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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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August 30, 2023 5:57 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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August 30, 2023 5:57 am

QB News | The 2023 US Ryder Cup team is officially assembled. Is the squad too "buddy, buddy?" | Ask Amy Anything!


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That's slash positive. It's this hour in which you get to ask Amy anything that doesn't have to do with my wedding. Is that mean? It's kind of unfair, isn't it?

I don't feel badly for you. We're building the anticipation and honestly, I probably can't answer all of your questions anyway because the wedding is still three and a half months out. But I promise you, on my life, I mean, I don't need to be so melodramatic because when I promise you, I do keep my promise. But when I promise you that I will record a video version of asking me anything that has nothing to do with anything except the wedding. It's all about the wedding. It's all to answer your FAQs.

Boy, do you have a lot of FAQs. Same questions over and over and over from a lot of people. And I understand there is some real curiosity about not just the wedding, but what happens after the wedding. And so for that reason, we're going to build some anticipation. Producer Jay is still collecting your questions. A video version of asking me anything three months out.

Okay, that's the best I can do. Well, I promise you, it will be done exactly three months out. Producer Jay thinks the video version of asking me anything, we're gonna have to give it a cute name.

Walking down the aisle asking me anything. Something like that. Anyway, Jay tells me that video version of asking me will be two hours. Oh yeah, that was last hour. Now it's on track to be like closer to three hours. Oh my gosh. The more time that goes, the more wedding questions just keep flooding in.

You know how much I love Travis and Jason Kelsey. I cannot watch their video podcast that goes more than two hours, so we can't. People will lose interest and be bored out of their minds. The people want to know these things, these questions. Right, but we're gonna have to condense it a little bit. We'll do a half hour version. It's not like my answers need to be extremely long, right? A half hour should be suffice, but I'm just saying there's a lot of coming in. Yes, which I appreciate.

So let's just get it all out of our systems. While you're sending your questions for Ask Amy Anything, if you would like to throw in a wedding question or an Amy gets married question or a missus question, what happens when I'm a missus? Go ahead and do that. We will answer them all with a video version of Ask Amy Anything Gets Married. Ask Amy Gets Married. Amy Gets Married, ask away. Yes, we have to come up with a cute. That's why it has to wait until next month.

We have to come up with a cute name. No, that's not the reason. There's a couple of reasons. Number one, we're still putting together the details of the wedding.

Ask Amy Anything, except I do. Except will you marry me or something, because that's taken a long time. Something will keep working for a name. There's another reason why we have to delay it. But also with the start of football season, we have a lot on our plates right now. We're trying to make sure that our NFL coverage is ready to go post Labor Day because the NFL kicks off a week from Thursday.

So a week from tomorrow, if you're waking up on your Wednesday morning on the East Coast or maybe in another time zone, it just happens to be you wake up super early. We want it to be everything it should be. We want it to be done well, not just rushed and shoddy instead.

Want to be able to answer your questions and do it in a way that's entertaining. So we're going to wait and make sure it's done right. But in between now and then, we are going to give you a video brand new to YouTube.

Our stairway to seven to kick off the NFL season. Okay, so we've got a couple of video projects between now and mid-September. Kind of whet your appetite to see us back on camera. It's been a bit, I guess. We did a video version of Ask Amy around the July 4th holiday. So that was the last time.

Before that, I think it was the Chubby Bunny World Championship. It's not as easy for us to do videos. We can't just crank them out every week for the manpower part of things. We believe that it should be quality over quantity when it comes to various social media elements. That's been the focus for me going back to when we lost our second producer, as I mentioned last hour. So we will absolutely answer all your wedding questions, just not today.

But send your questions for tonight's or today's edition of Ask Amy Anything on our show Twitter after our CBS and then also on our Facebook page and our phone numbers 8-5-5-2-1-2-4-2-2-7. That's 8-5-5-2-1-2-4-CBS. Joe Burrow and the Bengals. The Holmes fires for the end zone. Touchdown Kansas City.

Off to Ekler again. No, Herbert keeps it in zone. Touchdown charges. Herbert with his second of the day.

