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David Ojabo | Baltimore Ravens LB

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September 22, 2023 5:49 am

David Ojabo | Baltimore Ravens LB

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 22, 2023 5:49 am

Baltimore Ravens linebacker David Ojabo joins the show to talk the team's hot start, taking on Indianapolis in Week 3, and coming back this season from injury.


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Learn more at L, the number 2, and get started today. Second year linebacker David Ajabo has a unique story and a unique zest for the game of football. Had a chance to talk to him on Thursday afternoon and I asked him about being 2-0. So David, for you, you get back on the field for your first full season in the NFL after missing most of last year. What's it like to get back to playing football again? It's like no other, man.

It's a blessing to be able to play this sport, let alone at a high level, the highest level. Any time you can strap up them pads and take the field with your brothers, it's a blessing. What did that first sack feel like in the NFL?

I got my first one last year, but this one, it's a whole new season. The same strip sack, it's undescribable. You can't describe the feeling. I pray to get many, many more. I actually went back and watched your draft story.

I got to tell you, I cried. Your time with your family and seeing your excitement and hearing from the Ravens. How does that compare, the thrill of knowing you're drafted by the Ravens, to being on the field now and being able to participate after the wait? I think, honestly, nothing beats participating. Like I said, the adrenaline, the joy, the pad-popping, all the emotions are coming, just being out there.

Nothing beats that. I saw part of a clip with your mom in which she said they wanted the Ravens, Baltimore is home. After a year plus of being able to work with the Ravens, even though you were recovering from an injury, why does it fit for you? Honestly, it just feels like destiny. Coming from the other Harbaugh brother, Jim, to come to John now. Just kind of very similar mindsets. You can't score this any better. I feel like I'm all divinely ordained and I'm just happy to be here. David Ajabo, Ravens linebacker with us here after hours on CBS Sports Radio.

I was actually really excited to ask you about that. What are the differences between the two brothers that you've played for now? Man, I don't want to get in trouble saying I'm not supposed to, but nah, they're pretty similar. Same intensity, same humor, right down to their dad, Jack, him and his stories. They're a very tight family.

Like I said, I'm just blessed to continue playing for the Harbaugh's. I got to tell you, sometimes when I see them at different press conferences, it's amazing how even their mannerisms and their tone of voice can be similar. Right.

That's what I'm saying, man. There's a lot of similarities. Yes. AFC North football.

What's that like? How would you describe divisional football? It's a different approach. It means a little more.

The hits are a little harder. Again, it's a blessing to be able to go out there and not only play with these guys and then come out there with a win. We had a bad taste in our mouths last year. They beat us. To come out there and get this win, it's good momentum. I know it's only the beginning and it's a start at 2-0, but with the division being as competitive as it is, at least you're on top now. You guys have come out.

You've already lost a handful of starters to injuries. What are you focused on in terms of going into this next game? Honestly, just execution. End of the day, we view it as nameless and faceless opponents. It's all about us, what we do. Our defensive scheme, offensive scheme, we trusted the coaches that have done their part.

Now it's our turn to go do our part and execute the calls that are being made. I saw a quote from your dad where he talked about being at your Michigan-Ohio State game. He said, nothing compares to that type of atmosphere. How does it compare when you're in front of the Ravens fans versus what you got at the Big House? I mean, firstly, the Big House is the Big House for a reason. 110,000 people all screaming. Fans are fans. It's still a noise, but the Big House kind of tops it in terms of just noise-wise. I think it prepared me too. I can't really get shocked by any crowds because I've been in front of 110,000 drunk college students. Absolutely yelling their hearts out.

So now it's the biggest in the country, the Big House. So anything I play after that, I can't really say I'll be surprised. I haven't seen it.

I was going to say, I guess it does prepare you for what you see at this level. So coming up, you have a game against the Colts and there's Michigan players everywhere, but how cool is it to see a teammate from Michigan, even if it's on the other side, but someone else that you came up with also on the NFL field? Yeah, man. My dog, Quitty, man.

Honestly, just crazy full circle moment. We used to hang out a lot. I used to be at his house with my other guy, Luigi. I was even with him right when he was leaving for the draft prep, too. Put him right in the car, said our goodbyes.

So it's just kind of full circle now. I'm about to take the field, be on the same field with him, and obviously embrace each other afterwards. Absolutely. David Ojibwe of the Ravens is with us here after hours, CBS Sports Radio.

Week number one, when Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles. Were you watching when he went down? Yeah, I was, man. Very, very unfortunate. God's plan, though. You can't plan for events like that.

Very similar to mine. I had been through the combine, been through all that, and then pro day on my last drill, last little landing. So you can't plan for nothing like that. Just prayers up.

I pray that his spirit is high and God will be with him through this whole process. When you came out of it, what did you take away from that injury and from the recovery process? You can't take this game for granted. That's why I come out here and I give it my all every day because it really takes one step, one moment for it to be all over with.

So you can't come out here and just be kind of messing around and not taking it seriously because it can be taken away from you real, real quick. So then as you head into week three here, and you all are 2-0, how much fun are you having? Even though it's hard work, David, how much fun are you having?

I'm going to be real. I feel like I have the best job in the world. I get to come out here and play a kid's game. God bless.

Get paid healthily to play a kid's game and be around a lot of essentially grown kids. Just kind of just craft, get better and just enjoy ourselves, man. So like I said, I take every day, you know, very seriously.

I don't take it for granted at all and I'm very blessed. Well, you've had quite the unique journey, so I hope that you enjoy every moment. Thank you so much. Stay healthy. It's good to talk to you, David. Definitely. Blessings. I appreciate you.
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