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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 30, 2023 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 30, 2023 6:09 am

Would you want to kayak next to a whale in the ocean? | Michael Soroka makes his first start for the Braves in over two years | What does Jaylen Brown's future hold in Boston?

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Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
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Visit Miami Heat should never change who they are. They have an identity. They know what it is. They stick to it.

They ride or die with the guys in that locker room where they're exposed to, of course, with Pat Riley. And man, the formula may not be pretty. In fact, sometimes it may be downright ugly and it leaves them exposed.

It definitely does. And yet they're relentless. They're tenacious.

They never, never give up, go away, wave the white flag. That's not who they are, which is why they're so good coming back from double figures down in the fourth quarter. They've got a lot of the intangibles that come with having chemistry, right? They believe in each other. They care about each other. And it's easy to say that. I know winning has a lot to do with it, but this team stuck together even when they weren't winning.

And that's the part that's impressive. They stuck together when this type of adversity would have derailed a lot of other teams. The Philadelphia 76ers, it would have derailed them. The Heat are the opposite of soft.

And they do not believe in doing anything the easy way. Now I will say Jimmy Butler, always awesome. But I do believe Caleb Martin should be the Eastern Conference Finals MVP. And a great point made by Sean Grandy when he joined us last hour from Boston. One of the elements of this Heat team is they don't care. They just want to win.

Individual awards and honors mean a whole lot of nothing. They just want to win. And so congratulations to them.

Eric Spolstra, he embodies that. And they stayed confident. There was no panic.

There was no fear. There's disappointment and regret probably, but eyes on the prize, baby. Eyes on the prize. And now they will take on the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals. So of the four teams in hoops and hockey that are into the championship series, three of the four have never tasted that sweet nectar of the championship being the last team standing. So we'll have a first time Stanley Cup winner in hockey and we'll potentially have a first time winner in hoops, though that would only be the Denver side of it.

But Miami's a great story. As an eight seed, you can say they're not a true eight seed. I don't even know what that means anymore. Who cares?

You are what your record says you are. They could have been a seven seed, but they spit the bit in the first game of the play-in tournament, which kind of got them to shake, you know, shake whatever malaise off to understand to understand that sense of urgency. You screw around and you're done. You screw around one more time and you're done.

The first game of the play-in tournament was the heat mulligan. That was it. That was the last chance they had to screw up. And maybe it put them on notice. Maybe it helped them to lock in. Were they perfect all the way through?

No, but they are who they are. That's what their regular season was all about. Offense comes and goes.

The defense, the effort, the heart, the desire, the work they put in the work, that remains. So Jimmy Butler, not quite ready to think about the Denver Nuggets, though he was asked in his postgame press conference about getting ready for the NBA finals. I got two days to figure that out.

We have two days to figure that out. Before game one. Oh my God. Y'all saw that? Damn bumblebee.

So we will lock in on them. Oh, okay. Derailed by a bumblebee. Not derailed by a game seven in Boston against the number two seed on their own court at a raucous crowd, but derailed by a bumblebee. Oh my God. Y'all saw that? Y'all saw that? Damn bumblebee. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page. After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I did yard work on Monday.

Why is that significant? Are you ready? Cleansing breath before I opened up the shed. It was the first time I'd opened up the shed since the incident. You know, the incident, if you missed it last week, I had to scoop two dead squirrels and their nests out of my shed. Oh my God. Exactly. The far corner of the shed where they were all protected and squirreled away. Yes. I meant that.

Underneath my tool stand. Yeah. They can't just die out in the open where I can reach them easily.

Nope. Squirrels had to die in the far corner of my shed, behind all my tools, on top of the tool stand, the lower layer of the lower level. Big old thickness, partly made of a box that mysteriously disappeared out of my shed over the winter time. Just, it disappeared. It disintegrated. There was nothing left of the box.

The squirrels had taken it. Yeah. They can't just die where I can reach them.

