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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 29, 2023 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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August 29, 2023 6:04 am

Jose Altuve hits for the cycle in Astros route of the Red Sox; AL West remains tight | The US Open celebrates 50 years of equal pay | What the heck happened at Coors Field?


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. Oh, summer. I don't want to say it's like we barely knew ye. Because I've spent the whole summer wanting it to go faster. It's my fault. It really is my fault. But now that it's nearly done, now it kind of smacks you upside the head because we've got just one more unofficial weekend of summer.

It's kind of funny. I texted a friend of mine about how summer was coming to an end. She said, oh no, is today the first day of fall?

Not quite. We still have a few more weeks to go. But the difference is the routine. The summer routine is about to be in the rearview mirror. In fact, I've got a bunch of kiddos that I teach on Sundays at church, fourth and fifth graders, who start school today or tomorrow. Some of them don't start till after Labor Day. But yeah, a bunch of them are going back to school already.

My mom's already been in school now for two weeks and her eighth graders, oh, they're driving her baddie. But the routine is what really dictates the difference between summer and fall. Regardless of when it hits, once you settle into the school or in our case, the work routine around football, it's just different.

It really is different. Vacations are pretty much over. Not that you can't take a vacation anytime on the calendar, but it tends to be more pre-Labor Day, right?

We now have nine days, nine, until the NFL season opener on Thursday, September 7th. Milk these next nine days for all they are worth. I know I will be out for an extended Labor Day weekend, the last, hurrah, until the holidays.

That's it. I'm not taking any more time off until the holidays. So I got to stockpile it around the holidays because, well, it's not just Christmas this year, it's other events on the calendar. But yeah, nine more days until football runs my life. Well, football and the dog. Football and the dog run my life for the last, gosh, I adopted Penny in March of 2012. I don't know that I thought about how long she would be running my life, but here she is on insulin now for more than a year and a half.

Can't hear a darn thing. Poor dog. I actually feel terrible for her.

I know that pets, they tolerate physical challenges, pain a lot differently than humans, but I feel badly for her. The dog follows me everywhere. The second I leave the room, she follows me because she needs to know where I'm going and what I'm doing at all times. She can't hear me, so instead she either smells me or sees me. And since I don't smell, she follows me around the house. Her latest thing, Jay, I forgot to tell you this, she knows that I go in the bathroom and I stay in there for a while. She, you know, she figures that out, whether it's shower, whether it's getting ready for work, whatever it is. So my bathroom is not that big. She now crowds in there with me and sleeps on one of the mats. So it's either the mat in front of the sink and the cupboard, not cupboard, what's it called? Vanity. In front of the vanity with the drawers, the drawers and the doors.

So I can't open either. Or she sleeps in front of the shower on the bath mat. Lately, she picks whichever one I need to use the most, of course. Right, so this is what happened. Oh gosh, it was last week. It cracked me up. I got up and I left downstairs and she doesn't like it. When I leave downstairs and go upstairs, she immediately has to follow, right?

She's slower, but she has to follow up the stairs. I get in the shower and all of a sudden I see this nose. So the dog has poked her nose in the back of the tub at the, like through the shower curtain so that she can figure out what I'm doing in there. So first it's her nose.

I laughed out loud, right, because it was so funny. I'd never seen my dog stick her nose behind the shower curtain to kind of figure out what was happening in there. Then when, I don't know, I guess she couldn't figure it out with just with just her nose. All of a sudden her entire head is behind the shower curtain and she's just trying to figure out what's going on in there. Funny thing is she hates water. So if I accidentally drip a little water on her, she gets up, she scrambles up and she runs away.

But almost every time I take a shower now, the dog is parked on the bath mat. So of course I nearly break a leg trying to get out, trying not to slide because I don't want to wake her up or make her move because it's hard for her to get up, to stand up. And so instead I try to step over her out of the shower. Oh yeah, very graceful.

Extremely dangerous. And then if I drip even a couple of drops of water on her, that's it. She's got to go find the new place. Oh, she gets mad?

Well, she doesn't get mad, but she doesn't like it. She's not a big fan of water. She doesn't like sprinklers. For as long as I've had this dog, whenever there's a sprinkler going in the morning during our walks, she will go out in the middle of the road and walk around the sprinkler. So she doesn't have to walk on the sidewalk.

