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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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July 13, 2023 6:22 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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July 13, 2023 6:22 am

The LIV Golf merger continues to be a problem. | SURPRISE!!! LeBron isn't retiring. | The Wimbledon tournament is getting hot and melting a few players dreams. 


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That's slash positive. I'm joined by Hall of Famer John Smoltz. Smoltz, tell me this. What's harder, winning a Cy Young or an Emmy Award? Oh man, winning a Cy Young takes a lot longer to happen. You know, it's funny when you mention something like that, I just go back to all those years of being predicted to win and just feeling like a failure.

But in 96, fortunately, I was able to at least get that off my back because that was starting to bother me. Download the Brett Boone Podcast, available on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast. Halfway through our show, glad to have you with us here after hours, CBS Sports Radio.

Love for you to find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, as well as on our Facebook page. If you missed it, great conversation with AP lead NFL writer Rob Motti last hour, and he had just finished up conversations with both Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. And because I have the SBs replay up in studio now, I just saw Patrick receiving an award and he's got his wife and Travis Kelcey and Kelcey's mom sitting next to him in the front row, which is cute because we saw so much of Travis and his brother Jason, of course, around the Super Bowl. And then their mom became a real star during the NFL playoffs. Patrick, the MVP of both the regular season and the Super Bowl, and he and his wife Brittany are featured in this new series on Netflix called Quarterback, which I actually started watching on Wednesday evening.

Really intrigued by it. My favorite thing after all these years of watching leagues, watching sports really, and covering sports is when the guys are miked up on the field, the court, the ice, and you can hear their actual interaction with one another. And so right away to start this quarterback series, this docu-series on Netflix, well first of all you hear Peyton Manning, but you also get audio from on the field, in the huddle, Kirk Cousins getting flattened by a hit and just groaning in the middle of the field. And it's not that I enjoy him being in pain, but we don't always get that authentic in the moment audio. Sometimes you do, if you go back and you watch NFL films and this series that we get on NFL Network called Mic'd Up, you'll get it.

But this is, yeah this is deep stuff. And so we're first introduced to Kirk Cousins as he is reading a book to his son, I think it's his son, and it's about the quarterback rule changes. Don't ask me if this was a real book because I don't know. I mean it was a book, he was reading a book, but I don't know why there would be a children's book about how the NFL changed its rules post Tom Brady and his ACL tear to be able to protect QBs. That seemed like a wacky children's book. So I don't know if it was for the sake of this particular documentary that they created this goofy book, or if it's an actual book out there about the NFL rules changes and it's made more understandable to children. Seems like a very strange book to be reading to your kids right before they go to bed about how NFL quarterbacks get hammered and now the rules protect them so they can't get hit below the knees and yada yada yada. So that was kind of funny, an interaction between Kirk Cousins and his son. And then Marcus Mariota, who apparently loves fast food, loves McDonald's.

See this is what I learned already. Marcus Mariota loves McDonald's and his chef allows him to eat McDonald's one morning a week I guess. He loves McD's breakfast and so there's one morning a week when his chef does not cook breakfast for him and so that's the morning when Mariota heads straight to McDonald's for I think it's a sausage biscuit with egg or something.

My goodness, apparently that's his favorite thing. And then with Patrick, you know Patrick Mahomes had to deal with the postseason on one and a half legs. And not only did he wow us again, but you get this kind of up close look with him and his family in this new docu-series on Netflix. So I'm excited to watch it but then as I say look up and and Patrick is is showing out for this award on the SPs and even now DeMar Hamlin being introduced on stage and as he comes on stage he's already in tears before he hands out or before he honors a special group of people for the Pat Tillman Award for Service. So really neat to see these guys in a different element, a different light, dressed up in tuxes with their families but I'm anxious, anxious to see them back on the football field as well.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're asking you with baseball now heading to Seoul, South Korea with the NBA doing games in the Far East but really the NBA increasing its international quotient. Think about the number one sensation right now being the French team Victor Wemenyama and then you've got the NFL in Mexico and London and Germany last season for the first time ever. What country on this planet of ours needs to host a football game?