Nope. They got to go back in the corner and die together like the Romeo and Juliet or something. Talk about insult to injury.

Seriously. So last week I was just minding my own business, trying to spread some grub X on my grass and instead spent an hour plus cleaning out the shed, scooping up dead squirrels with a snow shovel. Oh, then of course the trash bag and the flap caved in and the squirrel fell on the ground and I had to, oh, so I screamed.

I said a swear word. I had to apologize to my neighbors. It was just a big mess. So then you can imagine my anxiety over opening up the shed again on Monday because I didn't know what I would find. Did the other squirrels in the neighborhood see what happened and launch an all out assault on my shed? Did they return the family of these squirrels? They were waiting and watching until I buried the squirrels in a trash bag and then they were going to come in and have a proper funeral service for them. I wasn't sure if the new squirrels, you know how it is, houses vacated.

I mean, somebody's got to move into the house. Even after the squirrels died, maybe some rival squirrels in the neighborhood thought, good, now we can move into the shed. You think there's some squatters on the, on the premises? Well, they definitely were squatters. I didn't give them permission to live in my shed.

I mean, some different set of squatters waiting for that initial set. I was nervous that they saw these other squirrels in the neighborhood saw that I cleaned everything out. I, maybe they thought I was cleaning out the shed for them.

Yeah, you made it easy for them. And so I was, I was freaked out. I'm not kidding. I opened up the door of the shed.

Not sure what I should find. Yeah. I should have done that before I opened the door just to scare out any squatting squirrels. Squatting squirrels.

Gotta watch out for those. You're gonna say that a few times fast. You squatting squirrels. That's my new insult.

My favorite insult. You squatting squirrel. You call Bob that and see what happens. So I was worried about squatting squirrels and I opened up the door slowly. Not sure what I would find. In fact, I inspected the corner, the tool stand again, to be sure that I didn't miss anything, miss any dead squirrels. See whether or not the nest had been rebuilt. That'd be pretty impressive that they rebuilt a nest like that in four days, especially if they were dead.

But I don't know. Maybe they put off some type of scent and so other animals in the neighborhood know that the squirrels are gone or I don't know. I think bees do something like that. Bubble bees? One of them. One of the species genres of bees. Genres? A genre of bees?

Yeah. One of those. Not a genus?

One of the genuses, species. A genre? A genre works.

No, it does not work. Here you are again making things up. What are you trying to be like me? You're trying to be like me making things up. I saw this video, it was last night actually, where a giant killer hornet. How giant? Pretty big. As big as your fist?

About, yeah. Compared to your average backyard yellow jacket, maybe close to 30, 40, 50 of him multiplied. So it was a big killer hornet and it stung or bit like another yellow jacket and then that proceeded to alert all the other yellow jackets who then just attacked this killer hornet and just got rid of it real quick.

So I don't know, maybe it's something like that where it sends off some sort of... In other words, I'm the killer hornet in this scenario and the squirrels are sending out the alarm and all the squirrels are going to come attack me? I don't know because you didn't kill the squirrel. I did not kill the squirrels. So you're not the source of their anger. I disposed of them so that they could have a proper burial of sorts. Yeah, right. If anything, the squirrels should look up to you because you cleaned their space.

You took care of them properly. It's not their space, thank you very much. It's my space, thank you.

So all that to say, if there were dead squirrels in the shed, they were somewhere else because I didn't see them and didn't smell them. And I'd much rather talk about live animals, can we? It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Good to hear from so many of you over Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks for finding us. Our show Twitter is After Hours CBS. Speaking of animals, Jay, I need you to go to our show Twitter and you're going to watch this with me even while we are here on the air.

In fact, you might be able to play the audio of it, though I suspect we don't want to do it without listening to it. So I open, you know, Twitter has two categories now. You can, they will suggest accounts and tweets that you should look at. It's called For You and it's on the left. And when you first open up Twitter, maybe it's just me, but it's always set to For You.