At the beach, loves the sand. Sand is like snow and it's her best friend. She rolls in it.

I'm getting sand out of her coat for weeks, but does not like the water. And her in the bathroom is just because she needs to be near you. See, my dog, because she doesn't know where, she can't hear me. So she just, she knows that if she parks herself in the bathroom, I can't get past her. So she'll at least know what I'm doing and where I am at all times. My dog hangs out in the bathroom sometimes because it's a tile floor in the summer. It's cooler. So he like lays on it, but then he's laying on the mat.

So yeah, that's directly. Well, sometimes, here's the funny part. I come home in the mornings now. I get home and all the bath mats in the bathrooms are messed up. So both bath mats in the upstairs bathroom and the one in the downstairs bathroom, it's almost like she's bunched them up. I can hear her kind of digging at them and bunching up so that she can then kind of plop down and she makes a pillow out of them. So she goes in there even when you're not there. That's just her new spot. Right.

It is apparently. But if I, when I leave the bathroom and go into the bedroom, then she follows me in there. So it's essentially her following me everywhere. And I do feel bad because imagine if you couldn't hear anything and all you could do was, was see. Thankfully, she still has her sight. Cause I have a friend whose dog was diabetic, who lost both hearing and sight within months, but Penny can still see real well. And she can't hear.

Well, she feels vibrations on the floor and she can't hear really loud noises, but I try not to yell and try not to make really loud noises. Anyway. Yeah. All that to say Penny still running my life. And now it's a completely different experience with a dog who's nearly 14 and diabetic with chronic bronchitis and very little hearing. And blocks your eggs out of the shower.

And blocks my exit. However, the dog happy as a clam, still so full of joy. Well, that's all that matters.

Yeah. She's a, she's a good girl. I love her dearly. So she's worth every bit of efforts. She and football will be in charge of my routine and my schedule coming up very soon. I've tried to warn Bob. I don't think he gets it. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio, even so until then major league baseball, it's got to rule the roost.

Sorry. Major league baseball is about to get sloughed to the side. So we might as well give baseball a to do while we still have the opportunity. Oh, so the Boston Red Sox, they're probably tired of seeing teams like the Dodgers and now the Astros into Fenway park. Red Sox lead at two to one top of the third inning at Fenway park. Here's out to they delete things off against Chris sale and sends one to deep center field back on a Duvall. And that is off of the center field wall. And now two very racist, the second base with a lead off double a banger by Altuve to get things going for the Astros to own ground ball, left side pass, Devers pass story. And then the left of base hit Jose Altuve two for three pitch on the way and Altuve hits it in the air pretty deep to center field.

That sends back to fall, still going back. He leaves and it's off the monster around third and coming home now is Diaz pain. You're right behind him. He will score as well. I'll to be in the third with a two run triple one, one and Altuve rips it deep to left field. And that is over the monster to run home run and a cycle for Jose Altuve. Astro's lead is 13 to four. You got to thinking about it, but you don't want to get out of your approach.

So you're just looking for a good piece to hit and you know, hopefully happens. That's Jose Altuve, first career cycle for him and his last at bat produced a home run. That was how he completed the cycle on AT&T Sportsnet Southwest with my apologies to this incredible feat for Jose Altuve, who is at some point headed to the hall of fame.

He was four for six, four runs for RBI, the eighth inning home run. My favorite part of that entire montage with Steve Sparks and Robert Ford on Astros radio is the clang off the red monster. It's so good. And Altuve hits it in the air pretty deep to center field that sends back to fall still going back. The green monster is classic. There's nothing else like it. It's a fixture that stands alone in major league baseball, a feature that stands alone in baseball.

It's just got the best noises to bang off the green monster. Jose Altuve and the Astros, they win on Monday night, but they stay a game back of the red hot Seattle Mariners. Mueller ready and the next offer to JP, swinging a fly ball deep in it right center field. Out of the run, Butler to the one he tracked wall. Goodbye baseball.

He did it again. JP Crawford with another lead off home run. His 12th home run of the season. Here's the sand and the one one on the way to Julio swinging a drive deep into center field.

Butler going back, looking up. Goodbye baseball into the pan. Julio Rodriguez with his 24th home run of the season. Three RBIs on the night. It's now the Mariners six and the A's nothing. Oh yeah, Julio Rodriguez is the catalyst, but he's not the only one who's raking right now.

