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6-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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June 6, 2023 6:07 am

6-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 6, 2023 6:07 am

The Golden Knights are taking it to the Panthers | Are the Pittsburgh Pirates for real again?! | Kyrie Irving's latest request.


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That's slash positive. My question for you, Producer J, is can we continue to add Mike Tomlin quips, Mike Tomlin drops as we are getting closer. Did you know we're within 100 days of the first NFL game? Or maybe it's the first preseason game. Either way, there's a countdown out there somewhere and very soon we'll have access to Mike Tomlin from training camp even.

He didn't pee down his leg. Can we add more Mike Tomlin to that and just at some point it might be 10 minutes? We can make that open four minutes, five minutes, as long as it needs to be. Yeah. Just keep going. Fantastic. Mike Tomlin always makes us smile. I hope it makes you smile on what is now a Tuesday morning.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Up and at him. See, Mike Tomlin's raring to go already. I wonder if he wakes up laughing. Not during football season. Definitely not during football season. He is intense and we've asked former Steelers including Brian McFadden who works for CBS Sports as an NFL analyst and he says yes, that is how Mike Tomlin is all the time.

He laughs and he does enjoy his job but he's locked in. I just love Pat P. We just love Mike T. We're asking you this fun question and I think it's fun because we're getting so many cool responses. How old were you and what sports team at that time caused you to fall in love with watching sports? You don't have to have played sports to be a sports fan but what age were you?

How old were you and what team hooked you? Hook, line, sinker, baby. And the thing about sports, if we're going to use the fishing analogy, it's not catch and release. No, once they've got you, you are hooked for life. That's it.

You're like a dead fish to follow that metaphor. So on Twitter, ALawRadio, you're blowing it up on our Facebook page as well. We'll get to those after hours with Amy Lawrence and as a side note, thank you so much for checking out my latest blog post. I put it out there on Monday morning and it's been such a cool joy to share with you my latest bucket list adventure.

I'm not going to tell you what it is. Dozens of photos from my own personal, well I was gonna say my personal camera, from my own personal stash on my cell phone because my phone actually has a better camera than does my actual camera. It takes better pictures and so it's been fun to share. It took me a while but this is probably the most creative I've ever been with a blog post because I was able to put collages together and really tell the story with the pictures. Something new for me and I think I might continue to do it actually about some of my travels and adventures. I told Bob that and he said cool.

All right, so Bob doesn't mind being a guinea pig for some new blog posts. We're going to get back to your calls here 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's our toll-free line and again both Twitter, ALawRadio and Facebook. How old were you? What team sucked you into watching sports? Maybe it was hockey. Producer Jay says he was seven. We think he was seven-ish. So a first grader? Were you a first grader? Second grader?

Maybe second. Yeah, I have an early birthday so. Second grader went to a Rangers game with his dad. Was this at Madison Square Garden? It was. It was.

Buffalo Sabres. We didn't have tickets actually. We were just going there to buy them and I'll never forget this.

The second we walk into the garden, like the main concourse, some guy, businessman in a suit. He was running the other direction away from the gate. He goes, you guys need tickets?

Here, I got two. Just gave them to us and he ran. I don't know if his wife was having a bit. I don't know what was going on with that guy.

I'll never forget it though. You got them for free? Free. Just we were just gonna go up to the gate and buy them and this guy just full sprint, sweating. You guys need tickets?

Here you go. Gave us two great tickets and then just never saw them again. Amazing. That was your seven-year-old experience?

That was it. First game ever. First five minutes being at the garden.

And now you have to pay thousands just to get into the garden sometimes for these games. That's pretty cool. All right, so we're getting lots of tweets, lots of Facebook messages. We're gonna get right back to your calls. I promise here before this segment is done, we've actually had a run of great calls in the last week or so. I guess it's because the questions have been great. All right, I'll stop patting myself on the back for now. Just kidding.

