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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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June 12, 2023 5:25 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 12, 2023 5:25 am

A Sunday night with no playoff hoops or hockey? What is this!? | Novak Djokovic makes tennis history with another French Open championship | Djokovic on finally passing Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer.


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That's slash positive. When was the last time we had a Sunday with no football, no hoops, and no hockey? Wow. Not that there isn't always football, NFL.

I'm looking at you. There is always football, and there was definitely football news over the weekend. If you are a fan of the Minnesota Vikings or the NFC North, yet another pro bowler exiting the division, really interesting, will get the implications of the Vikings big move on Friday. Would you call that a Friday news dump?

Probably. So we'll talk to our friend Luke Braun who is in Los Angeles but is a Vikings insider. He's in Los Angeles right now but a Vikings insider.

We'll ask him about the release of one Dalvin Cook. You know he had four consecutive 1100 yard seasons and that's with injuries. Four consecutive seasons of over 1100 yards. He's only 28 years old and they were under 100 yards rushing on average last year. Remember the Vikings were heavy with their passing attack. Spearheaded by Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson but not just those two dudes. And so you get rid of your feature back, one of the best in franchise history, maybe second best only to Adrian Peterson. He spent his entire career there.

Now what? When in my opinion the Vikings run game has been so spotty the last 10 years it's one of the reasons why they haven't been able to capitalize on some of the better campaigns they've had. Kirk Cousins is an above average QB when he's healthy which is most of the time. He's got great numbers the last few years. I don't think they have enough balance between their pass and their run.

And then obviously last season the big challenge was the defensive side of the ball. So Luke will join us an hour from now in LA. We'll ask him about Dalvin Cook and what is the market for Dalvin. He wants to play for the Dolphins. The reports out there indicate they were pretty close but no cigar coming up with a trade between Minnesota and between the Dolphins or between Minnesota and the Dolphins.

They couldn't get it done. Will he land in Miami or will it be a different team? Ezekiel Elliott is still out there too. Now he's a little older and has a few more injuries. Wait is Ezekiel Elliott older? He is right?

Shoot. Sometimes when I start to play around with athletes ages my mind plays tricks on me because I feel as though they've been in the NFL for years. But yeah in the case of Ezekiel Elliott we know that the Dallas Cowboys are willing to go to Tony Pollard.

They're willing to hand the reigns over. He's actually younger. I feel like he's been in the NFL forever and he's got a ton of pounding on his body. So Zeke is still available even though he's younger.

Tony Pollard though a year younger than him and a lot of times in the NFL younger and less mileage on your body at the running back position means more than your history. So Zeke is available and Dalvin Cook is available. We know DeAndre Hopkins is still available.

There are some pro bowl assets who have not found new homes. We'll talk to Luke in an hour and guess what? We've got a corporate partner on board for QB news now which means we get to rack up the QB news and not only include it on the show when we feel like there's enough going on at practice but we're mandated to do it now. How about that? They're making us do football.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You don't have to tell me twice. On Twitter, ALawRadio, I really took a hiatus from social media over the weekend and actually it's been more and more like that. The computer just shut down. Okay wait Jake and you they told me it ran out of battery.

Can you come in and see if it's unplugged behind the desk? Well that's not cool but also things happen here in the weekends. Not only is the computer out of juice but the lights are all screwed up. Yeah very weird. We have odd shadows. It's this one right here.

We have odd shadows. Oh actually it might be over on this side but you're gonna pull it through. Just pull every cord. Pull every cord until something works.

Come on. It's plugged in. Are you sure? Are you sure it's not this one? Nope.

Okay how long until it comes back on? Now I don't think it's that one. I think that they've used a different cord. Is there another cord that's because this one this cord hasn't been working much. I don't know if that's the see yeah it's not the same one is it?

Oh it is. Okay oops I just threw the cord and it hit Jay in the face oopsie. So I'm just going to talk amongst myself and with you and Jay's going to figure this part out. Fantastic because who needs a computer? You know we've had these types of issues before and I could easily do four hours of nothing to do with sports.

Well we can't really because we have Luke joining us from LA but who really needs a computer anyway? Information it's for the birds. All right so it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence and our Facebook page is named after the show Twitter A Law Radio and I was just saying that I had taken the last few weekends really and not been on social media much. Of course following what we need to follow but not on social media a ton because it's been non-stop. It's been non-stop going back to about mid-May and so the last few weekends I actually decided less is more number one. Oh everything's gone look everything's gone. Good the computer's restarted but nothing is still there. Fantastic.

