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6-8-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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June 8, 2023 6:01 am

6-8-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 8, 2023 6:01 am

Yankees, Phillies, and a number of other events cancelled last night due to the effects of the Canadian Wildfires | Which team is leading the Deandre Hopkins sweepstakes?

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Additional terms apply. I just got a text message from a friend of mine who's leaving for the airport at this hour. Good morning, Colleen. I'll have to see if she's gonna tune in. She is my college roommate, same age as me, so both just had milestone birthdays and she's off on a trip.

Hers was just a couple of days ago, so that's fun. It's actually not as uncommon as you might think for me to get text messages from friends. So when I start the show, 11 o'clock on the west coast, I will frequently get texts, sometimes emails from friends who are in California and other parts of the Pacific time zone. And then as we get closer to the second half of the show or into the final hour of the show, I'll get text messages and emails sometimes from friends of mine who are waking up early on the east coast and have to answer texts or just saying hello.

In her case, she was answering a question of mine. So good morning to you if that's you, if you're waking up in the eastern time zone. I hope that you are not in the smoke zone, but those eastern Canadian wildfires, they're not, they're not getting, they're not getting put out. They're not getting any smaller. In fact, now there are 200 different fires that are burning in Nova Scotia and Quebec and because of the jet stream, the smoke has traveled long distances and it's thick. In parts of the northeast, in the upper midwest, last I knew there were 17 states that were under air quality alerts. In the case of New York City and New Jersey where I live, we've had air quality warnings now. All kinds of outdoor events being canceled, sporting events for kids of course, but really anything that puts people outside.

We had some type of community band concert that was canceled on Wednesday evening and so there are, there are a lot of people that are concerned. You know if you have any respiratory issues or you have asthma, your pets, so I was very careful with Penny. We did do our regular walk on Wednesday morning. It was a little bit easier to breathe on Wednesday morning, but by the afternoon in my neighborhood, the air was yellow and green. It was a weird soupy, almost a pea soup colored mix and I know when I woke up at, hmm, I think I woke up around one o'clock just to, just to turn over.

I frequently wake up, actually yesterday I only woke up twice during the day which is great, but I did wake up and turn over and of course grab my phone at one point to see what time it was. It was one o'clock and it was dark outside, dark outside. It was weird. I was very disoriented because I didn't know what was happening and how long had I slept for heaven's sakes and usually that only happens in the winter time where I sleep say to 3 30, 3 45, 4 o'clock in the afternoon and it's starting to get dark or it's getting dark.

So I was, yeah I was surprised I couldn't figure out why it was so dark. We desperately need rain. I will say that in the tri-state area which is New York, New Jersey, southern Connecticut definitely needs some rain so that this smoke can be dissipated and broken up and so that the air quality will improve and again I know many of you are in the same boat.

I've got family in northeast Ohio in the Youngstown area and my mom heard from some of our family members saying it was the same thing. So the smell of smoke, the thick haze, could not see the New York City skyline at all on Wednesday which is odd. It's got to be a pretty thick storm or cloud cover. It felt like fog except it doesn't smell like fog and if you saw the video now this is a it's a really quick time-lapse video so it doesn't require a whole lot of effort but if you go to my Twitter ALawRadio the weather channel had a camera in Manhattan. All right so they they just have a camera that's probably posted on a building of some sort and over the course of 10 seconds they do this time lapse where the skies at 11 o'clock in the morning are gray they're smoky and gray but by two o'clock in the afternoon eastern time they are orange.

If you want to see orange skies just go check out this video that I shared from the weather channel. Well into those orange skies people were walking around, people were smelling the smoke, plans were getting cancelled, some of that smoke got into the Barkley Center which is where the WNBA team the New York Liberty were supposed to host a game. They cancelled that and in the Bronx they cancelled the Yankees game as well because of their weather conditions. It was business as usual for me coming in I got in around 12 12 30 and didn't really think too much of it and then when I actually walked outside about two o'clock and was like like everyone else like whoa. If my reaction was similar to Major League Baseball the world reaction you know I think it just circumstances changed and it became apparent. I wasn't really affected by it last night but I know that some of you guys were especially in the press box and stuff so I think all that goes into consideration like not a great position for people to be sitting outside in.

