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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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July 24, 2023 5:53 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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July 24, 2023 5:53 am

American Brian Harman wins The Open Championship. What he'll do next might surprise you | Jimmy Garoppolo is back, & even gets a hype video | Top NFL running backs hold a meeting on Zoom


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That's positive. Maybe you feel like we're rubbing your noses in it if you live in a place where the heat is unbearable. It's hard to beat the heat these days. And I will feel your pain when I am headed to Houston in July coming up at the end of this week.

All I want is for my flight to go and hang, to be in the air, and to not get hung up, to not cause me to miss my connection. I will deal with the heat. I will deal with the thick humidity.

I will deal with all of it. Sweating for an entire five days which you know is not that different than New Jersey right now either. It's pretty hot and humid as well.

I know many of you live in places. Arizona, my goodness, my uncle was telling me how he comes home from work and gets in the pool like right away. They have a freshwater pool which is really neat.

It stays cold most of the time and you don't have to continually be cleaning it. Whatever gets fresh water, it's beautiful. My aunt in Tucson, so a different part of Arizona, also has a pool but she says it's too hot to go in.

Like okay, I'd be in there all the time. If you have to put ice cubes in the pool, put ice cubes in the pool. Whatever it takes to cool the water down. My sister actually got married in Tucson and it was like 113 degrees the day afternoon in the summer as well as August.

August, why would you go to Arizona for an August wedding? I remember going into the pool like the day of and literally it was just like hanging out and talking like you're on the land. Just kind of like neck deep in water but you don't even feel it. It's just warm.

There's no difference. I need my mom's pool to be colder than that. I say take the hose and just stick the hose in the pool. I don't know how warm your pool is but I know the ocean on Saturday was 79 degrees. It was beautiful. That's a nice temp.

Absolutely perfect. Yeah, it was great. So my friend and I spent more than an hour in the water. We started to get a little pruney because we spent so much time in the water but we were diving into waves. We were riding waves. It was fun to be out there and the first time I got in, I don't know what possessed me too. I was still wearing my sun hat, not thinking I was going to go under but the waves were so large that we kept getting, if you didn't go under you were getting knocked over and so you might as well just go under. So we swam out far enough that we were able to ride the waves and my hat, it kept ringing my hat out because it was like one of those great sun hats you know and it was awesome. Those are the best waves.

Yeah, it was wonderful. So we laughed, we giggled, we had a great time but I'm telling you the beach day nearly got derailed by the worst case scenario in the morning. I'll explain that coming up.

We've got a brand new post up on our Twitter and Facebook that we're asking you to get creative. I'm just wondering if anyone is going to answer Aaron Rodgers. You know what, how about Baker Mayfield? Jay, your face when I said that. That might be mine. You can't steal mine.

Well no, I wasn't going to say. You know who I want to hear from for an entire week? He'd be so ticked at us. Brooks Koepka. Let's just make Brooks Koepka answer questions for an entire week or are you ready? Kyle Shanahan but he's only talking about his quarterbacks for an entire week. He hates that. Yeah, I don't like playing this game. He can't stand answering questions about his quarterbacks.

All I have to say to that is well how about you get one and then we won't have to ask anymore. So whatever it is, get creative, get outside the the straight and narrow and find find an athlete that you, an athlete, a coach, a general manager that you want to hear from for an entire week. Now I suppose on the flip side maybe later in this week of broadcast, we could say to people who's the one athlete you would like to not hear from for an entire month if you could?

Or maybe it's not athlete, maybe it's a coach. I could think of a few. The problem is I can't answer that question because I need to retain my objectivity and even so people ask me all the time what teams do you hate? What teams do you root against? I can't tell you that and I really I don't feel that same emotion for teams anymore. Not like I did when I was a straight fan and wasn't working in the business.

Working in this business it beats it beats it out of you. You just you don't you have to remain objective. You have to see the perspective of every team. You really can't spend a lot of time and a lot of emotion rooting or hating and so I just I've kind of lost a lot of that anyway. But yeah I'm not gonna tell you which teams I would like to see fail. Which athletes I don't like.

I can't do that. I'm not just giving the answer just to satisfy the question. He hates quarterback questions. Do you think he would hate our segment QB news that we do multiple times per per week even in the dog days of summer we have QB news?

