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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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July 20, 2023 6:14 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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July 20, 2023 6:14 am

The FIFA Women's World Cup is under-way! New Zealand wins their 1st ever WC match | What has happened to the Tampa Bay Rays? | Who is on the 2023 Mount Rushmore of sports?


It looks cold at the Women's World Cup. No joke, in Southern Hemisphere, it's winter there, but they're wearing coats. There are people in the stands and we're watching the start of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 live on FS1. The people in the stands are wearing winter hats.

The wind appears to be blowing hard. The first game is in the books and I'm captivated by what the coaches and the fans are wearing on the sidelines. We're talking about long-sleeved winter jackets, the padded kind, with big ol' hats and then a bunch of people in the stands wearing winter knit hats.

Every person I've seen in the stands is wearing a beanie and a jacket. It looks freezing. It does. I didn't take that into account. But New Zealand wins the opener over Norway. So that's the first game in the Women's World Cup. New Zealand over Norway where it's cold. Yeah, I wasn't actually considering the weather.

I just assumed this is what happens when you assume. I wasn't thinking about the fact that they're down under where it's winter. Also, very weird to see Karlie Lloyd as part of the coverage on FOX because I'm so used to seeing her in a USA jersey and instead she's at a desk.

Oh, I miss her. She's one of the reasons why Team USA is going for a third straight Women's World Cup championship. So that's taking place down under and it's kind of neat too for New Zealand. Right now they're celebrating like they've won the entire thing because it's their first ever World Cup win in the nation's history. So congratulations to New Zealand. I'm not kidding, they're crying. The coaches, the players, the reserves, the ones wearing the winter coats, they're balling out there on the field. A 1-0 win for New Zealand over Norway and it is the first ever FIFA World Cup win in the nation's history.

Wow, pretty incredible to watch the history play out. We're also watching the opening round of the Open Championship in Hoy Lake, England across the pond. I have permission from a listener who's actually across the pond who sent me a tweet saying that of course we have to use our English accent.

Wait, where did it go? Here it is, Matt. Hi A Law Radio, you have to do the across the pond with the accent. It's the highlight of any UK sports news. Great show is always listening from across the pond.

People get so mad at me though. This one guy after it happens a few times during a show will send me a nasty tweet telling me he's turning off the show because he can't stand it. I only used it one time in our conversation with Matt Adams who is in fact across the pond at Hoy Lake, Royal Liverpool, where the first round of the Open Championship is firmly underway. I haven't checked the scores in the last few minutes but the last I knew there was an amateur who was atop the leaderboard.

Oh yeah, he's still there. Christo Lamprecht, he's an amateur and he's leading the Open in the early stages at minus three. He's almost through the front nine. Stuart Sink, well when was the last time you heard his name?

The American veteran. He's at minus two through seven and then you've just got a handful of golfers who are in red numbers. Not even ten golfers in red numbers in the early stages. Jordan Spieth is sitting at even. He's only through six holes.

Oh, I take it back. Jordan Spieth is through three holes. Patrick Reed is through ten holes.

He's also even. Also on the course now, Adam Scott. Number one player in the world, Scottie Scheffler.

They're both even through the opening hole. Hideki Matsuyama, Tommy Fleetwood, The Hair. Actually, Matt Adams joined us before he took off to follow that group which is Adam Scott, Tommy Fleetwood, Scottie Scheffler. He's covering it live for Sirius X MPGA Tour radio so if you wanted to hear him after you listen to us, of course, we'll be listening. Already on the course too but still on the opening hole.

Xander Schauffele. Rickie Fowler is due to tee off in the next five minutes. Bryson DeChambeau before the bottom of the hour and I'm pretty sure we saw Kim Smith too. I think he's already on course, the defending champion.

