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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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July 17, 2023 6:44 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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July 17, 2023 6:44 am

The hottest sports ticket in town is now whenever Ohtani and the Angels come in and when Messi and Inter Miami come I Rob Long of 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore joins the show to talk about the hottest team in baseball: The O's I Hear from Carlos Alcaraz himself after winning Wimbledon.


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That's slash positive. You're listening to After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Okay I feel like some of you are holding out on me unless every single one of the listeners is married or so happy in your current relationship that some of you are just lying. That's a lie. Because not one of you has mentioned a dating app or website yet. Not one. I don't use them. I'm being perfectly honest. However there are a hell a lot of you that do. How come not one of you has mentioned that you're using a dating website?

Shut up. Light up Amy's phone lines now. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4227. I sometimes hear these montages of myself speaking and I have to try to put myself back in that space where those particular words and statements came from. I think we were doing some type of a show in which we stumbled into a conversation about dating or something goofy and I was asking people both on the phones and on social media whether or not they use dating apps and nobody would cop to it. It's fine.

You can be all kinds of cryptic about your love life if that's what you want but we know there are a lot of people using dating apps. Don't ask me. I don't know what the context was. I just know we stumbled into that conversation because Jay and I get into all kinds of things a lot of times that we never intended to start the show but that's what makes this a cool experience. After hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio.

It's a living, breathing organism this show. Sometimes where I start is not at all where I intended to finish and while I do take notes and have a kind of a loose idea of what I want to talk about so that we can gather some audio beforehand, I very rarely stick to the topic list. I would say I don't stick to the plan but I don't really have a plan if that makes sense.

I prep. I plan for the topics that I hope to bring up but more often than not I don't even get to everything that's on my topic list but it's good. It's a good problem to have. It's certainly better than the alternative which is running out of things to say. Last week some guy wrote to me, thank you for listening, and asked me as part of our hump show when we do Ask Amy Anything, do you ever run out of things to say? Have you ever had dead air?

Now those are two completely different challenges. Yes, I've had dead air before either because something's malfunctioned in studio or because we had you know equipment or technical malfunction where it knocked us off the air or at least knocked our computer out of commission. So Jay and I or previous producers are sitting there staring at each other right because we're not exactly sure what to do or there is the random occasion every now and then where I am rendered speechless for a time by either the audio that I hear or by a caller who I am trying to be as diplomatic and as kind and as gracious as possible when I welcome you to my show. So yes, I've had dead air before because of circumstances. It's rare. It doesn't happen a lot. But when it comes to running out of things to say, nah.

That's never happened which is I would think that that's a quality that you would embrace in a radio host who does a four-hour show five nights a week. So good morning or five mornings a week depending upon when you listen. Good morning to you. Happy July 17th. You guys, it's July 17th for two reasons that is significant.

Number one, I'll go with the obvious before I get to number two. The obvious is we're into the dog days of summer. This is the last stretch before the major league baseball trade deadline where teams are trying to determine if they want to make a bunch of changes or any changes at all. We know we've got two plus weeks left of non-stop chatter about Ohitani. Chatter, speculation, rumors.

Why is that? Well, hey because against the Astros on Sunday Night Baseball he's up to his shenanigans again. Manny, would you mind letting the peeps know what it is that Ohitani did in the ninth inning against the Astros last night?

Manny, it's number 32. Manny's gesturing wildly behind the double pane glass. Joe Hay has gone 0 for 3 and he swings at that one and blasts the ball into dead center field out at the wall.

It's out of here. Ohitani flexes his muscles right there just like he did late in the ball game last night. 34 home runs for Shohei Ohitani on the Angels Radio Network.

That's Terry Smith. Now we'll get to what happened before the Ohitani home run that determined the game, before and after I should say, but for Ohitani he's locked in, right? I mean the Angels can get a hole for him if they decide to trade him at the deadline.

That remains the question. I can understand why they don't want to. I can understand why Artie Moreno as the owner of the Angels as well as the front office is so reluctant.