I don't think he'd be a fan. You don't think Kyle Shannon would like QB news? Because a lot of them not a lot of them but often they feature around his QBs. Well it's not our fault he doesn't have a starting quarterback. How is that our fault?

It's not. Or the fact that he uses multiple QBs per year. I mean I can't claim responsibility for that much as I would like to to tell you that I have that kind of power. So which sports figure would you like to hear from for an entire week? If it's Rory McElroy crushing Liv, I'm all about it. If it's Rory just getting salty over Liv and Greg Norman bring it on. Hit Liv. I hit Liv.

Oh that was pretty good Jay. I mean that was a pretty good Northern Irish accent. I hit Liv. I got hit Liv. I hit Liv. Who else would you like to hear from who has a great accent?

Think of somebody who has a super cool accent. I got one. Who? Roger.

Roger Goodell. Hello it's Roger here. Oh Roger. I told you about when I was with yeah when I was with Bob on our trip in June and he actually put Roger Federer on the Waze app.

It was amazing. Roger was telling us where to turn left. Hazard reported ahead.

Hazard reported ahead. It was awesome to hear Roger Federer's voice. That's it.

You stole mine you jerk. I could listen to Roger for a week giving directions. That's fine. Absolutely. I could listen to Roger Federer do anything for a week. That'd be amazing. So what sports figure? I guess if you want to say broadcaster you can come up with one of those two but now I was thinking Dan Campbell just because he is hysterical or Mike Tomlin but honestly now I want to come up with someone who has a really cool accent. Who can we come up with?

This will be fun. I mean I have a personal one but I don't think it's Henrik Lundqvist who has a great accent. Yes he does.

He has a great accent. I'll listen to him for a week no problem. Okay that's a good one. All right I like it.

So that's the idea. Our Baltimore Orioles fan Ken sends another tweet so thank you for listening. He says even though I'm a Ravens fan of course I could listen to Dan Campbell for a week. Dan is unique. John Harbaugh is kind of boring. He does it on purpose. John Harbaugh is not boring. He wants you to think he's boring.

He doesn't want to give anything away. So we're gonna hear some football something something's coming up before the hour is done but we told you that it was a Sunday to top your Sunday or anyone else's Sunday for the American Brian Harmon who wins his first major championship at 36 years old. Awesome. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Find our show question and a beach photo. A zen glorious beach photo on Twitter. After Hours CBS or my Twitter and then our Facebook page too.

We're keeping you busy over there as well. Our phone number 855-212-4227. I mean I wouldn't mind hearing someone who's kind of kooky too who just comes up with the craziest zaniest stuff. I want to go Antonio Brown but then I think oh after a while it'd be cringe-worthy. Cam Newton.

That's it. It's Cam Newton. I want to hear from Cam Newton for an entire week. I'm not 32.

I'm not 32. Or Draymond Green. Although I suspect that after day three of Draymond doing nothing but running his mouth I might get tired of it. I do love Draymond. You a clown.

I mean I do think Draymond would be a great radio co-host. You're not a champ. You a clown.

You a clown. He's just so unabashedly rude. He just doesn't care. Let papa finish okay. Except for with his adorable daughter. Oh my goodness.

So yes. One sports figure on repeat. Well no he can say he or she can say different things I suppose but one sports figure for an entire week.

Who would it be? Twitter. Facebook. Also our phone number.

Maybe you want to hear from Brian Harmon. The way that he navigated torrential downpours at Royal Liverpool on Sunday. I just kept thinking Jay. It is definitely not beach weather in Hoylake, England. No. Oh my gosh.

Quite the opposite. I mean you could find yourself next to a large body of water in the middle of the golf course because of the rain that they had. It was unrelenting. It did not stop. It was unrelenting. It was unforgiving in this final round of the open championship and Brian Harmon admits that it was a little disconcerting at the start when he realized this was what they were playing in for him an open championship. I'm looking at the forecast.

I'm like yeah what the hell they know. When I get out here it is. It was Armageddon. It was bad. It was really really tough and I haven't historically done very good in the rain.

It's just always bugged me. So I was really proud of the way that I struck the ball in the rain today. Not just the way he hit the ball on Sunday.