The last few weekends just decided less would be more. If I don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. It's back he says and then he tries to turn the computer my way and it disappears. What happens when you turn it my direction because currently it's pointing the wrong direction for me to see it. Okay not touching anything. Well I am but you notice there's no windows open. Fantastic. Okay all right now you're distracting me. Thank you producer Jay for fixing it.

Thank you for fixing it. Jay came in and as usual puts on his engineering hat because why not they actually pay him extra for that. Did you know they pay Jay extra for engineering? They pay Jay extra for troubleshooting, for engineering. They pay Jay extra for all of the work that he does that would be the job of the other producer right. So yeah I wish they paid Jay extra.

He definitely deserves to be paid extra. So some pretty amazing stuff. Some pretty amazing feats from the world of sports to talk about on this edition of the show.

Some that are a little more obscure too but are worth talking about. For instance Nick Taylor with an incredible moment from the Canadian Open. After everything that happened with live golf and the PGA over the last few days there was in fact a Canadian winner of the RBC Canadian Open for the first time in gosh 70 almost 70 years. And it came on an eagle putt and there was drama. Of course there's always drama but congratulations to Nick Taylor. First Canadian winner of their national tournament in Toronto with everything else going on. Rory McIlroy he was honest about how awkward it's been.

He's been a great player. He was part of the equation until Sunday well into Sunday's rounds for the most part. And so we've got golf that doesn't revolve around live mostly. There's still a lot of chatter and it's become like last spring where live and the PGA doing battle or in this case merging is a major topic of conversation. Sue Bird and Sylvia Fowls both honored in the WNBA. In college baseball right on the heels of Oklahoma winning a third consecutive women's college world series with the super regionals taking place in college baseball this weekend with Omaha the college world series on the horizon. It's interesting with softball and baseball in the university ranks that classes have been over for a month. Most graduations were a month ago you know that most graduations were four weeks ago and they're still playing sports. It always blows me away. There's seniors who are done with classes have graduated and are still playing sports.

It's yeah it's just a strange dichotomy but it always underscores to me that sports trump pretty much everything even at the university level when we're talking about the big time sport. We've got a championship possibility on the horizon for the Denver Nuggets. It would be their first in franchise history. They're nearly 50 years old.

So old they're nearly 50 years old. They've been to the finals before but well they've not been to the finals before this year. They've been to conference finals we know that in 2020. They finally made the NBA finals. This is the closest the Nuggets have ever come to an NBA title.

Closest they've ever come to the Larry O'Brien trophy. They're one win away and I think it's really neat for the Nuggets for their fans certainly for Nikola Jokic to see other guys step up. It's not just Jokic. It's not just Jamal Murray. They've had other guys step up and fill a void where Jokic is in foul trouble.

All those crazy you look at his stat line and you think that was foul trouble. Jokic is in foul trouble on Friday night and still they win by double figures. Miami's running out of gas.