In fact, it probably keeps them up at night. It makes them sick to think about trading Ohitani, a generational talent who can impact a team and a game in every way when he's pitching specifically. I mean this guy puts butts in the seats. Producer Jay and I are going to a game later in the summer just because the team, we're going to Citi Field to see the Mets host the Angels because we want to see Ohitani. Not because we want to see the Mets, though Jay is a Mets fan and that's his cross to bear. We want to see Ohitani in person. We want to say that we saw Ohitani, whether he's pitching or he's de-aging, we want to see him hit. We want to see him pitch if possible.

We just think it's cool and he puts butts in the seats, not to mention he's damn good at what he does. Will the Angels bite the bullet because they are backpedaling. They are going the wrong way. You're going the wrong way and I had such great hope for the Angels.

I did. I wanted them to stay relevant. I want them to be in the playoffs. I can't stand that it's about to be another season, another October without the Angels in the playoffs and really it's not just about Ohitani, it's about Mike Trout. Mike Trout is injured again.

The Angels are falling off a cliff. Ohitani is one man but he's not a superman. He can't do it all by himself. That remains the question for the next couple weeks. Will they trade him? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Because it's July 17th, maybe a little more obscure, you need to know training camps in the NFL open tomorrow.

Not all of them, some of them. Did you hear me? Manny, was I too soft?

Do I need to say it again? Tomorrow, maƱana. Training camps open tomorrow. Tomorrow. I know.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that too. Are you ready? I did this earlier. This is my service to you. We're a full service operation here. These are the teams whose rookies report to their training camps tomorrow. The Atlanta Falcons, the Baltimore Ravens, the Buffalo Bills, Bills Mafia. I know you're thrilled. The Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Miami Dolphins, the New Orleans Saints, the New York Giants. This is not quite half but it's pretty damn close.

And the San Francisco 49ers. Training camps open tomorrow. I might say that word one more time, two more times before this hour is up because that's crazy. I'm not letting go of my summer. Now you can have the heat and humidity. I had my fill of it this weekend which is why we're talking about terrible AC stories or losing AC or not having AC stories because it is it's hot and steamy in a good portion of our nation right now and and that's generating all these incredible thunderstorms and I know there's been a lot of flooding events in New Jersey, in Pennsylvania, in Vermont.

I had to check on my little brother this weekend in New Hampshire. A good chunk of the northeast is already the groundwater. It's already the ground saturated with the groundwater. Rivers are at flood stage if not already higher and so it's scary the amount of water that's been absorbed or that's been dropped from the skies over the last couple of weeks and I know not the only part of the country that's dealing with it. So yeah the crazy heat and humidity generates a lot of thunderstorms and that's been the case in my neighborhood as well. It's just it's some some summer time and this is what happens. Also it's nuts though because last year in my neighborhood in my county in New Jersey we went 10 weeks, two days of rain. The heat was it was and we had two days of rain.

Everything was brown and now we can't go 12 hours without having a rain shower or a thunderstorm. So yeah it's pretty crazy how it's it flip-flops from year to year. Anyway it is the dog days of summer so we're working our way toward baseball's trade deadline but in addition to that we've also got training camps in the NFL that are opening up in the next couple of days. So those are rookies for what about a third of the teams. Before this week is up rookies for almost all of the teams in the NFL will have reported.

Not all of them but almost all of them. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to pivot pretty quickly because there's a bunch of cool moments that took place in the the sports world over the weekend. We'll get to Wimbledon and a new champion and a new king. Carlos Alcaraz was already the number one player in the world though if he had lost to Novak Djokovic on Sunday he would have lost that world ranking but Novak was the king in terms of grand slams and was trying to match Roger Federer as the king of grass.

Fourth grass court tournament for Carlos Alcaraz at 20 years old and he dethrones Novak Djokovic whoa. We'll talk about Roy McElroy again big moments in the sports world. Steph Curry cracks me up regardless of what sport he's playing so we'll get to that too but if you missed it last night I got to give a credit to 20,000 20,000 sports fans in Miami. They waited out a two out we're talking about thunderstorms and and lightning and all that jazz.

