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10-4-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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October 4, 2023 6:11 am

10-4-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 4, 2023 6:11 am

October baseball is officially in full swing | Mike Tomlin is making some changes in Pittsburgh | Evan Longoria turns back the clock in DBacks win. 


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Oh yeah, it's made with titanium and the Pro camera is epic. Just got it at T-Mobile. Nice. Yeah, and I got their Go 5G Next plan, so now I have the freedom to upgrade my phone every year. I gotta get to T-Mobile.

Take charge of your upgrades at We were just ruminating over the idea of 25,000 fans, or if it's at Yankee Stadium, 50,000 plus. Singing at the top of their lungs. I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys because even if you can't stand boy bands, everyone knows that song.

Everyone knows that song. Huge fan of the Backstreet Boys. Me too. Thank you, Jimmy Butler. And for that reason, I will go ahead and say I'm a huge fan of your new Do.

It's a show like Jimmy Butler to debut a Do just in time for media days. I'm emo, leave me alone. Emo, leave me alone. I'm in my emotions.

I'm all good. Could you imagine being one of his teammates though and having to answer questions about Jimmy Butler's new look? I mean, that was happening like bam out of bio. If this is a face he's going through at 34, I guess you just got to let him go through his phases. You know, we all, we all go through our emo phases, apparently. I hope I don't have mine at 50 at this point. My emo face.

Oh my goodness. Is this his midlife crisis? I'm not a guy, so I don't know. But men talk about midlife crisis.

I would say it's probably closer to 45 to 50, 45 to 55. No? A little bit. I mean, to be getting into your emo phase, yeah, like in your mid 30s is a little strange. Like it's more- Wait, I have to ask you because you're a guy and because you're way cooler than me. How would you describe getting into your emo phase? How would you describe emo, being emo? It's the music.

Like it's like that early 2000s, like 2004 to 2007 kind of era. Like, and you've got to, you know, you put the hair down, the black, you got to lift the earrings and like the lip rings like Jimmy Butler had, you know, like the attitude. It still hits the whole package.

All right. But again, like when you're like- But could it also be referring to emotions and being overly sensitive and emotional? Yeah. I mean, that's where it's, that's emotional. Like, the music is really emo.

That's like the genre that started it. But, but yeah, like being in your feelings, if you will. Being all up in your feelings.

Yeah. We're going to use that from now on when it comes to athletes who are all up in their feelings. He's emo. She's emo.

Actually, if you accuse a female of being like that, it probably is offensive. So I can't. I'm definitely emo all the time, but I will not be adopting the hairdo. I'm good the way I am.

I just- That's like, you have to if you've got to do it. No, I stay emo. I've been emo before emo was cool. Before emo was a thing, I was emo. So many emo kids growing up in high school.

And now Jimmy Butler is emo. Leave me alone. I'm emo.

Leave me alone. And on that note, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Amy Lawrence, the emo. I keep wanting to say the emo, which is the animal. Or Elmo would be more popular with kids, right? It's actually more throwback now. I think my nieces were so into Elmo.

Not even funny. Everything that we did for years was about Elmo. I remember when Tickle Me Elmo came out, it was the toy of the century. As big as Cabbage Patch Kids. Bigger.

Well, okay. Maybe not. Bigger than Beanie Babies? Oh, that's a good one.

Probably not. That is a good one. People thought they were going to retire on Beanie Babies. Right. Like, you get the Princess Diana Beanie Baby.

You were set for life. And now, I don't know if you've ever seen this. My mom's big on eBay. Not emo, but eBay. Now you can see people who are actually trying to sell 50 to 100 Beanie Babies all at once. They just put them all in a big eBay category. Right? An eBay lot.

Thank you. And they try to sell them. And it's not, yeah. I mean, there are some that are classic that I think people would buy. But the amount of money that people spent on Cabbage Patch Kids, who actually came around again for a second iteration, and Beanie Babies, and some of the other crazy toy phases. Now you're stuck with them. Depreciated horribly.

They did. I still have a few Beanie Babies, but they were ones that were given to me by my little brother. I took one for my grandmother. So that kind of thing. But I never was really big into I have to collect them all. But I had friends who collected dozens of them. I think the McDonald's ones are bigger now. You know, you remember those? They came like the Happy Meal.

