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July 21, 2023 6:04 am

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July 21, 2023 6:04 am

Round 1 of The Open Championship reaction, including a salty Jon Rahm | Sad Sap of the Week ft. Jared Kelenic of the Seattle Mariners | The USWNT prepares for 1st World Cup match vs Vietnam.


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That's BetterHelp H-E-L-P dot com slash positive. Hey, hey, three hours to, well it's our weekend but I hope it's your weekend too. If not three hours then pretty darn close and we soon will have live golf on tv. They're already underway in the second round of the Open Championship. If you missed my conversation with Matt Adams from across the pond exactly 24 hours ago we were talking to him about the conditions and actually how the conditions made this a wide open open. It's a wide open open. Yes, that's on purpose. A wide open open because it's not typical of the weather and the conditions you would really associate with an Open Championship.

Usually there can be wind, there can be rain, it can be cold. The track's playing faster and harder instead. He said it was soft which of course opens things up for golfers who maybe aren't quite as technically sound. Did you all see what happened to Rory McIlroy on the 18th hole? He got into one of those pop bunkers and when he tried to chip out the first time it smacked into the wall of the bunker and landed at his feet.

So he had to do it again but then he got up and down. No doubt major fist pump for that reason. So yeah we've got live soccer on FS1. Soon we will have the Open Championship airing on USA. It's kind of funny for those of you who were listening to us last night we were trying to figure out where to find the coverage of the Open and a listener wrote it and said you know at four o'clock eastern one o'clock pacific you can catch it on USA.

That's when the live coverage begins. So as I'm driving home after our show on Thursday morning I'm listening to our New York affiliate. I mean I mention Boomer Esiason all the time. Boomer's a friend of mine and so I do listen. It's the only sports talk I listen to. I listen to no other sports talk. Every now and then I'll listen to an interview but that's rare and so on my way home I'll catch the first segment of Boomer and Geo. Geo used to be here on CBS Sports Radio when we started the network. Anyway Boomer and Geo are fumbling around trying to figure out where they can find the coverage of the Open Championship.

They're doing this live on the air. So I know I shouldn't have texted and drived. I just said drived. I shouldn't have been texting and driving is what I should have said.

Oh my goodness the English language. Drived. It drived the point.

It drived the point home. Oh my gosh there's something wrong with me. This is what happens when you do four hours of yard work in the heat and humidity and forego your nap. Oh it was a rough couple of days. My the tips of my fingertips that again here we go. I can't speak now. I've got a complex. The tips of my fingers and even my fingernails hurt from all the weeding I did. Jay said to me oh yeah I can remember what that felt like. Going back to you know when he actually did manual labor.

Not anymore. When was the last time you did manual labor? I dig some holes now and then in the garden for some flowers. That's good. I haven't weeded in a while.

Thank goodness because I hate it honestly. Well I don't have a weed whacker. I hate the sound of them but also the weed whacker wouldn't work in in all the situations in my yard because I have a rock garden and so you really do have to get right up close to the the rocks the stone to be able to pull some of the weeds and then I also have a fence around my backyard and you have to get kind of underneath the fence in some cases to pull out. I have this wild vine that actually grows berries red berries. I don't think I'm supposed to eat them but there it's it's over a good chunk of my yard but really it's along the fence it kind of grows and gets underneath the fence and you can pull one piece of it and it it turns out to be two or three feet long if you've let it grow for a little bit. Is it invasive? Invasive you mean? Invasive. Invasive yeah no it doesn't take over the plants is that what you're saying?

Yeah. No it just is along the ground and generally it's along my fence and underneath my fence and then around the edge of the rock garden and so for that reason you have to pull it out by hand or I have to pull it out by hand and then I've got some other weeding I have to do in and around my flower beds like my lilies there's a bunch of debris in there I had to pull out so I was doing all this weeding and and I do wear gloves but now the fingertips hurt and my fingernails hurt. It's very weird. Have you ever had sore fingernails before?