Our football. I know they host their football, global football all the time but what country out there needs to host an NFL game or a major league baseball game? I'm thinking Ireland would be a great, I love Ireland, it would be a great setting.

We'll see if they can get excited about the NFL. I guess if London can, I mean still British Isles right, so can Ireland. Try to think what other, how about Switzerland? In the Swiss Alps.

Let's put them in the Swiss Alps why don't we? Or Iceland. Iceland. Greenland.

Why not? Are there enough people in Greenland to be able to fill an NFL stadium? Yeah just kind of goofy to think about the possibilities but don't put it past the NFL or major league baseball or the NBA or the NHL. I think the NHL has got such a great international flair from Canada to Europe. Of course they all play in different leagues and for their various countries too. So I do enjoy the international flavor but I'm telling you what the leagues see is money. They see ka-ching, ka-ching, expanding their fan bases of more and more people who will not only consume the product but will also buy the memorabilia, potentially make trips and plans around seeing these teams, their favorite teams in other venues. So where would you like to see another one of our pro sports, our major pro sports leagues land?

What countries? On Twitter, A Law Radio and then on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. By the way I said this at the start of the show I'm going to say it again. David Sheppard doing a double. Oh he's like standing up but falling asleep while he's standing up. I'm not, I never fall asleep during your show. No ever because my show is so exciting. Let me tell you something.

I love that intro because it does speak to Amy. I've known you for 11 years now. You've known me for a long time. Yeah I do enjoy your show, yes. Thank you but poor Shep was not supposed to be here. He was supposed to be home and in bed by now right? Would you be in bed by now because sometimes you stay up and you prep for your own show is coming up. So this is going to talk to your heartstrings. You ready?

I'm ready. Oh no you were supposed to be with family? No.

Okay you had a date? No. Oh okay.

The creature that really suffers right now is George. Your dog? Yep. Oh no did someone let your dog out tonight? Uh seven minutes so yeah it's the best it's the best I can do.

It's the industry we work in so that's why I said to you I said Amy second this show. Oh you're gonna bust out. That was because I don't want to you know stay I just I have to sprint home and take care of this little guy. How old is George? He is uh I believe he's seven so he is a he's a he's a rescue dog. Yes of course mine too, Penny is too.

Yes yes. And what kind of rescue is George? He is a he's an American terrier pit bull. Okay yeah and why George?

It's a great question uh that that's how he came. Oh okay his name was already George. I figure he's been through enough trauma and chaos and uncertainty the least I can do is keep his name for the Frost Organization. Right okay I like it. Thank you. So that's cool I may need to see a picture of George soon so yes poor David Sheppard.

Next break I can text you. Nice love it love it I do enjoy rescue dogs. Uh obviously my own dog is a rescue for those of you who have heard me talk about Penny before here's the funny thing about Penny when I adopted her they had gotten her okay so Penny was with an organization called Shepherds to Love based in the Baltimore area and it was dedicated to rescuing Australian shepherds, German shepherds and shepherd mixes.

