaming.

His face, he's beaming about playing in his first game. It was a lot of fun. I mean, to get the win, I think, you know, obviously being down two and coming back like we did, I think it's awesome for our group. And, you know, I think you remember with a little better taste in your mouth when you win.

So, yeah, it was awesome for myself and Kev to, you know, kind of have that experience. In Pittsburgh against Sidney Crosby and the Penguins, do you wonder if he was in awe? Sometimes when young guys get into a respective sport and they face legends on the field, the court, the ice, they tend to be in awe a little bit. Now, granted, those legends like Sidney Crosby can remember being in Bedard's shoes and having all the pressure, all the spotlight, all of the expectation and anticipation.

And now it goes full circle, right? Crosby gets to see the first ever game and, well, end point for Connor Bedard. But it wasn't that long ago that it was Sidney Crosby in his shoes. But I wonder what Bedard thought or I'm sure somebody asked him. Well, so they actually had this like sit down together that they pre-taped, I don't know, a couple days ago, I guess, and they aired it before the game. And it was kind of a little awkward.

They were both like wearing full pads and like just sitting in like a dark room. But then they were just talking about like, he's like, oh, like enjoy the moment. You know, Sidney's talking to Bedard and he was like, Sidney Crosby loves to be on the microphone. I guess they've met, you could say.

Yeah. Well, the fact is they were both overall number one picks and Crosby, I swear, it feels like he's 86 or at least 56 when in fact he's only 36 and just turned 36 a couple months ago. It feels like he has been around forever. But drafted number one overall in 2005 by the Penguins. The rest is history, such a revival and a jolt for the Penguins franchise, almost taking the handoff, the baton, if you will, from Mario Lemieux. And the way that his tenure in Pittsburgh has completely changed that franchise, right? And the possibilities now with Conor Bedard and the Blackhawks.

And boy, do they need something like him. There's a reason why they're the number one overall pick or why they had the number one overall pick. And it's not just about what they've done on the ice or the fact that they're in a rebuild.

Their franchise, without going back over all the details, has been through some much deserved scrutiny for some of the decisions and the choice and the personnel decisions that they made. And so the Blackhawks had fallen on hard times these last couple years. Pretty much anyone, well, not everyone, but a lot of the names that you remember from their, what was it, three cups in five years? Three cups in six years? I'd have to go back and look.

Yeah, but it was not that long. It was a decade ago that they were the top team in the NHL. And so a lot of their decisions and a lot of the money and just in general, the way that the sports cycle goes, they've now fallen to the bottom of the barrel. And we'll see if Connor Bedard can make the same difference for them that Sidney Crosby made for the Pittsburgh Penguins. So kind of cool and not a mistake, of course, that the NHL has them on the same playing surface, the same rink, the same ice in Bedard's debut. The welcome back hockey.

We can talk a little more about it. The Vegas Golden Knights definitely deserve some pub because they were raising a banner. Their first in their short franchise history, but definitely worth paying attention to. And with my apologies to all of the teams that opened tonight, and there were six of them, it's as Jay calls it, a soft opening around the NHL. We're not talking about Major League Baseball where every single one of the teams plays on the same day. And that's something relatively new for Major League Baseball. But no, we're talking about dotting the landscape and over the course of the next few days, every team will have a chance to open up its season.

But the start of the year is actually not the top story in hockey. We'll get to that a little bit later on. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. On Twitter, ALawRadio. Love to connect with you most of the time.

I'm trying to be as completely honest as I possibly can. If you have not yet voted for TD of the Week, we will refresh your memory with the candidates again at the bottom of the hour. But TD of the Week, the poll is still available for the next couple hours. And while you're on Twitter, you can also send your questions for Ask Amy Anything. Don't have to be able to read.

You can skim. See, Ask Amy Anything is a little bit like our version of Clickbait. All you need is the bright orange box.

The bright, flashy, gaudy orange tweet. And that's where you send your questions. Or on our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Jay and I are still completely blown away by the traffic to our newest YouTube videos that are also video versions of Ask Amy. So that's on our YouTube channel.

We've seen a huge bump in subscribers. Jay's very happy. But Jay can always be happier. Actually, give him a soda and some try to think what would be your soda and what you do love to eat the popcorn that I bring in. You also love to eat various little snacks that come in kitty bags. I would say Sun Chips have become a more recent favorite.