I don't normally do that. Speaking of patting them on the back, I'm not sure the Golden Knights need it but boy, in the first period of game two, they picked up right where they left off after those three goals in the final period of the series opener against the Panthers. Michael on it. Try to help it up the boards. Stevenson steers it across. Marsuso and he shoots. He scores!

Marsuso! Power play goal. One-nothing Golden Knights. Into the corner. Taken at the goal line.

Barbechef to the left. Martinez shoots. He scores!

Alec Martinez. Two-nothing Golden Knights. Two minutes to go first period. Waugh run off by Verhage into the left corner. Waugh walks out in front and scores!

Nick Waugh! Three-nothing Golden Knights. Three minutes into the second period. First shot of the period and the second goal of the Stanley Cup playoffs for Nicholas Waugh. Counting coming to center. Find Stevenson into the zone. The stone on the right wing.

Stone now down the middle. Score! Howden! Brett Howden brings the crowd to its feet once again.

Four-nothing Knights. 13 minutes to play in the second period. Dan Duva was busy on the Golden Knights Radio Network. Two goals in the first, two goals in the second, and then when the Panthers finally get on the board, three more in the third. Jonathan Marcheso, he's crushing it right now. Three points, couple of goals for him. He now has 12 in these playoffs and that's a franchise record for the Golden Knights because you know their franchise history goes way back.

Those history books, they might fill up a loose leaf notebook at this point, but okay. He might have beat his own record honestly. Yeah, so after three goals in the third period of game one, they take that momentum and they move it forward and so a big deal for them to start out hot. The crowd was into it really. The place was rocking there in Vegas and they just never let up. They were relentless.

Just kind of sticking to it. You know there's momentum swings in games, right? These guys are trying to you know jab at us, get us off our game, but you know with the leadership on the back end that we have, you know we're rolling four lines deep and we're getting big saves from our goalies.

We're just sticking to the course, playing our game, not getting frustrated with anything that they're doing. Did somebody say goalies? We had a fun conversation with David Penota who joined us from Vegas. He's on Sirius XM NHL and also has the fourth period, a very popular video podcast. He was there for game two and so we talked to him about the Golden Knights, but one thing that I asked him is where the heck did Aiden Hill come from? Do you know Aiden Hill's never started more than 25 games in a season? He's got maybe eight years, eight, seven, eight years in his NHL career.

Never started more than 25 games. He's been a perennial backup. He gets a shot here and there, but for the most part he's the stay ready guy.

Stay ready just in case we need you. Until now, he's taken over for the Golden Knights. He's been a revelation.

29 more saves from him in game number two. He's stopping everything he's seeing, right, which is great for us and great for him. You know that can be a real advantage.

If you ask Florida, I didn't see every game of their previous series, it sounds like their guy was playing unbelievable too, right? It can give your team a huge lift. It's probably been the most fun I've ever had playing hockey. Just enjoying it, cherishing every day and you know just kind of taking it one day at a time and yeah I'm just kind of living in the moment and it's been fun. It's been awesome to be a part of this journey with this team. The chanting from the crowd, like you hear the noise but you're not really kind of listening along but you know it's been fun. I mean getting that second win tonight is huge and yeah I'm just hoping we can keep that momentum going into Florida.

Before Aiden, you hear Bruce Cassidy. He's stopping everything he sees. Well that's an advantage and that was the advantage for Sergei Bobrovsky and the Florida Panthers, but that has changed. He was pulled midway through the second period last night after the early onslaught by the Golden Knights and now Paul Maurice has a decision to make. Will Sergei be in net for game three?

I don't know. I'll sweat about that one for the next two days. We can be a little better in front of our goaltender. He's been unbelievable for us so I got him out to keep him rested. So he says he pulled him out so that he can remain rested and maybe get ready for game three, but something else that David PiƱota said to me which really caught my ear. I asked him to follow up on it.

