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10-9-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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October 9, 2023 6:04 am

10-9-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 9, 2023 6:04 am

A whip-around MLB as AL/NL Division Series' continue | Zach Wilson; the Jets keep the season alive with "revenge" win in Denver | Someone tries to steal a TD ball from Tyreek Hill's mom. + Daniel Jones get injured in Giants loss.


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One year upgrade requires Go 5G Next plan, financing new qualifying device and upgrading in good condition after six months with half paid off. Good to have you with us as we start off another work week, though for many of you it is a holiday week and you know even though I could pretend like it's been a perfect show if you're just joining us halfway through, it's not been. First of all, I called George Kittle, Greg Kittle because routinely I do that and I don't know why. He just looks like a Greg to me. No, that's not why.

Do you ever just get something stuck in your head and it just comes out even when you don't want it to? And I realize now a couple minutes later that I referenced the wrong Hayward brother last hour. So Cam Hayward is the one who's on IR. He's the defensive captain. He's the big dog for the Steelers defense, but he's not playing right now, the defensive lineman.

It was Connor Hayward who had the special teams moment, the dubious moment where he knocked the ball out of his own teammate's arm. So apologize for that. You know that we do have a corrections department and it's in my brain where sometimes a couple minutes later I think, wait what did you say?

Right, so I have to make sure I correct that. And so there goes the perfect show. Two hours in and that was it. That was all she wrote. Well it was just his first name. Right, if that's all that mattered.

It was just his first name. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're gonna get to the Dolphins and even though I didn't like the way they played on Sunday, honestly I'm being completely authentic with you, I didn't like what I saw from them on Sunday in that they made a bunch of mistakes but used some whopping explosive plays to cover up those mistakes.

It's gonna come back to bite you if you do that on a consistent basis. Hey. They obviously moved to four and one and I thought it was a good rebound for them coming off of that loss to Buffalo last week in western New York. They actually retake the lead in the AFC East. So they're at four and one. The Jets get another win.

Yes, Zach Wilson is still the quarterback and yes, Matt Jones is still the quarterback for the Patriots though it's possible that the Pats offense has regressed from a year ago. I was going to make a joke sort of I guess be snarky on Twitter on Sunday about how the Bill O'Brien offense looked a lot like the Joe Judge offense or the Matt Patricia offense and then I saw someone else tweet it and was like oh never mind now it looks like I'm copying. We don't have time for that. We really don't have time for shenanigans. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We just we make time for shenanigans anyway. Please find me on Twitter A Law Radio.

I've heard from a few of you who are finding the show for the first time or haven't heard it in quite a while. Good to have the chatter about football. I'm waiting for someone to yell at me because I declared Jared Goff to be an early MVP candidate and no that's not part of the correction that I need to make. That was real. That was actually me and trust me nobody else said that on social media. That's just me but in order to prove to you that I am a woman who does not back down who stands true to what she says. I do not cower in corners.

I will actually put it on social media and let you all blast me because whatevs I think it's an interesting idea. Think the swagger that Jared Goff is walking around with these days. I didn't know it was a poor man's anything. He's it's palpable. He's feeling it and so are the Lions.

Anyway we'll get back to that. I know that this is our first show of the work week during an NFL season which generally means that you've got let's see you've got college football which we won't even get to tonight. You've got NFL weekend that really takes over the center ring of the circus and grabs that spotlight but in October we also have to scooch a little bit for major league baseball and we have to cram it in as well and so I want to give you a couple of of minutes that jumped out to me.

A couple of moments that I'll remember and kind of set the stage for what's to come which is a week where we could see division series go to a winner take all game. Someone. Anyone. Are you with me? I need some winner take all angst. I need some winner take all adrenaline but we're not there yet.

We're still early. Games one and two in the American League and National League division series. Baltimore had been one of the revelations of the regular season but so were the Texas Rangers and it's interesting that these two teams are clashing in the division series right. Rangers they lose the division title to the Astros on the last day of the regular season.

