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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 18, 2023 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 18, 2023 6:07 am

Does 0-2 spell disaster for the New England Patriots? | DEFENSE, strangely, is an early theme for the Kansas City Chiefs | Don't look now, but Baker Mayfield & the Bucs are HOT.


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One-year upgrade requires financing, qualifying, device and upgrading in good condition after six months with half paid off. Isn't that the truth? And boy did we see a ton of twists and turns, ups, downs, the types of momentum swings that will first make you feel exhilarated like you're riding the best roller coaster in the world and then in turn make you want to throw up as it bottoms out. And that's why last hour was all about fantastic finishes in week number two. And yet, even though we know it's early in the season, there is a tendency to overreact.

So, love to hear from you. Good morning football fans. It's Monday morning quarterback, right? It's our Sunday night into Monday morning blowout as we make a promise and we keep our promise to get to every game.

We still have a double header coming up tonight on Monday Night Football, so you'll get a pair of games, not just one. We'll talk about those a little bit later on, but we have a bunch of actions still to get to so we can waste no time. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. On Twitter, ALawRadio. Thanks for all your sweet messages yesterday. I appreciate them.

You definitely need to go to Twitter or Facebook After Hours with Amy Lawrence and do a couple of things. Number one, where is the temptation to overreact? If you're a Cowboys fan, do you want to say they're Super Bowl bound and yet you're afraid to say they're Super Bowl bound? If you are a Baker Mayfield fan, or we haven't talked about him yet, you know who you are. I'm going with Baker. Baker's back, baby. That's my overreaction in week number two. Maybe you think the Bengals are skunked, except the Bengals started out 0-2 last season.

There's a lot of different ways that you could overreact. And so let us know how you're tempted to be illogical, irrational on Twitter, again, or on Facebook. And also we have our Monday MVP poll.

It's now live and available for you. Some dynamos, some dynamic performances Sunday, week two. And if you missed my conversation with Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, we picked apart Patriots-Jets. No, not Patriots-Jets. That's next week.

Patriots-Dolphins. There goes the perfect hour. I was so close.

I was two and a half minutes in. Man, it was feeling good. It's a Sunday into a Monday NFL season. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have the facts of live sports radio. Dave Hyde, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, joining us after Sunday Night Football, Dolphins, Patriots, top and bottom of the AFC East. If you missed it, make sure you check it out. It was a lopsided first half.

It really was. Patriots either would turn the ball over or get a big penalty or have a mistake on a critical third down. As for the Miami Dolphins, well, they have a lot of weapons. We knew that.

We saw it last week. 466 passing yards from Tua Tungova Loa alone, and that was on the road in L.A. Well, Raheem Mostert was the man, the myth, the legend in week number two. It was really impressive how the Dolphins were able to run the ball. So Raheem starts out with an eight-yard touchdown. Miami's ahead 10-0 almost before he can blink. And then they do the two-minute drill before half.

Tua mixing it up. He's got some rhythm and, you know, Tyreke Hill. He collects a touchdown pass before the half.

Now, he was mostly limited. He did have the score, but he only had five catches for 40 yards. He's very demonstrative, though, regardless. Whether he collects 215 yards receiving or whether he has 40, he still likes to mouth off wherever he is. You'll hear from him a little bit later, Patriots fans. Now, late in the third quarter is where it gets interesting.

But just to pause there for a second, it would definitely be a typical reaction coming out of New England on this Monday morning. Whether we're talking about informed fans, whether we're talking about media, Patriots stink. They're 0-2. Bill Belichick can't coach. Time to get a new quarterback.

This offensive coordinator thing, it's not working. Whatever. Take your pick. I grew up in New England. I know how New England fans tend to react. And that's all right.

You're not alone. Lots of fan bases to it. But to me, that would be a huge reach for a couple of reasons. Number one, we've seen what the Patriots can do offensively. They're airing it out. I say Mac Jones looks a lot more fluid. He's got a good connection with some of his receivers. The issue is not whether the Patriots have the chops offensively, whether or not Bill O'Brien's making a difference. We know the defense is damn good. And actually the special teams had the advantage on Sunday night as well with blocking a couple of kicks. The issue is falling behind by two scores in the first half.

They spotted the Eagles a 16-0 lead last week. And sure, they looked much better in the second half. But when you already down 16 points, sometimes it doesn't matter.