I'll have to see if I can figure out where he might be but yes, he won the open last year and then promptly departed for Liv. But according to a lot of the guys that have been interviewed in the run-up to the open, Liv PGA Tour merger, first of all, they still don't have a whole lot of information. Not much more than they did when the bombshell announcement was made. And while they're in the middle of a tournament or preparing for a tournament, especially a major, it doesn't matter. Oh, I look up and there's Kim Smith.

Question answered. Yes, Cameron Smith is on the course and right now he's also at even though is just on the second hole it looks like. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Glad to have you with us. Good morning to you. It's Thursday. Now we can't drop our favorite line of the week yet but when we wake up in the afternoon, Jay and I, whoever wakes up first, promptly text the other Happy Almost Friday. Jay, speaking of that, oh yeah, you can drop the whoos anytime. Speaking of that, how did you rearrange your sleep in preparation to return to the show in the middle of a work week?

Yeah, not the easiest thing to do. So I just tried to kind of stay up as late as I could last night and then I just slept in kind of as long as I could. Meaning Tuesday night into Wednesday?

Tuesday night into Wednesday. So you were up while we were on the air? Yeah, for a little bit. Yeah, I kind of fell asleep and then I was back up. You put you to sleep?

Got it. No, before the show started I was on the couch and you know how that goes for me most of the time. You love the couch.

I do. It's a guilty pleasure but then I fall asleep and then anyway. So and then I woke up around I don't know four o'clock Eastern Time. I was trying to stay up for a little bit as much as I could. Then I tried to sleep in as much as I could. That sounds awful. Yeah, not easy to adjust back but I'm feeling good. I didn't nap even before the show and I feel alright so.

Also sounds awful. Yeah, I'll probably crash when I get home. I had to.

I had no choice. Hopefully I don't drive. I know I wasn't coming off vacation like you but finally had a dry day in my neighborhood. Meaning no crazy torrential downpours. My front lawn was still pretty wet but it was also turning into jungle territory and so I had to mow it. Not just that but when we have as much rain as we have the weeds are out of control. So I spent an hour mowing because the grass was still slightly wet and tall I had to continue to empty my mower multiple times.

This is the worst. Right so I spent an hour mowing and then I spent an hour pulling weeds and cleaning up debris. Including part of the driveway but yeah the weeds and I I'm an idiot I guess people would call me that but I weed the crevices in the sidewalks and out in front on the curb by hand. The crevices in my driveway I weed them by hand.

It's just easier. I have a little tool that helps me to dig them out but it takes me a while. So I was weeding the front flower beds the flunt flower beds and then was weeding the crevices and so I did two hours of yard work. It wasn't real hot it was in the 80s but the humidity oh. So I drank more than 60 ounces of water just in two hours I drank 60 ounces of water just while I was doing that yard work and I got inside couldn't touch anything couldn't sit down on anything of course because I was as you can imagine I was gross and so I got right in the shower. I was feeling weak though so when and because I was hungry at that point when it was done and I'm thinking finally I got the front yard done okay I can take a break on Thursday and then get back back after the backyard on Friday. I did some preliminary weeding in the back on Wednesday evening.

It's still really wet though my backyard it soaks in the water it I can't I can't seem to get it to dry out unless it's like three four days of hot heat which is coming over the weekend except guess what Thursday is supposed to be a dry day another dry day with low humidity Friday more thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday dry but humidity so I'm I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get back out there on Thursday afternoon not looking forward to that two days in a row of two hours of yard work. It's not ideal. No it's not ideal especially when I have to work I don't know what it is yard work takes a lot out of me. Oh it's quite I mean it's it's very strenuous especially weeding. You guys have a service I don't want to hear you talk about it. That's only recently that I didn't grow up with that I was back there every Saturday mowing that mowing the lawn doing the weeds I used to work at this place in the summers where they made us do weeds all the time.

I've done my plenty fair share of weeding and I hate it. How's the pool by the way? The pool's the pool's doing fine it's all right. Is it cold? A little bit there's no heater in it but it's under the sun but like you're saying it's been like overcast in the New York. It's been hot though. Yeah but it's once it gets direct sun it's like it takes us. When was the last time you were in the pool?