It was devastating the way they finished. They dropped four of six and this may have not a whole lot to do with Baltimore other than their pitching didn't have many answers but have you noticed that the Rangers are right now more motivated and more of a buzzsaw than we've seen in a long time. Rangers are leading here five to two the three one swinging a high fly ball deep out into left field. Hayes going back Mitch Garver can you take me higher?

You most definitely can. A grand slam for Mitch Garver to give Texas a nine to two lead. They dropped was it nine runs in a couple of the early innings combined. They were pounding the Orioles pitching and sometimes it's about how you catch an opponent sometimes certainly it's matchups. The Rangers can hit the baseball we know that their offense at times forget what happens with their pitching they can put runs on the board like nobody's business that's been a hallmark of this team now they only want only one 90 games while the Orioles won over a hundred but we know they can hit the snot out of the ball and a lot of times we've seen their hitting is contagious so nine runs between the second and third innings the Mitch Garver grand slam gives them enough of a cushion now we did see the Orioles come back they even scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth and the Orioles fans who were still there they were hanging on they were pulling for the O's but in this particular game and and so far in this series what we've seen is the Rangers flex their muscles on offense and we have not seen them lose yet and as painful and devastating as it was for them to lose that division title you are now seeing the best of the Rangers maybe because of that wake-up call at the end of the regular season. We had our hands full going down in Tampa and of course coming up here playing this really good ball club so you know we're heading home it seems like we've been on the road a month but it's going to be good to get home and you know we're we're off tomorrow which I think is a needed day off for the guys and you know we're looking forward to you know the games there at home. These playoff games I mean it's one swing can change it and I got into a situation there in the hitters count where I was looking for the fastball and I was able to get it and I think it's just a big momentum push for our whole team and we needed all those runs today. Mitch Garver in his first appearance of these playoffs smacks a grand slam.

Nice. That may earn him another appearance or so. Rangers win four in a row to start the postseason so now the Baltimore Orioles they've got a win or they're done and the next game is in Arlington coming up on Tuesday. Here are the gory details to this point for the the Orioles. The Rangers have put 25 runs on the board. The Orioles have actually scored 11 in their two games but it's not been enough against an offense that is locked in. I mean it's pounding the baseball right now and Brandon Hyde understands the the must-win nature of the situation as they're now down 0-2. It wasn't our best night on the mound. Give our guys a lot of credit for being down you know 9-2 and then kind of giving ourselves a chance a little bit getting some base runners scratching away a little bit but yeah we have to go to Texas and play well. We haven't played our best two best games here and and we've played well on the road all year so hopefully we can play well on the road. Just like with any game you're learning as you go so the longer that we get to play each other the more we learn about the other team they learn about us so we're going to try and learn from this best we can and come ready to play on Tuesday. Tuesday.

Adley Rutchman sounds like me. Tuesday? Wednesday?

What day is it? It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio so yes the Rangers offense is shining a bright light all the way back to Arlington and it's do or die time for the Orioles. Not the same in the other American League Division Series. Maybe you watched on Saturday Justin Verlander.

I'm sorry it's so weird to think that he was starting their playoff run last year on their way to another world series. He essentially takes a sabbatical with the New York Mets. They decide they're going to pay his salary and then send him back to the Astros where he starts the opener of this year's playoffs so that was the game on Saturday.

On Sunday the twins are able to turn the tide. One on two out no score and the pitch a swing and a fly ball left center field deep Alvarez going back on the track at the wall and that ball is going to be in plane off the wall. Polanco heading home he will score that's an RBI double for Carlos Correa and it's one nothing twins stays as hammer I should say Farmer swings and launches back it goes deep it goes and that ball's gone Kyle Farmer on the first pitch hammering a two-run homer to left field it is three nothing here in Houston. And that was all that Pablo Lopez would need.

Another awesome performance for him. The twins get seven scoreless innings from Lopez along with seven strikeouts. He's very economical with his pitches only puts one guy on with a walk and so for them to get that kind of pitching but also get a hot start right so get offensive runs on the board right away how far that goes in Minute Maid Park against an Astros crowd that's used to winning right they're used to doing this to other teams and Carlos Correa old friend we told you this is one of the matchups of the playoffs that's worth watching because Correa brings all of that experience that championship mindset the heart and the metal he took that to Minnesota with him and I know he did not have a great season offensively but the leadership the toughness the resilience certainly the defense has been there and now you're starting to see his bat wake up actually and so Rocco Baldelli is certainly happy that Carlos Correa is on his roster this year.

