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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 25, 2023 5:56 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 25, 2023 5:56 am

Kyrie Irving is at it again on Instagram Live | Kevin Stefanski says the Browns will honor Jim Brown throughout the season | QB News.

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Find out more at Halfway through our show, no basketball on Wednesday night. So as we head into a Thursday morning, we were able to talk hockey first.

How about that? The Carolina Hurricanes put up quite a fight in game four. However, they were swept by the Florida Panthers courtesy of, well, courtesy of this team that has got more tricks up its sleeve. The Panthers, who got into the playoffs as a wild card and barely made it in at that, not only go through the Bruins in a game seven in Boston, but now they have their first playoff sweep in their franchise history. They're back in the Stanley Cup final for the first time since 1996. Just their second appearance, they don't have a Stanley Cup to their name and they have a Matthew Kuchuk that seems to come through in the most magnificent ways with his impeccable timing. Four goals in this series, three of them are game winners, two of them in overtime and then on Wednesday night, four seconds to go.

Four seconds to go. You remember the the quadruple overtime game, which was the series opener in which he scored with 12.7 seconds to go in OT and now here's Chucky, as they call him, scoring with four seconds to go in game four to wrap the sweep. Chucky knows how to score big goals.

He does know how to score big goals. Now this was a total team effort. The save number for Sergei Bobrovsky, who just here 36 of them and then 24 block shots for Florida. That's a big deal. They're running interference in front of the crease and in front of the net.

Pair of power play goals as well, so we'll talk more about it coming up next hour. Also next hour, the 2023 Chubby Bunny World Championship. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, which actually I saw a post on our Facebook page. This is kind of funny because I did share the video of last year's Chubby Bunny World Championship and many of you really enjoy it. You think it's hysterical. I'm glad we don't mind making fools of ourselves for your entertainment.

That's just what we do here on the show. Gregory says it might be a future olympic sport and then Harry says on Facebook, I've heard you make reference to this on the show but never had the foggiest idea what it was. Oh my gosh, hilarious. So he'd never seen it before, but now he knows what Chubby Bunny is all about. So if you have not ever seen a Chubby Bunny Championship, well you'll never see it quite like this on the radio, but check it out on our Twitter or Facebook or if you want to go directly to our YouTube channel.

Dave's comment on Facebook is one of my favorites. This event scares me. We laugh while someone nearly dies.

They fiddle while Rome burns. Laura says yay, wacky and wonderful. Chip, one of my favorite A-Law activities.

Paul says I listened last year but this is the first time watching it. It's over the tops. Nuts. So funny. Well, it is that. Which is why I never win because I can't stop laughing at what's happening around me. Maybe if I put blinders on and don't pay attention to what the rest of y'all are doing.

I'd allow it. Anyway, check it out on Twitter and Facebook. It's just over an hour from now. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. One other tweet that I just received from Blake which I appreciate. All of the 80s Tina Turner songs were awesome but We Don't Need Another Hero is right there. Oh yeah, it's another amazing Turner song. We're playing some of her music throughout the show in her honor because she passed away on Wednesday at age 83 after a long illness.

She was in Switzerland, so her home was in Switzerland which I did not know. But really over the last five or six years there's been a lot of different creative and unique shows, programs, tributes to Tina because her music, it transcended her particular decade. It was long lasting and it was long lasting and it was something even that my nieces would enjoy. So we all have our favorite Tina Turner songs. We'll try to get to that one.

Blake, thank you so much for listening. Again, it's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio. We know that very soon on the horizon, we're not quite through the NBA playoffs yet, but on the horizon is free agency. Generally takes over July 4th week. It's funny how you work long enough in this business and you start to associate holidays with various events on the sports calendar.