You can't make it up. Same thing against the Patriots. To be down 17-3, to be down 14 points essentially, is to make life so much harder for yourself. So yeah, even when the offense starts moving up and down the field, even when New England is blocking a couple of kicks by Jason Sanders. Well, the problem is you've already put yourself in a position where you can't make any mistakes defensively, offensively, and you also have to be near perfect.

Right? You can't allow the Dolphins to do anything themselves. So it's not that the Patriots stink. I get it. They're 0-2.

You are what your record says you are. There are some other teams in the league that are 0-2 that were playoff teams last year. The issue for the Pats is, for whatever reason, they're coming out of the locker room flat. Or they're not matching the urgency and the intensity. They're undisciplined to start.

And that's a problem. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Down 17-3 in the third quarter, it's actually scoreless third quarter, because New England's defense is doing its job. Giving the ball back to Mac Jones. Helping them to find some room.

Helping them to settle in. Twice they pull within a touchdown. Even after a 2-10 go below an interception though, they then have a quick punt.

So it's, as I say, it's a problem when you're in a hole, because then every single drive you have to score. Every single drive your defense has to be impenetrable. Now on the Dolphins side, what impressed me is this wasn't the same offensive game plan, for obvious reasons, that we saw against the Chargers last week. Bill Belichick and his defense take away Tyreek Hill. They limit Tyreek. They limit the passing attack. So instead, it becomes about the run game. And the Dolphins were able to run the ball. Mostert the running back.

Waddle flanks to the right. They give it to Mostert. Mostert big hole up the middle.

30, 20, 10. Touchdown Miami. That's the call on Dolphins radio. Yeah, Raheem Mostert, 43 yards game for a touchdown. One of those moments where you felt like the Patriots were so close, but the Dolphins were not going to allow them all the way back in.

It was just the special teams that were befuddling. So Mike McDaniel, he decides to kick a 55 yarder. This is even after the Patriots have twice blocked long kicks by Jason Sanders. He tries a 55 yarder.

Excuse me. He misses. And so it does leave New England a chance because they are at midfield.

They just need a miracle. Jones back in the shotgun. Now moves Stevenson into the right slot. Jones waits. Here's the snap. Back to pass on court now.

Rush coming. Throws left. Kasicki makes the catch at the 30, but he is wrapped up. He is taken backwards. He flips it back to an alignment who is wrapped up.

Driving forward. Close to a first down. He flipped it back to Cole Strange and it's going to be a first down. Oh my gosh.

I've never seen that before. Get the ball to your athletes in space, number 69 Cole Strange. The first down is under further review.

Our friend Ross Tucker with the chortling there on Westwood 1 along with Ryan Radke on Sunday Night Football. So yeah, it was some improv football. I actually really needed this to be a first down so that we could see the highlight over and over again. A lateral to a big man who somehow starts to stumble and then he seems to bumble but gets help from his own teammates. They're pushing him forward and after review he does come up.

I mean just inches short. It was a couple of times with the Patriots where they were just short. And so the Dolphins hang on their first two wins of the season come on the road, which is huge and yeah impressive that Tua and his offense.

They've been able to adopt different styles and still come away with the dubs will continue to watch film, continue to grow, continue to get better. You know, I think the defense did a lot of great things for us giving us opportunities to get the ball in the end zone. We didn't capitalize and you know, I thought our old line did great. Our run game was solid. So, you know, to the point of taking what they give you, you know, I made a costly mistake that could have been it could have been costly, but it's a team sport. So just happy that we could come out with a win.

It felt tremendous man. Those those fans are, you know, some of the worst fans in the NFL and I must stand on that because they are real nasty and some of the things that they were saying wasn't, you know, I wouldn't say in church. So yeah, it felt great to wave goodbye to the fans and I'll do it again. Bye. Tyreek Hill calls the Patriots fans some of the worst. I'm sure that will be making the rounds on Monday. And yet, even with nothing had no impact on the game, but with a more limited impact than the opener. He still has something to say, and something to wave.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio, Patriots. They fall to 0-2. It's up to them now to respond. They got a lot of veterans on that roster, a lot of veteran leadership in the locker room. Just you can't start out in a hole like that. And if I'm the Pats, I'm really frustrated that both of these first two games happen in New England. So you've wasted two opportunities now because you spotted your opponent, a couple of touchdowns or, you know, a two score lead at least. And now you got to figure out how to respond with tough games away from home. My rookie year, we didn't really start off too hot and then went on a really good winning streak.