Here's the snap. Josh going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone. Touchdown Buffalo. Josh Allen nine yard touchdown run. The Bills respond and then some. It's time for QB news on after hours. Trey Lance calls it a fresh start.

He's got a big smile on his face as he talks about being a Dallas Cowboy. Well, Jimmy Garoppolo knows something about not just leaving the Niners, but surviving the quarterback experience that is the San Francisco 49ers which is really a QB version of musical chairs. In one franchise, they managed to bring in a bunch of QBs and then spit them out.

So they take them in and then they spit them out. It's crazy to think about what they did a couple years ago in moving up to draft Trey Lance number three overall. He was supposed to be the heir apparent to Jimmy Garoppolo and now neither one of them is in the Bay Area.

Seriously, think about that. Now, Garoppolo is getting ready to start with Josh McDaniel's coach with whom he's familiar in Las Vegas for the Raiders. But as he did an interview with Sports Illustrated, well, he actually was asked about Trey now being a Cowboy. Weird situation. Been a lot of weird situations over there in San Francisco.

Just leave it at that. But you know, I'm happy Trey got another shot, man. How do you think San Francisco's handled those quarterback situations? How do you think they've handled them? I think it's been messy. I'll put it that way. That's a nice way to put it. Wait, we might have to hear that again from Jimmy Garoppolo.

There's so much meat there. First of all, he's referencing the way that San Francisco has handled their business and some of the situations there. And Robin Lundberg, who's doing this interview with Jimmy, then kind of has to answer the rhetorical question himself. And Jimmy piles on.

We just want to hear it one more time. Weird situation. Been a lot of weird situations over there in San Francisco.

Just leave it at that. But I'm happy Trey got another shot, man. How do you think San Francisco's handled those quarterback situations? How do you think they've handled them? I think it's been messy. I'll put it that way.

Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. Do you know Jimmy was so professional the entire time that he was in San Francisco. He never said a negative word about Kyle Shanahan or John Lynch. He refused to trash the organization or the way they handled their business. But now he tells Robin Lundberg with Sports Illustrated that messy is a nice way of putting it.

And I quote, there are a lot of weird situations there in San Francisco. And when Robin says to him, how do you think they've handled their quarterback situation? He says, well, with a laugh. How do you think they've handled it?

How do you think they've handled them? Oh my gosh, that is so cryptic and yet so bald-faced and honest, right? You don't even have to read between the lines that long to understand. That long to understand. He just puts it all out there, but it's his prerogative, right?

And he doesn't do it in a way still that trashes the organization. Only it was clearly not. It was, it wasn't as smooth.

It wasn't as, I'm gonna have to think of another word. It wasn't smooth. It wasn't one that sat well with with the quarterbacks there, right?

Including Jimmy Garoppolo. It wasn't easy to navigate. It was challenging. It was difficult. And now that Jimmy is free and Trey is free, well, maybe we'll hear a little more, although Trey at this point doesn't want to talk about it.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. It wasn't smooth. It wasn't friendly, right?

It was more, it was more business. It had to be that way, but as well as Jimmy Garoppolo kept his feelings to himself, there are emotions there under the surface. I'm glad he can laugh about it. Garoppolo had a chance to hang out with his old teammate Tom Brady before their final preseason game, so he tells Yahoo Sports what it was like to be reunited with TB. It was cool seeing him in the locker room.

Same old dude. Dude loves ball. You can tell the competitor in him is coming out a little bit, even for just a preseason game.

I mean, he's telling us to go ruin their day. It was nice having him around, man. Just these good vibes. He's good people.

It's only going to do good for our organization having a winner like that around. Same old guy. Same old guy. I'm sure he didn't mean old. He just meant same old, same old, same old guy.

I'm 45 years old, man. There's a lot going on. He seems happy to me and now a part owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. I'm not sure if that technically makes him Garoppolo's boss. Jimmy G, feeling a little free now that he's out of San Francisco. I like it.

I can't wait to see what else we hear from him or see, to hear what else we hear from him, hear what else he wants to drop. Hey, speaking of Jimmy and Tom Brady, their former organization, the New England Patriots, they kind of pulled a strange move. Although I'm not sure what's strange for Bill Belichick, but at least an eyebrow raising move on Tuesday when they waved both Bailey Zappi and Malik Cunningham. Their two backup quarterbacks under Mac Jones on the depth chart cut. And so who backs up Mac Jones? Right now, Mac is the only quarterback on the team's roster.

