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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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June 28, 2023 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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June 28, 2023 6:04 am

Golf insider Brady Kannon joins the show | Has the world had enough of Ryan Seacrest yet? | Guardians manager Terry Francona leaves team; spends the night in local hospital.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Peloton app available through free tier or paid subscription starting at $12.99 per month. I don't know why, now it's a word I need to say a lot. Dinger, dinger, dinger. It's funny that I have done radio for such a long time and still have such a nondescript tease at the top of an hour, in which I say to you, we're going to talk about golf. Because who would come back for that reason? So if you stuck with us through the top of the hour, I did leave it wide open. In fact, I left the space so wide open you could drive a semi through it. When I tell you we're going to talk about golf, maybe your reaction was why.

But there is a reason. Number one, the dust is settled on the bombshell announcement about the merger between Liv and PGA. So I want to talk to a golf insider, one who can give us his perspective on the reaction from inside the golf world and also the reaction and the potential implications as we move forward.

Okay, so they're not the same thing. Today and down the road could look entirely different. In addition, Vegas is hosting the next version of the match with the Warriors versus the Chiefs, because who doesn't want to see that? Two of the best candidates for dynasties in sports over the last, what, 10 years?

Well, not even 10 years, five years, seven years, eight years in the case of the Warriors. I think the personalities are fantastic. I love Stephen Clay.

I love Travis and Patrick. I'm really looking forward to it. So that's coming up on Thursday at the Wynn Las Vegas. I thought it might be fun to check in to check in with Sin City. A lot going on there in Vegas in the sports scene. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio, midnight now in Las Vegas, and we are excited to welcome our friend Brady Cannon back to the show. Now, he is the host of a golf podcast that he does himself on his own, so that's one part of his job.

So this is the heat strokes pod, and then you've got his contributions to sports grid as well as a rider for the PGA Tour and a couple of other sites. So fingers on a lot of different pieces of the golf world, which is why we draw on your expertise, Brady. So given the fact that it's been a couple weeks since we heard this bombshell announcement and all the emotional reaction that followed, how would you describe the state of golf now, a couple weeks later?

Well, you know, I think it's healthy, Amy, and I think all of us have as many questions as we had, you know, a month ago or whatever it was. I think it was the Canadian Open when they dropped that bomb, so just, you know, three or four weeks ago, I guess, now, and I thought that that was a good thing for golf, you know, hey, let's, you know, put aside our differences and let's get back to playing this game and get everybody involved, but now we don't necessarily know how it's going to shake out. There were some documents, I guess, that were revealed that were revealed on Monday, but I don't think those told us any more than we already kind of had an idea about. I think we're probably just going to have to wait and see when the 2024 schedule comes out, and are there going to be live events? Are there going to be live players, you know, involved in the PGA Tour? I really think we probably have as many questions, if not more, than when the news did come out that week of the Canadian Open, but I think in the end, it's good for golf fans. I think it's good for golf fans, it's good for golf betters, and I think really the only loser is probably some of the PGA Tour players that, you know, showed their loyalty and turned down big paydays to stay loyal to the PGA Tour, but, you know, it's kind of been understood that those players are probably going to receive some sort of compensation or some sort of deal with the new entity that's being created. So I believe in the end everybody's going to be taken care of and hopefully will move forward in a positive sense. You know, Commissioner Jay Monahan, is he still going to be around?

I don't know. I think he's done a wonderful job for the tour and growing the tour. I love the move that he made when he switched the schedule around so it really didn't get in the way of football. I thought that was a very intelligent move to really put golf in the spotlight over the summertime, you know, starting up right as football's ending and ending right as football's beginning, but, you know, a lot of people have been very critical of Jay Monahan in the last month or so in light of this move. So, you know, the future for him is uncertain.

I think everything's a little uncertain right now, and we're just kind of in wait and see mode. Why do you think it is a good thing for fans? Well, because we're going to get the best players involved again, and I was never and never have been a fan of the live golf series. There's, you know, the majority of the players on that tour I didn't really care too much about. A lot of them were kind of, you know, on the back nine of their career.

