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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 30, 2023 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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August 30, 2023 6:05 am

History is spoiled late last night in the Bay Area. + The Angels officially throw in the towel | The new members of the PUP list | What the heck are the Patriots doing?

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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For important information, visit disclosures. Even more critical to give you that shove over the hump because we're heading into a holiday weekend. I know not everyone is feeling the holiday spirit, at least on this Wednesday morning, but good morning to you. The breaking news, because I'm not just paying attention to sports in studio this morning, I've also got the Weather Channel up in front of me, and Jim Cantore is in a very large flooded area in Cedar Key, Florida, where Hurricane Idelia is now a category 4. So overnight has gone from a cat 3 to a cat 4 hurricane, and while we await the next update, there are 20 million people who at this point are under some type of tropical alert, whether it be a watch or a warning. States of emergency have been declared in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, as Idelia will cross over onto land in the the Florida panhandle, which is so rare. As I was driving into work last night, I heard a report that indicated the last time a hurricane of this magnitude, or really a major hurricane, hit the the Florida panhandle.

It was a hundred years ago. It's with this type of force and these types of winds, and of course the category 4 can spawn tornadoes, not to mention the storm surge and the flooding and the water and everything else. And so right now, Hurricane Idelia is a category 4 with winds of 130 miles per hour. Thinking of you all that are in Tampa, Tallahassee, in the Florida panhandle, and then on up into Georgia, Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach.

These are all cities that are in the path of Idelia, according to the Weather Channel, though hopefully once she gets over land, she will start to weaken. Yeah, please be safe. Take care of yourself. Take care of your people.

Take care of your pets. Please be safe. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Wednesday morning to those of you who are not in the path of a hurricane.

Something to be thankful for. If you did not hear your question answered last hour as part of Ask Amy Anything, it's a staple on our Hump Show, I do go back and answer a bunch of your questions on social media when they don't require a Shakespearean sonnet. I will go back and answer them, though as we have told you, we're going to keep saying it because I know we have different people tuning in and out. The wedding questions will be answered all together in one video that we will record next month. So post-Labor Day, because I still have taste testings, don't you want to know about the food? We can't do a video version of Ask Amy Anything with all your wedding questions until we know about the food. And actually kind of a bummer, Jay, one of the caterers that we thought we were going to do a taste testing with, she canceled on us. She just said she doesn't have time over this weekend. She told Bob on the phone, I can do September 17th.

Well, thank you, but unfortunately we can't do September 17th. So this is after she told us that she would do a taste testing this weekend. So now we're scrambling a bit to find another caterer who can do a tasting while we're there. So we have one scheduled and we do believe that everything happens for a reason.

So apparently it's probably the worst one anyway. Yeah, she was not the caterer that we'll be using for the wedding in December. But yeah, we're trying to find another one because we've heard from a bunch of different people that taste testing is the best part of wedding planning. I have heard that.

My brother-in-law and my sister swear by it. They said it was like the most fun they've ever had in their life was taste testing for their wedding. Yeah, so this would be the meal. We're doing a dinner, a sit-down dinner after the wedding. So at the reception it's going to feature a full meal with andres and sides and everything else. However, the dessert taste testing won't come until October.

So I have to wait to do cupcake taste testing until October. Yeah, and actually right now Bob is not part of that. What? Oh, well he's sort of invited. Oh, does he not know this?

No, he knows this. He knows that my best friend is making the cupcakes for the wedding and so she lives in Atlanta and I've just purchased a plane ticket to get to Atlanta to do cupcake taste testing. And I kind of mentioned, hey if you're not busy this weekend and you want to come in.

I'm sure Stephanie has plenty of room but I wouldn't say I'm pushing it. Maybe, just maybe cupcake weekend should be a girl's weekend. I hear you. Does he need to taste the cupcakes out of time? I don't, he doesn't have to.