I'm in a good Sun Chip phase right now. We both like Goldfish. So that too, whenever I bring popcorn, he gets extra salt on his plate of popcorn. But probably a burger. If I could give Jay a burger every night, he would be so happy. A burger and a soda. That's all Jay needs for the rest of his life.

I'm a simple guy. Well, that's what he thinks he needs for the rest of his life until all of a sudden his health just goes downhill. When was the last time you ate a green vegetable, you weirdo? I don't know, but I'm in a good workout cake right now. When was the last time you ate a green vegetable or any vegetable? The fact that you can't remember, if you all could see Jay's face right now, he has no idea the last time he ate a vegetable.

Not sure. Remember how we have a deal? When you get to, when we get to 5,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, you have to eat an entire, I mean, we're talking about two pounds of broccoli. I think we got up to a vat-sized at one point.

A vat-sized container of broccoli. Do you remember that? I do. We're not quite there yet.

I swear if we do some more ask Amy walks down the aisle videos, we'll get there pretty darn quickly. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I have to say though, I did have a sausage and peppers recently, so I guess that counts, right?

There's like onions in there. How recently? Oh, last week, later last week.

So the last time you had a vegetable and it wasn't a green vegetable, but the last time you had a vegetable was fried sausage and peppers. Yeah, correct. Huh? All right. It counts.

Sort of. If it's completely covered in like oil and butter, grease and butter and all right. Well, I hope it was tasty. I don't believe those vegetables helped you a whole lot, but I could be totally wrong. Maybe that's exactly what you need, is more fried vegetables. I don't feel great, so probably not.

Sausage and peps. Jay, you're a mess. But when I call you weirdo, you know it comes from a place of love.

All right. So we have a fun game we're going to play tonight and I wish Marco was here. We think he called out, but we're not exactly sure why or when or where or how, because no one tells us anything. We show up and we know nothing.

And then all of a sudden Marco's not here. And yeah, anyway, so we're going to play a fun game, which we think is fun. And maybe we'll extend it into tomorrow. A bit of a word association around your favorite NFL team.

And I don't know how this will work on social. Actually, if you guys want to weigh in, you certainly can, because I know you're listening. We wanted to do something like, when I say bears, you say what?

Right? And no, garbage and trash will not be acceptable as the answers for any of these word associations. But if you do respond, well, then we're happy to share your tweets after our CBS or on our Facebook page. But the idea is that you would have to sub in your own team, because we don't want to just put one team up. We'll get accused of bias enough as it is. When I say Texans, Jay, you say what? Found their quarterback.

There you go. When I say Texans, you say I'm playing the game with myself now. Jay, go ahead. When I say Panthers, you say what? I say Frank Reich has got his work cut out for him. But no, I wanted you to ask me about the Texans. Go. Oh, when I say Texans, you say what?

I say D'Amico Ryan's is legit already. So there I went coaches instead of quarterbacks. But there's a lot of different ways we could go. When I say Texans, you say CJ Stroud hasn't thrown an interception. Right?

So rookie record. Anyway, something along those lines, we just can't figure out how to put it on social media. We're not going to put up 32 tweets that when I say, when I say Browns, you say what? When I say Niners, you say what?

When I say Chargers, you say what? So we can't put up 32 tweets because people would unfollow us like nobody's business. But that's the idea. So if you could come up with, I guess we could put two blanks when I say, but you say, but people won't know what we're talking about. I'm like trying to word it here, like trying to write it out.

It's when I say parentheses, this NFL team. Yeah. Okay. So how about this? When I say, and then you put a blank, there's a long underscore and then in parentheses, choose an NFL team.

Okay. So when I say blank and then in parentheses, choose an NFL team, comma, so people know that's the first part of the phrase, comma, you say what? As in like another, another blank or another underscore question mark. What, what like in parentheses again, what got it?

Oh, she's like, shut up. I've got it. I think that's good.

Makes sense. I think it could read that and understand what we're asking. Okay. And we've already gotten her response. Are you ready?

When I say Dallas, Nathan says, frustrating beyond belief. Okay. We're getting somewhere. There you go.

That's how you get started. I like it. Thank you, Nathan. Thank you for listening and thank you for weighing in.