A lot of them were young up-and-comers that couldn't really make it on the PGA Tour, so they went that direction, but there's a handful of guys that I do miss, and obviously Brooks Koepka made a big splash at the Masters and then won the PGA Championship. Dustin Johnson is a guy that I've always been a fan of. I just like watching him play.

I like his demeanor. Cameron Smith, obviously one of the best players in the world. Joaquin Niemann, a young player that has shown tremendous promise, and his countryman, Mito Pereira. So, you know, we're going to get some of those guys hopefully back in the mix, and even some of the villains that, you know, most of us don't have a real affinity for, Patrick Reed and Sergio Garcia, but it's good to have those guys in the mix. And, you know, from a betting standpoint, I talked about this on my podcast, it was a point that was brought up to me that I hadn't thought about, but, you know, when we're betting golf week to week, and you've got guys that are maybe a top 50 player in the world, they're ranked somewhere, you know, in that 40th to 50th range, like a Keith Mitchell or a Seewoo Kim or Aaron Wise or something like that, and you go week to week in a tournament, and their odds are like 35 to 1. Well, when you bring the live players back into the field on those week to week week to week events, all of a sudden those guys odds probably go closer to 60 to 1 or something like that.

So, I think from a betting standpoint, there will be more value created when these fields get more rich with the live players hopefully coming back into the mix. He's got the Heat Strokes podcast. Brady Cannon is with us from Las Vegas, also writes for the PGA Tour. We're glad to have his insight in the wake of what's been another tumultuous few weeks for golf.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It's interesting that you mentioned the betting and the odds on different golfers. When was the last time you could remember the sport being so wide open, and I don't just mean the weekly tournaments, I mean the majors too. The fact that we've had so many first-time winners at the U.S. Open, it seems like routinely now we're getting guys that come out of nowhere play their best golf, the best tournament of their life, like Wyndham Clark, and end up winning a major.

It seems so wide open, Brady. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right, Amy, and Wyndham Clark, when he opened the week of the U.S. Open, he was as high as 100 to 1 to win that, and I think, you know, as low as about 85 or 80 to 1. So, I mean, still big odds. He was indeed a long shot, and I think we've known for a long time that he was a great player, and of course he won the Wells Fargo Championship and had that breakthrough win for his first PGA Tour career victory, but we didn't expect him to win a major so quickly, and that was fantastic, and the trend you're talking about of first-time winners, it's been more often than not in major championships as of late. I mean, you go back to the Masters, Scottie Scheffler, you know, a first-time winner, you know, Colin Morikawa when he won the PGA Championship. So, it's actually more often than not that we're seeing these first-time guys bag major championships and not so much of the old guard. I mean, Brooks Koepka came back and did it, obviously, but, you know, some of the regulars, Rory McIlroy, hasn't won a major in nine years, and it's interesting, we're headed to Hoy Lake, Royal Liverpool, in just a couple weeks here, where that was the site of Rory's last major in 2014 when he won the British Open there, and interestingly enough, about the hottest guy in the world of golf right now, Rickie Fowler, finished second there at Hoy Lake that year in 2014.

So, it's just kind of all cyclical, and it ought to be fun in a couple weeks in England, but you're exactly right. If you look at the trends for the last 10, 15 years even, especially in the last 10 years, we're getting, the majority of major winners are getting that trophy for the first time. Not only is it wide open, but it's so full of incredible athletes, and in that way, to me, it feels very healthy. Does the sport still miss Tiger, Brady, or do you feel like the sport has moved on to the point where he's not casting as large a shadow? Well, you know, the sport will probably miss Tiger for a long time, but I don't think necessarily miss him in the sense that it's hurting their sport. Tiger obviously moves the needle when he won the Masters in 2019.

That was just absolutely incredible. You know, he's teed it up a few times since then, but really, obviously, we've seen the problems. You know, the back injuries continue to mount.