Penny had only been with them for maybe three weeks by the time I started looking around and was ready to adopt because they had rescued her from a kill shelter and did not kill shelter I can't believe my dog was at a kill shelter and did not know her name they named her Angelica my dog was Angelica and I couldn't when I adopted her she was only two and a half and I thought there's no way that for the rest of her life I'm calling her Angie or Angelica or Ange so instead I renamed her Penny and actually funny story really quick and then I'll get to some golf I didn't name her my nieces were much younger at the time let's see I got her in March of 2012 so I've had her now 11 years wow I know she's amazing I big dogs don't generally live this long but she's now 13 and a half and well on her way to 14 the dog is still kicking it she's still up and down the stairs four or five times a day she's got your family genes because God knows how long your family lives yes my maternal grandmother 91 my paternal grandmother 100 my mom is awesome and and she can't leave me anytime soon so Penny is the yeah she has the family genes good point anyway Penny is she's named Penny because my nieces who were young at the time saw a picture of her and I said girls I I want you to help me name her what should I name her so each of them true to form sent me a list of about a dozen names each the only one they had in common was Penny because she is a an Australian cross with a golden so she's got the golden fur the golden hair well it's not for its hair and it's everywhere but anyway she's she's the body and the face of an Aussie the personality of an Aussie but she has the coloring of a golden anyway they both had Penny on the list so that was it of course I had to name her Penny funny thing is for years Lauren thought she named the dog Deanna thought she named the dog and it wasn't until much later that they realized that actually they both named the dog right so that they were kind of perturbed by that but I said no this is the way to keep the peace anyway Penny it is she can't hear me say her name now unless I yell it because she's mostly deaf um or she's selective hearing one or the other but yeah she's my sweet girl and 13 and a half and going on 14 insulin now for a year and a half uh eats everything in sight still gets very excited about her walks every single morning we do a 20-minute walk it's just that it's more like a shuffle we shuffle around the block the dog doesn't she's teaching me patience beyond what I ever thought possible the dog does not move quickly unless of course she's running to her food bowl and then it's a it's a brisk walk to her food bowl she's a goof okay okay Penny and George they're meant to be friends it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio all right we're talking about international events easy peasy transition to the the PGA world and the Scottish Open which actually is already underway now because of the time change they're already underway Thursday in Scotland they're opening round but before they started the conversation still with the the PGA members is the live merger and it's more timely or it's in the spotlight again because on Capitol Hill our US Congress was holding hearings about the merger wanting to get information I'm sure there's some antitrust concerns there as well and so for that reason the PGA golfers were given the ability I think they were given a link where they could watch the hearings and then later were given the tape of the hearing so that they could be informed now they could be informed the PGA didn't bother informing them beforehand but now sure you can be informed Scottie Scheffler number one player in the world still has a lot of concerns about how this merger is going to work out I just think that yesterday we didn't really learn a whole lot again as a player on tour we still don't really have a bunch of a lot of clarity as to what's going on and that's a bit worrisome you know as they keep saying it's a player-run organization and we don't really have the information that we need to kind of I mean I don't even know how to comment I watched party yesterday and I didn't learn anything so I really don't know what to say I don't know again it really is kind of that that cycle where it's just a framework agreement right now and so I don't I don't know what that entails we're not involved in any of the discussions you know the none of the players were involved in the in the original framework agreement and so we just don't really should I have been probably not but um I'm sure that a few of our player directors probably should have been involved you can tell he's still salty about it and he's not the only one I mean there are other guys you'll hear from Jordan Spieth here in a second they're still pretty ticked off that this was done in secret undercover of night and that they felt and that they felt deceived used by not just Jay Monahan but a couple of the board members PGA board members but it's also funny too that at this point maybe just maybe they're not willing to go through the steps that that is required to keep up with the whole thing because they actually have tournaments right so Xander Shopley is trying to get ready for the Scottish Open and really wasn't all that interested in being informed on Wednesday first and foremost it's sort of being on property here it's it's my job to play golf and um I did watch in all honesty maybe 10 or 15 minutes of it I had to go see a physio and trainer and and get dialed in for for today and the rest of the week so um we were sent a document uh the 276 page