So we'll see. I told him he should maybe go hunting that weekend. He's a big into bow hunting and well if not bow hunting then he'll turn to rifle. But yes, does have to get his deer so that the future missus can have venison for the next year. I do like venison steaks. I tried Bob's jerky venison right?

What is it? Yeah, venison jerky. It was good. It was very good.

He made that all by himself. See how important the hunting is. Maybe you should just stay in Texas and go hunting Bob. It's for the best for everybody. It really is. You'll have a better time there.

Just tell them that. Than just eating a bunch of different cupcakes. Who wants to smother their face in desserts and nah. It's asking, oh goodness, it's Ask Amy Anything, the wedding version. I suppose you'll want to know about the food so there's another reason that we'll save it until next month. But check out the other video versions of Ask Amy on our YouTube channel named after the show After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

Also, as I say, I'll go back and answer some of your questions on both Twitter and Facebook. Good to hear from Jeff who's in Naples, Florida. He said he was out running this morning. But while it's good for Jeff, 20 plus million people are under tropical alerts whether it be watches or warnings. So there's a lot of people in the path of Hurricane Idalia. And yeah, even now as I'm watching Jim Cantore and some of his Weather Channel cohorts, all of them are standing in water.

Like it's water that's flooding the streets. I think it's 51, Jay. I think we're on 51 which is where I found it.

51 or 52 for the Weather Channel. Yeah, it's pretty crazy just even to see the flooding already in places like Clearwater Beach, Florida. So yeah, Tampa and Tallahassee we know we're under hurricane warnings even though Idalia is still off the coast.

But please, please, please be careful on this Wednesday morning. A lot of people have family in Florida, friends in Florida. Gosh, Florida was one of the most popular destinations for people moving over the last couple years. So it's got a larger population now and a major test for not just the tropical, well not just the people who live there, but also we're talking about the National Guard and I did hear that there are various FEMA personnel from all over the country who are descending on Florida to try to help.

Oh yes, please be careful if you're evacuating or not just either way. We're thinking of you. As we think about what's happening in professional sports, well there's a smorgasbord as is always the case. We'll get to some NFL news coming up very soon.

We talked about the Ryder Cup team and the risky decision made by captain Zach Johnson. I'm gonna try to, excuse me, sprinkle in Amy. Heavens. Let's reset. Let's do a one box breathing. Just kidding. I'm not, I don't have time for a box of breathing.

Box breathing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where's Aaron Rodgers when I need him? But take two there. We're going to attempt to sprinkle in some tennis only because there's one name that you all know who was actually playing again at the US Open and another American who is getting ready to retire whenever he is ousted from the open.

So we'll try to sprinkle that in as well. It's busy, super busy even though we're not even a football season yet. That's one week from tomorrow though. We've already worked in some QB news but we'll let you hear from Trey Lance later this hour too because he seems very happy, relieved, refreshed to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys. 35 year old pitcher Alex Cobb. Oh, he was having the game of his life in the Bay Area just a few hours ago. The Giants hosting the Reds.

Not only was his splitter working, he was getting the incredible defense in the field behind him. Right side of the infield, straight up. Two down, nobody on.

The wind up. 2-2 pitch. Swing and there's a pop fly, shallow left center. Slater racing, diving. He makes the catch. What a play by Austin Slater. A headlong dive is a little slow in getting up and hopefully he's okay but he is safe and no hitter at least for the moment and Alex Cobb needs three outs more. Oh, John Miller with the call on the Giants Radio Network KNBR.

Our San Francisco Bay Area affiliate. So yeah, it was a beaut from Austin Slater. He had to gallop. He had to get on his horse and go about 20-25 feet as this ball is shallow left center.

It's about to drop so it's not only shallow but it's got this it's kind of precipitous drop and Slater just lays out and catches it right above the blades of grass. It was really impressive and the reaction from Alex Cobb throws his arms up in the air at the end of the eighth inning. Now heading into the ninth inning where he gets the first two outs with relative ease. Alex Cobb who is 35 years old.