I have. I feel like it makes sense because like when you're you're just kind of like digging them in the same spot and like kind of like pushing the nails into like a nail bed and yeah yeah you know that like kind of stale feeling at the fingertips you know I'm talking about? But these actually hurt the fingernails actually hurt and they're not real long I'll have to get my nails done next week but they're not real long so anyway that's a weird sensation. Have you ever cut a nail too short?

Oh yes. And then like you try to like open a can of soda or something and it's just the worst pain ever? I don't think I've cut it too short I think I've I've broken one or I used to pick at my nails I don't do it much anymore. By the way when you were gone do you remember about my finger? How I smashed my finger into a bar underneath the counter here in the studio? Instantly.

It did. Do you know it's still not completely healed and every now and then when I like bang the the top of my middle finger or shove it into something it still hurts. So people have been asking how's your finger?

It is now almost three weeks later and the finger there's still a bit of a scar there I mean it's healing it's almost it's almost gone but there's a bit of a yeah there's a bit of a line there where I I bruised it pretty badly. And this happened where? Here at work. It's workman's comp I think. That's what I think we're nearing the grounds of.

I think some I should go back and get some medical care. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence and producer Jay who's back after his vacation to Chicago and to Long Island. You can find me on Twitter ALawRadio our Facebook page too After Hours with Amy Lawrence and yes we're keeping track of what's happening across the pond. They are on the course at Royal Liverpool and it's you know what I think it's been going on about 90 minutes so it's still really early in round number two but we'll keep our eyes out. We know that some of the big names will be on the course before our show is done which is great and if you missed our conversation with Matt Adams were we planning on bringing some of that back Jay?