They waited out a two hour torrential downpour refused to leave because they wanted to see the new hero in town and boy did he receive a hero's welcome. We promised this city that we would dream that we would sign the best players in the world and the best player in the world and tonight that dream comes true but without anything further I would like to introduce to you your number 10 Inter Miami's number 10 America's number 10 the best number 10 in the world Lionel Andres Messi. Oh it was so cool it was so cool I have watched it multiple times I've listened to the audio from it in preparation for the show I understand the fans were nervous they thought maybe it wasn't going to get done maybe the they couldn't get the the i's dotted and the t's crossed they finally did and they sell out the stadium it's it's in Fort Lauderdale they sell out their stadium no event going on no match taking place this was just to introduce Lionel Messi I encourage you go watch the videos it's nutso David Beckham who's a co-owner of Inter Miami CF is standing up on the stage remember he I don't know if I could call it a trend but he was the first superstar in the soccer world to make the jump to the MLS he gave the MLS some some credibility some legitimacy going back now what is it 15 years he joined the LA Galaxy. Messi is a global phenomenon Messi is one of the best we've ever seen and now he's playing in the United States that doesn't that doesn't happen it's the opposite the best stars in the US go overseas to play I mean they'll they'll play for Team USA but think about it Christian Pulisic he's the best player we've got that is an American that is playing for for us he's overseas right because the best in the world plays somewhere else because it's better competition and I'm not knocking MLS it's great it's a lot of people love MLS it continues to grow we see expansion franchises every few years but the best players in the world don't generally play here or if they do they play here part of the time and then they also play for their own clubs Messi this is it's a different stratosphere to have Messi in the MLS I love this and I absolutely just like I just I don't want to say just twice in the same sentence I just told you that I want to go see Otani play that I'm willing to bite the bullet and buy a ticket for the Mets no one wants to do that right now because Otani will be at City Field I am going to find a way to watch Messi now he signed a two-year uh actually I'm not sure how long it's a multi-year contract and he may be here for a few years I want to make sure I see him as quickly as possible because I don't know what happens moving forward I just know Messi is here and he's with Miami and there were 20,000 people on hand to welcome him and also really quickly before we take our break they did a tribute video and David Beckham was part of that too they didn't include Pitbull I don't know why because I feel like he's the ambassador to Miami but also no Jimmy Butler Butler out of pocket not available so they got the next best thing yo Messi Steph and curry man Leo I wanted to say congratulations on the big move to Miami I just want to say congratulations on the transition good luck uh know it's new beginnings Steph Curry Tom Brady next best thing yeah no Pitbull no Jimmy Butler available he's in China we looked it up but Steph Curry and Tom Brady Brady does actually live in Miami if you believe the reports which I wasn't stalking him but uh he's he could actually welcome Leo to Miami personally all right that's cool that's cool and all but if you're messy I mean whatevs are you used to this by the way Lionel Messi is joining a team that in uh 22 games have won just five times oh yeah no they're awful they're awful their last place in MLS they're the worst team in the eastern conference but they are going to be the hottest ticket in MLS the rest of this year and that's why David Beckham wanted to do it of course now does he want to make the club legitimate obviously but it doesn't matter how bad they are right now that's the hottest ticket in MLS it could be one of the hottest tickets the rest of the year in the United States well august 26 would probably be your chance to go see him here in the New York metropolitan area because what about your chance to go see him do you want to see him I would love to see him I don't think I can afford that but I would love to see Lionel Messi one day um on august 26 he'll be in town no I can play it play against the red bulls oh on august 26 I got connections there I might just have to go on a press pass and if you want to watch him at yankee stadium kick the ball against new york city football club kick the ball um you're gonna have to wait until next season because miami is hosting nycfc late in the season in september so if you're in the new york metropolitan area you got to go to red bull arena all of that to say google your local mls schedule and figure out when miami is in town we just did it super easy I want to see it I'm all about it going to see Messi and Otani in the same summer okay sign me up all right coming up they're the hottest team in baseball right now no not the braves not the dodgers trying to think of who else would fit in that category not the rangers now the hottest team in baseball right now is the baltimore orioles we're going to investigate this little engine that could this orioles team that's growing up in front of our eyes that's straight ahead after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio so what are you thinking for lunch uh I can't I'm getting new window treatments so I gotta go home and wait around all afternoon for a design consultation just to get a quote it's gonna totally mess up my workday why don't you just go to because I need custom products products are made to order and totally customizable