They were smaller and they were like, I think those ones actually go for more money now since they were like limited run than the real ones. Yeah. How did we get on this tangent? I don't know. Elmo. Elmo.

We were talking about Tickle Me Elmo. Elmo, emo, toy phases, toy crazes, toy fads. I'm emo. Leave me alone.

I'm emo. Leave me alone. We will not leave you alone. That's just not what we do in this business. It's our hump show.

Middle show with a work week. Thank you for your questions for Ask Amy Anything. I do go back and answer those on both Twitter and Facebook throughout the day. For instance, our friend Matthew waited late and wanted to know candy corn.

Yes or no? That's typically a poll question we put up during Halloween. It's not yet Halloween.

Though my neighborhood is starting to reflect that people believe Halloween is on the horizon. Candy corn, yes or no? Producer Jay.

Ask Jay anything. For me, yes. See, I'm not gonna go like buy it or like seek it out. Like, oh, yeah, it's October. I'm gonna have candy corn. But if I'm like, you know, around and I see a bowl of it, I'll have a few pieces.

I'll partake. If I want to have sugar, it's gonna be something that doesn't taste like that. Yeah. I mean, I eat all forms of candy.

That's true. I like the pumpkins. Those are good. Don't try to tempt me with anything pumpkin. By the way, we still have not used our gift card. No. For candy. Candy Warehouse, right? You're gonna make me go on it right now. No, I'm not making you do anything.

I have to though. The second I mentioned candy, Jay starts googling it. We have a gift card that was given to us for Candy Warehouse and we have not yet used it. It was supposed to be our football stash and we've been so busy with football we haven't used it.

It's time. You know what? We could actually use the gift card and come up with Christmas presents for people. But I know you can't give away candy. It's hard. How did we let that slip through the cracks? I blame you because you're the candy. Well, I was going to use a term that we probably shouldn't use on the show.

It's not. You're the candy hog. We can get a two and a half pound bag of candy corn here. That's disgusting. We're not getting two and a half pounds of candy corn.

Wait, they have a five pound bag too. No, we're not getting that either. You pay for that with your own money. With your raise. Pay for that with your raise.

It's probably all your raise would buy. Oh, that was mean. I'm so sorry. It'd be mean if it wasn't accurate. I was being snarky about the company, not about you. All right, let's get back on point. It's after hours here on CBS porch radio.

We're gonna act professional or something. If you would like to vote for TD of the week, that poll is up. And as I say, both Twitter and Facebook, I'll go back and answer some of your questions for asking me anything. It's my service to you. And yet you still don't run out of questions. It's been the longest running franchise on after hours. 10 years now.

It goes back to when I was hosting overnights on the weekends. And still you all continue to send questions, which is pretty cool. We appreciate that. Does anyone have a question about whether or not the Minnesota Twins are for real? All right, maybe you do.

That would be fair. But don't ever believe that because you are a member of a franchise that has a dubious history or a long running futility streak like the Minnesota Twins, that you are doomed to repeat it. Nah, nah, nah. History is just that. It's history.

It doesn't always mean that you have to follow in its footsteps. In fact, I don't, I hate it when people bring trends to me and I get it. Trends are real. For instance, the Jacksonville Jaguars can't beat the Houston Texans. All right, there are some trends.

The New York Jets can't beat Bill Belichick's Patriots. Okay, there's something to be said for those trends. But when you're talking about completely different managers, coaches, players, sure it's history. But eventually that history is going to end and it was vanquished. It's over. 18 consecutive playoff losses over 19 years.

That is, in fact, history. Take it all in. You never know when you're going to be in this situation. And we've had a heck of a season and I just wanted to take it all in. Man, these fans showed up for us. And honestly, I got that advice from Joe Mauer through a text today. Just telling me to take it in. And just, he said that's one thing that he would do is take it in and don't regret, you know, the moment that you're in.

And so that's what I did, man. All those fans, they really, they stepped up for us, man. It was special. The ninth inning, two wells, the stretch from Duran. And the pitch, ground ball, right side, he stops the lineup, to his feet, feeds Duran, slips on the bag, and the Twins win the game. The Minnesota Twins beat the Blue Jays 3-1. Twins win. Twins win. The Minnesota Twins win a playoff game. 3-1 the final. And the longest consecutive postseason losing streak in North American sports history is finally over.

