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7-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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July 6, 2023 6:09 am

7-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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July 6, 2023 6:09 am

Michael Rubin throws a 4th of July party with a guest list for the ages | Nats manager calls out Elly De La Cruz, who promptly responds with a homer | QB News.


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Visit slash hypergig for details. Have you recovered from your July 4th sojourn? Your extended holiday weekend maybe? Or maybe you're still on vacation and you're catching us because you haven't yet gone to bed. I would say that was the case for a bunch of the people who went to Michael Rubin's 4th of July party. Have you guys seen this? It's an annual thing and it's in the Hamptons, which I've never been to the Hamptons. It's not that far from where our CBS Sports Radio headquarters are located.

Maybe two hours, but I've never been to the Hamptons. It's an all-white party. So you cannot wear anything else but white.

Regardless of your skin color, and there's plenty of diversity there according to the pictures, you cannot wear anything else but white. Guess who was there? Well, a lot of athletes, but headlined by none other than Tom Brady. So Tom Brady, still a celeb, rubbing elbows, taking photos. If you're on Instagram, well Brady was pretty active posting photos. And initially, this is kind of funny, he looked like a total nerd, he was wearing white t-shirt, all white pants, and then a white sweater draped around his shoulders. Because on July 4th it was only 85 degrees in the Hamptons, but okay. Anyway, so he's taking a bunch of pictures with Michael Rubin and others who are attending this soiree.

I'm 45 years old, man. There's a lot of s*** going on. Yeah, but he was there with celebrities, other athletes, entertainers, musicians. And on Instagram, he wrote, nobody does a party like Michael Rubin. Definitely needed, in all caps, a lot of electrolytes today.

Happy 4th of July. Huh, Jay, what does that mean exactly? I think it means he's a little hungover. Yeah, you think?

A little bit. So Michael Rubin is a former owner of the 76ers, but also the CEO of Fanatics. I read that he was worth more than $10 billion, so this is his special party exclusive, where he gets to rub elbows with the coolest.

According to him, the coolest on the planet. Are you ready for some of the other athletes who are there? Micah Parsons. Bob Kraft. I saw a photo with Brady and Parsons, and also Brady and Bob. I guess they would probably go by Bob. Do you think he calls him Mr. Kraft at Michael Rubin's 4th of July party? No, it's gotta be a Bob. Maybe a Robert. Maybe a Robert. Bob Kraft, do you think he was the oldest one there?

Um, possibly. What other older Americans would be that cool to be at Michael Rubin's party? Do you think Jerry Jones got an invite? No, I did not see his name anywhere. He was probably throwing his own on his $150 million yacht.

Hmm, I think he might be the old Bob Kraft. Alright, James Harden, of course. I have no idea why that guy's a celebrity, but he seems to show up at all of these various parties and events. Devin Booker!

Now I can see why he is popular. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Travis Scott, J-Lo, and Ben Affleck. These are just some of the names, but are you ready for more of the star power from the sports world? KD, Donovan Mitchell, Joel Embiid, I'm not done, OBJ, and DeMar Hamlin. I did see that.

That's cool. Yeah, so I saw videos of OBJ. I did not know DeMar was there until I read it. I didn't see him in any of the, or I didn't recognize him in any of the videos that were put out there. But yeah, if you follow Brady on social, well then you know he was taking pictures with everybody.

Jim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Lala Anthony, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, that's Justin's wife, Kevin Hart, Leo DiCaprio. Ooh, that's cool. It is cool, but isn't he getting up there in years? I would say he's gotta be in his late 40s, if not older. He might be 50, yeah.

Wanna Google it? But he doesn't date anyone who's younger than like 26. No, and she's gotta be blonde with like voluptuous hair.

Yeah, and probably voluptuous other things too. Oh, he's 48. Oh, okay, so he's 48 dating 20 year olds, because why not? Did you see Joe Burrow? Joe Burrow is there?

I did not know that. Do a quick search of what he was wearing. Oh, he does love to step out in some unique outfits. I guess I put the wrong one on.

