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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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May 26, 2023 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 26, 2023 6:09 am

Would you believe the price of airline tickets right now? | A replay of our latest Chubby Bunny Challenge | The ageless wonder Joe Pavelski keeps the Stars' season alive. 

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Donate today at your local CSL plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity. Happy almost Friday, or if it's already your Friday morning, boom baby! Whoo! We do look forward to our Fridays, and I know for a lot of people you're already into your holiday weekend. My mom and her husband are leaving for vacation around noon on Friday, so they started early packing the trailer.

My mom loves to pull that trailer. It's a 39-foot fifth wheel, and they go all over the place in the southern part of the country from Texas east and west, to sometimes north, and then sometimes south I guess from the Houston area. They go down to Galveston or South Padre Island, so they're really looking forward to vacation. A lot of people will be on the move. Now Memorial Day seems to be a holiday where more Americans drive than fly, but I did hear this as I was listening to the news on my commute into work, which was surprisingly quiet. I was actually really, seriously, I was really expecting it to be a nasty commute because of the influx of what you would think would be a ton of people on a Thursday night to start their holiday weekend, but actually it was far worse on Wednesday coming into Manhattan, which is where our CBS sports radio headquarters are located, and I'm wondering if people are now getting wise to like, hey I'll start my holiday weekend early, and a lot of universities and colleges have already let out, which means that students are done. It's Fleet Week in New York City, so there are a lot more bodies in the city too, but it was surprisingly quiet.

My GPS took me a different way, a way that I never used to get into Manhattan, and it was easy peasy. I don't know if it'll ever happen again on a Thursday night, but it was easy peasy, but I did hear on the news 3.4 million Americans are flying this weekend, so again it's much more of a driving holiday where people will take off, but because it's only three days, it's more people who are driving to regional destinations, but apparently that number is up 11 percent over a year ago. Okay, so 3.4 million Americans flying this weekend is up 11 percent from 2022, but also here's the kicker.

This is the part that nearly made me drive off the road into a tree. Airline fees right now, or not fees, fares with the fees. The fees are part of the reason. Airline tickets and fares 40 percent higher than a year ago. 40 percent higher than a year ago. That's insane. I believe that. 40 percent? How do people afford that?

It's tough. I've been looking at flights recently actually for just a small destination here in the New York area. It's just a Chicago. It's like a two-hour flight, two and a half hour flight less. Minimum $500, $600 we're looking at. I feel like that's crazy for the amount of, for the distance that I'm traveling.

I don't know, so 40 percent, I believe it. I really do because I feel like it shouldn't cost that much. It never used to. Well, I remember last summer when my Grammy Helen was into hospice. It was days before she passed away and I wanted to go see her so that I could say goodbye to her in person and I bought a plane ticket and it was from New Jersey to Appleton, Wisconsin and it was almost $600. That was last summer. Now a grant that I was trying to buy it without much notice, so I was buying it within a week of when I would actually fly, so that made a difference. I know that if you plan ahead sometimes, but 40 percent higher than a year ago.

I have one plane ticket already and that is for late July when I'm going back to Houston to see mom and Bob, although mom thinks I'm coming to see Bob and I keep telling her, mom I'm coming to see you too. Anyway, yes, Bob's gonna work while I'm there so I can, I feel like that's a nice compromise, Jay. Does that make sense? I shouldn't be revealing these things on the air because Bob listens sometimes, but I encouraged Bob to go to work so that I could spend time with mom during the daytime. It's a perfect balance. And that way he can work and not take the days off. We can have the evenings, we can have the weekend. I also told him, are you ready for this? Hey, you're gonna have to come over to the house and hang out with us and have dinner and play cards because I need to balance both.

That should be fine. Well, he and my mom are chums. Yeah, they're tight. They hung out before.

They are, okay, let's not put it that way. That one is true. There have been two times, two times since I left there in March that my significant other has actually gone and hung out with my family and I've not been there. What does that mean? It's a good sign. Okay, I know, but I feel so left out. Isn't it weird?

Could you put yourself in my shoes? I'm here. I've had one date with Bob in person and we spent, I'm not joking, probably a million hours on the phone since then, a phone or video call, and we are committed. So that's not really an issue. But while I'm here in New Jersey, he's been hanging out with my family.