Want to hear something really cool? Royce Lewis, who's a former number one overall pick, who's battled so many injuries, torn ACLs, hammies. I think there's an oblique in there somewhere. He's had so many injuries. Now, he's got a flair for the dramatic.

This guy can crank out grand slams like nobody's business. He was five the last time the Twins won a playoff game. Isn't that so amazing? It reminds me of the Buffalo Bills when they finally ended their playoff drought a few years ago. And you remember, all of the NFL was celebrating.

It was, right, they kind of backdoored into it. Remember, they had, I think they had lost, or maybe won a game in Miami, whatever. They were on the road in Miami. Bills fans will correct me if I get this wrong.

They were on the road in Miami. So, in the visitor's locker room, they're watching a game between the Ravens and the Bengals, right? And Andy Dalton threw a touchdown.

This is pre-Joe Burrow, obviously. Andy Dalton throws a touchdown pass with, I don't know, 13-14 seconds to go in the game. And with the Bengals beating the Ravens, the Bills backed into a playoff spot, and the celebration in that visiting locker room in Miami was one that was caught on tape.

It was one that had such incredible audio. Everyone in the NFL was so excited for the Bills. Last year, the Mariners end their playoff drought. It's kind of one of those phenomena that people really can get lost in, even if it's not your team. You root for these franchises that have had so many years of nothing but heartache and headache and pain and suffering. It's not just the fans. It's the players, too.

They have to hear about it all the time. So, this is really neat. The Mariners, they're going to have a hear about it all the time.

So, this is really neat. The Minnesota Twins, probably so thankful that the New York Yankees are not in the playoffs because they're certainly the nemesis for the Twins for so many years. 19 seasons, 18 consecutive playoff losses vanquished on Tuesday night, and it's Rocco Baldelli, right, who's a former big leaguer himself, who has the opportunity to sit there and answer questions about, finally, the streak is over. Fans here support this organization through and through.

Generations do. They love the team, and they want to enjoy things like what they just saw at the ballpark today. The ballpark, I think, was a great representation today of how the community here feels about us and what we do. I thought the place was going to split open and melt. The fans have been believing in us for so long. It was just a matter of believing in ourselves and coming to the game, playing loose, understanding that we didn't need to change who we were or our approach and just go out there and have fun.

It was electric, and we embraced that, and we were just having fun out there. Man, supercharged atmosphere, energy out the wazoo, or as Rocco Baldelli says, I thought the place was going to split open and melt. Is that some type of a reference to a nuclear meltdown or a nuclear reactor accident? Split open and melt.

Split open and just melt. That makes sense to me. And then Pablo Lopez, who takes his start into the sixth inning, allows just a single run to the Blue Jays on five hits. Yeah, Target Field, you showed up and showed out.

That was really neat. Love seeing it, all the towels and the noise, as you can hear behind those calls, with Corey Provis on Twins Radio. So now, can you win two in a row? Because one in a row, well, all right, that's nice. But can you actually advance in a playoff series?

Royce Lewis was five the last time they won a playoff game. That's, wow, love it. This is one of the reasons why working in sports radio is new and different and fun and really doesn't get stale, because there's always some piece of history. There's always something new.

The storylines change year to year, season to season, of course, but this is the kind of stuff that I love. We can get on that bandwagon and become fans of the Twins. There weren't, hmm, there weren't even fans of the the Rays that showed up for their home playoff game. You want to talk about embarrassing, it's reached new lows for the Tampa Bay Rays fan base, and so the Rangers took advantage. And honestly, it might have shook the Rays too, the way that they played, specifically on defense.

So we'll get to a little more of the baseball. The Arizona Diamondbacks, they use the long ball, which is not necessarily their emo. Just kidding.

I couldn't resist. It's not their emo, but emo sounded better. I'm emo, leave me alone. Is it bad when I'm the only one laughing at my stupid moments? It is, isn't it? Go ahead and say it, Jay.