Hmm 2021 maybe. Oh my gosh it's funny too because you hear people talk about how much I wish I would have we could have a pool we'd love it we use all the time and then you talk to people who have pools and they don't use them. Yeah it's one of those things it's like it's there I've used to use it a bunch. But it's expensive to keep a pool clean and and sane san, sane sanitary.

It is it's a process that every day with the chlorine with the filter with the chemicals. And yet no one uses it at your house. My mom uses it once in a while my sister might hop in there if she's home but yeah I wanted to use it more for like labs and exercise. Sad lonely pool. My mom uses hers this is the redeeming point of going to Houston in July which I am supposed to be doing next Thursday so a week from today supposed to be traveling to Houston is that mom has a pool but I'm pretty sure the water is in the low 90s which does not sound refreshing at all. It's like a big hot tub.

No no no not quite that bad. But yes I'm looking forward to the pool. What I'm not looking forward to is the travel. I keep hearing all about travel nightmares and headaches and everything else and I'm already praying about next week's travel. Not taking a bag because that would be travel suicide you'd never see your bag again.

That will help. So I'm not taking a bag but and I don't even care about the way home I just care about getting there because on the way home I'm direct on the way there I'm not. I have to go through Dallas. It just it sounds very scary and sketchy even now with all the flights that are getting canceled and delayed and pushed back and I know you didn't have any flights canceled but you had delays. Yeah delays the way there. Hour delays hours delays.

Hours couple hours and we are on the tarmac at one point on the way there for a little over an hour which is the worst. Just delay me while I'm in the airport please don't get me on the plane like we're gonna get out and then you sit there you don't know what's going on they don't tell you anything it's nothing worse. Now at least you had your delay notification before you left your hotel on your return trip.

Yes. Because a lot of people what happens is they get to the airport they get through security and then the flight is delayed and then you're stuck there's nothing you can do but wait there unless you're gonna leave security and then have to go back in. Yeah which that's crazy to do I mean because you never know if it's gonna be delayed more but once you're in there the to leave and go out is not really an option you're just pretty much stuck in there. Yeah at least they had the courtesy. And then you have to pay their fees for or you have to pay their exorbitant prices for any type of food or drink it's gross. Get a bag a box of Pringles or bag of Lay's.

For 30 bucks. At minimum. And that's without a drink. No drinks now yeah. Oh heavens so I'm not looking forward to it I'm nervous I'm already asking for favor from the Lord above for my travel again I don't care about the way home if I have to miss work I miss work I just don't want to miss my fun. It's awful if you're on vacation you spend half your vacation in an airport or with flight delays and then because there are fewer flights and fewer pilots and flight attendants well then sometimes they can't even rebook you until days. No I can't even think about it I'll start to cry I only get three days or four days a month with my significant other and my mom of course she's very important but that would suck oh no I would just come to work I would work and then I would push back my vacation is that possible?