His legs are all beaten up now. It's kind of a little bit sad to see him try and walk around the golf course these days, and who knows if and when he'll ever do it again. I think Tiger Woods winning, and you know, I even said this before, 2019, but I think I can say it with a little bit more conviction now, I think Tiger Woods winning again.

The chances are slim and none, just what his body's been through. On the other hand, I mean, if you look at what Scottie Scheffler is doing, he's really struggling with the putter for about the last six weeks or so, but what he is doing, Tita Green, is absolutely Tiger-esque. He is dominating the field from Tita Green, and it's absolutely incredible where he's ranked in the field. Like every tournament this year, I think it's the last 12 events, he hasn't ranked worse than like fifth in strokes game Tita Green, and you know, you look at, I think it was the PGA Championship, he lost four strokes to the field putting and finished, what was it, second or third. I think it was the Memorial, he lost like eight strokes putting and finished third there. I mean, the guy can't make a putt and he's still finishing top five. I think it's now five or six weeks in a row that he's finished top five every week and still not doing it with very good putting. So, he's absolutely amazing. Rory McIlroy is playing really well right now. And then you've got John Roth, who, you know, when he's on might be the best of them all.

So, I think the game is certainly healthy. And then, you know, if we do get some live players back in the mix like Kecka and DJ and Cam Smith, that's just going to fuel the fire. So, Tiger is starting to become kind of the grandfather of the sport and will always have an incredible space or position in the world of golf. His ability to compete with these guys on tour right now is waning as every day goes by. Who is golf's biggest superstar at this point?

I would say it's Scheffler. You know, he's number one in the world. I don't know if he's as charismatic as some of the other guys. I think Brooks Koepka is a guy that people kind of love or hate. John Rahm, I think for the most people, people like, or for the most part rather, people like John Rahm.

I think for the most part, people like Rory, but he probably did gain some detractors with his, you know, anti-live stance. But you've got Colin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth. I think all those guys are pretty well liked by the majority. If you just look at the top 10 players in the world, you know, even from overseas, Tommy Fleetwood is very popular.

Victor Hovland, another European, just seems to be a great kid, always got a great smile on his face. So, if you look at the top 10 or 15 players in the world, I think there's a lot of great superstars, you know, in that mix that are certainly carrying the torch for the world of golf right now. You know, these guys that Tiger has been trying to compete with for the last 10 years or so are all guys that grew up idolizing Tigers. So, he's kind of created his own problem. All these kids grew up wanting to be like Tiger, and now they are like Tiger in a sense, and they're beating the old man. So, he's kind of caused a problem here for himself, but at the same time, he's really strengthened his sport. If it was up to you, Brady, would the live players be eligible or be part of the Ryder Cup teams?

Boy, that's a good question, Amy. You know, in the light of this new agreement where it looks like they want to join forces again, maybe that gives them a better chance. I think it's a really tough position for Zach Johnson to not take Brooks Koepka, the PGA Championship winner. You know, that's a hard one.

If I was captain, I think I'd probably select him. The tough part is, you know, and all has really changed since that week of the Canadian Open and this merger talk and what have you. I think things have changed since then. Prior to that, I probably would have not voted him on to the team or elected him on to the team because, you know, these guys have been moaning and groaning about not being in the official World Golf ranking points and whatnot. Well, you know, you knew what you were getting into when you decided to go to that other league and accept that big paycheck. You knew some of the risks you were taking.

So, I think it's difficult for these people to look back now and say, hey, you know, what about this? What about that? So, I would have been against it, you know, prior to this merger stuff, but now I think everything's changed again and things have loosened up a little bit and I think there's probably a good chance that you will see some of these guys in the Ryder Cup. We're excited to have Brady Cannon back on the show from Las Vegas.

