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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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August 28, 2023 5:51 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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August 28, 2023 5:51 am

Amy got a not-so pleasant surprise from a house guest this weekend | The Mariners take sole possession of 1st place in the AL West | Trey Lance is traded to the Dallas Cowboys.


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That's slash positive. We just have one Sunday left without football. That is it. You guys, one Sunday to go. Two more weeks, exactly. And we will spend our Sunday in two weeks blanketing you with football. You know we do our Sunday night football show that we dig and we know you dig. Of course, early in the season we're constantly telling you to pump the brakes. We love to overreact with you though.

It's a lot of fun. We believe that football drives the bus around here and we're so close. Oh my gosh, all we have left is Labor Day weekend.

That's it. So I hope that you milked as much summer as possible out of this weekend and that you are ready for some football soon. It's soon. Or if college is your jam, you know we already saw Notre Dame, USC pick up their first wins of this year. So it was college football weekend zero. That's what they call it in college football. They start with zero as their very first weekend and then they kind of line up with the NFL a little bit.

Not exactly of course, but the NFL is kind and generous enough to allow college football to start earlier and then the NFL will not play on Saturdays until college season is done. All right, so let's not create any competition among the two fan favorites in the United States. So yeah, we are into college football season now and no, we're not going to forget about you baseball or golf or tennis. Even Messi is going to have competition now. As much as Messi has been as hot as Taylor Swift over the last month, has it been a month since he first was introduced in South Florida? Even though it's been Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, see what I'm saying? Even though it's been Messi mania and all Messi all the time, even Messi is going to find out which football is king in the United States of America. Boom baby.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I had the best weekend. I had such a good weekend and I cannot wait to tell you some of the great stories, but also there's this. You know I'm an animal lover. You know that I love dogs. I have a dog, Penny, getting close to 14 now. My cat is 15. I had three pets for eight years. I love pets. Bob has a dog. We're about to be a three pet family yet again.

When my friend Chris told me that he wanted to come visit me this weekend so we could hang out. His family is away. He decided he would come visit from Maryland, take a bit of a road trip. He said to me, can I bring Jax? Jax is his one and a half year old puppy.

It's a combination. Oh Jax is the most adorable dog I've ever seen. I wanted to steal him initially. So Jax is jet black. He's a combination black lab, Australian cattle dog, and Siberian husky. He's smart. He's funny. He's expressive. He's adorable. He has a ton of energy.

He's got big eyes and pointed ears that stand up except that his right one bounces when he walks. I love Jax. Penny and Jax got along just fine.

Jax made himself right at home. Once we got inside, Chris let him off the leash and let him do his thing. Now Sugar was hiding.

That was smart on her part because as an Australian cattle dog and as a a bigger dog, he likes to herd things and check things out. So I was preparing lunch. Chris and I were hanging out or catching up. We hadn't seen each other in a couple years. By the way, this is the Chris that I did the polar bear plunge with in the Chesapeake Bay in January of 21. Oh yeah, we are friends for life. Anyway, he was my dive partner, if you will. My swim buddy.

He's a retired State Police Lieutenant in Maryland and so we've remained tight and we hadn't had a visit in a while. So this was our opportunity. So Jax is running around the house, nose down like any Australian cattle dog or Australian shepherd would do. Just checking everything out. I had put the dog food away.

I'd put the cat food away. He did find some water. Okay, fine, whatever. And he and Penny are, they're good. They're kind of checking each other out. All of a sudden, Jax gets the zoomies. And it's clear that he needs to be outside because Penny's not, she's not a young'un anymore and doesn't really need a young dog in her face. So she gave him a warning growl and we let Jax outside in the backyard. So Jax is running around. He's investigating. I'm inside getting dinner ready or lunch, excuse me, and I smell something funny and I am thinking, okay, Jax is outside now.

My windows aren't open. What is that smell? And I kind of walk around like I leave the kitchen quickly.

I walk to the other end of the ground floor. Nothing. I don't smell anything in there. I go back to cooking thinking maybe one of the dogs had gas for some reason. Well, Jax comes back inside. Chris comes with him and I said to Chris, do you smell that?