I don't think that he goes as unique as Russell Westbrook, but I do think he goes fairly unique. I, it's, I don't know, I would never imagine Joe Burrow wearing what he's wearing at this party. Never would have thought. His shirt, it's got holes in it. Oh, no.

Okay, I'm gonna look. But it doesn't have holes that are white. No, it's all white.

You're only allowed to wear white to this party in the Hamptons. But he's wearing like, it looks like a t-shirt or like a tank top shirt, but over it is like this cardigan kind of thing. But it's not really, it's just, it's holes. It's like not really, doesn't do anything. You know what I mean?

Is the shirt supposed to do anything? Well, it's just like, I don't know. Alright, find it for me because I have not seen it in all the various photos that I've seen. I've not seen one of Joe Burrow. Wow, Joe Burrow cracking the upper echelon of celebrity. I got a picture of him right here. He's hanging with KD. Okay, well that one, is it on Twitter?

Yeah. Okay, if you want to retweet it, you definitely can. But if you would like to see how cool Tom Brady is post-retirement, well definitely Google Brady, Michael Rubin or Brady July 4th party because he's in everybody's photos. Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

I mean, he is rich and famous. And I'm not joking. Rubin hires someone to produce a movie about his white party every year. So there's a recap. On his Twitter it's called a literal movie.

White party 2023 recap. Man, his mansion. And it's probably not even his daily residence. It's probably used just for that one night a year. Oh my gosh.

It is gorgeous and it's right on the water. And people who don't get invited, all right, listen to this. If you don't get invited, meaning you're welcome to show up without paying your way in, often other celebrities will fork over a million dollars to get in. Are you kidding me?

Wow. A million dollars to go to a party? But you weren't, I don't know, you weren't invited, you know? But if you want to rub elbows with some of these incredible celebs, you are, but they don't know that.

Yeah, I guess you're right. They don't know that. Unless they do. Unless it gets circulated that you weren't invited so instead you had to buy your way in. You think they talk? Like gossip? Oh, look who showed up.

Yes, I'm sure they do. Especially the more the alcohol flows. July 4th weekend, all white party in the Hamptons, so extravagant and celebrity packed that people who don't get invited offer one million dollars for access to the party. So where does that go? I hope to like who's ever helping run the party because...

I have no idea. I just know that when you click on some of the links that are embedded in the story about the party, the photos. Now I don't know all of these people because I'm not that cool, but there are some pretty incredible photos of people who are there. If you're at a party like this, who would you most want to get a snapshot with, get a selfie with? J-Lo? Just admit it. James Harden, I knew it.

I knew it. OBJ. Maybe Kyle Kuzma. Was he there? He was, I see him on the list.

Why? Why was Kyle Kuzma there? Because he's an LA guy? I guess he's a fashion guy, so maybe he's in that scene.

What? I still haven't seen what Joe Burrow wore, so I need you to hold that photo in there. Ben Affleck was there, that'd be a cool one. I said Ben Affleck and J-Lo, but a lot of these people I don't know. I just know that everywhere I look, Brady's taking selfies with his white sweater draped over his shoulders.

It's the summertime, why are you wearing a sweater? You're not that cool. So yes, actresses, musicians, models, Tom Brady, OBJ, Micah Parsons, people who are famous for nothing like the Kardashians. KD, James Harden, Donovan Mitchell, and who did I say earlier? Oh, Devin Booker. Those are your NBA guys. Oh, Joel Embiid. On this guest list here. And James Corden.

Yeah, James Corden. This is going through the names. It says, you know, James Harden, Devin Booker, Jennifer Lopez, NBA player, NBA player, singer, actress, Lisa Lopez, J-Lo's sister. Actually, there's a photo of the entire Affleck, J-Lo clan showing up. So it's not just the two of them. You're right, it's their kids, it's siblings. That's the best they can credit her, J-Lo's sister. Do you think that they had to fork over a million bucks to bring the kids, a million bucks each to bring the kids and the sister?