Yeah we might because we talked to him about the conditions and also interesting info or lack thereof that he gave us about the live PGA merger which is currently under investigation by the DOJ and a congressional hearing and yada yada yada. Honestly I feel like it's dying down now to the point where it's annoying because there's not enough information to really judge what's happening even the golfers don't know what's happening so conveniently it's taking until these majors are done before we get any more information and all of a sudden Jay Monahan's kind of dropped off the map we're not hearing much from him either. So the golfing is is really front center now as opposed to any type of merger and it's yeah it's not a leaderboard that makes you go wow well you don't go wow because of the star power atop the leaderboard instead you've got guys like Christo Lamprecht he's an amateur he's South African he's still in college but he's 6'8 so you can't miss him and everybody wants to talk to him about his height. Dad's 6'4 and he's like the shortest of the last five generations so on my dad's side the length is there my grandfather was like 6'8 and my great-grandfather's like seven foot so it runs not that I know of um so it runs in the family definitely but um who's the tallest golfer you've ever played with Tommy Morris and he plays at Texas the freshman at Texas is like 6'10 right now so I played with him recently I looked up to him and he's like hey big guy I was like okay they caught me off guard a little bit but yeah he's pretty tall. Lamprecht is 22 years old a senior at Georgia Tech and he qualified for the open by winning the British amateur at a nearby golf club can you imagine the thrill for him and not just hey I'm in the open championship but whoa I'm leading the open championship after the first round do we have anything of about him talking about leading the open championship that's all I have from him at the moment but let me see I did see some quotes from him where he talked about and actually I think I saw the audio too where he talked about how he always believes he can go into any tournament and compete but it's a different story when it's a major and it's the opening round pretty crazy and as you can imagine this is his only major right because he qualified he had to qualify to get in and he's still in college he said it's pretty surreal it's nice to see a lot of work behind the scenes pay off it's something I haven't dreamt of yet but it's pretty cool so yeah beyond his wildest imaginations as an amateur at 22 years old he shares the minus five at the top of the leaderboard with Tommy Fleetwood and this is neat too Tommy known for his hair not for his six eight stature but his hair he's English and so the crowds are behind him and we're letting him know they support him all the way through that opening round it was very cool and I think you know you can't ask for more from the fans and the support they were so great to me today um I'd love to play a goodness and I'd love to give that a go um but that yeah they were great from the first tee onwards um throughout the round um the way they were down the last hole there the reception I got um such a you know special opportunity to play um so close to home but um have that support and playing open and um glad I gave him some good golf to watch but it was you know for me um yeah so so cool for me and Finno being out on the golf course and getting that kind of support I would love it remember when the Canadian Open was won by a Canadian going back say six weeks ago and the place went nutso it would be really cool if Tommy Fleetwood was able to stay in contention number one and number two potentially be on the leaderboard come Sunday in the final round it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you know the story with Rory McIlroy hasn't won a major in nine years in fact it was 2014 the last time the Open was at Royal Liverpool it was a different course so they've changed a bunch as you can imagine and this is pretty standard a lot of times when they have a repeat visit from a particular tournament they'll change up a few holes or change the layout just so that it can be either more challenging or so that it doesn't play like it did in the past but Rory won there in 2014 and because he's coming off a victory in the Scottish Open and because of how high profile he is I would say right now probably the most popular on the tour certainly the most recognizable with everything that's gone on around PGA and Liv and the merger and how outspoken he's been the self self-proclaimed self-prescribed defender of the PGA Tour so he's been front and center for the PGA for the last year plus and he is the overwhelming favorite to win his first major in nine years though right now he's got some work to do I'm pleased you know I was probably hoping for a little bit more at the start of the day but you know as I got out there and you know the conditions you know got a tiny bit tougher you know as I said being two over three twelve and getting it back to even par I was pretty happy with that yeah get this Rory started slow he birdied two of his last five holes last five holes to even get back to even par and they're a bunch of the top golfers in the world who are scuffling the defending champ is Cameron Smith he's one over so as they get into this second round right now the projected cut line is plus two Rory McElroy as I say attracts a lot of attention and has a huge fan base it's never going to be like the Tiger galleries the Tiger crowds or even the Phil crowds at least not at this point but Jon