It's okay. He even had coffee with my brother when my brother was in Houston. I mean, he's just, you know, making himself, he's just being friendly. Making himself what? Making himself available, you know, doing the right things, doing the rounds. He's making himself available to be part of the family. Is this encroachment? Should there be a flag? No, no, this is sportsmanlike conduct, I would say, not unsportsmanlike.

Yeah, this is a good play. It is. Although it's a little bit weird when my mother says to me, hey, well, she doesn't say Bob. She says his real name. Bob texted me.

It's just a little weird. Could you imagine, did your, you knew your ex-girlfriend from way back? Like you guys were friends in high school? Yeah, even before that.

Okay, so friends for a long time. Did your mom and your ex-girlfriend text? Not often, but a little bit. Yeah, they would.

It would happen. No, like, I mean, there was times during the beginning, it was, I was getting a little nervous. I was like, oh no, but then it kind of died aloud a little bit. Then they would ask more like, oh, like for gift ideas or something like that or what's his size or something, but never like anything behind my back. I don't think, I don't know. Well, mom reports to me immediately and then Bob turns around and reports to me too, which is kind of funny, but it is a little funny when my mother says to me, hey, he texted me. And how about this? Hey, he called me. That's, yeah, well, but that was for a specific reason.

This is actually really cool. Bob earned major brownie points for this because, remember, I told you last weekend, was it last weekend, that my mom and her husband had a massive tree fall on their house and there was a lot of cleanup to do. The tree was so large and so tall that they couldn't even see their driveway. So the tree had fallen on the house, thankfully did not do any damage to the windows, only a few shingles that were, that were broken because it was falling so slowly. The roots were saturated and the root system just pulled right out of the ground. It wasn't like the tree cracked in half and fell. The root system was pulling out. So it was a much slower fall for the tree.

So thankfully no windows were broken, but it was a massive tree. As soon as Bob found out, he called to offer to go home. He was, I think he was visiting family, to go home, grab his chainsaw and immediately go to my mom, my mom and her husband and help clear up the mess.

So he called to do that. See, that's a guy I want on my team, on my side. Would you like to be on our team? Yeah, put me on team Bob, that's great.

House problems, tree falls, he's right there willing to drive over with a chainsaw. That's the guy you need in your corner. Yes. That's good stuff.

Agreed. So he's a keeper. Also, when my brother was in town, it was kind of me that was encouraging Bob to spend time with my brother because they they have a lot in common. I want them to get to know each other because my brother is the other most important man in my life. So it matters to me that he and Bob have a nice relationship.

It's good. It's good that they get along and they should get along. But if it comes, just got to make sure it doesn't come to the point where, oh, Bob and your brother are going to the movies and you are not invited at home watching a movie. Wait, so you, well, your little sister's boyfriend is a little younger than, is he younger than you? A little bit younger?

A couple years, yeah. Would you hang out with him if your sister wanted you to? Yeah, yeah, I would. Okay, well, so I wanted them to get to know each other. So that was okay with me. But it was kind of funny because the second they part ways after they have coffee, they were supposed to go fishing, but the weather wasn't great. My brother calls and Bob texts. So like this, I know immediately when they're done because my brother's calling and Bob is texting. Both reporting back.

Both reporting back, absolutely. Isn't that cute? Yeah. It's pretty cute.

But yes, he chums with my mom and so yeah, I just have to be used to that. I do feel somewhat left out at times only because I'm here and they're there and I feel like they're having fun without me. That's it. They're having fun without me. That's why.

But they're having fun because of you. So you can maybe look at it that way for now. I like that perspective.

For now, if it becomes a dire situation, then maybe we're going to have to look at it differently. Good point. Thank you. Bob will appreciate you. He, in fact, already does appreciate you.

He feels like you are on his side a lot of the time. Oh yes. So that's good. Yes. Wait, we're on the same team. I'm on team Bob.

Thank you. So all that just say that when I'm in Houston, this is all from the plane ticket prices, by the way. You know that, right? We just went from plane tickets are 40% more expensive this year to team Bob.

Like that entire circuitous route around the neighborhood all came from plane tickets are 40% more expensive. You're, you're catching the disease. My disease is that I always wander and take the scenic route and you're catching the disease. You don't like reel me back in. You just let me go for the walk.