So for me, that's just all I can do is look back on experiences I've already had in my life. And hopefully the guys on the team can respond. Definitely got to play better and learn from it and, you know, be here early and leave late and do it together.

I think that's the biggest thing. I feel like we're a great team. I feel like we show great things these last two games. We show great plays, great attributes. We show really promising things.

We just need to keep working, keep trusting the process, keep putting it together and things will start turning around. Mac Jones has got to be that leader and I do think that he looks a lot better. I know he takes a lot of the flack.

It's unbelievable the number of times I hear from people who think the Patriots don't have a quarterback. I think he looks a lot better even the first couple of games. By a lot better, I just mean he's airing it out. They're being more aggressive with Bill O'Brien.

He did have four sacks or he did get sacked four times yesterday and then Dietrich Wise on the defensive line. It's up to those guys to keep them moving forward but definitely a missed opportunity when you start out with a pair of losses at home. And it's infuriating when your team, your opponent comes out and beats you to the punch and has a greater sense of urgency in your own stadium, right, to silence your fans. But good for the Dolphins. The way that they've handled these first two road games, right, so they were in LA and then New England so you're talking about long road trips. It's been impressive and I'm happy for Tua.

He looks comfortable and confident and really not feeling any fallout from last season. So the other team in action late in the afternoon from the AFC East, the New York Jets. Bill's played earlier.

They won handily. Josh Allen back to form with three touchdowns. The Jets though on the road in Dallas without Aaron Rodgers, of course. Zach Wilson getting the start and this is a tough place to get back into that starting lineup. So Dallas races out to a 10 point lead.

He really lopsided in terms of time of possession. I kind of felt like the Cowboys were toying with the Jets initially but you did see conversation. You did see some collaboration, if you will, between Garrett Wilson, the star receiver who remember Aaron Rodgers said to him sorry kid last week when he went down with the injury and Zach Wilson. The two of them during a timeout.

They were kind of working it out there is a spirited discussion, not angry, not upset, just spirited, trying to figure out a way to break through against the Dallas team. Zach Wilson play action drops the throw fires one over the middle and it's caught breaking free Garrett Wilson comes on line to the 40 right down the middle of the field now to the 30, 20, 10, 5. That's a touchdown Garrett Wilson strikes and the Jets are on the board. That's the highlight from Bob was choosing on Jets radio but the Cowboys like I said, they were kind of toying with the Jets initially, and they answered immediately. First and goal at the one straight eye formation play fake looking right left throws it in the end zone caught flag is down.

This is the first professional catch and touchdown for Luke Schoonmaker. If the penalty is on the defense. It is on the defense and how about that rookie tight end with his very first catch also happens to be a TD from Dak Prescott Brad sham there on Cowboys radio. So that's all you need to know about the offense. Those are two of the big highlights the defense though looking a lot like it did last week in skunking the Giants for takeaways in the second half for the Dallas D a fumble and three interceptions off Zach Wilson. Dallas dominated time of possession. So they control the ball.

And when the the Jets do have it, they can do nothing with it. They're one for 10 on third down. Really impressive smooth game for Dak Prescott.

And if you're watching the broadcast on CBS, it was Jim Nance and Tony Romo. Jim told the story of how Mike McCarthy said to them in their production meeting, if we can get back to about 2627 completions in this game, we should be in good shape. Coach set out a goal 28 completions. Obviously, we hit that run game did a great job. We've got to score more. We've got to get more touchdowns rather than fill goals. But at the end of the day in this league is about getting the job done and winning the game and being complimentary of your defense. And I think we did that as you said, very efficient in ways and but we left a lot out there still. I mean, that's the standard of this offense standard this team. We expect to score touchdowns on every drive.

And so when you don't do that, you know, you still haven't hit your goal. I guess you can say so. Yeah, a lot we can do better. But but overall a very efficient team when that proud of started winning this league playing great balance football from special teams to offense to defense is extremely fun.

It's extremely fun. I mean, we're just having so much fun with this group. I think everyone knew this group would be special. And I think people don't realize how special yet, but we're showing it. Oh, yeah, Micah Parsons, he is a beast.

And I do mean that as a compliment. Two more sacks yesterday, three tackles for loss. He also hit Zach Wilson four times. It was overwhelming.