So I guess we no longer have to ask the question of whether or not Mac is the starter in New England because come hell or high water, he's the only guy they got. So Belichick trying to, trying to talk about getting down to the 53 man roster without giving away too much information. It's a tough day. You know, for everyone, we have relationships with players, some over an extended period of time, some less, but yeah, you know, we talked about it the other day. It's, it is, it's difficult for everyone. It's difficult on the relationships, but we all knew this day was coming and this is part of the process and it's a very competitive league and there's a lot of, a lot of very talented, you know, players and, and they compete and not everybody can, you know, have a spot.

So yeah, that's difficult. Again, I would, as always, like I always do, caution you about, you know, thinking like things are over when they're not necessarily over on a lot of levels. They may not be over here. They may not be over somewhere else. Players are certainly gone, left here and gone and had careers and players have been released by other teams and come here. The Rob Ninkovich's of the world or whatever, the, you know, tough day for him and that's the end of his line and it definitely wasn't. So, you know, that's the stories aren't over here. Okay.

Here's the deal. If Zappi and Cunningham clear waivers, meaning no other team claims them, they could end up back on the Patriots practice squad, but I don't know what that means for active rosters. Maybe they come through the practice squad and go back to the roster. Is there a quarterback hiding in New England that we don't know about?

This is really interesting, like really interesting. Now, keep in mind, other teams are also releasing guys off of their rosters to get down to the 53 man number. So there could be other QBs available, but it's just odd because it wasn't that long ago that people were asking whether or not Bailey Zappi would be starting for New England this season. Like he did a couple of times last year when Mac, was he concussion protocols? Is that what Mac had last year?

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch radio. I don't think anybody's worried for reals about Joe Burrow and his health. Remember we saw him throwing and moving around on that calf muscle last week, but he isn't practicing still and people are starting to speculate about the contract and is this a holdout disguised as an injury? Jonathan Taylor.

Well, Zach Taylor also is not in the business of giving you more information than he absolutely has to. I think he has a very healthy body. And I'm encouraged by that. I think he has a very healthy body and I'm encouraged by that. That's all he would say.

And I'm encouraged by that. When he was asked point blank, whether or not Joe's lack of a contract extension has anything to do with him not practicing. He said, no, I think he has a very healthy body and I'm encouraged by that. Boy, do we get some strange stuff in sports. I wonder if Zach Taylor had any idea how that would play. I think he has a very healthy body. Not ideal.

All right. One more Jonathan Gannon, rookie head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. I mean, are you waiting for Christmas?

Why haven't I do like Christmas, but it might be a little bit late then. Why haven't you announced your starter for week number one? I'm not going to name a starter because I think it's a competitive advantage for us going to Washington, but we'll know who the starter is. I don't know that you have a competitive advantage going to Washington. I could be wrong, regardless of which quarterback you use, whether it's Clayton tune or whether it's Josh Dobbs, who's been there for 10 minutes. I don't know that you have a competitive advantage going up against the commander's defensive line.

Call me crazy. I don't think there's any competitive advantage to be found there. Clayton tune, Clayton tune.

Nope. I'm going to say advantage commanders defense, not competitive advantage. Now here's the thing. Sometimes every now and then sometimes when teams start a quarterback for which there is very little tape available, or maybe the only tape that they have goes back to college, then okay. You might be able to catch them off guard for the first quarter or something, but come on. Competitive advantage with Josh Dobbs or Clayton tune. I'm fired up about that. I am.

All right. I like the way that Jonathan Gannon attempts to disguise his lack of a QB. It's a competitive advantage to not name a quarterback. You know, it's not a competitive advantage to not have a quarterback. Oh my gosh.

Who does he think he's fooling? Exactly. Anyone, anyone Clayton tune. Is that a competitive advantage to not let your opponent know Clayton tune is your starter.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say no, no, no. Also not having a quarterback. That's not an advantage in any way, shape or form.