We're meandering. Anyway, so I did buy my plane ticket for Houston, but I ended up using some, well, I was going to say Bob knows this, but actually Jay knows this well. Ended up using some plane fares, some credits that we had to use. Right. So Jay and I are in the same boat there with some credits that we had to use.

So I ended up using some of those. So it cut the cost in half, but I will say a round trip fare only paid for one way. So the credit that I have was for a round trip fare in 2022. But when I went to apply it to the July price, it only paid for one way. It only paid for half.

How about that? And the original ticket was a further destination, right? It was. The original ticket was twice as far all the way across the United States. Well that was a great price at the time.

It was, but that's the point is that fares are going up now 40%. So if you think about the question we asked our listeners earlier this week, how early do you get to the airport for a domestic flight? And we actually had travel agents and people who work for airlines say to us, two hours domestic, two hours, unless it's a travel, it's a heavily traveled weekend or a holiday, you get there even earlier. Jay and I both shake our heads like, no, we can't, we cannot.

It feels all wrong. But the most popular answer was two hours. I will say that for domestic. There were people that did 90 minutes. Some of us said an hour, which is what I do. Some people said three hours.

Either way, that just, it kind of compounds the whole thing, right? Not only are you paying 40% more right now, but then you have to get to the airport two hours ahead of time. And a lot of times there's lost baggage or it takes an hour for your baggage to come out. That's happened to me a bunch lately.

I very rarely check a bag, but when I do it takes forever, regardless of airport. Also, if you're going to pay 40% more, you better damn well not miss your flight because that would be adding insult to injury, would it not? Horrible. It'd be the worst.

Horrible. Seriously. So we can't miss our flights. Does that make you think differently about getting to the airport two hours at a time? No, I still wouldn't. I just don't think you need to sit in the airport in front of the gate for 45, 50 minutes, hour and a half.

Like, you're totally wrong. You have to go to the bathroom twice then. You've had coffee, you go, but when you get in the airport, then you got to go again before the flight. And like you, I'm someone I don't always, depends where I'm going, but if I don't have to, I won't check a bag under the plane. I'll just take it on with me. But usually it's small, so I'm not big in a big thing. I pack pretty light.

I'm trying to get on the plane with the least amount of time left until we take off. What about when you're coming back with gifts for me? Then I might have to check something. Something usually.

Jay's the best. Whenever he goes somewhere, he always brings gifts back for me. And I'm not sure what this says, but usually it's food. At least one of the gifts is food. Chocolate, no doubt. Often chocolate. Often chocolate.

Yes. Brought you new chocolate from a few different parts of the world. Cookies from Mexico. So I got cookies from Mexico. I got chocolate from Belgium. I got, didn't I get chocolate from, where was the last place you just went? Greece.

Greece. Yes. Chocolate was involved. And coffee. Yes. And Greek coffee.

Yes. It's all gone, by the way. Not the coffee.

I have to try that. But the chocolate is gone. Which one was better, the Belgian or the Greek? The Greek chocolate was pretty amazing.

Really? Better than the Belgian chocolate? I did like the Belgian chocolate. I'm not saying I didn't. It was a darker chocolate though, but it had a hammer. We had to hammer it.

It was fun. Yeah, it was a template. A chocolate template, if you will. So Jay always brings back gifts, which means then he has to check a bag. Yeah, usually. Come back with more things than I brought always. Right. So I have a lot of traveling coming up, but get this, only flying in July and September, every other visit or adventure or trip this year is driving. Princess Leia, she's racking up the miles, but I'd rather do that than have to pay and show up two hours at a time. And deal with the travel and the everything driving easier. I love it.

Jay's like, ahh. I don't mind flying the actual itself, being in the air on the airplane. Me neither. Fine.

It's fine. But the stress. But just the whole day of travel, going to the airport. Oh my gosh. It's the worst.

Yeah. And when your family does frequently go international, I haven't been able to do a long trip like that with Penny being older. I've got to be very careful.

Uh, so the next international trip I take will likely be to Jerusalem, to Israel, but I'm waiting because I would never leave Penny for longer than four days right now. Poor dog has no idea, but she's got another trip to Houston in her future. I told her that it would never happen again, but I have to.