The way he dropped putt after putt after putt. I'm telling you it was akin to Thor's hammer. It was his magic weapon. Secret weapon.

Magic wand. Whatever. You know me with my cliches. He had 108 I think is the number I heard on the broadcast so don't quote me on that but it was somewhere around 108 putts for the entire tournament. Do you know that's the fewest number of putts ever in a major since they started keeping track? What?

That's what? That's Brian Harmon. An American who's 36 years old who's just trying to make the Ryder Cup team who'd never won a major before and yet he doused oh haha it's a it's a water analogy he doused the field. He made putt after putt and actually for those of you who are huge Georgia football fans twice he cites Kirby Smart and thanks Kirby Smart for being in his head on Sunday. I kept thinking about something Kirby Smart said don't well I'm not gonna be hunted I'm gonna hunt you know I decided to get out and and try and take as much control as I could and when I made a couple putts on the front nine I felt like it settled down and like I felt like I had a lot of control. I've been really impressed with the way that he's handled success and so I've always kind of I just always pay attention when really successful people talk you know there's always clues there as to how they feel and I just I've always I've admired the fact that even with all the success that he's had it's all about the next play the next game you know the next week of practice and he knows that the you know the results come because of you know what you do in the trenches.

Do you think Nick Saban's gonna feel slighted? I mean it's not Kirby's fault that Nick Saban in the tie did not make the college football playoff last year I mean it's just you know as Americans we love winners we listen to winners and so I guess Nick Saban kind of SOL right now Kirby Smart is the man of the hour. You hear the first part of that Kirby answer on the golf channel it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. So then after winning your first major three million dollars is the purse you're the open champion golfer of the year you're 36 years old you'd gone six plus years without even winning a tournament.

I mean I think it's impressive to win even one tournament on the PGA Tour so I'm not making light of that just it's been six plus years and now you are into your late mid to late 30s and you've got guys who are half your age who are competing you had an amateur a 22 year old amateur who led the first round of the open. Jon Rahm is hot on your heels on Saturday somehow you managed to win this first major it is the I mean it's an incredible story I love these types of stories that come out of nowhere he's got all this money at his disposal I know he wants to go home and unfortunately his family was not there which is kind of a bummer but certainly he has some big type of celebration plan for when he gets back home. I had a nice week a couple weeks ago and I bought a new tractor for my hunting place so I'll get home and I'll be on the tractor mowing grass in the next week I'll be very excited about that. So that's going to be your reward you're going to ride your tractor?