Probably a couple of things. Yeah, I see Violet Affleck, Jennifer Garner's daughter. Travis Scott. Isn't he married to one of the Kardashian sisters? I'll be honest, I hear that name and I don't have anything that is. He might be married to one of the Jenners. One of the Youngers, one of the Jenners. I honestly don't know all of these people, but I'm just telling you. They are.

They love to pose for pictures, that's for sure. Usher. Usher. He's still cool, I guess.

I guess so. Anyway, Tom Brady's still got it. I guess he can hold this over Peyton Manning the next time they get together and talk smack that Peyton was not invited. Do you think Draymond's mad that he wasn't invited? I think Draymond would have had a good time. You think so? You think Steph Curry was invited and turned it down?

Probably. I love Mahomes, I could see him there too. Ooh, Patrick Mahomes. Or Kelsey. Although, where is Travis Kelsey? It seems like a place Travis Kelsey used to be.

Joe Burrow's going, Travis Kelsey should be going. And his brother, they'd be the life of the party. You know that Travis has his whole line about, You gotta fight for your right to party. You gotta fight for your right to party.

Exactly. I think people would have liked that at the party. Jack Harlow, he was at the party. He's, he looks kind of dweeby, actually. He's a singer, right? He was, he was rubbing elbows.

Beyonce's soul sisters, Kelly Rowland and Tina Knowles, they were there as well. I mean, this is some kind of a party. If you haven't seen the photos of the actual venue, though, holy cow.

It's, yeah, it's pretty incredible. Who's Drewski? Comedian. Never heard of him.

I have no idea. I'm not cool. Rapper fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I know him. You do? He goes back maybe like at least 20 years or so. Oh, he's a comedian. Drewski's a comedian.

So funny I forgot to laugh. Goodness. Neo was performing. I know who Neo is.

Usher was also on stage. My goodness, there's a lot of photos. That's pretty cool. And they wrapped it up with their own personal fireworks show. Of course. Of course.

I mean, I'm impressed with some of the NBA players that ended up there. But how does that go when Kevin Durant and James Harden are at the same party? Hmm. You think they, what if they awkwardly bump into each other at the hors d'oeuvres table? Or, who else? Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker.

I mean, they're now in different conferences, so I guess it doesn't matter as much, but. Who do you think Kyle Coos might hang out with? Joel Embiid.

Who would be awkward for him to jump, to bump into? Well, Harden. If Harden's trying to get out of Philadelphia.

I wonder if Patrick Beverley was invited, because he's now a new member of the Sixers. He actually tells the world that he's going to be living in Philly because he wants to embrace all that Philadelphia culture has to offer. A lot of athletes live in South Jersey. I don't see that for you.

I feel like you're- No, no, no, no. I want to be in Philly. I want to, I'm living in Philly. I'm, I want to feel the city. I want to smell the city.

I want to have it on my shoulders. You hear me wrong? Yes, dude. I'm South Jersey. Me?

Yeah, that's what I said. That's not your vibe. I want to be in Philly. I want to hear the fans when we win a big game. You feel me? I want to feel that. Let me, let me relax.

You're getting me turned up a little bit. Pat Bev on his own podcast, the Pat Bev podcast. Yeah. He's got the eyes of Patrick Beverley and he continues to move around the NBA, but because of his intensity and because of his defense and the fact that he is willing to get after it, he keeps finding jobs. And so his latest is Philadelphia. And I wonder if that's the, that's the Nick Nurse replacement for James Harden.

I mean, he can't shoot as well, but he can certainly play better defense. Tom Brady needed a lot of electrolytes after the July 4th party. You think he got the drunkest? No, no.

Considering some of these, these people here. Could you imagine how excited Ben Affleck was to take a photo with Brady? They were at the same party. He was probably said to J-Lo. Oh my gosh, babe. That's my favorite.

That's my guy. Do you think J-Lo knew who Tom Brady was? I would think so. You think? Yeah.