And so I'm getting all these tweets from people that I don't even follow, accounts I don't even follow, but they think I'll be interested in it based on who I do follow. It's a little annoying. It's, it's the, what's that called? The anagram? No, the algorithm algorithm.

Thank you. The algorithm is annoying because they're not giving me what I have signed up for. They're giving me what they think I want. It's a, it's attempt to brainwash me. It's mind control games. They're listening. It's a little bit like the Jedi, but it doesn't work because I immediately go to following. Okay. But here's something that did pop up every now and then I forget. And so I start perusing the tweets that are for me.

I opened up our show account this afternoon so I could do a little social media work, if you will. And I saw this video, it's a 90 second video. If you page down, it's whales playing around a man and a woman who are on a surfboard out in the water or a paddleboard. They're sitting on it. I couldn't tell if it was a paddleboard or a surfboard, but they're, they're not in the middle of the ocean because you can see the land around them. But no joke, these whales are right next to their paddleboard. It looks like there are two and they start putting on a show.

Not only are they using the blow holes, of course, but they're, they're laying sideways. So their, their giant eyes are looking out of the water. And then toward the end of the video, they they're hanging out with their fins up in the air. They're they're dancing and putting on a show.

Whales are very smart, as we know, similar to dolphins. And so this video, if you guys have not seen this video, I'm actually going to retweet it from our show account after our CBS. I shared it in the middle of the day on Monday.

So I can understand a lot of people were not on their social, but it has been viewed 11.2 million times. So check it out on our show, Twitter after our CBS, or you can, you know what? I'll even retweet it from my account, A Law Radio. Jerry, are you watching it? Now? Here's my question.

And maybe we can ask people to weigh in. Here's my question. Are those whales real? Is this a real video or is it somehow photoshopped? I mean, I think the reaction from the couple that's, they're speaking Espanol, the reaction from the couple that's on the surfboard or paddleboard seems pretty authentic to me. And the way they're turning and looking all around them, they're startled at first.

And then it appears as though they're, they're enjoying the show. But do you think it's fake? As you watch it, do you think it's fake?

Initial reaction? I think it's genuine. I think it's real. Why can't this happen to me?

I want to have that happen to me. It's pretty remarkable. The shadows of like the way of the tail of the whale under the water, everything seems to match up. I don't see anything sketchy about it.

Just initially the first 20, 30 seconds. Isn't that astounding? They could reach they could reach out and touch those whales.

Now I wouldn't recommend it because you might lose your balance and fall off in the water. These are, these are not killer whales. We're not talking orcas here, but wow. They got a show of a lifetime. And then as I say, toward the end of this 90 second video, one of the whales just hanging out with his fin up in the air, like he's putting on a show, he's dancing for him, like synchronized swimming.

Saying goodbye. Thanks for checking me out. Isn't that phenomenal?

That's incredible. Would you want to be on the paddleboard? I would, yeah. Me too. I would.

Absolutely. I would. I think that'd be really cool.

Why can't this be me? There's people who would spend thousands of dollars for that experience. Not even just to watch it from a boat even too, like not that close. To be on a paddleboard in the water with them. In fact, Bob just said to me, I have to show him his video. Bob just said to me on Monday, I want to go whale watching. It's kind of out of the blue. It's like, okay, I love whales.

I'd be fine to go. I've never been on a whale watching Excursion, but I've seen them on, I've seen them in boats and I went on a cruise to Alaska and there were whales all around the ship. So I have seen them in the wild. And it's, it's remarkable.

This is next level. So if you're listening to me and you have not seen this video, which I'm sure there's a lot of you who have not, I just retweeted it. Please watch it and tell me if you think it's authentic.

Cause I do believe it is. And I'm jealous. Jay's still watching it.