and you get upfront pricing right on their website to easily get your quote online but I want to see the products in person ships samples to you fast and free they can even verify your measurements and handle the installation wow how convenient tell me more also has a huge selection of stylish shutters shades curtains and options for motorization even for your patio plus their 100 satisfaction guarantee well you've convinced me let's go eat I've got time now shop and save 45 on selected products get 45 off selected products right now at rules and restrictions may apply being a baseball play-by-play broadcaster demands a blend of learned mechanics intense preparation and a calm sense of entertainment how hard is it to do this job let's talk to the ones who do it this is matt spiegel my new podcast the pvp voices of baseball will bring those conversations to you as the best working and former broadcasters tell you why and how they do it new episodes come every thursday all summer long follow the pvp voices of baseball on the odyssey app or wherever you find your podcasts one two to rutchman hit hard deep center field racing over the center fielder won't get there and it hops into the bullpen it's a ground rule double back-to-back doubles to start the game for the oriel's first henderson and now rutchman and the oriel's lead at one nothing fly ball center field backing up myers going back back back it's gone he ran out of room that one into the oriel bullpen anthony sontane there touch them all henderson rips us into whitefield on a line it's cinco and solaire he makes the catch taggy at third base and scoring is couser a sacrifice fly for henderson who smoked it to white on the first pitch but an rbi for henderson couser scores that's five nothing baltimore two down two strikes pitch on the way line drive hayes is right there and he gloves it the oriel's have won ball game danny coulomb gets the most dangerous hitter in the game louise arise and the oriel's put it in the win column for the eighth straight time you're listening to after hours with amy lawrence call amy at eight five five two one two four cbs with our apologies to messy okay maybe messy is hotter right now than the oriel's but that's it there's no other figure in sports who can match the oriel's hot streak it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio with eight straight wins they are now a team to watch and the rays are certainly watching because they're hot on their heels so coming out of the all-star break uh they're still not having this streak interrupted rob long in baltimore for our baltimore affiliate 105.7 the fan getting set to do his morning show i'm sure they're going to be a topic but i know you moonlight uh with the oriel so rob how much fun is it with this team right now oh man you'll be i don't know it's a lot more fun than it was back in 2020 when i was doing pre and post and i would have pr tell me that i couldn't yell that loud during the game because they could hear me no one else was in the stadium i could see that i could see that and i could hear that you know me i do so uh it's so much fun i mean the fans are having fun they're back out they're they're they're caring you know i mean because the team and the organization has given them a reason to care um you know what with a game better than the raise and the loss column only one game back uh all together in the al east this is a good baseball team i said this before uh about a week or so ago amy before the all-star break that the national storyline for them is that they're going to be a team that came out of nowhere if they when they get to the playoffs which is totally it's not true incorrect they're not a team that came out of nowhere they they they started this run if you look back last june is when this one started they got really hot one ten in a row in july and they've never looked back so they're not a team that came out of nowhere they're a team that started building this the second half of last year well for people who don't know a lot about the orioles or how they've built it yeah why don't we start there how did they put this team together finally after years of futility draft picks um uh and in development too i don't want to take anything away from that but let's go back to the draft picks they they they haven't missed on draft picks you look at some of the guys that are producing now with this ball club these are guys that are drafted by the baltimore orioles austin hayes and cedric mullins came before this regime of michael liza sigma del uh uh in eve roosebaum but also um gunner henderson is their draft pick you know you you have atley rushman who came up their draft pick you have cow uh you have uh uh colton cowell came up with their draft pick they have not missed on draft picks and that's been a big key and then they've taken those draft picks and they developed uh uh that talent so drafting and development player development have been key for this team i love the adley rudman story and it was so much fun to see him get his due and to see him get a lot of the attention and spotlight for a little bit uh at the home run derby can imagine orioles fans were eating that up but just the chance for some of their stars up and coming stars guys who were developed in the system to finally get a little more attention i i feel like rob that from orioles fans i there's a chip on the shoulder a little bit hey what about us what about us we're here too you know it's funny you say that because there is a chip on our on our shoulder but we also we could be a little quirky as well because when we start getting too much attention that you have some of the fan base say well i i don't want that kind of attention i want to fly to the radar so you you know you're kind of damn if you do damn if you don't uh i don't i'm