Yeah that would be an option so you can at least keep the dates you know keep the length of it. Whoever it is that is supposed to fill in for me next Thursday better be on notice because if I decide to come work he I'm assuming it's a he which is a pretty safe assumption is just gonna have to take a flyer and wait till the next night. Just be on standby we'll call you we'll text you. No I can't I'm gonna stress myself out so I don't sleep all right so no more talking about it yeah Women's World Cup is underway first win in New Zealand's history they were crying the Open Champion I'm not laughing at them I'm laughing with them there's joy there are tears of joy the Open Championship is already underway as well well into the first round at Hoy Lake England the Royal Liverpool site of the last time that Rory McIlroy actually the last time that he won the Open well the only time he's won the Open Championship across the pond it was at Royal Liverpool he did win the PGA Championship after that but it's been nine years since those wins since those major wins could this be it he certainly is a major storyline oh haha I like what I did there another major storyline in sports well there's a new leader atop the AL East the Tampa Bay Rays can't buy a win right now and neither can the Yankees so we'll look at that American League East division and let you know the latest could could we see the Angels give the proverbial bird to anyone who wants to trade for Shohei Ohtani they are in the mix shall we say good morning to you happy Thursday we're busy I hope you're busy it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours podcast. We'll be right back.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The Baltimore Orioles avoid the sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers and their victory coupled with yet another loss by the Tampa Bay Rays and lo and behold the O's are in first place by five hundredths of a percentage point atop the American League East first time all season and I did hear this first time for the Orioles in first place after the All-Star break since two thousand sixteen I believe it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio yeah with the way the Rays are playing right now they've dropped eleven of fourteen they've left the door wide open and the Orioles have waltzed through it but guess what's on the horizon for Brandon Hyde and company a series against the Rays they're a great team they have great pitching they have guys that have heard us in the past in the lineup and we have to pitch to them well and Tampa is a very very tough place to play I think that this team just has so much fight in it that you know every game is just it's a battle for the other team and you know we just I mean nobody likes losing but you know I think we've just been you know playing really well Danny Colombe is part of their big victory over Los Angeles so finishing on a high note gives them some confidence some momentum moving into this series against the Rays the deal with the Rays is it's it's hard to I know they've got some injuries but it's hard to kind of figure out what's going on with them and you can hear that the frustration of Kevin Cash as well I mean last night against the Rangers now admittedly the Rangers are on a hot streak right now they had 10 hits and only one run that's all they could push across the plate give credit to Texas pitchers they pitched really well all three games starters and relievers alike we just today it felt like we hit some balls hard and and at the right at some guys I mean from yandis the double play ball that Siri hit we just couldn't get anything going I mean that's the way it goes sometimes but it does feel like it is a accumulating quite a bit pitching approaching you guys differently or pressing a little bit at the plate how would you kind of sum up what you're seeing D all the above I mean in fairness we don't have much going our way right now we're not creating opportunities like we're capable of and the things that we're doing well are probably not showing up at the rate that we would like so they've dropped 11 at 14 they're in second place by mere hundredths of a point but you can hear the frustration with Kevin Cash because this is not a recent development it happened started and was happening before the all-star break it has now continued forward so this is the toughest division in baseball these teams are having to face the toughest competition they're still a very good club and obviously whether it's the Rays or the Orioles who are in first place the other has got a healthy lead atop the wild card standings this is the dog days and they're gonna have to bust out if the Angels can do it so can the Rays and right now even without Mike Trout the hitters behind Shohei Ohtani well they made the Yankees pay Ohtani walked four times on Wednesday afternoon four times but the first time he was put on base there was a home run behind him Taylor Ward with a home run Mickey Moniac did the same thing a couple nights ago if they can keep putting pressure on opposing hitters that way where it really doesn't benefit them to pitch around Ohtani or to intentionally walk him that's a big deal for the Angels they've got to keep coming through though now they're catching or they did catch the Yankees at the right time so they sweep the Yankees but the Angels are now back above 500 and Phil Nevin he sounds a lot more hopeful than Kevin Cash these days you're gonna have little hiccups here and there I told you the beginning of the season we lost a few we're gonna do that again and we're still gonna do that again it's just how you rebound from those things