Yeah I might take a whole day and just just put my phone away and go get on the tractor. I'm a little bit lost because I've never known an open champion celebrate by mowing grass on the tractor. I got a lot of layers man like onion it's a 105 horse Kubota tractor and it's it's gonna be a pretty one I haven't told my wife how much I spent on it. How many people around the country just heard Brian Harmon wax poetic about his tractor and got really excited he actually dropped the specs of the tractor in have you ever heard a major winner in either tennis or golf or really any other sport for that matter drop the tractor specs in his post victory press conference? It's a 105 horse Kubota tractor and it's it's gonna be a pretty one. I love this guy by the way he's from Syracuse New York which is really cool so apparently he has some space in Syracuse New York to be able to ride his Kubota is that what he said I'm sorry I know nothing about tractors. It's a 105 horse Kubota tractor. Sounds like it I do love John Deere but I I know nothing else about tractors I push my mower I do not ride my mower there are two kinds of people in this world actually there are three do you know Bob has a self-propelled mower isn't that cheating? Self-propelled? Self-propelled it it mows itself it it it it propels itself it it walks he just has to walk behind it and steer it really he doesn't have to push it isn't that cheating isn't that a little bit like having a gas grill or a fake Christmas tree with lights already installed yeah you have you your family what oh no no you're a real Christmas tree family I've never had a fake tree in my life no way for a second there I was just okay but self-propelled it it runs itself I didn't know that that existed wow oh yeah um I tell him it's for old people that's what old people need it's a little cheating it's cheating and you're not an old people how big is his yard? Big enough? It's little no uh it's little well now he this is his defense he swears it's because someone gave it to him it was free he says that's a good reason to have it but he does have a pellet grill which is some somewhat redeeming that's cool yeah I kind of want to try the self-propelling lawnmower now hmm no you don't when was the last time you actually had a desire to mow a lawn a desire to yeah I don't know I mean I appreciate a good nice fresh cut lawn you know sometimes you're a sloth you know that right what who me yes you would you like to be a sloth sometimes I've mowed plenty of lawns in my day I just asked what was the last time you had a desire to mow a lawn I not not recently I'm happy that someone comes to do it now not recently not in my recent memory too hot uh-huh thanks thanks for that after I spent four hours doing yard work last week oh yeah yeah oh well I would have helped if you offered if you asked whatever that's so not true you are not going to come over and do yard work but thank you for fooling all the people who are listening into thinking what a nice guy you are what a great friend you are it's after hours with Amy Lawrence one more with Brian Harmon because again this to me is a major storyline redemption after all the work after all the blood sweat tears after all the years of coming up just short in the last six plus years he's had multiple seconds he's in a bunch of top tens it's not as though he isn't making money it's not as though he isn't successful but this is the breakthrough this is this the validation that's been a lot of work I'm 36 years old I've put a I've put a lot of time a lot of sacrifice into this game so to be able to take a minute and just be like I did it for a week I did it yes yes that might be the to me the most poignant post victory comment I heard from Brian Harmon I spent a lot of years I poured a lot into this anything worth having is worth sacrificing for love that absolutely love it and now guess what even though he didn't say it there I am quite certain if you ask Brian Harmon he's going to tell you it was all worth it it was all worth it the waiting the working the wondering the fighting through the failures the coming up short it was all worth it for this in the pouring down rain he even said as he was receiving the claret jug which is one of the coolest trophies in sports that's another question we could do that would be fun he said I've been I've been under an umbrella all day long he just stood there in the rain he even cared he just kept wiping off his bald head didn't care because he had the claret jug in his hands who cares I got a lot of layers man I'm like onion I'm like an onion I got a kimono dragon oh no a cabota track tractor something that's a 105 horse tractor oh I'm sorry I heard kimono dragon that'd be cool too all right on twitter would you like to hear from one particular sports figure for an entire week probably not but we're asking you to come up with one anyway and I already like the answers that we're getting so whether it's on twitter after our cbs or our facebook page bring it let's go bring it on you can't cook I've I already I already have dibs on cam nobody else can have cam Newton I'm all about cam come on man come on man I'm not 32 what he what he uh oh the can't cook was about a woman being don't even get me started he's just sometimes he's outrageous and but that's what I love about him and he's unabashedly cam Newton tell me how these randoms how do these randoms keep getting jobs also I don't know if anyone's going to name this particular quarterback as the sports figure they'd like to hear from for an entire week but did you see the video that one team posted as their quarterback showed up and got ready for training camp for the first time okay a little over the top I think I could be wrong maybe it's this way for every quarterback but it felt like not since Tim Tebow or Aaron Rodgers even after he decided not to retire this going back with the Packers do we really need a hype video for when your quarterback shows up for the first time at your training camp facility OMG and I don't even say that it's after