This is the top offense in all of baseball and for that reason they have won 12 of 13 and they remain perched atop the AL West. If you missed my conversation with Daniel Kramer, he joined us from, actually he wasn't still in the press box, but he was still at the stadium at T-Mobile Park. He was still finishing his work after what was a later game, East Coast time, between the A's and the Mariners. It was a shutout, so we talked not just about the hitting, but also about the pitching and how it's built for October.

37,000 plus fans there on hand in Seattle and to hear him talk about the energy and the electricity was a lot of fun. Julio Rodriguez, he scuffled for the first half of the season as did the Mariners, but that is not the case any longer. Another four hits for him as well as a home run. Scott Service sees the pressure on his shoulders, but man he is outperforming expectations in this latter half of the season. It's not just the speed, it's you know hitting them all hard, hitting them all over the fence.

Everything he's bringing to our ball club right now, it's just been fantastic. One game lead over the Astros and the Rangers. This by the way came at the expense of the Oakland A's who are one of the worst teams in baseball, but boy they got company now in the AL West.

Oh by the way, I'm not sure if you know this, this actually caught my eye earlier and I forgot to mention it. The A's are officially eliminated from playoff contention, so they are the only team that cannot make the playoffs. The Angels are going that way, it's not quite as bad yet, but they they can't seem to buy a win right now, even against the Mets. Jay, I'm kind of glad we did not go to the Sunday game between the Mets and the Angels. I know we were solely going to see Shohei Ohtani, but he went 0 for 4 and I'm all right with the fact that we didn't spend money on that game. Yeah, I think that was a good miss there.

A missed opportunity if you will. Speaking of Shohei, he does continue to hit. His manager Phil Nevin, he's got a lot on his plate right now, the team is tanking, they're going the wrong way, but mostly Shohei Ohtani, who's got the tear in his UCL. Not sure what the treatment will be, if it's surgery, but some details of the injury and what it might have happened from Nevin on MLB network radio Sirius XM. His last four or five outings probably he's you know people want to talk about well how could they keep pitching. It just there was nothing wrong with his elbow.

There was never a complaint on the elbow. He had some fatigue, he had a finger cramp, he had lower body cramps, those were the things that we were dealing with before. Skip to start on you know kind of his NR's recommendation as we stopped, you know he sat down with it. His bullpen sessions before his last start were really good. He came out in the first inning of the game last week and we're showing as well as he has all year and then the second inning you just saw a couple pitches where the velocity dipped and then I saw a breaking ball that didn't just look right. I looked at the numbers and it was about eight to ten inches less so I took the trainer out to the mound and he told me that he was having some soreness but not hurt. Really felt like he was just you know more fatigued than anything and when we went underneath he you know pointed to a couple spots and then we went and he actually asked us you know we recommend the MRI and he agreed to it this time and went in and we saw the damage so unfortunate but it is part of baseball. Manager Phil Nevin of the Angels, a bit of a timeline there but we only knew about the fatigue. He only knew about the arm fatigue and at some point maybe the fatigue the wear and tear kind of added up and it was an angle that put too much stress on the ligament or a pitch that put too much stress on the ligament and so then with the MRI they noticed the tear they found the tear and yet he went out and he had gosh I think a double in the second game of that two game set on whatever day we found out about the injury last week. So he continues to hit the Angels there at this point a lost cause or they're at least on life support and who knows what happens with Otani now or how much money he makes or where he goes or whether or not he even gets the surgery right away or waits.

Last we knew he was getting second opinions. All right we're looking ahead to the start of the NFL season and we're asking you which team is the last to get a win? Not which team is gonna win the Super Bowl? Nope let's dial it back a little bit let's pump the brakes if you will. Which team in the NFL is the last to get a win? I gave you some options earlier some teams that I think might struggle out of the gate for various reasons so find us on Twitter after hours CBS or on our Facebook page.

Good morning to you it's Tuesday. This is Upper Hand Fantasy. What about JK Dobbins? I think he's going to be the breakout running back of 2023. I love the fact that he's a year removed from a bad injury.

I love his price at the 4-5 turn. I'm happy with him as my RB2 and I do think he has an RB1 upside man. I think he is a dark horse candidate to lead the league in rushing. I think he has a talent. He has a great offensive line.