I don't know if you were listening earlier so about an hour ago Jennifer Lee Chan was with us from the Bay Area. She covers the Niners for NBC Sports and she said what she notes, what she noted right away about the Niners schedule release is that they play on every holiday. They play on Thanksgiving, which they don't always. They play on Thanksgiving in Seattle. They play on Christmas day and they play on New Year's Eve. So she said all my holidays are completely blown to heck because of the Niners schedule, which is part of the deal when you work in this business. Anyway, when you think about holidays in the summertime, Memorial Day often associate with the hoops and hockey post-seasons, the conference finals, getting into the the championship series and then I think about Labor Day as being college football at the start of the NFL soon after. Thanksgiving of course is football. Christmas a lot of times is the NBA, the start of the NBA season. Father's Day in June is the U.S. Open. So there's various events that are associated with different holidays. Easter a lot of times is also March Madness depending upon where Easter falls and so here we are July 4th will be NBA free agency.

That's how it goes. It takes over that whole first week of July and Kyrie Irving is, I wouldn't say he's impatient, but he's got a message. He's speaking out about his free agency. Remember he was traded to Dallas and the Mavericks took a risk with him because they knew that he only was signed for another couple months.

They gave up some young pieces, they gave up some solid pieces and they ended up not even making the playoffs. So an unmitigated disaster for them because they gave up too much to get to Kyrie Irving and Kyrie just wants to go to LA. That's what he wants. He's made no bones about that. So he's about to be a free agent. I would say the Mavericks have slim to none chance of resigning him but I'm not sure they want to. I've not heard any chatter coming out of Dallas about how they want to resign Kyrie Irving. Kyrie you know he has a love-hate relationship with the media and social media and these are his thoughts about the rumors, the speculation surrounding his free agency. I'm a free agent this summer but I am in no rush to make a decision and the speculation around my name from all these individuals that get on TV and have these personalities. All these people that have you know these platforms and then I'm talking about the TV personalities, the sports folk that try to mix sports with politics and lifestyle and like that. When they speak on my name and they're talking about potential teams that I'm going to can y'all please respectfully like I'm asking please stop paying attention to that. I am in no rush to make a decision.

I know what's ahead of me for the rest of my career. On Instagram live and it sounds like he's interacting with a family member while he's doing it. For those of you who've ever done a live broadcast on one of the social medias you know that people can weigh in. You can see comments or emojis while you're on Instagram live and he's doing this and he's interacting.

You'll hear in this next clip he's interacting with people who are posting comments or are sending emojis and letting him know that they're listening. So typical of Kyrie and Aaron Rodgers, keep my name out of your mouth and then he tells his fans and his supporters his followers don't listen to any of that because it's ridiculous and they don't know what they're talking about and taking shots at the media similar to Aaron Rodgers. Have he and Aaron become the biggest media trolls out there because they know that there's going to be a lot of attention around them and yet they want you to ignore them and their futures but it's impossible because you put yourself out there in other ways.

You may not be giving direct interviews to members of the tv media, the talking heads, but you're putting yourself out there so you remain relevant. You know who no one talks about anymore or very rarely? Andrew Luck.

Why? Because he disappeared off the face of the earth. Kind of. He went back to being a husband and a dad and a citizen that doesn't play football. We never hear about him anymore because he doesn't want to be in the spotlight.

If Kyrie doesn't want to be in the spotlight then he wouldn't be. He goes on to say that he just wants people to stop talking about him. Please just stop talking about me. Stop mentioning me on twitters. All y'all fan bases stop mentioning me right now. Please it is still the western conference and eastern conference finals like or excuse me Denver's going to the finals.

We're still waiting for Boston and Miami. Can y'all please leave me the f*** out of this? Please can I just be with my family in peace? Y'all got people at my dinner table discussing what my free agency plans are. Stop that. Y'all think it's funny but please stop that.

I actually like having peace of mind when I'm at the crib. I see all y'all ads. I see all y'all mentions.