He grew up in Vero Beach, Florida. The longtime spring training home of the Dodgers. He grew up around Major League Baseball so he knows better than anybody the history that he's flirting with here. 0-1 pitch. There's a drive in the right center field on the run. Macho is back into his right and it's over his head.

It will roll into the sixth archway and that's the first hit. Coming around to score is Sanzell and it is 6-1 and that takes away the no hitter for Alex Cobb and you can imagine the emotion as he was that close to realizing something a dream that any young ball player would have to maybe pitch a no hitter in the big leagues and here at age 35 on the downside of his career having the game of his life and it came that close. Just you know whatever yeah still fun you know um you know there was no I wasn't mad sad I was just uh you know all right let's finish it off kind of thing um would at least like the cg out of it but um so many things have to go right for one of those to happen um when slates made that catch I started to think maybe it was um gonna be one of those nights but um you know it was uh I haven't seen the pitch yet I'd like to go back and look at it but um in the immediate you start second guessing the pitch but you know the splits what got me to that point so I was gonna live and die with it um I hadn't pitched out of the stretch very much obviously and uh I think that was um a little bit of a challenge to try to get my uh kind of groove going in the in the stretch so um just probably wasn't one of the best splits out there tonight. Still one of the best outings of his career eight strikeouts for Alex Cobb 131 pitches by far a career high and yet he still had velocity there in the ninth inning and came within a strike a strike and one out eight and two thirds no hit ball though the Reds are able to get the one hit the double from Spencer Steer and then the run to end the shutout he still does have the complete game really cool to watch except his reaction though when the no-hitter was gone clear disappointment it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio you know the Giants are fighting for a wild card spot in the National League right now the top wild card in the NL is the Phillies. The runners go the pitch swing and a bouncer towards third it's a fair ball down the left field line and it's going to the corner Scott will score Rojas will score Turner around second he's heading for third the head first slide he's safe for the triple and it's eight four Phillies Phillies oh two and a swing and a high fly ball up the alley left center going back Grichuk looking up at the wall it's gone and Turner has gone deep again two last night another one tonight that's 18 on the year it's the fifth of the night for the Phillies they lead at 12-5. The call there on Phillies radio and yeah kind of a story within a story here first of all two maybe two stories within the story Trey Turner he's the guy that they signed now finally the guy that they signed when they brought him on board and there was so much excitement last off season they thought Trey Turner could be the piece that would put them over the hump remember they got all the way to the World Series they won the NL pennant and in bringing back most of their guys adding Trey Turner they believed they had a team that would contend for a World Series Turner was historically bad for the first two-thirds of the season you remember how he would go to the ballpark and I think it was three four weeks ago he would go to the ballpark and the fans would like start to cheer for him and encourage him because they were attempting to lift him up he even took out a billboard in Philadelphia to thank the fans for being so supportive and now finally the bat has shown up in a pretty torrid way so yes all is forgiven with Trey Turner but also Bryce Harper cranks home run number 299 and apparently there is a story behind it driving in today and you know I'm listening to WIP like I do a lot of the two o'clock hour and a guy named Chuck called in he calls in a lot of slayers but I said uh you know he was talking about our team and talking about me and stuff and um I walked in the train room I was like I'm gonna go deep tonight for Chuck that guy had me fired up man um but you know it's just funny I mean this team as a whole we you know come in here play with feelings across our chest we're all family we're all pulling um you know on that same rope and um you know we just have a great group in here a lot of fun and just a really good team. Chuck the inspiration for Bryce Harper's latest home run Chuck a caller to sports radio on our Philadelphia affiliate WIP I think that's great and it's true I hear from athletes I hear from coaches that they do listen to sports radio a lot of times because of our time slot being later at night when a lot of games have wrapped up we'll hear from people that they're listening I've even heard from one broadcaster friend of mine who says that the team bus is listening to our show a lot of times when they're returning from an airport back to or when they're returning to an airport or or back from a road trip so yeah kind of funny to think about that but Bryce Harper he has just made Chuck's life Chuck can die happy now even