Leave me alone. If I'm the only one laughing at the dumb stuff I do, I probably should have just skipped it. No, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself, right? Well, right, but on national radio? Is that necessary?

Yeah, it's a perfect platform to try out in the new bit, right? It wasn't a new bit. It was just a line. I couldn't help it. That's their emo. It's their emo, but it's their emo.

I'm emo. Do you get it? Oh, I get it.

Oh, okay. I thought it was clever. I laughed.

I tripled. Thank you for smiling. All right, so we'll get to more of the baseball. It's not their emo for Arizona, and the Phillies, honestly, they're the big bad now. They've been there, done that, and they're the team that can flex its muscles in this wildcard round. Damn right.

Hi, emo. I thought I'm calling him for the rest of the year. Everyone's gonna know who I'm talking about. Have you all heard what Jerry Jones has to say about the Super Bowl going through Dallas? Uh-huh. I didn't say it. He did on our Dallas affiliate, and Mike Tomlin. Now, you ask him a question, you better be prepared.

He's never gonna give you a short answer. That's fun stuff. Good to have you with us on a hump day, our hump show. Oh, we're emo.

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Pay the guy. To cast your vote for the TD of the week, head to an after hours CBS on Twitter or give us a call at 855-212-4227. The Buffalo Bills play action pass as time throws to the left sideline complete to digs, but there's a flag trying to spin away from the tacklers that he does 3530 2520 headed to the end zone. Touchdown Stefan Diggs. There is a flag. We'll see if it's coming back.

Otherwise, can you dig it? The Tennessee Titans and a hill under center. Simmons is offset. Rolling throwing. Henry, I should say, is the man who rolls and throws.

All that movement just freaked me out. And Cincinnati was more lost than me as Wiley catches the touchdown. The Seattle Seahawks Seattle looks like they want to rush for and they do Jones is going to throw throws near side.

Boom. Pick up. Witherspoon comes your side down the sidelines. Joe chasing him. He cuts back inside picks up blockers. Still being chased. Witherspoon far side.

20, 15, 10, 5. He is in. He is in.

Holy catfish. Los Angeles Rams. Stafford Reddy calls for the snap.

Here comes the rush. He throws right side alone. It's Pukka at the five to the end zone. A walk off winner. Pukka, Nakua in overtime. 22 yards to get the Rams to two and two. Maurice Jones Drew sing it with me as Nakua flings it into the stands. Nakua Matata. It means no worries for the rest of today.

It's a problem. Free Rams victory. 29, 23 and OT. What are the chances that he did all of that on the fly? What do you think? I maybe call originally he has like a pretty long pause after like the touchdown until he goes into that. So maybe he thought of that on the fly.

I probably would have left it out though. Remind me his name. JB Long. That's right. JB Long on Rams radio.

He deserves credit especially if he did that on the fly. Pukka Nakua with the walk off touchdown. Rams with a really cool moment courtesy of their veteran QB and their rookie wide receiver who is making history every week. Before that Steve Rabel on Seahawks radio.

You want to talk about rookies. Witherspoon 97 yards. Pick six off Daniel Jones and the Giants. He also had two sacks I believe so quite a banner night for him on Monday Night Football. Mike Heath on Titans radio befuddled by Derrick Henry's jump pass option. The TD to the rookie tight end Josh Wiley. All that movement just freaked me out.

That's what Jay says sometimes about me when I'm waving my arms and talking with my hands. And then Chris Brown on Bills radio. Stevon Diggs with a trifecta but the 55 yarder featured two spin moves to shed tacklers on his way to the end zone. So you can vote for the TD of the week on our show Twitter after our CBS.

Also on our Facebook page. A lot of you weighing in there and yes there were many other candidates. I know the Broncos are not anyone's favorite team right now.

Includes me. But the way that they were able to tie the Bears after trailing by 21 Jonathan Cooper with a fumble return scoop and score for a touchdown. How about the Dallas Cowboys Daron Bland with the pick six. Gosh Lamar and Lamar Andrews. Lamar Jackson had a couple of touchdowns too. Mark Andrews. One of them was spectacular.