Well, she'll just get some towels in the back seat, lay down and just sleep. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Penn. I love you so much. I'm so sorry. It's a long drive. It is. Tell me about it, but that's later in the year. So we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

All right. Speaking of crossing over, crossing bridges, we did our latest Chubby Bunny World Champion. And what we found out is that we had a ringer who crossed over from another show and hijacked ours. He, he knew he had to know he never let on that he had a special skill that we did not discover until we saw it with him yesterday morning.

And you heard it yesterday morning. We're going to let you hear the Chubby Bunny World Championship coming up next on Twitter, a law radio on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. Good to talk to you about 40 minutes from now, a unique interview, a guest that I'm really excited about. We've been working on this interview for quite a while, exchanging ideas and researching, going back and forth because we know that sports fans are being asked to spend more and more money on streaming services to follow their favorite teams and their favorite sports. Where is the industry going?

How far will leagues take this partnership with streaming services and how much will it cost if a listener or sports fan, you don't have to be a listener, how much will it, well, we like it when you're a listener, how much will it cost for us to access all these streaming services if we do intend to keep up with all the various games and leagues? That's coming up at the top of next hour. Our friend Matthew will join us from Sacramento, new friend, so we'll welcome him to the show for the first time. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. You're listening to After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I've been sitting in my car, listening to your show, waiting to talk to you on the phone for about 30 minutes now. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Some of you are on your way home, some of you are working overnight, driving overnight.

Some of you are just starting your Friday and your holiday weekend is upon you. However we catch you in your work day or in your typical routine, we are happy to have you join us. We know that people tune in and out and for that reason, we often replay parts of the show that we really like or segments of interviews that we want to make sure the other half of the audience was able to catch. Just about 22 hours ago, we conducted the fourth Chubby Bunny World Championship here on After Hours with Amy Lawrence and friends, CBS Sports Radio. I've not heard this, I just want you to know I was part of it and I have seen snippets of the video but not the whole thing. I have not heard what it sounded like for the fourth Chubby Bunny World Championship. Many of you have not heard it either because you wouldn't be listening through the final hour of the show so we decided to bring it back.

Producer Jay tells me it's fantastic, he's heard it. We've clipped it a little bit so it's in a bite-sized chunk. When we pick it up, you'll hear the marshmallows, they are poised and ready, the contestants poised and ready and a winner must be crowned.

We all have our plates of marshmallows. I asked Sean Morash if he needs more and he said no. Well because I don't want to, I'd rather go big not dream big this year. Last year I dreamt too much. Not just that but you nearly died on the air. I did and I need to stay alive this year.

Please stay alive. I did Amy though wear my champions shirt. The last championship I wore, I won was a flag football championship so I'm hoping to win one today. I have another bag just in case you need extra. Are you in your bag? All right so voices in here we're going to introduce.

First of all you know me, I'm Amy. Jay is the reigning champion. That is correct.

Six and a half marshmallows, that's it. That's all we managed last year. The half of the seventh kind of got spit directly at this microphone at the same exact time last year so but we are here to defend a title, a co-defend a title I guess.

And Matt the musher is not with us this year in Alaska so it's Jay's title. We've roped in someone new. Pat who you know from the network. Why? Why?

Pat Boyle wearer of many hats. You asked and I answered the bell. So I just know that if I get asked to participate in any kind of competition I'll be there. I didn't come here to lose so. Okay so here's the funny thing.

I already outed you earlier. Pat has no idea what a chubby bunny was until I sent him the video and his response and I quote that was in a text message with a laughing so hard you're crying emoji. Yep especially at Sean regurgitating the marshmallows. It was a rough year. I talked too big a game. Not this year.

All focus. Why would you trash talk about marshmallows? Because to me I have been a fat eater of contest winners but this isn't an eating contest. The marshmallows.

I know that's why James with his big draw always wins. Just so everyone knows the rules. Pat, Jay, me, Sean you do not eat marshmallows. You stuff them in your cheeks one at a time. We all say chubby bunny as long as it's audible. Andrew will be the judge in case we have a dispute and I will probably be up chucking at four and then you all will go on without me but that's the deal. One marshmallow at a time. Say chubby bunny and then we'll keep going. All right you have a new strategy this year or you're just going for the same thing as last year?