before the Phillies win a world series that's pretty cool and the Phillies were hosting and and beating soundly the Angels did you see or hear what the Angels did yesterday this is I mean this is along the lines of a move of say the Pirates although they did start out with uh some pretty impressive first couple months the Chargers the Jets the Mets right this is the type of move that you would associate with that you would associate with a team that is a perennial cluster if you will and maybe that's where the Angels belong now after going all in at the trade deadline trading for Lucas Giolito and also keeping Shohei Ohtani deciding they would they would push for the playoffs they place nearly a quarter of their roster on waivers yesterday including Giolito who's been an unmitigated disaster since he joined the Angels apparently it sent ripple effects throughout baseball so teams can claim these players but it's really a salary dump for the Angels and it's an opportunity for other teams who are headed to the postseason to try to add pieces and get this Giolito found out on Twitter that's how he found out he was getting waived his reaction he did speak after that loss to Philly surprised it can be a very strange business sometimes you just roll with it Phil Nevin he's trying to keep it all business he really is but there are many questions after the game front office decisions that don't affect our room uh we gotta go out and win some win some games and play the game right so just business as usual before this one tonight yeah business as usual we gotta you know go out and play I thought you know for five innings there we played some good baseball and just got away from us I suppose he does have to tow the company line right now because after all his job is likely in jeopardy as well the Angels are well they're past life support I mean they're being held together by duct tape at this point and Shohei Ohtani that may be a pipe dream honestly I don't know if the injury changes anything there will be teams that will go after him he's unlikely to get the same type of money he would if his being a two-way player was guaranteed moving forward and there's no way of knowing that now that he's got this torn ucl so maybe that's less money but he's still a valuable bat with the promise of potentially pitching again once he's healthy it's crazy the Angels go all in and since the trade deadline have just seven wins trade deadline was the beginning of August they have seven wins since then blown up as in blown up royally all right running a little bit long here straight ahead Jonathan Taylor stays with the Colts Dalvin Cook practices with the Jets and I have no idea what Bill Belichick is doing but it's Belichick so it makes me smile this receiver trio is just is scary and it does start with scary Terry himself there he's he's good man and and I it's just can we get normal quarterback play for this guy right right once in his career because you're right I mean yeah no shade to ODU's finest Taylor Heinecky but he was literally a backup quarterback in the XFL and he's probably the best player that Washington has rolled out at quarterback in Terry's you know career subscribe to reception perception available on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast first player on this drive is a handoff slip it through to the 30 40 down the right sideline there goes Jonathan Taylor 30 20 10 touchdown 78 yards Jonathan Taylor to the house and the Colts have busted it open it's 41 to 10 this is after hours with Amy Lawrence he is still a member of the Indianapolis Colts the call with Brandon Gowden on Westwood one he's not physically able to perform though at least not according to the list he's on the list it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio the list is the pup list and no it's not the cute snuggly little pups or the ones that take a big poop in my house when they first come to visit no we're talking about a different pup we're talking about the physically unable to perform list so now Jonathan Taylor is out for at least the first four games of the season of the season the question remains is it because he's injured or is it because he will not report is it because he's injured or is it because he just doesn't want to play for the Colts the Colts did not trade him and they maybe could try again before the Halloween trade deadline the in-season deadline or he could just get fined for refusing to play when he's under contract and that's where this injury comes in but honestly if I'm Jonathan Taylor I've said it before I'll say it again if you're using the ankle as your excuse as your reason as your crutch to hold out you're only hurting yourself sure if you are hurt but they're physically there even though you're hurt and you can't play or you you say you can't play well then no you're not violating your contract technically the problem is why would a team trade for you when you're physically unable to do the job now I guess if he got traded he'll pass a physical and whoa all of a sudden he's healthy and maybe that's what his agent is telling teams I don't know there's a lot of shady stuff that goes on behind the scenes there is the chance that he is healthy and that his agent is letting potential suitors know or