He's got the Heat Strokes pod and also appears regularly as a golf insider for Sports Grid Radio right now with us after hours on CBS Sports Radio. You're familiar with Vegas Golf Courses because that's where you are when Las Vegas is hosting the latest iteration of the match. Travis Kelty, Patrick Mahomes against the Splash Brothers Steph and Clay. What's the entertainment value of this match, Brady, do you think? I think it should be pretty good. Obviously, coming up in just a couple of days, June 29th at the Wynn Golf Club, as you say, and you know, for me personally, the match, this series, which I believe is now the eighth one they've had, it's lost a little bit of luster for me as it's gone on, but in fairness to the matches that are being set up, I think it was really popular during COVID when we had a couple, three of them, it seemed like, and we saw Aaron Rodgers and Phil Mickelson and, you know, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning and these guys, and it was great entertainment. But now that we have everything else going on, maybe it gets a little bit overlooked, but obviously this one in our backyard here, I am looking forward to it.

It's pretty interesting. Steph Curry has played in a professional golf tournament on the Corn Fairy Tour. He's a scratch golfer. Some people say he's a one handicap. Some people say he's a plus one handicap, but not a whole lot of difference there.

He's basically a scratch golfer. Clay Thompson has the highest handicap of the four. I guess he was about a 15, but they say he's improved quite a bit as of late, down to about a 12 or an 11. Travis Kelce about an 11 handicap and Patrick Mahomes just a shade under eight, I believe. The Warriors over the Chiefs, they opened up as the favorite out here and just kind of a shorter favorite, not too aggressive. They were minus 150 and the take back on the Chiefs was plus 130, but it's been all Warriors money. They are now about a minus $3 to minus 325 favorite.

And if you want some of the Chiefs, you can get about plus 250, almost three to one odds. Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes said, what are you talking about? We shouldn't be an underdog. We've never lost in Las Vegas.

And that's kind of true. Of course, the Chiefs have owned the Raiders the last couple of seasons, but makes for good fun. And again, from what I hear from the sports book, not real big bets, but nobody wants any part of the Chiefs team apparently. What's the course like? Win is a fantastic course. It's a Uber classy joint and it's not cheap to play there. Right now it'll cost you about $750 to play the win golf club.

And then when we get to July, they knock it all the way down to 600. So if you want to play in 110 degrees, you can go out there, but it's just a remarkable property. It's one of the very few golf courses that is right on the Las Vegas strip.

You've got all kinds of pine trees. And so you're walking around the joint. It's not a desert course.

There's really no desert to speak of at all on the golf course. You know, right in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. And it looks like you're just in the middle of a park. Before I let you go, Brady, since you are in Las Vegas and the A's will get their own stadium on the strip, what's your reaction to another pro sports team landing in Vegas and getting a brand new home? Well, I'm really excited about it, Amy. I'm a big baseball fan, always have been. And so I'm thrilled to, you know, get major league baseball here. They're talking about putting the stadium on the site of the Tropicana, the Tropicana Hotel right there across the street from the MGM Grand.

I guess they're going to tear down the hotel or do something like that. And that would be remarkable. And I think that would be good for the A's as well, because you would get a lot of walk up traffic, people walking up and down the strip, you know, make a left turn and go see a baseball game or what have you.

I think that would be good. And then just the overall perspective of the deal, the way Las Vegas is growing as a sports town. I mean, the Golden Knights, Stanley Cup winners, they were the first ones and, you know, and then the Raiders and now the A's. And I'm telling you, probably in a couple of three years, we'll have an NBA team as well. You know, you and I being sports fans, it's pretty incredible to be in this town. I've been here almost 30 years and it's always been a great town for sports because of the betting aspect. And then you also have boxing and the UFC. And, you know, now we have the Pac-12 tournaments, all these college basketball conference tournaments.

And now, of course, we have the pros. It's really incredible the way the town has morphed into really a sports mecca. And of course, not that long from now, next February, we'll be hosting a Super Bowl for God's sake.

So, I mean, it's just something and it's great to be a part of. And I hope the A's do make it here and I hope they have success. They're talking about, you know, a relatively small ballpark, 30 to 35,000 seats with a retractable roof, which is great because a lot of people don't realize, you know, during the baseball season, yeah, there's a couple of months where it's too hot, especially July and August. But you're probably going to get four or five months out of the baseball season where it ought to be absolutely spectacular and beautiful weather.