So on Twitter after our CBS, or it'll be on my Twitter too, I'll retweet and we'll also put it up on Facebook. And while you're there, send your questions for ask Amy anything. When I say, I'm trying to think of a good one. When I say Titans, you say what? Geez. Laughing. He's not even going to answer.

Feed the King. All right. Whatever it is, it can be emotional. It can be practical. It can be literal. It can be figurative lol. Just kidding.

That's not a word. It can be figurative. Whatever it is. When I say blank, insert NFL team here, you say what? And that way potentially we can get to all 32 teams. That is the goal. Or we can play the game on the air. So give us a call 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. When I say Vikings, you say, no, Justin Jefferson is hurt. You could say just like that actually. I did when I heard the news this morning. My fantasy team took a huge hit. When I say fantasy, everyone else says no one cares about your fantasy team. Oh, I know, but he's still hurt.

I can imagine. Was he your overall number one pick? Yes. Number two overall in the draft. My first pick. Yeah.

A lot of good that does these days, huh? Trying to think if I still have my number one pick available. Who was my number one pick? Oh, Derek Henry. Oh yeah. Yeah.

It's a mixed bag response these days. All right. So the phone number 855-212-4227 on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, because Jay definitely needs to eat some more vegetables. I'm almost giving up, but you know, we're going to keep at it until we get to, was it 4,000 or 5,000? Five, five, six, maybe. I think actually thinking back. Yeah. Zip it.

It was not six. Stop it. Maybe by your birthday next year, we'll get to them.

That's a, that's a reasonable goal. I'm telling you, if we keep putting out, ask Amy walks down the aisle videos. What if we promise people photo array? Oh heavens. Yeah. From the wedding break the internet. We might break YouTube.

Okay. Speaking of emotional responses, I can imagine there is an extremely emotional response in Baltimore tonight. We will get to the Orioles play and why the number 101 is the last number you want to see on the final day of the regular season. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch radio. You are listening to the after hours podcast. One and one, and there's a swing and there's a drive deep right field.

That one's on its way. That ball is history way up in the lower deck. You're risking that it's one nothing Rangers in the first and the one two pinch. And that ball was lifted high into the air. Deep left field. Hayes is going back, back onto the track.

He looks up and is gone. Adolis Garcia will touch them all. His three run blast has given Texas a six to nothing lead.

He knew it the moment he hit it. And here comes Brandon Hyde. Dean Kramer will not make it out of the second inning. The Rangers had put up a five spot here in the second, getting you to the good half of your week.

It's the hump show on after hours. Eric May Dell on Rangers radio as the Texas Rangers go big fly yet again in the series against the Orioles, 21 runs. And really every game, each of the three in this American league division series, not only did they hit first and hit hard, but they hit often.

And I mean that both literally and figuratively. They delivered the first punch. They landed the first punch. The ones that would be the knockout blows came in the form of these massive big flies, like the Mitch Garver grand slam in game two. Adolis Garcia with a three run blast in the second inning in Baltimore and Dean Kramer, who was making his first postseason start, he was knocked out of the game then. And the Orioles really couldn't mount much offense against the Ranger staff.

This was the first year for Nathan Evaldi in Texas. He was an all-star. He pitched like an all-star, allowed a single run in seven innings, just five hits, had seven strikeouts.

He was in command the entire time. And honestly, the Rangers were in command of this series the entire time. The Rangers won the first game, three to two, the second game, 11 to eight. It's seven to one now. Leclerc set.

He delivers. He struck him out swinging and the Rangers have swept the Orioles in the division series. Hello, ALCS, starting Sunday. Jose Leclerc is mobbed in front of the mound as the Rangers stream out of the dugout.

Seven to one, the final score tonight. This is why you played the game. This is why I came back. You know, you have your moments, your ups and downs, but to see those players celebrate, I couldn't be happier for them, especially the ones that were here last year. That was a tough year for them over the last two, three years. And to see their faces and the celebration, that's what really made it special for me. And of course, the front office and the ownership, that's the cool thing about this game.

And it makes it all worthwhile, you know, getting in at three, four in the morning on some of these trips. But here, you know, we are celebrating going to the championship series. First ALCS for the Rangers since 2011. And you may remember that in 2021, they lost 102 games. This franchise has been down, down, down, down, down, going back a decade.