No they do not want fans sitting outside in orange skies. Jay if you want to share the photo because you had sent me a photo of the Bronx in the afternoon if you want to share that photo on our show Twitter account after our CBS and maybe on our Facebook page too if you have an opportunity there's a chance for you to kind of see what it was like at Yankee Stadium. It was one hell of a photo I sent to a bunch of my family and friends so they could see. I had so many people reaching out to me too so it was on the weather channel was on the national news. I had family members in Arizona. I had family members in Ohio.

I had a bunch of friends reaching out to make sure that I was okay. I even had a friend who lives on the Jersey Shore reaching out because he knew it was going to be thicker smoke up near New York City and actually as I was watching the weather channel I saw this. There were dozens and dozens of flight delays in and out of all of the New York airports so JFK, LaGuardia and then Newark.

So Newark is across the river in New Jersey. Apparently at one point in the afternoon on Wednesday visibility in the in the sky so satellite visibility was below a mile. That's how thick the smoke and how difficult to see and even going back to Wednesday, I'm sorry to Tuesday, the air quality warnings were supposed to expire by Tuesday at midnight then by Wednesday at midnight. Now they're extended on into Thursday and I've heard some of the local weather forecasters indicate that this likely won't clear up until Friday at the earliest. It may not be as bad as the air quality on Wednesday but it's not going to clear up until we get some rain until that jet stream kind of pushes all the smoke out. Well the Yankees rescheduled this game against the White Sox as part of a double header starting at four o'clock New York time on Thursday and then the Phillies they also canceled a game so their game against the Tigers that was reset for Thursday evening. Both those teams were supposed to be off on Thursday so it was Philadelphia, it was New York, even parts of the DC metro I know my my sister-in-law reached out to me and they were also having kind of a thick haze. They couldn't smell the smoke but they were dealing with the the cloudier thicker haze and so there are a lot of different postponements. There was a national women's soccer league game that was postponed in New Jersey too and the national weather service they issued an air quality alert and it's not well for New York City but there's plenty of other places as I say in the upper midwest and in the northeast that are also dealing with the you know the effects of these Canadian wildfires. In Philadelphia there was a code red that was issued for the air or because of the air quality. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. I know many of you have your own stories. Jay's going to share this photo on our show Twitter as well as our Facebook page so you can kind of see the snapshot no joke orange skies orange skies. I was watching some of the Miami footage so kind of stock footage around the game the broadcast on ABC and then I was watching some of the different baseball games as well even in Paris right there they're playing their semi-final well their quarterfinals are being replayed actually on the tennis channel we have them up in the studio right now and I'm a little bit jealous of their clear air but yeah it was it was good to to look around at sporting events in the rest of the country in the world and go okay this is not the apocalypse there are still some clear skies elsewhere in the country and for the Mets they were able to continue they were on the road in Atlanta the set against the reigning champions of the National League East their rivals and you may remember I don't know Jay if we have the video or not and I'm actually not sure that it translates on radio but in the game on Tuesday Pete Alonso who likes to jaw he was in the dugout and he was caught on a camera and it was audible in which he is yelling something along the lines of I'll paraphrase throw it again definitely throw it again referring to a pitch that he had just clobbered so he's in the dugout and he's yapping because that's what Pete Alonso does right my effort level was outstanding and he he gets caught on camera not only can you see him mouthing the words but you can hear him on this video camera and so he talks trash after he hits a home run against the Braves that was Tuesday right Jay so then Wednesday well there's a moment that made people wonder whether or not the Braves had decided to teach Pete a lesson the 0-1 hit him on the hand and down goes Alonso rumbles to the floor picks himself up off the dirt back on his feet and walks down to first base that was a fastball in tight it's a hit by pitch now Alonso is walking off the field so Alonso hit on the left wrist forearm area on a pitch up and in from Charlie Morton and now the men's gonna have to make some moves as Buck Showalter who was holding Pete's elbow guard he threw the ball and he threw it Pete's elbow guard he throws it down the steps of the dugout near third base in frustration Charlie or Chucky came came up after I got x-rayed he was looking for me I just I got out of the x-ray he just wanted to apologize he didn't obviously he didn't mean to so for people speculating or this and that I just want to clear that if anyone were to ask anything or speculate anything there's there's nothing to it I just happened to get hit with an up and in fastball and clearly he's he went up and in the first pitch and I swung and missed and he