He can't get over it. Also in this video, go to the last, like 10 or so seconds and look at the clouds. Look at the clouds. Oh yeah. Everything is just remarkable about this whole video. Well, that's what I'm saying. Do you think that it's fake because it's so perfect?

Do you think that it's fake? I still don't. I think it's just one of those moments where the universe just aligned for these people in this video. The universe did not the whales.

Okay. So the universe called the whales and the whales aligned. That's it. Is that how it happens? Sometimes. Not the fact that they're out in the whales territory. The whales are in the ocean and they're in the ocean. The clouds, the colors of the sky.

Everything's too perfect. So you don't think it's real? No, I really, I do think it's real. I think it's just one of everything just clicked in this moment. I think it's genuine. I really do think it's real.

Okay. So you guys please go check it out. So the date is May 28th, 2023, which would have been Sunday, right?

Sunday would have been Sunday. And yeah, I don't know how I missed it, but in this moment, it's already been viewed 11.2 million times. So please go to my Twitter and see if you think it's real. That's what I'm asking because I think it's, I want to believe it's real. If it's, let's just say it was in a tank and the whole thing is computer generated. The background is computer generated and this happened in a tank.

Would you be so upset? You know how I'd be as upset as I was when Steph Curry did that fake video of making the full court shots. I don't remember, was it for Under Armour or something else? It was, oh no, it was an SI shoot, wasn't it? It was some type of video company, video, a media company, excuse me, some type of media and they faked it. They faked it and he laughed like it was no big thing. I thought it was real and he laughed because he knew it was fake. I felt a little duped on that.

I was very duped. If this is not real and it's happening in say a tank, like they would use, I don't know, at Sea World, right? Like think Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, actually the later movies where there was that dinosaur that came out of the water. That was in a tank, right? That wasn't out in the middle of the ocean. So this could be in a tank. It could.

They could easily just green screen that background. I hope not. I hope not too. I don't have much faith in the internet left, but if this video proves to be fake, that might just be the end of it. Okay, so please go and check it out because I need to know what you all think.

Again, it's on my Twitter, Alaw Radio. I just retweeted it and you'll see because the video is, the thumbnail for the video has a whale nose, a whale snout sticking out of the water and there's a man who's looking back at him. So I think these are real whales putting on a show, but you have to tell me what you think.

All right. There's one part that's, I just noticed in the first 10 seconds that's a little, raises a little warning. His feet are still in the water. Would you leave your legs dangling in there? It's a whale. It don't bite people. Oh, I don't know. I'd be so afraid.

Initially I'd just be like, what is that? Whales are not known to bite people. I don't know. Again, these are not killer. Yes. If your name is Jonah and you're in the Bible.

These are not killer whales though. So I wish I knew where it was. All I know is that it was a couple of days ago and they're speaking Espanol. So that's what I know. Okay. So please go watch it and tell me what you think because you know, I need to know. Inquiring minds need to know. Plus if it is real, oh, freaking awesome. Absolutely awesome. And I'm jealous. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. So Rocco on the mound for the first time in a big league uniform since August 3rd, 2020. That was over a thousand days ago. And I had his first appearance since then coming off the Achilles tendon tear twice. That'll be beat into the ground, taken on the big hop over there at the corner by Riley. Throws over, gets his man, one down. Good start for Soroka here in the bottom of the first inning. Getting back out there and feeling the adrenaline, seeing some of my best friends behind me. And, you know, I had a lot of fun out there. Obviously that one inning, you know, if you could do it again, might do it a little differently, but that's not baseball. I just got back out there and started making pitches again and I'm glad that I bounced back and still went out there for the sixth and threw another clean inning out there. So it was good all in all. Just a couple of bad pitches here and there in the fifth.