They spent a lot of money. They've had a lot of hit or misses. Bruce Bochy, similar to say about Showalter and what he did for the Mets last season. And he's not the only one.

He's just an example. A veteran manager showing up, bringing stability and credibility, winning experience. A new culture, Dusty Baker, has done the same thing in Houston.

Though, of course, they had it before him, but he's re-established it post cheating mess, cheating scandal. And now look at how legitimate these Rangers are. And boy, they can hit the snot out of the baseball. 41,000 fans on hand for what was the first Rangers playoff game at their new stadium. Remember in 2020, the World Series actually was the NLCS and the World Series that were held there, correct? And Corey Seeger was a member of the Dodgers when they won the World Series at, is it Globe Life Field?

It's Globe Life Field. Sorry, I have a hard time keeping up with heck, athletes' names. Forget the names of stadiums. We talked about the Diamondbacks last night being 4-0 in these playoffs. Well, the Rangers are 5-0. And in both cases, the D-backs and the Rangers scuffled and struggled and limped through the end of the regular season.

And that's kind of, to me, a catalyst for a veteran team. Not that they flipped a switch, not that they were lollygagging it through. No, the Rangers were trying to win the AL West. And because they dropped 3-4 in Seattle in their final series of the year, they lost a tie break to the Astros. It was devastating.

They all said it was. But they still have a winning team. Mentally tough.

A mental reset. And again, that's where Bruce Bocci can help. He's got three World Series rings. He's got a ton of experience. That's where our strong leadership, like a Corey Seeger, can help. Been there, done that.

Know exactly what it takes. I suppose you could say Max Scherzer too, but he was not on the Division Series roster. However, that did not stop him from partying like it was 1999. Oh my gosh.

No, seriously. Now there is actually a chance that Mad Max, Crazy Max, could be on the roster for the Championship Series. We'll hear from him and Bruce Bocci a little bit later on that particular point.

But this was Nathan of Aldi's night. And man, he's closed out both of these first two series for the Rangers. It's incredible. I mean, again, everything that we've been through, especially this last month through the ups and downs and us getting hot right now.

It's, you know, that's what it's about. When you get hot at the right time in the postseason, anything can happen. And, you know, we're playing really good baseball right now.

Yeah, excited for him. But as much as the pitching matters, of course, from the category of Captain Obvious, what stands out about this team is that they can pound the snot out of the baseball. According to Mitch Garver, lethal is the word that describes their offense.

It's a one through nine attack. I mean, we are relentless. When our bats are going good and our pitching is going good, I don't think anybody can beat us.

And, you know, that was on display for the series. I think we're just trusting ourselves. We're putting together good at bats. We're not trying to hit home run every pitch.

I think that's the biggest thing. We can go up there and try to hit line drive and keep the line moving. We're going to be a very, very good offense.

Mitch Garver and Jonah Heim, both on Bally Sports Southwest. I'm not sure if you all were watching Monday Night Football. I mean, you probably were watching it. But if you were watching at the part where Troy Aikman gave some pub to the Texas Rangers and said he was rooting for them and they were one win away from winning the American League Division Series against the Orioles and hey, watch out coming up on Tuesday night. And Joe Buck says to him, was it 500 bucks?

I'll give you 500 bucks. I don't, maybe it wasn't that much. He just said something about, I'll give you this amount of money if you can name four players on the Rangers.

Did you hear that? It was funny because Troy didn't take him up on it. Now I could imagine Troy didn't necessarily need to stoop to that level like, oh, let me prove to you that I know all these Rangers.

But it was, it was kind of funny. It speaks to the, their friendship, right? And their rapport that they're not just work colleagues.

They're actually friends because you would only get that from a friend. But how many of you out there, be honest, you heard that you started naming as many Texas Rangers as you could. Me too. Me too.

I was like, oh crap. Let me make sure I can name the Rangers starting lineup. And actually remember there were eight of them at the All-Star Game.

So they were well represented. They've been one of the best teams in Major League Baseball for the entire season. And even though they suffered a very disappointing finish and lost the division title, all is not lost now in the playoffs. Instead, they're on to the championship series.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Mention the emotions of Baltimore sports fans. Let's put the Ravens aside for a second. I know it was a painful loss against the Steelers on Sunday, but they're still very early in the regular season. No harm, no foul there. You knew the AFC North was going to be tough, but 101 wins for the Orioles.