Although Mark is pretty good no matter what. How about the Texans getting Devin Singletary throwing. He takes the handoff from CJ Stroud and throws a touchdown pass to Dalton Schultz. I mean we could go on and on about the various ways that we were dazzled by the scoring and the touchdowns this weekend. I just love the fact that so many defenders were in on the action. Oh gosh there was a 99 yard pick 6-2 for the Panthers on what was what was the first series of the game against the Vikings. It just turns out that Carolina didn't win.

So banner moments all around. If you did not hear my conversation with Amy Trask, longtime Raider CEO, longtime CBS sports analyst and brand new podcast host. She's the best. We really enjoy her and I saved one question.

I crafted it especially for her and saved it for the end of the interview. I asked her because I know she's a connoisseur of ice cream. If the NFL were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would it be? Now I'm not going to tell you what her answer is.

We actually came up with two ways to answer the question. Again you're going to have to go check it out on the podcast but one listener after hearing the convo with Amy responded with the NFL is Rocky Road. I love that. That's not what we came up with but I do love that because it's up and down, up and down. It's never easy of course and it's just half the time. It's a roller coaster.

Rocky Road is the perfect way to describe it. So check out our show Twitter. You want to vote also on our Facebook page and again ask Amy anything questions answered throughout the day. On Wednesday you can check out our YouTube channel for the video version of Ask Amy walks down the aisle parts one and two.