Okay I said it. I see all y'all stuff y'all be saying. I see all y'all fan bases. I get it. I get it. I'm just as excited as y'all are but you gotta chill though. You gotta chill though. Come on like we can have some fun with it but like the the love is is already there right. The messages spread. I appreciate your ancestral run. Thank you for being tapped in um and I appreciate all right there but please all y'all fan bases like stop mentioning me just for like the next month or two or three whenever I make my decisions please stop mentioning me.

Stop mentioning me but I'm gonna do this whole Instagram live video so that I'm back in the mainstream and back in your mentions and I'm doing it live so that you can interact with me while I do it. It's just it's such it's yeah it's contrived and is it the media's fault that people at his dinner table are talking about it? He wants to make it sound like he cares for the teams that are playing in the NBA finals. Don't steal their thunder. It's just it's the whole thing is it's laughable.

Stop talking about it. Let's see what I mean. Kyrie Irving is the Aaron Rogers of the NBA. Wants a ton of attention but wants to pretend like he doesn't want a ton of attention.

Who's buying it? Raise your hand if you're buying that Kyrie Irving doesn't want you to talk about him. Jay did not raise his hand neither did I. Well I did initially to demonstrate but only because I talk with my hands but yeah I think Kyrie wants the opposite.

Me thinks he doth protesteth too much. Has he been a huge is anyone are we really like dissecting Kyrie's creativity right now? When was the last time we talked about Kyrie Irving on the show?