Other than through her hubs? I'm telling you, there's a lot of these celebrities that do not know athletes. You know that. There's a lot of celebs that do not know who these athletes are.

Do you think J-Lo's ever watched a Pats game? Probably because of Affleck. Yeah. Well, but did they get married after he went to Tampa?

I have no idea. I couldn't care less, really. I just wondered if it was cooler for Brady to take a picture with Affleck and J-Lo, or if Affleck was the one who was geeked up over the moon. Definitely cooler for Affleck to take the photo with Brady, I'd say. The fact that Brady and James Harden are clowning in a photo just, I can't even figure out what to do with that.

That's an interesting combo. And where is Burrow? I haven't seen it yet. Okay, I'm Googling it.

That's it. Before I get off this segment, because I want to explain to people, describe Joe Burrow. Do you think he took his girlfriend? Was she allowed, or did she have to pay? He might have had to pay a million bucks to bring his girlfriend.

Yeah, she probably crossed the mill. Joe Burrow, all white party. All right, here we go. Joe Burrow attends Michael Rubin's white party, which included Tom Brady, Jay-Z, and other stars. All right, I'm about to look at it.

You ready? The Bengal star quarterback, one of the many big names that attended. Where's the photo? Ah, it won't show up. Oh, there.

Oh, what is that? Exactly. He's wearing mesh.

Yeah, right. He's wearing mesh. When you said holes in it, I wasn't sure what you were talking about. He's wearing, no joke, he's wearing mesh.

Like the inside of a bathing suit pocket. That's what he's wearing. Oh my gosh. Why? He is a hoot. I will say that.

I just don't know what that does for anybody in terms of why you would wear that. Is he with Devin Booker? Is that Booker that he's with? I'm not sure which photo you- I saw him in one with KD. I saw him in a photo.

He's bouncing around. I actually think this one is Devin Booker, but I could be wrong. I don't see KD. KD I would recog- wait, that's not KD. No, KD's much taller.

I think that's Book. Man, these guys are super cool. We had no idea. He's with Odell here. We need to be a little more respectful when we talk about these athletes and their star power. Do you think he wears that to show up at training camp in a few weeks? I mean, his offensive line might kick his rear end. He might. He would have merit. That's funny.

I see Devante Adams too. You do? Yeah. Wowzers, okay.

This guest list is getting longer and longer. We're going to do actual news. Okay, we're not.

It's July. We don't do actual news, but we do let you hear from some of the quarterbacks out there like Josh Allen. Do you think Josh just ticked that Joe Burrow got to go and he didn't? Do you think Josh Allen tried to buy his way in with a million bucks? Nah, he's too practical. He's too blue collar. I feel like he wouldn't want to be in that scene. Yeah, there's no way he'd pay a million dollars to go to a fufu party.

He'd probably be cool just having like a backyard barbecue with a couple buddies. I feel like that'd be pretty Josh Allen-esque. Coming up at the bottom of the hour, we'll do QB news straight ahead. Elie De La Cruz, well, he had a response when a game was stopped so that umpires could check his bat. What were they looking for?

Oh, it was quite the brouhaha. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. The home plate umpire went into the Nationals dugout and they are looking at Elie De La Cruz's bat and they have called David Bell out of the dugout. There seems to be something on the end of Elie's bat that they're talking about. It might be, now all the umpires are getting involved, it might be a piece of technology that the Nationals maybe saw and didn't like being on the bat.

The question is, can you just take it off and move forward? It looks like it's basically bat speed measures bat speed. It's right on the knob of the bat.

It's one of those little rubber things. I would think the simple question is, well, if it is illegal, can we just take it off and move forward? I think that's what, looks like that's what the home plate umpire, Quinn Wolcott, might be doing here and I think that's exactly what they just said, just take it off.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Strange confluence of events as maybe a little gamesmanship there between the Nationals and the Reds that taking place in Washington where Davey Martinez is the manager of the Nationals has the umpires check the end of the bat of Elie De La Cruz. He explains why he called for that inspection once this game was done. It wasn't a big issue. I just wanted to know what that was.