not saying those are the same people those may be two different facets of your fans but you get both around there you get you know no one recognizes us and then when they record will get recognized and you get people who come out and say well you know i don't i want to fly under the radar i i'm not that person sports is entertainment i think sometimes people forget that it's entertainment so you know when teams are entertaining they're going to capture the eyes and imaginations of fans this is one of the more entertaining teams in baseball right now um uh they have swagger they do the the the uh the work celebration the sprinkler turning on the faucet you know you've got you've got the uh uh the the section out in uh left center field where you know get holes down to excavate hits and score and runs so this is a fun team that's starting to capture the imaginations of the rest of the baseball world rob long is with us from our baltimore affiliate 105.7 the fan is getting set for his morning show is the baltimore orioles uh not only part of their broadcast too uh you could catch them in fact i don't know do you take a selfie every single day when you're at the ballpark because i feel like i get one selfie a day from you you have to it's my rule it's in my contract one good day rob i'm having fun too amy i mean you should think about this i'm born and raised in baltimore i don't remember life without the oils i don't i don't i don't there's not a time in my life that i remember i recall where the oils weren't at least in the backdrop you know so for me this is to see these guys grow up and become what they're becoming it's not only a great job as you as you know but it's also fun to see it the birth of this and to see it come to fruition well it's a lot more fun when the team that you're covering whether you cheer for the team or not is winning it just there's a different electricity there's a different excitement and so you want to check out rob's twitter at rob long sports because you'll see not only the selfies but you'll see the videos and he's got great seats too so he's right there uh field level he's the host of o's extra on math and it's after hours here on cbs sports radio so it's been kind of fun and i don't know how early fans start scoreboard watching but you can see the orioles reeling in the race and after the historic start for them especially with the the teeny weeny little payroll that the rays have i mean this al east is a monster anyway and that's what impresses me about the orioles and the other teams in that division is that any progress they make has to be done against the best division in the game every team in the division has at least 50 wins amy that's unreal we're we're in mid july every team has 50 wins and you talk about scoreboard watching i asked brandon hyde when we were i think we were in minnesota i said you know are you aware of what other teams in the division are doing he looked at me and said yeah i'm aware i know exactly what they're doing we make we we pay attention which i thought was refreshing because normally you get the you know we just take care of ourselves we just go day by day we just no he admitted he said no i'm aware of what they're doing who's playing you know who who they beat who's pitching today um and and i love that because normally you know you would get the other answer from him because they'd be 20 games back right you don't want to pay attention to what other teams are doing but now you know they're in the thick of things and he and some of the other players have admitted to me also they're watching their scoreboard watching they know what tamper does they know what new york does they know what the other wildcard teams do but right now they're fighting for this division and with 57 wins they would be the leaders of the al central of the al west even as good as the rangers have been they'd be the leaders of the nl central obviously and also the nl west so really you're talking about a record and preparation for what's to come they're only a game back of the tampa bay rays so this is great for them to get some real world experience or some potential october experience in their own division in the middle of the summer what is one of the great yeah one of the great things they mean normally this time of the year oriole fans are wondering who's going to get traded away now they're like okay who are they going to add to this is now fans want to become buyers and in the past you know since the adam jones uh since adam jones has left this team because they had a good run back then too uh in the early 2010s and mid 2010s but now once again the team is the fan base is looking at 40 orders going to pick up to help out even as i look up on one of the tv's in my studio i'm seeing the hoses go and the fans getting splashed by mr splash what is their achilles heel i think that in my opinion the achilles heel and people thought it would be starting pitching and i argued that all year long i didn't think so i thought you lacked starting pitching names because these guys are young but look what they've been doing lately the quality start after quality start my opinion is they have a great back into the bullpen i'm a big michael bowman fan everybody knows kiddo everybody knows batista and when you get to that back into the bullpen this game could be for the most part over well they need to bridge the gap the gap between you know the the starters at the back end of that bullpen that's how that's how pennants are won you know i'm seeing i'm seeing tito franktona when he lost the world series uh to the cubs but getting to the world series you know i saw him take his starting pitcher out in the fourth inning or after four innings because he had a great bridge for the back end of the bullpen right that's how postseason baseball is