When the Mavericks missed the playoffs right? That was the last time we talked about him on the show. Unless he puts himself out there we are not talking about him on the show. And he also went and sat courtside at the Lakers what was that game four I believe or game three game four I forgot which one it was but no one told him to go sit courtside and now he's putting him putting his face out there on the tv at the Lakers game now he's doing this stuff it's I just I don't know I think we all realize that that he sounds crazy but he's the only one who doesn't realize that he sounds crazy and he still keeps doing this stuff I just I don't understand. Also by putting yourself out there you're doing you're doing exactly the opposite right you you're saying that you want no one to talk about you but you're putting yourself out there on instagram live to millions of people because you don't want people to talk about you yeah it's it's doesn't make any sense it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio now there is some speculation that the reason LeBron James mentioned retirement or didn't give us a straight answer about what his future holds is because he also wants to steal thunder from the Nuggets and the NBA Finals and because he wants to stir up the conversation and keep people talking about him I don't know that I would go that far I'm sure a lot of what LeBron does is calculated similar to Kyrie but think about the fact that he just got swept out of the playoffs he's disappointed he's he's sore he was hurting he played a lot of minutes he's exhausted I don't think anybody should make decisions when they're emotional and exhausted so I understand why similar to a lot of the older quarterbacks who would tell us we're going year by year I'm going a year at a time I'll I'll consider retirement I don't know to me that's actually smart to not make a commitment one way or another before you actually make up your mind and you shouldn't be again making up your mind in the throes of emotion because that generally can change or at least alter your thought process. Rob Valinka and Darvin Ham were both doing their exit interviews for the Lakers this week and Rob reacted to LeBron's postgame comments. Coach and I'll speak to LeBron in the coming days we all know that he speaks for himself and we'll look forward to those conversations when the time is right but you know I will say this uh LeBron has given as much to the game of basketball as anyone who's ever played and when you do that you you earn a right to decide whether you're going to give more and I think sometimes we put athletes entertainers on a pedestal but they're humans and just like us they have inflection points in their career and our job as a Lakers organization is to support any player on our team if they reach a career inflection point and LeBron is surrounded by incredible people his family first Savannah his kids he's got a great management team led by you know Rich and Maverick I'm sure he'll have conversations with them and in the coming days we'll be in contact with him his team and really providing nothing but support for him. LeBron didn't say he's retiring only that he wants to take some time to think about it again I think that's really smart especially after 20 years as exhausted as he is I feel like that's actually wise so I don't know that he would have done it in a way that would purposely leave the door open to increase speculation and for Darwin Ham and Rob Palenka they have to obviously think about two paths forward through the future one with LeBron one without LeBron on the Lakers roster. Coming off a tough loss like that you know what the work we've put in this season I think I was ready to retire after last night too but in all honesty and seriousness I mean LeBron has earned the right you know to do whatever he wants to do to make whatever choice you know I'm not one to speculate but I just want to thank him AD the rest of the crew but especially him for being a consistent resource for me this year as a first-time head coach I've been around the game for a long time but transitioning into this seat he was the most one of the most if not the most supportive knowledgeable communicative resources that I had all year and it really made for you know it was some challenging challenging times in this season but my transition into it and from where we started to where we ended up as Rob said the growth process re-establishing the competitive culture here trying to work to get us back to the top of the food chain you know he was right there front and center for me and my staff so kudos to him love him support him and again he's earned the right to do whatever he feels comfortable doing yeah 20 seasons he's the NBA's all-time leading scorer he has dealt with injuries the last couple years I know he told us previously that he wants to play with his son his son's still a year away at least but his son is going to USC right he's going to USC which means that if he plays in LA or stays in LA he would be near his son plus this other one that's still in high school I wouldn't be surprised there's a lot of money on the table too not that Lebron needs money I could imagine he makes maybe even more money with his off-court endorsements and projects and business ventures than he does with his NBA salary but also consider how the Lakers finished up they won eight of their last 10 remember he came back from a foot injury that was thought to be season ending because of the Lebron James defeat his special foot doctor so he comes back from an injury he gets back on the court he looks great the Lakers with that retooled roster they're able to win eight of their last 10 get into the play-in tournament obviously one through there took out the Lakers in the Lakers haha took out the Warriors in the second round and then got into the Western Conference Finals that's a pretty impressive achievement do they need changes yes one of them might be D'Angelo Russell except don't tell D'Angelo because he's good complete success honestly it's been a great time it's been a great experience to come back and be in this position as prepared as I was give myself a pat on the back for that one being able to just adjust and just get thrown into you know the fire with the team and trying to figure it out on the fly and make it to the Western Conference Finals complete success I really can't really complain about anything yeah big picture it was Dennis Schroeder they they brought in this year for the first time D'Lo only played 17 games I think with them is what I looked at before and then Rui Hachimura he missed a bunch of games with them or he was brought in after too right but also he was on the shelf I think so yeah it's sorry it blends together but you're talking about a bunch of guys that came in either weren't healthy or came in at the trade deadline and they really did redo their roster Vanderbilt too so yeah there was a lot of change and yet they surged at the end so I can imagine that they want to try to keep this particular group together all right on Twitter a law radio if you want to see the picture of peaceful penny and then our Facebook page too many of you are sharing your dog photos which make me happy so that's awesome Chubby Bunny is an hour from now the 2023 Chubby Bunny World Championship we'll do QB news on the back of this hour