hours with Amy Lauren so what are you thinking for lunch uh I can't I'm getting new window treatments so I gotta go home and wait around all afternoon for a design consultation just to get a quote it's gonna totally mess up my workday why don't you just go to because I need custom products products are made to order and totally customizable and you get upfront pricing right on their website to easily get your quote online but I want to see the products in person ships samples to you fast and free they can even verify your measurements and handle the installation wow how convenient tell me more also has a huge selection of stylish shutters shades curtains and options for motorization even for your patio plus their 100 satisfaction guarantee well you've convinced me let's go eat I've got time now shop and save 45 on selected products get 45 off selected products right now at rules and restrictions may apply being a baseball play-by-play broadcaster demands a blend of learned mechanics intense preparation and a calm sense of entertainment how hard is it to do this job let's talk to the ones who do it this is Matt Spiegel my new podcast the PBP Voices of Baseball will bring those conversations to you as the best working and former broadcasters tell you why and how they do it new episodes come every Thursday all summer long follow the PBP Voices of Baseball on the Odyssey app or wherever you find your podcasts it's on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours podcast Garoppolo and the shotgun three receivers left Ligeti a low snap get a cock and throw and it is thanks to the 49ers for everything that they've done my time there was awesome enjoyed it a lot of ups and downs uh it was it was a fun time but you know turning the page now moving on uh next chapter in my life and can't wait to get started in Vegas this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence the voice of one Jimmy Garoppolo before that Greg Papa right okay I want to make sure I got the right the right papa on Niners Radio but he is no longer a Niner and if you have not seen his hype video showing up at Raiders training camp for the first time oh boy it is over the top think Tim Tebow holding a press conference when he gets introduced by the Jets over the top it's that over the top but you know what Las Vegas is a lot of times completely and utterly over the top uh Jay if you would like to retweet the photo from the Raiders radio uh I'm sorry Raiders Twitter or even the video you can do that as well might as well retweet the video because people need to see it's so funny on the only thing missing is a long mane of flowing hair like say well Thor or I'm on the Thor thing right now or who else yeah thank you who else has flowing hair flowing locks well Tommy Fleetwood except for in the rain he looked just miserable on Sunday Aaron Rodgers when he showed up to camp last season yeah he looked like Nicolas Cage yeah he was wearing a white tank top or something too yeah it was Nic Cage out of uh Con Air yes it was yes it was oh Nicolas Cage and Con Air had great hair um trying to think oh even Aquaman with his hair and how it like is flowing behind him yeah well I meant yeah Aquaman I'm not a huge fan of Jason specifically but he's the host of Shark Week this week I know he is and I do love Shark Week they're actually doing four weeks of Shark Week oh speaking of that I have something else to tell you guys too I heard these updated numbers about the percentage of Americans who now get their TV from streaming versus cable waiting to hear the numbers pretty pretty interesting anyway Jimmy Garoppolo all hype as he gets into Raiders camp but the good news is he has passed his physical how about that physically ready willing and able doing great baby let's go Raider Nation fresh year let's go get it oh and he points at the camera and he's tan and he's carrying a backpack I mean it's a hype video of epic proportions for the Raiders you get a hint of a smile really that's it you don't get the pearly whites it's not feels great baby or whatever else he's I don't remember what he said when he was with the Niners right was it feels great baby something like that it feels great baby people get all freaked out because he was doing an interview with Aaron Andrews oh heavens it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio is it Jimmy Garoppolo that you'd like to hear from for an entire week if you could only hear from one sports figure Sandy on Facebook says yes he has a lot to tell and then something about taking her to lunch or dinner which seems a little let no let's not do that let's just hear from him we don't need to make this a a date week or date night or something let's not cross the line here we have to hang out with him yeah we don't need to hang out we just need to hear from him we've got some good answers on our Facebook page uh Joe says Dr J Julius Irving oh I love this answer from Jason Terry Francona although he says Franconia which is a town in New Hampshire Franconia but whatever uh Terry Francona I like it uh let's see another James goes with Dan Campbell so he's kind of he's kind of cheating and taking our answer uh Jim says Roberto Clemente oh this is a good one from Clint Bob Euchre do you think Bob Euchre could speak for an entire week though sometimes I worry about his voice he he definitely puts a lot of of mileage on that voice he probably could but I we let's save him as like a country so we can save him last yeah uh Brian says Lou Gehrig I like that answer too he's very inspirational Barry goes with Larry Barry goes with Larry Bird awesome uh James wants Bill Parcells to rip him a new one uh let's see Poch Poch or poach poach pock poke I'm not exactly sure how to say it we'll go with poach how's it spelled p-o-c-h poach poach poke that's what I was saying I'm not sure maybe I should have just gone with P I love me some Pat P uh he goes with Tony Dungy and says the man is full of wisdom absolutely I like Tony Dungy and he wrote a book too uh Ryan says Charles Barkley very insightful and