played you know uh you just don't get starters going seven and eight innings in the playoffs that often if ever so i think they need a bridge from the starters to the back end of that bullpen and if they can find that they'll be dangerous in the postseason when should fans start to worry maybe it's already happened about the lease at camden yards expiring um i think with some of the things that um john angelos is doing right now with the governor of maryland uh partnered with him trying to make some runs and make some changes in camden yards area i think that relationship has kind of put that worry to rest i think fans are are eager for it they're they're anxious for it but i wouldn't call it now worry because with some of the changes that are going taking place in that ballpark you don't make changes in a ballpark if you're planning to leave um so i think it's more anxiety right now than it is worry all right so we've we stepped down from worry to anxiety that's that's a positive uh rob long before i let you go because i know you have your own show coming up in baltimore is there room with baltimore sports fans right now for it the start of raven's training camp because the rookies report tomorrow there is room yeah there is room and we're gonna make room for that on the big bad morning show we there's room for that because what else you'll do now in this crazy world you know you got those they gotta have the oreos winning games and the excitement of that you have a new offense with the baltimore ravens and excitement of that amy i'm telling you i'm telling you right now deptember and october i'll be on your show multiple times because okay place to be what you're like tyree kill guaranteeing things right now september and october is going to be busy in baltimore can i ask you a question as a sports fan slash radio host okay would you go see messy even if you don't love soccer would you go see messy well i love european soccer number one and i i would definitely go see messy if some people transcend their sport yes and you've got to see it's like music you know i i'm not a u2 fan but when they came to baltimore i had to see if they transcend their genre this is you there's certain people that transcend what they do and messie's one of those guys if he's in your area and you call yourself a sports fan you gotta go you know if you can go you gotta go i mean when when when uh european soccer comes over here and they play at everything bank stadium you gotta go it's just you can't be a sports fan and ignore that they're in your backyard um so to me you know i went downtown to see you know street you know indy carrey all those things when they come you gotta see it all right messy one of those guys laying down the law rob long sports on twitter that's where you can find him getting set for the big bad morning show on our affiliate in baltimore 105 7 the fan hottest team in baseball breathing down the necks of the rays atop the al east and as he says we're not going to be strangers because apparently he's going to ambush my show multiple times over the course of this what do we say the the rest of the summer september september october all right well then i look forward to talking to you again soon my friend thank you all righty top baby he's decided he's like tyree kill giving us predictions about what's to come and and actually ty's name is in my head just because i wrote a cbs sportsman about him so i need to go and record that boomer a size that's out this week which means so the minutes are being divvied up by various hosts uh here on cbs sports radio all right on twitter a law radio i just put up a new set of photos from my climb to the statue of liberty crown these are aerial photos which are so amazing i i love the photos from heights uh but there's a few from earlier in the weekend as well love to hear from you your lack of ac stories are making me cringe i'm so thankful so thankful for ac that works when i try to sleep in the summer so this is after hours with amy lawrence yeah yeah tennis on the radio it's it's not a great play by play but you get the gist fact is novak jokovic is denied denied jokovic denied at this fifth consecutive wimbledon title by a 20 year old now that's part of the package he's 20 years old and is still learning how to play tennis on every surface but carlos alcaraz only has 17 matches on grass in his entire career he's number one in the world he's ahead of the schedule maybe you could say that although he's he's an awesome athlete and he works really hard he's very tenacious he had just lost to novak jokovic on the clay in paris in the semifinals remember he cramped up and couldn't really finish and so he went and he played in london as part of the grass court warm-up but never really got comfortable trying to figure out how to translate or how to trans is trans trans transport transport his game from clay to grass but he got better and better it's a matter of working on footwork and understanding how the ball bounces on grass and what works and what doesn't i mean it's definitely a challenge and jokovic he's comfortable there not only is he an all-court player an all-service player who's now still shy of 24 grand slam singles titles but grass has become his favorite so he was trying to win his 35th consecutive match at wimbledon and his fifth consecutive championship and the fact that he gets denied by a young man who's still it's like a a baby have you ever seen baby giraffes or baby elephants or any kind of animal that's trying to walk for the first time awkward and wobbly i mean that's that's an extreme but that's alcaraz compared to novak jokovic it would have been less of a surprise if alcaraz had beaten him in the semi-finals in paris on the clay than it is for him to unseat jokovic who was so dominant on this surface and so dominant