document and a link to the hearing so um I will do my homework and I saw the hearing I clicked on it it was about three hours and I clicked on that about 10 45 pm last night and I quickly exited out of it uh knowing that I wanted to get some sleep in preparation for the tournament week so I will listen to it and I will probably not read read all of it to be completely honest because it's not my forte either so um it's hard for me to comment on everything that occurred because I don't really know a lot about what was talked about and what happened all right so he cares but not more than he cares about his actual tournament and trying to play well I quickly exited out of it how often does that happen when you get let's say a training module or a training email from the company oh guilty so guilty you open it up oh no I can't I just can't right now and you quickly exit out of it or don't tell the boss the boss is not listening don't worry about it uh there are times maybe I can either confirm nor deny but I've at least considered the option of playing the training module on my laptop walking away doing something else and then coming back when it's done and answering the questions because you know it's a training module that we've probably seen before sometimes they give us the same training videos year after year after year and so yeah at the very least I'm watching something else on tv while the module is playing on my laptop so I I feel you Xander I feel you all right Jordan Spieth I'm telling you they're still edgy they're still salty and they still are not ready to forgive and forget I guess I'm not exactly sure because it seems like I just you know you you see reports um you hear things then you see reports and then some things have changed and then other things have changed and then there's disagreements on a couple items if I think if there's any disagreements it won't work um and honestly we're very much in the dark on it so um I'm not on I'm I don't sit on the board I'm not on the pack either so I'm not on the in um I think that uh you know it certainly is you've talked to a lot of other players it's been quite a shock um from the get-go and I wouldn't say that there's enough details to be able to really comment much on any concerns because like if I if you asked me about something specifically I could say I saw that somewhere and I saw it somewhere else that it wasn't part of it over and over you're hearing from the golfers we we still don't have any information we still don't know a whole lot we're still being kept in the dark right and that's the part you can tell you can tell that annoys them the most and that's frustrating for them because they had no say and maybe now more than ever before what Phil Mickelson said about how the PGA limited the the freedom of the players and really controlled them and and didn't allow them to make choices for themselves and yada yada yada maybe that's ringing a little a little more true a little truer I should say all right one more because a lot of the golfers are addressing how uncertain it is right now zander shuffling he's definitely a guy that uh is gonna have to do a little more reading so he's up with the times you know I think if if uh if us players can can stay together um sort of stay unified and have the right you know goals in place for the future then it would be less unsettling so I say for the most part uh most of the players on the PGA Tour are are together and sort of want to be informed and want to have a say in sort of what happens and right now you know with this hearing and everything that's going on these are just sort of steps in the process to to getting I guess not what we want but more transparency and and sort of getting a seat at the table you know it's a four members by members organization and and that's what it should be uncertainty is a word unsettling is the word that he used and he said we we want to be informed so maybe once the open is down to this as a run through the open championship is done he'll have a chance to read a little more but yeah 200 something pages it would have been a lot smoother maybe if they had just been up front and open with the golfers about what they were considering what was happening but I think they're probably pretty sure Jay Monahan and some of the PGA board members that it there would have been a large and loud complaint from the membership maybe they were afraid the membership would shut it down before it ever got off the ground and we know it definitely is about the bottom line so yeah they're not letting it go nor should they I don't think they should if the membership makes up the PGA tour then they should have a say at some point if that means Jay Monahan loses his job then maybe that's what it means we'll see if he becomes the guy whose head is served up on a platter it's after hours on CBS sports radio so I did put up a post on my twitter I'll throw it up on Facebook too but on a law radio with the Dodgers and Padre starting next season in Seoul South Korea we've got leagues traveling to London Germany Japan Mexico other locales more frequently what country would you like to see host NFL NBA MLB NHL good to hear from you always good to make travel plans too summertime we'd like to get out and travel all right what do I want to do next I know a couple of I think still fairly interesting even though summer league has got zero attention anymore now because Wembley is no longer there a lot of the coaches are still in Las Vegas for summer league and I thought it was interesting to hear what Rich Paul had to say about two of his high profile