I'm not revealing any strategies but know that I have a different mindset this year. What's in the cup over there? Uh this is a blueberry green tea. Is he allowed liquids? No not during chubby bunny. Sorry I was waking up my voice. Blueberry green tea?

I will shove it that way. Is it blueberry or is it green? It's blueberry colored. Blue tea.

Blue tea. Andrew's actually doing calisthenics as well. What are you doing in there? I'm gonna need to rescue anybody. I'm loosening up for the Heimlich.

I'm charging in just in case. It's gotta be limber. Gotta be fried.

You shouldn't be eating them. There should be no Heimlich required. You never know. You might want to say chubby bunny and there's a quick suck back motion in and we've got problems. All right you guys ready to go? Let's do this. Deep breath. Andrew is taking over.

All right Andrew. Marshmallows in hand competitors. This is number one in three, two, and one.

Let it rip. Boyle, Amy, everyone. Okay two right cheeks and one left cheek. Chubby bunny.

Splitting right down the middle. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny.

Chubby bunny. Easy, round one complete, natter round two. Sean is staring me right through my sources. It's easier when you're not talking. Boyle going double right cheek to start. Interesting strategy.

Not balancing left and right like Amy just did and Baj did. Who cares about Sean? Chubby bunny me people.

Let's go. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Okay Pat Boyle showing off. Quickly through round two.

All right. I think it gets interesting here. This is number three.

The sound of you four jamming this in your mouth is not appealing. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Amy just held on to that third marshmallow.

Amy's in bad shape. I don't do this. I don't, I can't talk. Stop talking.

I don't do this. This is your bit. Stop it. All right. All right. On to number four.

You guys all look wonderful. Ew gross. That's a plus. Okay.

All right. Let me hear it. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny.

It sounds like the three guys have no problems and Amy's on the way out at the moment. So that's three or four here. So this is number five. Oh, gross. Chubby bunny.

Chubby bunny. Getting flashback. I'm sorry. All right. The host is out. Wow. The host is out.

Why do I do this to myself? Chubby bunny. All right.

So round five complete with just pat botch and morass left. I'd like to know that my mouth is not big as it sounds. Okay. Are we going six? Where you're going six. I can't look at you.

The communication degree is coming in handy at the moment. Thank you, Andrew. Chubby bunny. Chubby bunny.

Chubby bunny. Boyle sounds like he's got nothing in his mouth. What's happening over there? I got a lot of pockets. Pockets of mouth.

It's the heavy favorite coming in. Mouth pockets. And he's not disappointed. Number seven. I'm gonna make you choke, Sean. I think I have marshmallow in my face. Trash talking through six marshmallows. Seven seems to take an adjustment. Don't laugh.

If you laugh, you'll lose it. All right. Three, two, one.

Chubby bunny. Wow. Amy, you gotta judge that one for me. Jay, you gotta try again. Oh, let's go. Is everybody out? I can't see Sean.

Is Sean dying? You're going eight. He's going eight. He's a ringer.

You're a ringer. Amy, what's the record? The record is ten. The record is ten. This is ten. This is history.

Listening to After Hours. History. Possibly. Come on. Wow.

No. Can you please stop now before you throw up? You can't stop now.

He's got to go for history. One more. He couldn't do it. He couldn't do it. You guys made me laugh. I still have marshmallow in my face. My fingers. Sean came in early for this.

Well, he did. Okay. It sounds so much worse when you're listening back to it. It sounds so much worse. Jay, the sound of us stuffing marshmallows into our mouths makes me want to up chuck. And I don't even have any marshmallows in front of me now.

That's so gross. But Sean's gagging noises are worth the entire. Let's go.

Is everybody out? I can't see Sean. Is Sean dying? Oh, my gosh.

It wasn't as sudden as last year when it took him by surprise, but it was just as disgusting. The best part. Here's my favorite part.

Listening back, Jay. Pat's got six marshmallows stuffed in his mouth, and he still says, let's go because he's won. You couldn't even tell he had anything in his mouth. He was a ringer.