just wanted to throw that again and just got away from him I was still pitching so I did but I did I did want to come up and see what they had to say down here because he came over for the x-ray what their trainer said was that it hit partially on his on the guard and partially on his wrist I've had x-rays be negative before that where there was something and I know that there can still be soft tissue injury not just the bone I mean they could CT it and see something I don't know what's going on I could pretend to know what's going on over there so Pete actually said Charlie Morton reached out and apologized and Charlie even though he was still pitching he wanted to know what was happening with Pete because he felt badly I believe Pete believed Charlie that it wasn't intentional this wasn't payback for the chirping that Pete did in the dugout these two teams they chirp a lot uh they're very familiar with one another and they're rivals to win the NL East and obviously right now Atlanta has the upper hand it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio well if you wanted payback late fireworks in Atlanta is the right way to do it 1-1 to Harris high fly ball to deep center field back to the wall cold-blooded Michael Harris he just aimed right for their heart and a two-run homer to straightaway center and the Braves have a 7-5 lead on Braves radio and then earlier the hit by pitch was on uh Mets radio the Braves actually had to win this one more than once they broke a tie actually they came from behind and then broke a tie in the sixth when Ronald Acuna had an RBI single that drove in Michael Harris then the Mets come back on a sac fly in the seventh and so Michael Harris has the two-run blast in the eighth that ultimately proves to be the game winner so yeah back-to-back nights they're able to rally against the New York Mets so the Mets are currently under 500 they've been scuffling for quite a while but for the Braves they continue to pad their lead atop the National League East and Michael Harris the latest to come up with the big blast I felt good I mean um really I just give all the credit to Marcelo Zunni yesterday I was down to myself and he came to me during the game and told me what I can do and what I have done so just just believe in myself and trust that I'm I guess one of the baddest guys out there I love that do I need to credit that Bally Sports with that Michael Harris revelation you just got to tell me I'm one of the baddest guys out there I guess one of the baddest guys out there yeah yeah you got it right uh the Atlanta Braves are now on a four-game win streak Marlins actually who were brought up by our guest Jose Pineda from Miami he's the Spanish language radio voice of the Heat he joined us last hour and he actually mentioned so I bring up oh what an incredible time to be a fan of South Florida sports and I go into the Panthers and the Heat and then even Messi who's been recruited and is reportedly signing with Inter Miami and he's like don't forget about the Marlins they're winning too well actually they've got six consecutive wins and they've won eight of their last ten so the Marlins are between the Braves and the Mets in the standings the Mets are going the wrong way they've dropped five straight including these last two to the Atlanta Braves what Jay just go ahead and share the info that you would like everyone to know about the Marlins so that Jose Pineda can be really happy about the fact that you're up on your Marlins knowledge Luis Arias the second baseman on the Marlins he's got his battering average up to 401 yeah saw that pretty cool so he's a major reason why they are surging right now Braves Marlins thumbs up Mets Max Scherzer thumbs down you know Max is well I think lots of hitters would tell you in the past that they were intimidated by Mad Max and not so much anymore he's very hittable he did have 10 strikeouts so I'll give him that but he gave up 11 hits he doesn't last through the sixth inning and he allows five earned runs his ERA is now north of three seven the major baseball this is what happens prepare for a righteous reckoning in the new season of the HBO original series the righteous gemstones when the spoiled gemstone children finally get their wish to take control of the church they discover leadership is harder than they imagined and that their extravagant 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value for your points your credit card points are worth more than you think point me better flights fewer points get started today at that's you wanna you wanna go out there and be the best you know there's times where you know the other team's ready to beat you so um you know every single day is a new day uh and hopefully you know with vert going tomorrow you know we go out there and uh you know we can win tomorrow vert or ver I can't tell if he calls him vert or ver verb with verlander going tomorrow the Mets are hoping that he can be the stopper I know that for Max Scherzer it's been a roller coaster ride it was clumpy and he did not help himself any by getting a 10 game suspension for sticky substances and he said it was just sweat and rosin but it was a little clumpy it was a hell of a lot of sweat and rosin and so he missed 10 days he got ejected from another game he's been a wild ride ver missed the first part of the season because he was on the il now he's back it's not what they paid for well it is what they paid for but because both these guys are older right but the Mets were hoping that these two would be awesome and would set a tone at the top of the