He feels like he's out there freewheeling it, freelancing it, freewheeling it, either one and made the comparison earlier. He reminds me of Von Miller back in Von's kind of earlier days with the Denver Broncos. So yeah, another impressive victory for the Cowboys, though they are not alone in the NFC beast. Did you notice Eagles, commanders and Cowboys all 2-0 and the Giants with a dramatic rally against the Cardinals in the desert.

They're one and one. So that division may be even better than it was last season. All right, coming up, we still have games to get to. We haven't even talked about the defending Super Bowl champions who faced a stiff test on the road in Jacksonville. And to make it tougher, what did I talk about with the Patriots spotting your opponent a lead or spotting your opponent a nice cushion. The Chiefs turned the ball over three times in the first half in Jacksonville. Plus, Baker's back. And I mean back in a big way.

That's my overreaction in week two. What's yours on Twitter after our CBS. You can also vote for Monday MVP plus our Facebook page. Good morning to you. It's not as bad as you think on a Monday. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

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Check eligibility and schedule this season's COVID-19 shot on the CDC site vaccines dot gov. Sponsored by Pfizer and BioNTech. Listening to the After Hours podcast. Snap back to Mahomes, rolls to his right side. Now throws it for Kelsey, wide open in the end zone.

Touchdown! Kansas City, the 47th time that Patrick Mahomes has found Travis Kelsey in the sweet necker of the end zone. That's an all time Kansas City Chiefs record quarterback to a pass catcher. Off the field, on the money and after hours, it's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence.

Welcome back Travis Kelsey. To open the second half for the Chiefs at the Jaguars, they were turning over a new leaf in Jacksonville. 7 play 81 yard march and it's a familiar refrain from Mitch Holtus on Chiefs radio. Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelsey. But get this, put the Chiefs up 14 to 6. There were a lot of people who were expecting a shootout in Jacksonville, but that is not the way it played out. In large part because the Chiefs, the Super Bowl champion Chiefs, coughed up the rock three times in the first half. A pair of fumbles and then an interception by Patrick Mahomes. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It wasn't just Travis making his season debut, it was also Chris Jones.

Welcome back Chris. Late in the second quarter, he has a sack on fourth down, is able to hand the ball back to his QB. And then we got to see, again, kind of the early rhythm. Even though they were trailing at that point, the Chiefs can make up ground very quickly.

You gotta fight! And the Chris Jones sack led to a touchdown drive for Kansas City in the sky, more touchdown. So yeah, they can spread the ball around, they can hurt you a variety of ways, but have you noticed that defense is an early theme for the Chiefs. Now Jacksonville, they do pull within five on a field goal early in the fourth quarter. But whether you can see the Chiefs ahead of you on the scoreboard is entirely different from being able to catch them. Or even being able to get the ball away from them. You know the Chiefs, this is not really their game most of the time, but they played the ball control game on the road. They took five and a half minutes off the clock just for a field goal, but are able to keep it away from Trevor Lawrence. And then the defense. It's time for the defense to step up and make some noise. And once again, Chris Jones. 4.41 to play in the ball game. And Chris Jones is going to line up against the rookie again, Anton Harris.

You better put someone over there to help him. He hasn't blocked him yet. Here we go, fourth and 12 from the 16-yard line. Two left, two right for Trevor Lawrence.

Dropping, Trevor looks. Fire through the left side of the end zone and that ball is incomplete. Caught, but caught out of the end zone by Calvin Ridley. It is an incomplete pass. And the ball will go over on downs to the Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah, really impressive the way that the Chiefs defense responded in the late stages. Because the Jaguars obviously can hurt their opponent's variety of ways too.

But in the red zone, really ineffective. Chris Jones, by the way, he was glad to be back except he was also sucking wind. I don't know if I can go again for another three weeks, so I'll see you guys in three weeks.

Yes, welcome back, Chris. The Chiefs, they were really methodical after getting the lead. The last opportunity for them, right, they run out the clock.

They have three first downs, including, I hope that you saw this play or if you didn't, make sure you find it on social or on YouTube. Because there was a moment where Patrick Mahomes was scrambling like he often does. He's out on the right edge. He almost has this hesitation, kind of a stutter step. And the defense kind of jukes, well, he jukes, the defense flies by to the left. And he's able to then find Sky Moore over the top of the defense for 54 yards.