They've given it everything that they possibly can give it. Maybe they've got one more win but the Nuggets are stronger, better overall. What they needed was to be focused, mentally tough, disciplined in the fourth quarters. We saw a few of those cracks in the armor going back to the Lakers series and then obviously the Miami Heat were able to prey on their weaknesses in a couple of games including a game three victory or I'm sorry a game two victory. But the Nuggets seemingly have fixed those those cracks in the dam, those cracks in the cracks in the armor and now it looks to be full steam ahead. How awesome that they not only could end up winning their first championship in franchise history but they could do it on their own court as they head back to Denver on Monday night in the Mile High City. It could be a coronation. Same thing for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Now this is interesting. I thought they would play on Monday and we would have both potentially both championships at the same time or at least championship potential at the same time but no because of the travel day the NHL doesn't want to tangle with the NBA either. They really don't want to tangle with each other if they can help it at this point especially when we're talking a pair of game fives that could both lead to the hardware getting trotted out or escorted out onto the court and the ice. So the Golden Knights will host game five. The Nuggets will host game five. Both those teams are one win away coming up on Tuesday for hockey, Monday for hoops. We're coming to the end of it right? We're getting to the end of this is technically the winter sports season which always makes me laugh but we are to the end of what has been a hectic chaotic spring. It is it's an opportunity for me I say that every time I know there are a lot of radio hosts who will lament the fact that oh my gosh there's still two months to football this is so boring there's nothing going on well a there's baseball but b in addition to baseball the NFL never leaves us alone there's some pretty cool storylines in some of the other sports like hoops excuse me like tennis and golf we've got draft still ahead but I really enjoy the opportunity to be a little more creative because we're not enslaved to the events and the championship runs and the playoffs I always look forward to this time of the year that's upcoming here in late June into July now training camps are six weeks away did you know that stop it football training camps are six weeks away and probably not even six weeks for all of them I don't have the schedule up in front of me just because that would be goofy wouldn't it but on a Sunday in which we celebrate the 67th birthday of Joe Montana oh chew that one chew on that one chew on that one and spit it out 67th birthday of Joe Montana it's true that training camp is on the horizon oh my gosh I have so many summer plans I really don't want trading camp to get here just yet here we go you ready from the NFL website Monday July 25th oh my gosh she just looked up at me through double double playing glass and said wow July 25th that's freaking middle of the summer do you know where I'll be on July 25th I don't Monday July later in that week I'll be in Houston because everyone wants to go to Houston in July everyone oh actually we'll play it off like this I'm gonna be in Houston to experience what it's like to go through training camp if you're the Texans in July that's wrong so yes Monday July 25th through Wednesday August 10th is training camp what what wait what when do we get to celebrate the summer I suppose between now and then we don't have time for that we definitely do thank you Bill Belichick we don't have time to enjoy summer because the NFL never goes away that's a great point coach wowzers July 25th Monday is June 12th so we're we're not even talking today bye shut up that's just wrong all right coming up I specifically left out what was the marquee event and marquee moment of the weekend in the world of sports it's a no doubter and we will get to it next on Twitter a law radio well I think that you can find me on Twitter depending upon whether or not this computer stays the course so on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page too by the way we got blessed by your tweets and your Facebook posts we asked you Thursday night into Friday morning where and how are you listening and the post continued all the way through the weekend it was amazing I know that Jay retweeted a bunch of them from our show account I know that on Facebook I went through it I read them all and I I tried to like as many as possible but we just want you to know we're overwhelmed by how invested you are in the show how wide the reach of the show and it it really was impressed upon me the number of you that have found creative ways to listen so thank you for that many of you thousands and thousands of you listen on our incredible affiliates but once you found our affiliates you also found more convenient ways that fits your lifestyle that fits your routine that potentially allows you to sleep more I'm so jealous Jay and I are both jealous of that you all are awesome you find us on one or more of our 100 300 plus affiliates in the in the country and north of the border you find us on Sirius XM 158 I counted at least four different apps that people listed you use our podcast you listen online you guys rock you are tenacious about keeping up with after hours and that is a huge compliment to us we appreciate it it's also humbling that you won't let anything stand in the way of your after hours fix you need your fix so we're here we're here to fix it for you we don't want you going through withdrawals we do not and we're safe we're not toxic we're organic no surgical alterations needed although we do drink a lot of coffee here's mine right here Jay where's yours Jay now Jay died yeah not only uh we've just come through a season and so now we have to break the habit not only do we drink coffee overnight we drink soda too Jay and I take turns bringing in Coke zero it's always zeros that's another thing I've gotten you started on Jay yeah Jay's not only exercising and okay he's kind of eating healthier I just we're still working on that eating better healthy we'll get there when was the last time you had a veggie um see okay but at least he's not drinking regular soda anymore well not here anyway the sugar-free is much better overnight I like it I've been cutting down on