He's like, yeah, I do. I kind of walked around to see if Jax had an accident, but I don't think so. I looked around and I decided that I would have to investigate further because it was a pungent smell. And so I'm walking around again. It's not in my utility room, my office. It's not in the spare bathroom. It's not in my living room. But then, and now my stairs, my house is built in 1951, so my stairs have character.

They have creeks to them. I like it that way. Hardwood floors, really, yeah, really wonderful floors that are the originals and I wouldn't change them even if they creak in certain places. We had not heard Jax go upstairs. This is a 55-pound dog probably. We had not heard him go upstairs, so I didn't even think to check upstairs. Plus, Sugar was up there and I thought, okay, well, Jax probably kept his distance. Except that I get to the bottom of the stairs and I smell what's cooking even more, even more distinctly. Stings the nostrils.

Yeah, I definitely did that. So I said to Chris, I guess I'll check upstairs even though Jax didn't go upstairs. Oh, I get halfway up the stairs and what do I see on the landing upstairs? A ginormous pile of poo. And I mean a large huge pile of poo as though Jax had saved it up just to come hang out with us and then share his gratitude for us allowing him in the house. So I instantly have to grab a bag. Poor Chris is instantly have to grab a bag.

Poor Chris is mortified, as you can imagine. Just wanted to have your old dog just took a large dump on my upstairs landing. Come on, man. And I'm not kidding you. We're not talking small pile. We're talking maybe the size of three cupcakes, like a big pile. Huge. So I have to run downstairs.

I grab a bag. Chris is about ready to freak out. He's so embarrassed.

As you can imagine, could you imagine if Penny went into someone else's house and pooped on the floor? Oh my gosh. So he said right away, Chris says to me, you're not going to talk about this on the air, are you? Oh, well, of course I am.

I even said, I'll send you the segment. So yes, I thankfully it was a pile that kept its form and shape, if you know what I mean. And so I grabbed a wipe and I grabbed a bag. I picked up the large pile of of Jax's housewarming gift and gave it to Chris and he took it outside. And I was able to get it.

It didn't stay in the hardwoods, but I was able to get it off the hardwoods before it made a real mess or made a stain, thankfully. And then I took my Lysol can and I sprayed the entire house. But Chris was beside himself.

I think he apologized at least a dozen times. And I'm laughing because it's, it's life, right? Penny's had every now and then when Penny has gotten sick and I haven't been in the house, Penny's also, she's had an accident here or there on the floor. Penny dribbles now. She's almost 14. She's, I wouldn't say she's incontinent, but sometimes she doesn't even realize what's happening. So I get it. But the funny part was was he wasn't even in the house for two minutes before he decided that he needed to show his, I don't know, dominance.

We were definitely back in the dumpers again. So yes, this is why I don't get boy dogs. I don't know if this was him marking his territory or just him being a puppy. I was a little afraid he was going to pee on my couch, lift his leg on my couch or lift his leg on me. Thankfully he did not do that.

I teach this man some etiquette. We took him for two very long walks. We took him down to the school field. He was too tired. It was hot. So he was too tired even to chase a ball, but we wore Jax out until of course Sugar made an appearance about three hours into his visit.

And then Jax was awake again. Really cute dog. Excuse me. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Sorry about that.

I don't know what that was. Really cute dog. Just the sweetest personality, big old brown eyes, adorable ears. I wanted to steal him. If it weren't for Penny, well and another incoming dog, I would definitely be looking for a dog like Jax. He was a rescue, so he's just so grateful. But boy, not only that, but I left Sugar's food down for all of 30 seconds and the dog inhaled Sugar's food. I mean, he was a Tasmanian devil in my house for five hours. So, you know, this is why I will never adopt a puppy. That puppy energy is real. Could you imagine when your sister-in-law or sorry, your sister and your brother-in-law's dog comes over, does Charlie ever accidentally or not accidentally poop in the house? Not as, when he first started, when he was around one and a half to now he's like closer to four and a half.