It's just the hesitation, the stutter. It's a lot like what you would see with, say, a point guard in the NFL who's trying to lose the defense with a fake of some sort. So yeah, Pat's over 300 yards in this one, but actually not thrilled with the way the Chiefs played. Too many penalties, too many miscues, but I mean, there's stuff that we can learn from. Got a lot of zone coverage, just having to find ways to execute versus zone and driving the length of the field. I mean, it's going back to the basics, going back to the fundamentals.

But I was telling Ted, if you play bad and win, it's a lot better than playing bad and losing. So I was glad we found a way to get a win at the end of the day, but obviously a lot of stuff that we have to get better at. Still early in the season, and what you guys just saw is the second game bringing all the new pieces together. And we're going to keep building.

We're going to keep growing. I know we got great leadership, but right now, hats off to the defense and the way they're playing and keeping us in games. We love them for it, and we've got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot on offense. Yeah, again, Jacksonville 0 for 3 in the red zone, which is where these guys make their money. So 0 for 3 in the red zone, three big red zone stops to match the three turnovers by the offense that Travis Kelcey mentions. But he's back, four catches, 26 yards and a touchdown. Really, for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they get 110 yards from Christian Kirk.

They did do a lot of really good things in between the 20s, if you will. That was where they were exceptional, but the defense for Chiefs don't break. We need to score there.

I mean, that's the thing. And with the first play, we had a run dialed up and didn't execute well. We didn't get it in the end zone.

And just got to take a look at everything. Doug Peterson certainly familiar with what Andy Reid and his offense can do since he's a product of that coaching tree. So the Chiefs managed their first win of the NFL season. And in the West, they're tied with the Raiders atop the division.

That's probably not going to last. As for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they're also 1-1. And because the Colts got a huge win on Sunday, they and the Titans, who ended their eight-game losing skid, they're all at 1-1 with the Jags. Now, we need to talk about the Colts and the Texans, a matchup of the two teams that are starting rookie quarterbacks for the two in the AFC. We still have to get to Baker Mayfield because he's back and it's actually the first time for him being 2-0 in his career. And then we have one more left. We have Bengals, who are an 0-2 hole for the second consecutive year. We've got those three games to get to and we will because it's what we do. On Twitter, ALawRadio, vote for your Monday MVP.

You can also send us your overreaction like this one. Jets are done. Bengals need a lot of help. Broncos aren't good. Josh Allen is back. Or Michael just says, the Cleveland Browns!

Exclamation point. Whether it's Twitter, whether it's Facebook, we're glad to connect with you. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Available on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast. Carvana Value Tracker.

Visit to start tracking your car's value today. Touchdown! Touchdown!

I-N-D-Y! Three rushing touchdowns in the first two games for Anthony Richardson. He faked the reverse and then took it off right side into the end zone from 15 yards out. And the Colts have two touchdowns on their first two drives of the game.

Hits, misses, and messes. Time to talk football After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The rookie quarterbacks on the same field in an AFC South battle in Houston.

And Anthony Richardson looked good early on. A rushing touchdown in the first quarter. But then on the second one, meaning the second rushing TD that you hear there with Matt Taylor on Colts Radio. He takes a real physical hit and his head actually collides with the ground. It wasn't one of those that looks terrible, makes you cringe, where his head snaps back.

But his head did definitely hit the ground. And eventually, he self-reported concussion-like symptoms and he was later ruled out. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Gardner Minshew to the rescue. He leads a 14-play drive for the Colts. It goes 75 yards right before half and it's Kylan Granson who hauls in the 4-yard touchdown.

The Colts were actually up 31-10 early in the third quarter. We'll talk about C.J. Stroud starting for the Texans, but Minshew nearly perfect. 19 of 23, 171 yards, and a score. And most importantly, he does not turn the ball over for Shane Steichen in the offense. Obviously he went out in concussion protocol, but Gardner stepped in.

Obviously a veteran guy, knows the system, operates at a high level. Obviously had two good drives there when he came in there and scored. 4 for 4 in the red zone with touchdowns was really good to see. Yeah, so the Indianapolis Colts are able to get their first win in a long time. So for them, this is a big deal because they're starting a rookie quarterback. They don't have him the entire game. They don't have Jonathan Taylor. We know the O-line has been iffy and was a major question mark. So for Shane Steichen, congratulations to him getting his first victory. This, especially on the road in the division, has got to feel like a big load was lifted.