We've always heard all of the uh the sayings and things you know when when the lights come on and the bright lights and you know there are some guys they're they're giants in the in the light and uh he's one of them that's what he that's what he is and um he's always an excellent player but uh when he matters most it's like he can he can really take his attention and channel it and uh and focus it and um just eat play even better. Carlos Correa actually passed the likes of are you ready for this Derek Jeter and David Ortiz for most postseason RBIs. Wow you maybe wouldn't think to put Correa in that category with Derek Jeter and Big Poppy and yet that's the productivity over an extended period of time and like I said he struggled this year at the plate and people questioned the fact that he had gotten that 200 million dollar contract from the twins after he tried to leave Minnesota and it just didn't work but three for four in game number two in Houston where he's extremely comfortable another three RBI and that's all the support that Pablo Lopez would need so great outing for him great offense that translates into a lockdown pitching performance.

We came up with a good plan you know we still wanted to be aggressive then it became about execution and like things were going well and I was able to execute the pitches that we needed to and if we needed to make any adjustments we were also able to bring that to the table. That was a well-pitched game I mean sometimes it looks like you're not even really into it but you you know you certainly are in a game like this with this magnitude but you know you know the nod goes tonight to their pitcher. Definitely does but the offense also gave him a nice cushion scoring three runs in the first couple frames. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio American League takes Monday off National League gets back on the diamond and if you stayed actually let me take it back you didn't even have to stay for the whole Dodgers Diamondbacks game you could have just watched the very beginning it let's say you're on the east coast and and you weren't going to stay up for the whole thing well you saw everything you needed to know essentially in that first inning because Clayton Kershaw on the mound as the starter future hall of famer gets absolutely shelled he called it embarrassing I got to give you the numbers anyway because it's fairly astounding he doesn't even last two outs 35 pitches and he only records one official out six runs on six hits and a walk one out they have to pull Clayton Kershaw before they ever get through that first inning and at that point it's a little bit too late not that the Dodgers can't put runs on the board in bunches but it was demoralizing for Clayton and for the Dodgers. Disappointing, embarrassing you know I think you just feel like you let everybody down you know guys whole organization that look to you to you know pitch well in game one and yeah it's just it's just embarrassing really so I just feel like I let everybody down. That is Clayton Kershaw he takes this stuff personally but remember the Diamondbacks are not intimidated they're in the same NL West division they've seen these Dodgers over and over again and so they're not going to be nervous or anxious when they get to Dodger Stadium and honestly how often do we hear that the Dodgers have a late arriving crowd I hope not for a playoff game on a Saturday night but we know that we hear that all the time well if you were late arriving maybe you showed up realized what happened turn around left or you're listening on the radio you don't even bother to keep going my gosh that was bad bad for Clayton bad for the Dodgers but amazing for the Diamondbacks to start out with an 11-0 lead with an 11-2 victory in the opener of that national league division series a little bit of deja vu in the NL East and this is the series that you all voted overwhelmingly as the series that gives you Jasins Spirit Fingers I know I'm such a weirdo but I thought that was such a revelation last week Jasins. We want to hear something really funny a friend of mine that I went to college with uh Syracuse her daughter is a cheerleader and a cheerleader at a really good high school program so they go to nationals or they compete for nationals every year so she just sent me a link to buy popcorn to support her daughter's cheer team and all I could think of was Jasins! Now I can't take it seriously but I will buy some popcorn because I love popcorn and I will bring it to work and make producer Jay eat some as well can we do kettle corn because that's my favorite oh I haven't had that in a while actually so good the sweet and the salty all right back to the baseball playoffs real quick let's finish this one again the national league gets back on the mound or back on the diamond coming up on Monday and a little bit of deja vu for the Phillies in Atlanta seven count them one two three four five six seven series openers won by the Phillies and that includes two now in Atlanta over the course of these last two Octobers the Phillies also unintimidated by a division rival and I'm not even sure you'd call the Diamondbacks a rival of the Dodgers no but but that's the beauty of having teams that are familiar with one