So he's not, doesn't do action as much, but he's still crazy. But yeah, when he first started coming over, it was almost every time it was like you're saying you would save it up for like, Hey, I'm here. Poor Moose.

It was terrible. What did Moose do? Did Moose climb on top of his tower of beds and just refused? Moose would try to ram him.

He would like get mad and like be like a linebacker and kind of like meet him in the A-gap. You think Moose knows what an A-gap is? Oh my gosh.

Yes. I love animals. I love dogs and horses specifically, but this was not your ordinary dog poo. This was a ginormous pile. It could have been horse poo. Like that's how much poop it was. I couldn't, I couldn't believe it. Thankfully the dog is healthy. I guess that's all there is to say. Oh my gosh.

And Chris was again, Chris was mortified. He said, I even stopped multiple times to get him to go before we got here. I took him for a walk this morning before we got in the car.

Nope. With a young pup like that, it's gotta just be the excitement. Like they get there and they see.

No way, no way. The excitement and you go upstairs to find a quiet place to poop. It's not like he did it right in the kitchen or something. He went upstairs and found a private spot where he could use the potty. And the funny thing is it was right outside the potty. Like it was right in front of my bathroom.

That's a very good point. He knew what he was doing. Absolutely did. He did.

He needed to find a quiet place where he could be undisturbed while he did his business. Heavens. So that was part of my weekend, though that was not the amazing part, obviously. But I felt as though I was very gracious. I did not get mad. Chris apologized. I said, please don't worry about it. I don't really care that much. I just thought it was so funny. He wasn't even in the house 60 seconds. We've been outside multiple times.

He wasn't even in the house 60 seconds where he decided that, hey, I'm going to show you who's boss around here. This is the spot. Oh heavens. I did not take a picture.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I did take pictures while kayaking on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania near Strasburg, Lancaster area. For those of you who are familiar, the Susquehanna is a river with a ton of current. You wouldn't know that by looking at it from the banks, but boy, you get out there and it has got a, it's got a really active current. Good exercise. My whole upper body is now sore. I can feel it. We did some heavy paddling and heavy kayaking into the wind and into the current upstream for a good hour plus.

But it was an awesome day to be on the water. I did share those photos on Twitter, ALawRadio. I'll retweet them right now if you want to check them out. We actually saw one tree already turning yellow.

It's not fall yet, but we saw one tree already turning yellow. Jay, you know how much I love cloud photos. Oh my goodness. They were exceptional on Saturday. They absolutely were. Went to a show on Friday night in the Lancaster area.

That was amazing. And then slept. I'm not kidding. Both Friday and Saturday nights, eight hours.

I don't remember the last time in my life that that happened. So it was a really good weekend. Lots of friend time. Lots of time on the water. Lots of conversation.

Lots of dogs. Lots of things to be excited about as we are getting down to the nitty gritty now with summer weekends. So check out the photos again on Twitter, ALawRadio.

Jay and I will put them up on Facebook when we have an opportunity. Here's what we have in store for you. We've got the last weekend of the NFL preseason. And while I don't care about scores and you don't care about scores and you shouldn't care about scores, we've got quarterback news, of course. First of all, the Texans make their choice public. Second of all, Trey Lance is now a Dallas Cowboy. Wowzers. Jennifer Lee Chan will join us from the Bay Area in 45 minutes. But between now and then, we'll hear from Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, Brock Purdy as well, because he is QB one. Also, if you missed it, in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Mariners are in first place in the AL West.

First place. Do you know? Are you ready? I'm going to warm up my voice. Me, me, me, me, me. Oh, that doesn't sound good. That's better.

Me, me, me, me, me. Oh, there we go. Nerd alert.

Yep, that's what I'm talking about. Jay, I feel like we have another, we have many nerd alert drops that we need to bring back. Nerd alert. I don't even know if I can still do that. It's been a weird summer for my voice.

Anyway, here's your nerd alert. 20 years, exactly 20 years this month since the Mariners sat in first place all by themselves this late in a season. 20 years, not since 2003 have the Mariners had sole possession of first place this late in a season.

How about them apples? And the effing drought. So we've got some exciting Seattle Mariners, including Julio Rodriguez, who is over the moon. Also, Mookie Betts and his return to Boston.