and it's a very resilient room there's some some added leadership in there that you just know that those ruts are gonna be a little less deep if you will but really good effort these three days you know that's the team that's in front of us and everybody knows that so but enjoy the off day tomorrow and we got to come out and play with the same intensity and everything this weekend against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is what we talked about even during the All-Star break is with the Rangers setting such a pace atop the AL West the Angels are unlikely to catch Texas for the division title but as Phil Nevin mentions the Angels are now only a game back of the Yankees in the wildcard standings only two back of the Red Sox and only four and a half back of the Astros in their own division but three wildcards and now you've got the entire American League East and the entire American League West except for Oakland all involved in that race Cleveland now is six out in the wildcard race of that last wildcard and so it's right now dominant AL East and AL West it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio did I just see you yawn in there I thought you told me you were fine what's going on in there I thought you said you were feeling good are you sure? Yeah no I definitely did not just yawn. I'm a little bit nervous about you after seeing well first of all you're coming off of living a normal people life just kidding I'm just kidding whatever normal is this is normal to me I've been doing this for 10 years but earlier without naming any names earlier here at CBS Sports Radio not that the bosses are listening but we don't want to expose anyone we don't embarrass anyone did I not stand outside the control room I wasn't here in studio but I was standing in the hallway next to the control room and I was signaling to you to and actually I was I was speaking quietly even though the control room was supposed to be soundproof I'm signaling to you to come look come look because one of the other producers was asleep in the control room no no he was asleep no he was I could see that his eyes were closed from when I was here in the studio and I walked out to say JJ come look his feet were up first of all his shoes were off what have I said to you about your shoes off in the control room actually I didn't know that fact and I'm yeah his shoes were off his stocking feet were up where your hands are right now it's great that's good his stocking feet were up on the the control console nice you better wash your hands and he was leaning back way back in another chair feet off head back eyes closed to me that's sleeping that's lounging he wasn't moving no no if your eyes are closed you're sleeping if you're lounging your feet are up that's it but if your eyes are closed you are sleeping and he was in the middle of an opening segment presumably it wasn't actually the regular host oh now I'm I'm narrowing it down it was a fill-in host I'm not sure if the fill-in host put him to sleep I'm not making any accusations only that it appears he had fallen asleep on the job so I signaled to you JJ I think you need to go wake him up do something what happens if the host goes to a break or even so what if the host speaks to him on the air and and there's nothing but silence so they're not in the same place obviously the fill-in host was not here at CBS Sports Radio headquarters what what would what would we have done bust in and and wake him up I guess we got to kind of a marching band yeah barge through and save the day just kind of you would have I'm not saving anyone's day I'm not saving anyone's day I suppose I could turn on the mic in here and just start talking good well you did notice the situation that was forming so took full notice of it because I'm I don't have view of the control room from outside and you know my cubby over there but the work area but what we need to have a plan of attack just in case something like that happens yeah you're probably right because now there's something to be at a monitor he was asleep it's it's possible he or she I didn't see his eyes it was a he there are but it was possible it was a he there are no female producers here it was a he and he was asleep and he looked like he had a rough day yeah to put it mildly how did it smell um not bad not as bad as sometimes yeah even though the shoes were off and that he had his feet up yeah I didn't I didn't realize that his his feet and stocking socks were up oh gosh we're where I'm touching all these buttons now and and also just to point out you not only touched all the buttons but then you ate popcorn with your hands I was please tell me you've washed your hands as I have but not since I've eaten popcorn since I've come back well I'm not I mean you gave me the popcorn you are you gave me the popcorn before you started eating out of the bag so I think I'm in the clear I don't think I have to worry about contaminated popcorn but I I think you might um now my rut row what a way to come back what a way to return let me guess you're gonna take a sick day if I if I have to no that's it no it's not my fault no that is absolutely not allowed you could not take a sick day 48 hours after you returned from vacation that is no no that is deceitful and it's wrong and you're leaving me in the lurch again I'm ill are you speaking it into existence maybe I'm not ill yet but it's on my mind now I'm thinking about it do you want to throw up after touching an area where dirty socks were located they were posted up and then you ate popcorn all right I'm really honestly feeling a little queasy you need to go gargle with salt water immediately