Rahm didn't love it didn't love the fact that he was playing with Rory and it was loud the fans were obnoxious and oh he he might have been ignored a little I'm trying to walk and there's way too many people on my way and I can't go forward on my pace because they're on the way very simple and then I'm walking off 18 and I'm trying to deal with my with the unlucky moment on 18 and there's somebody with the boom mic on my ass keeping up with Rory's pace and I you know I can't go on my own pace yeah it's just kind of the disregard that I existed that's Jay's favorite part at the end we hear it again just kind of disregard that I existed kind of the disregard that I existed that's tough how can you be a grown man and say publicly that you feel like the media was disregarding your existence I'm trying to walk I'm trying to walk the boom mics in my way the cameras won't let me through I can't proceed down the hole the unlucky moment on 18 and there's somebody with the boom mic on my ass get out of my face do you remember when Tiger was at the height of his popularity and his caddy Stevie Williams would be slamming cameras and cameras and knocking people over there's way too many people on my way now just get out of my way stop snapping photos in the middle of my backswing you just disregard that I existed I'm trying to walk I can't believe that there's a grown man who's talking about how he feels disregarded his existence is disregarded they just kind of disregard that I existed no I know we're we're teasing about it we're reading into it um because it's it's just funny the way it comes out I'm sure he meant like hey you're in my way you're disregarding my existence very simple but the man the fact that that Jon Rahm as one of the top golfers in the world seems to be having a pity party because his existence was disregarded somebody with the boom mic on my ass get your boom mic out of my eyes good stuff with Jon Rahm which I forgot even where he is on the leaderboard I suppose I suppose I could look at him for you or maybe not maybe we'll just disregard that he existed kind of disregard that I existed oh my gosh poor guy Ricky Fowler's at plus one there's a lot of golfers that plus one did you see Justin Thomas by the way what has happened to him he's he might have the yips plus 11. Justin Thomas isn't he on the American Ryder well maybe not after this isn't he on the American Ryder Cup team I feel like I haven't thought about him or seen him in a top 10 finish in Justin Thomas plus 11 he actually tees off next hour see if I can find some other outrageous scores I told you that Phil Mickelson is plus six he's got work to do in order to make the cut man alive let's get it together let it go dude let it go even Ernie Els is plus four and he might be 60 years old now actually I got to figure out how old Ernie Els is it's been a long time since Ernie won the open championship he's 53 I was close I was very close yeah I feel like I've heard that name on Sundays for major tournaments since I've been alive watching golf Ernie yeah he's been around for a long time because he's a former champ he has a lifetime exemption I think that's how it works well we could call Jon Rahm our sad sap of the week but we have something better in store in that particular category so facepalm friday are we disregarding his existence we are actually what should we do facepalm friday or sad sap of the week oh that was a good one ow ow it's kind of a delayed ow that was I felt that yeah I felt that too I think I think he's a sad sap you think he's a sad set a little bit okay a member of the Seattle Mariners if that gives you a clue we may have to bring back the facepalm friday though specifically for Jon Rahm you can find me on twitter a law radio lots of you who were sending us your Mount Rushmore of sports over the course of Thursday we put it out there on twitter and facebook except either I'm terrible at explaining or you all just aren't paying attention I know a lot of people answer on social even though they haven't listened to the show it's really funny one lady responded on facebook and then said oh no I just listened to the show I got to change mine because she had done it wrong anyway we did get a lot of your answers we're happy it's almost friday we did it we did the happy almost friday in fact as I was getting ready to I went grocery shopping after the show on Thursday as I was getting ready for bed on Thursday I I kind of missed my window where I was super tired so I was still reading it was about 9 30 in the morning which is pretty late for me and I I almost texted Jay happy almost almost friday preemptive but I figured you were already asleep because I know you've turned over a new leaf and now you're trying to go to bed earlier in the mornings yeah I was in bed yeah so I didn't I didn't want to wake you up happy almost almost friday got me too excited I wouldn't be able to go to sleep after that oh well it's a good thing I didn't also mom sent me a text on Thursday evening that said and I quote it's your weekend mom what except for the fact that I have another show to do but okay not quite my weekend ah it's my weekend with bruised fingers and sore fingernails it's a weird thing to have sore fingernails it really is definitely not comfortable no it's not comfortable all right I can deal I was asking Jay if he thinks my voice sounds weird me me me me me me me me disregarded my existence it's better I will say after a week of almost no phone calls it's better I'm turning over a new leaf no more phone calls oh whoops sorry Jay you're the exception oh all right you'll