He's a liar because he didn't tell us that he had cheeks of a baseball player that many wad had been stuffed into those cheeks before. He was trash talking at six and a half seven. I was over there about to asphyxiate Sean's dying. And he goes, Sean, I'm going to make you choke. And you could hear exactly.

It's like he didn't have anything in his mouth. It was how would you evaluate your performance? I don't think I did great. I mean, I was the co champion, and I didn't even finish in the final two. I think I bowed out a couple seconds before Sean did, so I'll give him second place.

Okay, so he was second place. But like I said yesterday in the post game, I just threw myself off on that first initial marshmallow. That's on me.

It's no one else. It's my fault, but I'll come back stronger. Well, there's always motivation for next year.

There's always something to shoot for. You were the champion. Now Pat Boyle is the champion, and I don't know if anyone ever unseats him. He didn't quite make the record unless we're going to give him ten and a half.

Do we give him ten and a half? I'd have to go back to the tape and review. The videotape is actually available.

Only producer Jay has seen it. But that is the Chubby Bunny World Championship as heard live here on CBS Sports Radio. 22 hours ago, we were crowning Pat Boyle the champion. We haven't yet decided. He had to go right back to work, so we haven't yet decided what we will give him as a reward for being the champion.

But you'll see the video coming up within days. It's your holiday weekend special. Do you know he ate one of the marshmallows?

Not one. He ate more than one marshmallow. They were sitting on a plate after he'd upchucked them, and he's like a dog eating its vomit. He goes back to eating marshmallows. No, something's wrong with him.

I'm not sure we can allow him to be back in the arena with us because something's wrong with him. He might be out of the Matrix. He's not real. He's not real.

He's a ringer from the Matrix. All right, good stuff. Glad to have you with us as we morph into a Friday. Booyah! The great Stuart Scott.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Robertson on the right wing side, got into the slot. Here's Hintz, drags it.

Saved by Hill. He's face down. The puck is loose.

Up top, Hasekian in left side. Shot, score! Pobelski, a one-timer! Joe Pobelski keeps the Dallas season alive and sends this series back to Vegas after a 3-2, game 4 win. There's a little bit of pressure there for us, and I think once that penalty happens, it's, you know, it's a great opportunity to create some more off it and get some looks. And probably wasn't the cleanest TP to start early, but we retrieved a puck or two and found a little space, and it was nice to see that one going for sure.

This is After Hours with Amy Lauren. Josh Bogerat on Dallas Stars Radio, and the Stars avoid the sweep with an overtime winner by Joe Pobelski on the power play. 38-year-old Joe Pobelski, and you hear him talk about the power play, three minutes and change into the sudden death. He ends it, and really the Stars were able to get the man advantage, which gave them the leg up. Did you see, by the way, Mike Tyson was in the arena in Dallas, and he was whipping the crowd into a frenzy. I suppose if Mike Tyson does it for you, well then, Stars fans, they were louder than ever, and they needed to be because the Stars not only were on the verge of being swept, but they were without their captain, Jamie Benn, and Joe Pobelski, who is a longtime captain himself from his time in San Jose, he recognizes they need to keep the series on ice for Jamie to return. It's a tight-knit group in there, and I know when I went out in game one against many, you know, I heard guys talking about it, like they're going to play hard for me and try to buy some extra time and be able to get back, and Jamie means everything to the guys in there.

He leads the way, and we want to extend this and get him back. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. We will not get a sweep in the West Finals. We will not get a sweep, of course, in the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA, but the other two, and there is an advantage, right, for these teams, these players who have been through a lot of games and a lot of mileage and a lot of pounding and probably nagging injuries, the Nuggets, as well as the Florida Panthers, they now have the opportunity to wait just a little bit longer.

Interesting. I'm not sure if you saw this, but depending on how this West Finals goes and how many more games they play, the Stanley Cup Final will start on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The NBA Finals is starting on Thursday of next week. It would be great if they were not playing on the same night. I think that would be great for all sports fans, but it would be great for us, too, if they weren't on the same night. Anywho, Joe Bovelski, 38 years old, and yet he has had a great run through this playoffs when he's been on the ice.