at wimbledon um that a lot of people were expecting especially after he won the first set six one so that not just that alcaraz is nervous he's in this grand slam championship against the king on grass now that roger federer has retired and he drops the first set in a heartbeat six one and yet the rest of the match nearly goes five hours that's how much of a fight in a battle it became for alcaraz who now has got a wimbledon championship to add to his resume it's a dream come true for me uh you know being a wimbledon champion something that i really wanted and honestly i didn't expect to to get it you know really soon and uh yeah it's uh time to to enjoy and you know to see everything all my feelings and yeah it's uh as i say it's a dream not only does he have the chance to receive the trophy from princess kate right so she's out there and she's representing the royal family but there's a just celebrities all around center court brad pitt was there daniel craig and his wife i'm trying to think of some of the sports other sports figures that i saw there uh throughout the course of the fortnight at wimbledon it's it's a hot ticket especially when you're talking about history on the line which is what it was for novak jokovic but ultimately points to a couple of moments where things went off the rails i would say tie-breaking a second of the backhands that kind of let me down to be honest uh set point i missed the backhand he did play a backhand uh that was quite long in the in the court and it had a little bit of a bad bounce but you know i should not should not have missed that shot and then in six so um again another backhand from middle of the court in the net you know just uh two very poor backends he was dejected i mean it's it's tough anyway in the wake of a painful loss to have to talk about it he's very gracious but certainly is looking ahead now to the u.s open in new york and a potential match against alcaraz on the hard court yeah i hope we get to play in u.s open why not you know uh i think it's it's good for a sport playing one and two in the world facing each other uh in in almost a five set uh five met five hours five set thriller it's couldn't be better for our sport in general so why not i remember when roger federer was ascending as the king of tennis and was i wouldn't say unbeatable that's no such thing in sports but he was about as close as you could be to a sure thing and it was novak jokovic who was kind of the upstart and who was challenging it because roger and rafa are closer in age novak is a little bit younger so it's kind of him who started to find his footing and began to challenge uh roger federer at the time so congratulations to alcaraz remains number one in the world it's after hours here on cbs sports radio meanwhile rory mcelroy grabbing attention at the scottish open he wins there with a pair of birdies on the last two holes his first victory in scotland but more importantly a tune-up for the open feels incredible you know it's been you know it's been a sort of long six months i feel since i won in dubai um i've given myself tons of chances um you know and hopefully this win sort of breaks the seal for me especially going into next week as well yeah so the open championship is coming up is coming up this week so tell me again how july is so slow and there's nothing going on with my apologies to rory and of course giving proper due to carlos alcaraz and novak jokovic uh my favorite moment of the weekend the most entertaining moment of the weekend i mean steph curry what can't he do it's obvious he can really play boy this is right at it if it gets there okay it's not just entertaining that steph curry had a hole-in-one on i remember what it was a part three sometime on saturday at this golf course at tahoe it's a celebrity tournament so we're not talking about the pros there but a hole-in-one is a hole-in-one once that ball bounces in and and drops into the cup he takes off running so he can tell by the crowd reaction that it's a hole-in-one it's a par three he watches the ball disappear into the cup he just starts running he rips off his golf glove he chucks it into the he throws his hat he just runs he sprints the entire length of the hole and then around the green like he's doing a victory lap how many aces you made that was my second one ever so you almost hold it in the hole before i'm locked in right now but to do it on this hole is unbelievable wow wow i didn't know you could run that fast that long it's a little longer than a basketball court down there it's a little bit i was 140 yards so not 94 feet but uh wow i'll be out of breath for the rest of the day for a good reason though there you go hey that's what i'm talking about congrats you've got to watch the video you've got to watch it it's up on our twitter after our cbs and he's just a goof now i get it's a celebrity tournament but wasn't he just trying to explain the etiquette and the the rules of golf to draymond green a couple weeks ago in vegas and now here he is sprinting the length of a of a hole and just letting it all hang out and then he dropped an eagle putt on the 18th on sunday to win the tournament and beat marty fish i mean no mention of aaron rogers too bad so sad aaron better get back to playing some football anyway fun to watch def curry so check it out on our show twitter also uh as we reconvene on monday afternoon still supposed to be hot and steamy in many parts of the country we'll have to share some of your surviving without ac stories and i didn't get a chance to tell mine but i will uh check out the photos from my climb to the crown of the statue of liberty they're on twitter alaw radio facebookers i promise you you'll get some soon i can only do so much it's after our cbs porch radio boom you
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