He'll have to get his answer on the podcast. He thinks the Florida Panthers look like a deer in the headlights. How is that possible?

I get it. The Golden Knights have a ton of power. They have great speed. They actually don't. They don't get hit a lot, right? They try to avoid hits as much as possible.

They don't get sucked into hitting back. So the Florida Panthers, that's part of their strategy to try to change the momentum and change the rhythm for their opponents. They're a very physical team. Which team were they playing? They were like killing each other. The Panthers, it wasn't the sweep. Who'd they play in the second round? They played the Devils in the second round. The Devils, that's right. They were hitting each other a ton. The Devils, a really fast team, and then they swept. No, it was the Lightning? No, they played the Bruins in the first round.

Maple Leafs in the second round, I believe. That was the series where they were killing each other, right? They were crushing each other. Yeah, so they like to be super physical and it's not working against the Golden Knights because they try to avoid the hits.

They don't mind. Are you checking now just to be sure? Producer Jay's doing some homework in there behind the double pin glass. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. So yeah, the hits, they're not even certainly and there are a lot of penalty minutes for the Florida Panthers. Not for the hit that you see late in the second period.

If you haven't checked it out, definitely go look. Matthew Kuchuk, he drilled Jack Eichel and in the moment it looks scary because Eichel had lost his balance. So he'd lost the puck. He'd lost his balance and as he's coming across the middle, he puts his head down and then he toe picks because he got to see Kuchuk coming toward him.

So all of that. Now, he was able to wrench a little bit, so the majority of the hit was absorbed by his shoulder, but it looks scary because at first you see it at full speed and it's like, whoa. And so thankfully Jack Eichel was fine and Kuchuk was not in any way apologizing for the hit, though what ensued afterwards is a big brouhaha.

Guys are punching each other. There are a couple of of misconduct penalties and he ends up going off not just once but twice, but for the 10 minutes after this particular fight. Not the hit. The hit was beautiful. I was a little bit surprised by it. I went to the bench getting ready for a power play, but yeah, I mean, I think one of those misconducts I deserve, but I don't know about the other one, but at the end of the day, they might have thought that game was a little bit out of reach maybe in the second period, but we certainly didn't.

We scored seven goals in a period before, so never known playoffs. Kuchuk is definitely getting his money's worth and again, as I say, not apologetic on the hit, and Jack Eichel didn't ask him to be and he recognizes that he put himself in that position. I just came off the bench and saw him in the middle of the ice with his head down and it doesn't matter who you are, you shouldn't be going through the middle with your head down, you're going to get hit. I would go get hit too if I had my head down in the middle.

It's nothing, not a big deal. He's a really good player and I mean it doesn't, really good players can get hit too. I just went to the bench just thinking get some rest before a power play, but they have us sent off. Kind of toe picked a little bit and you know saw him at the last minute. He finishes a hard, you know, what I saw was a clean check on me and it's a physical game, you're going to get hit sometimes, so you just kind of move on, you know.

How quickly did you know you're okay? You know, it was a physical, it was a big hit, but I came back in here regrouped and you know it's fine. He went directly to the trainer's room, I think because of his history with the neck, but was able to return third period at some point. Jay and I were on the same wavelength because Jay says in my ear as I'm thinking it, can Chuck better watch out because if he dares to put his head down in game number three, he may also find that there's a vicious check. Now again, wasn't dirty, it didn't hurt Eichel, but Eichel, he left himself vulnerable and can Chuck took the opportunity and he had a full head of steam coming off the bench too as he points out.

So the game as conduct was for fighting not for the hit and they got another one later in the game. I don't know that Florida's coming apart at the seams, but they better regroup quickly. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. All right, how old were you and what team sucked you into watching sports?

We're getting great reaction on social. Let's take a phone call from Rodney who's in Baltimore. Rodney, what and who and how old? I think it was at the age of 10 and it was the greatest year in the history of the Orioles because they obtained Frank Robinson, he won the Triple Crown, they won the MVP, and they also won the World Series, but I'm a Baltimore home so all the teams in Baltimore are my favorite, but it was actually the Orioles and no one in baseball has done that since Frank Robinson.