what do I want to do next actually in addition to honoring Tina Turner with some of her music you all remember that Jim Brown passed away over the weekend we were not here on Friday night when he passed away but it was cool to hear what Kevin Stavanski had to say about the Browns plans this season to remember the best player in franchise history one of the best the NFL has ever seen a hall of famer of course so you'll hear from him coming up next it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast so out of the ruins out from the baggage you can't make the same mistake this time we are the children the last generation the last generation we are the ones behind this is after hours and I won't care what we are ever gonna change living under the feeling to nothing else we we don't need another hero we don't need to know Tina Turner what a voice and she was known for her stage presence her dancing her energy and she said in an interview that I heard from her not that long ago that she always knew she had to bring the energy because that's what appealed to music fans of all ages she said she thought her dancing and her energy would appeal to younger music fans it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio it's so hard whether you are my age whether you're a millennial whether you're gen z when icons and legends pass away you looked up to them maybe they had a place in your childhood or their music their movies meant something to you it's always shocking even if you didn't know the person I can imagine a lot of football fans feel that way about Jim Brown especially in the Cleveland area he passed away over the weekend and Kevin Stefanski was talking about the legend at practice on Wednesday the impact that he had was immeasurable I'm sure there's people that knew Jim as a player as a friend much better than I did so I can't add a ton to that but my brief interactions for me are I'll never forget just talking to him the first day I got hired I got on the phone with him which was a thrill I was able to meet Jim over the years a couple times and just a mountain of a man in many ways and you know we lost a very very very big part of our family there will be time as you know over the next few days weeks months years to memorialize Jim and we'll let you know what the plans are as as we keep moving forward but obviously I just want Monique and her family know that we're thinking about them and that's something that I know our players and coaches and staff here are constantly thinking about that Kevin Stefanski at Brown's practice on Wednesday and he was talking about Jim Brown who played for Cleveland from 1957 until he retired in 1965 wore number 32 he was their number one draft choice going back in the 50s and he still ranks among the all-time leading running backs in rushing average in rushing touchdowns and in rushing yards even though he didn't even play 150 games he played a limited number of games and yet he was so productive led the NFL in rushing during eight of his nine seasons led the league in touchdowns five different years and Brown's fans would know this Cleveland natives know this a statue was unveiled outside the corner of the stadium in 2016 as a Syracuse alum obviously very special to anyone who was Syracuse just a guy whose name was synonymous with football but also since he retired outspoken about some of the issues and some of the the passions that were important to him a hall of famer going back to 1971 and he wasn't just he wasn't just a football player he was an incredible lacrosse player as well so he's in the national lacrosse hall of fame as well as being in the pro football hall of fame one more thing three-time NFL MVP the only non-quarterback in NFL history ever to win the award three times Brown's fans will see and hear about him all season long and I'm sure the Browns will wear some type of a number or a patch on the uniforms so that they can honor him as well straight ahead QB news because it's May why not it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast Touchdown Kansas City no Herbert keeps it in touch Herbert with his second of the day here's the snap Josh going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown Buffalo Josh Allen nine yard touchdown run the bills respond and then some it's time for QB news on after hours always it may be May but it's always time for QB news hey Ravens fans Lamar Jackson has shown up for OTAs he'll tell you why coming up momentarily but he's got a brand new offensive coordinator in Todd Monken what is he like most about this new look Baltimore offense just being able to throw the ball down the field you know we sometimes sometimes you know we can't run it not gonna run it can only take you so far you know and I feel like with this new era of uh teams and offenses in the league I feel like we need that and coach Todd Monken when I'm seeing his offense so far is looking tremendous interesting never thought I'd hear Lamar Jackson say that running can only take you so far they built an offense in Baltimore around his legs and his ability to make incredible plays with his legs but they also put other running backs with him so that their offense could dominate on the ground but it is in fact a new era in the NFL and a new era in Baltimore I want to throw for like 6,000 yards so Lamar why did you need to show up for OTAs why was it important new offense you know had to get that down pack um before the season rolled in because the season getting there um even though got a couple months left but still just wanted to learn the new offense and get with my guys I want to ramp him up ball a little bit you know this is his first day was yesterday uh ramp him up in terms of conditioning he's been working but with the conditioning here the running the lifting the throwing just kind of learning the offense just ramp him up out there then uh he'll be ready to go he'll probably do a little bit you know more tomorrow than a little bit more the next day and we'll work from there one other piece of intel that Lamar revealed in his first comment since he showed up to OTAs he has another goal and it has nothing to do with the numbers or the scoring on the field I feel like just being you you know at the end of the day guys just want to see you being you and true to yourself and true to them as well you know and I just say um I'm gonna try to be more of a vocal leader you know because the coach was like you need to start speaking more but it was like you know I just try to um lead by example if anything but um I try to be more of a vocal leader if anything he was asked on or off the field and he said both happy Lamar Jackson could mean a happy and productive and relevant Baltimore Ravens it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio same division AFC North Kenny Pickett with one full year under his belt and he's excited to return now as the full-time starter of the Steelers he feels like he's made a lot of progress specifically when it comes to all the different reps that he had last year it may not have been a Steelers team that ran through the AFC North in the playoffs blah blah blah but he got all of those early reps out of the way so now he approached the position more intelligently with a lot of different uh information that will help him to make decisions and he's got just one goal with Pittsburgh in 2023.