clients Draymond Green and LeBron James it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast I don't care how many more points I score or what I can or cannot do on the floor the real question for me is can I play without cheating this game the day I can't give the game everything on the floor is the day I'll be done lucky for you guys that day is not today this is after hours on CBS sports radio the voice of one LeBron James who makes it official at the SPs on Wednesday evening he is not retiring not yet and I don't know that it was a huge surprise but it was him straight from the horse's mouth really need to as he received an SP it was fun to see his wife Savannah it was fun to see his wife Savannah as well as his kiddos well his sons are not kids anymore uh his sons are grown men but his daughter too so cute she is so they were up on stage uh with LeBron and Savannah they've got 18 year old brawny of course is getting ready for college 16 year old Bryce and then Zuri is their daughter and at one point um mom Savannah was I'm not sure if she was so I was just watching it I didn't hear what she was saying but she was waxing poetic and she was talking a little bit too long for her daughter who actually puts a hand up on her and it's like mom stop stop anyway the whole LeBron family was up there on stage as he was earning an award for passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and becoming the NBA's all-time leading scorer it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio now the ring the reason I bring that up number one because it's news uh the fact that he is going to play for another season and there's there's a handful of guys who have ever played this deep into their careers he will become only the sixth NBA player in the league's history to ever go to a 21st season or beyond Dirk Nowitzki Kevin Garnett Robert Parrish Kevin Willis and then Vince Carter who right now holds the record for most NBA seasons with 22 is it possible that LeBron wants to grab that record as well so he is coming back for a 21st season and the select company there's there's fewer and fewer guys that at least in terms of numbers and longevity and achievements uh can hold a candle next to LeBron or even be in the same uh breath as LeBron could he play until he's 45 like Tom Brady well his agent well his longtime business partner um agent for other players Rich Paul he was in summer league or at summer league in Vegas this week and was answering that question on Furious XM NBA radio he's he's one guy that I'm not going to say no about you know I think it's important to to understand um what really motivates him I know it obviously I've been around him for so long I can tell you what his day probably looks like without even talking to him and as long as his mind is there as long as he's still excited about playing the game and he's and in addition to the health absolutely you know because I always tease him I say if your athleticism went away you just be Carl Malone it's fine what what if your athleticism goes away you're just Carl Malone it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio so Rich Paul speaking about LeBron James yet longtime business partner close friend can LeBron play until he's 45 maybe that's the record he wants he wants to eclipse Tom Brady for the number of years he plays post 40 in addition to that Rich Paul reps Draymond Green now I was I wouldn't say I was surprised by the fact that Draymond returned to the Warriors in fact that's what I expected so that didn't catch me off guard or take me by surprise I was taken aback by the fact that Draymond Green took less money to stay with Golden State not that I think Dray's greedy and that that's not what I'm saying at all but just that he no doubt would have had offers for more money than what he took with the Warriors so if you remember he signed an extension to go the next four years for 100 million Kyrie Irving got more money over three years Sony else like Chris Middleton I think got significant amount of money more over his time resigning with the Bucks there are a bunch of examples of guys who got a lot more money than Draymond Green did not just average annual value but total contract and yet this happened very quickly one free agency officially opened and Rich Paul explains why Draymond resigned with the Warriors with Draymond if you know Draymond Draymond is a guy that we talk literally every day about everything around the league both on and off the court so both on and off the court so he's he's a servant with this stuff for his stuff it was you know his his business was different you know obviously he played 11 years in Golden State four-time champion defensive player of the year all-star it's a it's a different dynamic I have to think about his family as well Stephen Clay you know just holding this whole thing together but at the same time it's a business and so we had some targets but if Golden State can make it make sense you know why not why not stay and we were respectful of the targets that we had didn't put anything out in the media or anything like that but ultimately we were able to get something done and you know Golden State really valued him and I worked with them to allow them to make some moves they needed to make to get to a place where we were comfortable and so Draymond understands big picture he's one guy that definitely understands big picture and so I was happy to be able to get him back there where he's comfortable the next time you believe or find yourself saying about pro athletes it's always about the money think about Draymond Green I know