That's not an advantage in any way, shape, or form. It's supposed to be that new NFL. I don't know. We'd asked you on last night's edition of the show, which team would be the last in the league to win a game? In other words, which team would be over two, over three, over four. Don't know how long it will go, but a winless streak.

Who will it belong to? Who will be the last in the league to get its first win? And many of you, many of you pointed to Arizona. Some of you even dared to suggest that Arizona is tanking, but I got to tell you, there were a fair number of votes for the New England Patriots. Being the last team to win a game, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you, for the New England Patriots.

Being the last team in the league to get a win. I've also seen Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns. Tampa says art on Facebook. You do realize the division Tampa plays in, right?

You can, you can trip over and fall backwards into a win in the NFC South. The Texans, according to Rodney on Facebook. The Jets, says Dana on Facebook. Panthers get a vote from Justin on Facebook.

Handful of those for the Colts as well. Falcons, according to Patty on Facebook. Being a wide variety of answers, but the most popular by far, I even saw Seahawks on Facebook, which doesn't make any sense to me. Sometimes I feel as though your rooting interest conflict with your objectivity.

Curt says the Rams, but by far the top answer, most popular answer, survey says the Arizona Cardinals. We always appreciate when you weigh in on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook named after the show, Twitter after our CBS. That's where you got to send your questions for asking me anything, non-wedding questions. Well, you can send the wedding questions, but producer Jay is saving them for the video version coming up early next month. All right.

That's just 20 minutes away between now and then. You know, I sometimes joke about how in the NBA, everyone plays with his BFF. Apparently that applies to the Ryder Cup team as well for the United States. We'll explain straight ahead here on After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. I bring you the people who bring you the game.

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So head to your favorite local garden center and ask for Proven Winners Color Choice Flowering Shrubs. Our Mr. Sam Burns, Mr. Ricky Fowler, Brooks Koepka, Mr. Colin Morikawa, Mr. Jordan Spieth, and Mr. Justin Thomas. Getting you to the good half of your week, it's the Hump Show on After Hours. The voice of US Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson, who announces his captain's picks on Tuesday with some surprise. Yes, he does include Brooks Koepka from the Live Tour because right now PGA and Live while they may plan to merge in the future, they're still very separate entities. Zach Johnson goes with Justin Thomas who's had a rough year and that's putting it kindly. He also brings on Ricky Fowler, who is definitely having a great year. Colin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth, who's played better in 2023 as well. The notable exception, the one that has raised a bunch of eyebrows, is not having Keegan Bradley on the team. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find us on Twitter, After Hours CBS.

Send your questions for Ask Amy anything or to our Facebook page. So Justin Thomas, again has scuffled, has really struggled on the PGA Tour in 2023 and yet somehow makes the roster. But Zach Johnson and others are pointing to his record in the Ryder Cup. He's represented Team USA twice and his record, and now granted you play on teams part of the time, but his record is six wins.

So part of six wins, two losses, one draw. Clearly his track record in this marquee event is a big reason why Zach selected him for the team. Justin Thomas, one of the most talented players on the PGA Tour, in my opinion. He has without question been the heart and soul of Team USA. Ryder Cups are emotional leader, I would say, and I don't think he would argue with that. He just leads by example.

Overall, a fantastic Ryder Cup record. His passion for the Ryder Cup is very evident. He would say it himself.

He has said it himself. In my mind, he was born for this and you just don't leave JT at home. Good partners definitely help with that. And a lot of it, I mean, as much as you want to bring good golf yourself to the table, I think a part of it is bringing the best out of your partner. And I've been very fortunate to play with some friends of mine that I feel like I know well that I'm not only comfortable around, but I feel like I can do my best to try to bring the best out of them with a couple of them on this call with me and Jordan and Rick. And I don't know, I mean, it's just it's a very, very exciting.

And it's just it's it's it's hard to really think about anything other than exactly what you're doing. So Justin Thomas. Called the emotional leader by Zach Johnson. And yes, he's performed very well when representing the red, white and blue, both in the Ryder Cup and the President's Cup. But this year it's a risk because there are multiple guys who had more Ryder Cup points, meaning multiple guys who are playing a heck of a lot better in PGA tournaments this season. Cameron Young is the Tour Rookie of the Year. Keegan Bradley.

