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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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September 29, 2023 5:37 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 29, 2023 5:37 am

OK. What the heck happened to the Packers offense? | The Lions are ready for Prime Time | The Baltimore Orioles win the AL East!


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. I recognize this PSA may only apply to some of you and some of you may not care. I venture to guess that you all feel the same way about any conversation that revolves around trailer now, too. Isn't that the worst?

That is the worst celebrity relationship nickname ever. But I'm so using it. Trailer. As in tractor trailer. Anyway, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, then you are blissfully unaware. But for those of you who know, this is not actually about trailer.

I bet more people care about trailer than care about what I'm about to tell you next. And that is the Ryder Cup is underway and it's on TV. If you're into golf, if you're into the Ryder Cup, it's already teed off near Rome, started about 16 minutes ago. Which means we get live golf over the course of our show. And I think that's cool because periodically throughout the year, throughout the calendar year, we have the opportunity to watch these international events unfold live.

And this is one of my favorites because of the time change. We get the benefit of seeing it and talking about it before any of the other radio shows here on the network, which is kind of cool. In addition to that, the Baltimore Orioles hit the century mark.

So we eat. They will be the top seed in the American League. The Atlanta Braves secure home field throughout the playoffs because they are a juggernaut. The Cubs take another loss, in fact, a sweep. The Marlins are in quite a pickle and they blame the Mets.

Do you think the Mets did it on purpose, Jay? There's a chance. There's definitely a chance. There's a chance. So you're saying there's a chance. We will get you all of Major League Baseball, including a loss for the Rangers that makes the A.O.S.

that much tighter. You know we are off and running. We are off and David Montgomery-ing into the fourth week of the NFL season. I feel like everything I said about the Packers this week is now moot.

And I know it is a week to week league. And you ask any player, any coach, they will tell you it is extremely difficult to win. But, okay, period.

No but there. I mean there is a but coming, but it is extremely difficult to win. Matchups play a part. Injuries play a part.

All of that matters. Not to mention the short work week, how guys prepare, mentally how they recover from the week before. You could play this game between Packers and Lions another hundred times and they're likely to split.

Because that's kind of what they do. Although not in the Aaron Rodgers era, but we know he's gone. I actually wrote a CBS Sports Minute that included the line, Aaron who this week?

What is wrong with me? It's as though Aaron Rodgers called on the football gods to pay it back to the Packers. Don't have your number. You're not going to have my number. For the first time ever, okay maybe not ever, but it seems like first time in forever.

The Packers didn't even have 25 yards in the first half. What? Are you kidding me?

Bombs. Jay, stop it. Wait, why don't you make yourself useful and put the golf on my TV in here? Is it not on? No, I have the game up top and I have Sports Center down bottom. Can you come fix it? I can try. Alright, what channel is USA?

Not USA Today, but USA Today. Oh, well the game's on 54. So I'll leave the top one and you're saying just put the remotes over there. I could fetch it. Dang it. It's alright.

I suppose I'll suck it up and pay attention to what I'm doing. It is far. It is.

Actually, you know what? It's my radio show. I'll be right back. It's kind of out of the way.

I mean, you're getting closer and you got it. Picked it up. There we go. I remember one time we had a technical difficulty when producer Jay was away on vacation or, I don't know, was sick or something. And I was working with a fill-in who will remain unnamed for the purposes of protecting his identity. And I remember something happened with the microphone or with, I don't remember exactly what it was. Something malfunctioned horribly and I wasn't on the air. Now I'm pretty sure it was on his end, but whatever.

Likely. Anyway, instead of helping and trying to figure out what was wrong, since I wasn't on the air, he just started talking like it was his radio show. He was already telling everyone what was happening and just in general was just shooting the breeze. Just doing a play-by-play of the moment? Well, kind of. But mostly just acting like it was his radio show. You think this was like sabotage? No.

At all? Never actually thought of that. But I do remember that I was so annoyed because instead of helping me, which is his job, is to figure out how to get my microphone over the air, he just starts talking. Like it was his duty, it was his civic duty, to jump in and make sure the radio show still had a voice on it.

Should we try to maybe fix the mic first before we resort to that? No, he just started talking. It was his big opportunity. It was his breakthrough, Jay.

He just started talking like it was his breakthrough. I'm thinking there's some sort of sabotage here. I wasn't here, so I don't know.