did I now the deadlines passed uh was letting potential suitors know that yes he would be able to play in time for the season opener which is so he could be using the injury but what he wants is a full-time contract or a contract extension a fat contract extension from Indianapolis and maybe that bridge is burning you no longer does but if that's what he was after feigning an injury or actually having an ankle injury is not the best way to do it it's the NFL life comes at you fast think about Trey Lance a couple of injuries that completely derailed his opportunity in San Francisco right now we don't have any resolution to the Jonathan Taylor drama in Indianapolis but he will not play in the first month speaking of pup list I was hoping we'd see Von Miller week number one but we will not Ian Rappaport NFL Network explaining why this is actually a good thing for the Bills best pass rusher Von Miller the veteran pass rusher remains on the PUP list after of course touring his ACL toward the end of last season I don't see to me this was kind of interesting because there had been you know so much discussion of him being ready for week one I think a lot of people assumed that he would be turns out the Buffalo Bills do but I think it's a really smart thing and kind of keep on from himself right kind of make sure that he doesn't put himself in harm's way and the only thing they really want is for him to be ready for the stretch run for him to be ready for the playoffs to act as that closer I would say they by by pulling him back a little bit they put themselves in a position to have him when they need him most okay as long as you have Von Miller for the stretch run I get it but I would really like to see Von Miller out there patrolling patrolling the paint if you will getting into a quarterback's grill week after week I don't want him to come back before he's healthy but I missed Von on the field late last year he's valuable and he's fun he's a firecracker Bill's mafia what's good in the NFL we're going to hear from Trey Lance following the update and also Bill Belichick even as the Patriots make another move that's a bit of a head scratcher remember last year how Belichick decided they did not need a traditional offensive coordinator maybe this year he's decided they only need one quarterback he loves to go against the grain does he not no that doesn't have anything to do with it oh okay thank you for the quick response coach I really can't control that control that all right also who's our favorite very short very quick drop but as we even as we send you into the update Zach Taylor he he feels the same as Kyle Shanahan does about quarterback questions right now but I'm wondering if he thought about how this might play in the media or get taken out of context when he was asked about Joe Burrow not practicing on Tuesday I think he has a very healthy body um and I'm encouraged by that I think he has a very healthy body is that the politically correct way of saying it I think he has a very healthy body it's a really bad pickup line gone wrong oh yeah I think you have a very healthy body not go with that one at the bar no no and I'm encouraged by that yeah I'm gonna put that one in the back pocket pick up lines with Zach Taylor yikes that was your qj pick up lines with Zach Taylor I think he has a very healthy body um I'm encouraged by that I don't know is it just me and you that find that amusing I don't I think it's a little creepy if I'm Joe Burrow it is a little creepy taken out of context though yeah he had to know the Joe Burrow questions for coming why was he not prepared with something less creepy than that yeah he thought that went out he answered it so fast too he had that one I'm ready to go oh so good I love football and I'm so glad it's nearly back all right on Twitter A Law Radio also on our Facebook page good morning to you it's the hump show we're shooting you downhill toward the holiday weekend Trey Lance also Jimmy Garoppolo he finally feels free to speak his mind and whoever knows what Bill Belichick is doing it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio here's our latest sports update I think he has a very healthy body proven winners color choice shrubs are the landscaping plants that have been trialed and tested by expert horticulturists to ensure your success whether you're looking for the hottest hydrangea a reblooming rose or an elegant evergreen you can count on the shrubs in the white containers for easy care curb appeal for years to come there's still plenty of time to improve your landscape this season so head to your favorite local garden center and ask for proven winners color choice flowering shrubs you are listening to the after hours podcast around here you kind of just have to live day by day and just focus on the now and obviously you have that in mind right a good team has the end goal in mind but you can't focus on the end goal without going through you know the rough stuff so you got to continue to plug along you know have a good practice here tomorrow and full pads and see where it takes us and then like I said every day is a life has life of its own and you kind of just have to go out there and attack it each day this is after hours with Amy Lawrence the voice of Mac Jones