I don't know. Yeah I don't know why so many of you care about my wedding because I care more about Mike Tomlin and what he has to say about coaching changes. Well okay not necessarily care more but about the questions with the Steelers and the natives getting restless. Yeah Tomlin himself said that things need to change and finally we got some type of an explanation about what that means after an embarrassing performance against Houston. There were several things that were very disappointing about the game. I think chief among them was the fact that Houston we thought were more physical than us and played harder than us and that's something that's that's got to change immediately. I felt that in stadium I expressed that after the game and so we got to look at what we're doing in an effort to make sure that that doesn't reoccur. He was pressed on possible changes to the coaching staff possible changes to the roster the active roster and maybe he's feeling the hot seat himself that almost sounds sacrilegious to say he's a Super Bowl winning coach he's never led the team to a losing record and I know people don't care about the streak obviously a good portion of that time he had I'm looking up there's a jump pass from Derek Henry Mike Keith still confused there's a Ben Roethlisberger that has a lot to do with that but there was so much hope around Kenny Pickett coming out of last coming out of last season and then starting this year the preseason because of how well the offense was operating but we've not seen that and to hear Mike Tomlin call it lackluster or to refer to effort and emotion and heart and question desire yeah that's stark not something that you hear from a Mike Tomlin generally but he is laying it all out there by the way speaking of Pickett just the update on him he has a bone bruise and right now he's day-to-day he's going to practice on Wednesday probably not full tilt but they're not they're not sure if he'll be available for Sunday against the Ravens well that's scary it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio what changes that's the question what specific changes coach the physicality component or the lack there of and and it didn't take long for me to realize um practice attire early in the in the year but also um you know some matchup related things man we're open to dividing the labor up more finally in an effort to get better play um to put people in circumstances that are advantageous to their skill set without being too specific and getting into game plan related things um we're open to doing whatever is required to to highlight the skill sets of people based on what we have seen to this point in the journey honestly I have no idea what he just said right there I've heard that cut so many times because I'm trying to figure out what specifically he said what changes and yeah I don't I didn't hear him actually outline any did you Jay I was thinking the same thing all I heard was just you know the components and the physicality yeah I mean it's obviously not good enough and he did express the same thing to the team so all of that is in there somewhere but he isn't planning on making any coaching changes right now all right so he was asked specifically about offensive coordinator matt canada not going to change anything there and kept referring to fluid decisions meaning it's subject to change at any time we want them to be fat and sassy and spoiled all right nothing changing at this moment atm isn't that how you'd put it in a text nothing changing atm brb can you imagine mike tomlin texting like that hmm like tommy do you think tomlin text wait voice to text or actual text like actual text do you think he has one of those flip phones where you have to hit the letter three times if you're trying to get a c you have to hit the button three times i could see him with one of those i actually know someone who has a phone like that i'm not kidding yeah a family member who has a phone like that still and like text then uses it regularly well i wouldn't say he texts a lot i would sure right it is it's and you don't have voice to text on those things no really anything so back to mike tomlin voice to text or nah no i don't think he's a voice a texter no no i kind of feel like he enjoys using his vocabulary and his voice it's true i would think he'd be far too impatient to actually send a text by typing it out i would think he'd be the voice to text phone call kind of guy maybe he can call us anytime we would people ask me my number one most coveted guest in sports and i'm like sports now there are a couple of former athletes that i would love to interview kurt warner was one of them and now he's our bff or one of them i would love to have john elway on the show larry bird on the show though those athletes would be amazing but current could you imagine anything better than mike tomlin it gives you that tingle after all the the cuts and the quips and the audio and the laughter we shoot would we be able to not laugh i was just gonna say i feel like he would start speaking and answering the question and i was just wouldn't even be listening to his answer i'll just be laughing with him though but like i don't think he's laughing he's probably not what he's talking about yeah serious when he's talking about what's happening now and and the fact that the texans had more heart i don't think he's laughing they do have a ton of injuries we'll give them that but a lot of players have injuries they do and a lot of teams are dealing with it gosh in their own division the ravens are missing it's like a thing a revolving door of four to five starters for every single game i hope kenny pickett is back out there they need that leadership he needs to keep developing adversity well it reveals what you're made of or what you're not made of man we got a lot of warts so but seriously i have no idea what he just said in that second cut something's gonna change not at this juncture he was asked about matt canada not at this juncture that's a word i use be jealous it's a good word mike tomlin and i have that in common fancy vocabulary it's after hours with amy lawrence you can vote for td of the week on our show twitter or on our facebook page and oh by the way j i've now found out i've been informed by the twitter sphere that split open and melt is a fish song so i'm sorry fish is not my kind of music i have a friend who's been to i don't even know two dozen fish concerts yeah that sounds about right it's a it's a cult thing kind of like a dave matthew's band fish you've been to at least 10 fish shows right so i had no idea that it was a fish song i actually didn't know that either split open and melt do you think he was referencing that do you think rocko baldelli is a fish fan i would yeah i would i would think that about rocko maybe yeah i'm gonna go with yes that wasn't a random reference we have been sufficiently corrected pretty subtle though he sucked that in there i thought it was gonna split open and melt wait that means we can't use the drop anymore split open and melt split open and melt i don't want to use a fish drop on the show i'm not a big fish fan either so that doesn't see i'm a goldfish fan like the kind that you eat pretzel wait don't you have goldfish in your pond in your house at your house koi's oh sorry okay we don't eat those those are expensive most would love to but we he's tried he's tried is that babysitter paid pizza ordered flowers delivered you can do a lot of things with your phone and with blue link plus you can even access your hunday tucson limited remotely doors unlocked temperature set lost car found oh there it is get complimentary class leading blue link plus just another way we make