I don't think that, I haven't seen anybody, you know, I know what the device is, but I've never seen nobody wear it during the game. So I just went out and I even told Quinn, I'm not trying to make a big deal about it, but he's wearing this thing on his bat. So they checked it and when he came back and told me, hey, it's legal, I was all good. It was over. I was done with and, you know, apparently he uses it for like a part of a handle. So it's all good.

I'm not going to make a big deal about it. Davey Martinez had not seen it before. He asked the umpires to check the bat of De La Cruz in the second. Well, it came up again in the fifth inning. This ball is tagged right center field, hit a ton and gone into the second deck in right center field. It's a solo home run for L.A. De La Cruz 5-1 Reds. That was a line drive.

I just got finished saying earlier, that's no man's land out there at that wall. Votto got into the second row. That ball not only hit in the upper deck out in right center field, it was a line drive bullet. He hit the tar out of that thing.

Oh, goodness. After Ellie smokes that ball 455 feet for a home run, he points to the end of his bat. Now, the umpires did allow him to reapply that piece of plastic essentially on the end of his bat. So back to Davey Martinez, what did he think about the way that Ellie pointed to his bat even before he went around the base pass following his home run? I think they understand.

I hope they understand. I mean, I play with Freddie. Freddie knows I'm not trying to penalize this kid.

I'm not. I mean, I love the way he plays the game. I like his antics after he hit the home run. We could do without that.

He's only got two weeks in big leagues, but he's going to be a good player. Davey Martinez is the one who called for the inspection. I don't know how you can find fault with that. If you don't know what that is, this extender, this plastic piece on the end of a bat, of course you're asking. I don't think it's something that there needs to be retaliation for. However, it was a pretty sweet answer by De La Cruz to smoke a home run in the fifth inning. We'll be back in four hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. So David Bell, the counterpart for Davey Martinez, he actually said he wasn't surprised at all that De La Cruz was able to use his bat as a weapon in the fifth. Well, he's been playing great, plays with a lot of emotion and joy in a good way, but he's great at channeling that properly too.

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Do more with Viator. I did that tonight. I wasn't surprised. I mean, I have a friend that plays in the major leagues that uses the same thing and he told me it could have happened one time that a team may want to remove it, but I knew that it wasn't going to be removed, that like it was okay to use, but no, I mean, I was alright with it. I just feel comfortable with it. I love that. It's the interpreter first, because Elie De La Cruz primarily speaks Espanol, so it's the interpreter who is explaining why De La Cruz has this on the end of his bat, and then Elie pipes up with, I just feel more comfortable with it.

I just feel comfortable with it. It was funny because when we spoke to Jeff Fletcher on last night's show, we were asking him about Shohei Ohtani, right, and mostly we were wondering what the Angels' strategy will be at the trade deadline with this Ohtani decision looming. But as it turns out, Jeff has written a book about Ohtani and his first season in the major leagues in which he won the MVP, his first full season, and it was just neat to get some intel on Ohtani and what he's like behind the scenes, away from the microphone. So I said to him, how often does he speak English, whether it's with reporters or whether it's with his teammates? And he said, well, he communicates with his teammates a lot of times in English. You'll hear that in the clubhouse.

And when I walk by him and just exchange hellos, he will speak in English, but he doesn't do it in formal interviews because he doesn't want anything to be taken the wrong way, or that he would interpret a question incorrectly or that he wouldn't have the right words when he answers, and so then it potentially could lead to a problem lost in translation. But I love that Ellie pipes up with, I just feel more comfortable. I just feel comfortable with it.

He had to get it out there, and he was comfortable with his English as he was comfortable defending that device on the end of his bat. If you're wondering about the Reds, by the way, they've won seven of eight. They're now two games up in the NL Central, and this really has not a whole lot to do with Ellie and the whole bat inspection. But Joey Votto goes three for five with a home run, and he just wants to keep up with the kids.