I'm sorry, I got to do it. Last year, Braves and Mets both won 101 games and were out before the championship series. Now the Orioles hadn't been in the playoffs since 2016, and according to Brandon Hyde, the season is still an incredible success.

We're supposed to win 76 games, won 101 in American League East. Really proud of our group. They defied all the odds. Nobody gave us a chance. They had these guys play their butts off for six months.

We just didn't play well with these last three, unfortunately, and it's definitely a successful season, and these guys are gonna be really good going forward. I was thinking about Dean Kramer and his mindset. His mom was at the game, but he's an Israeli American, and his family members, many family members, are still in Israel, and this was his first postseason start. No doubt his heart is heavy. You don't have to be Israeli.

You don't have to be from the nation, have ties to the nation. You don't have to be Jewish to recognize the atrocities and to just have a heavy heart over what's happening in the Middle East. So I thought about him and wondered if this was an escape for him.

If a lot of times, and it's not just athletes, right, it's really any human. If we can focus on work, if we can focus on a particular task or project, we can sometimes mentally block out whatever emotions or pain, suffering, challenges that we have in our lives. I remember the week that my Grammy Helen passed away. You know, we knew for about five, six days that she was likely in her final week here on the planet, and it was tough.

I worked all the way through it, but I felt like work provided some solace. I was wondering if that's how he felt, too, being on the mound tonight for this start, and he's taking a positive approach, similar to what we've heard from Brandon Hyde. This will only serve to make the Orioles better in the future. This feeling sucks, but on the bright side, this is our first taste of the post-season, and I mean, we're all basically, pretty much everybody in this clubhouse is coming back, so a lot of good years to look forward to. Eight straight playoff losses now over 10 years, though, for the Orioles. It's about half of what the Minnesota Twins organization had been through, and it's not this group. This is an entirely new group, but of course that does kind of hang over your head a little bit. I do believe that better things are in store. It's an extremely young team.

They've got an incredible star power, strong leadership, just ran into a buzz saw of an offense with the Texas Rangers. On Twitter, ALawRadio, excited to connect with you. On our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence, a little bit of a word association game that we're asking you to weigh in, and the idea is to pick a team, any team, whether it's your team or another, and what are the first words that come to mind when you think of that? All right, so between that and Ask Amy Anything, and then also our TD of the Week poll that's still up and running, there's plenty to do even as we head to a break.

Hope that you enjoyed Survived Thrive through your Tuesday. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. It's a touchdown Tuesday on After Hours. To cast your vote for the TD of the Week, head to at After Hours CBS on Twitter or give us a call at 855-212-4227.

The Jacksonville Jaguars. Single back as ETN gets the handoff running over the left side finds a hole at the 30. He's free at the 20.

Left numbers to the 10. Breaks a tackle and he's into the end zone. Touchdown Jaguars. A 35-yard run for Travis ETN Jr. His second touchdown of the game and this one should ice it in London. Jaguars 24. Bills 13. 2 56 to play in the fourth.

The New York Jets. 41 seconds remaining. Second and 10 Denver at their own 41-yard line.

They still have one time out. The Jets again show blitz. Russell Wilson in the shotgun. Are the Jets going to bring pressure?

Yes they will. Russell Wilson being chased. He'll be sacked. The ball pops out. Loose on the far side. It's scooped up. Bryce Hall runs down the right sideline at the 10.

5. Touchdown. The San Francisco 49ers. Here's an end around and a flea flicker back to Brock Purdy. Takes a shot down the sideline to George Kittle. Kittle all the way to the end zone. Touchdown San Francisco.

With a little razzle dazzle reverse flea flicker. They flip it to McCaffrey. He flips it back to Debo. Debo flips it to Purdy and Purdy drops it to George Kittle down the sidelines. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers down two. Trying to get in the least field goal range. Here's a shotgun snap. Blitz.

He's back. He throws it down the nearest sideline. Pickens has it. Pittsburgh Steelers kick off. Pickens to Pickens.