It made me pay. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of one Michael Soroka as he returns to a major league baseball diamond and to the mound on the Braves radio network, you hear it. There were long days of rehabbing and as I heard more about his story, I thought about Klay Thompson and the number of times that Klay Thompson, who first tore an ACL and then blew an Achilles and missed two and a half years away from the Warriors. The number of times that Klay talked about the dark days, the number of times that Klay mentioned all those long hours by himself or with a trainer in order to get back to the game he loved, but that it was all worth it when he finally was able to step on the court and shoot a basketball and run up and down and play defense. So here is Michael Soroka, similar situation, a pair of Achilles tears pitching for the first time in two plus years.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Someone counted, not me. 1,030 days. 1,030 days.

That's actually closer to three years. Because he was the Braves 2020 opening day starter. And if you think about the shortened season because of the pandemic, and so a lot more time away from baseball than he ever anticipated. But he was able to run out to the mound and take the ball first time since August 3rd, 2020.

And if you're wondering, he, yes, retired the side on 13 pitches and got standing O's. So welcome back to both Liam Hendrix and Michael Soroka. What did keep him going even through those dark days and long hours of rehab and recovery? The people that believed in me always said I was going to be going to be back here for the people that believed in me, not the ones that said I couldn't. So those people are my dad, training staff here and a group I work with in Arizona and a lot of people that have helped me along the way. There's been some people in my corner for a long, long time that have stuck by me and it's a day for them too. So yeah, those were the people that kept me going and kept me to this day right here. This is really cool and I think that not just this individual story of making it all the way back, of hitting rock bottom for his physical health, not just once but twice, and continuing to work and making it all the way back.

So it's not just a story for Michael Soroka, not just his own individual arc, it's also about the other people that he inspires. And while sports is just a microcosm of real life, how often do we look at athletes, we're blown away by the adversity they face, the ways that they heal physically most of the time, but emotionally, failure, disappointment, for all the world to see. But think about Jalen Brown, his exact words after the Celtics loss, I failed, we failed, we let down the entire city of Boston. He's carrying that right now, but this is the life of a professional athlete.

Sometimes it comes in the way of injuries, sometimes it comes in the way of failure. You got to find that road to recovery and for Soroka he just kept going and it's the people that believed in him and now they're going to be people who see his story, watch him pitch, know what he went through, hear more about what he went through, and believe okay I can do that too. And yeah you can imagine not just the fans but teammates like Sean Murphy thrilled for Soroka. I mean that was awesome just for Mike to get back out on the mound, especially the big league game. I mean I thought the results were great too, they had one bad inning, I mean just a couple mistakes, but at the end of the day that was that was awesome for him and I hope he's happy with that and he can build off that.

No place to go but up for both Liam and Mike. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. So you all are responding to the whale video. I think it's real. I think it's authentic. I don't think it's doctored even in these days of we can do anything on the computer. You know a lot of what we see in movies now is computer generated. It's not real. At the very least it's not set where you think it's set and the stunts or the action they're not actually the sequences are not actually taking place where you think they are. Especially when it comes to crazy stunts. Now some of them are filmed on location but not all. And you can often tell animals some of that computer generated not real and I understand that when you're talking about series or sequences with wild animals.

That could be a little treacherous. In this case I think the video of the whales and the two people on the surfboard is authentic and I'm asking you to judge. So check it out on Twitter A Law Radio.

Couple of you responding. Jay says this made me think of Free Willy. It's definitely real but he says my luck they would flip my raft over. See that's not a big deal though. A whale's not going to eat you just because you fell off your raft. If the whale wanted to hurt you he could A bump the raft. Well it says surfboard. Bump the surfboard. Take a chunk out of your surfboard.

Take a chunk out of you. Just dive over the top of you and drown you. The whales were clearly just as curious as the people were right. I mean I think that's the case with animals. A lot of times dolphins are the same way right. They just want to see what's going on. They just want to see what's going on. I would be pretty startled if the whale were to bump me off of my surfboard where like if it like you know grazed by because it's big and like I felt a jostle and maybe something but if it if I got the sense that it came up to me from under and bumped me off I don't know how calm I would be in that situation.