So, I think the retractable roof is the way to go. And again, you know, it's hard to find many things successful about the Oakland A's now, but I hope they turned around when they get to Las Vegas. A lot to look forward to in Vegas.

And that includes the match coming up this week. And it's part of Brady's Twitter as well, at Las Vegas Golfer. And you can hear his Heatstrokes podcast. You can catch us riding for the PGA Tour.

And also, he's a featured guest on Sports Grid for golf and golf betting. It's always great to catch up with you, Brady. Thank you so much for a couple of minutes. Yeah, always a pleasure, Amy.

Good to talk to you. I think it was the last match when I spoke with you. I can't remember exactly what match that was, but holler at me anytime.

Always a pleasure. I'm into it. I'm into this match. Now, given a little bit of intel about the handicaps, which I hadn't really thought of, and the course itself, it looks like a park right on the strip. And I'm gathering reaction from anyone who lives in Vegas or calls Vegas home about the A's and about a stadium right there on the strip. So, always appreciate hearing from people who are having their city get an influx of this new business or a new stadium.

In this case, multiple stadiums, right? So, good stuff with Brady. Yeah, Thursday, I'm parked in front of the TV.

I said I can't wait to watch the match. We've never lost in Vegas. Gonna be some fun trash talking because at this point, I'm sure I will get tired of Travis Kelce, but I haven't yet. Meaning like he's everywhere, right? After last year's run to the Super Bowl with him and his brother and his mom, I think the whole family dynamic's incredible. I can't imagine ever getting tired of Mahomes because he is such a unique personality and I'm still not tired of Stephen Clay. Travis, at some point, you would think people would just get tired of hearing from him. But right now, I find him highly entertaining. I think Travis is ready to roll. There is a guy that I wonder whether or not pop culture has had enough. I'll explain what I mean coming up.

I think it's kind of a big gamble, but that's just me. On Twitter, after hours, CBS, send your questions for Ask Amy Anything, our Facebook page too, and while you're at it, if you would like to piggyback on what is our future tweet to Elon Musk about the porn bots on Twitter, just let us know what else we need to add, right? Marco's ticked about all the verifications going away and not knowing what's going on. So, if you have a list of complaints or if you'd like to add to our list of complaints, well, right now, we're taking suggestions.

We're not going to call him that. Oh, my gosh. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast.

Here on After Hours, we like you as much as you like us. Hello, first time caller, long-time listener. Great. Well, thanks for calling for the first time ever. Welcome to the show, Amy. Thank you.

Thanks for putting on such a great show, giving me something to listen to on my way home from work. How are you doing tonight? I'm good.

How are you? Good. Just wanted to tell you, you do a fantastic job. I want to let you know that there's a lot of police that listen to your show. I laugh when I hear how people chime in and hate on you a little bit. I'm like, I use your show as an encyclopedia because the next day I'll just talk about what you talk about.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Since we had the conversation last hour with Marco Boletti here in studio, I've blocked three more porn bots. No joke. This is how often it's happening. That's it.

Elon Musk is going to hear from us here on After Hours. I think knowing a little bit that I know about Twitter and the algorithm and whatnot, the more you click on the profile, even if it's to block it, it means you're probably going to wind up with more. But I'm not looking at it. I'm trying to block it.

They don't actually, I don't, I don't think the algorithm worries about what you're looking at. It's what you click on. It's like if you click on an article and you say, well, I didn't read it.

They don't care. You clicked on it. That's all that matters. That's what they're counting is clicks, right? Is what you're saying?

Whether or not you read the article or comprehended it. Same thing with this. It doesn't matter if you're actually paying attention to the profile, but you clicked on it. So sometimes when you hover your cursor over a particular avatar, like a photo, it gives you the option to block it without opening it. So I try to do that first, but when you're on a server, on an actual laptop, it won't give you that option.

On, on your phone it does, at least on my phone with the app it does. Yeah. Okay. So that's an interesting, okay.

All right. That's interesting. Again, I've never blocked anybody. Now I'm going to wind up, you know, getting all kinds of nonsense, but I just, Jay thinks that because I spoke it into existence, because I spoke it and my phone is, is cheating and eavesdropping on me, that that's why I'm getting more porn bots.