And so those are a couple of the baseball headlines. Oh my gosh, did you all see the pick off throw from Elie De La Cruz? On Sunday, he delivered a bullet from, we're going to call it shallow center. He was out on the grass in center field. He receives the relay from the wall or close to the wall. The ball had bounced past the center fielder. Center fielder relays it to Elie. Elie turns on a dime and fires without even looking. Fires and gets the runner at home. It was jaw-dropping and really impressive.

So I'm excited for you to hear that, hear what it sounded like on Red's radio. And then we've got so much more than just baseball and football. Did you know U.S. Open taking place in New York? The tour championship in golf. It's done.

It's over 18 million dollars for the winner. That wrapped up in Atlanta this weekend. Not to mention the NASCAR regular season in Daytona and another piece of history for one of our iconic athletes.

And I do mean our as in USA, USA. So we've got a ton to cram in. I can't promise you we're going to get to everything but I'm going to do my absolute best to make sure on this Sunday night we start prepping and warming up for what's to come. Which are crazy, over the top, frenetic, hectic, chaotic, freaky, but oh so much fun football Sunday nights. So find us on Facebook or on Twitter. We're just getting started.

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So head to your favorite local garden center and ask for proven winners color choice flowering shrubs. This receiver trio is just scary and it does start with Scary Terry himself there. He's good man and I it's just can we get normal quarterback play for this guy for once in his career because you're right I mean yeah no shade to Odie who's fine as Taylor Heinecky but he was literally a backup quarterback in the XFL and he's probably the best player that Washington has rolled out at quarterback in Terry's you know career. Subscribe to Reception Perception available on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast. TBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Swing and a drive deep into the gap in left center field going and going goodbye baseball into the Mariners bullpen Julio Rodriguez with a wide shot two run home run with two outs. It's now the Mariners three and the Royals nothing and it has been a royal slugfest for home run seven yesterday and two this afternoon. Three nothing the Mariners lead Julio Rodriguez with his 51st career home run in only two years of the big leagues. He's gotten to 50 faster than anybody in the history of the franchise quicker than A-Rod and there is number 23 on the year for Julio Rodriguez. That was a tee shot.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Mariners radio it is the culmination of three weeks surging. Actually I'm not even sure it's three full weeks. If you go back to mid-August the Mariners trailed the Rangers by seven and a half games in the AL West standings. Mid-August and now here we are we're not even through the month so maybe two weeks and the Mariners have taken over first place all by themselves all by their lonesomes. In the AL West it's the Mariners with a game lead on both the Astros and the Rangers. 11 wins in their last 12 tries and couple that with the Rangers backpedaling and you have a change atop the division standings. Julio Rodriguez continues to be a lightning rod, a spark, the energizer bunny, the megawatt smile.

He's smashing the baseball three home runs I think in the last two games and he also got on root sports northwest following this big win and could not contain his enthusiasm. We just gotta keep on going. It's not over here.

It's not over yet. We're gonna need your energy. Keep bringing the energy to this ballpark and let's keep on riding this. I will keep it right there.

I will keep it right there. I love that guy. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio so let's talk about the Texas Rangers. Man just when you feel like they can't figure out new ways to lose what are you the Chargers? Three balls and no strikes and the pitch in the dirt and he walked in the winning run. The twins are going to win seven to six on a bases loaded walk. Hernandez walked three in the inning and what a tough afternoon for the Texas Rangers. You play 13 innings and you get walked off by four pitches out of the zone.

Celebration going on to Michael A. Taylor and the twins celebrating at first base. He just lost it. Lost his command and you know the hard-fought game. I will say the guys were fighting but we just didn't do much with runners and scoring position.

That's that's going to come back to get you. Really neither team our guys did a good job there but you know score one run in what the last two games. We're going to get you know score one run in what the last nine innings that that came back to get us to. Bruce Bochy man it's gotten a lot more stressful to lead the Texas Rangers these days. As you hear on twins radio Jonathan Hernandez who was the eighth pitcher of the game for the Rangers walks three guys and then walks in the game-winning run for the twins so essentially a walk-off walk from Minnesota in the bottom of the 13th and sure it's easy to point to Hernandez and say you screwed up except Bochy points out the Rangers were two for 17 with runners in scoring position.