Well okay but what does it do what good does it do you to start screaming or to freak out? I guess yeah you're not really gonna hurt it if you punch it but you can try. The whale's not going to hurt you.

If he bumps you I don't know who knows. The whales don't eat people for the most part. I mean whales they're gentle giants. We're not talking about orcas here. Yeah have you seen that new study?

Okay that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about these whales. It's a it's a group of whales a school of whales in there just hanging out they were showing off one of them's hang he's just dancing with his fin up in the air like he's synchronized swimming. No yeah they seem friendly this particular group of whales but I'm just saying if I were in that situation and the whale were to come up and bump me I mean it'd be he's probably like a bull in a china shop even though the ocean is large you're in his space no need to freak out it could just be an accident.

Also I'm watching NBA TV and once again it turns to no TCS. I mean what are we doing here? Okay so Craig says no way this is real so he does not believe it's real but another tweet it's real I've been kayaking the ocean before and had whales dolphins and sharks come in to investigate. It's pretty amazing to experience it firsthand. All right so we're asking you to check out this video A-law radio whales and two humans interacting in the water. I'm curious why he says no way it's it's real because if I should look out for something because the whales are extremely close extremely close that's his reasoning I mean I don't know I need more than that you do I need like editing something with an edit glitch or something like that.

All right so check out the video and let me know if you think it's real also Liam Hendrix video as he enters the field from the bullpen to make his first appearance since since beating cancer. Glad to have you with us plenty of baseball that we could still get to but the big deal is that both Miami Heat and the Vegas Golden Knights are on to the championship series. Miami kicking history in the teeth if you will. What about Jalen Brown? That's a question that will be answered by the Celtics. I think knee-jerk right now because of his terrible game seven performance especially late well yeah there's the overreaction of no way should he get a max contract. The Celtics and Brad Stevens will have to make that decision and what about a coaching change? So some of those questions answered post-game following this near 20 point loss. It's after hours on CBS porch radio. You are listening to the after hours podcast. Eric White for Jalen Brown.

Don't mind don't mind to attack this. Butler knocks it away from Jalen. Lead pass for Jimmy Butler.