be the exception but mostly because I'm gonna make you talk go talk Jay doesn't Jay gets nervous when you put him on the spot yeah you put him on the spot and then he starts to stutter so well and just in terms of like a phone conversation like I'm not just gonna sit there and just talk like that's not I don't have that much to say you don't know I woke up and uh here I am I don't know that's it the snapshot of Jay's life right there woke up uh looked at what was going on and uh now we're talking check the weather looked on youtube for about an hour and a half yeah you know it's a muggy 86 out it's about what's going on great you sound like an old person you know that right well you talk about the weather that's the most exciting thing in your day oh I do not often like talk about the weather oh we talk about the weather every single day you liar when it's raining like it has been the last like two months we talk about the heat we talk about the humidity we talk about when it's cold we talk about what it's raining we talk about the weather every I mean it gets in there if it's not my fault you're old I can't help it it's after hours with Amy Lawrence our sad sap of the week is coming up here on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast here's the two two swinging its muscle out to center field take off back at the wall gone to the Oscar Hernandez dead central and the Mariners have taken a two nothing lead the one one pitch swing hammered high back back and gone way out of here off the windows in right field a shattering home run Mike Ford having a bad leak bad decisions I immediately regret this decision bad calls you called me I was illusion I was you lose you know bad bounces bad luck bad luck it definitely could be worse laugh it off with us and the after-hours sad sap of the week one of the challenges when producer Jay is on vacation is that we don't get to do any of our fun features fun fact sad sap of the week is one of my favorites because we get to use some humor irreverent we're a little irreverent about it but when you when you have an emotional outburst as a baseball player football player hockey basketball whatever it is and you actually hurt yourself from your emotional outburst well you are in fact a sad sap of the week do you remember when Bryce Harper was new in major league baseball might have been his rookie campaign and he got so angry that he smashed a bat against a wall and it bounced back and hit him in the head do you remember that yeah oh yeah that would make you a sad sap of the week or if you're Jared Kalenic of the Seattle Mariners and you hear they they actually got a victory a shutout win over Minnesota on Thursday that's Rick Rizz on Mariners radio but Jared Kalenic is unable to play because he has a broken foot why does he have a broken foot because he kicked a water cooler now he did do damage to the water cooler but he got the worst end of the deal you know that old cliche when you see someone after they've been in a fight and their line is you should see the other guy oh well that's what the water cooler could say you should see the other guy so Kalenic is now on the aisle after he kicks the water cooler breaks his foot poor poor guy is so upset that when he sat in front of the media on Thursday he was crying let the emotions get the best of me there I feel terrible especially for the guys I just I let the motions get the best of me and tell us a little bit about it I just let them down take full responsibility for it it's on me it's just can't all right this is coming from an emotional girl I am an emotional girl I do sometimes cry over my mistakes and I generally cry when other people cry as well I'm trying to take him seriously and I do feel bad that he's dealing with a broken foot but the fact that he's so sappy about it I let the motions get the best of me and poor guy poor Jared Kalenic um all right it's on me so so why get so upset why take it out on the water cooler Jared we uh came up last night with the game on the line two guys on against arguably the best player in baseball um and I was just put together good at bat was just uh grinding you know and unfortunately I couldn't come through and I guess not it's addering it's adding injury to insult it's adding injury to this this unfortunate incident in which he could not come through for his team he had a strikeout on Wednesday in the ninth inning when they had an opportunity so he goes and he smashes the water cooler have you seen the video the video is actually out there if you want to check it you can put it on our show twitter after hours cbs all right I'm gonna try to be serious as I listen to Jared explain about his competitiveness I love to win a huge competitor and that's the hardest part is that no I like I can't be out there hashtag sad sap of the week I'm not laughing at him I'm sure that it hurts to have a broken foot but I yeah I'm not I'm not upset well I'm upset for him I'm not upset at him for laughing really I for crying excuse me I'm just laughing because it's so goofy take full responsibility water cooler came out of nowhere it's just it caught me off guard he had x-rays they revealed the fracture he was in a walking boot oh this is much much more extensive a healing process than just the 10-day il and honestly maybe I should be a little more sympathetic because my mom is also dealing with well she had foot surgery she never broken foot but she had foot surgery and I understand she's she's a little frustrated because she can't really do a whole lot now she's not a professional athlete but she is a professional math teacher