Okay, you got the first one now moving on. As for, oh and by the way, the Colts rushed for over 125 yards and were 4 for 4 in the red zone. That probably speaks to the Texans as well.

It's good to know you won't go 0 and 17. For D'Amico Ryans, it is a work in progress and part of that is C.J. Stroud. Now he does spark a pair of scoring drives in the second half. He had nearly 400 yards passing and a couple of touchdowns. But he also got sacked a half dozen times.

I thought C.J. did a really good job managing the offense. You know, guys around him played a little better, continued to put the ball where we needed. Made good decisions with the football.

So I'm encouraged by C.J. 's play and he got better this week. Yeah, well don't look now though. In the AFC South, you've got three teams that are all in 1 and 1, including the defending champion. It's only the Texans who started out 0 and 2. Did someone say 0 and 2?

It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Where are you tempted to overreact? Maybe a little panicking? I've seen a few people who are ready to bury the Cincinnati Bengals.

Have you forgotten? They were 0 and 2 to start last season and then they were 2 and 3. Now, they have dropped a couple of division games to start the year.

That's never helpful. It actually makes it feel a whole lot worse. And through six quarters, they still had no offensive touchdowns. So yeah, this was looking a lot like the New York Giants. Just as a reminder, they were outscored 60 to nothing in their first six quarters of the season.

But at least they ended up with a win. As for the Bengals, the only touchdown they had was an 81-yard punt return for a score by Charlie Jones early in the second quarter. Joe Burrow throws an interception on the goal line to start the third quarter. And right away, Baltimore seizes the opportunity.

Mark Andrews, his first touchdown of the season. And the Ravens extend their lead in Cincinnati. The Ravens with Jerry Sandusky on their radio network. Sometimes I just get caught listening to Jerry. And some of the other announcers, they're so good.

Some of the NFL announcers are the best in the business. So Mark Andrews with a three-yard catch puts them up by double figures. Wasn't it the Ravens last year?

Don't quote me on this. Where it seemed like every time they had a double figure lead, it seemed like it would slip away. That was actually a bad deal for them to get a double figure lead. I could be wrong, but I feel like multiple times last year, they built double figure leads only to see their opponents come back in a pretty dramatic way. Well, Cincinnati finally found the end zone for the first time as an offense in the third quarter.

Joe Burrow relying heavily on his weapons. T. Higgins had the touchdown catch. But here's what I appreciated about the Ravens. They did not give up the lead. Alright, so they keep the ball for long stretches. We know they're good with the ball control.

You control the ball, you control the game. And actually throwing the ball around as well, despite the fact that maybe there was a temptation to be conservative and protect the lead. It's third down and five at the Cincinnati 17. Lamar wants to throw, lobs it far side, end zone. Touchdown Ravens! Nelson Aguilar, a brilliant over-the-shoulder grab. And the Ravens extend the lead again. A better throw going deep. He allowed the receiver to adjust to the ball itself.

Man, that is a nice catch from Nelson Aguilar. Like I've been saying, you know, since camp, you know, the sky's the limit for this team. You know, all phases. I believe we fought today how we're supposed to, you know, in a tough game. Like you said, the former division champs. A great team, by the way.

All phases as well. We just did what we were supposed to do. Just trying to be there for him. You know, I mean, he just, he's on the money.

That's money, Lamar. And I'm just thankful to be able to play with him. He makes my job easy. So just trying to make plays. And there's things I need to clean up and get better at. But that's the exciting thing moving forward.

It's my first one and I'm excited to play his next couple games. Mark Andrews with the big touchdown. And yeah, came at a critical juncture. Money, Lamar. Been a billionaire and been a champion. Lamar has, let's see, 237 passing yards.

Did not get sacked. And Baltimore rushes for 178 yards. So as much as they, well, as much as Todd Monken and Lamar have talked about throwing the ball, they want to. They want to have a little more of a wrinkle in their, a better passing attack. More efficient passing attack. But the bread and butter, as long as they're built the way that they are, will be the ground game. Power to the right. Power to the left.

That's Jack Harbaugh football. And that's why we said in there, who's got it better than us? Yeah, did you hear it? What was the answer? What was the answer to who's got it better than us? Nobody. Nobody.

Nobody. And it was just, it was awesome. It was great. We love the power play. An animated Jean Harbaugh. Power to the left. Power to the right.