another is that you really take that whole intimidation factor out of it there's no lack of familiarity with the stadium and the surroundings and the Phillies are completely comfortable winning in Atlanta they're completely comfortable in Atlanta and so another game one win for the Phillies meanwhile ball in game number two goes to max freed and man a humongous start from the category of captain obvious obviously there are no secrets we've I've I think I've faced this Phillies team just about more than anyone in my career um they know what I have I know what they have there's there's no secrets um it's just telling the rubber and executing and throwing throwing the pitches that I need to and just whoever executes the best that day max freed going up against Zach Wheeler in that game number two and if you miss the starter the opener uh Bryce Harper with a huge home run but I thought just as critically is the fact that the Braves didn't score on their own field with an offense that didn't they set a new national league record for home runs in a season they've got Matt Olson they've got Ronald Acuna stop you've heard this before Austin Riley and Ozzy Albies and I could go on and on and on this team also puts up runs kind of like the Rangers do and and they slug the snot out of the ball they slug the cover off the ball and yet the Phillies who only I mean it's essentially a spot start they only leave their starter Suarez in there for the into the fourth inning and then they use six pitchers six seven seven pitchers they use seven pitchers but the Braves couldn't break through that was really impressive if you can do that without using a top flight starter then you're in pretty good shape and we know the Phillies would like to make sure the series doesn't go back to Atlanta similar to last year so we'll see what happens in game number two man you can feel the tension it's October it's the fulcrum in sports on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page I do appreciate the fact that some of you are daring to wade into the cesspool with me it's actually we're gonna say it's not a cesspool it's a clear oh it's a tidal pool it's beautiful the water is wonderful come on in Jared Goff early MVP candidate just join it's gonna be chaotic guys are gonna be their heads gonna be spinning anyway Twitter Facebook yay back to football week five straight ahead how about jets in Denver you know the revenge game for Nathaniel Hackett such an overblown storyline I mean Taylor Swift at least was a real storyline this nothing you'll hack it thing it's ridiculous keep my coach's names out of it okay pipe down Aron it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio you facts are facts like how contributing to employees financial security makes them want to work harder for their company in fact according to a 2023 study by principle 87 percent of employers say that better employee financial security means employees are more engaged and productive at work the fact of the matter is that employees want to feel financially secure in their future so consider this principle helps you invest in your employees by 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First and ten Xavier Gibson tight left Lazard tight right eye formation Breece Hall the eye back and Zach Wilson under center Nick Baughton lines up as the fullback is Paul dots the eye jet sweet motion for Gibson handoff Breece Hall right up the middle bus three to the 35 40 he's losing the 50 right sideline 40 Breece Hall at the 20 10 5 house call that's a jet touchdown this is after hours with Amy Lawrence that's how the New York Jets come out of the halftime locker room an instant touchdown with Breece Hall who apparently is no longer on a pinch count or any did I just say pinch don't pinch Breece Breece Hall a pitch count meaning he's not limited in his number of snaps or his time on the field because he was off to the races and he actually says no big thing he figured that he'd be able to do it again because you know that was something he accomplished last year I scored a 70 yarder last year so I knew I was gonna have a chance to break one this year and I just you know took my chance and scored again so it was good but you know this one we wanted to get it for not only for our team but for coach Hackett and stuff just because he's been real humble he's been quiet um and so we wanted to go out there and play for him today every single jet almost to a man brought up the name Nathaniel Hackett and how big of a deal this was after Sean Payton's comments that blasted Hackett for what he called the worst coaching job in the history of the NFL when Hackett last year got it well got it use that term loosely uh was the head coach for a team that not only couldn't do anything offensively but was a disaster when it came to discipline and clock management and it was clear that Hackett was in over his head but his players are the ones that are on the field so Sean Payton takes over makes that comment to USA Today and apparently the Jets are not going to forget it so instant touchdown with Breece Hall to start the third quarter Bob was choosing on Jets radio it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio we forget sometimes as much attention as there's been