he's got a reputation that precedes him and there are times where he comes across self-centered more about himself than the team and I'm thinking about those junctures where he loses his mind emotionally and regardless of what's happening in a game even in the playoffs we saw it he'll get teed up because he can't keep his emotions under control and that ultimately hurts the team I mean the worst the most egregious offense going back to that was the 2016 NBA Finals where he missed game number four against Cleveland and that really did change the course game number five thank you David Sheppard uh changed the course of that that final series so there there are times where Dray does Dray and it's to the detriment of the Warriors how about punching a teammate in the face last pre-season and then we hear from Steve Kerr that ultimately that's one reason why the Warriors really could never get they could never get it together this year they were so bad on the road a lot of playing on the road he said is about trust a lot of winning is about trust and it was broken because of Draymond Green punching a teammate in the face all of that to say as much as Draymond has flaws in his case it was not all about the money he took far less money to stay in in Golden State to stay in San Francisco because he wanted to stick with Stephen Clay because he wants to win there he's got a home there he cares about his family that's where he fits and so yeah Rich Paul says on Sirius XM NBA radio we had some numbers we wanted to hit we had some goals that we wanted to meet but ultimately for Draymond this was what made sense and so yeah he's he's not a perfect human or even a perfect teammate by any stretch of the imagination but what he is is a guy who has very specific goals and isn't going to be deterred by whatever anybody else is is making in terms of dollars and cents and I admire that about him and also I think it's funny that Rich said well if you know Draymond you know we talk every day that's because Draymond is like me and we just never stop talking okay okay all right coming up I do coming up a little bit on what's happening at Wimbledon I think because we had one American story that was incredible but ultimately the biggest story is still Novak Djokovic maybe just maybe having to take on 20 year old Carlos Alcaraz in what would be I hope an epic final and Alcaraz would be the one who stood in the way of Novak and Grand Slam title number 24 but also eight straight at Wimbledon which has only ever been done by Roger Federer so we'll hear from Alcaraz and also on the women's side a pretty incredible story developing too on Twitter A Law Radio and on our Facebook page as well what country would you like to see host an international event so NFL Major League Baseball NBA because it's it's happening more and more it's happening James says I'd like to see Canada host the Stanley Cup parade well then a Canadian team needs to earn it so on Twitter after our CBS or my Twitter A Law Radio and then our Facebook page too which I gotta put the post up but first I have to record my CBS Sports Minute so you're gonna have to wait here's Amy Lawrence I just put the post up on Facebook I did it Dodgers Padre starting next season in Seoul South Korea for the first time ever and we know that leagues are spreading out all over the globe uh the NFL alone going to London Germany Mexico we've seen the NBA in Japan and other parts of the Far East uh certainly we get games and leagues that are playing in Europe and Canada so it's going to keep happening because there's money in it what country would you like to see host an NFL NBA MLB or NHL game it's up on Facebook after hours with Amy Lawrence and also on Twitter A Law Radio without producer Jay who is taking a well-earned vacation we've had not only David Shepherd stick around from the JR Sport Brief Show awesome David thank you so much Ryan is training so if something blows up next hour it's Ryan's fault no I'm just kidding but Ryan's first introduction to me was that he refused to eat one of my cupcakes he should know that in the CBS Sports Radio newsroom that is a no-no when Amy Lawrence offers you baked goods you take them even Shep knows that now and Shep is much kind of a health freak health nut so anyway Ryan has learned uh when I bring baked goods the next time he's gonna say yes give me one of those things anyway so Ryan's gonna run our equipment next hour and then it's just me and Ryan we're on our own it's uh it's a whole new adventure uh on our Thursday night show to wrap up the work week week that's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio we are getting closer and closer to the final weekend at Wimbledon and there are a couple of reasons why it matters of course everybody watching Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz the 20 year old world number one player and those two were on a crash course in potentially in the final and it'd be crazy right I know we saw them in the French semis where Alcaraz was dealing with cramps and couldn't finish and so Novak moved on but the first two sets when they played each other oh it was dynamic to see those two and so here is Alcaraz who really has a game that fits pretty much any surface though a lot of Spanish players a lot of European players clay is clay and grass are what they're more equipped for but he's playing very well at Wimbledon now the youngest semi-finalist since 2007 and so to see him reaching the semi-finals and know that he's now one step away actually can we hear from him first if you don't mind summer three David so this is Carlos Alcaraz really