No, you don't. But it was pretty dang funny. I was so mad that he didn't care. All he wanted to do was just hop on the mic and be a ham. That's all he wanted to do.

He was like waiting for something to happen like that. Oh yeah. Probably. Probably was sabotage. Didn't even think of it. But you know, that never happens anymore because that dude is not allowed back on the show.

For a variety of reasons, not just that one. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It's producer Jay. And moving forward, Jay and I, we're only taking vacation when the other one takes vacation. Wait, does that mean you're going to be taking vacation for a week and a half while I get married? Oh yeah, probably. Sweet.

Okay. It's around the holidays anyway. You always take time off around the holidays. Didn't go so great last year when I did that, but. Well, true. If you had only, maybe you should have taken off the week before instead.

I should have. Monday morning quarterback. Oh gosh. So week four is off and running and the Packers, wow, looked like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the last time we saw them. Fourth quarter at Lambeau, pulling off a comeback against the Saints. Now keeping in mind, New Orleans did not have its starting quarterback. And once Jameis Winston entered the game for Derek Carr, the Saints never scored again. So there was that.

The door was left wide open. But I expected something more from the Packers. How about try to run the ball?

Just fake it, maybe just fake it, just attempt. But they didn't. And even after Jared Goff throws an interception on the first possession and the fans are into it and the Packers have a little bit of momentum and the defense gives Jordan Love and his crew the ball, they did absolutely nothing. Do you know in the first quarter, this, I mean this is shocking, even with an interception by Jared Goff, do you know in the first quarter that the Lions had 194 yards? The Packers had one positive yard. One positive yard.

I didn't even know that was possible. Right after the interception, they go four plays and get zero yards. They don't even move the ball. They go nowhere with it and they kick a field goal instead.

On the very next possession, which by the way was sandwiched in between two Detroit touchdowns, we'll get to Detroit coming up here in a second. The Packers go three and out to the tune of minus 11 yards. So now they're in the hole, bless you, minus 11 yards. The next three and out nets them seven yards, so now they're at minus four for the quarter. Minus four yards for the quarter. The very next drive, no yards. One play picked off.

Really, you have to try hard to be that bad. It was a 24 point hole by the time they got to half on their own field. And I'm not saying that the Packers by themselves created this mess. The Lions had a lot to do with it.

A lot to do with it. But at some point I expected Green Bay to respond and instead they were squashed. They were squashed, they were smoked, they were slammed, and the Lions did whatever they wanted to do on both sides of the ball. The Packers just got pushed around on their own field. So credit the Lions. As much as I like what we saw from them in the first game of the year, so also a Thursday night game.

How about that? Their second Thursday night game in four weeks. And didn't they also play on primetime? Was it Sunday night? I feel like they've already had three primetime games, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I'd have to go back and check. But this is two times in four weeks that they're playing on Thursday night, meaning they've got the stage all to themselves along with their opponent. And I'm not sure they could have played much better at Lambeau Field on this night with a now cocky quarterback.

Wow. Jared Goff is feeling himself. He's all up in his fields. And with a running back that's now healthy and spry and wash, rinse, repeat for David Montgomery. Motion man La Porta initially handed off Montgomery walks into the end zone along the left side for a touchdown. Strong blocking up front Jackson, Glasgow, the Lions are controlling the line of scrimmage and they've taken a 13 three lead on Green Bay with two fifty four to go in the first golf up under center. Montgomery the loan back behind him second and go from the packer to Montgomery again cuts it left to the house touchdown Detroit Lions David Montgomery second touchdown of the night. The Lions extend their lead. What a first half by this football team fourth and goal from the one for the Lions.

Why not? Golf up under center single back is Montgomery golf takes turns gives the much number straight up David Montgomery powers at home and the Lions extend their lead Dan Miller on Lions radio iron eagle on Westwood one whatever he wanted to do as in run roughshod all up and down Lambeau Field all over the Packers. I guess Green Bay didn't learn its lesson from week 18 of last year when the Lions knocked them out of the playoffs. This was total domination and your Detroit Lions are now three and one sitting all by their lonesome on top of the NFC North. The hype train.

Oh it is speeding down the tracks. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter A law radio will have our after hours game of the week poll up before long. It's a good thing we didn't have the option of putting this one in it and then also on our Facebook page named after the show. Many of you have already found part two on our YouTube channel part two of asking me walks down the aisle.

It's actually my favorite part and once again producer Jay did a masterful job with the editing and I shocked him for his efforts. I shocked him with a couple of my answers. So you can check out those YouTube videos on your own time but we are blown away by the response.