Denny McCarthy. But what does Zach note? It's about emotion, it's about his record in the past, and then Justin talks about chemistry, about team.

And that's where I come back to. He even cites the fact that Jordan, Jordan Spieth, one of his best friends, and Rickie Fowler, another one of his BFFs on tour. They're on the call with him.

So the three of them did a call together. And oh yeah, being best friends is a major theme with Jordan and Ricky as well. The weight of the golf tournament just comes off when you walk into it and you just feel like you're just hanging with your friends. And as Zach mentioned, you're hanging with, you know, their wives and girlfriends, too. You're hanging with your caddies and their their wives and girlfriends. And you just it's just it's like you're just going back and having fun. It's already coming together. A lot of us are really close.

A few of us live close to each other in South Florida. And I'm excited that I've played well enough to give myself this opportunity. So there you hear Jordan Spieth and Ricky Fowler. Now Keegan Bradley is on the outside looking in and that's how he feels. He feels as though he is an outsider.

He tells Todd Lewis of the Golf Channel, I am super bummed out. I thought I put together a really good year with two wins, including Hartford over an elite field. I'm proud of what I've done. He goes on to compliment Justin Thomas.

He's a generational talent, but and here's here's where you get his true feeling over it. I've always been an outsider in the sport. I've tried to get closer to the guys I thought would be on the team. I feel like I'm moving forward.

I'm going to have to automatically qualify. I mean that speaks to the nature of this team with Zach Johnson because Jordan Spieth, Ricky Fowler, Justin Thomas, they travel together. They are frequently photographed on vacation together. A lot of times they also share charter planes or private planes, private flights together.

They live near one another. Zach Johnson is focusing on chemistry, if you want to call it that, friendship, team, the team aspect. He's hoping channels through this trio. To me, seems a little cliquish, but you know in any large organization and the PGA is one of those large organizations, there are going to be cliques and sometimes it's not about what you do, how you perform, your track record, it's about who you know. I think many of you who are listening in the corporate world, maybe you call it playing politics.

I know in the broadcast and media industry, it's very often about who you know and what not what you know, not your history, your resume, nah. It's about do you know a program director? Are you friends with someone who makes decisions? Or do you have a family member who's friends with someone who makes decisions? Do you have a family member who's also in a high profile place? And so Bradley feels like an outsider.

And I think it's important to think about who you know and what you do. I hope for Zach Johnson's sake that this works out, but this is risky because Justin Thomas is not playing good golf. I feel for Keegan Bradley.

He says I'll have to automatically qualify because that's the only way I'm getting picked. And the poor guy even tried to be better friends with the in-crowd, right? The popular kids.

He tried to sit at the popular kids table at lunch, but he was eschewed and rejected. Just icky. I don't like it. Yeah, I would never root against Team USA and neither is Bradley. He says he'll be rooting for them, but I don't like this kind of I like this kind of process.

It feels a little bit like picking teams on the playground and you pick your best friends to be on your team. All I know is that right now, today in 2023, Keegan Bradley is a better golfer than Justin Thomas. He is. And he should be on the team over Justin Thomas. And there's no indication he won't be a good teammate. There's no indication that he can't play in the team format.

Like he said, he even tried to be a better guy just to reach out to them and become friendly. I mean he's playing the great golf. He's doing the going through the actions like so he's proving that he wants to be on the team. He's playing better golf.

There's no reason for him not to have been picked. Yeah, it's too bad. We'll see how it goes. A Ryder Cup a little bit later on this fall. All right, last few minutes to not answer. Ask, ask, ask, ask away on Twitter, After Hours, CBS, on our Facebook page. Ask Amy anything is next.

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Sort of. My favorite question by far that I've seen pertaining to my future married life and pending nuptials is this one producer J. Now I'm not answering it. I'm just telling you I love this question.

How many kids will you have? That makes me giggle. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Yes, in case you missed it, programming note, I absolutely promise. I swear that you will have the majority of your wedding questions answered in a special video version of Ask Amy Anything. In fact, Cameron on Facebook suggested pop the question.