on Zach Wilson this Jets defense is damn good and after that Breece Hall run the Jets D then forces Denver into are you are you ready for this this is crazy well I guess it's not that crazy if you know what Denver's been about the last year plus four three and outs on their own field this is in Denver four three and outs plus a fumble now the the Denver offense is doing nothing against the defense but honestly uh the New York Jets they they're still figuring it out with Zach Wilson uh they settle for three more field goals right so they're not blowing Denver out of the water and in fact the Broncos were able to pull within three on a 75-yard touchdown drive so they kind of settle in Adam Troutman catches uh the touchdown from Russell Wilson and this is where it gets a little interesting again so under five minutes to go the Broncos are within three points because they do have the two-point conversion after the Troutman touchdown and Zach Wilson leading his team down the field three receivers in a tight bunch now Garrett Wilson will re-line in a slot so two by two the set CJ Uzama now in motion so trips right single receiver left Wilson five-man rush faces throws a ball back shoulder fade which is intercepted that ball intercepted the five-yard line by Pat Sertan what a great pick that's Dave Logan on Denver Broncos radio it was a 50-50 ball but it was actually did you know this was a Matt Ryan game Matt Ryan was part of it's a three-man booth with Tiki Barber long time uh well long time New York Giants running back but now long time broadcaster in the New York area but he was also here with us on CBS Sports Radio for a while it was a three-man booth and and it took me a minute to figure out who it was it was Matt Ryan it was the first time that I'd heard him do an entire game he's he's very eloquent he obviously explains the position extremely well he took turns both criticizing Zach Wilson but also praising Zach Wilson so he had no trouble doing both I thought it was a good rhythm with those two analysts anyway going back to the task at hand uh that's Broncos radio with Dave Logan and yeah one of those moments where you think oh no no Zach Wilson uh Matt Ryan pointed out that this was an opportunity for him certainly because he had his receiver in the back corner but instead of making it a back shoulder throw or a fade where only his receiver can get to it he kind of he he misfires it's inaccurate and it becomes a ball that can be intercepted it becomes a ball uh that can be stolen away by Denver which is exactly what happened so now you've got the Broncos with just a three-point deficit and Jets fans wondering are you kidding me uh is this what's going to happen again 41 seconds remaining second and ten Denver at their own 41 yard line they still have one time out the Jets again show blitz Russell Wilson in the shotgun are the Jets going to bring pressure yes they will Russell Wilson being chased he'll be sacked the ball pops out who's on the far side and scooped up Bryce Hall runs down the right sideline at the 10-5 touchdown whoa I wasn't expecting that uh Bob was using on Jets radio cut it off just a little bit uh tight there however uh here's what you need to know well here's what you need to do find the video of the Quincy Williams strip sack it was a thing of beauty not only does he pull down the quarterback but then he Russell Wilson but then with one hand he just strips the ball away it was amazing and sometimes the ball does not bounce right up to a player as he's in full stride but that's exactly what happened uh Bryce Hall with the scoop and score he goes 39 yards it's the capper yeah it looks so pretty it doesn't always look pretty when that football is kind of bouncing around being a slippery little sucker but really impressive to see what the defense did to protect that lead for the New York Jets um and yes it was nearly a costly interception for Zach Wilson however a win is a win is a win is a win the throw needs to be better I mean I missed inside a little bit and I tried to you know third down situation they play man coverage they put their best play on our best player and you know he made unbelievable play I mean got tipped around a little bit and he catches it between his legs I mean it's one of those they can go kind of either way but um you know really all you can say is great play by two right there Zach did a great job um you know it was uh lucky that the interception was unfortunate uh great play from them uh but uh but overall uh thought he did a good job there's uh you know just offensively as a whole we got to be better in the red zone um I had a chance probably could have blown that team out of the water oh whoa Robert Sala probably could have blown that team out of the water oh do you think that might have been a little personal directed at Sean Payton well we don't need you to read between the lines no he'll just he'll just say it say exactly what he means which is this was for Nathaniel Hackett feels good to win in the league against anybody it doesn't matter but uh you know is uh it was a special game for Hack obviously being here a year ago uh racked up over 400 yards on him uh put up 31 points so I'm happy for him I'm gonna need that as a drop producer Jay we probably