It's funny because a couple people have responded with how arrogant you have to be or who do you think you are. Nobody cares about your wedding blah blah blah blah. And yet we've seen more numbers and more views more eyeballs on these YouTube videos than anything else that we've put up at any point. So we are well we're grateful that you're checking out not just the video but I'm telling you Jay's editing is amazing. And all of your FAQs about my my wedding and my future marriage.

Those are in part two. So check it out when you have an opportunity. I haven't even shared it on social media yet but you all are finding it so thank you lots of new subscribers to our YouTube channel. Jay is over the moon excited. He may never skip work again. He may never take vacation again because you all have made this his happy place.

Well no well oh my goodness. Dan Campbell thrill with his running back especially thrilled that he's now healthy again. Thirty two carries one hundred twenty one yards and for you fantasy weirdos just kidding that includes me. He had three touchdowns. I didn't realize this but that was David Montgomery's first time to get a win against the Packers so that's pretty impressive and then and three touchdowns first time that we've had a lion's running back that's gotten that here at Lambeau so that's pretty impressive.

Yeah you think and overall the team had two hundred eleven rushing yards. I kind of feel like that is an absolute invitation to be cocky. If you're the quarterback of a team that just rushed for two hundred eleven yards on the road in a rivalry game on primetime TV on a short work week oh yeah you definitely can be cocky and so Jared Goff loves the way they ran the ball and he wants to point out that the Lions are available to be flexed however and whenever the NFL would like them to appear in primetime. We like it.

Keep putting us in primetime if you want we feel good. I heard an interview with him on Westwood One after the game so the pairing on Westwood One was Ian Eagle with Joe Thomas the Hall of Fame offensive lineman who spent his career with the Browns. Really good stuff unique perspective not only because he is now a Hall of Famer but because offensive linemen they kind of can see everything that's happening in in terms of the offense they just have different vision so I really appreciated his insights.

But they talked to Jared Goff and asked him and I remember who it was if it was Ian or if it was Joe but they asked him about getting respect about the Lions being considered an actual contender or a good team and he gave some answer that sounded like well three and one speaks for itself and so he definitely is comfortable and confident now to the point where he sat on the Amazon Prime set after the win and he singled out Ryan Fitzpatrick who before the game on the pregame set had called Jared Goff a poor man's Matt Ryan. I thought I played better throughout the rest of the game. Hope it's up to your standards. You played a lot. You played very well.

You were very happy. I didn't know it was a poor man's anything but oh he heard that. He's listening. I heard about it.

Call him out there. Andrew. Andrew. I didn't do it. It wasn't me. Matt Ryan's a pretty good player too.

Matt Ryan's a hell of a player. I told him. I'm giving you a hard time.

I appreciate it man. It sounds like someone's yelling keeping receipts. I don't know if it was Jared or someone else who said keeping receipts but yeah they have a four or five man slash woman set. It's Carissa Thompson. Carissa Thomas. Carissa Thompson.

Carissa Thompson. Who does the essentially is the anchor who does the MC role and then you've got Richard Sherman and Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andrew Whitworth and I think it's Tony Gonzalez. Sometimes I don't pay attention to pre and post game but certainly when something like that is said you have to expect that even if Jared doesn't hear it himself and I highly doubt Jared heard it with his own ears. Someone told him. Someone went to him and told him either after the game was over when he was getting ready to go on the Amazon Prime set or before the game as a bit of motivation.

That's just how it works. And so Jared Goff had the benefit of a run game that was locked in and he's able to play a lot freer that way and there was some quick redemption right after the interception. The Lions get the ball back, they score on their next drive and it's off to the races. Up 24 points at halftime.

He doesn't even have to do that much. 210 yards passing, a touchdown the pick, doesn't get hit a ton, couple of sacks. Meanwhile Jordan Love scuffled and struggled and the Lions never left him alone. He's going to be smelling Lions breath in his dreams, his nightmares if you will. So we will talk more about this game of course we'll hear from Matt Leflore who's testy, Jordan Love and other members of the offense trying to explain it.

The optimal word being trying. And then since we're off and running like David Montgomery into week number four we've got to put up our game of the week poll. Oooh, Bills and Dolphins, I cannot wait. Yes, Bob is in town, Bob's going to have to watch Bills and Dolphins. Huh, hope he likes Bills and Dolphins.