Yeah, that'll do it. Nobody's got it better than the Ravens. So the Ravens move to 2-0. And that's important early in this division, right? Because it's going to be a competitive division. We talked about that with the AFC East and the Dolphins who are sitting at 2-0. The Browns, by the way, have a chance to match them because Cleveland plays on Monday night football against the Steelers, who, I suppose, could be happy and comfortable in the basement of the AFC North next to their arch rival, the Bengals. Speaking of the Bengals, Joe Burrow not going to rattle his confidence. Well, we've done it before.

Obviously, you don't want to start on 2. It's not what we were planning on, not what you want to do at all. But, you know, we're going to bounce back. That's what we do.

That's all there is to it. We're not letting these losses, you know, get to the best of us. Guys coming in, you know, like last week came in last week, you know, high hopes, you know, and obviously nobody likes to lose. So we were just talking, just getting over that little hump, and we're going to do the same thing this week.

Get over that hump, just come back here tomorrow, watch the film, go over the corrections, and get back to who we are. T. Higgins supporting his quarterback. I mean, they have done it before.

Nobody likes to be 0-2, but when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. That's what Baker Mayfield is doing. Oh, tell me you love that segue. Jay, just go ahead, open up the mic and tell me that was a brilliant segue.

It was phenomenal. Baker Mayfield starting for his third team in three Septembers, right? And then a fourth team with the Rams last year that he ended up playing for. So it's been some heck of a journey for Baker Mayfield, and yet he's happy, he's smiling. Oh, and he's already found a rhythm with the top receiver in Tampa. Now the Buccaneers are going to have to overcome third down in long, third down at 14. Need to reach the 18-yard line to hang on to the ball. Empty backfield, Mayfield takes a low snap, looks upfield, goes to fade right toward the sideline, toward the end zone. Caught ball, caught ball, touchdown Tampa Bay. Mike Evans with another huge grab. Fire the cannons, the box score, TD. Yeah, really great job. It definitely was a great job. Was that the cannons firing in the background?

What the heck? Anyway, Tampa Bay, they look good when Mike Evans looks good. And he has a 70-yard connection with Baker that sets up a touchdown.

You hear there with Gene Deckerhoff and company on Bucks Radio. They also do an 89-yard touchdown drive in the third quarter. Another huge chunk for Mike Evans, 32 yards on that one. So yeah, six catches for 171 yards for Mike Evans. And the Bucks, they also sacked Justin Fields six times, right?

They hit him 10 more times. This was a combination, a one-two punch of offense and defense. And for the Buccaneers, they're 2-0. Baker Mayfield's never been 2-0 in his career.

So yeah, right now he is all smiles. When we grow in this offense and continue to get better and better, we're going to be able to do whatever we want. Teams can game plan however they want against us. They can roll coverage over to Mike, but that means Chris is going to have a one-on-one.

Or Cade or Trey Palmer, who's made a lot of plays for us, and Devin Tompkins. And can't forget about the checkdowns to our backs. They're so good with the ball in their hands. So yeah, we've got a really good skill group, and the Lions continue playing really well.

And so we've just got to keep growing as a unit. It's always going to be a positive when you're winning and you're undefeated. So we're going to take that. It's two ugly wins, but we love those. We love winning. We found ways to win today. We have a really good team coming to our house Monday Night Football. So we're going to rest, recover, and come back ready to roll. Why is it an ugly win when you have 171 yards receiving?

Those two things don't jive, but I like how he downplays it. And he's speaking about the Eagles as a matter of fact. So the Bucks start out 2-0. And as a gift, the Eagles will be in their house coming up. Raymond James Stadium coming up next week, Monday Night Football. Don't really care.

You're such a liar. Shaq Barrett has a pick-six. That was impressive. Meanwhile, for the Bears, they did actually start out hot.

They had a long touchdown drive and a blocked field goal, but just too many miscues and mistakes by them. And also the fact that Justin Fields was under siege almost the entire time. Jay, we did it. We did it again. So if you want to vote for Monday MVP, I set you up royally because Mike Evans is part of that poll.

So find it on Twitter, After Hours, CBS, or on my Twitter, ALawRadio. I know we did not include Bijan Robinson. I know that. It's a hard thing to do when you only have four choices. But Tyler Lockett with the walk-off TD in overtime for the Seahawks. Josh Allen, three touchdowns where he mostered a beast on Sunday night. You've got to make your choice. We'll talk to you tonight. It's After Hours, CBS Sports Radio. Boom!
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