rotation instead that is not the case for the most part it's been inconsistent right so verlander's pitched a couple of of real strong games but he's also not and the Mets are still waiting to get their money's worth if they can settle into a groove and there's a long way to go there's a long way to go but if these two guys can settle into a groove well then you would expect the Mets would start to win more games right now it's Tyler McGill who started the most games and Kodai Senga who's the Japanese product those two guys have started more games than Scherzer and verlander those Scherzer Senga and McGill have the same number of wins at this point it's early the Mets are a bit of a mess they're like the bad news bears right now either their pitching is going well and they're getting zero hits or they're hitting the ball but their pitching is not helpful not useful and not helpful but it's early June no need to panic right Mets fans no need to panic met fan in there right yeah right no one's panicking do you know what helps you when you start to become stressed and panicky exercise yes it does Jay's turned over a new leaf actually he's begun to exercise I'm actually a little sore at the moment I think he might be demon possessed however if he's not demon possessed then I deserve a ton of credit in fact all of the credit except for the maybe five percent of the credit that goes to him for finally finally deciding that exercise is a positive but yeah I came out because I had a tight hammy I mean I'm a little bit worried about Jay that he's gonna blow a muscle here or there because he's all of a sudden discovered exercise however we'll explain why Jay has turned over a new leaf and why I'm ecstatic after only a year and a half of I don't know if we'd call it nagging but public shaming for sure definitely public shaming oh yes it's after hours with Amy Lauren check out the photo from Yankee Stadium on our show Twitter after hours CBS and also on our Facebook page it's eerie it definitely is eerie we're glad to have you with us on what is quickly morphing into a Thursday morning CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after hours podcast here on after hours we like you as much as you like us how you doing I'm good first I just want to thank you for and all your colleagues for keeping me keeping me busy while I work all night you're welcome hey Amy how's it going tonight great good I just started listening to you about a month ago I'm a new night pharmacist hey Amy I really enjoy the enthusiasm you bring to the early morning hours so nice to listen to someone this enthusiastic this early in the morning how you doing Amy I'm good thanks for putting on a good show every night I listen to it at work it really helps me get through the night I appreciate that you're tuning in thank you this is after hours with Amy Lawrence coming up DeAndre Hawkins is set to begin his free agent visits all night one team out there maybe realizing that they lost too much and need to find a replacement badly if they're going to keep up in their own division division they dominated not to mention there's some familiarity with this first team and DeAndre Hopkins we will explain coming up it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio if you're a big tennis fan I know you're probably looking forward to the Carlos Alcaraz Novak Djokovic semi-final on the men's side Coco Gauff is out she lost again to Iga Swiatek in the French Open it was a rematch of last year's women's final and Swiatek was able to take her out in straight sets though good to see Coco at least get back to the quarters there's a lot happening right now between tennis and golf and of course the Stanley Cup final returns to the ice on Thursday the NBA Finals are not back until Friday very weird right they go Thursday Sunday and then Wednesday Friday why it has to do with tv rights and I truly believe they're trying to take a page out of the NFL's book and play on as many days of the week as they possibly can in one final series so we are led around by the nose when it comes to the NBA someone actually asked me as part of asking me anything which sport I will miss more in a couple weeks the NBA or the NHL why are you making that face Jay just curious just curious my answer is I won't miss either one my theory about sports is and and this is really my theory about life it it's not possible to miss you if you never go away and I say this about the NFL a ton can you just go away so we can actually miss you and be excited for your return oh no the NFL never goes away games do we miss the games but we're never at a loss for information when it comes to the NFL in fact we're overloaded it's TMI NFL okay so when the NBA and the NHL are done their playoffs run two months they start in early April in fact the play-in tournament started Easter weekend it was right after my birthday and they run all the way through mid-June same thing with the NHL I'm good I don't mind if you all take a break now the drafts will come up this summer and of course free agency that's in July for the NBA it's usually fairly dramatic so there's still going to be plenty of news like for instance Chris Paul is a free agent in fact there's talk that he could reunite with the Phoenix Suns but at least initially they cut him and so we'll get to that coming up Frank Vogel he's got a new blueprint for success and he is a championship winning coach but what does this mean for Devin Booker and Kevin Durant it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio producer Jay has well finally has finally recognized