I'm definitely just you know Super Bowl that's that's that's really it um and I if you're in the Super Bowl and you win it man I think all the uh all the goals you've ever had set are pretty much gonna be met. He's been a hell of a leader this whole offseason you know getting guys together um you know having meetings with guys and you know he's been great and he's the type of guy you want to play for hard and win with and we're all excited for his development and we're all excited for to look for him as a leader this year. Pat Fryer moved the tight end alongside Kenny Pickett they had a fairly productive connection last year so for Pat he ended up with where are my numbers there we are 730 yards a couple of touchdowns Kenny only had seven passing touchdowns all season right it still was a tough year for the offense seven passing TD's nine picks he also had three touchdowns on the ground to go along with three fumbles and his QB rating just shy of 77 to give you some context uh had better than 2,500 total yards but you would expect a major jump with that offense and certainly with Pickett himself in 23.

He didn't urinate down his leg man that's a great place to begin. See didn't pee on himself we're happy to move forward with our now second year QB Kenny Pickett. AFC East a lot of chatter around Aaron Rodgers and the Jets but the division still belongs to the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen he's come close to the Super Bowl he's come close to helping that Bill's fan base that rabid Bill's mafia achieve its goals achieve its dreams but not quite and it is burning inside of Josh Allen. I want to give everything that I have for as long as I play and um you know I'm not saying that I haven't done that in the past but there's always new ways that I can find to get better and not being complacent with what I'm doing on the field understanding that there's a lot of plays that we left out there and you know statistically you look at it where we were top three four offense in the league last year and it wasn't good enough so just losing the playoffs isn't fun you know and um I so badly want to bring Super Bowl here to Buffalo and I just don't want anything to get in the way of allowing me to be the best quarterback that I can be for this team. Oh the passion but also the angst of the frustrating playoff exits the last several years and here's the thing you don't ever operate in a vacuum as a team you could be amazing but if there's another team that's better than you or two more teams that are better than you consider the number of western conference teams that kept bumping into the Warriors through their run of five straight NBA finals it's not just you it's the guys around you it's the teams around you and of course the Bills are now contending with who the Bengals and the Chiefs at the top of the AFC but it does not change that Josh Allen is he's laser focused not just on his own performance but about leading the Bills.

The communication piece has to be above and beyond what it's been and I need to take more ownership in that and that's what I'm trying to do and sometimes it's hard for me because you know I'm very relaxed guy that's like hey like just get open and catch the ball but being a little more structured and being able to rely sometimes on that fail safe of these guys know where they're going to be I know where they're going to be because we've talked about it a hundred times. He says he's never been as focused or locked in on football than he is right now should make for some incredible competition in the AFC this season it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio wait until you hear what Josh had to say about Michael Block the club pro from California that's all the rage right now in the golf world and really in the sports world we'll get to that next hour Patrick Mahomes a lot of chatter around him not just because he is a two-time MVP and two-time Super Bowl winner but because other quarterbacks are getting contract extensions and weirdly enough he's now outside the top five when it comes to average annual value in the going rate for QBs. Me and my agent and the team always keep open communication and we try to do whatever is the best for the team but obviously I want to do the best for myself as well but at the same time I want to I've always said I worry about legacy and winning rings more than making money at this moment but I know we keep communication we see what's going on around the league but at the same time I'll never do anything that's going to hurt us from keeping the great players around me so it's kind of teetering around that line.