So cute. It could be the wedding edition of Ask Amy called Pop the Question. We'll see. It's going to happen next month though.

We just don't have enough time to get it done before Labor Day. We want it to be on our YouTube channel so you can go back and refer to it when you feel as though you can't get enough or you don't have your questions appropriately answered. You need to go refer to the Ask Amy Anything video. All right. So this is a non-wedding edition of Ask Amy Anything and Jay's got his hands full.

Sorry, non-wedding edition here. So we'll start with James who says you just went kayaking on the Susquehanna River last weekend. He wants to know if there's any place in the country that you haven't been kayaking that you would love to go. Oh, so many places in the country that I haven't been kayaking. I would love to go on Lake Tahoe. I also want to go parasailing on Lake Tahoe. So that's one place that I would love to go.

But I mean seriously any type of Mississippi River might be a little bit scary. When I was a kid growing up in New Hampshire we had a small ski boat, a small motor boat that we put a 16-footer that we would put out on Newfound Lake or Lake Winnipesaukee which is two miles across at the broads. I wouldn't mind going kayaking in New Hampshire.

I've never done that. I've gone in a lot of different places but never gone in New Hampshire. So that would definitely be kind of a throwback to when I was growing up. So there's a lot of different places. The Colorado River. Now see depending on where you are in some of these rivers it's better to go whitewater rafting than it is to go kayaking. But yeah Lake Tahoe would be fun.

It would be cool. All right so you're going to Houston this weekend and just referencing your trip last weekend on the Susquehanna River. Lisa wants to know is there any particular item like a t-shirt or a thimble or salt shaker that you like to collect from places you visited? No I just take a lot of photos. I always take photos that have the maybe a sign in them that indicates where we are, when if that's possible. But no photos are my thing and nature photos, cloud photos, mountain photos, water photos and then I put them into folders on my laptop and keep them and I'll just share them in blogs. So really that's the only thing that I keep as a memento or to preserve the memories.

I'm not really a collector if you will. Lisa asks now what was your favorite concert you've ever been to? Oh my gosh Shania Twain was amazing.

So I'll say she was a great concert. Another really good one was George Strait who I saw at in Foxboro. So I saw him at at the Patriots football stadium.

I can't remember if it was Gillette. I think it was pre Gillette but I did see George Strait and a bunch of other country artists there. Let's see love, love, love, love, love, absolutely love the John Williams concert that I just saw. It was a tribute concert at Tanglewood.

He also was there himself so it wasn't just his music it was him conducting music that he's composed. So those would be my top three concerts I've ever been to. Well I know John Williams was a bucket list item but Lisa also follows up with is there anyone who you would want to see that you haven't been able to see yet? Oh I forgot to add Billy Joel by the way. Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden. I saw him twice there and the second time was even better than the first. So I'm sorry I'll have to add Billy Joel as an honorable mention. Oh he's so good at MSG.

And they're like oh every time you see me just gets better and better and better. So good at MSG. Yeah I never did see Garth Brooks and I would love to see Garth Brooks in concert. I heard he puts on a hell of a show.

Trying to see if I think there's other someone else. I really love symphony music. If there's something else I'd like to see in concert. Seeing the Star Wars movies now those are a lot of fun in concert.

I'll go with Garth Brooks is my answer. Eris Tor. No I'm not a Swiftie. I like some of her music but it's I can't get into the hero worship with Taylor Swift. So Chris asks now are you planning to watch the new Star Wars spin-off Ahsoka? I am planning to watch Ahsoka but according to my Star Wars nerd friend Kevin Coogler.

You know all know him well as the voice of Fox NFL broadcast but also Westwood One. He says I cannot watch Ahsoka and because I already watched Clone Wars and have already watched Rebels. But he says I can't watch Ahsoka until I finish season two of The Mandalorian. I'm early in season two and I also have to watch The Book of Boba Fett. So The Book of Boba.

He says Ahsoka will flow out of that so I'm gonna be a little behind on Ahsoka. Which by the way I heard the initial numbers for the release have not been very good. I don't know if it's because it's summertime. Obi-Wan by far has had the most views on Disney Plus of any of the new Star Wars live action series. Ahsoka is more along the lines of The Mandalorian though again it is summertime and people don't watch as much tv in the summertime. It was I guess the most downloaded show on Disney Plus last week but the numbers haven't come close to Obi-Wan. As you can imagine he's an iconic figure. It's not new. You don't have to get to know Obi-Wan.