the soda since the working out has been going but yeah you know the sugar-free I like that uh I'm liking it your body craves what you give it you give it more zeros you give it more broccoli it will it will crave more broccoli just beware your body's smarter than you really well that's not saying much I called Jay today he was on a kayak it's a first of all it's a good thing you did not drop your kayak into the water second of all I'm very impressed with you in the last week you've exercised what five days uh since Monday of last week I've gone with today being Monday yeah six out of seven it's not Monday yet well not yet but yeah when I will work out it'll be so five of six days it's been it's very Saturday off yes what never mind I don't want to know what you're doing on Saturday did you did you were in all of the work that you've done no no I I was tame I was tame I was just a little sore okay took the day off it's that's I got you a little run in the morning your your body a little run oh my gosh I almost fell out of my chair this is coming from the same guy who after I did a half marathon last year was like oh yeah give me two weeks and I'll be ready to run a half marathon I did say same guy and now he bikes a mile and he's sore so okay you should take it back oh oh I took that back almost immediately you should take it back again I will now that you're actually exercising active yeah I would need a little more than two weeks I think to run a marathon oh my gosh okay so we're gonna jump in marquee moment memory and history all together we'll spend a good portion of the rest of this hour on it because it deserves to be marquee coming off the weekend I hope you had a great weekend we're still desperate for rain in my neighborhood but at least the air is not orange anymore it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS t-mobile's network can help keep you connected to all your favorite podcasts when you're out and about whether you're an early bird looking to dive into a daily news podcast or a night owl who wants to catch up on the latest reality tv drama t-mobile will keep you connected on their strong and reliable network t-mobile covers more highway miles with 5g than anyone so if you need great coverage especially when you're on the go check out t-mobile find out more at c-y that's s-e-e-w-h-y when the whole family comes together to watch the game nobody wants to miss a second of the action to run to the grocery store with instacart you can get all your weekly groceries in as fast as an hour less time shopping means more game time let's go visit to get free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time $10 minimum per order additional terms apply your points are worth more than you think this first class flight to Tokyo you can book it in your credit card portal for 1.4 million points yowzers with point me you could redeem just 120 000 points for that same flight now that's more like it point me gets you six to twelve times the value for your points your credit card points are worth more than you think point me better flights fewer points get started today at that's forge radio you are listening to the after hours podcast i've been very fortunate that that's you know most of the the matches and tournaments i played in the last few years are there's history on the line so i like the feeling it's it's a privilege it's incredible privilege to to be able to make history of the sport that i truly love and has given me so much so the motivation is is very high as you can imagine and there's one more to go and hopefully get my hands on the trophy this is after hours with Amy Lawrence pre-champion match on sunday Novak Djokovic who survived a Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-finals in large part it ended the way that it did because Alcaraz was severely cramping and was having trouble walking and so that derailed what was an incredible match through the first couple sets where they split and then Alcaraz couldn't shake off the cramps and as i say was having a hard time moving around in the extreme heat they've had a ton of intense heat in Europe and British Isles included um and so the the semi-final maybe didn't live up to the hype now we last convened on Friday morning and had a live guest from Paris Christopher Clary was a couple hours away from covering that semi-final match and he he talked about the buzz the electricity as Novak was set to face world number one Carlos Alcaraz who of course is 20 and is much younger they call him the smiling assassin all of that was part of the scene set and part of the excitement and the anticipation but then it didn't materialize for the full four or five sets right after they played the first two and split you knew that there would be at least four if not five and kind of settled in for the long haul and then oh no Alcaraz had the cramps but that doesn't take away from what Novak Djokovic had on his plate the pressure he had to stare down or the path it took to get him back to the championship in Paris on Sunday it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio Novak talked about extra motivation in January not just because of how 22 is derailed through forces beyond his control right being denied entry into different countries and tournaments because he didn't have the vaccine and that's where the laws were so he actually missed majors in the meantime Rafael Nadal had continued in the wake of Roger Federer's absence to be real competitive and to be racking up opportunities at grand slams another French that put him at 22 grand slam singles titles Novak won in Australia to start this year but this was his chance to break the tie with Rafa on Sunday and that he did Novak Djokovic 23 grand slam singles titles most ever for the men he'll add to that record now and he's tied with Serena Williams one behind Margaret Court who did not play in the modern era but does have the 24 slams herself so congratulations to Novak he's been very open and honest about the fact that he wants this record that's what we heard from Christopher Clary on Friday morning and again he said there's extra motivation recognizing history on the line we'll hear him talk about Roger and Rafa because it's been the big three for quite a while in tennis we'll do that after the update but yeah where but yeah where he was able to accomplish this in Paris is significant for one reason he now has three titles at each of the four grand slams he's a a player with the skills that