I've got to hold up my end of the bargain. Things can't stop. It would be like if I was on a basketball team or something like that, and I can't keep up with the run and gun pace of the team. We're always running.

These guys are always looking for the extra base, whether stolen or turning a single to a double, getting to third, getting to home on a single or a double. These guys are super aggressive, and I have to make sure that I fit in with them. So this is our team, our culture.

This is the way we do things here, and I'm part of the we. He's like, I got to keep running. I got to keep up with these kids.

They're aggressive. I just, I got to go. Now he can still smash the baseball. Do we need to see Joey Votto trying to steal bases or stretch a single into a double? I'm not sure that's advisable, but he can feel the pressure of trying to keep up with the kids. I love this relationship.

I really do. You know what it reminds me of? And I know, I know they were cheating at the time, and Carlos Beltran was a major part of it. But in 2017, when Beltran was sitting on the bench, not all the time, and he was in the lineup every now and then, but he wasn't playing every night like Votto is now that he's healthy. But he was really a mentor and an older brother, a vet who could speak to those young Astros.

Again, just take the cheating out of it for a second. In their clubhouse and in the dugout, you had guys like, not Abreu, but who is the guy who leads off for the Astros who won the, Altuve, thank you, Jose Altuve, goodness, haven't talked about him in quite a while. But you had Bregman and Altuve and some of the other young guys that they drafted and were making this impact. But you had a Carlos Beltran who was also kind of guiding them. And I love that idea of Joey Votto as the grandpa. I mean, that's maybe not what he wants to hear, but I'm actually looking at the piece of plastic on the end of the bat right now. I feel more comfortable with it. But yeah, the Joey Votto role is exceptional and he still does hit.

He still does contribute. All right, coming up a little QB news because we have a corporate sponsor and we gotta, and we always have QB news even in early July. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. All right, back to throw and it is, is it Bostch, oh my goodness, DeAndre Hopkins caught it. It's time for QB news on After Hours. Remember when Josh Allen, Stefan Diggs, Sean McDermott, all talking about how Stefan left without practicing back during OTAs?

Oh yeah, that turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Josh, a guest on Bussin with the Boys podcast. I love him.

That's my guy. Like what? The media has blown this so far out of proportion, right? Like we are in rookie or mini camp. We're not playing a game for four months. He doesn't show up one day. He's still there.

You know, coach asked him to go home. We were in talks and discussions of trying to, trying to resolve some things and it wasn't anything major and media blew it up. They're still talking about it.

She's like, let it go, let it go. There's, there's no reason to continue talking about it. He was on the field with us the next day. You know, we're, it was not a big deal. Damn media just can't leave it alone.

NFL players, Will Compton and Taylor Lewan busting with the boys. And then they have this nonsensical argument that I absolutely love about blue cheese versus ranch for wings. Now remember he's in Buffalo. That's where they have true Buffalo wings.

Where do you stand on blue cheese and ranch for wings? Blue cheese and Buffalo is different. Blue cheese is him. Blue cheese is him in Buffalo. Like it's not even close.

Like there there's what do you mean in Buffalo, brother? Blue cheese is garbage. No, it's not. No, it's not.

What? No, blue cheese is fantastic. So you're a blue cheese over ranch guy. 1000%. Oh, me too. Josh out. And I have that in common.

Also. Neither one of us was invited to the all white Michael Rubin, July 4th festivities. I am so about blue cheese. I know Jade.

I don't agree on that either. You're like a you're a ranch or nothing guy, right? Definitely not ranch.

If I know. I'm not either. Yeah, I'm nothing.

I just go straight. Hot wing. I'm nothing. I'm nothing. Nothing. I have nothing.

I am nothing. I'm all about the blue cheese. I really don't like wings without blue cheese.

They are delicious, especially when we're talking the Buffalo sauce. Oh my gosh. That is him. He is that guy. Blue cheese is him, baby.

So cool. Josh Allen. I'm busting with the boys.