Patriots quarterback the voice of Mac Jones the only Patriots quarterback I love it when Bill Belichick goes off script okay I'm not laughing that guys got cut I'm only laughing because it wasn't more than two weeks ago that I last read about whether Bailey Zappi should be starting a quarterback for the Patriots we don't have time for that apparently not no time for those types of asinine questions it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio again not laughing about guys getting cut there is certainly a chance that both Bailey Zappi and Malik Cunningham could end up on the Patriots practice squad or maybe he has clearly I shouldn't say maybe clearly Belichick has his eyes on another quarterback who maybe hit waivers or has been released I've seen the name Will Greer floated around okay so Will Greer who played exceptionally well in preseason but then was expendable in Dallas because of Trey Lance there's a bunch of different names out there Jay seems to think that they're going to lure Brian Hoyer away from isn't he with the Raiders now he's just always seems to find his way back to New England it's inevitable so yeah maybe they'll go after Kyle Trask who knows Will Greer is an interesting name I think it's a good fit actually yeah we'll see uh just safe to say that Mac Jones is the undisputed starter in New England there's no more quarterback controversy with the Patriots right so Belichick he he was taking a serious tone on Tuesday of course because it's a tough day as all of the NFL rosters had to be trimmed down to 25. It's a tough day um 53. You know for everyone we have relationships with players some over an extended period of time some less but yeah you know we talked about it the other day it's it is it's difficult for everyone it's difficult on the relationships but we all knew this day was coming and this is part of the process and it's a very competitive league and there's a lot of a lot of very talented you know players and and they compete and not everybody can you know have a spot um they don't have a spot so yeah that's difficult again I would as always like I always do caution you about you know thinking like things are over when they're not necessarily over on a lot of levels they may not be over here they may not be over somewhere else um players have certainly gone left here and gone and had careers and players have been released by other teams and come here the rob ninkovich's of the world or whatever that you know tough day for him and that's the end of his line and it definitely wasn't so you know that's the stories aren't over here that's bill belicek but it's more fun to think about how last year he decided who needs a real offensive coordinator let's go with matt patricia because that makes sense this year it's who needs two quarterbacks i got one i'm ride or die with mac jones i don't have an explanation for what happened uh he is always walking to the beat of a different drummer so let's see what happens with new england but it's safe to say mac is the starter all right can we at least put that conversation to bed i think that's safe to say i think that's safe to say mac is the one and he is the only he's qb one and only he is qb he is the qb he's the entire qb room you know there's usually multiple people in the quarterback room nope i don't know what he's gonna do today and practice and film mac mac is the only quarterback by himself no he's got bill o'brien because bill belicek has in fact in a roundabout way admitted that it's probably smart to have an offensive coordinator great might help so it's now bill o'brien and mac jones just what could go wrong what could possibly go wrong oh my gosh why do we have so much fun at bill belitech's expense i don't think he cares uh so trey lance is no longer a niner we know this right that's old news but now he's a dallas cowboy and did you see the giant smile on his face tuesday very excited to be here uh first and foremost um just excited to continue to get to know the guys and obviously you know for me it's just learning taking it one day at a time um not really trying to look too far forward or anything like that but really right now just kind of be a sponge and learn and enjoy every day oh sponging sponging from dak prescott who as we know is oh no is there going to be a quarterback controversy in dallas right now dak is the one not the only but he's the one in dallas he welcomed me with open arms um this morning was the first time i ran into him but yeah i mean that meant a lot to me i know it's it's this business is crazy but for me like i said i'm not i'm not looking forward at all i'm just really trying to take it one day at a time and and these guys obviously played at a very high level for a very long time so nothing but you know obviously just tons and tons of respect for him as i think he deserves and gets from across the league so for me just trying to learn everything i possibly can for me trey lance didn't really want to talk about san francisco in fact he was asked specifically about losing the backup gig to sam darnold kind of really trying to move on uh but uh yeah it definitely took some time um you know that conversation obviously you know it wasn't something i wanted to hear but uh that's the reality of the