could have blown that team out of the water probably could have blown that team out of the water right okay Robert Sala is this one of those hyperbolic statements that he makes like Aaron Rodgers glows in the dark he's probably glowing in the dark while he rehabs his torn achilles the jet glows in the dark the Jets they did have a couple of numbers that jump out at me which will hurt them against a better team the Broncos are not a great team not even a good team nine penalties for the Jets so they've got to cut down on their mistakes but also over five in the red zone so they do end up with 31 points despite going over five in the red zone but they also get that defensive touchdown from Bryce Hall at the end of the game how about that the Breece and Bryce show I like it so the Jets are two and three they have a better record than the New England Patriots and they're all looking up at the Dolphins in the AFC East so we'll get to the rest of that division coming up oh you say you want to hear from Sean Payton uh-huh ready to give Nathaniel Hackett some credit now listen they played better than us listen I credit you know Robert and that staff they won the game and I think that's that's how I look at it listen listen just hear me out I love how he says Robert and the staff oh okay you mean the staff that includes Nathaniel Hackett listen listen listen listen listen listen this was one of the most overblown storylines of week five I will readily admit that but it's no it's no secret the Jets were out to win this for Hackett whatever slight whatever perceived slight I've told you before I think Sean Payton crossed a line big time I just felt like through through the first month of the season it would die a little bit oh no it didn't it with Aaron Rodgers being injured I thought maybe it would no no this is still flamed up as they head into the Mile High City good for the Jets they're two and three without Aaron Rodgers and and one of the toughest schedules to start the first five weeks so yeah that's it I don't have anything else to say about Zach Wilson but the defense of the pieces he has around him they make it possible they do probably could have blown that team out of the water whatever I wouldn't be saying that too loudly if I were you you know what goes around comes around the NFL listen listen Sean Payton perfect example on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page glad to have you with us after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast the all-electric Hyundai ionic 6 is sleek full of advanced tech and has a range of up to 360 miles any drawbacks yeah every IONIQ 6 comes with a complimentary EV charger and up to 600 installation credits so you're gonna have to figure out something else to spend that money on the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 6 Hyundai it's your journey EPA estimated 361 mile range for IONIQ 6 SE long range rear wheel drive with fully charged battery actual range varies based on trim another factors actual charge time varies based on charging unit output temperature another factors call 5 6 2 3 1 4 4 6 0 3 for complete details out to the 24 yard line in golden ocean they give it to H.A.H. with free speed down the sideline nobody's gonna catch him touchdown Miami what great speed on top of that safety takes a bad angle on it I think he forgot who he was chasing and trying to tackle this is after hours with Amy Lawrence Devon A. Chan his name has been through multiple iterations since we got to know him man he is as fast maybe as Tyree Kill there was a whole conversation around this game between the Dolphins and the Giants about who's the fastest on the Dolphins roster and I kept thinking man if that's what you're talking about at this point it does not bode well for New York and it really didn't because once again Daniel Jones under siege on the Dolphins radio network A. Chan scampers 76 yards and even though even though the Dolphins had a pair of first half turnovers and a slower start I mean A. Chan himself had a fumble but on the next possession he goes the 76 yards the Dolphins still race haha out to a lead against New York it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio we did actually get to see some speed on the Giants side of things third and goal at the four two calls out signals takes the snap he's looking to his left fastball nearly intercepted and then deflected and picked off by Pinnock Pinnock up the right sideline Pinnock needs a block Pinnock across midfield Jason Pinnock is going to take this 101 yards for a giant touchdown O'Karaoke tipped it and Pinnock did the rest Bob Papa on Giants Giants radio so yeah we got to see some flash 102 yards I bet a lot of guys would have needed oxygen after that but Jason Pinnock with the pick six off too and here's what I do not love about the way the Dolphins played on Sunday they're flirting with disaster right what did well we just heard uh Robert Sala snarkily say we should have blown that team out of the water we probably should have blown that team out of the water well I don't know if the Dolphins were going to put up 70 but the fact that they win despite three turnovers it's because of the way their opponent is playing right now okay you can't do that against a