the value of a healthy diet and exercise but I don't really understand why how many days in a row have you how many days in a row have you exercised now three now three days in a row he says he's feeling real good terrific starting to eat better not only more of a regular meal plan but is also eating healthier kind of what I've been talking about this for a year and a half that just because you're thin does not mean you're healthy and you poo-pooed me and laughed about how I've got five favorite food groups soda candy fried foods pizza I don't even know what the other one is that's about it okay that's it oh chicken rolls yeah that can probably fall on the pizza but okay I'll give it its own anyway this is all that Jay barely eats vegetables and I don't know if we've crossed that bridge yet but for some reason he started to exercise why what has gotten into uh just being under the weather all weekend and not feeling great and I just got tired of feeling not great all the time and um so I worked I rode my bike on what was it Monday afternoon to try to like just give me some energy before we got inundated with smoke yeah just to try to get myself some energy and just to try to shake off the sickness I was feeling over the weekend and I don't know I just after the ride I felt tremendous and I was just like wow like I could feel like this all the time and you've heard of endorphins correct that's that's right so I haven't felt those in a long time and uh just decided to get a little active and it felt great and now I'm just kind of tucked on it and uh looking forward to the next one do you have anything else you'd like to say no that's it just feeling good nothing that you'd like to say to me well you persuaded me uh-huh so thank you you're welcome you're welcome now what about the diet when is that going to get on board we're getting there so I haven't missed a meal knowing that you know me like I eat I don't like it it's never been like timed like at least for the past you know two years or so working in this industry it's kind of just whenever I'm hungry I'd eat or whatever no real structure to it but now it's been breakfast lunch dinner the last nine meals haven't missed one in three days and I attribute it all to just that one bike ride pretty wild you attribute it to one bike ride that's just what I would say it's about a year and a half of not feeling great all the time and understanding that there is a better way this is the way this is the way this is the way as they say in the Mandalorian they do all right well congratulations to producer jay I try to tell him that if he walked his dog every day that there you know there'd be some extra exercise there he doesn't want to walk moose he moose doesn't want to walk himself well especially not now but your mom somehow manages to walk him just not you I mean she tries but the dog really does not like to walk english bulldog it's it's funny because there's a french bulldog in my neighborhood and she loves her walks they're different she is crazy about her walks but she does the breathing but still she loves to go for walks four or five times a day she comes by my house really yeah yeah moose I don't know he likes to go in the backyard he'll hang out outside he'll go and swim but when it comes to just like going on a leash and walking around the block it's either it's gonna go great and he'll be into it but if you get him out there and he could literally be you could be halfway he'll just stop and he'll just lay and then you gotta be out there and wait for him to feel better to continue on so it's it's a risk I love that my dog still at 13 and a half years old gets anxious if we're out of her routine and we don't go for her walk so she walks much more slowly and sometimes I am borderline impatient because it takes forever we shuffle we don't walk around the block anyway except for in the morning she does love her morning walk she has more energy we came out of the house not yesterday but the day before and as I'm smelling the smoke I'm not really paying attention to what's happening I'm smelling the smoke there's a bunny a baby bunny who was on the left side of my door so I'd heard some rustling in the bushes and Penny kind of peeked up and I see this bunny run across Penny from the right side of my front door as I'm standing you know on my stoop the right side of my front door to the left side and she's in the bushes now and she's I can tell that she's we scared her we scared her we startled her and so I'm standing there smelling the smoke and just kind of wow this is crazy and looking at the the atmosphere and it was pretty dark and I'm not really paying attention to the bunny anymore thinking that she was fine she'd gone to the other bushes all of a sudden I hear rustling again it was no warning this baby bunny darts not back in front of the dog no she's afraid of the dog right across the stoop over my feet and into the bushes back on the other side again the bunny ran over my feet that's how petrified she was I got ambushed by a baby bunny that's an attack yeah it was and I'm telling you this bunny was the size that that would fit in my my cupped hands so the poor thing was so scared but I think I was more scared and afraid when she ran over my feet I'm paying no attention to the bunny we're not looking at the bunny I don't even know where the bunny is just that she's on the left side of the door now looking smelling the smoke I probably was taking out my phone so I could take a photo of the atmosphere and the bunny just freaks out and instead of she's trying to get away from