one of the new faces of tennis getting to the Wimbledon semi-finals it's amazing for me uh it's a dream since uh I started playing tennis you know uh making good results here in in Wimbledon such a beautiful tournament such a great tournament uh you know for me it's uh it's a dream you know to be able to play a semi-final here uh I think I I'm playing uh great a great level honestly I didn't expect you know to to play uh such a great level you know on uh on the surface but uh you know for me it's uh it's crazy he's 20 he's 20 years old the number one player in the world and I was thinking about him listening to him uh that was on court on ESPN after he made the semis and thinking about women yama too he's 19 years old what were you doing at 19 years old when be aside from the Britney Spears encounter which by the way did you see the post that she put up on I guess it was instagram explaining her version of the story okay why was she wearing daisy dukes anyway but in that video you want people to take you seriously but you're wearing daisy dukes shepherd if you would like to weigh it I it's like how can we listen to what you're saying when you're dressed like that I feel really bad for her I do something's wrong I just like going after another man in front of your man the way she did do you think she was going after him well at night he's 19 no I understand that but it's just not a good look and and Amy you can appreciate this like I understand she's not nearly what she was but she's still Britney Spears she is and so where is her protection name only right but where are the people and I know you're probably exhausted with this I know everyone is at this point but where where is her security where are people looking after her because yes they don't run after someone and tap a big basketball player on the back or whatever it is and it wasn't the shoulder she deserves a little bit of benefit of doubt I know a lot of people are making a lot of that but no it just still though the instagram video to explain herself oh my gosh I again it and I I'm a big believer in if you look good you should wear what makes you happy but if you want people to take you seriously as you're explaining yourself oh heavens I feel bad for her because it is it almost seemed tone deaf but oh well she's been through a lot okay that didn't mean to go off on that tangent it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio okay so we have Carlos Alcaraz into the semis we know that Novak Djokovic is also into the semis they're on a crash course potentially in the final where Novak would be after Grand Slam number 24. My favorite story of Wimbledon so far has been Christopher Eubanks who is the Atlanta native the American who was playing in his first Wimbledon and got all the way to the quarterfinals he fell against Daniil Medvedev in the quarters but still can you imagine putting yourself in his shoes just his first Wimbledon? I would say that you know I definitely believe a lot more in my ability to contend with some of the best players in the world it's tough to really know until you've played some of the best players in the world at this point I've played center played Medvedev twice played Tsitsipas I played Kasper I played Holger French Open this year so I've played some of the best players in the world and I've seen how my game can stack up against them how I can disrupt them how I can frustrate them sorry Nori as well who's been top 10 so yeah I think it just gives me added confidence that in my ability that I know that I can compete with some of the best players in the world. Christopher Eubanks 27 years old was trying to get to the semifinals in his first Wimbledon appearance and he did lose to Medvedev but in five sets actually so this was quite a battle and now maybe he is ready to join some of the other up and coming Americans he's a little older at 27 but I do love the fact we've got so many guys and on the women's side too younger Americans who are just on the verge of breaking out so I will be rooting for Eubanks moving forward so I'm just kind of enjoying the journey at this point wherever my career takes me and I can continue to have the fun that I've been having I can continue to work as hard as I've been working where I end up I end up but I think at this point especially considering the fact that I spent five years hovering in that 220 to 150 range playing so many challengers it's like man at this point it's it's just a cherry on top I'm just enjoying myself I'm having a great time um having probably the most fun I've ever had in playing tennis and I'm just going to continue to try to ride this momentum out we're going to see where it takes me. Joy I love it I love it for Christopher Eubanks so one of the stories of Wimbledon but it will all be trumped if we have Alcaraz and Novak in the final and then Novak is pursuing his 24th Grand Slam singles title by now you know the history of it but already has more Grand Slams than any other man passing Rafa of course Roger but marker court even though she didn't play in this modern era of tennis she is the record holder with 24 Grand Slam singles titles and he can tie her remember this is something Serena Williams attempted to do for years and couldn't quite get to that point and now here is Novak into his mid mid 30s mid to late 30s says age is just a number I'm all about it moving forward also I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything about Britney Spears in her outfit now I feel terrible it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio.
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