He's averaging 5.9 yards per carry so far over his career. Upper Hand Fantasy available on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. With Serena retiring people consider me the next leader or something of tennis and I don't really put myself in that box because Serena is the GOAT for a reason. It's greatest of all time. That's what the word means and I'm part of all time so I don't know if I'll be able to go as far as she did. That's the dream.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Kogo Goff is still a teenager. She has a long career ahead of her if she remains healthy and chooses to stay in the arena but won in Cincinnati last week and now is on stage at the US Open. Needs three sets to get through her first match on center court but it came on a significant date and there was a ceremony that took place in New York on center stage.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Court on Monday night and while it did delay the start of the Novak Djokovic match you can imagine why fans were happy to stick around. Number one they got to see a tense opener for Kogo Goff but also the ceremony honored 50 years of equal pay in prize money for the men at the US Open and for the women. And for Kogo Goff who's a teenager who is realizing the benefits of the pioneers who came ahead of her who made sure that this was pushed through a half century ago.

Think about what US soccer has gone through. The transformation in the last year with the women earning equal pay. It's been 50 years at the US Open so pretty incredible and Billie Jean King a major part of that she's always there. She had big smiles. She was part of the ceremony but for Kogo Goff it's significant as she tells well as you hear her on US Open tennis tv. I'm really really happy to be a part of this organization and I'm truly thankful for Billie Jean King and the original nine for all the work that they've done to push women's tennis and women's sports in general. So I was happy to be you know I'm happy to play here on the 50th anniversary of equal prize money and hopefully you know we can continue to work and get that up for all the levels on the sport. I appreciate Kogo Goff but as you can imagine as a teenager she's only known it one way at the US Open and for the USTA which is the US Tennis Association.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I always appreciate it when younger athletes recognize those who had a different experience, a more challenging experience, a tougher experience, one that was more fraught with resistance and adversity and that was certainly the case for those women who fought for equal prize money. Again US women's soccer only recently getting the same honor from our parent organization from the parent organization here in the United States and I would encourage you to think about it maybe from a different perspective. For those of you who think pay should be tied to revenue, meaning US men's soccer earns a lot more money in terms of TV viewership and the fans who show up yada yada yada, if you believe that pay should be tied to revenue maybe think about it this way. The players themselves can't control what the TV broadcast deals look like.

What the TV broadcast deals look like or how many fans show up to their matches. They also can't control capacity and where they play so if you don't consider the disparity between the size of the stadiums or the size of the venues where women's teams play versus men's teams then you're kind of missing out there. The players can't control that.