good team and expect to succeed and so I don't love that they're playing fast and loose with the football now they do answer they're right into the third quarter and I guess they have decided at that point they had enough or maybe Mike Mc Mike McDaniel gives them the chewing out at halftime trips to the left third down at four Miami 31 yard line back to throw to a looking fires deep down wide open Tyreek it's dry touchdown Miami speed kills what a throw by two a chunk of my low Tyreek Hill just runs right under it my mom told me before the game we was riding over here she was like I need to be a part of touchdown celebration today you know and I was like mama I'm gonna get fine she was like I don't care about that I just need to be a part of you know today you know what I'm saying like make it about moment so when I scored I was calling her down she was making her way down and when I gave it to her I got took it somebody took it but my mom like she a bulldog she like what get my ball boy so you already know it I got a flag for it but it was worth it though nobody messes with mama nobody messes with mama Tyree kill talking about his touchdown celebration and he did get a flag for excessive celebration because he climbed up into the stands essentially and was waiting for his mom to come down if you haven't seen it it's kind of funny because there's a fan there who's somehow don't ask me how thinks that Tyreek is giving him the game ball a grown-ass man why would Tyreek Hill be giving you the game ball in my bowl but his mom is right behind this guy and she tries to grab the ball and the man tugs back at first and then you can you can read her lips she says I'm his mom and so he finally relinquishes the football so that was about the most drama that we got for the Miami Dolphins again I I don't love that they're fooling around with the football take better care of it I I sometimes worry when teams play down to the level of their competition that they aren't mature enough yet to be a winner to be a contender all the way through the Dolphins they've got a lot of flash a lot of pizzazz a lot of sex appeal on that side of the offense Tua is playing extremely well he's not taking a lot of hits they've got so many weapons Jalen waddle halls in his first touchdown yesterday for the Dolphins you've got Tyreek you've got A-Chan you've got Raheem Mostert yeah yeah yeah there's a lot of gaudy flashy shiny elements to this Dolphins team but you can't expect that you can turn the ball over the way that you do make mistakes the way that you do and it's going to be still as easy quote unquote as it was against the Giants now it goes from bad to worse for the New York Giants because Daniel Jones on his sixth sack of the game finally gets knocked out as in out of the game not knocked out meaning he was unconscious uh sixth sack 11 sacks on it was Monday night right that they played so it's not even a full week and the dude's been sacked 17 times in the span of one week so he goes out early in the fourth quarter with a neck injury they weren't coming back anyway but it's unfortunate that Jones has to pay the price I'm feeling fine I'm obviously in some pain and uh we'll just see what it looks like this week as we uh yeah meet with the trainers and doctors I thought he made some good decisions took care of the ball you know we had a couple plays we could have made down the plate you know down the field had opportunities on him just didn't quite capitalize him but you know he battled he did but you can only battle so much when you're getting sacked six times and you're getting hit 14 other times by the Dolphins defense and this is not even the Niners right this is not the Niners defense this is the Dolphins defense they can be really good they can be physical but that's not their hallmark and they still got to Daniel Jones six times and they got to Tyrod Taylor pretty sure they finished with seven sacks and they also got to Taylor once he came in so Miami wins despite a lot of mistakes again I don't love it uh but for Tua to go 22 of 30 he has 308 yards uh yes has a couple of picks in there but also has a couple touchdowns and they can fly up and down the field I think a lot of things are going right for us if we just stuck with our plan and we we stuck with um our rules for each play I think things are going really smooth um there are just times where we were misaligned um things were you know didn't play within the structure of our offense and things just just got out of hand um you know with some plays but outside of that that's that's I would say that's how the game went yeah it's a win and they're four and one and they're on top of the AFC East and wow how quickly that changes right they get bashed by Buffalo in western New York they go home to play the Giants the Bills go overseas to take on the Jaguars where they lose and a lot of it had to do with their slow start so we'll get to that plus the Patriots getting are you ready for this skunked at home by the Saints this is not the Saints that were quarterbacked by Drew Brees either oh my goodness it's going from bad to worse in New England that's coming up next plus Niners and Cowboys it's after hours CBS Sports Radio
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