I know he likes football. Yes, Bob is in town, but I am here. I wouldn't leave you on a football Thursday night. I will see you later. I will leave you on an NFL Sunday when it's time to get married, but I won't leave you on a Thursday night. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS porch radio.

You are listening to the after hours podcast. You want to talk about something beautiful, they did it again, over there behind the Lions bench just a sea of blue here at Lambeau Field. Reminiscing of last January when they did the same thing, when the Lions came in here and knocked Aaron Rodgers and the Packers out of the playoffs, they represented and they did it again tonight. They are over there just chanting, let's go Lions, full throat behind that Lions bench. That was outstanding, you know that was a fun one for the guys and really it was a total team effort and it's easy to go through here and it's actually not easy to go through here and start picking out individual players, there's a ton of guys that play really well. We have our own standards, our own goals of what we want to do and certainly one of those is win division, you got to win your division games and man if you can get them on the road that goes a long way, so we knew that and this is important, you know it's not the end all be all but it is important. I feel wind underneath my freaking wings man.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It's going to be really difficult to slow down the hype train now, if you didn't believe in the Lions before I would say it's time and Jared Goff wants you to know this is what they expect week in and week out, this is not the aberration, this is the rule for your Detroit Lions. We felt like we really dominated the whole game, maybe take out ten minutes of the fourth quarter, other than that we really dominated the whole game and it's what we expect to do.

We have a good team and we have a good offense, a good defense, a good special team, we got good skill players, we got good line on both sides, we should do that at times when things are clicking. And the defense definitely deserves a ton of credit because as much as it's easy to get distracted by the gaudy offensive numbers the Lions put up in the first half, a lot of that is because they had the ball the majority of the time. I mean the defense for the Lions just kept slamming the door in the face of the Packers and this is on their own field, right, and just giving it back to their offense.

It's a lot easier to score 27 points at the half if you got the ball the majority of the time. There was a 17 minute difference in time of possession. This is in Green Bay, the Lions had the ball 17 minutes longer than did the Packers.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. One of the major questions is about running the ball or the fact that the Packers did not run the ball. It seemed like in the first half they didn't even try to establish the run. They finish up with just a dozen carries and not even 30 yards.

Every area, there's a lot of improvement out there for us. I think any time that you go out there and you can't effectively run the football and conversely can't stop the run, that's a recipe for losing football. That's what happened tonight. Give Detroit credit, we knew they were a tough opponent, but they manhandled us really in every phase.

Oh, but the reporters weren't done. They wanted to hear more about how the Packers got smoked and manhandled and crushed and dominated. What do you think happens when you have a, to cause a first half like that where you just, you couldn't, you got nothing? We got our ass kicked.

If I knew, it wouldn't have happened. Matt, they didn't blitz until the last... That's a BS question, man. They didn't blitz until the last play of the first half.

They said four or less most of the time. Why couldn't you guys protect, do you think? It wasn't good enough.

They whipped us. They can't handle this. Again, if I knew the answer to that, it wouldn't have happened. It's a good point. I don't think the questions were meant to be rhetorical, but in that case, aren't they kind of?

They have to be, because if he knew what happened or why, I guess he knew what happened, but if he knew why, he would have done something to fix it or change it or adjust it. It was really like a hype train picking up speed and picking up momentum on the tracks and just running right over the Packers at Lambeau. And he was also asked about Jordan Love's performance, and I quote, Matt Lefler says, it's hard to throw on your back. Now, that refers of course to the fact that Jordan was getting hit and rushed and knocked over and sacked, officially five sacks. But he was pressured a ton through a couple of interceptions. Of course, the 230 yards total offense, it didn't even feel like that much. They were always in his face.

They hit him another 11 times. So it is difficult when you're constantly rushing and when you're playing from behind, then of course you're even less likely to attempt to run the ball because it really takes too long. And so when Matt said that, the reporters asked Jordan about the trust in his offensive line. There's not trust in the protection.

There's not not trust. They got a good D-line and we didn't do good enough. And I think it takes all 11. It's not just O-line, it's me not getting the ball out quick enough on some plays.

Reeds are open. It goes back to just not executing. But it's definitely not just on the O-line.

That takes all 11. It's all offensively as a whole, but we just got to do better. It's not not trust. It's not trust, but it's not not trust. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Marco Belletti, are you a Ryder Cup person? No.

No? No. So even if it's red, white and blue versus Europe, you don't have to be a golfer person to be a Ryder Cup person.