They can't control whether or not fans show up. What they can do is put in the same amount of work an equal amount of blood sweat tears determination hours of practicing dedication over years and for that reason and in order to level the playing field and give them the best opportunity to be successful they should have access to the same fields the same resources the same travel accommodations. To build a winner a lot of times requires investment and the US women's soccer team going back now a couple of decades has succeeded despite in some cases dangerous field conditions travel accommodations that were stressful or created issues. It's not about the pay as much though there is a level of respect that comes with equal pay but in earning equality from US soccer in earning equality from the governing body of the sport they also earned equal resources. Again the same types of food and nutrition maybe athletic trainers field conditions travel accommodations these all make it easier well easier is the wrong word these all can lead to a greater level of success. Now think about tennis women and men women and men certainly there are some high-profile women's tennis players that have made headlines grabbed the headlines kept the headlines like Serena Williams like the Williams sisters they were definitely equal to any of the men's players in terms of name recognition high-profile matches remember when Serena was playing her final few matches there at the US Open the ratings were off the charts on TV but for the most part that doesn't matter what matters is that they're treated equally what matters is that they have the same access to resources and yes equal pay their fight was just as tough so I appreciate the USTA and certainly the US Open for recognizing that the women put the same effort and time they battle just as hard and they can't really control who shows up who doesn't whether or not it's on TV what time the matches are that's all out of their control but everything that they have a hand in well you know there's no challenging their dedication their determination the effort they put into it and that's really where the pay comes from they're competing just as hard they're putting and pouring into it just as much as the men are it's a level of respect respect what the women are doing the same as we respect what the men are doing regardless of who's paying attention or whether or not the TV ratings are big blah blah 50 years you want to talk about progressive in tennis it's had some incredible pioneers who have led the way and refused to give up the fight and Coco Gauff and other younger tennis players this is all they've ever known which is not the case in a lot of sports where you have the the men's and women's version one more and this is Novak Djokovic who's back in the game and he's one more and this is Novak Djokovic who's back in New York for the first time since the final in 21 which he lost by the way he's thrilled you can see it on his face his excitement level certainly the the way that he played in the opening round a straight set victory but also he lights up talking about New York in the US Open it is the biggest stadium we have in tennis you know this court has seen so much history in so many battles and everyone knows in tennis that the night sessions at Arcturus are definitely the most exciting fun loud energetic sessions you can have out there in the on the tennis world so it's it's the size it's the echo because of the roof you know construction it's everything combined and just people you know people New Yorkers love their tennis you know they stay they don't care if they stay up very late post midnight because they they get excited and I love it I mean it's you know it's great because every grand slam has its own charm in a way you know comparing to for example Wimbledon it's a complete contrast right in Wimbledon it's it's different than than here and here is all about entertainment fun good energy good vibes so if you can feed on that you'll have a lot of fun it is a lot of fun I love the atmosphere especially for the night matches I've been to both I've done day sessions where you can wander around the grounds and you can stand next to some of the satellite courts you can get right there you can hear the players breathing for heaven's sakes like that's how close you can get to them you can hear them talking to themselves or to umpires but when it comes to the matches that are under the lights and that was Coco Gauff and Novak Djokovic on Monday yeah New Yorkers love to stay up late the lights are bright the stadium is loud especially the farther down you sit toward the court and there were a bunch of celebrities there including President Obama President and Michelle Obama they were there for Coco Gauff and then Novak Djokovic and it's still early so it's a raucous atmosphere especially when you've got star power and great matches I've seen Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic Serena you know I've seen some of the best stars in the game in the last 10 years come through New York and it is worth the price of admission all right you can find us on Twitter After Hours CBS our Facebook page too who is the last team in the NFL to get a win this season I love how some of you are leading with your hearts and not your heads you are listening to the After Hours podcast stretching the pitch swung on driven to right center field and deep headed toward the bullpen that baby is gone home run Acuna number 29 Braves get the lead right back it's four to two listen to these Braves fans MVP chants in a visiting ballpark this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence Ronald Acuna Jr. had one heck of a night and I do mean a little bit of everything this is what people will be talking about on Tuesday morning actually not the fact that the Braves pummeled the Rockies in Denver 14 runs on 18 hits or even if we're speaking of Acuna specifically four for five his 29th home run as you hear on Braves radio five RBI and this from the lead-off spot I think he had a couple of stolen bases too as he was manning right field on defense well right field is where two fans accosted him have you not seen the video it's on my Twitter a law radio wild scene at Coors Field in Denver where first one fan somehow wriggles his way onto the field and then makes a b-line for Acuna so he gets to Acuna before the security guards arrive and he bear hugs Ronald Acuna wraps himself around Acuna and then he gets to Acuna and then he gets to Acuna and will not let go so then late arriving security show up and have to extricate they have to pry this fan off of Ronald Acuna and while they're doing that and all their attention is being paid to this one fan as they kind of battle him and tackle him and get him to the ground another fan comes running out from I mean essentially from their blind side they were not watching their six there's three security guards who are trying to pull this one fan off of Acuna and as they're doing that another fan runs from a completely different direction and get this there's a security guard running behind him but he gets to Acuna first the three guys who are already with Acuna don't see him coming and so not only does the fan beat the one guard who's chasing him out