That could be it. I still, I, to me, again, you clicked on it. I realized you clicked on it to block it. It doesn't matter. You clicked on it. I feel like you're going to get more of it because you're. Okay.

I didn't think about that. I got you. All right.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio, where maybe it shouldn't be my one woman mission to block every porn bot that's on Twitter, but maybe Elon Musk will respond to our tweet that we're putting out for him tomorrow. So I was asking this question. Well, is it rhetorical?

Cause I'm going to answer it myself. Travis Kelsey. I'm not tired of him yet. He's everywhere right now. And for good reason, he's another Superbowl champion. He and his brother's podcast.

It's extremely popular. He's everywhere. Everyone wants a piece of Travis Kelsey at this point. And I think that's great.

He'll be part of the match on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it. But you know, at some point there becomes this fatigue over having a particular person, athlete, entertainer in your face all the time. I am not yet to the point where I'm tired of Peyton Manning, which is what impresses me because he has incredible staying power. I really do feel like there are people that are tired of him, but I am not yet. And I will say this to Boomer's face.

So I'm not, I'm not saying anything that I wouldn't tell him personally as my friend. It amazes me, his staying power, the fact that he is still relevant and sought after, even though he's been out of the NFL for decades. I think it's amazing testament to his entertainment value, as well as his ability to attract people. And so that's the case with him too, but it's not, it's hit or miss, right?

Cause sometimes people are flashing the pans. Guys that come out of the NFL or other pro sports, they are in TV for a couple of years and then they don't have the same attractiveness anymore. So I was thinking about pop culture when I saw the news today that Ryan Seacrest is about to take over, not fill in, but is going to be the next host of Wheel of Fortune in place of the retiring Pat Sajak. And I wonder at what point do we get fatigue with Ryan Seacrest or that there's too much saturation with Ryan Seacrest.

He gets a shot at every single job on the planet first before anybody else does. Though the other option was Whoopi Goldberg. And I do feel like Seacrest maybe fits the mold a little bit better.

Well, whatever mold there is. Whoopi's had a lot of opportunities too, but have we got to the point in pop culture where Ryan Seacrest is, I don't know. I think I had Ryan Seacrest fatigue after American Idol season one. So that was kind of a while ago. So it was Idol and then he was on Ryan and Kelly in the morning or Kelly and Ryan in the morning or whatever it was. And he left that. He's not doing that anymore? No, he just left because she's now working with her husband, but he left on purpose and I'm sleeping then. So I just don't exactly have my finger on the pulse here of these things.

Go ahead. But he also, I believe has a radio show in LA or he did. He does do radio as well.

He's everywhere. He's got all kinds of different entertainment options. And I wonder now with him being also, how do you think he'll appeal to the somewhat older audience that loves, so my grandmother watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every night, back to back for decades. How do you think that the older audience will like Ryan Seacrest? Is Vanna staying? Well, that's a question right now. They're working on our contract apparently, but. Yeah, look, he's not going to be controversial in any way.

It's going to work. I mean, his appeal is that he's going to be a smiling face and say everything nice. I mean, really, he's not going to, he's not going to rock the bow pad. Sajak is probably more controversial than Ryan Seacrest. Don't you find it fascinating that a guy like this, where again, so many other stars, they kind of come and go and their popularity rises and falls.

And there are some that just continue to get jobs over and over again. And this guy must have whatever it factor the networks are looking for, because he has worked for multiple networks and multiple shows. And he's like the new Dick Clark. Dick Clark did have that.

I was caught at the tail end of his career. I don't really remember a lot of what he did. The dancing, what was the dancing show? I never watched American Bandstand. Yeah, that wasn't, that was pre-made. I watched that when I was a kid. I watched that. Okay.

Absolutely. I do remember the $25,000 pyramid. Yeah, that what I remember. And I also remember his countdown when he was the host of the New Year's Eve. Right, exactly. So that I remember because he watched that when I was kids, when I was a, when my brother and I were kids.