I like him more already. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio, staying in the AFC East where of course the bills are the bell of the ball, but the Miami dolphins, they made the playoffs last year and they would like to crash that bills party. Mike Vick. It needed to be said podcast with Tyree kill. He's talking about what Tia to us, excuse me, needs to do to make this year a smashing success. He threw a real catchable ball for, I mean, if you watch him, if you watch what he did in college, go look at his college every ball was on the money, soft, right? Whatever.

It was the in-strat. So I just think he got, he's got to bulk up a little bit, get a little bit bigger, get stronger. You know, as you, as you grow, growing into your man body, that's what, that's what needs to happen.

Ain't nothing wrong with picking up another 10 pounds, 15 pounds to handle the pounding. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? That's just the things that you got to learn as you go through this process of playing quarterback. It ain't easy. Don't get hit.

Yeah. That's the biggest thing. Don't get knocked around when you walk. And when you wake up on Sunday, Monday mornings, Monday mornings and Thursday mornings, you know, you got to sacrifice for the team.

And so once you start getting that in your head, bro, like you, you become a different animal out there. Mike Vick's advice to Josh, not to Josh, sorry, to Tua is to bulk up, put on some extra pounds and don't get hit. Okay. Well, Tyreek Hill, since it's his podcast, it needed to be said, he's got a very succinct response to Mike Vick's advice to not get hit.

I'm going to answer this for Tua. That's easier for you to say, cause you run a 4-2. Cause you run a 4-2? I mean, Lamar's pretty fast and he gets hit a lot though.

I don't think that's the fail safe to not getting hit. Mike Vick with Tyreek Hill on it needed to be said, there was plenty of reaction to those two. The most accurate quarterback in the NFL.

Combining for a conversation. After hours here on CBS Sports Radio, staying in the AFC and staying in Florida, but the AFC South, lot of buzz around adding Calvin Ridley to the arsenal that will be at the disposal of one Trevor Lawrence. This is from Jamal Agnew, who is really excited about the Jags offense, making leaps and bounds, huge strides, or even last year. The way he moves, you can see his route running. He can run, catch anything you throw to him. He's just different, man. You just watch him out there. He's a mismatch nightmare.

In my opinion, I don't think anybody can guard him in the league. So you know, we got an explosive offense. You know, obviously we got Kirk, Zay, Evan, Travis, myself, and then obviously Trevor playing quarterback, but you know, add Calvin into that offense off of what we built last year already. The league got to watch out. Raving about Calvin Ridley and the addition of him to the Jags offense.

Here's the thing though, and it's my only concern. He's talked about shaking the rust off. When last we saw Ridley, he was only playing five games in 2021. So remember, he stepped away from mental health. That's when he got nabbed gambling, gambling on football, and then was suspended indefinitely, turned out to be the entire 22 season. He has not played since early in 21.

We're talking the fall of 21. It'll be two years by the time he gets back on the football field with the Jags. Now, I would assume that that time has been good for his physical body, right?

You don't get hit over the course of that time. Maybe it extends your life in the NFL a little bit, but yeah, there is going to be some rust. How exciting though to see him as part of that offense in the Jaguars last year, winning the AFC South because the Titans, they were allergic to victories at the end of the year.

One more from the AFC. This is the West where there's plenty of buzz around Kellen Moore taking over as the Chargers offensive coordinator and working with Justin Herbert. So this is Chris Peterson, who of course is a former college coach and loves what Kellen Moore brings to the table for Justin. The best coaches that I've been around do is they take whatever that quarterback's elite skill set is or skill set, best things they do, and they just play to those strengths. And I think Kellen fits into those, that mold for sure. Like Dak is a great quarterback, but certainly a different skill set than Justin is. And so Kellen's job and what he's done is highlight the things that Dak does well. And so it'll be interesting to see what he does in the Charger offense now, highlighting Justin's strengths and what he does special and uniquely, you know, for the Charger offense and what he brings to the table.