If you know anything about Star Wars you know Obi-Wan and his story. Yeah so let's get into a little food here. Melanie wants to know in your lasagna do you want ground beef or sliced Italian sausage? Oh gosh so good but I'm generally a ground beef person. I wouldn't turn it down with Italian sausage but I do love ground beef in my lasagna. Now another James wants to know does ketchup belong on a hot dog? Yes if I'm eating a hot dog I'm eating it with ketchup. All right we'll move off food. This one comes from Kathy.

That was quick. Yeah Kathy wants to know do you still play wordle? I do.

I do. In fact I get really annoyed with myself when I forget to play and I lose my streak. So over the weekend Saturday I was gone kayaking with a friend and I forgot to play when we woke up in the morning because it's out of my breakfast routine. I normally play over breakfast so yeah I was kind of bummed when I forgot. I still do adore wordle and I change my starting word every single time I play.

I never use the same starting word. That is impressive because that's like a I respect that. That's good.

I want to make it harder. All right this one comes from Big Jim who asks have you ever seen a ghost? No nor do I believe in them.

Okay so there goes that. Jeffrey wants to know do you play card games and if so what's your favorite card game to play? Yeah my family loves to play card games. We really like oh shoot what Euchre is one of the the games that we love. We also love Five Crowns and actually kind of funny that you bring it up because when I'm in Houston my mom is organizing a Saturday evening card game. Now Bob and I will be playing along with mom and her husband Mike but we may invite some other people to come over for cards and dessert. I mean growing up with my Italian family this is what we remember about Saturday nights or weekends when family and friends would come over and there would always be dessert and cards sometimes cribbage there'd also be shoot there's another one a p-knuckle.

P-knuckle is another game that my Italian family always played. This one comes from Rob who wants to know do you like westerns and if so do you have a favorite cowboy? Does Kevin Costner count?

I'll allow it. Okay um do you have a favorite cowboy? Anything that Clint Eastwood is playing is a is a favorite. Oh gosh he's Clint Eastwood is awesome um also Kurt Russell didn't Kurt what Kurt Russell play?

True Grit. Oh no shoot uh Billy the Kid who was well there's lots of different versions of Billy the Kid. I do like westerns I would say more modern westerns than the older type westerns um but yeah or if we're talking about the Texas Rangers I do enjoy shows about the Texas Rangers not a huge western fan but every now and then and if Kevin Costner counts then yes he's my favorite in a western. Some of my secret guilty pleasures I love those old westerns from like the 30s and 40s. Okay all right this one's kind of funny. Are they all in black and white?

If they're good my favorites are in black and white like James Stewart let's go. Uh so this one's funny comes from Eileen who wants to know how much sleep do you get during the football season? Oh gosh not as much sleep as we spend time watching football. Uh you know what Tuesday is our recovery day when we're kind of like zombies so I hope to sleep on Tuesday Wednesday and then the weekends meaning Friday night Saturday night otherwise not much it's limited during football thank you for caring Eileen. Last one before rapid fire David wants to know how many half marathons have you run in your lifetime?

Oh six so far and I'm about to do my seventh coming up next month. All right so let's get into rapid fire. Lucky number seven. T-bone or porterhouse? Porterhouse. Saint Bernard or Chihuahua?

I don't I don't have little dogs although we've we've got Daisy who's Bob's little dog I'll go with Saint Bernard that's so hairy though. Roller skates or ice skates? Roller skates. Waffle house or Denny's?

I don't like waffles Denny's. Historical tour or nature hike? Oh I love historical tours. Trampoline or bouncy castle? Trampoline. Potted plants or wildflowers? Wildflowers. Jungle or desert? Jungle oh another snake's in there desert. Last one here polka dots or stripes? No I'm a polka dot girl I do love polka dots on shirts on socks every now and then on my earrings it's after hours with Amy Lawrence at CBS Sports Radio.
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