But you can be a Ryder Cup person without being a golf person. I guess you can. Have I watched it before? Yeah. Do I understand it? Yeah.

Do I really get into it? No. Okay. Well, it's on TV and it's live right now because it's taking place near Rome. And already Team USA is behind the eight ball in a couple of the different matches. So they're already underway in foursomes or four ball. I'm not sure which one's first foursomes or four ball. Oh foursomes.

And already Europe is up in the first two. Stunner. Yeah.

I'm going to blame the fact that there's a live golfer on the U.S. team. Well, let's play. Is that what it is?

No, it's not. I really think it'd be so great, though, if Jay and I are rooting for this. If the Ryder Cup is still hanging in the balance on Sunday when they're playing the one on one the match play and it's Rory versus Brooks Koepka because he hates live. My guy hates it. It would be so great. Play better.

That's always the answer. It is nowhere near as much fun to do radio sports radio anymore when we can't use salty athletes. It just makes my day. Salty coaches. Salty athletes.

Luckily enough, we've got plenty of them including Matt Leflore. All the time. Yes.

Oh, that's right. Why are you so pissy, Leon? So it's almost Friday and it's been a week. I am really looking forward to the football weekend. But truth be told, I'm mostly looking forward to a little sleep.

Is that bad? My fiance's in town and what I care most about is sleeping. You're talking to the wrong guy. When you care, sleep is always the most important thing.

So no, I don't take that as a bad thing at all. OK, good. He has to work on Friday anyway. So while he's working, I get to sleep. So amen to that. OK, on Twitter, after our CBS, we'll have our Game of the Week poll up also on our Facebook page.

Our phone number is 855-212-4227. We are watching the Ryder Cup live. I have no doubt that Marco is going to provide updates throughout. We will start to look ahead to week four in the NFL, but that's only after we get to some Major League Baseball Baltimore Orioles reach the century mark. Wowsers best team in the American League World Series contender.

Looking forward to the fresh blood. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. It's one and one. Check a second. Here's a pitch. It's on Kurstadt off the end of the bat. Shadow left center field. Falling, falling.

It's in there. It's off the glove of Rafaela. It gets behind the bayou. Here comes Frazier around third. He's going to score. Kurstadt to second base. There's the out on run the Orioles were looking for. It is two to nothing in the bottom of the eighth on a soft hit to the opposite field as the Orioles get it done and make things a little bit easier once we go to the ninth.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Oh, the drama was building at Camden Yards. And even before they got to the end of this game, between the Red Sox and the Orioles, do you know what happened? Do you know what was announced at Camden Yards? A new 30 year lease for the Orioles to remain in place. But I know that was a point of consternation and a worry, a fear and anxiety for many Orioles fans, but they are not moving. They are staying for the next 30 plus years. And wouldn't it be cool if they could add some World Series swag or a banner or a flag?

Now that remains to be seen in October if it comes to fruition, but they take a giant step on Thursday evening. One and one, two outs. Bases clear ninth inning, two nothing else. Here's the one-one pitch. Ground ball out to third base. Arias has got it.

Six, throws to first. And you can celebrate everybody. The Orioles in 2023 are American League East champions. It all culminated in this. It started with a rebuild, an incredible 2022 season.

And then you make it to 2023 and the Orioles, they are the Ailey's best. Fireworks all over the place. Orioles celebrating right in front of second base as the bullpen comes in and they will join the party right behind the pitcher's mound. It's gonna be a party all night long in Baltimore. You better have a good excuse for your boss.

No school tomorrow. Just a celebration of this 2023 Orioles team that has clinched the American League East. Nobody gave us a chance to start this year.

Nobody. That's a hundred wins right there. That's a hundred wins on the first step. We just won the Ailey's. Let's go! Yeah! Yeah! Ha ha ha ha!

Brandon Hyde, he was taking it personally. Congratulations to the Orioles. 100 wins, which is nothing to sneeze at. 100 wins. By far the best record in the American League, even though the battle with the Tampa Bay Rays kept us company most of this season. It's really impressive to see the way that the Orioles have rebounded from what was a season two years ago that featured 101, excuse me, 110.