the dog right so she's trying to run across the stoop because the dog is out on the sidewalk and right across my feet I have flip-flops on and so the bunny runs right across my feet you felt it I screamed yes and the bunny of course probably freaked out even more because of that right so I hear the bunny dart back into the bushes now on the right side so the bunny's gone from the right side to the left side back to the right side like oh my gosh my heart is pounding because this bunny just ambushed me and I didn't know you know in that moment it was it took me a second to realize it was the bunny like what was that that just ran across my feet you never know it could have been a bobcat and so and so I scream the bunny probably freaks out even more and and as my heart rates subsiding I think okay it was just a bunny I'm all right we're good and I go to walk the dog come back now this is a shorter walk because it was getting smoky come back maybe seven eight minutes later guess what the bunny is still sitting in the right flower bed she's probably scared to death maybe she's lost her mom maybe she's plotting or maybe she's waiting on her friends and family to join her so there could be a bunny a rabbit takeover a bunny takeover she's still sitting there looking at me and she's not really hiding under the bushes because I can see her poor thing I think she was stunned she ran over human feet or maybe the rest of her family won't let her back in the nest because she touched the human because she touched a human but she didn't really touch me she just ran over me grazed I mean counts I don't know maybe she smelled like a human or she just knew she just knew that that was the safest place for her I mean how often does a bunny run over a human's feet I've not very often never almost there's a lot of bunnies in my in my neighborhood too and you honestly can't even get within eight ten feet of them if you wanted to they're they're so sensitive to any sort of movement and reaction that if you'd even just walk towards and I know it's there you're gonna see it dart across the lawn so the fact that it ran towards you I it's insane well not really toward me she was on me she was just trying to get back to where she was before and trying to avoid the dog I guess and maybe lesser of two evils thought the dog was scarier than the giant human right across my feet like in front in right across my feet in front of my ankles right across my feet that were not in socks they were in flip-flops and it was it was a bit traumatizing is that a sign of good luck though yes it might be absolutely rabbit's feet rabbit grazing across your feet okay things are looking up poor thing as long as uh she found her way back to her her den her nest her rabbit's something lair her lair definitely a baby you think oh no she was definitely a baby she's a little bitty I said you could cup I could have cupped her in my hands she was poor thing was very scared and probably disoriented and maybe just didn't know where she was supposed to be and she oh my gosh she left her mom at the mall and then got lost that's what happened probably she was playing around by herself and some of the the clothing racks and got all confused and and was needed to go back to where she first lost her family that's always what you do and wait for them to come back see buddies are smart like that they know what to do if they get separated all right coming up DeAndre whoopsie sorry that's what happens when I talk my hands DeAndre Hopkins said to make his first free agent 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are listening to the after hours podcast an empty set for murray and third down at six at the la 34 charges showing blitz they back off murray back the pass flag down pass over the middle caught at the 20 and a broken tackle hop is loose at the 10 at the five and into the end zone for the touchdown this is after hours with amy lawrence where will d'andrea hopkins catch passes next season in 2023 of course he was released by the arizona cardinals and is set to begin his free agent tour his three-hour tour his future court the cardinals obviously was a subject of great speculation because of the the massive cap hit which was over 30 million dollars up tops among wide receivers in the league and really one of the highest of any player regardless of position so the cardinals made him available and he gets to choose there are certainly teams out there that could use a healthy d'andrea hopkins right and after over a decade in the league he's got a ton of experience we know he's a pro bowler an all-pro he just turned 31 so theoretically theoretically should still have several more good years but also veteran leadership too to think about it there have been a bunch of different teams that were at least interested to probably that were interested in trading for him with arizona but ultimately realized that the cardinals weren't going to be able to keep him and so if you could just wait him out if nobody would cave and give up the capital or give up the tray um the trade bait the draft picks yada yada to get him then he would be available as a free agent and that's where we stand right now it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio ian rapoport following up on a report about d'andrea hopkins first free agent visits d'andrea hopkins is expected to make his first free agent visit early next week in a flying sunday then visit the tennessee titans that is going to be on monday this mike vrabel confirming earlier today the tom pelissero report that hopkins is set to make his