irreverent I'm adding that addendum very insightful never holds back regardless of what he's talking about that's Jason Taylor and also facts are they're a minor inconvenience which is irrelevant I get names wrong all the time so who did I call oh last week I called Garrett Wilson Zach Wilson so you know I do it too uh Luna says I could listen to Bill Walton all week I like it okay so those are some of the offerings on Facebook uh Roland says Hank Stram the old Casey Chiefs coach oh yeah very inspirational ever seen those NFL films videos where Hank Stram is roaming the sidelines and yelling oh it's it's awesome still thinking Mike Tomlin some Dan Campbell I'm going Cam Newton nobody else can steal that one and then Jay and I were talking about a couple of potential figures from the NBA which I won't give it away because uh I don't want to steal his thunder but who are the sports figures and I guess they can be broadcasters too so if someone says me well then I know I know that I'm greatly appreciated I'm just kidding don't take the bait uh if if you have a sports figure that you could listen to for an entire week and just either laugh cry be inspired whatever it is you would never get tired oh that rhymed of hearing from this one particular sports figure this is why I'm sure no one's going to say Aaron Rogers no one's going to say Brett Favre either if it makes you feel better Aaron I'm offended all right so Twitter Facebook and then our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven coming up did you hear how the top running backs in the NFL got together on a zoom call I would say there's probably some commiserating probably some complaining I would have been happy to serve as a fly on the wall for this particular zoom call but I'm gonna assume it was not recorded so we'll let you hear from Nick Chubb who gives you some of the inside scoop he doesn't reveal his sources nor does he give you point blank but does at least give us a peek behind the curtain pretty excited that we've got football sound fresh football sound to offer you on a Sunday night into a Monday morning knowing now that training camps are fully flammable just kidding well that too they're fully inflamed they're fully in flames never mind no one gets my humor Jay sometimes gets my humor most of the time most of the time most of the time I'm not sure what that says about you do you actually want to be associated with my humor yeah you don't feel very convinced yeah yeah or convincing I mean I make baked goods for you all the time I'm baking blueberry muffins again today I'm hungry well I don't have them right now so that's not helpful well then I if you wish then you better be more convincing when you tell people that you not only like my sense of humor but you understand it I love it and I understand it and I get it much better you are listening to the after hours podcast same formation is first down second and goal from the one snap give to josh again off the right side has some room squeezes in touchdown writers an opening drive 75 yard push and jacobs caps it off with a one yard dive through the right side and it's six nothing las vegas less than six minutes into the game fourth and two at the 27 jones in a shotgun set barkley to his right jones calls out signals takes the snap hand off barkley runs up the middle he's got a first down barkley's shoulder speed to the 10 to the 5 touchdown sake one barkley with 201 to go this is after hours with amy lawrence for the new york giants on the radio network they don't know if they'll have saquon barkley coming up for the start of this season at the very least because the last we knew from saquon after he and the giants failed to come to a long-term contract agreement he has not yet signed his franchise tender and told the money matters podcast going back a couple months ago that he would consider using his only leverage which is holding out and would he actually sit out an entire season it's easy for other running backs to commiserate especially if they already have contracts it's entirely another to suggest that hey you should go ahead and sit out yeah yeah you make a point you make the giants pay but i'm gonna go ahead and play and earn my money that's tough not only are the running backs in in the league used with a lot of pounding they get a lot of mileage on their physical bodies if they don't continue playing through the prime of their career meaning they miss a year because of injury or in this case choosing to sit out you miss what you shorten your career exponentially because you miss an entire year of earnings power and for the running back they're cycled through relatively quickly for the most part that that's obviously a generalization but we know the position hits a point of diminishing returns and a lot of times teams are out ahead of that and so they're thinking about it 27-28 they get nervous about giving running backs long-term deals it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio saquon and josh jacobs are in the same boat where they don't feel like like they got the respect that they were due from their teams in the form of a long-term deal that would include a bunch of guaranteed money now 10.1 million dollars to play for one season is nothing to sneeze at it's not seven figures it's eight figures nothing to sneeze at but they want long-term money they want a long-term guarantee especially at their positions right we know that dalvin cook still doesn't have a job though the giant not the giants i'm sorry the vikings have left a seven million dollar contract offer on the table it would pay him seven million dollars annually he wants more than that would i agree he's worth more than that especially if he's healthy absolutely but right now he doesn't have another job he turned down the dolphins offer which apparently was less than than what the vikings were offering or it still wasn't enough so the running backs got together and they had a zoom call and this includes star running backs from the nfl saquon barkley josh jacobs derek henry christian