and school starts for her in a month actually under a month and she's also just now to the point where she can stand up for longer periods of time where she can get back in the pool she always I love my mother I wish she would stop sending me photos of the the stitches and the the incisions and the scars on her foot I don't I don't need to see that it's on me it's on me it's just can't I just can't I can't have you remember the last time whenever it was that you were crying so hard you couldn't speak I'm trying to think when when that was for me oh it would have been in January I had a crying so hard I couldn't talk my mom my mom was on the phone with me and she was yeah she was saying to me as as kindly as she could honey I can't hear you because you're crying so hard you can you stop crying so you can tell me what's going on so that happened to me in January weirdly enough I was sitting outside we had a pretty mild day in January I had just gone running and I guess I was feeling a mix of endorphins and all the other stuff just came pouring out so yeah that was January I was sitting and the funny thing was I was sitting on my front stoop and who knows how many other neighbors were walking by or listening on the other side of the hedge but yeah I was out there crying and I couldn't talk and my mom was very sweet as she always is so I understand how Jared Kalenic feels because there are times when I cry so hard I can't talk let the emotions get the best of me there I just let them down I let them down take full responsibility for it did you hear how his poor voice shook Jay you didn't answer the question when was the last time you cried so hard you couldn't speak oh ever in your life what do you mean ever in your entire life yeah very often it's been very often not since I met you I I used to have fun before I don't know I don't know the long it's been a while I can't remember the last time I'd laughed at something in like so uncontrollably no I said cried so hard you couldn't speak oh I thought that oh like because I was upset yes like Jared Kalenic yeah I don't know I can't remember the last time I don't think it's ever happened actually yeah you've never cried so hard you couldn't speak I don't know huh not really gosh it's happened to me a handful of times just in the last year of course going back a year ago my grandmother passed away that was that was the worst that was real grief but I would say that it's good for humans to be in touch with their emotions and and be able to express their emotions so good for Jared Kalenic I wonder if it makes it worse though makes it worse that he that he broke down in front of it just let them down take full responsibility for it I feel so bad for the kid I really do and I think he's in his third year with the Mariners let me see if I can figure out how old he is I'm gonna look real quick oh poor guy's only 24 he's got his whole life ahead of him but now he was starting to hit better and now he's he's taking it out in the water cooler and and the team picked the water cool over him I mean that's what happened they decided we can live without Jared Kalenic we can't live without our water cooler so they put him on the IO that's what happened you think the Giants would give the water cooler a contract with compacted punch it's got some damage I mean remember when OBJ and the kicking net got into it do I yeah so they picked the kicking net over OBJ all right coming up top of the hour we're actually gonna head down under are we going to Australia or New Zealand New Zealand we're going to Auckland okay so we're going to Auckland to connect with Stephen Goff who covers soccer and the World Cup both men's and women's for the Washington Post and he is posted up down under where we decided let's see based on what he told us 16 hour time difference 16 hour time difference so at four o'clock eastern time one o'clock a.m pacific time it'll be 1 p.m it'll be what six o'clock there 8 p.m well six o'clock pacific time right because it'll be 1 a.m eastern pacific so you would go to 1 p.m and then if we're adding five more hours onto it oh no four more hours sorry one it would be 5 p.m pacific time correct well 5 p.m if you're on the pacific if you're on if you're in the pacific time zone it would be never mind all right Jared Kalanick can laugh at me now I let them down oh no I let I let all I mean I cry sometimes when I let my radio audience down all right on twitter a law radio after hours cbs I kind of feel like twitter's dying did you hear the latest oh Jane I will get into it not I'm getting no tweets tonight which is okay with me it's really okay with me but I'm wondering if Elon Musk is killing twitter how come people aren't sticking with threats I haven't heard a peep about threads in over a week hmm facebook is still active though in case you're wondering it's after hours cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast maybe earlier in my career I was uh a little more uh easily angered and I feel like I'm a little less triggered as I've gotten older this is after hours with Amy Lawrence the same guy who told us a couple years ago that he was old and cranky remember he was he was uh telling us he was crankier in his old age that goes back to I don't know three training camps ago I feel like it was the same training camp when MVS Marquez Valdes Gantling was a packer and was a rookie that was the training camp in which Aaron was talking about how he was crankier in his older age and dealing with so many young receivers all of a sudden though new lease on life 39 years old got a brand new challenge being hailed