translate across any surface at least three in every single one of the majors so that's I think important because as he moves forward he's still a threat we know that he's in incredible physical shape even though he's in his late 30s we don't know whether or not Rafael Nadal will return he by the way congratulated Novak on social and so here is Djokovic who's got a game that is all court with still a few years in front of him and no Roger and Rafa to block him or to stand in the way is there other incredible young talent yes we're just mentioning Carlos Alcaraz who in the absence of Novak took over as the world number one but you've still got a very competitive very motivated Novak who could add to his haul and now he's got I'm going to use a car racing metaphor analogy he's got clean air in front of him because he's not battling with Roger and Rafa who are before and behind or on the sides no he's got open air and open track in front of him does he have to deal with younger players who would call him their idol sure but he still got all the wisdom all the experience and far less competition I mean that is just the truth without Roger and Rafa who also have games that they can morph from one service to another now Rafa was the king of clay Roger Federer the king of grass but they did all win on multiple surfaces Novak doesn't have to deal with that anymore he's not sharing the stage he's not sharing the spotlight do I think he's going to win every major for the rest of his career no of course not there are younger youthful energetic tennis players who will catch him who will have those moments where they beat him but I don't think he's done I think it's pretty clear if you watch him in this French open he is not done clay is his I would say his least not favorite clay is his is the surface on which he is most challenged it's his least competent surface which sounds funny considering we're talking about a guy who's won three titles on the clay but it's not ever been his best surface he's a hardcore guy where he's won 10 Australian open titles right three at the us open and we know his game because of the speed of it also translates well in the grass he's not done that's my point he is not done and now he's the only one of the big three still standing which means there is so much more potential should he stay healthy I love this it's now Novak against the field remember those conversations now this was much earlier in Tiger Woods career but how often when it came to betting or predicting or picking people would say Tiger Woods or the field well now it's Novak Djokovic or the field and yeah the field has greater probability if you're looking at just the math but this is Novak Djokovic and the math doesn't always apply to the greatest athletes that we've seen in their sports on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page two we'll hear more from Novak Djokovic coming up but on the morning of the match he told he told nbc sports about a mindset that he was carrying into the championship mamba mentality Kobe Bryant hey can you hear me okay good well so can your potential customers right here on your odyssey station you might be used to skipping social ads but you are still listening to me right now and so are your clients to learn how to drive more business and how odyssey can help get your message to your customers visit state of audio dot com that's state of audio dot com do you hear that that is the sound of bmw performance without a single piston or cylinder a generation of all electric vehicles designed and built like no other the bmw ix i7 and i4 revolutionize every drive into a thrilling opportunity to feel the pure rush of bmw 100 electric but isn't that what you'd expect from the ultimate electric driving machine take advantage of exceptional lease and finance offers today you know you know it's going to happen already before before it actually happens so i i truly believe in that power and uh mental power projecting your thoughts and creating your future so you know easy to talk now but uh you know i was really really really believing you know to my core that uh that i could that i can achieve this these limits and actually there are no limits so i keep going and uh i look forward to next grand slam already already and that will be wimbledon on the horizon again courtesy of nbc sports 23rd grand slam singles title the marquee moment and the memory of this weekend so we'll hear more from novak his kids in the house i think that's really cool when athletes get older and a lot of times they have wives or husbands as well as children it's just a it's a sweet element to add and how often do they mention what what more what extra it means to them when their kiddos when their families can be part of it it's after hours cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast you could say that there's something extra this year yeah you could say because of the yeah as you mentioned the injury and you know what happened last year and then i just you know wanted to really uh do well this is after hours with amy lawrence and by do well he's referring to return in such a powerful way that he can maybe even take over top spot in the world rankings again but mostly accumulate enough of those grand slam titles to be tops in the world and tops in history yet again congratulations to nova and thank you so much for being with us on cbs sports radio it was a straight set win over carlos rude there really was not in doubt for most of the time that they're out there on the court this wasn't hotly contested like the first couple sets between he and alcaraz sorry i said carlos is casper rude uh and and casper i think um i think it was the first couple sets between him and alcaraz sorry i said carlos is casper rude and casper i think um at the outset it's kind of this really cool idea but when you don't have the experience and and rude does not and when you are facing a guy who's got the type of motivation that novak has sometimes it is your plight to become a footnote to history so novak on the court after he earns grand slam singles title number 23 and goes back in front for the most all time among the men ty serino williams for the most in the modern era men or women thinking about his kids and thinking about other kids my kids are here and i always try to always try to convey some uh some values some messages something that they can learn from something that i don't know they can draw some uh some inspiration you know and