Two for 17. They had the lead in the top of the 12th. The twins matched them in the bottom of the inning. They did not score in the top of the 13th and the twins wouldn't have either if they had been able to get out of that frame without the walk so now even as the Mariners have won 11 of their last 12 the Rangers have lost 9 of 10 and are no longer in the driver's seat in the AOS. I think it's anybody's division so you look at us in the beginning of the year you look at the the division at the beginning of the year and say the same thing and so we got a lot of baseball to play this last month. Whoever plays the best baseball will be playing at the end so that's the way I look at it.

That's Marcus Simeon. They still do have a ton of star power. They've spent a lot of money on this roster and they've been until today in sole possession of first place for all except I think it was one or two days maybe or they were tied with a team in April. They've controlled this division and as I say they led the Mariners by seven and a half games in mid-August. Now think of it from the twins perspective who are up six in what has been a week and down year for the AL Central and Rocco Baldelli calls this one of the best wins of the season. Big time big time big time effort from from our team and you can single some names out if you want to but that was that's a team victory where we were up we were down we were all over the place in the game.

Good team on the other side of the field but our team is tough and we kept working never never relented really at any point. I had chills after the game. It's a walk-off walk and I had chills after the game. I mean I do understand it it shows resiliency it shows their ability to rally to stay in the fight to have that same intensity and sense of urgency but he had chills over a walk-off walk.

I had chills after the game. Anyway there's a lot of real estate still left in the major league baseball season and while we are starting to see some separation in races like the AL Central or even in the NL Central where the Brewers now lead the Cubs by four games though both those teams are still relatively hot it's becoming the Reds aren't out of it but it's becoming more of a two-horse race. We know the Dodgers and the Braves are skunking their divisions the American League East is still very much up for grabs yeah so it's maybe not the dog days of summer anymore or we just have one week to go in the dog days of summer the stretch run is nearly upon us so there's a lot that still can happen can and will happen. Before we get to our break you have got to got to see the video it's one of those moments where you got to see it to believe it or maybe video just enhances this moment for Elie De La Cruz as the Reds were in Atlanta and don't ask me who measures these things of course I suppose the trajectory of the ball heading to home plate means there might have been Arizona Arizona Arizona my fault Arizona my fault uh so the trajectory of the ball was right at home plate so maybe there was a radar gun on it but according to those in the know the ball was traveling at nearly 100 miles per hour when Elie threw it to the plate to nab Corbin Carroll and prevent him from achieving an inside the park home run. Here's the 0-2 pitch to Corbin Carroll he reaches for it lifts the fly ball to deep center field Friedel's on the run going back he's at the wall leaps and he can't get it it bangs off the pads Carroll's on his horse heading to third and rounding third De La Cruz home with the relay they got him what a throw by Elie De La Cruz on the relay from T.J. Friedel as they cut down Corbin Carroll trying for an inside the park home run a thrilling way to end the fifth.