Patrick Mahomes signed a mammoth 10-year extension in 2020 it was worth at the time 450 million dollars now that's the most in terms of in terms of total value excuse me even more than say Deshaun Watson with the guaranteed deal but now six other quarterbacks have leapfrogged him when it comes to yearly salary average pay he's now seventh in the NFL seventh among quarterbacks or seventh in the list when it comes to average pay which is crazy considering how accomplished he is and Andy Reid knows that for Patrick Mahomes leadership is huge so he means what he says when he talks about not wanting to be the only priority for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's uh you guys were out there but he's all he's a hundred percent in and uh going after it and he challenges himself he challenges the guys around him to be great and on both sides of the ball so everything's alive out there and moving fast and I as a head coach I appreciate that that's that's what the great ones do so he's uh he's doing a great job with that. That's the connection that Patrick and Andy have and of course when it's on one ankle it's still moving fast out there remember the Super Bowl run on one ankle essentially turning our beautiful turning our attention to the NFC Justin Fields a lot of moves that the Bears have made to try to get him the weapons that say a Patrick Mahomes has or Josh Allen has he finished the end of last season injured but he's been following closely what the Bears did to trade up I'm sorry to trade down they traded away number one but added wide receivers like DJ Moore.

It's awesome for me um you know just getting that trust from the coaching staff and you know you guys don't see it but um you know we communicate all the time we trust each other fully so um yeah just just having them behind me um they know the kind of leader I am you know to my teammates they know how great I want to be they know the work I put in so um you know it's just great to have them behind my back for sure. So what about this new receiver DJ Moore who can certainly stretch the field? Excited of course woke up from nap and you know saw that happen people blowing up my phone like I just got traded so um nah everybody was excited so um you know DJ brings you know a great talent to this team um and just his personality uh just fits in well with everybody um really from the first day he got here so uh he's a hard worker of course great player and and just you know his personality I think you know just the way he acts around the guys he just fits in very well with our team so definitely I'm excited about that.

Could you imagine being Justin Fields or anyone really uh we've heard it from other athletes before they wake up from a nap or they check their phone after a while it's blown up and and he actually thinks he got traded that would be my first thought too I suppose. Justin Fields a lot of buzz around the Bears and what they're doing to build a winner with him as the centerpiece. Geno Smith well he was never pegged to be some franchise savior he was supposed to be a stop gap with Seattle last year and yet Pete Carroll believed in him he led the Seahawks to the playoffs he gets a new contract and lo and behold 12 months later he will be the anointed starter for the Seahawks and he says there's a lot of growth there. Shoot man I mean I think in every aspect of my life um every aspect of being a quarterback being a leader obviously um you know it's kind of uh different for me this year than it was last year or 12 months ago but um I think the most growth for me is just perspective uh just gaining more perspective and just learning growing you know just just trying to you know be better every single day. On Tuesday we heard from Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, Kyle Shanahan about his quarterbacks in that same division the NFC West where the Niners last year won 13 and 4 was the record but the Seahawks they gave them heck the Seahawks finished above 500.

Remember they started out hot they were still leading the NFC West halfway through the regular season until the Niners caught fire and when we talked to Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area she was talking about the Seahawks and and believing that they are a legitimate contender for the Niners in that division also we asked her about the schedule and it's kind of crazy if you think about um just a really tough stretch on any team schedule you know the Niners play the Seahawks then they have to travel to Philadelphia so back-to-back games Thanksgiving and in the following week they're on the road in Seattle and in Philadelphia only to get back to the Bay Area and play the Seahawks again and that could be a turning point for them in their schedule. Wowsers it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. So what are you thinking for lunch? Ugh I can't I'm getting new window treatments so I got to go home and wait around all afternoon for a design consultation just to get a quote it's gonna totally mess up my work day. Why don't you just go to Because I need custom products. products are made to order and totally customizable and you get upfront pricing right on their website to easily get your quote online. But I want to see the products in person. ships samples to you fast and free they can even verify your measurements and handle the installation.

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