i really hope judging by their smile i think they're enjoying it and i would just like to send a message to every young person out there whatever you're pursuing in the world whether it's tennis sports or any anything else you know i was a seven-year-old dreaming that i could win wimbledon and become number one in the world one day as i said i'm beyond grateful and blessed to to be standing here with so many incredible achievements but one thing is for sure i feel that i have i had the power to create my own destiny i try to visualize every single thing in my life not only believe it but really feel it with every every cell in my body and i just want to send a message out there to every young person be in the present moment forget about what happened in the past future is something that is just going to happen but if you want a better future you create it take the means in your hands believe it create it that's clearly on the court and if you saw the the footage or the video after maybe you're watching the match and you continue to watch what was happening when he was done he was in the stands with his fans his his fans but also his kiddos uh cute kiddos and his wife and how neat it is for a lot of athletes when they can celebrate not just on their own not just being the best not just the triumphs but they can celebrate with their kids and inspire their kids and other people's kids as well so where does this because of course we have to ask the obligatory rank it question where does this title rank among all of his career achievements one of the biggest ones uh of course i knew that uh going into the tournament and i mean going into the match especially today that there is history on the line but i try to you know focus my attention and my thoughts into um preparing for this match in the best way possible to win like any other match um of course i would like if i say that i didn't think about you know uh the finish line that is right there and then one more match is needed to to win a trophy historic one of course but my team has created a good bubble around me so we've you know did we did i think a great job into just staying in the present moment and performing as uh as good as we wanted to and of course when i saw his forehand going wide um i felt a huge relief and i was overwhelmed with wonderful emotions and uh yeah i'm very very happy and very proud of it so often that's what we hear from people right athletes who are at the top of of the world and who are chasing history they're not just chasing their own personal achievement they are chasing the ghosts of the past in his case the ghosts are rafa and roger and are for the most part uh done playing at this highest level doesn't mean we might not see nidal rally for one more french open title but this hip injury he has uh could end up being one that limits his competitiveness forever and and he's had a lot of serious injuries like that because of how hard he plays so novak is chasing ghosts of the past and remember the history he was chasing last year i'm sorry not last year the history was chasing the year before was about the career or about the calendar year grand slam no one's done this since rod labor back in the 60s and in 2021 so not last year because of the covid restrictions but in 2021 he won the australian the french and wimbledon and then lost in the championship the championship of the us open so now he's halfway home could that be the next piece of history he's chasing and you may remember he told us then it was so much pressure there was almost a relief when it was over because it was so weighty now he's got 23 beyond this it's adding to his record haul so what does it mean what does it feel like to be alone atop that list knowing about his battles with rafael nidal and roger federer for years the truth is that i've always you know compared myself to these guys because those are the two greatest rivals i ever had in my in my career and i've said it before you know many times that they they have actually defined me as a player and uh all the success that i have uh you know they've contributed to it in a way you know because of the rivalries and the matchups that we had and and uh countless hours of thinking and analyzing and what it takes to win against them on the biggest stage you know for me and my team it was just those two guys uh were occupying my mind for the last 15 years quite a lot and um in a professional sense and um thanks for clarifying and so of course it it's um amazing to to know that i i'm one ahead of both of them in grand slams with rafa but at the same time everyone writes their own history so um you know i i still think that um everyone has a unique journey that they should embrace and and stick to um but of course having the three of us with andy of course as well that we cannot forget um in the last 20 years it's kind of reached the golden era of the men's tennis and as people like to call it so i'm really grateful to be part of this this group i love that from novak jovich i really enjoy hearing what he has to say about roger and rafa in this era and he mentions annie murray of course the brit who won a couple grant was a couple grand slams in there um in kind of intertwined but did push them and i've said this over and over in having watched this era first of all i'm so glad that i didn't miss it i'm so glad i got to see it play out live and i've seen all of these guys play in different places including the us open which was pretty incredible but in addition to that i don't believe any of these guys would have been as good as accomplished if they didn't have one another to to be challenged by and to push them to greater heights i know you could say well hey if it's only one of them then they maybe win twice as many grand slams but i don't think that's the case i think the competition and the rivalries and recognizing they had to be the raise the level of play or they weren't going to be able to compete i think that was critical it's after hours on cbs sports radio do you hear that that is the sound of bmw performance without a single piston or cylinder a generation of all electric vehicles designed and built like no other the bmw ix i7 and i4 revolutionize every drive into a thrilling opportunity to feel the pure rush of bmw 100 electric but isn't that what you'd expect from the ultimate electric driving machine take advantage of exceptional lease and finance offers today you
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