Let me make sure I get that right. 110 losses. In 2021, these Orioles lost 110 games. And now they are a 100 game winner. And yes, the Rays battled them. In fact, the Rays had the lead in the Ailey's for a good portion of the first two thirds of the season, first half of the season at least. They're sitting on 97 wins, so they're three games back. They're headed to the playoffs themselves. But the Orioles have clinched the AL East and best record in the American League. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Brandon Hyde, a little calmer when he finally got to the microphone in the podium. We won 83 games last year, and that was kind of the message in spring training was we're gonna build off this 83. And we're not surprising the teams anymore. They people know how talented we were, but nobody was giving us a chance to win.

It was in every publication everywhere that we were gonna regress. And I wanted our guys to know that. And it took a personal, and we just won 100 in the AL East. As a baseball fan, fun to watch.

As a team in the East, it's not fun. They do a lot of things right. Their pitching program is legit. Their pitching program is legit. I feel like they are a great combination of offense and defense. And it didn't come easy for them either, which is something else to appreciate about the Orioles. It's been a rebuilding project. It's a good core of young stars, or young, better than average players, if you don't think they're stars yet.

Adley Rutchman is certainly a star. And you can hear the theme. I could play audio from multiple Orioles, but you can hear the theme throughout, carrying over from what Brandon Hyde said. The season was personal. A lot of prognosticators and experts, a lot of analysts predicted, put it out there into the universe, spoke it into existence, that the Orioles would back up, fall off from their 83 wins a year ago.

And yet that's not what's happened. By the way, it's loud because they're in their clubhouse celebrating. I think guys are very proud of the work that we put in, day in and day out to get here, because we fought, we fought from behind. And I think it just shows the kind of work and the character that we have in this locker room. All the articles and stuff about playoff odds from the beginning of the season, everybody kind of counted us out. And then as the season progressed, I mean, we kind of showed them what we're here to do.

That's Dean Kramer, who finishes up with 13 wins, a 13 and five record, both of those posts celebrate, well, in celebration reactions, in celebration comments on Massen. So yay for the Orioles. I love it when it's new teams, I love it when it's fresh storylines, and the Orioles are providing that. We don't know about the AL West yet. So we have division winners in the AL East and the Central. We also have the division winners in all three of the NL, I hate repeating words. We have winners in all, I shouldn't have said division winners twice. We have all of the winners secured in the various NL divisions. Oh, that sounded so much better.

Just so much more, hmm, erudite. Anyway, we still have one division champion and a couple of wildcards to hand out before the regular season is done. So the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners, they were finishing up a series and it's gonna be good to the last drop in this AL West. Hernandez looks in, now the stretch, and the one-one on the way to Crawford, swing and a fly ball to left field.

Back of the ball is Carter, on the run, it's over his head, on the track, off the wall and a hop. One run will score, two runs will score. Cal scores, Dylan Moore scores, a walk-off double for J.P. Crawford, and the Mariners' hopes are still alive for the wildcard. J.P.'s getting mobbed out in center field. The Mariners come from behind and win it. A final score of three to two on a walk-off double by J.P. Crawford, deep down the left field line, over the head of Evan Carter, on the wanting track.

Cal Rolley scores the tying run, Dylan Moore easily scores the winning run, and the Mariners come from behind and beat the Rangers tonight by a score of three to two. How about that from the cardiac kids? It seems like that is exactly what they should be doing and there's a lot of celebrating that's gonna happen inside. Enjoy this one. Let's go!

No! Celebration taking over here, emotions taking over here. J.P. Crawford heads inside and we head to Brad Adam and Ryan Roland-Smith for more reaction on this game. All right, Jen, well, first of all, we need to apologize for our good friend, J.P. Crawford. The emotions got the best of him. We apologize for the profanity. On root sports, the crew had to cover for a J.P. Crawford who steps up to the microphone.

Go! And Jen asked him a question and he just yells out, let's believe it, go! And then walks away. And so the Mariners crew had to cover for him. And it was awkward for a second there, but whatever.

Don't put a microphone in front of a guy who's celebrating a walk-off and keeping playoff hopes alive if you don't want something like that. It's after hours, CBS Sports Radio. What's up, everybody? I'm Danny Parkins, based out of Chicago. This is my buddy, Andrew Filippone.

He's based out of Pittsburgh. You really gotta check out our podcast, First in Pod. Twice a week, we're gonna break down the NFL after Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Football. It's every team, it's every game, it's all 32 teams. We give you a complete picture and we get into it. We don't kiss each other's fannies on this show. New episodes of First in Pod available when you wake up every Monday and Friday morning throughout the football season in the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts.
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