He's the only player in baseball that has won the MVP in both leagues. Fantastic, and you were hooked for life then? Oh yeah, the Colts, the Bullets, the Clippers, it didn't matter. Anything in Baltimore, we were headed for championships and we were always relevant and contenders. And the Ravens or no? Well, that was well before the Ravens.

We still had the Colts. I mean now. Oh, of course, definitely. All right, good.

Just wanted to be sure you were able to transfer your loyalties. Oh yeah, we couldn't keep the collars, but you know Baltimore is Baltimore. The Ravens are going to be right up there again this year. Agreed.

I love that the Lamar deal is behind them. I wish I had seen that historic season with the Orioles. I was not on the planet, but thank you for reliving it with us.

Oh yeah, thank you. All right, Rodney, good to talk to you in Baltimore. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio.

Let's get one more in real quick and then we will take our break and get to the others after. Will is in Pittsburgh. Will, what sucked you in what age? It was about when I was nine, Super Bowl 40. When we got that Super Bowl win for Jerome Bettis, I'd say that's what sucked me in.

The bus! Wait, it took the Super Bowl? It wasn't the run to the Super Bowl or the season itself? It was pretty much the season itself, like the nail-biting of us almost not even making the playoffs in the last three coming back. And then also I've never seen my dad so happy in his life, so I think that enthusiasm in itself was something that just made me fall in love with the game.

Oh good, I'm so glad. Super Bowl 40 Steelers over the Seahawks, 21 to 10. And you're right, it was the bus. It was the bus with some redemption finally getting a ring. Yeah, and then I ended up getting into college football because I was watching what I thought was the Steelers playing on a Saturday, but it was the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Wait, is that for real? Yeah, honestly. I was watching, I was like, is that the Steelers? And then, no, it was Iowa.

I was so young at the time. Oh, gotcha. Well, the black and gold definitely does resonate. Very cool. Thanks so much for your phone call, Will. No problem. Have a great Tuesday.

Alright, 855-212-4227. And then on Twitter after hours, CBSJ's retweeting our Facebook page too. A lot of you go and you make a community out of it with our threads.

How old were you and what team sucked you in to becoming an irrational, illogical, completely over-the-top sports fanatic? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Good morning on a Tuesday. When the whole family comes together to watch the game, nobody wants to miss a second of the action to run to the grocery store. With Instacart, you can get all your weekly groceries in as fast as an hour.

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That's You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. 3-1 hit high and deep to right. Noda back onto the track. He'll make the catch. Plenty deep enough to score Bay. Andrew McCutcheon with the sac fly. And Cutch puts the Pirates ahead.

5 to 4 here in the A. Here's the pitch. Swing and a miss. He struck him out.

A perfect slider. Haldeman with his first major league save. The Pirates are baseball's hottest team. They've won six in a row and they hold on to beat the A's. 5 to 4 here at PNC Park tonight. It's June 5th and we've put ourselves in a position because we bounced back after having a tough month and there's a lot of, you know, a lot of season left.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Derek Shelton. Get to know the name Derek Shelton for those of you outside of Pittsburgh. The manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates who have in fact righted the ship. And I know they're playing the A's but hey all the wins count the same. They've won six in a row.

Andrew McCutcheon. Kind of fun to see him back there. A tie-breaking sac fly in the eighth inning and Pittsburgh is able to extend the A's road losing streak to 15 in case you're keeping score at home. But more importantly for the Pirates they are surging again.

I know and we've had a bunch of calls from Pittsburgh tonight. I know there were a lot of Pirates fans who thought okay it was fun while it lasted. A lot of Pirates fans who thought their early season surge was not going to last.