Two-hand slam. Timeout Joe Missoula. Miami has its largest lead as Jalen Brown commits his seventh turnover of game seven. Howson returns to the Jalen in the corner against Bam. Jalen switches to the left hand exposes the ball and commits his eighth turnover of game seven. A nightmare that Jalen cannot wake up from.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It was a rough night for one Jalen Brown. We talked to Sean Grandy voice of the Celtics along with Cedric Maxwell about an hour and 45 minutes ago and I asked him what in the world with Jalen Brown and he said hey Jalen had a bad game. The challenge of course is that Jalen is also potentially in line for a supermax extension with the Boston Celtics and the knee-jerk reaction from many fans is that he doesn't deserve it based on this game based on the fact that Celtics have come up short these last couple years. I say why not look at the glass as though it's half full which is that with two coaches that had never coached before in Emei Udonka and Joe Missoula they go to the NBA well they go the NBA Finals with Emei and they get within a game of the NBA Finals under Joe. This tandem clearly forms a winning core along with Marcus Smart. Now Al Horford is back his second tour of duty with the Celtics. They've tried to add some other pieces Malcolm Brogdon wasn't available in this game seven or he didn't play I actually heard he was available he didn't play. Rob Williams has been in a varying role for the Celtics based on the situation we know Derek White has become a starter for them and one of their best defending guards gosh not to mention now a piece of Boston sports history. So I kind of think that if you take Jalen Brown out of the equation this team is not where they are today he's a great leader as well but that's not knee-jerk that's more thoughtful that's looking at the big picture instead of what just happened and I know my twitter was flooded with people wanting the Celtics to get rid of Jalen immediately after eight turnovers in game seven. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Jalen was pretty torn up following this game one of the things he says is I failed and he was asked about his future in Boston. I expected to win today and move on and that's what my focus was on that's what my focus has been on we failed I failed and it's hard to think about anything else right now to be honest we'll cross that bridge when we get there. It's extremely important you know he's one of the best players in this league you know plays both ends of the ball and you know still relatively young so and he's accomplished a lot so far in his career so I think it's extremely important. Jason Tatum is 25 feels like he's been around a lot longer than his age would indicate Jalen Brown's 26 I believe those two guys where are you gonna find them if you get rid of Jalen Brown where are you gonna find a running mate so to speak another star to go along with Jason Tatum it's not as easy as it sounds you've got a core that works and if we believe what they've said to us the last week or so well they care about one another they stayed together despite being in an 0-3 hole and there's Jason Tatum stumping for Jalen he's gotta he's gotta be in town he's gotta be here well then what about and that question will be answered by Brad Stevens what about the question of Joe Missoula he takes over for Imei Udonka just days before training camp starts last summer late last summer and the team gets all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals now I asked Sean Grandy about the coaching matchup Eric Spolstra Joe Missoula what's your reaction to people who would say Spolstra out coached Missoula well he said surely he did he's a hall of famer but and considering Missoula's experience but is that the reason the Celtics lost the series I guess some would put it at his feet but he took over without a real off season took over under extraordinary circumstances and still the team was able to get within a stone's throw of the NBA Finals again and so yeah it's not just Jalen Brown it's also the question of Joe Missoula if you believe those who are reacting in the wake of game seven Brown not so much I give Joe my respect um tough situation to be in you know I mean he took it and he took it head on and ran with it you know we had two um rookie head coaches in the last two years and and Joe picking up from you know Emay as an interim starting off and then um progression is being the head coach just fully took you know that challenge on and led us to this point you know and that's a tough position for a guy to be in it's a tough position for a team to be in um you know coming off of a Finals run but we didn't make any excuses and I'm not making any excuses now we came up short um but I still give my respect to our coaching staff and that group that we had on the floor that's one of the best locker rooms I've been a part of uh the guys cared um they gave it everything they had it's the most important thing um to take from this um obviously we didn't achieve our goal we didn't win uh which was our goal so uh we failed in that regard um but it's not because the guys didn't have a sense of togetherness character um you know and just who they are as people did you guys happen to catch Joe Missoula on one of the mic'd up segments it was in a timeout oh no no I take it back I lied not timeout now I remember it was pregame locker room were you watching TNT pregame Jay no I haven't seen this so so the in fact I'm pretty sure it's out there on social but I actually heard it at the time now I was thinking it was live and then I reconsidered that why would they have a live microphone in a celtics locker room that I thought there's no way it could have been live so that meant if it wasn't a live snippet they were carrying from the locker room that they actually did hear Joe Missoula drop the f-bomb on tv and let it go anyway did you hear this so he was talking to the team before the game and he actually referred to the the game six situation in which he said all right he was talking about you know we may need 47 minutes and 59 and a half seconds tonight right we may need 48 minutes we may need 53 minutes so he was essentially saying whatever it is that we need you got to give it everything you got and then he said and you better bleeping smile you better freaking smile but didn't use freaking and so it went live over TNT they didn't bleep it I heard it and I thought did did someone not hear what he just said because again I don't think they had him mic'd up live in the celtics locker room I'm assuming they just pulled that from you know a pre-game brouhaha and so so they allowed it to go over the air have you heard it no I haven't heard it yet so check out check out the hoop central hoop central twitter account because they shared it but I'm telling you it was live on TNT it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio yeah the stat is oh and 151 meaning no team has ever come back from an 03 deficit in an NBA playoff series and been able to advance all right back to the whale video Tom says you never know these days but it seems real to me just the way the people were reacting to them but who knows for sure another tweet simply real Keith says real so some of you believe the whale video is real others are saying it's contrived it's fake check it out on my twitter it's after hours CBS porch radio
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