So he did a lot of different things too. It's actually still packaged as that. Is it?

Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. Isn't it now hosted by Ryan Seacrest too? It might be. I'm pretty sure it is.

Okay. So that's what I'm saying. Is there not Ryan Seacrest fatigue yet?

You're asking the wrong guy. I would have said yes before I even saw Ryan Seacrest. So I have, yeah, I had no interest in any of this. Yeah, he's, he's taking over.

He's been the new, been the announced new host of Wheel of Fortune. I still want to go back and this is, this is me. I want to do this. I know it's never going to fly. I want Wheel of Fortune to go back to the late 80s when you win the money.

Yes. But then you had to pick up immediately. They showed you like this room of basic garbage and you had to immediately say, yeah, I guess I'll take that, I don't know, camping stuff for like 600 bucks.

And how about that lamp for like 450? Everything was overpriced. It was garbage. You had to immediately pick it. They put your head in like a little cloud and they showed this budget and you didn't get to keep any of the money except the last hundred dollars in a gift certificate. It was awesome because it was so bad. That I want to go back to. I want to go back to that. So instead of getting the trip to Bermuda, I want you to have to pick the shaggy rug for $350 that you're going to throw away. That's what I want. Okay.

I don't think they're doing that. Anyway, Ryan is starting in 2024 and so next season, 41st year for Pat Sajak. 41 years. He and Alex Trebek, they were an institution on weeknights for decades, for nearly 50 years.

And now neither one of them. I know that's crazy, right? Could you imagine being in the same job for 40 years? No. Is that longer than Bob Barker was doing it for Price is Right? You know what? Is that like the record?

Let me Google it. Bob Barker. He had to be there. Oh yeah.

He was part of my childhood as well. So 35 years before stepping down in 2007. Wow. So Pat Sajak outlasted Bob Barker? He did. Pat Sajak will be 41 years.

And I don't remember how many Alex had before he passed away. Let's see. Alex Trebek years on. There we go. Years on Jeopardy.

Amazing the things you can find on Google. 37 seasons from its revival in 84 until he passed away in 2020. So Pat Sajak will have outlived them all. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to sound like that.

I'm sorry. He will have outlasted them all. Wow.

Yes. 41 years. 41 years.

And then Ryan Seacrest. Jeopardy's not been the same. They continue to tweak that because it's not been the same. I mean, again, if you're trying to, you can't replace guys like that.

Like it just doesn't, it doesn't work. I mean, you know, I haven't watched a lot of Drew Carey with The Price is Right and I'm sure he does a fine job, but it's not Bob Barker. It's not, you know, and I forget who is even doing the Jeopardy stuff now. And I know they have more Jennings. Okay. They have multiple holes. Yeah.

They have multiple multiple holes. Yeah. They alternate.

And that's fine. I'm sure they do. I love that you know that. I watch every night. I'm sure they do a good job.

I'm sure they do. But it's just, it's, I mean, you grew up with it. It's different.

It's different. Alex Trebek also is really good at it, but it's different when you grow up with something and you're just used to it. Ryan Seacrest may do a great job with Willow Fortune because really, I mean, let's be fair. It's not that difficult a job, but you're just going to be used to Pat Sajak.

You just, you just are. Well, he made the show his own as did Trebek. Trebek made Jeopardy his own.

Right. And also after a while too, cause you get a little bit more comfortable and you can say certain things. And Alex Trebek had a way of making you feel stupid that you couldn't have possibly, why could you possibly not know that you could know it like, you know, it's Jeopardy. Pat Sajak does a nice job of making you feel stupid when you should feel stupid cause you couldn't get, you know, the Willow Fortune when you're buying a vowel and there's only one letter left. Like, yeah, it's a bad job, buddy. Pat Sajak did a nice job of needling you without doing it over the top.

It's an easy manner. Put host city or not host, contestants that he's just, they turned it into their own. It's, it's, it's jarring. And Ryan Seacrest though, he continues to get jobs. So as you say, he must be vanilla enough. There's no controversy there.