And maybe it won't. There's still a long way to go but they are still ahead, well they're back ahead I should say, of the NL Central because of the six games in a row and seven of their last ten. And they've got the half game nose in front of the Milwaukee Brewers.

That entire division separated by eight games. It's the St. Louis Cardinals that are in the bottom which is not something we see very often. So kind of neat for the Pirates and we love the fresh blood like the Arizona Diamondbacks are the leaders along with the Dodgers and the NL West. We talked about the Rangers earlier.

My apologies to Pirates Radio. I actually think the Rangers are the hottest team in baseball but uh that's okay it's up for debate because it is in fact June. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. I suppose if we're being technical anything that's on a diamond the hottest team that plays with a bat and a ball and a glove is that is that wide enough? The hottest team that plays on a diamond is actually the Oklahoma Sooners softball team. For those of you who follow women's college world series and softball this time of the year, it's unique.

There's nothing else like it. Florida State moves on to the final round the championship round against Oklahoma who is trying to become the first since UCLA in the 80s to grab three straight national championships. Sooners are a dynasty. They've won four of the past six under Patty Gaso. They're a juggernaut and if I remember correctly they've won 51 games in a row. So they're 59 and one this season. That's obscene. Stop it.

59 and one. What are you doing? It's like not even fun. It's like Yukon women's basketball.

Remember when people used to say that it's not even fun? Well that's where OU softball is right now but one of the and I know Patty Gaso personally. One of the things that makes her such a great coach is her expectations are sky high. Her expectations are sky high because she believes in the potential of her teams.

She does not settle for anything less than their absolute best. Think Pat Summitt. That's Patty Gaso and so they don't take anything for granted. Clean game. Exciting game but a great pitching duel and just I think sometimes we we win a lot and that's fabulous but sometimes I think we're so used to taking it for granted and this means a lot. This means a lot to get to the championship game.

Oklahoma had to take out Stanford earlier on Monday and then waited to see that it would be Florida State in that final round. I love Patty. She's been there forever and she has brought such incredible credibility and equity along with some of the other Oklahoma sports programs. Bob Stoops. He was there when I was there as the football coach. Sherry Cole. Kelvin Samson was there as the men's basketball coach when I was there. Patty Gaso has outlasted them all so she with the softball team looking for their third consecutive women's college world series title.

So maybe that's the hottest team that plays on a diamond right now. All right we're getting back to your calls here. 855-212-4227. Let's talk to Brad who's listening in Alabama. Brad when did you fall in love with watching sports? How old were you? I was about 10 years old not quite 11 and I fell in love with sports when in 1992 the Alabama Christian Tide just beat Miami down after all smack talking they had been doing but we won that 12th national championship.

Nice. When was that? My grandfather my grandfather was a huge Alabama fan honestly at that age you know Miami was attractive it was all the flash and stuff and I was like I don't know I might like them the hurricanes midway through that game I looked at him and I said football is roll tide forever from here on out. 10 or 11 I love that you remember what was your grandfather's reaction when you told him you might be a canes fan? Oh he wasn't happy he was like well I believe you'll you'll grow out of that one day so you'll get older and you'll get wiser and it didn't take but about the halftime of that national championship game. That was pre Nick Saban you don't hear a lot of talk about Alabama before Nick Saban unless it's Bear Bryant.

Nice I like that you fit right in there. Well but Gene Stallings was a great coach as well and you know there was a list of great coaches there was just there was the Nebraska teams that people couldn't get by and the Miamis and stuff like that but yeah pre Nick Saban you know we you got some bandwagon fans that don't know anything but that. Alabama has a great history so and as awkward as it is being from Alabama I'm also a New York Yankees fan and I think that's for the history. That is awkward but it's whatever I mean I'm a Denver Broncos fan since age 13 so people ask me why all the time I get it sometimes as kids especially we're completely irrational and illogical we just fall in love with the emotion the excitement we see a winner and that's it we're hooked. Well and you could throw another wrench in there um I'm a Kansas City Chiefs fan as well so.