situation um and nothing but respect and gratitude for everyone there and you know coaching staff locker room um you know obviously athletic training staff everyone i spent a ton of time with these last few years uh but yeah obviously you know it was tough tough but uh for me it was you know kind of trying to figure out you know what's next and uh what's going to happen in the future maybe he doesn't want to talk about it but jimmy garoppolo will at least tiptoe around it wait do you think jimmy tiptoed around it or do you think he danced right across the just dance right across the floor i think he cannonballed do you he cannonballed into the pool right into the deep end hmm off the diving board even though he didn't say much i think he was a classy approach i don't think it was like snarky or anything but i think he said what he wanted to say you think he got it out there i think so he got the message across loud and clear yeah and like i said respectful and classier kind of way he's a classy guy but he is still yeah you said what he had to say he definitely handled all of the twists and turns and the gut punches in san francisco now that includes his own injuries if he'd stayed healthy the entire time there wouldn't be the questions or the the crazy iterations at the qb position so it's partly on him and the injuries similar to trey lance but when he was interviewed by robin lundberg for sports illustrated he was asked about trey landing with dallas weird situation been a lot of weird situations over there in san francisco just leave it at that but uh you know i'm happy trey got another shot man how do you think san francisco's handled those quarterback situations how do you think they've handled them i think it's been messy i'll put it that way that's a nice way to put it wait i can't get enough of this we got to hear it one more time okay this time i won't laugh i won't interrupt uh so again he was asked by robin lundberg about trey lance weird situation been a lot of weird situations over there in san francisco just leave it at that but uh you know i'm happy trey got another shot man how do you think san francisco's handled those quarterback situations how do you think they handled them i think it's been messy i'll put it that way yeah that's a nice way to put it yeah jimmy g free as a bird to speak his mind so i say he kind of tiptoed around it you're saying he just danced right over it i think so danced he he did a little irish jig right on top of the niners heads i think he did again i think it was i think he did it perfectly though to be honest i think he doesn't look like uh you know it's cryptic it's cryptic enough that it doesn't tell you what you really want to know which was how bad it was or or some of the dirty details but it's also got the big smile and the humor and kind of the perfect pregnant pauses boy does he have a sense of of timing when it comes to the comedy chuckles for me too oh yeah it's fantastic but a lot of weird situations over there in san francisco just to believe no but even no even better is when robin asked him about the quarterback situation and and he there's this big pause and how do you think they've handled it how do you think san francisco's handled those quarterback situations how do you think they've handled that's my favorite part that is a pregnant pause if i've ever heard one oh my goodness all right so jimmy garoppolo leaving still much to the imagination and yet as jay points out it's classy he's laughing he's not upset he's not angry he's not baker mayfield on an emotional rampage when he feels like the team is moving on and he was very professional his entire time in the bay area now though you maybe feel a little bit of that emotion that was always under the surface it's after hours here on cbs sports radio speaking of under the surface and some of that emotion venus williams iconic tennis players still every now and then will pick up a match and dish got ousted at the u.s open on tuesday i haven't played a lot of matches this year so um i i did like i've you know the times that i could play i gave it my all you know i got a handful of matches and it wasn't the year i was expecting but i gave it everything i had i think it's good for fans to still still see a williams sister at the u.s open now a lot of people are missing serina and missing her on the court and the american presence is different i mean there are some young up and comers that could make noise there's a bunch maybe a half dozen including coco goffin jesse bugula young american women who could make some noise and then on the men's side you've got a few but you've also got a couple that are retiring jack sock is about to to exit stage left john isner who's now in his mid-30s has indicated that uh this will be his last major and that he's retiring as well um and you may know him because he's 610 611 is part of the longest match ever played in tennis history and did advance out of round one at the u.s open so he'll be a sentimental favorite as well by the way crazy situation john machenro has covet and has to miss all of the coverage of the u.s open talk to you tonight survive your wednesday it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio 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