into the to right field to get Acuna he knocks Ronald over thankfully no one was hurt but there certainly was potential there and if I'm Acuna I appreciate that he kind of shook it off and his teammates tried to make a joke of it not funny not funny not funny at all how do those fans get on the field number one number two how do they not get tackled before they get to the player was Coors Field security sleeping and I don't mean literally but not paying attention to me security at ballparks or NBA arenas hockey's a little different because of the glass though you could always drop down onto the tunnel I suppose but there is at least the glass NFL I mean we have streakers every now and then to me the security should be as vigilant as lifeguards do you know what happens if lifeguards aren't paying attention or do you know what could happen if lifeguards aren't paying attention and take their eyes off the water it could be the difference in a swimmer surviving or not and for those of you who live near an ocean you know that shark attacks or shark encounters are on the increase it could be the difference between people getting out of the water in time and not lifeguards can't afford and usually there's a rotation there's more than one they're trying to cover a lot of territory it's hard to see everything that's happening in the ocean so we're not talking about one person but same as security there's a security team they should be scanning and be vigilant around the stadium at all times and the fact that this fan if you can call him that was able to get on the field and get to a kunya and bear hug him before security ever got there I mean my reaction was holy crap when I first saw it it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on cbs sports radio so kunya first threw an interpreter and then his manager brian snicker a couple of other teammates I don't know what to say um you know because the truth is I think the fans are in the stands and I think at any moment you know they can charge the field and I'd say the important thing is that we're all okay and I hope that they're okay too I thought he handled it well just glad he's safe that's all that's all you know you can really come down to is just glad that that no one is injured or you know like I said Ronnie's safe he means so much to us uh so that yeah so you just you know you're thankful for for nothing that that you know seriously happened you don't want to see that happen I know that because you don't know what those people are you know what they can do when they come out there so it's it's a scary situation yeah brian snicker's right obviously most fans go through a security checkpoint or they even have metal detectors at most venues they even have metal detectors at most venues but let's just say for the sake of argument I'm I'm going extreme here someone has I don't know a pencil that's extremely sharp or someone manages to bring in some other type of maybe wood or a substance that doesn't get flagged by a metal detector and it's sharp and it's used as a shiv or a knife or something that could stab a player or the fan puts the player in a headlock or tackles him you know all of these things are within the realm of possibility we know this because people are crazy they are and whether they actually mentally have challenges or whether they're just crazed fanatics over their team the risks are always there at the very least course field security and the Rockies have to answer some questions about how this happened and then how it took quite a while to get those two bozos off the field I like the way that kevin pilar puts it this is it's dangerous to be sure yeah you're excited or excited it's the wrong word sorry yeah you're relieved that akuna is okay but it doesn't mean the situation itself doesn't raise red flags I don't think they had any ill intentions I think that was pretty evident early on still I mean we we have these rules and regulations in place we're supposed to feel safe on the field and you know thankfully they weren't there to do any harm you just never know during those situations you know what people's intentions were luckily they were just extreme fans of brawny and and and wanted to get a picture put their hands on them but in no way is it appropriate for people to leave the stands even more to to put their hands on someone else and you know you you don't ever really expect it so you know me and mike are just playing catch and then you kind of look out the corner of your eye and you see some people in the field security doing their job and then you know when ronnie fell down you know you your mindset changes a little bit you go over there and you you don't think about any repercussions you just want to get them out of there safely and whatever I could do to help and luckily they were able to uh you know kind of calm the situation down and thankfully he wasn't hurt in it hmm yeah that's the relief but it could have happened and so especially when he falls down your mind goes to gosh this could have been a whole lot worse i know we've talked about this before in the context of fans throwing items on the field and it it happens occasionally in supercharged situations that's also not okay and i'll get people pushed back on me oh what are the chances one of those bottles or cans or something else actually hits a player well it's it's happened before our guys generally injured no but we've seen that too we've seen fans throw glass or throw items that have actually drawn blood from athletes but more than that and and actually for those of you who remember the extreme case extreme case a crazed fan of stephy groff stabbing monica celis at a changeover going back gosh i don't remember what year that was but it was one of the biggest stories it's at ripple effects shockwaves through all of sports not just tennis when celis was stabbed from behind by a fan who came down to the lowest row of seats near the court wow that was in the early 90s i mean that's what can happen when fans kind of lose perspective and get a little bit crazier and in some cases do have some mental health challenges where they don't realize that what they're doing is dangerous or is wrong so that's an extreme case but there are examples where you have to kind of draw the line back even farther and it's never okay for fans to put athletes in danger and i think furthermore athletes shouldn't ever have to worry about it a lot of times in nba arenas the fans are right on the court because those seats sell for buku bucks and in the nfl you've got some stands that are lower either in the end zones or in the corners where fans could get on the field and it's such a big area to cover for security baseball too i know there's a lot of ground to watch and to cover but if it means having more people then you got to do it because athletes shouldn't have to fear that fans are on the field or interacting with them they need to not have that in the back of their minds in any way i am glad if akuna doesn't ever think about it again but i would yeah i would be shaken by this whole thing it's crazy you'll hear a lot more about it today and we'll talk to you tonight it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio boom
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