Oh who are you talking about bandwagon jumping? No no no no no ma'am no ma'am no ma'am Derek Thomas was my hero I wore 58 in high school when I played so I've been through the bad stuff and now I'm getting to enjoy the good stuff. Oh amazing yeah he was quite the character and an incredible player of course.

And he also came from Alabama. Oh there you go well that was your hook I like it. And before I let you go I want you to know I absolutely love your show I look forward to when I have to go into work an hour early so I can listen. Well that's a great compliment it's not actually all that bad when you have to get up and out of before the crack of dawn I like it thank you Brad. Yes ma'am have a great day. You too I like that compliment man I'm up at the butt crack of dawn before the butt crack of dawn I can't even see my butt crack it's so dark sorry I know it's a family show and I still like to go into work because your show makes me happy. Also for those of you who don't have a chance to catch it live of course you can always listen on the podcast should we do one more here Steve is in Louisville Steve how did you fall in love with sports and what age were you? Well I was uh hold on I was four years old 1952 and I started playing tennis watching my big brother play but as far as the national sports I live five blocks from Peewee Reese across from Shawnee Park and he came over one day and sang some autographs in the park and first sports I saw big I saw the Baltimore coats against the Green Bay Packers an exhibition game at the fairgrounds in Louisville around 1958 about the Kiwanis club sponsored and my dad was going in so we went and watched that game never never knew much about pro football at all and then about a year or two later watching Cotton Dash play basketball at the University of Kentucky on the tv so all that got me watching sports on tv and also radio and the most fun thing Peewee Reese and Dizzy Dean would do the baseball games on Saturdays that's usually when we listen yeah the funniest thing to do is to listen to Peewee Reese and especially Dizzy Dean call those baseball games uh on the tv and the radio that's cool stuff Peewee and Dizzy it's quite a combo yeah it's a great combo uh Peewee was a straight man he was a straight man so uh one thing real quick Dizzy Dean told us on the radio on tv how he during a break how he got a home run on a bunt what did i thought that only happened in little league he bunted the ball they threw the first base he overthrew the first base did he did he runs the second he slut in the second they overthrew the ball he runs in the third same thing they overthrew the ball at third base he slotted the home got a home run so there you have it i mean kind of kind of it's like the bad news bears though well dizzy dean said it i believe it all right i believe it too steve i like it one more thing that he said is the only way they can see his fastball they watch the vapor trails good stuff steve thanks so much for your phone call from louisville good to talk to you sure thing thank you that's a really neat walk down memory lane we've had some great history and i because i don't know a ton about peewee reese i just googled it he was a shortstop for the brooklyn and los angeles dodgers this goes back to the 40s and the 50s and how about this he's famous for his support of jackie robinson so the two of them were allies and he was an ally of jackie robinson as you can imagine jackie was one that probably needed that need that support welcomed that support especially early in his breakthrough as the first black player in major league baseball so that's really cool i've learned a lot i learned about what was the holy roller earlier yeah we've got all shapes and sizes and ages listening to our show how old were you if you can remember when you fell in love with watching sports and not playing sports but watching sports whether it's peewee reese whether it's jerome bettas i mean can you have two opposite ends of the spectrum like that thanks so much for finding us on our facebook page or on twitter after hours cbs here's our latest sports update oh wait before i get to pete the latest from kyrie irving it might take the cake you are listening to the after hours podcast the finals are here and the biggest assist is happening off the court bet ql has the best sportsbook deals bonus offers and exclusive access to risk-free bets giving you more bang for your basketball buck visit bet ql to unlock special offers and finish the season on a winning note whether you're riding with the joker in denver or playoff jimmy and miami bet ql's bonus offers can be the alley to your sports betting oop go to bet slash hoops to take advantage of these exclusive offers that's bet slash hoops stop mentioning me on twitter's all y'all fan bases stop mentioning me right now please it is still the western conference eastern conference finals like oh excuse me denver's going to the finals you know we're still waiting for boston and miami can y'all please leave me out of this please can i just be with