He's pleasant. And that's exactly what they're going for. Yeah, that's true.

They're in replacing Pat. I mean, and again, and smart too. I mean, you're, you're, that's mass appeal. It's hard to appeal to everyone.

Well, that's what I was asking. Does he still have mass appeal? But I guess he does.

Jay, what do you think? Well, you said you didn't like him after American Idol season one. Yeah. I mean, I get why he's getting all the jobs and the gigs. Like it makes sense, but I'm not tuning in to go watch Ryan Seacrest be the host of Wheel of Fortune.

True. Interesting stuff. Did we turn in for Pat Sajak? I mean, I would say a lot of people did. I don't know that we did, but 41 years ago, did they turn it on because of Pat Sajak?

No, not 41 years ago. Gosh. Another one, another another porn bot. I'm not clicking on it this time. I'm not, I'm just going to leave it and see what happens. You're going to get more.

It's almost like cockroaches. That's four in the last three hours. Okay.

I'm going to leave him alone. Jay's glowering at me. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. The pitch, Brennan. Rich went down the right field line. Fair ball and into the corner. That'll score Arias. Jimenez is being waved around. No throw to the plate. Will Brennan with a two run double into the right field corner and the guardians have a two to one lead in the ninth.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I could listen to Tom Hamilton read a phone book. I feel the same way about Kevin Harlan and a few other announcements, but Tom Hamilton, he is so good. I say announcements. I meant announcers. It is the hump show.

You'll have to forgive the occasional stray syllable. It's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Yes. The guardians take the lead over the Royals in Kansas City in the ninth inning with that RBI double by Brennan. They end up with the win. That's not the biggest story of the day for the guardians.

No. Instead, we find out that Terry Francona left the team and is staying in the hospital overnight. DeMarlo Hale, who serves as the acting manager when Francona has been away from the team in the past, he's dealt with other health issues, which is why this is such a red flag. He tells the media what he knows about Tito.

Actually, I found out right before the game, probably 15 minutes. He gave me a shout. He said, Come in here. And, you know, he said, Hey, look, I'm not feeling too well. You know, I'm gonna take off. And I said, Okay.

And it was so close. I didn't even get to ask them like, you know, what's going on? So he told me to touch bases with me after the game. But Terry Francona, again, who has dealt with a myriad of health issues. He went to a local hospital in Kansas City. Members of the Guardians are in KC and went through some testing because he didn't feel well before the game. And according to multiple reports, is staying in the hospital overnight. The team not giving any details or any updates.

And I can understand that. He actually did speak to the media before the game. But then DeMarlo Hale took over. I am such a huge fan of Terry Francona going back to his days with the Red Sox, but certainly what he's done in Cleveland, and he continues to manage because he loves, loves, loves the game. Remember, he was the AL Manager of the Year last season because the Guardians were the youngest team in baseball, and yet won the AL Central, really dazzled last year with his guidance.

He's 64 years old, over a decade there managing in Cleveland and more than two decades as a manager overall in baseball. And I don't remember all of these off the top of my head, so I had to look them up, but he had an irregular heartbeat in 2017. In 2020, he had all kinds of intestinal issues plus some blood clotting and missed about half of that season. It was a shortened season, but he missed about half that season. And then the year after that, he had hip pain. And remember, he had this infection in his toe that was so dangerous that I believe he nearly lost his toe. But he was healthier last season, and the Guardians won the AL Central, and he was so happy just in his comfort zone, in his happy place, but he at that time kind of told the media that he'd gone through nearly 50 procedures at the Cleveland Clinic. This part I didn't know either until, again, I was going back and reading. His contract with the Guardians expired at the end of last season, but he's still working. Yeah, that's crazy. You don't hear of that in sports. No holdout for Terry Francona.

So wishing him nothing but a speedy recovery and that he would feel better. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Don't you wish your khaki shorts were legitimately comfortable instead of stiff cotton? Try Bird Dogs. Bird Dogs stretch khaki shorts look like khaki shorts but feel like gym shorts. They have it all.

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