as the king of New York and so for that reason well doesn't feel old anymore came back a changed person this is what happens when you have a new love who looks at you differently you bat your eyelashes and a new love just anything you want anything you want Aaron Rodgers we'll hear from Aaron coming up next hour although at the top of the hour we're going to talk a different kind of football women's world cup Stephen Goff of the Washington Post will join us from Auckland New Zealand I will readily admit first time in my entire radio career I've ever had a guest from New Zealand he's not a Kiwi but he's hanging out with Kiwis that's really cool actually we've had listeners from down under before and we've definitely had international guests before but never from New Zealand this will be the first time as a god so we'll get a preview of the US women's national team and also if you didn't see it talk about emotions this is this is emotion that's much purer than Jared Kalenick kicking a water cooler and then crying over it how about don't kick the water cooler buddy nothing good happens when you kick the water cooler it's like kicking the dog don't kick the dog don't kick the water cooler take full responsibility for it well of course the water cooler didn't kick you anyway I let the motions get the best of me poor guy I mean I will say when you're a public figure and you have a a major screw-up like that it is harder because everybody knows so of course Jared Kalenick had microphones in his face on Thursday as he hit the IL and I'm sure he feels like crap because he was starting to hit better and now he can't be part of what the Mariners are doing he's in a boot he could be out for a lot longer than a couple weeks that's rough was that the best way to deflect how the injury happened meaning crying over it yeah no I don't think it was intentional I don't think it was intentional poor kid sounds like he's a he's just a disaster he's a mess no I mean I'm not saying it's intentional but now it's like oh he was crying like for him not he kicked the water cooler and broke his water cooler and broke your foot exactly oh my gosh all right let's hope for no broken bones for the U.S. women's national team who has a really interesting mix so we'll talk about this with Stephen of veterans names that you know like Alex Morgan and Becky Sauerbrunn and Megan Rapinoe and Lindsay Horan who is a co-captain on this team but then they also have a bunch of newcomers and that's one of the major storylines as the U.S. tries to three people yeah Lindsay has the chance to wear the wristband as a co-captain my teammates make it a little bit easier I I would also like to say that I don't change a whole lot from the player that I've been especially in the last two to three years and kind of the leadership role that I've stepped into but yes like you said we have a lot of new players we have a lot of young players coming into this world cup but it's more just about making them as confident as possible in their ability stepping into this world cup 14 of the women on the U.S. roster will be facing their first world cup match and it's against Vietnam so of course it's of course it's a mismatch on paper we'll say it that way it's a it's a way for them to get their feet wet if you will but yeah 14 members of the U.S. team are going into their first world cup match on Friday night now they do have a lot of international appearances and they also have club matches and club experience to draw on but for Crystal Dunn there's a big difference it's important to realize that the international competition is very very different you'll play teams that are very disciplined and they sit in a five-back and now it's about how do you break those team down those teams down and I think it takes a different level of just fluidity creativity just the ability to adapt I think is really the biggest thing that I've learned since being a member of the national team is knowing that you know we're all talented but talent in itself doesn't just only get the job done it's collectively working together and being able to break teams down every opponent that we face one of the newbies if you will and you may hear the name Sophia Smith Emily Fox I mean these are young women who played for the red white and blue at youth world championships and so yeah they they have represented their country before but not at this level not on what is the game's biggest stage and honestly one of the biggest stages in all of sports forget which one we're talking about so Stephen Goff of the Washington Post will join us coming up you can check us out on Twitter after our CBS our Facebook page too we are heading into a Friday morning here in the United States but it is well into the evening in Auckland New Zealand that is really cool I can't wait for this halfway through our show still with some QB news to come a little more from Major League Baseball we're keeping our eyes on the open championship as well but straight ahead women's world cup down under it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio hi my name is PJ Vogt I host the podcast search engine where every week I hunt down the answers to the questions I can't get out of my head like why are drug dealers poisoning their customers with fentanyl or is my local sushi restaurant a part of an international scam or how sad are the monkeys at the zoo if you like me find this world bewildering but also sometimes enjoy being bewildered by it check out the show on the odyssey app apple podcasts or wherever else you listen
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