Great play great play on their part um you know I think against uh you know in in most situations he makes it there um so you understand completely why they they tried it and uh it was like a perfect play on T.J.'s card and then just an incredible throw by Elie and a take by Tyler to to be able to cut that down. Yeah David Bell continually amazed by Elie De La Cruz and boy the Reds trajectory completely changed when he was called up they had this great surge they got to the top of the NL Central and even if they don't make the playoffs which would be tough to do if they don't win the division they have got themselves a foundation now as a really young team with some veteran pieces but uh what a what a star he is a superstar already reminds me a little bit of what Julio Rodriguez was for the Mariners last year so a lot still to come as we say we've got more from baseball ourselves Houston they had a pair of 40 year olds facing each other in Detroit this is kind of fun the last meeting we believe between Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera so that was taking place in the motor city Mookie Betts returning to Boston to baseball is going to have to step aside though at least partly shove aside shove aside because football is back baby and over the weekend even as teams are trying to get down to the the rosters that they will break camp with or I guess they've essentially broken camp but the rosters that they will start the season with it's tough decisions it's tough financial decisions and it's tough position battles as well and that applied to the San Francisco 49ers who decided Sam Darnold would be their number two making Trey Lance expendable maybe just maybe there's some irony in the fact that he was drafted number three overall after the Niners made a big trade to move up a couple years ago and now because he was relegated to the number three on their depth chart he is no longer a member of the San Francisco 49ers man life comes at you fast Trey Lance. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Trey's a very well liked guy one of the better people I've been around and I do think he's going to have a lot of success in this league it's been a tough road for him because he thought times he has gotten an opportunity he ended up getting hurt and missed that window and now he's in this position and we'll always try to do right for Trey if there's a better situation that his heart's in and something like that we're going to make sure not to do something that hurts him in that way.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Kyle Shanahan proving to be a bit prophetic maybe because he knew something at the time that we did not know. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Late last week Kyle announcing that Sam Darnold will serve as QB 2 or his backup QB to Brock Purdy when they start the season. Now think about the number of teams every year it's roughly two-third of the teams in the NFL every season use multiple quarterbacks because of injuries or ineptitude and to be fair the Niners have used more than their share of quarterback since Kyle and John Lynch took over. Now here they are trading away Trey Lance on Friday it was like an NFL Friday news dump already in full swing speaking of dumps and Trey Lance is now a Dallas Cowboy.