if not sooner I need like to burn my hands my can you can you use a wipe to wipe out the mouth wash your mouth out with soap anything I'll try something we have those wipes over there but don't do that then you'll really get sick that's disgusting all right we're keeping our eyes on the open championship which right now is being led by an amateur that's that's crazy uh the there's a bunch of Americans on the course uh the defending champion cam smith and then down under women's world cup live though the us doesn't start until friday but certainly the three time well two-time defending champ going for three wins in a row a lot of excitement there did I mention nfl training camps are underway all right you're mount rushmore of sports right now in 2023 what is it who is it on our show twitter after our cbs or on our facebook page we just got this question was he snoring well I don't know because I was afraid to wake him up by opening the door so I did not open the door to know whether or not he was snoring I couldn't hear the snoring I we were pleasantly surprised that he seemed he seemed to jolt himself awake he probably snored himself awake have you ever done that no no no no do you know that I have I don't snore but I have talked myself awake before have you ever done that where you wake yourself up because you've spoken out loud no in a dream or something else going on oh yeah I've done that before where I've actually woken up because I was talking I'm sure you're shocked also speaking of flying on planes have you ever been on a plane and you kind of nod off and then your head drops forward and you jerk yourself awake oh yeah there's a name for that like that's the worst jerk something like that a hypnic jerk yeah you're a hypnotic jerk I get that a lot something like that like a hypnic jerk okay google it you are listening to the after hours podcast jones calls out sickles takes the snap hand off barkley runs up the middle he's got a first down barkley still on his feet to the 10 to the 5 touchdown sake one barkley with 201 to go this is after hours with amy lawrence I kid you not as I was listening to that touchdown call for sake one barkley from bob papa on giants radio I look up and charles barkley is on my tv set he is part of some commercial on usa network which is where the open championship is currently airing we've also got the women's world cup underway as well and so two live events which is kind of neat tonight and tomorrow night or now thursday and friday morning depending upon where you are we're glad to have you with us after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio sake one barkley had recorded a podcast called the money matters podcast going back to the springtime this is before he knew that he and the giants would not come to an agreement on a deal he has not signed his franchise tag which means he cannot be fined if he doesn't report to training camp he can't lose any money until he skips games but he certainly sounds like he could be serious about making a statement feeling like his only leverage would be to miss time again this is the money matters podcast my leverage is i could say to the giants to my teammates and be like you want me to show you my worth you want to show you how much how valuable i am to the team i won't show up i won't play it down the thing is there's no disputing the worth of saquon barkley 1300 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns alone last year not to mention he was tied for the team leading catches so yeah he's he's valuable daniel jones doesn't have the contract that he has if not for saquon barkley the giants don't make the playoffs and end their drought they don't end up as a wildcard one of the three teams out of the NFC beast if not for saquon barkley there's no disputing his value the issue is that he did not want a contract that was incentivated so there's a there was a contract on the table from the giants that reportedly could have maxed out at 14 million dollars per year which would have made him i think the second highest paid running back behind christian mccaffrey for the season but he would have to meet incentives he wanted more guaranteed money and more money up front that he didn't have to earn quote unquote and so he left that deal but even before he declined and even before the deadline passed he was already talking about how sitting out the season might be an option he needs to consider that's a play i can use do i anybody knows me knows that's not something i want to do but like it's something that has something that crossed my mind it's like i never i never thought i would ever do that but like now i'm at a point where it's like i might have to take it to this level from the money matters podcast but that may be foreshadowing because it was recorded before the deadline passed ten point one million dollars is guaranteed i know he wants more i know he wants long-term security as much as you can possibly have in the nfl the issue is that now at 26 years old he's in the prime of his career he played all of last season injuries have been an issue a little bit right so he's averaged 12 games over his five seasons so he's missed time if he has another full season in which he let's say he gets over a thousand yards which wouldn't be tough to do in their offense but gets over a thousand yards it's another year of pounding on his body and and that's the crux right that's the challenge is there's a point of diminishing returns with running backs in the nfl and a lot of times it's an area where teams are willing to save money because they believe that they can plug someone else in there and the drop won't be as