41 yards and you have to be here. That's as sweet as my aunt Nellie's blueberry pie baby. What a hit by that. My goodness. That's just sensational. I can't even believe that I just saw what I saw. I saw it and I don't believe it.

Oh man. A lot of you are pointing to that call on Steelers radio. The game winner from Pickett to Pickens with Bill Hilgrove and then Craig Wolfley who is there doing the analysis and talking about his aunt's blueberry pie. You're saying that call is the best one and that's kind of what we take into account when we give you the TD of the Week options. If we have two really good calls we tend to air or two really good moments I should say. Two incredible touchdowns we tend to air on the side of the better radio call. It's a go route and so he did.

So good. So on Steelers radio the game winner just happens to be from Kenny Pickett to George Pickens already establishing that great connection last season now carrying it forward into their sophomore campaigns. The razzle dazzle on Niners radio. George Kittle ends up the recipient one of his three touchdowns and some of you are accusing us of bias against the Lions since they also had their own version of this handoff slash flea flickers slash tickeration slash touchdown. But the Niners Cowboys game was also your pick for game of the week so maybe that's why we air in that space. Plus you know it was nationally televised. You're back in the dumpers again. I mean that's just not true. We're not biased against you Lions.

In fact we've been on your side for two years now. Dan Campbell biting kneecaps off. Enjoy the sunlight. I know it's at dark or I know it's at night. If you will. I know it's at night. Bryce Hall not Breece Hall with the scoop and score the fumble return for a touchdown that gives the Jets another victory with Zach Wilson as their quarterback.

What what? That's Bob Washusen on Jets radio and then JP Shadrick our friend who joined us from London last week with the call on Westwood 1. Travis ETM with a pair of touchdowns in the fourth quarter as the Jaguars come back from London with two wins and probably a whole lot of other souvenirs. You can vote for TD of the Week just retweeted from our show account after our CBS. It's also on my account and on our Facebook page.

Our phone number 855-212-4227. We've got one listener who definitely knows his Mike Tomlinisms. Craig writes in when I say the Steelers you say the standard is the standard. That sounds exactly like Mike Tomlin.

We want them to be fat and sassy and spoiled. Zach is listening in DC. Zach welcome to After Hours.

Good morning Amy. So I am a 20-year Michigan transplant living in DC. Okay. And the word for the Lions is finally it's so good to just have them be relevant right?

Yes. But one one thing that is like I feel like one sports story that is totally under reported they have won one playoff game since 1957. Think about that 1957.

I mean I can't really think about it that good neither you nor I was here but yes I know what you're saying. You know but it's like that you know the Browns get like beloved lovable losers and all that. No the Lions are the sad sacks of of sports.

They are and it doesn't get reported. Anyways let's go Lions. I like it. Thank you Zach. Good to hear from you a transplant from Michigan in DC. When I say Lions he says finally.

I feel wind underneath my freaking wings man. So if you look at the Lions playoff history and every now and then it's fun just to do that. Their last playoff appearance was in 2016 and that was against the Seattle Seahawks. So Matthew Stafford obviously still their quarterback at the time and they end up losing 26-6.

Then you go back to 2014. I remember this vividly we spent days on this controversial ending at the Dallas Cowboys where there was a flag thrown then the flag was picked up and because the flag was picked up there was no foul it was just I believe it was a pass interference. Either way it was so controversial they end up losing 24-20 in Dallas and can't end the drought there either. Tony Romo if I remember was the starter for the Cowboys but don't he would have been the starter for the Cowboys in 14 yeah.

Yeah I think so. Before that it was 2011 they lost in the wild card round to the Saints. Before that so those are the only three Lions playoff appearances this century.

Before that you have to go back to the 90s. A loss in the wild card round to the then Redskins. In 97 a loss to the Buccaneers. In 95 a wild card loss to the Eagles. In 94 a wild card loss to the Packers. In 93 also a wild card loss to the Packers while we're adding insult to injury in the and and I know the divisions are different now but it is the NFC North now. That 93 game against the Packers was in Detroit. That was the last time they hosted a playoff game.

Isn't that crazy Jay? The last time that they had a playoff game on their own field? 1993 season. Wow so Ford Field has never seen a playoff game.

I mean that's insane. 1993 was the last time they hosted a playoff game. Well it was the 93 season it was early 94 when they were playing it but yeah the Lions are due.

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