Wow of all the places right? Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones they're reacting but really this story begins with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch so they can explain it and top of the hour we will welcome Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. We'll also get the latest on Nick Bosa of course because that remains a major question mark for the Niners. I'm going to start with the trade itself going back several years when Shanahan and Lynch moved up to number three because they were getting a quarterback they had to break the news to Jimmy Garoppolo this was the final year of his deal of course then they re-signed him for another year but they went all out to get Trey Lance and if you remember they told us they knew who they wanted this wasn't hey we're moving up to get a quarterback this was we're moving up to get the quarterback that we want so does that mean the trade the process was all a complete failure? Obviously we took our shot and it didn't work out so I mean that's on us for that but I'm not going to say anything as in failure to I mean that'd be too much of a negative towards Trey I get our deal we took a shot to go for that we were hoping that he could be our guy and that didn't work out so I understand that from our standpoint but I still do believe in Trey and you know about three years ago you know we had the 12th pick in the draft and after that coverage year but we thought we had a really good team and we didn't think we'd have a chance again to get close to that top area to take a quarterback in the top 10 and when you have the 12th pick in the draft we went into it realizing it was a risk but we thought we weren't going to pick that high again for a couple years and we would never have a chance to move from 12 to three we tried to move up to a number of spots before that but three was the first one that would do it you know we looked in everything between 12 and three and we got that and we took our shot something we believed in in a person we believed in well if that's the case and you still believe in Trey Lance and you see the potential the whole team raves about him as a man why give up on him why trade him away when he's still on his rookie deal and he's still relatively young it's a fair question and it's something we talked a lot about internally um you know ultimately uh you know with Brock being healthy uh number one and you know we're excited about that Sam being the number two the reality um it's not the way everybody works it but with our system the number one takes a lot of reps the number two takes the scout team reps it's just not a whole lot of opportunity you know I heard Kyle talk about it to get better and that's what he needs to do he needs to play to get better I think that's that's going to be his opportunity and play I mean ideally games but play is running scout team play is doing all those things we weren't going to have that and so how do you how do you allow a player to grow now he can grow with the Dallas Cowboys which is interesting if you're Trey Lance and it's not San Francisco I can imagine Dallas would be a place where you would feel as though you could find some redemption now Dak Prescott is also healthy and he'll be behind Dak but we've seen what each of the last three years where Dak's missed some time because of injury and the backup has been required I mean Cooper Rush what was he six and one it's Cooper Clutch over the course of the last couple years it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio get this speaks to the quality of the human being that Trey is John Lynch actually said Trey is the one who apologized to the team typical Trey he apologized to us and there was nothing for him to apologize for and we're just we're happy that that he's got a spot and uh you know the Cowboys uh came up big and I think that's an indication that they that they're excited to have him and and we're excited for Trey's new opportunity I always feel like I let Trey down I mean I wanted him to come here I believe in Trey I believed in him before we took him and I'm responsible for that um I didn't want to throw him into the heat of battle right away but I thought he needed to play so we tried to figure out every way to do that I mean if I can look back in hindsight he broke that finger on a on a helmet on that fourth preseason game versus the Raiders I wish I didn't put him in a play that had to break his finger because I think that really hurt him in his first year and not only did it hurt him not getting able to mix in much but it hurt him in the practice time because he had to adjust how he threw and things like that which I think set him back for a second year when we went into the second year we gave him every chance to do it we were going to make an offense that to me gave him the best chance to be successful at that time which we did do and when you do that you hope a guy can stay healthy so you can stay out there long enough but that didn't last long it was the first game and after that I mean I always felt for him and we continue to work with him but sometimes things just don't work out who isn't that the truth not only is life not fair but it never quite goes the way that you anticipate or that you plan but what about from an organizational standpoint why was this the right move for the Niners they've got Brock Purdy they've got Sam Darnold who knows if Sam pans out it remains to be seen whether or not this is them giving up too quickly and Shanahan does indicate that there were conversations about Trey sticking around similar to what they did with Jimmy Garoppolo right there was no one who disliked Jimmy like Jimmy everyone loved Jimmy but they ultimately had to make a tough choice at quarterback they did bring him back one year longer than they anticipated and so at least it's not a burnt bridge we were good like training it actually had a great conversation with them today had a tough conversation when I told him he didn't win the second job um today was much easier just going through it for the last couple days with them um but no there was nothing to fix it was it was what it was and I told him when we told him that he was going to be the three if he could find another opportunity that was good we'd allow him to do that and he did Trey Lance is now with the Dallas Cowboys and you know Jerry Jones loves these types of deals the ones that raise eyebrows and attract a lot of attention according to Jerry and Dak too this was a decision that he made on his own for the most part and didn't talk to either his quarterback or his head coach didn't cross my mind oh period about uh an impact here regarding Dak I know that Dak wants to do anything we can do to improve this team and we're going to do it the facts are that the decision to bring in as high a quality of talent as we could uh and that's uh that's evolving or or a young talent that is uh basically gaining improving getting better that you would be as a young talent uh that's something that uh we've been trying to do but it's just never the opportunity seems to be there so often but we've been trying to do what we did with this trade almost every draft since I've been drafting I can't say that I necessarily expected it no um I understand that as business I understand that they're probably on a timeline they need to get some done and as I said he felt like that strengthened this team to be honest with you I'm not surprised by anything anymore uh he's been in this league eight years been on this team uh it's hard to say that I was surprised to be honest with you of course that makes another quarterback expendable and Will Greer gets cut after the Cowboys final preseason game you'll hear from him a little bit later on in QB news and then Dak Prescott getting emotional over Will a teammate being the collateral damage if you will and that is how pro sports work specifically football but not just football so competitive to make these rosters I'm interested to see whether or not Trey Lance gets another opportunity of course it's not great for the Cowboys if he's playing this season but what about Will Greer will he pop up somewhere else right so it's musical chairs and because quarterbacks are so dang expensive it's better to have a couple under contract that are either on veteran minimum or are on their rookie deals and that's Trey Lance here's the thing Trey is going into year number three he's only starting year three you have him under his rookie deal for three more seasons if that's what you want because you can pick up the fifth year option we know that Jerry Jones was looking for another quarterback has he found the guy who will push Dak or could be their fail-safe we'll talk Niners angle coming up next it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio the official Winning Time podcast from HBO is back I'm Rodney Barnes executive producer on the show Magic and the Lakers are back to defend their title join me as I break down each new episode with sportswriter Jeff Pearlman and the actors directors and key collaborators who brought the 1980s Showtime Lakers to life it's not about basketball it's about winning listen to HBO's official Winning Time podcast on Sundays after the show airs on max
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