my family in peace y'all got people at my dinner table discussing what my free agency plans are stop that y'all think it's funny but please stop that this is after hours with amy lawrence it's such a social media ploy can you please stop talking about me just come on leave me out of it oh hey look at me i put a new video on social media but please leave me out of it after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio i'm not sure if you all heard this but the reports out there and this comes from a bunch of different sources i think bleacher report is one of the first to have it that kyrie irving wants the dallas mavericks to look into trading for lebron so that there can be a big three of lebron luka and kyrie oh man now we know kyrie and lebron have talked before publicly about reuniting and playing together again most people think it would be in la the lakers may not have the ability to do that however kyrie is a an unrestricted free agent he wants a max deal he's trying to figure out where he can get the most money and and get reunited with his boy and so now he's floating this idea now remember the mavericks actually were trying or at least toying with the idea of offering lebron james a contract back when the lakers not a contract but a trade to get him off of the lakers when they were so woeful and awful last season they were hoping that they could somehow figure out a way to do it but under nba rules it really didn't it didn't matter right so they couldn't get it done and then the lakers go and they make a bunch of other moves that suddenly turns them into a playoff team all right so yay for the lakers it was a good it was a good run while it lasted the dallas marries didn't even make the playoffs so a why would he consider going to dallas would be my biggest question there's no way lebron would go to dallas of his own accord but also wouldn't kyrie have to take a big pay cut for him to end up in dallas i mean to go back to dallas he wouldn't get a super max deal or a max deal or whatever if they also had to pay lebron is he willing to have the money come right out of his pocket it's not about the money baby uh-huh it is for you it's after hours on facebook on twitter how old were you and what team sucked you into being a sports fan brennan hayworth probably an nba player that a lot of people remember on nba tv he says this whole thing is nonsensical kyrie lebron and luca three ball dominant guys who's who's going to be the defender you need a wing defender in this league who's going to guard the tough people down the stretch keep sweat nobody like dog like who like come on man this team doesn't even fit together on paper i i can't i can't be mad at ky for trying right lebron's still playing at a high level but what are you going to take the ball out of luca's hands i just don't understand how this team will work i don't think that'd be a good idea plus i don't think brawn ain't going nowhere man lebron james by the way is under contract for next season got a player option the year after that's the same situation with anthony davies in la so i mean dallas would have to go out to la make a trade the legos have to be interested in this too yeah let's this one of those ones where ky's just shooting at the dark you know they say you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take right so i guess ky's is gonna try anything but i doubt this happens it just doesn't fit on paper those three together it doesn't it won't work yeah it's a bit of a conundrum for kyrie irving because number one that's brendan hayward and company on mba tv number one kyrie wants the most money the mavericks can offer him the most money so he wants to stay in dallas number two he wants the team to be a winner and he wants to play with lebron again but lebron has i think it's almost 47 million dollars do him next year plus plus there's a player option wait why are you making hand signals 50 he's due next year 50 due next year let's look let's look okay 50 the following year so we're both right so 47 million due next season 50.6 is the following year is the player option and while he is maybe chewing over the idea of retirement i think it's what a lot of older athletes do after a particularly tough season he played a lot of games he had a couple of injuries so i i don't expect him to retire but i do understand why in the throes of emotion after you get swept by the nuggets you're likely feeling it a little bit so yeah irving would like to stay in dallas because that's where he can get the most money and the mavericks have made them their made him their top priority this off season i think that's a really bad idea they got worse after he joined the team i don't think that's a good idea just no avoid the shiny object it's like they're hypnotized by what other great players we've become better that is the opposite of what happens it's the exact opposite of what happens is that what happened in boston is that what happened in brooklyn come on bro is that what happened in dallas someone stop me if i've got this all wrong