first visit and you're right there has been a lot of interest a lot of interest from contenders and surely some teams that have some money to spend if you're looking about at the profile the tennessee titans they fit exactly what the d'andrea hopkins is looking for they got a quarterback who can play they have a need they have some money and they do seem to be a team looking for one final piece for maybe that playoff push the interesting thing here is the timing i wouldn't be surprised at all if d'andrea hopkins even with a really positive visit to the tennessee titans doesn't sign until maybe even the start of training camp rarely do veterans want to go through mandatory minicamp veterans especially like to maybe even wait a couple days into training camp just to make sure they get as much rest for their bodies as possible may end up being the situation for d'andrea hopkins or he couldn't end up taking another visit oh that's the interop report on nfl total access actually i think i did an edit on that because at the end he got cut off yeah so the clip it ended abruptly so i went ahead and made an edit so that's on me your host the titans have about eight million dollars in cap space so they're gonna have to free up some more if they want to sign d'andrea hopkins but also get this i actually didn't know this though certainly the position of receiver in tennessee was sorely lacking last year after they traded away aj brown i wonder if in watching what he did alongside jaylen hurts and the eagles of course going to the super bowl if they maybe regretted that they didn't pay him because they had are you ready one two receiving games over 100 yards two in all of last year and they fell off a cliff at the end of the season the jaguars overtook them for the afc south title and also keep in mind that hopkins and mike vrabel know each other for their time in houston he was on the defensive side of the ball the defensive staff de-coordinated for a while there but hopkins he would certainly be familiar with and and who isn't it's after hours cbs sports radio i like that ian robin port says they have a quarterback who can play yes that would be ryan tana hill meanwhile there's a lot of attention on their second consecutive uh rookie draft pick at the quarterback position that would be will levis and a lot a lot has been made of him trying to get up to speed quickly there's been a bunch of focus on some of his his rookie gaffs you always want to make the right play you don't want to make the wrong decision and force the ball we don't need to but i mean these are the times to make those mistakes it's when it's week one obviously it's not but i mean now it's now it's the time to experiment it's time to take some shots and to um not be um you know reckless but to you know be a little experimental so i mean this is being my first year in the league like um it's like i gotta do that to get the feel of you know uh the right way to play the position so will levis malik willis ryan tana hill interesting malik willis was a flyer a bit of a flyer it didn't work out well i tell him to eat chicken wings well he was thrown into the fire last year after tana hill got hurt it's after hours on cbs sports radio you know what next hour uh wait till you hear what kyle shannon has to say about brock birdie because we can't stop asking of course let's see if we can quick talk to primer who's in cleveland you got about 90 seconds go ahead welcome to after hours yo yo amy shout out always get me through the nights i'm a paramedic so the long 24 as you get me through awesome appreciate you girl thank you uh first of all you know them rabbits i don't even think you saw it those things are fast as all get out so food if you're exaggerating no i swear i'm not the rabbit ran over my feet yeah two seconds you could you blinked and it was bye all right you know let's get hop uh hopkins come down visit cleveland get some good food out there everyone's always on cleveland but i'm telling you the food scene is amazing out there i'm from my my mom's little side of the family's from northeast ohio i have no problem with the foods there okay that's right girl that's right we love it out here carbs all day every day but uh also shout out to the nuggets uh what's the rookie name brown but he wanted to be called like brawn or something no his name is christian brown yes brown and i heard someone at a late night show it was like dog nancy wanted to like change his name or something that guy puts up minutes every day he was he was ready when they called on him 19 minutes 15 points uh he had a couple of steals had a big dunk in there as well so yeah he was clutch he's been ready all season i've been watching those west coast games at ten o'clock legal in cleveland so now just made me some money and let's keep it rolling all right primer we're we're happy to help you sorry we're at the top of the hour but good to hear from you be safe and thank you so much for your service as a paramedic in cleveland uh we have so much to talk about nuggets straight ahead roary next hour as well it's after hours here on cbs sports radio do you hear that that is the sound of bmw performance without a single piston or cylinder a generation of all electric vehicles designed and built like no other the bmw ix i7 and i4 revolutionize every drive into a thrilling opportunity to feel the pure rush of bmw 100 electric but isn't that what you'd expect from the ultimate electric driving machine take advantage of exceptional lease and finance offers today
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