owning a hunday tucson limited more convenient than ever learn more about the new tucson and blue link plus at call 562-314-4603 for complete details for our cbs porch radio you are listening to the after hours podcast three two swing beats it no line drive caught by longoria that's a double play he'll throw to second i don't believe it oh the veteran with a gold glove effort in a dire situation kind of just jumped and threw my glove up and you know sometimes those those plays i think it's just a reaction sometimes i don't even jump for those you know and for whatever reason you know in that moment you know obviously we're trying to kind of just leave it all out on the field and threw my glove up there and i felt it hit my glove i couldn't actually couldn't even pot it um and then uh you know just just looking around the infield seeing if anybody had gotten too far off and um really got really was just he was trying to score on that and thinking it was a basic so big moment for sure this is after hours with amy lawrence it was a wind preserving catch and evan longoria at 37 years old the lunging leaping just give it everything you got as an old dude and get up there and he said he wasn't even sure that it was in his glove he had to check it out so a pretty impressive moment for the veteran though maybe not the turning point according to tori lavello it was the home run by their young lead-off guy and the pitch high fly ball deep right field and that one seals on out of here look home run corbin carol it's a one-run ball game it's three to two and that was no cheapie there's a drive to right bank of the warning track at the wall that one's gone we're tied up on a home run by marte three three the diamondbacks have found their backs and they got another home run off of corbin burns all three of them off burns and so for that reason they were able to chase him after the fourth inning he was done and they tacked on a couple more runs late obviously the defense that we talked about with evan longoria this is exactly what they needed for the diamond backs i think a lot of it is because they have been in this mode where they had to hit they had to win that sense of urgency to just secure a spot in the postseason in a wildcard series and i've said this before to me that's an advantage yes you can look at these wildcards and say oh they're not as good they don't have as many wins and in pro sports i agree you are what your record says you are except that when there's this sense of urgency in this navigating pressure just to get to october if we're talking baseball well it matters because you're playing on that you know that kind of high adrenaline that edge and you're getting more comfortable in pressure so for me that gives the diamondbacks an edge now not to mention they've been hitting the lights out as well it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio diamondbacks radio i believe that's greg schulte no oh uh we're gonna i think it is but i could be wrong so don't quote me uh on d-backs radio so in the national league you've got arizona up one nothing as the road team but for the phillies they are a team that no longer really fits the bill of a wild card i guess by definition yeah sure you could argue with me uh they do have to play their way through this series but based on their experience from last year to me they've got an overwhelming advantage especially when they continue to win game ones the way that they do and they're the team flexing their muscles now against a fellow member of the national league east and zack wheeler he continues to point to how amazing the crowd is their citizens bank park it's got to be the atmosphere and the adrenaline going um you know as soon as i step foot out of the dugout to go stretch out there in the bullpen crowd went nuts and i got chills so you know it started right there and um i think it just kind of carries into me you know doing the baseball it definitely helps that's what this team is all about man we're a family in here and you know it's 40 000 people out there plus 26 instead of last year as well i mean it's just we all you know vibe the same way and we have such a great team such good personalities in here that that matched so well with this fan base in the city as well and um just a lot of fun and like i said we just got to keep this going um leave no doubt understand that uh you know that's a really good team over there and it's it's nice to be able to win that first one but we've got to take care of business and uh and get it done if you all vibe the same way does that mean you're emo i was just gonna say you know price price harper was the last guy in price harper was the last guy in the phillies lineup to get a hit actually but every single one of them did a big deal uh to get the kind of support they're getting so yeah we're seeing it with the twins fans at target field but the phillies fans well they know they understand their role because they saw it last year worked to get their fillies all the way to the world series it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio it was the complete opposite of target field and citizens bank park the complete opposite at tropic canterfield and st petersburg where the rays fans did not show up not even 20 000 of them and that's the announced crowd was 19 700 lowest for a postseason game going back to the 1919 world series which was also in the middle of a pandemic other than 2020 when the fans weren't allowed or they were limited this is the lowest that we've seen in a in a century a century plus and that's embarrassing for a team that's hosting a wild card series a team that was right there in the running for the ales title and i don't know if it's the reason but the rays made four errors and they had no answers for jordan montgomery who pitches seven scoreless innings and retires 14 of his last 16 getting the nod to be the game one starter made me want to definitely throw a good game for the team i know when i threw for the yankees i was on like 15 days not throwing out there um so it was nice staying on my five-day routine it's really special tonight um money's been really good for us all year and to make a start like that on the road against the lamp like that you know it's pretty special okay i just i wanted to play that corry's eager cut for this reason he called jordan montgomery a megastar did i misunderstand him i'm pretty sure he said megastar here and to make a start like that a megastar like that to make a start like that maybe oh yeah okay one more it's really special tonight um money's been really good for us all year and to make a start like that okay fine you burst my bubble i thought he called him a megastar i mean he was a megastar like that actually yeah and i mean for kevin cash he just called an ugly performance well yeah four errors four errors only but did they really happen if only 19 000 people showed up to see it did the game really happen if only 19 000 were there to see it if a tree falls in the woods and only 19 000 race fans are there to see it when baseball hits the catwalk in st petersburg no one's around to see it oh my gosh all right we've had our fun at the rays expense but my goodness are you kidding me you're hosting a playoff game i don't really understand not showing up for regular season games but this is embarrassing although the race didn't average the fewest number of fans in major league baseball this year do you know the marlins average fewer than they did the a's and the royals come on down you're the next contestants on that is embarrassing have a great wednesday it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio boom
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