drastic barkley wants to show them how much of a hole they would have if he didn't show up and take snaps in the backfield or it was out there for the the same number of snaps that he was last year except he's not going to get a better offer another year down the road likely maybe he gets the same but maybe he doesn't and sitting out rarely works for nfl players it rarely works because the leverage is generally on the side of the teams it's after hours here on cbs sports radio glad to have you with us good thursday morning to you so we've been asking you the mount rushmore of sports right now we're not referring to athletes in the past though some of you have answered with your all-time athletes i'm thinking more about july 2023 who belongs on your mount rushmore of sports whether men or women producer j have you come up with your four i have i will start you need an invitation that would dramatic pause a little pause i will start with shohay otani i think you should be on everyone's list uh number two i'll go with mohams who has been mentioned pat three i'll go with connor mcdavid oh and number four i'm gonna go with steph curry steph curry interesting he definitely is super popular we know he's global everywhere but both it's interesting that you choose to actually three of your four athletes are not in season although i suppose you could say that patrick mahomes being at training camp he definitely is is getting closer his netflix documentary or not documentary but show is now out there it's all the rage it is oh i watched the first episode yeah it's really good yeah i love the the audio and the the video from the field poor kirk cousins oh my gosh he sounds like he's gotten hit by a car multiple times just just over the course of the first like three minutes of the show picked up for a second season with those three or with different quarterbacks um that's a good quote i believe with those three but mariota is not where is marcus mario i'm not sure i just saw that payton manning confirmed a season two of quarterbacks is gonna be picked up i don't know if we know anything more than that is there anything that paid many does that does not strike it rich no no there isn't no we'll see if tom brady and his production company are the same because he's also moving that way of course 80 for brady wasn't that his production company yeah and then his company also did man in the arena i think that was his production company as well remember man in the arena the seri was that on netflix where was that oh no that might have been plus i can't remember what service that was on um but yeah so the two of them it seems like whatever they touch still turns to gold patrick mahomes is in that same space so i will give you that my mount rushmore of sports right now is shohei otani of course patrick mahomes yes i'm going messy because i think even with the last place miami club everywhere they go he's going to be the hottest ticket and i don't know whether or not it provides a boost to them on the field but i do know in terms of interest and in terms of putting butts in the seats and selling tickets he's good for that we know that to be sure that's why david beckham is beaming when he talks about bringing messy to miami so i'm not sure there's anything hotter than messy in miami my fourth one i waffle back and forth i would have said unequivocally victor wen banyama about a week and a half ago maybe even a week ago but i might be back pedaling on that only because it's died down now after summer league and vegas is done and the nba is not in season it has it has hmm i'm i'm waffling on my fourth member of the mount rushmore of sports currently messy is tough to argue with because like you said any place that he's going to go to for any city any arena it's going to sell out instantly it's going to be the hottest ticket in town that night no matter what he's tough to argue and he's also global he's more global than any of the guys i mentioned yeah even aaron judge is talking about shohei otani right now so he definitely would be on aaron judge's list mount rushmore and remember tom brady and steph curry both did introductory messages for messy oh you missed it 20 000 people in the stadium on sunday night for messy's introduction introduction introduction introduction maybe brianna stewart from the wnba could be on the mount rushmore of sports is there a golfer if rory mcelroy wins the open he he would be yeah the a super hot trend it's after hours here on cbs sports radio i'll run through some of yours that i'm seeing on facebook again most most of you are answering the question correctly but some of you are going with athletes that are not still on the planet actually uh let's see oh chris goes with michael jordan wayne gretzky serina williams tiger woods so at least he's in the same era kind of i mean it's a good list but not really what we're looking for no another michael steph curry joe burrow shohei otani and lino messy so that's all current let's see west goes with jimmy butler i like that one bryce harper alex morgan and joe burrow that's on his his uh mount rushmore and then rollin go i like this one nelly corta of the w well it's not the w it's the lpga patrick mahomes lebron james and simone biles so that's a good one maybe i could put alex morgan on there too because the women's world cup if they win a third consecutive gold ball yeah so we'll see we'll see how this plays out the us plays on friday night but we got another show between now and then we're glad to have you with us enjoy your thursday we'll talk to you tonight it's after our cbs sports radio boom
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