are you kidding me it's the exact opposite when you go to a team somehow they self-destruct like mission impossible in fact winning with kyrie irving might be mission impossible at this point in his career i know he's he hit the game-winning shot in the 2016 nba finals that brought the cavaliers that title he was the only one to hit his shot in the final two and a half minutes at golden state i get it he's got that to his credit what's happened since then jay's got nothing i just am telling you the dallas maverick's got worse once he got there but it's a little bit like the cautionary tale that i was hoping calvin ridley would be for other nfl players who thought they might run amok of the nfl's gambling rules and not get caught how come teams keep bringing him on board i have seen firsthand for what was it three and a half four years what kyrie irving does to a franchise for my brooklyn nets and i can just all i can say is i could not advocate to any other franchise in basketball to bring him in he's honestly i love watching him play too listen he's one of my favorite players to watch he's a great offensive player he's awesome he's amazing to watch but he's it's just not worth it it really isn't i mean he's proven it what in four different cities now could you imagine if the mavericks give him the max that he's eligible for are you ready for this five years 272 million dollars i think it's a disaster by january i think that if you do that you make your own bed you're gonna have to lie in it i think you lose lucadontic eventually if you do that every place i've gone we've gotten better the superstar's gotten better go back to cleveland it's good he does that same thing about boston or that was about boston actually wasn't it oh man they love him hates you no boston hates you man not me paul is listening in dallas paul you're our last caller couple minutes here how old were you and what team caused you to fall in love with sports so originally i'm from houston and it was the early 2000s um watching the houston astros they were called the killer bees there's a few players with the last name b so they were called the killer bees and watching the astros bagwell you didn't forget bagwell did you well yes ma'am yes ma'am um watching them at late in the season constantly kept running up against the st louis cardinals um my stepdad used to get tickets from his friend and we would sit six rows above home plate and that's where i kind of fell in love with the game yeah and it's funny you talked about the texas rangers because i'm a transplant in dallas now and earlier this season i took my oldest son to watch uh jacob the ground pitch and his eyes lit up he fell i saw him falling in love with the game good and tonight i'm getting ready for work and he's watching tv and he he runs in the room dad dad dad the rangers beat the cardinals i was like oh thank god like that that is all i need to hear especially when they especially since they beat the rangers in the world series it just kind of renewed my hate for st louis so when the right when the ash was in the nl growing up falling in love with the game and then renewing it with my son fell in love with the game earlier this season it kind of like that's kind of what did it for me was the houston astro made me fall in love and then the texas rangers beaten up on st louis just today kind of made me go oh yes that's that's that's all i need to know i can share this with my son that's awesome i love that story you're passing it on to the next generation thanks paul thank you good stuff in dallas so this has been a lot of fun because we're getting history lessons and we're getting these kind of walk down memory lane moments woody on our facebook page i was six the first time i saw the intimidator dive down into turn one at the 1990 day 2500 i've been hooked ever since been to over 100 races since then he's of course referring to the original dale ernhardt senior uh james on facebook 11 years old michael jordan and the chicago bulls in 1991 that's fantastic yes these are super cool a lot of you were 9 10 11 patrick says i was six when i went to my first sporting event with my dad my grandparents my uncle my older brother and my great-grandmother we went to a baseball game 1976 the yankees i remember it was bat day at yankee stadium after that i was a yankee fan for life that's awesome robert says i was four years old when i started to love the pittsburgh steelers in 1976 pam age six walked up the ramp in municipal stadium in cleveland with my dad and two older brothers my first sight was of the stunning greenfield the players were taking bp and i was hooked that's awesome game six of the 75 world series that comes from bill these are awesome so good uh dana says the 70s big bad ruins bobby oren cheesy cheevers and then jess says not sure young in elementary school it was the baltimore orioles great stuff keep them coming we'll talk to you tonight for the hump show it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio boom
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