mccaffrey who is the highest paid running back in the nfl and nick chubb now according to pro football talk the meeting was organized by austin eckler i'm not sure if you wanted to quick grab some of the eckler from or we i'm not sure if you were still on vacation eckler was a guest with zack gilb on cbs sports radio and he had some really strong words to say about running backs and how they're devalued in the league and how owners won't answer and and will never really give a reason for it it's not optimum oh you have it okay so austin eckler he's been very vocal about his criticisms when it comes to how running backs are treated from a player's aspect we have no control of that i have no control so really what who we want to answer from is is the ownership like why are you doing this what's the reasoning like give us like you know you're interviewing them about it like how many owners have you talked to about this you know zero um and so that's who i would love to i know they ain't gonna say anything either because i for whatever reason right they got this thing going on where it's like a new trend um they go let's not pay these guys i don't know maybe they're just testing us like hey let's see what happens um but you know you poke the bear you know and you know you're gonna make us have to do something the only thing i would say in response to that that i just i i don't agree with is the fact that it's a new trend it's it's not a new trend this is how running backs are treated uh that's austin eckler of the chargers member he had received permission to seek a trade earlier in the off season and he was zack galb last week on cbs sports radio okay so austin eckler reportedly organized this call and nick chubb was also on the call now chubb was among those cleveland browns who were speaking to the media on sunday and when the media got wind they were asking nick about the zoom call and and what happened right now it's just talking there's really nothing we can do we're kind of um we're kind of handcuffed with the situation but i mean i felt what i took from it uh mccaffrey and derrick henry and say coin i had a lot of good points but the biggest thing is that we're the only position that our production hurts us the most you know if we go out there and run for two thousand yards with so many um carries the next year they're going to say you know you're probably worn down that's the biggest thing that i took from it's just it's tough you know we it hurts us just to go to go out there and do good it hurts us at the end of the day i'm sorry when i said ha i wasn't laughing i was i was just claiming over that's such a great point it's such a an important note because the more you do at your position at running back the more teams feel like you are getting close to the end of your usefulness does that make sense it's almost as though teams general managers maybe coaches although i think coaches they'll take a productive player regardless of age they don't have to worry about when he falls off a map right that's not their job but the idea behind running backs is that a lot of general managers believe hey they have a finite number of carries before they're just not as effective they have a finite number of games in which they can really help right and so the idea is to get out in front of it you don't pay a running back even for one good year if the next three years of the contract or the next two years of the contract or the next two years of the contract are going to be worthless that's a strong word if you're not going to get the value you're not going to get the bang for your buck obviously a lot of this comes from the frustration over the saquon barkley situation and the josh jacobs and tony pauler too though tony has indicated well he did sign his franchise tender and he's not planning to hold out we're definitely a tough situation um running backs as a whole you know saquon is a great player and you can ask anyone around the league or even on the giants how much he means to that team so it's hard seeing him not get what he deserves i agree with nick in that respect i agree with nick why well because daniel jones wouldn't have his fat free agent deal if not for the production and the success and the health of saquon barkley in 2022 it's after hours here on cbs sports radio uh one more from nick and this is really about the value of the running back for an offense to be successful yeah i feel like everyone can say that we're definitely um we work harder than what we're valued i mean anyone would tell you that um i mean some guys in the meeting yesterday said if you uh for like a team scout let's say monday we're playing a different team and um the team meeting the air coach is going to bring up their running back you know the first person they'll bring up is how good is their running back how can we stop them and and that's just that's every team i mean i feel like every team they're running back is that gets the team going you know we we um cowbell when we need something big make a big play or a big run you know everybody's gonna look to the running back so nick chubb speaking at brown's camp on sunday and giving us a little bit of the intel from this running back zoom call i'm impressed not quite like tight end camp but it's pretty close and i can imagine there was a lot of commiserating but you know what that's important these guys can stick together now the issue is that a team isn't paying all the running backs at the same time nick chubb doesn't even need a contract right now he's got one that pays him over 12 million dollars coming up this season so i guess if you were cynical you could respond with well it's easy for you to say you have a contract but at least they're supporting one another and at least they have people that they can turn to who either have been in the same situation or will be at some point and that's important for all of us as human beings to have people who we can relate to and can relate to us it's cbs sports radio
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