I can't wait to watch it just because I know he's going to do such a great job with it. Chris Peterson, excuse me, I don't know why I can't talk now. A retired college football coach who had a lot of success and then abruptly decided to leave Washington, but certainly knows Justin Herbert and Kellen Moore as well. And on the Move the Sticks podcast is excited about those two teaming up together. All right, that's your AFC side of QB news here on CBS Sports Radio. In the NFC, well, the Eagles are the team to beat and Jalen Hurts got that massive contract extension earlier in the offseason. Lane Johnson thrilled for his QB.

It's awesome. It's what the game is all about. You know, you put in a lot of time from, you know, whenever you're in high school, 14 years old to where you are now.

So it's a, you know, 14 or 20 years of work or 15 years of work to, you know, get where you want to be. So really, you know, when it comes down to that, you guys, quarterbacks are under the most scrutiny of any position of luck in sports. When losses fall on you, you know, leadership falls on you, the city, everything falls on you. You know, you are the guy. So I feel like we're just how he's handled everything from season to season, consistently making progression and making the team what it is. He should be rewarded.

And I mean, I feel like it's not going to change anything, an aspect of his character or anything from that. You know, I think you bought a house somewhere in Philly, I think that's maybe the only big purchase he's had. So you know, he's a smart guy. He's got a lot of great people on his corner that are there for him.

So yeah, man, he's very mature for his age. You don't have to tell him a whole lot. And if he doesn't know something, he'll go to people that do. Jacob Media and Jacob Sports in Philadelphia and Lane Johnson raving about his quarterback.

But want to hear something really funny? I just googled Lane Johnson just because I wanted to see if there's anything new about him. Last tweet, Threads here or both. So he's also wondering about people jumping to Threads, which is supposed to be this new competitor for Twitter. That's kind of funny.

I mean, they worry about the things that we worry about. All right, Matt Castle on the 30-13, former NFL QB. He's just adding to the list the latest to be raving about Sam Howell with the commanders. The thing that Eric Bienemie is going to be challenged with this offseason is the question mark at the quarterback position. Sam Howell, and now he's going into his second year with only one game experience of starting in the NFL. He's starting from scratch. He's got to learn new terminology, new verbiage, new concepts. And so how quickly Eric Bienemie can get Sam Howell caught up to speed and run his offense effectively and efficiently is really going to dictate how they do this season, particularly in the NFC East. All right.

So I oversold it. That was being sarcastic just because everyone with Washington is raving about Sam Howell. But yeah, that is the challenge. Not only is he a young QB who's still learning the ropes in the NFL, but now he's starting over with Eric Bienemie, new offensive system, new voice, new plays, new terminology, new playbook. So that's a lot for a young QB, but they do love him there. Speaking of young QBs, I feel like Trey Lance is still really young.

Maybe he'll get a chance to start this year for the Niners, but still wants to rely on the vets in the 49ers locker room. They have a huge impact, I'd say, off the field more than on the field even. Like you say, Eric Scala and now this, they make a difference in the community and I know that they don't talk about it a ton, but all the money that they donate from this event to charity is a huge part of it.

Trey Lance and Sam Darnold, they were both part of what they were hanging out at, the George Kittle tight ends camp and various different charitable events that take place in the off season. And I do love that. It's one of the things that appeals to me about a team. When you host an event like that, you can expect your teammates to show up. Brothers, sisters, whatever sport we're talking about, it's kind of cool to see all of them rally around one another's charitable fundraisers for their different foundations. These guys, many of them do have their own foundations that they use to make an impact in either the communities where they grew up or maybe it's where they played college ball or maybe it's where they're playing now.

Doesn't get as much attention as what they do on the field or what they do on their social, but it should. One hour to go, my stomach is growling, pay me no attention. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Mountain Dew Zero Sugar asks, ever wonder what it would be like to live in an alternate universe? Well, friends, welcome to the alternate universe of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, because even though it says zero sugar right there on the bottle, when you crack one open and try it, the taste is nothing less than outrageously delicious. Hey, transport yourself to an alternate universe with Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. All Dew.
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