Well, he's ageless, you know, he lives for those moments, and, you know, he wants to be in those situations, always has, and delivers, you know, almost every time. Our desperation was the highest it's been at home. We know what's on the line, what the stakes are, and everyone who came came to play and showed up, and we're going to need that same desperation to these next three games. Three of the four games in the West Finals have required sudden death. So not that different from what we saw between the Panthers and the Hurricanes. The only game that has not been super tight was the one in which the Golden Knights were up two goals in the first couple of minutes because the Jamie Benn ejection, disqualification, and the five-minute power play, and the Golden Knights capitalized. But the others, they've been OT.

The series is a lot tighter than what you think, and Bruce Cassidy, coach of the Vegas Golden Knights, he knows it. We weren't fast early on. I don't think we managed pucks well below the goal line. So now, by the time you get it out, you're tired, and now you're not, you know, you're changing, and you're not in your structure, and they're coming through there. So I think there was a little bit of that going on early where we allowed them through there, and they were executing well.

It usually comes down to that, and I just saw it today. Below the goal line, our team didn't execute like they normally do on the breakout. And then the third period, we started getting out of our end a little quicker, and maybe halfway through the second, and, you know, now we have some opportunities. So I think there was a little bit of that going on. And, you know, they found some open ice.

I don't think we did a good enough job making it difficult on them, so get another opportunity in two days, but we can learn from this. Riley Smith after Bruce Cassidy. Yeah, there's no shift in the pressure here, or really much of a shift in momentum, because it took the stars over time to be able to grab one of these games, and it happened in Dallas. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for a team that's in the Western Conference Finals. Same as the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, right? In game number four, I don't know that it's a huge surprise that the Celtics dug down deep enough that they extended the series. In game five, back in Boston, they come out like a house on fire, they deliver the first blows, they're able to find their footing, find their rhythm, find that groove, play the defense. There's a ton of energy, and really the only quarter in which they have a major advantage over Miami is the first quarter. The Heat actually outscored the Celtics in quarters two, three, and four combined just by a couple of points.

They were very tight through quarters two, three, and four. But if they go back to Miami on Saturday and the Heat don't win in game number six, then all of a sudden it feels a whole lot different. And I would say the same thing right now about the Golden Knights. They get game five, and it's a little bit different, of course, because they're now heading back into game five. They still have the 3-1 advantage, but game five is on their ice, so can they close out the series there? Can they take advantage of what will be a raucous crowd, an incredible atmosphere, and end it? Because if they don't, so theirs is a little bit of the reverse of the Celtics in that they're the home team, and they had dropped the first two on their ice. Golden Knights took care of business on their own ice, but if they don't end it in game five, they have to go back to Dallas, and Jamie Ben will return for game number six, which I do not agree with. I do not think he should return for game number six.

I don't think he should play the rest of this postseason, but it was not up to me. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. All right, top of the hour. Pretty excited about a new guest that we will welcome to the show because he is a huge sports fan and also covers media and tech and the business side of media and tech and broadcast rights. He's in Sacramento, found us, actually reached out to me. It's kind of cool story. Matthew Keyes listens to the show on our Sacramento affiliate, AM 1140, Sports Talk 1140, and he reached out to me on Twitter, I believe, and sent a couple of links to columns that he'd been doing, either writing or stories had been following, that he felt like were applicable for not only our show, but for sports fans. And so we struck up a conversation, and we've been working on how do we narrow down the number of topics and headlines that we could dive into that apply to sports fans when it comes to media and consumption and the technology and, of course, the broadcast rights. We could go on for hours.

You could do an entire show on that. So we've been working at it. He's been sending me ideas. I've been sending him ideas, and we've decided that we're going to have to do more than one of these if this first one goes well.

So Matthew Keys of, I did tweet it earlier or retweeted him because I want you to be able to find him. There's a lot of I think there's a lot of pressure right now on sports fans to pick and choose to shell out money that maybe they weren't shelling out before to watch their favorite teams. Also, it can be confusing. Where do you find your favorite teams anymore? There's a variety of apps. There are a variety of cable options and packages. How about huge NFL fans moving to YouTube TV in order to keep up with Sunday ticket? But there's a couple of new wrinkles as well. So excited to hear what Matthew has to say about the way that the market is going in the migration to streaming.

And then still ahead, one of the Lions who was caught gambling explains he didn't even know the NFL rules after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. At your local CSL Plasma Center and be rewarded for your generosity.
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